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Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Neal Stephenson
#1. When the Bolide Fragmentation Rate shot up through a certain level on Day 701, marking the formal beginning of the White Sky, a number of cultural organizations launched programs that they had been planning since around the time of the Crater Lake announcement. Many of these were broadcast on shortwave radio, and so Ivy had her pick of programs from Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Tiananmen Square, the Potala Palace, the Great Pyramids, the Wailing Wall.

After sampling all of them she locked her radio dial on Notre Dame, where they were holding the Vigil for the End of the World and would continue doing so until the cathedral fell down in ruins upon the performers' heads and extinguished all life in the remains of the building. She couldn't watch it, since video bandwidth was scarce, but she could imagine it well: the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, its ranks swollen by the most prestigious musicians of the Francophone world, all dressed in white tie and tails, ball gowns and tiaras, performing in shifts around the clock, playing a few secular classics but emphasizing the sacred repertoire: masses and requiems. The music was marred by the occasional thud, which she took to be the sonic booms of incoming bolides. In most cases the musicians played right through. Sometimes a singer would skip a beat. An especially big boom produced screams and howls of dismay from the audience, blended with the clank an #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Graham Greene
#2. For a moment he came near to sharing their incredible belief - it would do no harm to mutter a prayer of thanks to the God of his childhood, the God of the Common and the castle, that no ill had yet come to Sarah's child. Then a sonic boom scattered the words of the hymn and shook the old glass of the west window and rattled the crusader's helmet which hung on a pillar, and he was reminded again of the grown-up world. He went quickly out and bought the Sunday papers. The Sunday Express had a headline on the front page - Child's Body Found in Wood. #Quote by Graham Greene
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Neal Shusterman
#3. You ... you lost your faith?"
"No ... just my convictions. I still very much believe in God- just not a god who condones human tithing."
Lev begins to feel himself choking up with an unexpected flood of feeling, all the emotions that had been building up throughout their talk- throughout the weeks- arriving all at once like a sonic boom.
"I never knew there was a choice. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Tom DeLonge
#4. 'Love' has that Kubrick tonality to it, but this is not a Stanley Kubrick movie - there will never be another. At the same time, 'Love' has a modern feel. For example: In one scene, these astronauts go through a wormhole sequence, and you feel like you're being slapped around inside your head by a sonic boom. #Quote by Tom DeLonge
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by John D. Barrow
#5. If water is bombarded with intense sound waves, under the right conditions, then air bubbles can form which quickly contract and then suddenly disappear in a flash of light. The conventional explanation of what is being seen here is that a shock wave, a little sonic boom, is created inside the bubble, which dumps its energy, causing the interior to be quickly heated to flash point. But a more dramatic possibility, first suggested by the Nobel prize-winner Julian Schwinger, has been entertained. Suppose the surface of the bubble is acting like a Casimir plate so that, as the bubble shrinks, it excludes more and more wavelengths of the zero point fluctuations from existing within it. They can't simply disappear into nothing; energy must be conserved, so they deposit their energy into light. At present, experimenters are still unconvinced that this is what is really happening, but it is remarkable that so fundamental a question about a highly visible phenomena is still unresolved. #Quote by John D. Barrow
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#6. God can give a straight blow with a crooked stick. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jeff Buckley
#7. Sensitivity isn't being wimpy. It's about being so painfully aware that a flea landing on a dog is like a sonic boom. #Quote by Jeff Buckley
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Nathaniel Kahn
#8. There are a lot of bad films out there. There's a lot of bad architecture out there, and I think sometimes it takes a lot of time to begin to see what's really good. And I think what the test seems to be is, what really sticks with you. And what really becomes a part of your life. #Quote by Nathaniel Kahn
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#9. Trust me, I did not set out to establish three pen names and, for the record, I do not recommend it as a career strategy. The idea back at the start was that I would stick with the name that proved most successful. #Quote by Jayne Ann Krentz
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by April Genevieve Tucholke
#10. River looked out the kitchen window, at the purple-black sky and the purple-black sea. "I've been having nightmares since I turned fourteen. Always. But then I took a nap with you a few days ago, and, all of a sudden, they're gone. I leave for a day, and 'boom', they come back, just like that." He paused. "You know what this means, don't you?"
I shook my head.
