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Soothing quotes by Andre Kostelanetz
#1. We listen too much to the telephone and too little to nature. The wind is one of my sounds. A lonely sound, perhaps, but soothing. #Quote by Andre Kostelanetz
Soothing quotes by Anna Quindlen
#2. I can't begin to predict how news will be delivered to readers in, say, 100 years. But I do know one thing that hasn't changed: Whatever the delivery system, whether it's a magazine, book or blog, people like vivid writing, strong stories and credible people. So while the venue is changing rapidly, human nature isn't, which I find soothing. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Soothing quotes by Obert Skye
#3. [Clover] secretly hitched a ride with a nice German couple and their new baby ... Clover appeared to the baby, so as to be a delightful, soothing surprise. Well, the child did like Clover. In fact, she held him and cooed. When the parents turned around to look at her and saw their child holding a furry, living creature, they needlessly panicked. #Quote by Obert Skye
Soothing quotes by Jody Hedlund
#4. His words were like a soothing balm covering over the voices inside always taunting she'd never be good enough. He'd accepted her in spite of her mistakes. He approved of what she'd done. And he believed she was capable. #Quote by Jody Hedlund
Soothing quotes by Stephen King
#5. Kojak drifted down deeper, now into real sleep, now into a dream, a good dream of chasing rabbits through the clover and timothy grass that was belly-high and wet with soothing dew. His name was Big Steve. This was the north forty. And oh the rabbits are everywhere this gray and endless morning - As he dreamed, his paws twitched. #Quote by Stephen King
Soothing quotes by Marsha M. Linehan
#6. Keeping a stiff upper lip may be needed while around the person invalidating you, but on your own, there is every reason to be compassionate and self-­soothing. It does hurt to be invalidated. #Quote by Marsha M. Linehan
Soothing quotes by Jay Crownover
#7. All I knew for sure was that she was inside me like cold drops of water next to all the burning things that had lived there for years. I was in no hurry to get her out, because something about her was cool and soothing to all the parts of me that had been on fire for far too long. #Quote by Jay Crownover
Soothing quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#8. This place is starting to feel like a home away from home," Rusty said, settling on the sofa. "We come here, we discuss evil sorcerers, we eat packets of peanuts. It's a soothing and familiar routine. Or it would be if people would just bring me some peanuts. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Soothing quotes by Karen Chance
#9. I turned over, and those big hands got to work on my back. I stifled a whimper in the pillow, because Marco's idea of a massage bore no resemblance whatsoever to the relaxing spa variety. There was no lavender oil, no soothing music, no hot towels. Just an all-out assault on cramped muscles, until they cowered in surrender and turned to Jell-O. #Quote by Karen Chance
Soothing quotes by Walter Moers
#10. There were adventure stories supplied with cloths for mopping your brow, thrillers containing pressed leaves of soothing valerian to be sniffed when the suspense became too great, and books with stout locks sealed by the Atlantean censorship authorities ("Sale permitted, reading prohibited!"). One shop sold nothing but 'half' works that broke off in the middle because their author had died while writing them; another specialised in novels whose protagonists were insects. I also saw a Wolperting shop that sold nothing but books on chess and another patronised exclusively by dwarfs with blond beards, all of whom wore eye-shades. #Quote by Walter Moers
Soothing quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#11. Circles create soothing space, where even reticent people can realize that their voice is welcome. #Quote by Margaret J. Wheatley
Soothing quotes by Mary Pipher
#12. I approached Buddhism the way I approach almost everything. I read books about it. Even though, at first, I didn't understand much of what I was reading, I found the writing soothing. Reading made me feel lighter and more positive. It somehow gentled me toward myself. I intuitively responded to Buddhist ideas. They helped me see the world and my place in it more clearly. #Quote by Mary Pipher
Soothing quotes by Foz Meadows
#13. Ariel's cure is a nostrum that tastes of moss and sunsets, scratching my throat like swallowed earth. It sits in the core of me like ice, a steady coolth radiating outwards, soothing my fever; soothing me. I stare up at the painted angels overhead and wonder how unlike them I must be, that I can leave my father and husband to think me dead. #Quote by Foz Meadows
Soothing quotes by Michelle Kwan
#14. I actually prefer soothing music - and maybe that's the skater in me. #Quote by Michelle Kwan
Soothing quotes by Sanober Khan
#15. You are the ocean to my eyes. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Soothing quotes by L.A. Banks
#16. Carlos," her mother said, her voice soothing, and Sarah wondered how her mom managed to sound so calm. "I know you wanted to smoke the beast's heir before he claimed power over the world, but you just might have to accept the fact that maybe it's our children's destiny to handle that, not ours. #Quote by L.A. Banks
Soothing quotes by Mara Wilson
#17. If I were to talk to Lindsay Lohan, I'd encourage her to get the hell out of acting and into something soothing. Take up botany or something. #Quote by Mara Wilson
Soothing quotes by Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman
#18. The impact on the audience is a sort of emotional hostage-taking: YOU WILL FEEL SOMETHING VERY POWERFUL RIGHT NOW, the eagle sings in the voice of a pennywhistle. YOU WILL SWELL WITH VAGUE BUT IMPORTANT-FEELING EMOTIONS FOR NO DIESCERNABLE REASON. #Quote by Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman
Soothing quotes by Rachel Nichols
#19. There's something so soothing about the hum of Grand Central Station. #Quote by Rachel Nichols
Soothing quotes by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
#20. His love for her was quiet and constant, familiar and soothing; it was almost its own thing entirely, like a worn rock or a set of worry beads, something he'd pick up and weigh in his palm occasionally, more comforting than dispiriting. #Quote by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
Soothing quotes by Kat Kaelin
#21. The two of us sat back down in the swing and continued sitting side-by-side the first Day of June; moving to-and-fro in the swing on the front porch. A soothing summer breeze caught a ride on the south wind and blew across our faces. I enjoyed endless days and nights sitting, sighing, lying, walking, and talking alongside my best friend..." Lone Walk From Panther Creek #Quote by Kat Kaelin
Soothing quotes by Abigail Bray
#22. It is ironic, in the manner of a dystopian nightmare, that an advanced capitalist empire which is founded on genocide and slavery, which still functions as the global police, which has an armed population, which routinely violates international human rights, which has the largest known military industrial complex in the world, which is the world's largest producer of pornography, has also produced a saccharine ideology in which 'positive thinking' functions as a form of psychological gentrification. And it is not insignificant that the neoliberal lie that one is 110% responsible for one's life - first powerfully encapsulated by the 'alternative' conservative thinker Louise Hay, and more recently echoed by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now (1997/2005) - is directed at women. Today, gendered victim-blaming has become a form of upwardly mobile common sense 'wisdom'. Now victimblaming is expressed by voices that sound soothing, wise, calm, above all, loving. #Quote by Abigail Bray
Soothing quotes by Erin Blakemore
#23. I am here to posit that it's exactly in these moments of struggle and stress that we need books the most. There's something in the pause to read that's soothing in and of itself. A moment with a book is basic self-care, the kind of skill you pass along to your children as you would a security blanket or a churchgoing habit. #Quote by Erin Blakemore
Soothing quotes by Jamie Wyeth
#24. I learned from a longtime farmer that pigs enjoy soothing music. #Quote by Jamie Wyeth
Soothing quotes by Herbie Brennan
#25. If your doctor has warned you to avoid excitement, do not turn to exploring your past lives as a soothing and sedentary occupation ... #Quote by Herbie Brennan
Soothing quotes by Richard Yates
#26. They could lie drowsing now under the sound of kindly voices in the living room, a sound whose intricately rhythmic rise and fall would slowly turn into the shape of their dreams. And if they came awake later to turn over and reach with their toes for new cool places in the sheets, they knew the sound would still be there - one voice very deep and the other soft and pretty, talking and talking, as substantial and soothing as a blue range of mountains seen from far away. #Quote by Richard Yates
Soothing quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#27. He was not her therapist now but her lover, and if you couldn't make your lover angry, then what kind of lover was he? She saw the awful bind that one was put in when one's lover was also one's therapist-- how their objective eye and soothing voice could become the distancing device of a professional manner. A man doing his job--it was intolerable to be judged by such an eye, as if he were somehow above it all, and did not have any problems himself, any emotions that he could not control. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Soothing quotes by Ned Hayes
#28. I felt the bark of the trees on either side of me as I walked. It was very soothing. Here in the LBA Woods, the trees grew very close together and when I did not walk on the path, I would reach out with my fingertips and touch their bark as I passed. The skin of the trees was warm in the sunlight, and rough, and I imagined that each tree contained a soul. Like an Ent. I knew this idea was not a true thing, but still I felt good that the trees were here. #Quote by Ned Hayes
Soothing quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#29. Solange leaned back against the wall, bored. "Are you done yet?"
"Hell no," Lucy said. She'd left nose prints on the glass. Nicholas smirked up at her. She blushed. "Ooops. Busted."
"I told you they could hear your heartbeat," Solange said.
"Even from up here."
"I can't help it. Even if they all know they're pretty and are insufferably arrogant," she added louder. "Can they hear that?"
"Good." She glanced at me. "Yummy, right?"
"I'm sure Isabeau would rather recover, not ogle my brothers,"
Solange said. "You remember how stressed you were after the Hypnos?"
"Please," Lucy scoffed. "This is totally soothing. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Soothing quotes by Christopher Lloyd
#30. Many gardeners will agree that hand-weeding is not the terrible drudgery that it is often made out to be. Some people find in it a kind of soothing monotony. It leaves their minds free to develop the plot for their next novel or to perfect the brilliant repartee with which they should have encountered a relative's latest example of unreasonableness. #Quote by Christopher Lloyd
Soothing quotes by Charles Lamb
#31. Those evening bells! those evening bells! How many a tale their music tells Of youth and home, and that sweet time When last I heard their soothing chime! #Quote by Charles Lamb
Soothing quotes by Paul Gallico
#32. Everything a cat is and does physically is to me beautiful, lovely, stimulating, soothing, attractive and an enchantment. #Quote by Paul Gallico
Soothing quotes by Marie Lu
#33. Enzo narrows his eyes. He moves as if to grab Raffaele's wrist with his burning hands, to burn him alive from the inside out.
"Don't," Raffaele whispers to Enzo. And even though Enzo's eyes stay black, Raffaele does not flinch away. He remains where he is, surrounded by fire.
Enzo's eyes flicker. He blinks at Raffaele, confused, and then lowers his face toward him. Raffaele leans forward, closes his eyes, and rests his head against Enzo's shoulder. I do not need to touch them to know that Raffaele's energy is coursing through Enzo now, healing and soothing, calming, pushing against the fury of his own. #Quote by Marie Lu
Soothing quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#34. And who talks of error now? I scarcely think the notion that flittered across my brain was an error. I believe it was an inspiration rather than a temptation: it was very genial, very soothing - I know that. Here it comes again! It is no devil, I assure you; or if it be, it has put on the robes of an angel of light. I think I must admit so fair a guest when it asks entrance to my heart."

