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Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Richard Llewellyn
#1. There is strange, and yet not strange, is the kiss. It is strange because it mixes silliness with tragedy, and yet not strange because there is good reason for it. There is shaking by the hand. That should be enough. Yet a shaking of hands is not enough to give a vent to all kinds of feeling. The hand is too hard and too used to doing all things, with too little feeling and too far from the organs of taste and smell, and far from the brain, and the length of an arm from the heart. To rub a nose like the blacks, that we think is so silly, is better, but there is nothing good to the taste about the nose, only a piece of old bone pushing out of the face, and a nuisance in winter, but a friend before meals and in a garden, indeed. With the eyes we can do nothing, for if we come too near, they go crossed and everything comes twice to the sight without good from one or other.

There is nothing to be done with the ear, so back we come to the mouth, and we kiss with the mouth because it is part of the head and of the organs of taste and smell. It is temple of the voice, keeper of breath and its giving out, treasurer of tastes and succulences, and home of the noble tongue. And its portals are firm, yet soft, with a warmth, of a ripeness, unlike the rest of the face, rosy, and in women with a crinkling of red tenderness, to the taste not in compare with the wild strawberry, yet if the taste of kisses went , and strawberries came the year round, half of joy would be gone from #Quote by Richard Llewellyn
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Jeanne Birdsall
#2. It wasn't a rock. It was a dog's rubber bone, left behind months ago to be buried first under autumn leaves, then winter snow. Just an old rubber bone, but Batty was already braced for what she knew would come - the rushing in her ears, the stab in her stomach, and the seeping away of the colors from her world. The soft blue spring sky, the yellow forsythia hedge, even Ben's bright red hair - all dulled, all gray and wretched. #Quote by Jeanne Birdsall
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Andy Murray
#3. When I started to do quite well on the tour I thought I'd treat myself to a bright red Ferrari. I had always had a soft spot for them as a car brand and, when I was in the position to afford one, I decided to go for it. #Quote by Andy Murray
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Susan Dennard
#4. He twisted back to the slaver, who was clearly at a loss for who posed more of a threat: Aeduan or the mountain bat. To Aeduan, the answer was obvious. "You should run now," he warned the man. "Or I will kill you."
The man's lips curled back. "Seven of us and only one of you." He grabbed Aeduan's shirt.
"Exactly," Aeduan said. "Which is why you should be running." Then, with a speed that no man could match, he clutched the man's hand to his chest, and punched up. His fist connected just above the elbow, breaking the joint and snapping the humerus in two.
Bone tore through flesh; the man screamed.
This was only the beginning. With the man's arm angled in a way it was never meant to be, Aeduan thrust the limp elbow toward the man's neck. The jagged tip of bone that had erupted outward now pierced soft throat.
The man's beard was instantly red, and with a soft flick of his wrists, Aeduan pushed the body over.
After that, everything was a blur of shaking earth and screams and blood. Of terror that expanded in men's pupils when they realized that they were going to die. #Quote by Susan Dennard
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Mel Brooks
#5. The more serious the situation, the funnier the comedy can be. The greatest comedy plays against the greatest tragedy. Comedy is a red rubber ball and if you throw it against a soft, funny wall, it will not come back. But if you throw it against the hard wall of ultimate reality, it will bounce back and be very lively. Very, very few people understand this. #Quote by Mel Brooks
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Penny Watson
#6. He leaned forward and bit her bottom lip. It was just the right size. He hated women with thin, judgmental lips. Smeared with dark red lipstick. Stingy and manipulative. Bev's mouth looked ripe and vulnerable. He sucked on that soft lower lip for a few seconds. #Quote by Penny Watson
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#7. The soft yellow-brown of the son's underclothes looks beautiful when seen in rich harmony with the red of the father's cloak, but the truth of the matter is that the son is dressed in rags that betray the great misery that lies behind him. In the context of a compassionate embrace, our brokenness may appear beautiful, but our brokenness has no other beauty but the beauty that comes from the compassion that surrounds it. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Tommy Wallach
#8. Red Rover, Red Rover, send Ardor right over," Eliza said. They laughed. The asteroid was a little bigger now, brighter, and still they went on laughing. Laughing in the face of what they couldn't predict or change or control. Would it be fire and brimstone? Would it be Armageddon? Or would it be a second chance? Eliza held tight to her friends, laughing, and a pair of hands land soft as feathers on her shoulders, like the hands of a ghost, laughing and laughing as Ardor swept along its fated course, laughing and through that laughter, praying. Praying for forgiveness. Praying for grace. Praying for mercy.