"It means that you're just going to have to sleep next to me, for the rest of my life. #Quote by April Genevieve Tucholke
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
#11. While they go get the others, I figure out the details. The system I've set up is intended to process' matches. It does this by moving a quantity of match sticks out of their box, and through each of the bowls in succession. The dice determine how many matches can be moved from one bowl to the next. The dice represent the capacity of each resource, each bowl; the set of bowls are my dependent events, my stages of production. Each has exactly the same capacity as the others, but its actual yield will fluctuate somewhat. #Quote by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Donald Miller
#12. We don't think of our flaws as the glue that binds us to the people we love, but they are. Grace only sticks to your imperfections. #Quote by Donald Miller
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#13. We are not a postwar generation, but a pre-peace generation. Jesus is coming. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Lynn Anderson
#14. Be true to yourself. Establish your own style and stick to it. #Quote by Lynn Anderson
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Ashley Poston
#15. We might all be different - we may ship different things or be in different fandoms - but if I learned anything from twenty-three days in a too-blue uniform playing a character I thought I could never be, it's that when we become those characters, pieces of ourselves light up like glow sticks in the night. They shine. We shine. Together. And even when some of us fall to different universes, those lights never go out. #Quote by Ashley Poston
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Bo Demont
#16. If all you have to fight with is sticks and stones,
then that's what you fight with. #Quote by Bo Demont
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Nicki Minaj
#17. Boy you got my heartbeat running away, beating like a drum and it's coming your way..can't you hear that boom, badoom,boom,boom, badoom, boom, bass, he got that super bass..
-(right eyebrow raised)-
>>>>> #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Alice Miller
#18. Genuine feelings cannot be produced, nor can they be eradicated. We can only repress them, delude ourselves, and deceive our bodies. The body sticks to the facts. #Quote by Alice Miller
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Ben Webster
#19. If you try all different styles that are in vogue, I think you con yourself. Me, I just stick by my guns; I don't want to play out of another man's bag. #Quote by Ben Webster
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Voltaire
#20. FANATICISM is, to superstition, what delirium is to fever, and fury to anger : he who has ecstasies and visions, who takes dreams for realities, and imaginations for prophecies, is an enthusiast ; and he, who sticks not at supporting his folly by murder, is a fanatic. #Quote by Voltaire
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jenna Ushkowitz
#21. I always say leave things at the door. Whether it's at your audition or at your house, leave the problems of the day away. Keep persevering, stick to yourself. Don't do what other people ask, do what you want! #Quote by Jenna Ushkowitz
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Frank Zappa
#22. The language and concepts contained herein are guaranteed not to cause eternal torment in the place where the guy with the horns and pointed stick conducts his business #Quote by Frank Zappa
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jean Craighead George
#23. I must say this now about that first fire. It was magic. Out of dead tinder and grass and sticks came a live warm light. It cracked and snapped and smoked and filled the woods with brightness. It lighted the trees and made them warm and friendly. It stood tall and bright and held back the night. #Quote by Jean Craighead George
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Barbra Annino
#24. The timer dinged a few minutes later and Cinnamon sucked in her breath.
"You want me to check?" I asked.
"I'll do it."
I stood up and followed her into the bathroom.
Cinnamon gasped and said,"They're both positive!"
"What?" I grabbed the sticks from her hand and read them. I glared at her.
She chuckled. "You should have seen your face. #Quote by Barbra Annino
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Erin Bow
#25. Plain Kate, Kate the Carver
No one's friend and no one's daughter
Little Kate might meet her fate
Whittling sticks till it's too late #Quote by Erin Bow
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Albert Einstein
#26. God has given me a mule-like stubbornness to stick with a difficult problem and the intuitive powers to conceptualize complex hypothetical situations in my mind. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Kate Quinn
#27. Oh, pfft. I manage. With any paper one sticks under their nose and plenty of self-possession, one can get through, Especially a woman. Sometimes I take an armload of parcels and bags and drop every single one as I try to find my identity cards, chatting all the while, and they wave me through out of sheer irritation.'
