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Sophie Taylor quotes by Jennifer Lane
#1. His voice as smooth as silk, Grant started into his standard crowd-pleaser: Sinatra's 'My Kind of Town. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Sophie Taylor quotes by Jennifer Lane
#2. Her recoil confirmed the disgust Grant felt inside. Who was he kidding, trying to put Vladimir and Andrei behind bars? He was no different from his father. Then he remembered Sophie's words.
"You're not like them. You're my McSailor."
A soft touch made him smile, thinking of Bonnie, before he realized it was Innochka's hand stroking his face. The touch of a mobster's girlfriend. He leaped back, still crouched on his feet. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Kinney
#3. I have a bunch of brothers. I grew up with a big family. #Quote by Taylor Kinney
Sophie Taylor quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#4. Follow your passions, follow your heart, and the things you need will come. #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#5. A sight to dream of, not to tell! #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Hawkins
#6. I like stuff that sounds big and full and makes your head trip and your body react. #Quote by Taylor Hawkins
Sophie Taylor quotes by Terry Taylor
#7. Angels can help us understand what intuition means in a personal way. Angels are actually in charge of a large part of our intuitive self. Viewing intuition from the perspective of angel consciousness, we can say that intuition is our way of tapping into a higher power for guidance and awareness. #Quote by Terry Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Jeremy Taylor
#8. No man can hinder our private addresses to God; every man can build a chapel in his breast, himself the priest, his heart the sacrifice, and the earth he treads on, the altar. #Quote by Jeremy Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Rachel Vincent
#9. It's gonna be the scene of a homicide if you don't put bitchy on the back burner #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Sophie Taylor quotes by Michael Jackson
#10. I love Elizabeth Taylor. I'm inspired by her bravery. She has been through so much and she is a survivor. That lady has been through a lot and she's walked out of it on two feet. I identify with her very strongly because of our experiences as child stars. When we first started talking on the phone, she told me she felt as if she had known me for years. I felt the same way. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Sophie Taylor quotes by Hudson Taylor
#11. If we are faithful to God in little things, we shall gain experience and strength that will be helpful to us in the more serious trials of life. #Quote by Hudson Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Sophie Calle
#12. In April 1981, at my request, my mother went to a detective agency. She hired them to follow me, to report my daily activities, and to provide photographic evidence of my existence. #Quote by Sophie Calle
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Swift
#13. If you want some big revelation, since 2010 I have dated exactly two people. The fact that there are slide shows of a dozen guys that I either hugged on a red carpet or met for lunch or wrote a song with ... it's just kind of ridiculous. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Sophie Taylor quotes by Hunter Tylo
#14. I kind of thought the writers were starting to take Taylor and make her kind of down and dirty. #Quote by Hunter Tylo
Sophie Taylor quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#15. Committing myself to the task of becoming fully human is saving my life become fully human is something extra, a conscious choice that not everyone makes. Based on my limited wisdom and experience, there is more than one way to do this. If I were a Buddhist, I might do it by taking the bodhisattva vow, and if I were a Jew, I might do it by following Torah. Because I am a Christian, I do it by imitating Christ, although i will be the first to admit that I want to stop about a day short of following him all the way.

In Luke's gospel, there comes a point when he turns around and says to the large crowd of those trailing after him, "Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple" (14:26). Make of that what you will, but I think it was his way of telling them to go home. He did not need people to go to Jerusalem to die with him. He needed people to go back where they came from and live the kinds of lives that he had risked his own life to show them: lives of resisting the powers of death, of standing up for the little and the least, of turning cheeks and washing feet, of praying for enemies and loving the unlovable. #Quote by Barbara Brown Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Jodi Taylor
#16. I avoided Thomas Hardy because everyone should, and anyway, I was depressed enough. #Quote by Jodi Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Sophie Monroe
#17. Listen, I know you just got back, and you're exhausted, but I need a favor."
Not again ... I was looking forward to going home and sleeping for a day, or several. "I have a date tonight?"
"A date?" He choked.