0 #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Lime Craven
#9. I bring my fingers to my bleeding mouth, push them in. Taste. She watches. Come on, baby. A scrape of her heels, a soft curse...and then she turns from me. But too late. I see her hand come up to graze her jawline. And I see her pink tongue cut a pale path through the red. Heady. Expensive. Addictive as opium. Leo, what have you done? #Quote by Lime Craven
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Oakley Hall
#10. Yes, you learn your lessons as they come your way ... And when you have learned them all they can stick red-hot pokers in your wife and babies and you will only laugh to see it. Because you will know by then that people don't matter a damn. Men are like corn growing. The sun burns them up and the rain washes them out and the winter freezes them, and the cavalry tramps them down, but somehow they keep growing. And none of it matters a damn so long as the whisky holds out. #Quote by Oakley Hall
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Lori Foster
#11. I'm heading out."
Her gaze searched his and, a little breathless, she asked, "Leaving?"
"Yeah." He stepped closer. Any second how Trace would intrude. "Thing is, Alani, I can't be around you without wanting you. Bad. Really bad."
"If that's crude, well, then screw it, I'm crude. I know we'd have a great time in bed, but since you aren't ready for that yet, well . . . I promised Trace I wouldn't pressure you."
Her neck went stiff. "Dear God. You discussed this with my brother?"
"No!" He cut a hand through the air and his voice lowered. "When . . . if . . . I get you out of your panties, believe me, it'll be a private thing between us. No way in hell would I discuss that with anyone else."
Her face went as red as Priss's had.
"Trace and I talked about you maybe decorating my house, that's all."
"Oh." Face still hot, she said, "I - "
"Yeah, forget it. That's off. Like I said, I'd just hanker for you, and you aren't exactly reciprocating. So that's that."
She blinked fast.
"But if you ever change your mind, all you have to do is let me know." He reached out and touched her cheek. Her skin was soft and warm and he wanted to feel her all over.
All over him. Naked. Hungry. Wet . . .
Damn, he had it bad. "I can promise you, if you do come to me, you won't regret it."
She swallowed, licked her lips and damned if her eyes didn't heat. She wanted him, too. He had to believe that. But Trace was starting up t #Quote by Lori Foster
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Nora Roberts
#12. Pedaling down the maple lined drive, quicksilver temper ebbed, her resilient spirits were lifted with the beauty of the day. The valley was stirring with life. Small clusters of fragile violets and red clover dotted the rolling meadows. Lines of fresh laundry waved in the early breeze. The boundary of mountains was tooped by a winter's coat, not yet the soft, lush green it would be in a month's time, but patched with stark black trees and the intermittent color of pines. Clouds scudded thin and white across the sky, chased by the teasing wind which whispered of spring and fresh blossoms. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by John Geddes
#13. All winter the acorns and red Maple leaf moldered in silence - in the same way grief is gnawing at me - slowly, imperceptibly ... consuming ... #Quote by John Geddes
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by John Geddes
#14. The winter is kind and leaves red berries on the boughs for hungry sparrows ... #Quote by John Geddes
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Woodrow Wilson
#15. We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true. #Quote by Woodrow Wilson
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#16. When we pulled out into the winter night and the real snow, our snow, began to stretch out beside us and twinkle against the windows, and the dim lights of small Wisconsin stations moved by, a sharp wild brace came suddenly into the air. That's my middle-west - not the wheat or the prairies or the lost Swede towns, but the thrilling returning trains of my youth and the street lamps and sleigh bells in the frosty dark and the shadows of holly wreaths thrown by lighted windows on the snow. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Jay Woodman
Rain is falling. Winter approaches. I drive towards it. In the slow rain. In the semi-darkness. Cello music is playing in the car. The deep sad sound of the cello. It almost swamps me. Routine endeavours to swamp me. The everyday paying of bills.
But I paint men walking in a city of icebergs and crystal. Some of the icebergs are red. I paint a woman swimming in green wavy water. Surrounded by desert mesas. Bright orange in the sunlight. With darker orange for shadows. I paint two people. With purple and pink and yellow and blue circles overlapping the boundaries of their bodies. Dancing.
Life is not ordinary. When I see you tonight I will press my lips to your eyelids. Each one in turn. I will rub my fingertips over the skin on the back of your hands and around your wrists. I will sigh. I will growl. I will whinny. I will gallop into your smile. One sharp foot after the other. #Quote by Jay Woodman
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by James Thompson
#18. Years ago, when I was working on my master's thesis, I went to New York for a semester as an exchange student. What struck me most was the sky. On that side of the world, so far away from the North Pole, the sky is flat and gray, a one-dimensional universe. Here, the sky is arched, and there's almost no pollution. In spring and fall the sky is dark blue or violet, and sunsets last for hours. The sun turns into a dim orange ball that transforms clouds into silver-rimmed red and violet towers. In winter, twenty-four hours a day, uncountable stars outline the vaulted ceiling of the great cathedral we live in. Finnish skies are the reason I believe in God. #Quote by James Thompson
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Vashti Bunyan
#19. I love your eyes when you look away
Thinking somewhere else of what ought to be
When they're suddenly blue for a moment of time
Then the colour goes when you look at me
I love your hands as a part of you
As they write a word just by staying still
When you talk they move, painting what you say
So I understand more than words can tell

I love your hair in the dark it's soft
In the light it moves, red and green are brown
All the time it takes for a night to pass
And a lifetime grows as the day comes down
I love you now as you don't love me
I can't let you know you're too far away
But I wonder now just what did you see
When you looked at me in that loveless way #Quote by Vashti Bunyan
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Talia Carner
#20. The warm winter day brought out the geckos to bathe in the sun, and the world looked pristine, as if a team of cherubim had polished the hewn stone on the houses and the red and blue anemones carpeting the dells. