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Softball quotes by Lisa Fernandez
#1. One pitch can be the difference between a win and a loss, an error could be the difference. #Quote by Lisa Fernandez
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#2. I loved being on the field playing and teaching softball. I didn't like the fact that a camp had my name on it and I didn't know the logistics of what was going on. I wanted to make sure I was involved in a camp that did things right. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Eric Schlosser
#3. Today the U.S. government can demand the nation-wide recall of defective softball bats, sneakers, stuffed animals, and foam-rubber toy cows. But it cannot order a meatpacking company to remove contaminated, potentially lethal ground beef from fast food kitchens and supermarket shelves. #Quote by Eric Schlosser
Softball quotes by Debi Thomas
#4. My advice is that going to the Olympics and winning a gold medal are great goals, but the real goal should be to be the best that you can be. #Quote by Debi Thomas
Softball quotes by Linda Sanchez
#5. I've used my experience from playing sports in almost every aspect of my life. Playing soccer is where I found my voice, and playing softball was where I learned precision, and in every game I learned to play as a member of a team - to work not for my own glory, but for a shared goal. #Quote by Linda Sanchez
Softball quotes by George Vecsey
#6. Baseball outfits went through their gaudy period during the disco '70's, when the White Sox looked like softball players and the Athletics looked like 'Saturday Night Fever' personified. #Quote by George Vecsey
Softball quotes by Benjamin Carson
#7. Everybody has barriers and obstacles. If you look at them as containing fences that don't allow you to advance, then you're going to be a failure. If you look at them as hurdles that strengthen you each time you go over one, then you're going to be a success. #Quote by Benjamin Carson
Softball quotes by Alan Jackson
#8. Growing up in Georgia, I used to think people up north or out west were so different. They're really not. They're just regular people who live in small towns. They grow up and try to raise families and have a job and go to church and play softball. It's that way everywhere. #Quote by Alan Jackson
Softball quotes by Bill Bellamy
#9. Oh my god, Jenny McCarthy is the coolest chick. She's the kind of girl you can play volleyball with and she's diggin' it out in the dirt. She's the girl that's playing softball - not worrying about breaking a nail. She's out there breaking nails and diving at second. And then, she's going to out-drink you at the bar. #Quote by Bill Bellamy
Softball quotes by Tim McGraw
#10. I coach my daughter's softball and basketball team. We go to all the school functions. We go out to eat at night and take the kids to the movies. We try to be as normal as we can. #Quote by Tim McGraw
Softball quotes by Zak Kustok
#11. If you don't think like a winner, you're not going to be a winner. #Quote by Zak Kustok
Softball quotes by Katie Hafner
#12. Suddenly life was good, even glamorous. We were poor but didn't know it, or maybe we did know, but we didn't care, because my mother had stopped disappearing into her bedroom. Our apartment building was surrounded by empty lots, which were all that separated us from the ocean. Within a couple of decades, those stretches of undeveloped land – prime coastline real estate –would be built upon, with upscale apartment complexes and million-dollar houses with ocean views. But in 1967, those barren lots were our magnificent private playground. I had a tomboy streak and recruited neighborhood boys onto an ad hoc softball team. Dieter and my mother installed a tetherball pole, which acted as a magnet for kids in the neighborhood. For the first time in years, we were enjoying what felt like a normal, quasi-suburban existence, with us at the center of everything–the popular kids with the endless playground. #Quote by Katie Hafner
Softball quotes by Mariano Rivera
#13. I get over bad games right away. Sometimes I've let it go even before I've left the mound. That quick. Why? Because it's over. What can you do about it? Nothing. The only thing you can do is fight if you're still in the game. After that you can do nothing. #Quote by Mariano Rivera
Softball quotes by Beverly Johnson
#14. Rocks make no compromise for sex ... rock climbing is not like some sports, where it is made easier for women; or sports like, say, softball, which is only baseball for soft people. On a rock, everything is equal. #Quote by Beverly Johnson
Softball quotes by Caitlin Lowe
#15. I think that certain players are going to approach the game differently. I am more of a quiet person. I like to have more of a focused energy and internal energy whereas some people need to be bouncing off the walls to be ready for the game. #Quote by Caitlin Lowe
Softball quotes by Sue Enquist
#16. What I love about the game is that the game doesn't know who is supposed to win. #Quote by Sue Enquist
Softball quotes by Danny Villanueva
#17. Success shouldn't be measured by how much you have but by how much you give back. #Quote by Danny Villanueva
Softball quotes by Marion Jones
#18. I train harder than anyone else in the world. Last year I was supposed to take a month off and I took three days off because I was afraid somebody out there was training harder. That's the feeling I go through every day - Am I not doing what somebody else is doing? Is someone out there training harder than I am? I can't live with myself if someone is. #Quote by Marion Jones
Softball quotes by James Madison
#19. I love the summer ... the warm weather, hangin out with friends, and swimmin in the warm water ... but most importantly grabin a glove and a ball and playin some softball in the heat. #Quote by James Madison
Softball quotes by Theo Ratliff
#20. My mom would never let us quit. She always taught us the importance of sticking with it, even when times are tough. We didn't just hear her, we watched her. I know what to do because she led the way. She showed us that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish the world. No matter where you're from and what you're up against. #Quote by Theo Ratliff
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#21. When I was 12, I had a coach tell me I would never be a championship pitcher. That devastated me. I was crushed. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Arnold Bennett
#22. It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top. #Quote by Arnold Bennett