"Distrust it, sir; it is not a true angel."

"Once more, how do you know? By what instinct do you pretend to distinguish between a fallen seraph of the abyss and a messenger from the eternal throne - between a guide and a seducer?"

"I judged by your countenance, sir, which was troubled when you said the suggestion had returned upon you. I feel sure it will work you more misery if you listen to it."

"Not at all - it bears the most gracious message in the world: for the rest, you are not my conscience-keeper, so don't make yourself uneasy. Here, come in, bonny wanderer!"

He said this as if he spoke to a vision, viewless to any eye but his own; then, folding his arms, which he had half extended, on his chest, he seemed to enclose in their embrace the invisible being.

"Now," he continued, again addressing me, "I have received the pilgrim - a disguised deity, as I verily believe. Already it has done me good: my heart was a sort of charnel; it will now be a shrine. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Soothing quotes by Kaylea Cross
#35. Another sob came, harder than the first, but she couldn't cover her face and her mastectomy scars at the same time when he raised his head. When she tried, Luke merely caught her wrists and lightly pinned them on either side of her head.
"It's all right, Em. Tears are part of this," he whispered, bending to kiss them away. He moved gently within her, another tender caress that soothed as much as it stimulated. It broke the seal on the dam of her tears. They came out in a quiet rush while he stayed above her, eyes on her face as he murmured soothing things she didn't quite catch. And when the tears slowed, she looked up into his handsome face with a sniffle and the smile he gave her filled her heart to overflowing. Dear God she loved him. Had always loved him and would never love another man but him.
Her heart had known it all along. And so had her body.
Still, she tensed when he released one of her wrists to touch the skin beneath her right collarbone. Luke shook his dark head, those liquid eyes looking right into her soul. "I won't let you hide from me. Or from yourself." Embedded deep inside her, he raised his upper body to gaze at her, and all she could do was close her eyes in resistance. "Look at me."
After a long hesitation, she did.
He stared down at her with a powerful mixture of tenderness and hunger. "You think a scar's going to change how I see you? Feel about you?"
She swallowed and struggled to find her voice. "It's ugly."
"You' #Quote by Kaylea Cross
Soothing quotes by Emily Watts
#36. I'm not really silly enough to think that chocolate solves anything. But it calms me. It's a soothing assurance, that this hectic life I have worked myself into is also full of wonderful surprises and unexpected sweetness. It reminds me that a hefty percentage of my "problems" don't really need to be solved at all, just outlasted. #Quote by Emily Watts
Soothing quotes by Mark Twain
#37. The statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is being attacked, and every man will be glad of these conscience-soothing falsities #Quote by Mark Twain
Soothing quotes by Liz Braswell
#38. Mermaid queens didn't often have a reason to move quickly. There were no wars to direct, no assassination attempts to evade, no crowds of clamoring admirers to avoid among the merfolk. In fact, slowness and calm were expected of royalty.
So Ariel found herself thoroughly enjoying the exercise as she beat her tail against the water- even as it winded her a little. She missed dashing through shipwrecks with Flounder, fleeing sharks, trying to scoot back home before curfew. She loved the feel of her powerful muscles, the way the current cut around her when she twisted her shoulders to go faster.
She hadn't been this far up in years and gulped as the pressure of the deep faded. She clicked her ears, readying them for the change of environment. Colors faded and transformed around her from the dark, heady slate of the ocean bottom to the soothing azure of the middle depths and finally lightening to the electric, magical periwinkle that heralded the burst into daylight.
She hadn't planned to break through the surface triumphantly. She wouldn't give it that power. Her plan was to take it slow and rise like a whale. Casually, unperturbed, like Ooh, here I am.
But somehow her tail kicked in twice as hard the last few feet, and she exploded into the warm sunlit air like she had been drowning.
She gulped again and tasted the breeze- dry in her mouth; salt and pine and far-distant fires and a thousand alien scents. #Quote by Liz Braswell
Soothing quotes by Thomas Hood
#39. Sweet are the little brooks that run O'er pebbles glancing in the sun, Singing in soothing tones. #Quote by Thomas Hood
Soothing quotes by Martha Beck
#40. Polite strangers often tell soothing lies about our physical appearance that prevent many of us from facing, discussing and solving our real problems. #Quote by Martha Beck
Soothing quotes by Oksana Rus
#41. Romantic waves beat deep in my chest of playful untouchable thoughts of you... As dreams are the threads I weave with care the path for you to me...the sky above lagoon with lovely lights, soft music, slow dancing... You are the turquoise sea, and I, an azure sky. The sweet caressing story of the day...much steals men's eyes and women's souls amazeth... You feel me like I feel you... The soothing voice with laughter mine sprinkle all over you comforting through the lonely nights when we are the world apart...eternity within your reach... You search your heart when I am away... It's here, it's with me... Your breath coincides with the rhythm of mine. So breathe and let your soul paint vision within... I am with you, and hold you close...with peaceful lullaby... #Quote by Oksana Rus
Soothing quotes by Shona Moyce
#42. Even as the urgency of the task ahead reemerged in thought, her body grappled with the notion, buying into the soothing sweetness - of Nate's embrace, of the darkness - with a naivety her mind would not permit. #Quote by Shona Moyce
Soothing quotes by Scarlett Cole
#43. She looked at the strong hand holding hers. "Oh my goodness, what did you do?" Harper asked, eyebrows raised and mouth open as she studied the cuts and bruises.
"Had a conversation with a streetlight once you got into the cab," he said, pulling her closer to him.
"I'm sorry, Trent. I really am. If I blew you and me because of all this, I get it and I don't blame you. I'm done running. I'm done being scared. I'm done doubting whether you and your friends will help me if I need it. I am done with everything except being in love with you. I - "
Harper was flipped onto her back and underneath Trent in the blink of an eye.
"Say it again." His dark eyes were fierce as he held each side of her face in his big, safe hands.
"I'm sorry, I - "
"No." He cut her off. "Not that part. The 'I love you' part."
"I love you." Harper had barely gotten the words out of her mouth before Trent's lips descended on hers. Their mouths clashed together, banging teeth before soothing bitten lips with soft tongues.
Trent pulled away, taking a deep breath before staring deep into her eyes. Harper could feel his very soul merging with hers.
"I love you, Harper. Everything else is details. A lot of fucking details, granted, but just details. #Quote by Scarlett Cole
Soothing quotes by Virginia Woolf
#44. The gruff murmur, irregularly broken by the taking out of pipes and the putting in of pipes which had kept on assuring her, though she could not hear what was said (as she sat in the window which opened on the terrace), that the men were happily talking; this sound, which had lasted now half an hour and had taken its place soothingly in the scale of sounds pressing on top of her, such as the tap of balls upon bats, the sharp, sudden bark now and then, "How's that? How's that?" of the children playing cricket, had ceased; so that the monotonous fall of the waves on the beach, which for the most part beat a measured and soothing tattoo to her thoughts and seemed consolingly to repeat over and over again as she sat with the children the words of some old cradle song, murmured by nature, "I am guarding you––I am your support," but at other times suddenly and unexpectedly, especially when her mind raised itself slightly from the task actually in hand, had no such kindly meaning, but like a ghostly roll of drums remorselessly beat the measure of life, made one think of the destruction of the island and its engulfment in the sea, and warned her whose day had slipped past in one quick doing after another that it was all ephemeral as a rainbow––this sound which had been obscured and concealed under the other sounds suddenly thundered hollow in her ears and made her look up with an impulse of terror. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Soothing quotes by Lisa Genova
#45. He held her, and rocked her slightly side to side, soothing her as she'd seen him calm their children after innumerable physical injuries and social injustices. #Quote by Lisa Genova
Soothing quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#46. Shhh, Eena, it's going to be okay. I promise, you'll get through this.
She didn't fight him, but grabbed onto his shirt, weeping softly into it as before. He began to hum faintly, a familiar Earth tune. Soon he was singing the words in that deep, consoling voice of his. The song itself was meant to be comforting, and his tender manner made it that much more effectual.
Eena recognized the song. She fell asleep to the soothing lyrics.
Abide with me fast falls the eventide.
The darkness deepens. Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.
He went on to sing the other verses, hoping to ease her broken heart. Until her grief finally healed, no matter how long it took, he'd be there for her. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Soothing quotes by Seth Godin
#47. Blaming the system is soothing because it lets you off the hook. But when the system is broken, we wonder why you were relying in the system in the first place. #Quote by Seth Godin
Soothing quotes by William Boyd
#48. She found a mossy hollow between the roots of a tree and, putting on her mackintosh, huddled down in her makeshift bed. She ate one sandwich and saved the others for the night, thinking that she was rather enjoying the progress of this adventure, thus far, and almost looking forward to her night in the open air. The hurry of the fast water rushing over the round pebbly rocks of the river bed was soothing: it made her feel less alone and she felt she had no need for her candle to keep the gathering darkness at bay - in fact she was rather relieved to be away from her colleagues and the instructors at Lyne Manor. #Quote by William Boyd
Soothing quotes by Larry Crabb
#49. We must come to the Bible with the purpose of self-exposure consciously in mind. I suspect not many people make more than a token stab in that direction. It's extremely hard work. It makes Bible study alternately convicting and reassuring, painful and soothing, puzzling and calming, and sometimes dull - but not for long if our purpose is to see ourselves better. #Quote by Larry Crabb
Soothing quotes by J.K. Rowling
#50. When I'm really stressed or overwhelmed I turn to biographies of people who've led turbulent lives. I feel it soothing and inspiring to read about people who've endured and overcome. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Soothing quotes by Shahriar Mandanipour
#51. I was afflicted with a familiar attack of discovering my own loneliness. From time to time I suffer this emotional attack, especially when I am happy, when I have succeeded at something, and on those rare occasions when I am pleased with myself. Immediately, a gentle and soothing sorrow engulfs my entire being. #Quote by Shahriar Mandanipour
Soothing quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#52. No tears are wasted. It is deepest soul soothing. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Soothing quotes by Gayle Forman
#53. Music! Goddammit! Music!" Mom screamed.
"We have some lovely Enya. Very soothing," the midwife said.
"Fuck Enya!" Mom screamed. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Soothing quotes by George F. Will
#54. Soothing assumptions about the good faith and shared interests of antagonists are natural to democracy, as is the desire to spend money on things other than defense. Getting a democracy to do what does not come naturally requires leadership. #Quote by George F. Will
Soothing quotes by Tad R. Callister
#55. Part of the human experience is to confront temptation. No one escapes. It is omnipresent. It is both externally driven and internally prompted. It is like the enemy that attacks from all sides. It boldly assaults us in television shows, movies, billboards, and newspapers in the name of entertainment or free speech. It walks down our streets and sits in our offices in the name of fashion. It drives our roads in the name of style. It represents itself as political correctness or business necessity. It claims moral sanction under the guise of free choice. On occasion it roars like thunder; on others it whispers in subtle, soothing tones. With chameleon-like skill it camouflages its ever-present nature, but it is there
always there. #Quote by Tad R. Callister
Soothing quotes by Jenny Holzer
#56. Going with the flow is soothing but risky. #Quote by Jenny Holzer
Soothing quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#57. I also wrote them about you." His blue gaze bored into her with paralyzing force. She couldn't move. Couldn't flee. Could only stare at the social travesty of his ungroomed features - the scruffy half beard shadowing his jaw, the too-long hair falling over his forehead - and feel her heart beat with love for this unconventional man. Darius's grip softened on her wrist until his fingers were tracing tiny circles over the sensitive skin. "I told them that I had met a woman who wasn't afraid to stand toe-to-toe with me. A woman who had seen my flaws and learned my darkest secrets, yet didn't immediately run for the hills." His self-deprecating chuckle coaxed a reluctant smile from her, the sound soothing the sharp edges of her turmoil. "I told them how this woman seemed instinctively to know when to comfort and when to confront, and how I was better with her in my life than I'd ever been on my own. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Soothing quotes by Tennessee Williams
#58. The panic disappeared under those soothing old fingers and the breathing slowed down and stopped hurting the chest as if a fox was caught in it, and then at last Mr. Kroger began to lecture the boy as he used to, Pablo, he murmured, don't ever be so afraid of being lonely that you forget to be careful. Don't forget that you will find it sometimes but other times you won't be lucky, and those are the times when you have got to be patient, since patience is what you must have when you don't have luck. ("The Mysteries of the Joy Rio") #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Soothing quotes by Ilona Andrews
#59. I'm going to shoot him," I squeezed through my teeth. "No, that would be murder," Grandma Frida told me, her voice soothing. "You've had a long day. Let's put your magic away. You know what you need? A nice cup of chamomile tea and a tranquilizer . . ." I #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Soothing quotes by Sinead O'Connor
#60. What I like about being a musician is that I find the thing soothing, but I also give the soothing to other people; #Quote by Sinead O'Connor
Soothing quotes by Joan Didion
#61. A pool is water, made available and useful, and is, as such, infinitely soothing to the western eye. #Quote by Joan Didion
Soothing quotes by Ruth Reichl
#62. You'll find that historical research is extremely soothing. When you spend all day among old papers, the people come alive for you, and you begin to see the present through different eyes. You'll see. You view young people knowing that this is only one moment in time and it's passing very quickly. It's comforting. You begin to understand that time is no more than a trick of the mind; some days I'm convinced that my young self is still here, somewhere, just walking down a different street. Anne #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Soothing quotes by William Edward Hartpole Lecky
#63. There are some poisons which, before they kill men, allay pain and diffuse a soothing sensation through the frame. We may recognize the hour of enjoyment they procure, but we must not separate it from the price at which it was purchased. #Quote by William Edward Hartpole Lecky
Soothing quotes by Max Lucado
#64. She delighted in serving her guests a soothing cup of coffee, a slice of cake, and when the occasion called for it, a prayer of encouragement. #Quote by Max Lucado
Soothing quotes by Laurie Buchanan
#65. I enjoy many types of music, but to my ears, there's none more soothing or calming than the music a tree makes as wind passes through its leaves. #Quote by Laurie Buchanan
Soothing quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#66. Mrs. Winterson did not have a soothing personality. Ask for reassurance and it would never come. I never asked her if she loved me. She loved me on those days when she was able to love. I really believe that is the best she could do. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Soothing quotes by Michael Shannon
#67. The stage is a routine. It keeps you grounded, like a metronome. I find that soothing. #Quote by Michael Shannon
Soothing quotes by Julian Barnes
#68. The history of the world? Just voices echoing in the dark; images that burn for a few centuries and then fade; stories, old stories that sometimes seem to overlap; strange links, impertinent connections. We lie here in our hospital bed of the present (what nice clean sheets we get nowadays) with a bubble of daily news drip-fed into our arm. We think we know who we are, though we don't quite know why we're here, or how long we shall be forced to stay. And while we fret and write in bandaged uncertainty - are we a voluntary patient? - we fabulate. We make up a story to cover the facts we don't know or can't accept; we keep a few true facts and spin a new story round them. Our panic and our pain are only eased by soothing fabulation; we call it history. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Soothing quotes by Beth Moore
#69. Soothing words can become just another drug we swallow to dull our pain. #Quote by Beth Moore
Soothing quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#70. next shout of anguish filled the grotto.
"It's okay, honey. I'm here."
"Dad? Where are you? Where's Diana? Is she all right? Oh, Christ. Dad, she's having the baby."
"Trust Diana to try to do this on her own." But Colby's voice was infinitely gentle and soothing as he kneeled
beside her. "Everything's going to be all right now, little amazon. I knew you would take good care of our baby until I
got here. I knew I could count on you."
Diana let go, giving herself up to the urgent, overwhelming need to push that was suddenly hitting her. Everything
would be all right now. Colby was here #Quote by Jayne Ann Krentz
Soothing quotes by David Brooks
#71. The self-effacing person is soothing and gracious, while the self-promoting person is fragile and jarring. Humility is freedom from the need to prove you are superior all the time, but egotism is a ravenous hunger in a small space - self-concerned, competitive, and distinction-hungry. Humility is infused with lovely emotions like admiration, companionship, and gratitude. #Quote by David Brooks
Soothing quotes by Bruce Eric Kaplan
#72. It's self-soothing for me to draw. So if I'm upset, drawing makes me less upset. #Quote by Bruce Eric Kaplan
Soothing quotes by Matt Taibbi
#73. There are times when American politics seems like little more than two groups in a fever to prevent each other from trespassing upon their respective soothing versions of unreality #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Soothing quotes by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
#74. You may have a cat in the room with you without anxiety about anything except eatables. The presence of a cat is positively soothing to a student. #Quote by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
Soothing quotes by Julie         Miller
#75. He wished he had some witty, romantic comeback. But he was the man he was, and words had never been a gift. "How about Delgado? I want to marry you. I want to be a daddy to this baby." He touched his forehead to hers and his heart spilled out. "I want… Oh, God, Jose… I love you so much. I love this baby. I was so scared I was going to lose you and I was never going to get the chance to tell you that I finally wised up and believed what you knew all along."

She lifted one hand to stroke his jaw with her soothing touch. "That we were meant to be together?"