Lili exhaled a long steam of smoke. 'To tell the truth, much of this special work we do is quite boring. I think that's why women are good as it. Our lives are already boring. We jump an Uncle Edward's offer because we can't stand the thought of working in a file room anymore, or teaching a class full of runny-nosed children their letters. Then we discover this job is deadly dull as well, but at least there's the enlivening thought that someone might put a Luger to the back of our necks. It's still better than shooting ourselves, which we know we're going to do if we have to type one more letter or pound one more Latin verb into a child's ivory skull. #Quote by Kate Quinn
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Eric Weiner
#28. Some cultures, for instance, are collectivist; others are individualistic. Collectivist cultures, like Japan and other Confucian nations, value social harmony more than any one person's happiness. Individualistic cultures, like the United States, value personal satisfaction more than communal harmony. That's why the Japanese have a well-known expression: "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down." In America, the nail that sticks out gets a promotion or a shot at American Idol. We are a nation of protruding nails. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Thom Yorke
#29. Generally speaking, if people are prepared to stick their heads above the power pit, like Zinn says, and absorb what's going on around them, it makes them think. #Quote by Thom Yorke
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Martin Goldsmith
#30. That's life. Whichever way you turn, fate sticks out a foot to trip you. #Quote by Martin Goldsmith
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jane Stanton Hitchcock
#31. We've all done things we wish we hadn't, made choices we didn't even know were choices at that time. but that doesn't mean we have to stick by them. In life, you find out who you are gradually, not all at once. You made a bad choice, okay? But you can still get out of it. #Quote by Jane Stanton Hitchcock
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by SonReal
#32. I'm just starting to take some more voice lessons but hell no, I'll always stick into the hip-hop genre. #Quote by SonReal
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jill Falter
#33. I hate most bugs. Bugs fall into two categories as far as I'm concerned: Butterflies - which I want to play with, take pictures of them to post on my FB timeline, and smile if I'm lucky enough that they flutter over and land on my arm. They're so cute I'd kiss their little faces. All other insects - which I declare outright war on, spraying them with the kinds of biological/chemical weapons that we thought the Iraqis had, smashing them with sticks, and crushing their multi-legged bodies beneath my sneakers. #Quote by Jill Falter
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Henepola Gunaratana
#34. They have no power over you. It's all a show, a deception. Your urges scream and bluster at you; they cajole; they coax; they threaten; but they really carry no stick at all. You give in out of habit. You give in because you never really bother to look beyond the threat. It is all empty back there. There is only one way to learn this lesson, though. The words on this page won't do it. #Quote by Henepola Gunaratana
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jenny Lawson
#35. A house should look lived in, and I consider it clean as long as I don't stick to it and it doesn't give me cholera. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by LIZ
#36. I already have a drink. Do you think he'd buy me mozzarella sticks? #Quote by LIZ
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jack Kerouac
#37. Hell man, I know very well you didn't come to me only to want to become a writer, and after all what do I really know about it except that you've got to stick to it with the energy of a benny addict. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Sonakshi Sinha
#38. Be comfortable; be you. What's most important is to understand what suits your body type and personality. Stick to that, and you can't go wrong! #Quote by Sonakshi Sinha
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
#39. Something of calumny always sticks. #Quote by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Donald Trump
#40. [I'm planning]for starters, build a permanent border wall between the US and Mexico that Mexico "must pay for". The plan proposes various sticks to force Mexico to cooperate, such as impounding all remittance payments to Mexico from illegal wages earned in the US. #Quote by Donald Trump
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by James Dashner
#41. A loud boom exploded the air, making Thomas jump. It was followed by a horrible crunching, grinding sound. He stumbled backward, fell to the ground. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it for himself. The enormous stone wall to the right of them seemed to defy every known law of physics as it slid along the ground, throwing sparks and dust as it moved, rock against rock. The crunching sound rattled his bones. He looked around at the other openings. On all four sides of the Glade, the right walls were moving toward the left, closing the gap of the Doors.
Then one final boom rumbled across the Glade as all four Doors sealed shut for the night. #Quote by James Dashner
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Lawrence Wright
#42. The baby boom eventually prompted Hubbard to order that no one could get pregnant without his permission; according to several Sea Org members, any woman disobeying his command would be "off-loaded" to another Scientology organization or flown to New York for an abortion. #Quote by Lawrence Wright
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Douglas Alexander
#43. There are genuine questions to be asked about why we now have the highest level of employment in many decades, contrary to the position during the boom-bust years of the Conservatives. #Quote by Douglas Alexander
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Dominic Smith
#44. The sonic world of the foyer and vestibule comes at him distorted and from a distance, as if someone's moving furniture underwater. #Quote by Dominic Smith
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Jay McLean
#45. I look down at the woman on her knees in front of me - her eyes wide and filled with lust. She sticks out her tongue and starts licking my cock like she's a cat, and my dick is her paw. Lick lick lick. #Quote by Jay McLean
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Dave Barry
#46. If you're like most members of the Baby Boom generation, you decided somewhere along the line, probably after about four margaritas, to have children. This was inevitable. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has instilled within each of us a powerful biological instinct to reproduce; this is her way of assuring that the human race, come what may, will never have any disposable income. #Quote by Dave Barry
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#47. Let every one ascertain his special business and calling, and then stick to it if he wants to be successful. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Sonic Boom Sticks quotes by Adrien Brody
#48. I try to pace myself and not work for the sake of working and stick to what inspired me prior to receiving recognition. #Quote by Adrien Brody

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