Softball quotes by Les Brown
#23. Perfection does not exist
you can always do better and you can always grow. #Quote by Les Brown
Softball quotes by Nolan Ryan
#24. Maintaining concentration depends on what I call tunnel vision; nothing else in the world exists but the catcher's target, the hitter and my perfect delivery. #Quote by Nolan Ryan
Softball quotes by Sylvain Neuvel
#25. Hey! Can you hear me? I'm talking to the American asshole who just told my daughter she was going to die. She says you put something inside her head, some sort of explosive. If that's true, you better hope that thing doesn't go off because if it does, you might as well kill yourself. I know what you're thinking. There's a good chance Moscow will do the same thing and kill me. There's always a possibility the Chinese or Koreans will kill me, but I wouldn't bet on that. You see, I'm not the easiest person to be with. I can be a bit of a dick sometimes, just ask my daughter. My point is if people keep me around, it's not because of my charming personality, it's because I have legs that bend the wrong way, and that's kind of useful if you also happen to have Themis. So on the off chance that I make it through this, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I don't give a shit who this robot belongs to an hour from now. I will fucking kill you. I will mow down whatever place you work at and the house you live in. I will kill everyone you've ever known, your high-school teacher, people you play softball with. I will march down Washington Avenue and turn DC into a fucking sandbox. I will end you and everything you hold dear. There. Will. Be. No United States when I'm done with you, and there is nothing, not a goddamn thing, you can do to stop me. Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME, MOTHERFUCKER? ANSWER ME! #Quote by Sylvain Neuvel
Softball quotes by Angela Ruggiero
#26. That's the awesome part. Little girls now have a chance to look up and see women playing soccer, basketball, softball and now hockey - and know they can win a gold medal, too. #Quote by Angela Ruggiero
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#27. It's a game of failure [softball]. Everybody would play, that was easy and everyone's not playing because it is so tough. But it's a matter of keep plugging away, keep working hard, believing in yourself and it is a team sport and there is nothing better than being out there, having a ball in your hand, playing the game that you love and ultimately that's what it comes down is having fun and enjoying it. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Laurie Faria Stolarz
#28. Stalking the girls' softball team again? #Quote by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Softball quotes by Al Oerter
#29. Competition in its best form is a test of self. It has nothing to do with medals. The winner is the person who gets the most out of themselves. #Quote by Al Oerter
Softball quotes by Gabrielle Union
#30. I played sports year around: basketball, soccer, softball and I ran track year around, from the time I was, like, six, seven. #Quote by Gabrielle Union
Softball quotes by W.P. Kinsella
#31. Someone once described the pitching of a no-hit game as like catching lighting in a bottle. #Quote by W.P. Kinsella
Softball quotes by Lawrence O'Donnell
#32. Donald Trump did his usual softball interview on "Fox News" where the interviewer agreed with Trump that using that Yiddish vulgarity is going to be OK for him. #Quote by Lawrence O'Donnell
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#33. My family vacations were softball tournaments. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Franklin Veaux
#34. Some poly lesbians find it especially difficult to come out in their communities, because lesbian couples have fought so hard to gain social recognition that they are wary of anything that seems to risk undermining that recognition. The small size of such communities can make it difficult for some gays and lesbians to have the same freedom of choice and expectations of privacy that cisgender, heterosexual people enjoy. ("Anyone can know except my softball team!" is something we've heard more than once - really! - and on opposite sides of North America.) We've also heard from trans people who have been told that polyamory "de-legitimizes" them by preventing them from finding "true" intimacy. Franklin has heard people say polyamory is something that trans people settle for when they can't find "real" relationships of their own. #Quote by Franklin Veaux
Softball quotes by Larry Bird
#35. My coach told me, "Larry, no matter how much you work at it, there's always someone out there who's working just a little harder - if you take 150 practice shots, he's taking 200." And that drove me. #Quote by Larry Bird
Softball quotes by Sven-Goran Eriksson
#36. The only real failure in life is the failure to try. #Quote by Sven-Goran Eriksson
Softball quotes by Dot Richardson
#37. A true champion is someone who wants to make a difference, who never gives up, and who gives everything she has no matter what the circumstances are. A true champion works hard and never loses sight of her dreams. #Quote by Dot Richardson
Softball quotes by Mike Candrea
#38. It's not the most conducive weather to play softball in, but you've got to come out and play it. #Quote by Mike Candrea
Softball quotes by Yvonne Zipter
#39. Anyone who says that softball is a boring game to watch isn't looking at the right things. #Quote by Yvonne Zipter
Softball quotes by Jack Nicklaus
#40. I don't think you ever will yourself to win. I think you prepare yourself the best you can, get yourself in the best mindset you can get in, and go after it. #Quote by Jack Nicklaus
Softball quotes by David B. Givens
#41. Yo-yo (Tagalog for "come back") evolved from a Philippine hunting tool made from a softball-size stone tied to a length of plant vine or a leather thong which enabled throwers to retrieve the weapon with a simple flick of the wrist (Hoffman 1996). The modern yo-yo thus has a great deal of physics, prehistory, and hunting lore encoded in its maple, beech, or plastic form (see below, Neuro-notes III). #Quote by David B. Givens
Softball quotes by Satchel Paige
#42. I never threw an illegal pitch. The trouble is, once in a while I toss one that ain't never been seen by this generation. #Quote by Satchel Paige
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#43. I could have never dreamed what an amazing ride this has been. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Nolan Ryan