I didn't date, and he knew it. "Yeah, with my bed. We were totally going to sleep together." I said sarcastically. #Quote by Sophie Monroe
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Swift
#18. See, the thing is I didn't think that that song would get much attention because it's such a personal song to me. I just wrote it about my childhood, and I didn't know how that would read on an album. But it's been everybody's favorite song. I didn't tell my mom. It was a total secret. So I wrote it in secret and then decided to record it secretly, so she had no idea that the song was recorded. My producers sent me the track and I synched it up to all my baby videos and I played it for her one Christmas Eve, and she bawled her eyes out. She didn't even think that it was my song. She didn't think there was any way for me to record a song without her knowing. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Sophie Taylor quotes by Lauren Nicolle Taylor
#19. Sometimes I felt like the dust. Relentlessly banging my head against the walls, never getting anywhere. Always ending up in a pile somewhere, never in a corner though. There are no corners in a round world. Sleeting across the path, searching, settling for a second then pushed along, again and again. #Quote by Lauren Nicolle Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Sophie  Jackson
#20. Don't be scared, not of me. I only want to love you. #Quote by Sophie Jackson
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Swift
#21. You will always be criticized and teased and bullied for things that make you different, but usually those things will be what set you apart. The things that set you apart from the pack, the things that you once thought were your weaknesses will someday become your strengths. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Sophie Taylor quotes by Sophie Turner
#22. I think that you form the way that you act from others around you; it's a kind of an environmental thing. #Quote by Sophie Turner
Sophie Taylor quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#23. The many men, so beautiful! And they all dead did lie: And a thousand thousand slimy things Lived on; and so did I. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sophie Taylor quotes by James Taylor
#24. Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground #Quote by James Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#25. Being able to go on location and see the world was the greatest perk of all. #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Swift
#26. think when it's all over it just comes back in flashes, you know? It's like a kaleidoscope of memories; it just all comes back. But he never does. I think part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen. It's not really anything he said, or anything he did ― it was the feeling that came along with it. Crazy thing is, I don't know if I'm ever going to feel that way again. But I don't know if I should. I knew his world moved too fast and burned too bright, but I just thought, 'How can the devil be pulling you toward someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you?' Maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. I think that the worst part of it all wasn't losing him. It was losing me. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Sophie Taylor quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#27. Ah, Grace and Aislinn arguing. It's like old times again," a male voice said, sounding vaguely muffled. "Could someone take this blasted thing off so that I can see?"
Once again, my magic was thumping and bumping inside me, so I knew whatever was speaking, it wasn't human. Still, when Aislinn crossed over to the thing hanging on the wall and ripped down the canvas, I was taken aback by what I saw.
It wasn't a painting after all; it was a mirror, reflecting the dingy, gloomy room. It was weird seeing the tableau we made. Mom stood with her hand still on my elbow, her expression wary. Aislinn was looking at the mirror with something like disgust, while Izzy had gone even paler, and Finley was scowling. As for me, I was shocked by my reflection. I was thinner than I remembered being, and my skin was dirty, tears leaving trails on my dusty cheeks. And the hair…you know what? Let's not even go there.
But my looking like Little Orphan Sophie wasn't what had my powers going nuts. It was the guy. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Sophie Taylor quotes by Sophie Marceau
#28. So, sometimes, when I'm not happy with my performance and I have to think, I will think in English. #Quote by Sophie Marceau
Sophie Taylor quotes by Laini Taylor
#29. Vengeance ought to be spoken through gritted teeth, spittle flying, the cords of one's soul so entangled in it that you can't let it go, even if you try. If you feel it--if you really feel it--then you speak it like it's a still-beating heart clenched in your fist and there's blood running down your arm, dripping off your elbow, and you can't let go. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Sam Taylor-Wood
#30. Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors of our age; he's like Olivier. He's one of those people who can take you into a place where no one else can take you. #Quote by Sam Taylor-Wood
Sophie Taylor quotes by Aria From The Curse Of Everwood By B. V. Taylor
#31. You love someone despite all their flaws. You love someone despite the fact that they have made mistakes. You love someone because you care about them #Quote by Aria From The Curse Of Everwood By B. V. Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Fisher Amelie
#32. Sophie Price, you are devastatingly beautiful. #Quote by Fisher Amelie
Sophie Taylor quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#33. The Chairman glared across three hundred and eighty thousand kilometers of space at Conrad Taylor, who reluctantly subsided, like a volcano biding its time. #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Sophie Taylor quotes by Nicole R. Taylor
#34. No god would do this to him, he said. Not even the all the gods in the underworld. #Quote by Nicole R. Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Taylor Wilson
#35. I was about 10 when I got into nuclear science. That was when that spark hit me. It took a few years of research, but when I was 14, I produced my first nuclear-fusion reaction. #Quote by Taylor Wilson
Sophie Taylor quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#36. Those of us who wish to draw near to God should not be surprised when our vision goes cloudy, for this is a sign that we are approaching the opaque splendor of God. If we decide to keep going beyond the point where our eyes or minds are any help to us, we may finally arrive at the pinnacle of the spiritual journey toward God, which exists in complete and dazzling darkness. #Quote by Barbara Brown Taylor
Sophie Taylor quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#37. I haven't read any of the autobiographies about me. #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor

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