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Soulstorm Ork quotes by Vincent De Paul
#1. [W]ork at ridding yourself of the esteem you have had up to now for the glitter and sparkle of virtue and the vain applause of the world, which Our Lord so assiduously avoided and so often recommends us to shun, and that you labor in earnest to acquire true and solid virtues. #Quote by Vincent De Paul
Soulstorm Ork quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#2. ork and boredom.- Looking for work in order to be paid:
in civilized countries today almost all men are at one in doing
that. For all of them work is a means and not an end in itself.
Hence they are not very refined in their choice of work, if only
it pays well. But there are, if only rarely, men who would rather
perish than work without any pleasure in their work. They are
choosy, hard to satisfy, and do not care for ample rewards. if
the work itself is not the reward of rewards. Artists and contemplative men 9£ all kinds belong· to this rare breed, but so
do even those men of leisure who spend their Jives hunting.
traveling, or in love affairs and adventures. All of these desire
work and misery if only it is associated with pleasure. and the
hardest. most difficult work if necessary. Otherwise. their idleness is resolute. even if it speI1s impoverishment, dishonor, and
danger to life and limb. They do not fear boredom as much as
work without pleasure; they actually require a lot of boredom
if their work is to succeed. For thinkers and aU sensitive spirits.
boredom is that disagreeable "windless calm" of the soul that
precedes a happy voyage and cheerful winds. They have to bear
it and must wait for its effect on them. Precisely this is what
lesser natures cannot achieve by any means. To ward off boredom at any cost is vulgar, no less than work without pleasure.
#Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Soulstorm Ork quotes by Richard Turner
#3. Anytime I see someone blocking the aisle in the supermarket while talking on a phone, I want to ram that person with my shopping cart. #Quote by Richard Turner
Soulstorm Ork quotes by Geri Halliwell
#4. I just feel that the only power I have is setting a good example. #Quote by Geri Halliwell
Soulstorm Ork quotes by Nyrae Dawn
#5. I believe that everyone has certain key moments in their lives they'll never forget. Moments marking the beginning or end of something. Moments that will always own a little piece of you. You can track decisions you make or paths your life follows and they always lead back to one of these defining moments. This is one of them. #Quote by Nyrae Dawn
Soulstorm Ork quotes by Frank Herbert
#6. Power and fear," he said. "The tools of statecraft. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Soulstorm Ork quotes by Winston Churchill
#7. Some civil servants are neither servants nor civil. #Quote by Winston Churchill

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