#44. A successful pitcher keeps the leadoff hitter from reaching first base and puts the first pitch over for a strike - the two most important rules of pitching. #Quote by Nolan Ryan
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#45. To some Softball is a game; to others it's Life. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Gabrielle Reece
#46. The key is that I control my life; my life doesn't control me. #Quote by Gabrielle Reece
Softball quotes by Elana Meyers
#47. [At nine years old] I didn't really know what that meant at the time. I thought it might be in a warm summer sport like softball, but I played a variety of sports growing up - basketball, soccer and track. I really didn't care. I just wanted to be an Olympian. #Quote by Elana Meyers
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#48. Growing up, I watched softball and U.S.A .softball, and that was my goal of being able to represent my country and wear the red, white, and blue out there, and I think it is one of the highest honors to be able to go out there and compete for your country, and it was something so very special, and it was everything I dreamt of and more. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Cat Osterman
#49. It's always about wanting to one-up myself from the day before. There's never an absolute 100% perfect performance, but going out and striving for that perfect performance is what keeps me going. #Quote by Cat Osterman
Softball quotes by Jamie Moyer
#50. Your body is not made to throw like we throw. That's why you see softball pitchers pitching two or three games a day. It's a natural movement in softball. In baseball it's not a natural movement. #Quote by Jamie Moyer
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#51. I was honored to wear 'Arizona' across my chest. I am extremely blessed to have my education completely paid for and take part in the great tradition of Wildcat softball. To have my jersey number retired was the ultimate compliment. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Terry Bradshaw
#52. Being gifted intellectually is only a small part of the equation of success. Concentrate on the factors you have control over: persistence, self-discipline, confidence. Far more failures are due to lack of will than lack of ability. #Quote by Terry Bradshaw
Softball quotes by Andrea Jaeger
#53. You can never meet everyone's expectations. It's hard enough to meet your own. #Quote by Andrea Jaeger
Softball quotes by James Carville
#54. Republicans now have their own network in Fox, so guys who don't like to answer questions, like Trent Lott, have a place to go to hit softballs. #Quote by James Carville
Softball quotes by Jack Nicklaus
#55. The one strongest, most important part of my game is that I want to be the best. I won't accept anything less that that. My ability to concentrate and work toward hat goal has been my greatest asset. #Quote by Jack Nicklaus
Softball quotes by Charlaine Harris
#56. I'm a middle-class former housewife who goes to my daughter's softball games. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Softball quotes by Bob Beamon
#57. If my dreams can happen to me, your dreams can happen to you. Champions are not made on the track or field; champions are made by the things you accomplish and the way you use your abilities in everyday life situations. #Quote by Bob Beamon
Softball quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#58. The tests of life are not to break you but to make you. #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Softball quotes by Nora Ephron
#59. Everybody I know who goes out and plays a little softball, they break their leg. #Quote by Nora Ephron
Softball quotes by Robin Black
#60. Thought: maybe this is what a mother feels like at times. When she can't help one of her children. When she has to just stand by and watch her daughter strike out on the softball field, watch her son fail at math despite whatever effort he may put in. This ache. This defining double bind of roaring, passionate protectiveness and its equal, weighty, leaden uselessness. And even the impatience with it all; and then the guilt about feeling impatient, about finding it a bit oppressive despite the immeasurable love. Maybe this is what mothering sometimes feels like, I thought. #Quote by Robin Black
Softball quotes by Bill Bradley
#61. The point of the game is not how well the individual does, but whether the team wins. That's the beautiful heart of the game, the blending of personalities, the mutual sacrifices for the group success. #Quote by Bill Bradley
Softball quotes by Liana Liberato
#62. I tried softball and soccer. I just didn't take as much of a liking to it as I did sitting in a movie theater and watching people recreate a story, and doing it myself, as well. #Quote by Liana Liberato
Softball quotes by Mike Candrea
#63. I will never sacrifice my morals and ethics for anyone or any win. #Quote by Mike Candrea
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#64. Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others. Discover your gifts and let them shine! Softball is amazing that way as a sport. Everyone on the field has a slightly different ability that makes them perfect for their position. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#65. I still think there are some pitches in this pitching arm, so I will continue playing with USA Softball, but knowing that this could be the last time a softball player stands on the Olympic podium and has the opportunity of experiencing this - it was emotional. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Alex Shaffer
#66. People don't win because they're physically stronger. It's because they're stronger between the ears. #Quote by Alex Shaffer
Softball quotes by Trevor Hoffman
#67. Confidence is everything. If you start second guessing yourself, you're bound to run into more bad outings #Quote by Trevor Hoffman
Softball quotes by Vince Lombardi
#68. If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Softball quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#69. Dennis's superior mental health was obvious from the first date, like a cleft palate. The other thing about him was that he had shapely, muscular legs. His calves were so sculpted they looked artificial, like silicone implants. This is a look I'm fond of. In fact, if I had been born a girl there is no doubt in my mind that my chest cavity would have been stuffed with two softball-sized orbs of silicone before my eleventh birthday. In this way my own mental health is somewhat like a cleft palate. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Softball quotes by Nancy Lopez