"That I can love - that I do love. You." He turned his face to press a kiss into her palm. "Hell, honey, I've got nothing without you. I am nothing without you. #Quote by Julie Miller
Soothing quotes by Sanober Khan
#76. a single poem
the thing that can keep me
light on my feet,
when my soul is
heavy with sorrow. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Soothing quotes by Adam Mansbach
#77. Children crave routine and find listening to the same stories over and over again soothing. If you've grown weary of the holiday books you've read your kid 7,883 times, try adding 'dude' to the end of every line of dialogue. #Quote by Adam Mansbach
Soothing quotes by Anne Rainey
#78. Heather leaned toward me and placed a soothing hand on my knee. "It'll be fine, sweetie. You'll see."
"I've never done anything like this. What if I can't go through with it? I'll feel like such a dolt."
"I won't let that happen. Once I get you warmed up, you'll forget all these silly insecurities. And I'd bet my favorite dildo that the instant you see Blake in the buff, you'll be damn glad you followed through on this little plan. #Quote by Anne Rainey
Soothing quotes by Madeleine Urban
#79. Ty." Zane's even, soothing tones finally broke on the short gasp of his name. "I Love you and I'm scared I'll lose you. Please don't leave me alone in the dark. #Quote by Madeleine Urban
Soothing quotes by Elena Greene
#80. I'm not the slightest bit foxed," he insisted, indignation lighting his vivid blue eyes. "I am perfectly serious. Will you marry me?"
"No. I still cannot believe you are asking me. You must be drunk, but don't worry," she said in a soothing tone. "I promise to forget what you've said by tomorrow morning. #Quote by Elena Greene
Soothing quotes by Stan Tatkin
#81. In the context of couples, research in this area suggests how we as partners can manage one another's highs and lows. We don't have to remain at the mercy of each other's runaway moods and feelings. Rather, as competent managers of our partners, we can become expert at moving, shifting, motivating, influencing, soothing, and inspiring one another. #Quote by Stan Tatkin
Soothing quotes by Carol  Anderson
#82. The second key maneuver, which flowed naturally from the first, was to redefine racism itself. Confronted with civil rights headlines depicting unflattering portrayals of KKK rallies and jackbooted sheriffs, white authority transformed those damning images of white supremacy into the sole definition of racism. This simple but wickedly brilliant conceptual and linguistic shift served multiple purposes. First and foremost, it was conscience soothing. The whittling down of racism to sheet-wearing goons allowed a cloud of racial innocence to cover many whites who, although 'resentful of black progress' and determined to ensure that racial inequality remained untouched, could see and project themselves as the 'kind of upstanding white citizen(s)' who were 'positively outraged at the tactics of the Ku Klux Klan". The focus on the Klan also helped to designate racism as an individual aberration rather than something systemic, institutional and pervasive. #Quote by Carol Anderson
Soothing quotes by Dana Walrath
#83. We eagles sing no soothing songs.
Our throats can only whistle.
Instead, we hunt them down,
take them from others. #Quote by Dana Walrath
Soothing quotes by Mandy Moore
#84. I'm minimalistic when it comes to makeup, so I'm a sucker for anything that's multi-tasking. Aquaphor is my go-to product. It's great for adding gloss to eyes and cheekbones, and amazing for soothing dry cuticles, too. #Quote by Mandy Moore
Soothing quotes by Dodie Smith
#85. Still, looking through the old volumes was soothing, because thinking of the past made the present seem a little less real. #Quote by Dodie Smith
Soothing quotes by Walter J. Phillips
#86. When spring is here the sketcher begins to look over his equipment and relishes in anticipation the soothing hours he will spend in the open, warmed by the sun, fanned by the breeze, charmed by the manifold delights of nature. #Quote by Walter J. Phillips
Soothing quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#87. She glimpsed Levi cutting through the crowd to get to her. Smoothing her hair and finding a smile, she greeted him as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. "Would you like a piece of cake?" Levi peered down at her, concern lining his face. "Are you all right?" "Yes, of course. I'm fine." She tugged on her sleeve as if it could conceal the evidence of the sheriff's touch and reached for a clean plate. "You should try some of Chloe's lemon pound cake. It's delicious." Levi stroked her arm, his caress a soothing balm after the sheriff's manhandling. "Eden, look at me." She did, and all pretense fell away. "Did he hurt you?" "No." Eden sighed. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Soothing quotes by Howard Hanson
#88. Music can be soothing or invigorating ennobling or vulgarizing, philosophical or orgiastic. It has powers of evil as well as for good. #Quote by Howard Hanson
Soothing quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#89. Motivation is soothing medicine for the soul. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Soothing quotes by MysticalFaiqa
#90. Induratize Heart beats too...Before, unlocking a heart, someone has to mend a key with one's own hands.A key by bending each notch by fidgeting each nerve of a cold heart with innocence and purity of love and care.No doubt,hands will receive the equl amount of pain, wounds with dripping blood.That will create a mutual sensation with a soothing touch of a smile to build a bridge of trust.An eternal trust that could tingle the pain with tears.The flowing tears that bring out an eternal tenderness ripping out the soul of an induratized heart.Washing away those anguish filled moments drop by drop till the heart could feel an eternal love.A love running into the veins of a soul even death couldn't apart.Induratize is the story of two painful hearts who found peace within each other... #Quote by MysticalFaiqa
Soothing quotes by Gillian Flynn
#91. I spoke in a soft, soothing voice, a voice wearing a cardigan. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Soothing quotes by Lorraine Heath
#92. He ducked down under the wooden slats used to separate the stalls in the barn and crawled into the adjacent stall where he began rubbing the belly of the chestnut mare.
"Lay down, Lady. Please ... it's awful cold tonight. Please lay down."
The mare complied as she always did to the soothing tone in his voice. Drawing the blanket up tightly around him, he lay down beside the horse, moving in close to her side. He was careful to place his frozen feet near enough to her for warmth, but not so near that she'd protest.
"They had a real purty tree, Lady, with candles. Bet it didn't look as purty from the inside, though. Weren't no snow on the inside."
He snuggled in closer to the warm beast. "Merry Christmas, Lady," he whispered.
The mare nickered and moved her head in closer to the boy as he drifted off to sleep, the scent of hay and livestock surrounding them. #Quote by Lorraine Heath
Soothing quotes by Sinead O'Connor
#93. I think in the first place hearing the music inside of you is very soothing, very comforting. For me there always been, if you like, a spiritual connection between myself and music. #Quote by Sinead O'Connor
Soothing quotes by Gertrude Stein
#94. It is the soothing thing about history that it does repeat itself. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Soothing quotes by John Millington Synge
#95. There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting. #Quote by John Millington Synge
Soothing quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#96. In joy, in peace, in that soothing inner state, you will find happiness. #Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Soothing quotes by Edith Stein
#97. You can be at all fronts, wherever there is grief, in the power of the cross. Your compassionate love takes you everywhere, this love from the divine heart. Its precious blood is poured everywhere, soothing, healing, saving. #Quote by Edith Stein
Soothing quotes by Joe Hill
#98. She knew even before she opened her eyes that she was home - or not home, but in her woods at least. She knew they were her woods by the smell of pines and the quality of the air, a scrubbed, cool, clean sensation that she associated with the Merrimack River. She could hear the river, distantly, a gentle, soothing rush of sound that was really in no way like static. #Quote by Joe Hill
Soothing quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#99. There's a psychological mechanism, I've come to believe, that prevents most of us from imagining the moment of our own death. For if it were possible to imagine fully that instant of passing from consciousness to nonexistence, with all the attendant fear and humiliation of absolute helplessness, it would be very hard to live. It would be unbearably obvious that death is inscribed in everything that constitutes life, that any moment of your existence may be only a breath away from being the last. We would be continuously devastated by the magnitude of that inescapable fact. Still, as we mature into our mortality, we begin to gingerly dip our horror-tingling toes into the void, hoping that our mind will somehow ease itself into dying, that God or some other soothing opiate will remain available as we venture into the darkness of non-being. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
Soothing quotes by Emery Lord
#100. I like the way the word feels against my mouth - soft, unassuming, even soothing. #Quote by Emery Lord
Soothing quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#101. Whose bells, the poor man's only music, rang
From morn to evening, all the hot Fair-day,
So sweetly, that they stirred and haunted me
With a wild pleasure, falling on mine ear
Most like articulate sounds of things to come!
So gazed I, till the soothing things, I dreamt,
Lulled me to sleep, and sleep prolonged my dreams!
And so I brooded all the following morn,
Awed by the stern preceptor's face, mine eye
Fixed with mock study on my swimming book. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Soothing quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#102. How are you?" he asked gently.
Had he started any other way, she might have been able to maintain her composure. But that simple question, and the wealth of concern and tenderness in his gaze, caused the blank, sick feeling to melt away, far too fast. Cassandra tried to answer, but no sound emerged: She could only breathe in quick, shallow pulls. In the next moment, she shocked both of them, and undoubtedly everyone else in the library, by bursting into tears. Mortified, she put her hands over her face.
In the next moment, she felt him pulling her into a deep embrace. His voice was low and soothing in her ear. "No... no... it's all right, easy now. My sweet darling. Poor buttercup. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Soothing quotes by Vance Havner
#103. There is great need today for the New Testament prophet who speaks to edification, exhortation, and comfort, a strengthening, stirring and soothing ministry. #Quote by Vance Havner
Soothing quotes by Michelle Phan
#104. I was inspired by many teachers when I started my channel, Bob Ross being one of them. His voice was so soothing, almost like hypnosis. He was that great of a teacher, even the casual viewer could learn how to paint from watching his show. Growing up, I just remember him being so mesmerizing on screen. #Quote by Michelle Phan
Soothing quotes by Kiera Cass
#105. I'm so happy to be back here. You're nice and quiet.
Her waters stirred in something close to laughter. We don't have to talk at all if you don't want to. I'm happy just to hold you.
I sank down, resting on the sandy Ocean floor, legs crossed and arms behind my head. I watched the trails of boats crisscrossing and fading along the surface above me. Fish swam by in schools, not spooked by the girl on the ground.
So, about six months? I asked, my stomach twisting.
Yes, barring some natural disaster or man-made sinking. I can't predict those things.