#70. I never taught my girls to play golf; they all played softball. #Quote by Nancy Lopez
Softball quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#71. I believe in the philosophy of staying hungry. If you have a dream and it becomes a reality, don't stay satisfied too long. Make up a new dream and hunt after that one and turn it into a reality. #Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Softball quotes by Frank Shorter
#72. A good athlete always mentally replays a competition over and over, even in victory, to see what might be done to improve the performance the next time. #Quote by Frank Shorter
Softball quotes by Muhammad Ali
#73. You could be the world's best garbage man, the world's best model; it don't matter what you do if you're the best. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Softball quotes by Maggie Lawson
#74. I played softball for a few years growing up. Both my brothers played baseball. #Quote by Maggie Lawson
Softball quotes by Jay Leno
#75. The White House softball team played the pro-marijuana lobbyists' team and lost 25-3. Still no word yet on which side President Obama played for. #Quote by Jay Leno
Softball quotes by Robert Falcon Scott
#76. Winners are born, Champions are made. #Quote by Robert Falcon Scott
Softball quotes by Mindy Kaling
#77. I don't want to hear about the endless struggles to keep sex exciting, or the work it takes to plan a date night. I want to hear that you guys watch every episode of The Bachelorette together in secret shame, or that one got the other hooked on Breaking Bad and if either watches it without the other, they're dead meat. I want to see you guys high-five each other like teammates on a recreational softball team you both do for fun. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Softball quotes by Jenny Han
#78. Dear John Ambrose McClaren,

I know the exact day it all started. Fall, eighth grade. We got caught in the rain when we had to put all the softball bats away after gym. We started to run back to the building, and I couldn't run as fast as you, so you stopped and grabbed my bag too. It was even better than if you'd grabbed my hand. I still remember the way you looked--your T-shirt was stuck to your back, your hair wet like you just came out of the shower. When it started to pour, you whooped and hollered like a little kid. There was this moment--you looked back at me, and your grin was as wide as your face. You said, "Come on, LJ!"

It was right then. That's when I knew, all the way down to my soaking-wet Keds. I love you, John Ambrose McClaren. I really love you. I might have loved you for all of high school. I think you might have loved me back. If only you weren't moving away, John! It's so unfair when people move away. It's like their parents just decide something and no one else gets a say in it. Not that I even deserve a say--I'm not your girlfriend or anything. But you at least deserve a say.

I was really hoping that one day I would get to call you Johnny. Your mom came to get you after school once, and a bunch of us were hanging out on the front steps. And you didn't see her car, so she honked and called out, "Johnny!" I loved the sound of that. Johnny. One day, I bet your girlfriend will call you Johnny. She's really lucky. Maybe you alr #Quote by Jenny Han
Softball quotes by Adam Graham
#79. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. He didn't have time to fight an evil symbiot. He had a softball tournament on Sunday. #Quote by Adam Graham
Softball quotes by George Whitefield
#80. Let us, therefore, not be weary of well-doing; for we shall reap an eternal harvest of comfort, if we faint not. #Quote by George Whitefield
Softball quotes by Jimmy Connors
#81. I hate to lose more than I like to win. I hate to see the happiness on their faces when they beat me! #Quote by Jimmy Connors
Softball quotes by Herman Cain
#82. Nobody motivates today's workers. If it doesn't come from within, it doesn't come. Fun helps remove the barriers that allow people to motivate themselves. #Quote by Herman Cain
Softball quotes by Libbie Hickman
#83. As soon as you start focusing on the negative you're dead. #Quote by Libbie Hickman
Softball quotes by Elana Meyers
#84. I played softball at George Washington University and then I played professionally for the Mid-Michigan Ice. I had a couple of tryouts with the US Olympic Team but I don't know if I have a word to describe how bad one of the tryouts was. It was the worst tryout in the history of tryouts. It was that bad. So I totally bombed it and thought my chances of being an Olympian were over. #Quote by Elana Meyers
Softball quotes by Sonny Bono
#85. Put your ego aside and play as a team. #Quote by Sonny Bono
Softball quotes by Jordin Sparks
#86. I played softball and basketball growing up. I really wanted to play football but both parents said no. I was mad for a second, then got over it. Now, just because I'm tall doesn't mean I can play basketball. I was waaaaay better at swinging a bat. #Quote by Jordin Sparks
Softball quotes by Dawn Staley
#87. A lot of people notice when you succeed, but they don't see what it takes to get there. #Quote by Dawn Staley
Softball quotes by Shannon MacMillan
#88. You have to dream big and go for it. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and ignore those who try to bring you down. Never give up, no matter what - overcoming obstacles makes you stronger! #Quote by Shannon MacMillan
Softball quotes by Johnny Bench
#89. A catcher and his body are like the outlaw and his horse. He's got to ride that nag till it drops. #Quote by Johnny Bench
Softball quotes by Frank Minis Johnson
#90. Most of our girls are accustomed to playing several games in a short time frame. As a coach and as a team, you want to play games. Plus, you might see a different brand of softball than you are accustomed to playing, and that can be beneficial as well. #Quote by Frank Minis Johnson
Softball quotes by Lisa Fernandez
#91. [T]he game's got to be played on the field, and that's the one day that's got to be the most important day. #Quote by Lisa Fernandez
Softball quotes by Johnny Rutherford
#92. Success is doing what it takes in spite of one's fear. #Quote by Johnny Rutherford
Softball quotes by Jasmine Tookes
#93. I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I was very athletic, playing volleyball and softball. I did gymnastics for about ten years, too. #Quote by Jasmine Tookes
Softball quotes by Nancy Boutilier
#94. Sapphic Chords

On what marble stones would you scratch your love today?
Spray it on brick walls, rap it in pool halls,
hang it on the clothes line with you lingerie?
Oh, Sappho!

Would you swing a softball bat, wear lipstick, ride a Harley?
What novels would you pen, what political party?
Is that really tenderness in your final line, or do words hang for what you
couldn't say?

What remnants you left behind, too little but enough
for us to know the luxury of your lust.
Your heat, your wisdom, your passion - all left in fragmented trust.
Oh, Sappho! #Quote by Nancy Boutilier
Softball quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#95. Baseball is played by all countries now, and softball, too. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Softball quotes by Ana Blaze
#96. Yeah, you were in my gym class. Didn't you get hit in the face with a tennis ball one time?"
Kiley had long ago accepted that, despite the lack of any reasonable scientific explanation, her face clearly attracted sporting equipment. She'd absolutely gotten hit with a tennis ball, as well as a volleyball, a softball, and a Frisbee. Once she'd even managed to get wacked in the nose with a broom while they'd attempted to play a grounded version of Quidditch. "Yup, that was me. #Quote by Ana Blaze
Softball quotes by Aimee Mullins
#97. Success isn't winning every time. A lot of different factors go into every race, and you can't control all of them. Success means doing as excellent a job as you can on that particular day. The people I admire most aren't necessarily the most wonderful athletes. I admire the ones who keep coming back and doing it, time after time. #Quote by Aimee Mullins
Softball quotes by Greg Norman
#98. You expect success, you respect failure. #Quote by Greg Norman
Softball quotes by Yvette Girouard
#99. Softball is an easy sport to fall in love because our game is fast paced and action packed. #Quote by Yvette Girouard
Softball quotes by Vince Lombardi
#100. Regardless of what you do put in, every game boils down to doing the things you do best and doing them over and over again. #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Softball quotes by Joe Morgan
#101. To be a star and stay a star, I think you've got to have a certain air of arrogance about you, a cockiness, a swagger on the field that says, "I can do this and you can't stop me." I know that I play baseball with this air of arrogance, but I think it's lacking in a lot of guys who could have the potential to be stars. #Quote by Joe Morgan
Softball quotes by Laura Berg
#102. We go out and work hard. We play this game with emotion and love. Coach always says 'Emotionally, physically, mentally - come to the field prepared.' Because if you don't bring that to the field, you're going to get beat. #Quote by Laura Berg
Softball quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#103. Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Softball quotes by Bonnie Blair
#104. Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before. #Quote by Bonnie Blair
Softball quotes by Paula Creamer
#105. When I first started playing golf, I was heavily into softball and basketball. #Quote by Paula Creamer
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#106. I just feel like it gets harder and harder every year with Ace getting older and time away from my husband and even family events such as birthdays and friends' weddings and things that I've always just missed out on because of softball. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Chelsea Handler
#107. It's hard on an all-gay softball team because no one knows if they want to be a pitcher or a catcher. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Softball quotes by Sheila Cornell-Douty
#108. One of the most awesome things about sports, particularly team sports, is that everything you need to do to be successful on the playing field carries over directly into life. In a team sport you have to learn how to work together, to set goals, and then work toward those goals in a productive way. You learn to be responsible and you learn how to not only depend on others, but also be independent so you can support others. #Quote by Sheila Cornell-Douty
Softball quotes by Joseph Sugarman
#109. View every problem as an opportunity ... #Quote by Joseph Sugarman
Softball quotes by Chris Evert
#110. Single-mindedness. I hate to say it because I don't think it's the best thing for developing a person, but the single-mindedness - just concentrating in the one area - that's what it takes to be a champion. #Quote by Chris Evert
Softball quotes by Joan Benoit
#111. You can't depend on other people, you have to run your own race. #Quote by Joan Benoit
Softball quotes by Thomas Lewis
#112. Being well regulated in relatedness is the deeply gratifying state that people seek ceaselessly in romance, religions, and cults; in husbands and wives, pets, softball teams, bowling leagues, and a thousand other features of human life driven by the thirst for sustaining affiliations. (157) #Quote by Thomas Lewis
Softball quotes by Mike Piazza
#113. A pitcher never gets me out. I get myself out. That's no disrespect to the pitcher, but there should be no excuse for failure. You can't have an excuse to fail. #Quote by Mike Piazza
Softball quotes by Beth Riesgraf
#114. I played tennis and softball, and we had horses, growing up. #Quote by Beth Riesgraf
Softball quotes by Jim Courier
#115. You have to be extreme to be exceptional. I couldn't revel in being number one. I had to get to zero. When my fitness was at its peak, I was intimidating. I made guys cave in. They'd be dejected in the locker room after matches, and I'd go out for a run, as if it wasn't enough. I'd rub it in their faces. I meant to do that. #Quote by Jim Courier
Softball quotes by Lee Majors
#116. Clint Eastwood's a good friend, too - he and I used to play in softball games together. #Quote by Lee Majors
Softball quotes by Gwen Cooper
#117. He had curled himself up into a minature sphere in the farthest corner of the box, a fuzzy softball that would have fit eaisly into the palm of my hand. #Quote by Gwen Cooper
Softball quotes by Tara Sivec
#118. Oh shut your yap. You know the Fosters could care less if you drink while you're on the job. You're like the daughter they never had."

Those eyes. There was something about them that made it impossible for me to look away.

"Liz, the Fosters have a daughter."

"Patty plays softball and can bench press two hundred and fifty pounds. Her dick is probably bigger than this guy's," she said, hooking her thumb towards Drew. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Softball quotes by Brooklyn Decker
#119. I have zero hand-eye coordination - zero - so I've never been good at softball, basketball, golf, things like that, but I'm really strong and I have really good endurance so I can go forever - I'm a tough girl. #Quote by Brooklyn Decker
Softball quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#120. I'm a freaking Trueborn," I said, so tired of lying and what was the point? Her husband knew, and there was another Trueborn out there. Hell, there could be a league of them for all I knew, with their own softball teams. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Softball quotes by Lupe Fiasco
#121. I went from MC to being MS, this microphone controller is the motivational speaker. #Quote by Lupe Fiasco
Softball quotes by Aimee Mullins
#122. Everyone is really afraid of getting out there and not being good. That's the challenge: To be afraid and know people are staring at you and know you might not do all that well, but you do it anyway. What singles out the successful athlete from the ones who never make it past a plateau, it that successful athletes risk failure, even though they are terrified. #Quote by Aimee Mullins
Softball quotes by Edward De Bono
#123. Companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive. #Quote by Edward De Bono
Softball quotes by Shannon Miller
#124. You have to remember that no matter how big your goals or how many you have, there are going to be times when you miss by a little bit. You have to be realistic and flexible. One reason I have so many smaller goals is that even if my big goals don't happen, I've still achieved so much along the way, I don't feel the loss. #Quote by Shannon Miller
Softball quotes by Cassandra Wilson
#125. I know you're supposed to set goals for yourself. I see all that motivational stuff on television. Think about the future, what's next! But I'm all into the journey. It's fascinating to me. So if I make certain what I want moment to moment, I'm cool at the crossroads. #Quote by Cassandra Wilson
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#126. College softball each year reaches new levels of interest. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
#127. When I step into the batter's box, the fans, the noise, the cheers, they all disappear. For that moment, the world is just a battle between me and the pitcher. And more than anything, I want to win. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Softball quotes by Lou Lamoriello
#128. You have people telling you how good you are and all of a sudden, you might start believing it and forget what it takes to be good. #Quote by Lou Lamoriello
Softball quotes by Seth Godin
#129. So the challenge, as you contemplate your next opportunity to be boring or remarkable, is to answer these two questions: (1) "If I get criticized for this, will I suffer any measurable impact? Will I lose my job, get hit upside the head with a softball bat, or lose important friendships?" If the only side effect of the criticism is that you will feel bad about the criticism, then you have to compare that bad feeling with the benefits you'll get from actually doing something worth doing. Being remarkable is exciting, fun, profitable, and great for your career. Feeling bad wears off.
And then, once you've compared the bad feeling and the benefits, and you've sold yourself on taking the remarkable path, answer this one: (2) How can I create something that critics will criticize? #Quote by Seth Godin
Softball quotes by Action Bronson
#130. I'm a championship handball player. I'm a championship softball and baseball player. I used to be an extremely talented center in high school in football. I also dabbled in lacrosse and soccer. I'm really good at billiards, darts, shuffleboard. #Quote by Action Bronson
Softball quotes by Lance Berkman
#131. It is, ... kind of a softball atmosphere out there. #Quote by Lance Berkman
Softball quotes by Lucy Grealy
#132. How could one doubt that the order in which one was picked for the softball team was anything but concurrent with the order in which Life would be handing out favors? #Quote by Lucy Grealy
Softball quotes by Layne Beachley
#133. Have confidence in yourself and don't let people put you down or make you feel weak or worthless, because the more they put you down, the more you need to get back up and prove how wrong they are. #Quote by Layne Beachley
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#134. Although it is disappointing that softball was not reinstated into the Olympics, we are going to continue to keep growing the sport. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Mark Philippoussis
#135. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I only play for myself. #Quote by Mark Philippoussis
Softball quotes by Phil Ehart
#136. We actually had a Kansa band softball team. #Quote by Phil Ehart