I know.
Don't start worrying about that yet. I can tell you're still hurting from the last time. She wrapped me in sympathy.
I lifted my arms as if I was stroking Her, though of course my tiny body was unable to truly embrace Hers. I feel like I never have enough time to get over a singing before the next one comes. I have nightmares, and I'm a nervous wreck during the weeks leading up to it. My chest felt hollow with misery. I'm afraid I'll always remember how it feels.
You won't. In all My years, I've never had a freed siren come back to Me demanding that I fix her memories.
Do You hear from them at all?
Not intentionally. I feel people when they're in Me. It's how I find new girls. It's how I listen for anyone who might suspect the true nature of My needs. Sometimes a former siren will go for a swim or stick her legs off a dock. I can get a peek at their lives, and no one h #Quote by Kiera Cass
Soothing quotes by Kevin J. Anderson
#106. He looked up. His mouth stayed where it was and noise quit coming out of it. Yes, Asil thought, the other's awe soothing the feathers that had been ruffled by the wait, I am beautiful. #Quote by Kevin J. Anderson
Soothing quotes by Christine Feehan
#107. I know Julian," Gregori volunteered, his white teeth gleaming in the darkness. Water lapped at the boat, making a peculiar slapping sound. The rocking was more soothing and peaceful than disturbing.
Beau looked smug. "I thought you might. You both have a connection to Savannah, you both ask the same questions about natural medicine, and you both look as intimidating as hell."
"I am nicer than he is," Gregori said, straight-faced.
Savannah's head brushed his chest. Her laughter was sweet music in the stifling heat of the swamp. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Soothing quotes by Gabor Mate
#108. Being cut off from our own natural self-compassion is one of the greatest impairments we can suffer. Along with our ability to feel our own pain go our best hopes for healing, dignity and love. What seems nonadapative and self-harming in the present was, at some point in our lives, an adaptation to help us endure what we then had to go through. If people are addicted to self-soothing behaviours, it's only because in their formative years they did not receive the soothing they needed. Such understanding helps delete toxic self-judgment on the past and supports responsibility for the now. Hence the need for compassionate self-inquiry. #Quote by Gabor Mate
Soothing quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#109. I never knew how soothing trees are-many trees and patches of open sunlight, and tree presences; it is almost like having another being. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Soothing quotes by Deborah Harkness
#110. Blue had always struck her as such a serene, soothing color, yet all social media offered was endless agitation and posturing. It was worse than the court of Versailles. #Quote by Deborah Harkness
Soothing quotes by Neal Stephenson
#111. It's just like the reviews promised - other people's ordinariness is more rewarding than your own. Their banality is soothing to your own sense of failure. Because being you is so much more interesting than being me. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Soothing quotes by Mary-Louise Parker
#112. I like A&E. I like those corny intimate-portrait things. They're so kind of ingenious and artificial and soothing. #Quote by Mary-Louise Parker
Soothing quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#113. An idea once seized, I fell to work. "Human Justice" rushed before me in novel guise, a red, random beldame, with a rms akimbo. I saw her in her house, the den of confusion: servants called to her for orders or help which she did not give; beggars stood at her door waiting and starving unnoticed; a swarm of children, sick and quarrelsome, crawled round her feet, and yelled in her ears appeals for notice, sympathy, cure, redress. The honest woman cared for none of these things. She had a warm seat of her own by the fire, she had her own solace in a short black pipe, and a bottle of Mrs. Sweeny's soothing syrup; she smoked and she sipped, and she enjoyed her paradise; and whenever a cry of the suffering souls about her 'pierced her ears too keenly--my jolly dame seized the poker or the hearth-brush: if the offender was weak, wronged, and sickly, she effectually settled him: if he was strong, lively, and violent, she only menaced, then plunged her hand in her deep pouch, and flung a liberal shower of sugar-plums. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Soothing quotes by Virginia Woolf
#114. So that the monotonous fall of the waves on the beach, which for the most part beat a measured and soothing tattoo to her thoughts seemed consolingly to repeat over and over again ... #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Soothing quotes by Jonathan Dimbleby
#115. Rolling my trousers down to expose the upper part of my buttocks and having a knife pressed up and down my spine by a Russian white witch, as she murmured incantations, was certainly a new experience to cure my backache. It was surprisingly soothing. #Quote by Jonathan Dimbleby
Soothing quotes by Neil Postman
#116. This is the lesson of all great television commercials: They provide a slogan, a symbol or a focus that creates for viewers a comprehensive and compelling image of themselves. In the shift from party politics to television politics, the same goal is sought. We are not permitted to know who is best at being President or Governor or Senator, but whose image is best in touching and soothing the deep reaches of our discontent. We look at the television screen and ask, in the same voracious way as the Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" We are inclined to vote for those whose personality, family life, and style, as imaged on the screen, give back a better answer than the Queen received. As Xenophanes remarked twenty-five centuries ago, men always make their gods in their own image. But to this, television politics has added a new wrinkle: Those who would be gods refashion themselves into images the viewers would have them be. #Quote by Neil Postman
Soothing quotes by Monica McCarty
#117. How could she have reacted like that? She didn't understand what had come over her. She'd felt his passion and her own. It made her anxious. On edge. For something. Something that made her skin prickle whenever he was in the room with her. Indeed, she found it difficult to concentrate when he was
around. He was big and strong and smelled incredible. She wanted to curl up against his chest and never leave. She'd never had such strong urges. But then again, she'd never met a man who made her feel so protected simply by his solid presence and his confident command of everything around him. His strength was strangely soothing. She couldn't remember a time in her life when she'd felt so ... content. #Quote by Monica McCarty
Soothing quotes by Jessica Moore
#118. Feeling rooted in the earth is soothing to the body, and it is our connection to the earth that gives us our most basic sense of belonging, home, resilience, and safety. #Quote by Jessica Moore
Soothing quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#119. Goresthorpe Grange is a feudal mansion - or so it was termed in the advertisement which originally brought it under my notice. Its right to this adjective had a most remarkable effect upon its price, and the advantages gained may possibly be more sentimental than real. Still, it is soothing to me to know that I have slits in my staircase through which I can discharge arrows; and there is a sense of power in the fact of possessing a complicated apparatus by means of which I am enabled to pour molten lead upon the head of the casual visitor. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Soothing quotes by Rudy Rucker
#120. It's soothing to realize that my mind's processes are inherently uncontrollable. #Quote by Rudy Rucker
Soothing quotes by Wilkie Collins
#121. Nature's voice and Nature's beauty
God's soothing and purifying angels of the soul
speak to me most tenderly and most happily, at such times as these. #Quote by Wilkie Collins
Soothing quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#122. To every obstacle oppose patience, perseverance and soothing language. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Soothing quotes by Stephen King
#123. The Tower. He would come to the Dark Tower and there he would sing their names; there he would sing their names; there he would sing all their names. The sun stained the east a dusky rose, and at last Roland, no longer the last gunslinger but one of the last three, slept and dreamed his angry dreams through which there ran only that one soothing blue thread: There I will sing all their names! #Quote by Stephen King
Soothing quotes by Stephen R. Donaldson
#124. I was sitting at the bar of the Hegira that night when Ginny came in. The barkeep, an ancient sad-eyed patriarch named Jose, had just poured me another drink, and I was having one of those rare moments any serious drunk can tell you about. A piece of real quiet. Jose's cheeks bristled because he didn't shave very often, and his apron was dingy because it didn't get washed very often, and his fingernails had little crescents of grime under them. The glass he poured for me wasn't all that clean. But the stuff he poured was golden-amber and beautiful, like distilled sunlight, and it made the whole place soothing as sleep - which drunks know how to value because they don't get much of it. #Quote by Stephen R. Donaldson
Soothing quotes by Kirstie Alley
#125. I had the halfway house. I can't tell how many nights I spent around my kitchen table, soothing broken hearts. #Quote by Kirstie Alley
Soothing quotes by Oksana Rus
#126. The art of sensuality encompassing the exploration and experiencing of all our senses... Those images are being born from and through living the moments of eating favorite chocolate cake with ice-cream, tranquil meditating, walking the beach and feeling the warm breeze on your face and the soothing sand beneath your feet, watching a never repeating its symphony sunset, dancing and feeling your body move through space, smelling flowers in a garden, painting or working with clay, with your fingertips gently touching piano keys or pulling the tense strings of guitar, caressing your ears with the whispers of one's soul, diving into the depth of loving you eyes, and, joining in a passionate kiss of life...the life of the artist... #Quote by Oksana Rus
Soothing quotes by Pamela Druckerman
#127. The French magazine Parents says that if a baby is scared of strangers, his mother should warn him that a visitor will be coming over soon. Then, when the doorbell rings, 'Tell him that the guest is here. Take a few seconds before opening the door . . . if he doesn't cry when he sees the stranger, don't forget to congratulate him.' I hear of several cases where, upon bringing a baby home from the maternity hospital, the parents give the baby a tour of the house.9 French parents often tell babies what they're doing to them: I'm picking you up, I'm changing your nappy, I'm going to give you a bath. This isn't just to make soothing sounds; it's to convey information. And since the baby is a person like any other, parents are often quite polite about all this. (Plus it's apparently never too early to start instilling good manners.) #Quote by Pamela Druckerman
Soothing quotes by Robert Burns
#128. Oh, stay, sweet warbling woodlark, stay, Nor quit for me the trembling spray, A hapless lover courts thy lay, Thy soothing, fond complaining. #Quote by Robert Burns
Soothing quotes by Richard Yates
#129. Rachel came carefully downstairs one morning, in a dressing gown that wasn't quite clean, and stood at the brink of the living room as though preparing to make an announcement. She looked around at each member of the double household - at Evan, who was soberly opening the morning paper, at Phil, who'd been home from Costello's for hours but hadn't felt like sleeping yet, and at her mother, who was setting the table for breakfast - and then she came out with it.

"I love everybody," she said, stepping into the room with an uncertain smile. And her declaration might have had the generally soothing effect she'd intended if her mother hadn't picked it up and exploited it for all the sentimental weight it would bear.

"Oh Rachel," she cried, "What a sweet, lovely thing to say!" and she turned to address Evan and Phil as if both of them might be too crass or numbskulled to appreciate it by themselves. "Isn't that a wonderful thing for this girl to say, on a perfectly ordinary Friday morning? Rachel, I think you've put us all to shame for our petty bickering and our selfish little silences, and it's something I'll never forget. You really do have a marvelous wife, Evan, and I have a marvelous daughter. Oh, and Rachel, you can be sure that everybody in this house loves you, too, and we're all tremendously glad to have you feeling so well."

Rachel's embarrassment was now so intense that it seemed almost to prevent her from taking her place at the table; #Quote by Richard Yates
Soothing quotes by Leonora Carrington
#130. He eventually became an executive for a firm. This meant that he actually executed persons with showers of legal documents proving that they owed him quantities of money which they did not have. 'Firm' actually means the manufacture of useless objects which people are foolish enough to buy. The firmer the firm the more senseless talk is needed to prevent anyone noticing the unsafe structure of the business. Sometimes these firms actually sell nothing at all for a lot of money, like 'Life Insurance', a pretense that it is a soothing and useful event to have a violent and painful death. #Quote by Leonora Carrington
Soothing quotes by Andre Comte Sponville
#131. No, what worries me, I readily admit, is everything (that is to say, anything and everything) - everything, that is, except the All, which I find soothing. #Quote by Andre Comte Sponville
Soothing quotes by Elizabeth Jane Howard
#132. Charity liked brandy. She liked the way it burned her throat while soothing the ache in her heart. #Quote by Elizabeth Jane Howard
Soothing quotes by Jim Harrison
#133. It is utterly soothing to fly fish for trout. All other considerations or worries drift away and you couldn't keep them close if you wanted. Perhaps it's standing thigh deep in a river with the water passing at the exact but varying speed of life. You easily recognize this mortality and it dissipates into the landscape. #Quote by Jim Harrison
Soothing quotes by Bodhi Smith
#134. on this morning, you feel her touch deeply into your soul as the misty fog lightly brushes in whispering silence across the surface of your being, amidst the soothing fragrance of wet pine needles floating all around...she creeps playfully though in wavy reflections, warming your waters with her magic, her dance, the hope for a new awakening #Quote by Bodhi Smith
Soothing quotes by Sarah MacLean
#135. She did not know how long he stood caressing her before he lifted her hand to his lips and pressed his mouth to the bare skin of her wrist. Her eyes closed against the flood of sensation that came with the touch- the softness of his lips, parted just enough to breathe a hot, moist kiss upon her before he scraped his teeth against the sensitive spot. She heard her own gasp and opened her eyes just in time to feel his tongue soothing the skin. He boldly met her gaze as he wreaked havoc on her senses, and she couldn't help but watch him, knowing that he knew exactly what he was doing to her. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Soothing quotes by Alan Bradley
#136. The best thing for soothing a disappointed mind is oxygen. A couple of deep inhalations of the old "O" rejuvenates every cell in the body. #Quote by Alan Bradley
Soothing quotes by Gracie Gold
#137. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is wash my face with Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel Face Wash. My skin is super-dry, and this one is great for basically any skin type. As you cleanse your face, the face wash gets warmer, so it's soothing and also has some exfoliation to it. #Quote by Gracie Gold
Soothing quotes by Pierce Brown
#138. Where did you hear that song?" I ask her without sitting up.
"From the HC," she says, blushing. "A little girl sang it. It's soothing."
"It's sad."
"Most things are. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Soothing quotes by James Lusarde
#139. His voice was like soothing melted chocolate. I wanted him to ooze his lovely voice all over my naked body. #Quote by James Lusarde
Soothing quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#140. So here, patient listener: your soothing epilogue. Imagine him happy. Imagine him spinning in circles ... Imagine his heaven, where he can float through characters and books at will. (Let's dream him up a king, a giant, a boy who can fly.) Imagine him already there, under his covers with the flashlight. #Quote by Rebecca Makkai
Soothing quotes by Jurgen Moltmann
#141. Believing in the resurrection does not just mean assenting to a dogma and noting a historical fact. It means participating in this creative act of God's ... Resurrection is not a consoling opium, soothing us with the promise of a better world in the hereafter. It is the energy for a rebirth of this life. The hope doesn't point to another world. It is focused on the redemption of this one. #Quote by Jurgen Moltmann
Soothing quotes by Paul Stamets
#142. Traditionally, our ancestors boiled mushrooms in water to make a soothing tea. Boiling served several purposes: killing contaminants, softening the flesh, and extracting the rich soluble polysaccharides. #Quote by Paul Stamets
Soothing quotes by Dorothy Parker
#143. To me, the raveled sleeve of care is never more painlessly knitted up than in an evening alone in a chair snug yet copious, with a good light and an easily held little volume sloppily printed and bound in inexpensive paper. I do not ask much of it - which is just as well, for that is all I get. It does not matter if I guess the killer, and if I happen to discover, along around page 208, that I have read the work before, I attribute the fact not to the less than arresting powers of the author, but to my own lazy memory. I like best to have one book in my hand, and a stack of others on the floor beside me, so as to know the supply of poppy and mandragora will not run out before the small hours. In all reverence I say Heaven bless the Whodunit, the soothing balm on the wound, the cooling hand on the brow, the opiate of the people.
Book review Of Ellery Queen: The New York Murders, from Esquire, January 1959 #Quote by Dorothy Parker
Soothing quotes by Sarah Dessen
#144. There was something oddly soothing about working out while the rest of the world was aslep. I slipped in, scanned my membership card, and untangled my headphones from around my iPod. On the most stressful days, I hit the treadmill and ran fo three or four miles. Other days, I did the elliptical or the bike. As long as I was moving, my heart pumping for reasons I could understand, I felt better. So much so that, once all the applications were in and I started sleeping through the night more regularly, I still dragged myself out of bed to work out a couple mornings a week. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Soothing quotes by Leona Lewis
#145. I really love getting hot stone massages. They really help me relax and it's so soothing for your muscles. #Quote by Leona Lewis
Soothing quotes by Lew Wallace
#146. Past question, every experience is serviceable to us. Where got Ben-Hur the large hand and mighty grip which helped him now so well? Where but from the oar with which so long he fought the seas? And what was this spring of the floor under his feet to the dizzy lurch with which in the old time the trembling ship yielded to the beat of staggering billows, drunk with their power? So he kept his place, and gave the four free rein, and called to them in soothing voice, trying merely to guide them round the dangerous turn; and before the fever of the people began to abate, he had back the mastery. #Quote by Lew Wallace
Soothing quotes by Amy Gerstler
#147. Thin ribbons of fear snake bluely through you like a system of rivers. We need a cloudburst or soothing landscape fast, to still this panic. Maybe a field of dracaena, or a vast stand of sugar pines - generous, gum-yielding trees - to fill our minds with vegetable wonder and keep dread at bay. #Quote by Amy Gerstler
Soothing quotes by John Marsden
#148. There's nothing lonelier than grief. Sometimes I wanted to cry out to them all in the middle of History "Please please look at me help me can't you see how unhappy I am?"
But what would have happened? They would have gathered round making soothing noises helping me out of the room maybe offering me tissues ... and none of that would touch the deep dark ocean that circled silently inside. They could not see it touch it stop it. I didn't know any way to do that. #Quote by John Marsden
Soothing quotes by A.A. Milne
#149. Nowhere can I think so happily as in a train. I am not inspired; nothing so uncomfortable as that. I am never seized with a sudden idea for a masterpiece, nor form a sudden plan for some new enterprise. My thoughts are just pleasantly reflective. I think of all the good deeds I have done, and (when these give out) of all the good deeds I am going to do. I look out of the window and say lazily to myself, "How jolly to live there"; and a little farther on, "How jolly not to live there." I see a cow, and I wonder what it is like to be a cow, and I wonder whether the cow wonders what it is to be like me; and perhaps, by this time, we have passed on to a sheep, and I wonder if it is more fun being a sheep. My mind wanders on in a way which would annoy Pelman a good deal, but it wanders on quite happily, and the "clankety-clank" of the train adds a very soothing accompaniment. So soothing, indeed, that at any moment I can close my eyes and pass into a pleasant state of sleep. #Quote by A.A. Milne
Soothing quotes by Lisa Kessler
#150. Never in my life had I even contemplated making love on a motorcycle, but there was no way Gareth would let me fall. I understood this on a primal level. He would keep me from harm, protect me... No matter how much I distracted and pleasured him.
He pulled gently at the sensitive tip of my breast with his lips, soothing and teasing all at once. I reached behind to brace myself on the handlebars, my back arching toward him, offering myself as I watched his mouth on my skin, his tongue circling my nipple. He moved his other hand lower, pushing the bottom of my dress up. Moving his fingers up the soft skin of my inner thigh, he rubbed and teased me through the thin fabric of my thong underwear.
"I need you," I gasped. "Now."
He ripped my thong like it'd been made of tissue paper, and slid his fingers deep inside of me. His growl made me shiver with desire as he discovered just how ready I was for him. I gripped the handlebars tighter and leaned back a little, breaking the kiss as I stared into his eyes. Gareth took hold of my hips and pulled me closer, guiding me onto him. Every rock hard inch slid into me so slowly, my entire body shuddered with pleasure.
He reached forward, taking my hands from the grips and putting them around his neck. Nose to nose, his dark eyes locked on mine as he thrust deeper inside of me. "You're mine. I'm yours."
I wasn't sure what was happening, but my wolf came alive in my soul and I whispered, "I claim my mate. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Soothing quotes by Ann Radcliffe
#151. ... unpacked her books, her sweet delight in happier days, and her soothing resource in the hours of moderate sorrow: but there were hours when even these failed of their effect; when the genius, the taste, the enthusiasm of the sublimest writers were felt no longer. #Quote by Ann Radcliffe
Soothing quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#152. When a soothing wind blows gently love through the thistledown of expectations, hope may inveigle the future for timeless care and tenderness to be anchored in a bay of good luck. ("Happiness blowing in the wind" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Soothing quotes by John Keble
#153. Sweet is the infant's waking smile, And sweet the old man's rest
But middle age by no fond wile, No soothing calm is blest. #Quote by John Keble
Soothing quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#154. He settled a hand over her stomach, rubbing in soothing circles. "Lie easy, sweetheart."
"I c-can't. Oh, do hurry!"
Cam laughed softly, his parted lips dragging across her sensitive flesh. He traced her with his tongue, made her wet, and blew against the dampened curls. "It's better for you if I don't hurry."
"No it's not."
"Much you know about it. This is only your second time. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Soothing quotes by S.D. Gordon
#155. There are always lone hearth-fires; so many! And those who sit beside them, with the empty chair, cannot restrain the tears that will come. One sits alone so much. There is some One unseen, just here within reach. But somehow we don't realize His presence. Realizing is blessed, but--rare. It belongs to the mood, to the feelings. It is dependent on weather conditions and bodily conditions. The rain, the heavy fog outside, the poor sleep, the twinging pain, these make one's mood so much, they seem to blur out the realizing.