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#137. Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball. It is incredible how far women have come and women in sports have come. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Bill Veeck
#138. This is a game to be savored, not gulped. There's time to discuss everything between pitches or between innings. #Quote by Bill Veeck
Softball quotes by Lisa Fernandez
#139. We're prepared, and we've done everything we can to prepare for this moment in time. That's what confidence is all about. #Quote by Lisa Fernandez
Softball quotes by Misty Hyman
#140. A true champion knows how to overcome doubts and manage those doubts and turn them into motivation. #Quote by Misty Hyman
Softball quotes by Rebecca Twigg
#141. You can accomplish so much with a strong will. Just do your best, no matter what. Don't let negative thoughts creep in. Don't talk yourself out of anything. #Quote by Rebecca Twigg
Softball quotes by Harper Bliss
#142. Charlie's soul. It was odd to have this realization in front of a bunch of strangers, her softball team, and under a scorching hot spotlight, but for Ava, Charlie would try. She would #Quote by Harper Bliss
Softball quotes by Thom Yorke
#143. I don't even have children, it's just been an excuse to play jenga and hit softballs in my backyard with a box of laundry detergant wearing baby clothes. #Quote by Thom Yorke
Softball quotes by Kiersten Warren
#144. If you face a worthy opponent acknowledge their skills and show them yours. #Quote by Kiersten Warren
Softball quotes by Tom Seaver
#145. The artful pitcher must take the inevitable peaks and valleys of pitching in stride and never give in to the batters or lose sight of his/her own strengths. #Quote by Tom Seaver
Softball quotes by Aimee Mullins
#146. I grew up in a town with a great wrestling tradition. Then I was a team sport queen in high school; I played softball, volleyball, and soccer. Oh, and I also did ski racing. #Quote by Aimee Mullins
Softball quotes by Jackie Joyner-Kersee
#147. The only person who can stop you from reaching your goals is you. #Quote by Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Softball quotes by Amy Poehler
#148. Softball was the most fun because of the opportunity to shit talk. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Softball quotes by George Vecsey
#149. In recent generations, women's sports have been a blessing. Some of us can remember the bad old days in the '50s, when we would discover in casual schoolyard play that a girl could outrun most of us or hold her own in basketball or hit a softball - but there were no teams, no coaches, for girls. #Quote by George Vecsey
Softball quotes by Hannah Whitall Smith
#150. Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want. #Quote by Hannah Whitall Smith
Softball quotes by James Brady
#151. Simple things, simple pleasures, cutting and splitting wood, a love of the country they wanted to see more of, memories of softball fields and a girl named Amanda. There are such women as Theresa "Sam" Fitzgerald who love their men. Are content with their lives together. #Quote by James Brady
Softball quotes by Lisa Fernandez
#152. There is a way to play this game physically, but it's the mental part that's going to separate gold from silver and silver from bronze. #Quote by Lisa Fernandez
Softball quotes by Catherine Bell
#153. When all the girls were getting all made up and getting into all that girl stuff in junior high I was out playing softball or touch football with the guys. #Quote by Catherine Bell
Softball quotes by Bruce Bochy
#154. If you're not prepared, it's not pressure you feel, it's fear. #Quote by Bruce Bochy
Softball quotes by Patrick Wallace
#155. Softball is what old men play to try to feel young again. #Quote by Patrick Wallace
Softball quotes by Susan Cain
#156. If your children are quiet, help them make peace with new situations and new people, but otherwise let them be themselves. Delight in the originality of their minds. Take pride in the strength of their consciences and the loyalty of their friendships. Don't expect them to follow the gang. Encourage them to follow their passions instead. Throw confetti when they claim the fruits of those passions, whether it's on the drummer's throne, on the softball field, or on the page. #Quote by Susan Cain
Softball quotes by Jerry Smith
#157. Everyone thinks softball is a girl's game. But you only think that until you get hit with it on a line drive. #Quote by Jerry Smith
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#158. A macho attitude is totally to my advantage. Guys try to hit it 400 feet out of the park, but in softball you have to use a short, quick swing. Big, huge swings equal big, huge strikeouts. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Peter Steele
#159. I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment, which I hate to do, but it's motivational. I like old heavy metal when I'm outside working on my car. Music has definite functions for me. #Quote by Peter Steele
Softball quotes by Woody Allen
#160. I was the captain of the latent paranoid softball team. We used to play all the neurotics on sunday morning. Nailbiters against the bedwetters, and if you've never seen neurotics play softball, it's really funny.