But there is something a little higher up than realizing. It is yet more blessed. It is independent of these outer conditions, it is something that abides. It is this: recognizing that Presence unseen, so wondrous and quieting, so soothing and calming and warming. Recognize His presence--the Master's own. He is here, close by; His presence is real. Recognizing will help realizing, too, but it never depends on it.

Aye, more, immensely more, the Truth is a Presence, not a thing, a fact, a statement. Some One is present, a warm-hearted Friend, an all-powerful Lord. And this is the joyful truth for weeping hearts everywhere, whatever be the hand that has drawn the tears; by whatever stream it be that your weeping willow is planted. #Quote by S.D. Gordon
Soothing quotes by Warren L.G De Mills
#156. Your love is my treasure And my heart is buried there. Your touch is my pleasure Soothing my soul with every care. Subject of my poetry, Love of my youth, Melody to my songs Of joy absolute, Would you believe me? I speak the truth When in poem and song I say to you, That when violets turn red And roses bloom blue That's the day I'll stop loving you. #Quote by Warren L.G De Mills
Soothing quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#157. You take a step; rocks and dust fall off the cliff. You stumble and you move forward. The voices in your head call you a coward. You are beginning to second-guess yourself because you want to throw in the towel. You close your eyes; a tear falls and travels to your chin. As your eyes are closed the Great Divine's voice is louder; yet, calmer, soothing; and you feel peace instantly. Your mind feels light, and your body feels balanced. The Great Divine whispers gently and softly in your ear:
"Fallen Warrior, I know you have given everything you've got, and you feel like you have nothing left to give.
Fallen Warrior, I know it's been a while since you smiled.
Fallen Warrior, I see that you are hurting, and I feel your pain.
Fallen Warrior, this is not the end. This is the start of your new beginning.
Fallen Warrior, do not doubt My or your abilities; you have more going for you than you have going against you.
Fallen Warrior, keep moving, you have what it takes; perseverance is your middle name.
Fallen Warrior, you are not the victim! You are the victor!
You step back because you know why you are here. You know why you are alive. Sometimes you have to be your own Shero. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Soothing quotes by Luther Standing Bear
#158. The old people came literally to love the soil and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power. It was good for the skin to touch the earth and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth. Their tipis were built upon the earth and their altars were made of earth. The birds that flew into the air came to rest upon the earth and it was the final abiding place of all things that lived and grew. The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing. #Quote by Luther Standing Bear
Soothing quotes by Carmen Tafolla
#159. I have slipped chile under your skin
secretly wrapped in each enchilada
hot and soothing
carefully cut into bitefuls for you as a
increasing in power and intensity as
you grew
until it could burn
forever #Quote by Carmen Tafolla
Soothing quotes by Elizabeth Ashley
#160. Love Potion by Rebecca Brink of Serenity Thai Bodywork I make a Love Potion roll-on with 10 drops of Lavender 8 drops of Frankincense 4 drops of Vetiver 2-3 drops of Jasmine 24 drops of almond oil This blend is soothing and penetrates the deepest layers of the soul and love drive. It will entice and help put you and your partner in the right mood for a deep and soulful connection. Lavender is an oil that brings balance to the body and stimulates the skin. Frankincense helps to focus your energy so you are open for connection. Vetiver adds that earthy carnal base note and eases the days stress away. Jasmine is sensual and gives us a sense of hope, happiness and warmth. #Quote by Elizabeth Ashley
Soothing quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#161. That's the experience I've gained from working in the garden: there's no reason to be cautious or anxious about anything, life is so robust, it seems to come cascading, blind and green, and at times it is frightening, because we too are alive, but we live in what amounts to a controlled environment, which makes us fear whatever is blind, wild, chaotic, stretching towards the sun, but most often also beautiful, in a deeper way than the purely visual, for the soil smells of rot and darkness, teems with scuttling beetles and convulsing worms, the flower stalks are juicy, their petals brim with scents, and the air, cold and sharp, warm and humid, filled with sunrays or rain, lies against skin, accustomed to the indoors, like a soothing compress of hereness. #Quote by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Soothing quotes by Rixa White
#162. The Invisible is moving
Softly and soothing
I feel it inside
It is you
It is my feeling for you
I want to give it life
My whole life #Quote by Rixa White
Soothing quotes by Richard Engel
#163. Fences and walls can be effective and even soothing, at least for those who build them. #Quote by Richard Engel
Soothing quotes by Maya Angelou
#164. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Soothing quotes by Gillian Deacon
#165. No matter how much exercise or energy healing I do how many soothing restorative walks I take through the woods, how many heads of raw kale I juice or don't...there is no inoculation against illness. No guarantees, no way to wrestle life under control. There are merely best attempts. But surrendering the false hope that there is a single way to make everything Just So might just be the best strategy of all. #Quote by Gillian Deacon
Soothing quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#166. The essence of foreign policy, is deciding which son of a bitch to support -in 1941, Hitler or Stalin; in 1972, Brezhnev or Mao; in 1979, Somoza or Ortega. One has to choose. A blanket anti-son of a bitch policy, like a blanket anti-ethnic cleansing policy, is soothing, satisfying and empty. It is not a policy at all but righteous self-delusion. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Soothing quotes by Brian Regan
#167. I thought yoga was easy - I went out and I bought a yoga video tape. I bought the beginners' yoga tape. I couldn't do anything on the whole hour - nothing - just fast forwarding: can't do that, can't do that - I know I can't do that. This woman in a soothing voice: 'Simply take the bottom of your right foot and place it on the small of your back. #Quote by Brian Regan
Soothing quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#168. I eyed her. "You know I hang out with vampires, right? You could be scared of me like the others."
She scoffed. "You and your pretty boys don't scare me."
Jenna's mocking tone was soothing. If it wasn't for her and Hunter and Chloe, this whole transition thing would have been even worse. "Shush," I scolded her primly. "I am learning about the weirdo League of hunters who think they're in a comic book."
"Your family now too."
I drew back, horrified. "Excuse me, but after my parents, the Drakes are family. You lot are riffraff."
"The riffiest."
"That's not a word."
"Is so."
"What's it mean?"
Jenna glanced at Tyson. "Help me out here, Ty. You're the smart one."
He just shook his head. "Are you two always like this?"
Jenna and I exchanged mischievous smiles.
"We're just getting started. But I think we might be," I said. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Soothing quotes by Lord Byron
#169. How sweet and soothing is this hour of calm! I thank thee, night! for thou has chased away these horrid bodements which, amidst the throng, I could not dissipate; and with the blessing of thy benign and quiet influence now will I to my couch, although to rest is almost wronging such a night as this. #Quote by Lord Byron
Soothing quotes by Liberty Forrest
#170. As long as you feed your light and allow it to breathe, if you do not cover it, it will continue to flicker and dance, mesmerizing, warming, soothing, healing...bringing light to others. #Quote by Liberty Forrest
Soothing quotes by Hillary Jordan
#171. I talked to her just like I talk to a laboring woman. Mothers need to hear them soothing words. They just as important as the medicines, sometimes even more. #Quote by Hillary Jordan
Soothing quotes by Ellie B Morris
#172. Disappointment overwhelmed him. He sat down on the large rock, feeling more miserable than ever. He thought he would just stay a while and think about things. It was cool and peaceful in the cave and the sweet fragrance was soothing. It was good just to be alone. He wouldn't tell the others about his discovery; they would only come here and spoil it. This would be his own secret. He suddenly wished that the cave was nearer home, then he could come here often. This could be his secret place, his thinking place. This could be his wishing cave. #Quote by Ellie B Morris
Soothing quotes by Anonymous
#173. The narrative fallacy, Bezos explained, was a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2007 book The Black Swan to describe how humans are biologically inclined to turn complex realities into soothing but oversimplified stories. #Quote by Anonymous
Soothing quotes by Larissa Lai
#174. This is what it's like to drown: You take a last look at the sky, a last breath, slowly. Air goes into your lungs and then you are under water. You let the air out molecule by molecule, realizing for the first time how precious it is, this thing that feels so much like nothing, neither liquid nor solid. Your eyes are open wide. The world goes cool and green and you keep falling. There are shapes in the darkness, fronds of river weed waving, dark indescribable things that float and then sink with you. You never knew you were so heavy. The density of your flesh has never been of such prime importance. The air leaks out of you in spite of your mightiest attempts to hold it. You need more but there is none. Leafy things flail. The water's coolness is no longer soothing. You gasp. Water rushes into your lungs and floods them. Your eyes stare wider. You thrash. You want more than anything to live, to be able to rise again, but you keep falling. The river is bottomless. It pushes you along in the direction of its current like an impatient auntie, but it won't let you to the surface. Your eyes are wide open, but slowly everything goes black. You begin to float beneath the surface. You are conscious of the coolness again, of how green everything is. You move with the water and through it. You have left your body far behind. The river has become a part of you. #Quote by Larissa Lai
Soothing quotes by Dax Shepard
#175. The reason I'm drawn to it is - both the off road racing and the motorcycles on the track - it takes a lot for me to quiet my brain and anything that requires 100% of my attention and focus I find very soothing and that is the closest I get to being content. #Quote by Dax Shepard
Soothing quotes by Mark Steyn
#176. ...when you hit the expressway to Declinistan there are few exit ramps. That America's animating principles should require a defense at all is a melancholy reflection on how far we've already gone. Live free--or die from a thousand soothing caresses of nanny-state sirens. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Soothing quotes by Stephanie Garber
#177. His voice was soothing ans commanding all at once, like the crackle of flames devouring wood. Fierce and fatal, yet somehow steady and reassuring. The type of voice a girl could have been easily consumed by. #Quote by Stephanie Garber
Soothing quotes by Milan Kundera
#178. She is sadder and sadder, and for a man there is no balm more soothing than the sadness he has caused a woman. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Soothing quotes by Kelly Moran
#179. He used his soothing tone reserved for cray-cray animals. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Soothing quotes by Anthony Liccione
#180. Let the night take you. Let the stars evaporate into your dreams. Let sleep be the only comfort for you to believe. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Soothing quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#181. It was indeed a long wait, well over two hours. I sat in the car and listened to the radio
and tried to picture, bite by bite, what it was like to eat a medianochesandwich: the
crackle of the bread crust, socrisp and toasty it scratches the inside of your mouth as you
bite down. Then the first taste of mustard, followed by the soothing cheese and the salt of
the meat. Next bite - a piece of pickle. Chew it all up; let the flavors mingle. Swallow.
Take a big sip of Iron Beer (pronounced Ee-roan Bay-er, and it's a soda). Sigh. Sheer
bliss. I would rather eat than do anything else except play with the Passenger. It's a true
miracle of genetics that I am not fat. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Soothing quotes by A.G. Howard
#182. You're going to be a famous artist." His voice is deep velvet - soothing and sure. "You'll live in one of those artsy, upscale apartments in Paris with your rich husband. Oh, who just happens to be a world-renowned exterminator. How's that for a twist of fate? You won't even have to catch your own bugs anymore. That'll give you more time to spend with your five brilliant kids. And I'll come visit every summer. Show up on the doorstep with a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce and a French baguette. I'll be weird Uncle Jeb. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Soothing quotes by Sanhita Baruah
#183. There were two and only two messages that could have been comprehended by what he said.
But neither of them was soothing; neither of them was a lie. #Quote by Sanhita Baruah
Soothing quotes by Stefan Zweig
#184. soothing silence instead of an oppressive one. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Soothing quotes by Thomas Kinkade
#185. Beautiful objects, ideas, even beautiful people all share the power to lift the spirits and motivate creativity while at the same time soothing the soul ... #Quote by Thomas Kinkade
Soothing quotes by Eileen Wilks
#186. As soothing as it would be to rip off his arm and beat him with it, it would really slow things down. #Quote by Eileen Wilks
Soothing quotes by David Bentley Hart
#187. [Nietzsche] had the good manners to despise Christianity, in large part, for what it actually was
above all, for its devotion to an ethics of compassion
rather than allow himself the soothing, self-righteous fantasy that Christianity's history had been nothing but an interminable pageant of violence, tyranny, and sexual neurosis. He may have hated many Christians for their hypocrisy, but he hated Christianity itself principally on account of its enfeebling solicitude for the weak, the outcast, the infirm, and the diseased; and, because he was conscious of the historical contingency of all cultural values, he never deluded himself that humanity could do away with Christian faith while simply retaining Christian morality in some diluted form, such as liberal social conscience or innate human sympathy. #Quote by David Bentley Hart
Soothing quotes by Oksana Rus
#188. You spoke to her, in hidden dreams...and smiled at her through open doors. She felt your secret love surround her at times. And while alone she felt your breath, heartbeat and more... Serenity of hers is never-ending, leads, lures, calls you... Ah, timeless burning flame!.. Her kiss is ocean salty water, you drink and thirst long and pray for more... #Quote by Oksana Rus
Soothing quotes by Lucy Frank
#189. Anyone who thinks heaven is not hot water behind a locked door has forgotten what it means to live. #Quote by Lucy Frank
Soothing quotes by Robert McCammon
#190. The magic place of soul-soothing dreams, where the silken sheen of polished glass under soft lights made her think of how lovely Heaven was going to be. #Quote by Robert McCammon
Soothing quotes by Henri Matisse
#191. What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter - a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue. #Quote by Henri Matisse
Soothing quotes by Seanan McGuire
#192. Children are capable of grasping complex ideas long before most people give them credit for, wrapping them in a soothing layer of nonsense and illogical logic. To be a child is to be a visitor from another world muddling your way through the strange rules of this one, where up is always up, even when it would make more sense for it to be down, or backward, or sideways. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Soothing quotes by Rob Sheffield
#193. Morrissey was my Mrs. Garrett, the house mother from the Facts of Life, a soothing adult figure giving me words of wisdom. #Quote by Rob Sheffield
Soothing quotes by John Piper
#194. The charge of blasphemy is loaded. The point is to pack a wallop behind the charge that in our worship services God simply doesn't come through for who he is. He is unwittingly belittled. For those who are stunned by the indescribable magnitude of what God has made, not to mention the infinite greatness of the One who made it, the steady diet on Sunday morning of practical how-to's and psychological soothing and relational therapy and tactical planning seem dramatically out of touch with Reality - the God of overwhelming greatness. #Quote by John Piper
Soothing quotes by George MacDonald
#195. One day it had rained before sunrise, and a soft spring wind had been blowing ever since, a soothing and persuading wind, that seemed to draw out the buds from the secret places of the dry twigs, and whisper to the roots of the rose-trees that their flowers would be wanted by and by. #Quote by George MacDonald
Soothing quotes by Jerry Pinto
#196. Took myself to Byculla. The area around the elephants is very soothing. I wish I were an elephant. I would be so composed. #Quote by Jerry Pinto
Soothing quotes by Cari Waites
#197. Daniel." His voice is soothing. "It's okay. You're okay. Remember we talked about the chair. We talked about the things that would happen here. The chair trains you to take the stuff that frightens you. Sounding is perfectly safe, I promise."

Says the man without the metal rod up his cock. #Quote by Cari Waites
Soothing quotes by Tony Wilson
#198. soothing seemed to work and soon the grunts petered away in to the rhythmic rasping of animal slumber. To keep the camel calm, he removed his saddle and unstrapped the heavy bag from its back, and took out his robe. In #Quote by Tony Wilson
Soothing quotes by Daniel Woodrell
#199. Ree needed often to inject herself with pleasant sounds, stab those sounds past the constant screeching, squalling hubbub regular life raised inside her spirit, poke the soothing sounds past that racket and down deep where her jittering soul paced on a stone slab in a gray room, agitated and endlessly provoked but yearning to hear something that might bring a moment's rest. #Quote by Daniel Woodrell
Soothing quotes by Rachel Hartman
#200. For a moment Tess imagined she didn't exist. It was surprisingly soothing. #Quote by Rachel Hartman

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