I used to steal second base, and feel guilty and go back. #Quote by Woody Allen
Softball quotes by Chris Jericho
#161. Talking of first times Stephanie, I bet your first time was really memorable for you and the captain ot the football team .. and the basketball team .. and the softball team, the track team, the chess club and the pool boy! #Quote by Chris Jericho
Softball quotes by Mike Candrea
#162. It's a game of making great pitches at the right time, being opportunistic by getting a run at the right time and playing good defense. #Quote by Mike Candrea
Softball quotes by Greg Maddux
#163. Regardless of where you're pitching, regardless of what goes on before or after your game, you still have to be ready. #Quote by Greg Maddux
Softball quotes by Elana Meyers
#164. I grew up in Douglasville, Georgia. My father played football for the Atlanta Falcons. We lived a bunch of places when I was younger. I was born in California. We lived in Chicago for a little bit and finally we ended up in Georgia. I grew up playing softball and at the age of nine I decided I was going to be an Olympian. #Quote by Elana Meyers
Softball quotes by Haruki Murakami
#165. A regular wind-up toy world this is, I think. Once a day the wind-up bird has to come and wind the springs of this world. Alone in this fun house, only I grow old, a pale softball of death swelling inside me. Yet even as I sleep somewhere between Saturn and Uranus, wind-up birds everywhere are busy at work fulfilling their appointed rounds. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Softball quotes by Danny Masterson
#166. If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I would quit acting in a second. #Quote by Danny Masterson
Softball quotes by Claire Carver-Dias
#167. Set goals for things you can control. In my case, I can't control the marks from the judges, but I can control how I train every day, and I can control my performance. #Quote by Claire Carver-Dias
Softball quotes by Lawrence Hsieh
#168. Being a winner sometimes has little to do with the score. If your players seize the opportunity to be better today than they were yesterday in softball, in math, in music, in anything worth doing in life, regardless of natural ability, that will make them winners on and off the field. #Quote by Lawrence Hsieh
Softball quotes by Yvonne Zipter
#169. [On softball:] Diamonds are a dyke's best friend. #Quote by Yvonne Zipter
Softball quotes by Keegan Bradley
#170. When I throw a softball, there's no time to think about the motion of my arm. I just look at the first baseman's glove and react. #Quote by Keegan Bradley
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#171. Softball has given me so much in life. It's taught me the kind of person I want to be, and given me a sweet sisterhood. It even led me to my husband. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Dwight Howard
#172. Today is a new day. Even if you were wrong yesterday, you can get it right today. #Quote by Dwight Howard
Softball quotes by Jennie Finch
#173. When I was growing up, softball had stereotypes along with other female sports. But society is definitely changing since the WNBA and WUSA. Muscles on female athletes are OK now. Young
girls can look up to beautiful, athletic, fit women. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Softball quotes by Alan Moore
#174. As I see it, a successful story of any kind should be almost like hypnosis: You fascinate the reader with your first sentence, draw them in further with your second sentence and have them in a mild trance by the third. Then, being careful not to wake them, you carry them away up the back alley of your narrative and when they are hopelessly lost within the story, having surrendered themselves to it, you do them terrible violence with a softball bag and then lead them whimpering to the exit on the last page. Believe me, they'll thank you for it. #Quote by Alan Moore
Softball quotes by Kiersten Warren
#175. No matter how good the pitcher, she is still hit-able in more than one way. #Quote by Kiersten Warren
Softball quotes by Johnny Miller
#176. It's not so much what you accomplish in life that really matters, but what you overcome that proves who you are, what you are, and whether you are a champion. #Quote by Johnny Miller
Softball quotes by Crystl Bustos
#177. We're going to step on the field knowing that every team we're going against is going to push their game to that whole new level that we probably hadn't seen ... We've just got to be ready to step up with them #Quote by Crystl Bustos
Softball quotes by Sara Gilbert
#178. Fast pitch softball is just as dangerous as baseball. The ball is bigger so you can see it better, but the size also makes for a bigger space to move out of its way. #Quote by Sara Gilbert
Softball quotes by Sandy Koufax
#179. It's better to throw a theoretically poorer pitch whole-heartedly, than to throw the so-called right pitch with feeling of doubt-doubt that's it's right, or doubt that you can make it behave well at that moment. You've got to feel sure you're doing the right thing-sure that you want to throw the pitch you're going to throw. #Quote by Sandy Koufax
Softball quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#180. Obviously, he didn't think I understood the whole ritual scene, and in truth, I didn't.
I mean, sure, when I played softball, I always chewed cinnamon-flavored gum during the game, and I never started chewing until after the national anthem. But that was different. If I didn't do that, I missed way more balls than I caught.
But home runs? There was nothing that guaranteed home runs. #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Softball quotes by Yoenis Cespedes
#181. I grew up on the softball field. Every day I would take my glove and my bat with me. #Quote by Yoenis Cespedes
Softball quotes by Jarod Kintz
#182. To live up to its name, softball should be played with a human testicle. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Softball quotes by Kevin Kelly
#183. Softball isn't just a game it's away of life. #Quote by Kevin Kelly
Softball quotes by Mia Hamm
#184. Every single day I wake up and commit myself to becoming a better player. Some days it happens, and some days it doesn't. Sure, there are games I'm going to dominate and there are going to be games when I struggle. But it doesn't mean I give up. #Quote by Mia Hamm
Softball quotes by Paul The Apostle
#185. It's not how good you are. It's how bad you want it. #Quote by Paul The Apostle
Softball quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#186. This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Softball quotes by Yvette Girouard
#187. In softball ... , the softball gods giveth and the softball gods taketh away, but that evens out over the season. #Quote by Yvette Girouard
Softball quotes by Piper Kerman
#188. Vanessa was deprived of her hormones in prison and thus retained several male characteristics that would have been less evident otherwise, most notably her voice. While she spoke in a high, little-girl voice most of the time, she could switch at will to a booming, masculine Richard-voice. She loved to sneak up behind people and scare the crap out of them this way, and she was very effective at quieting a noisy dining hall, roaring, "Y'all hush up!" Best of all were her Richardian encouragements on the softball field, where she was a sought-after teammate. That bitch could hit. #Quote by Piper Kerman
Softball quotes by V.E Schwab
#189. I'd grown up an athletic child, a competitive soccer player since age 4, with stints ranging from months to years in gymnastics, softball, volleyball. #Quote by V.E Schwab

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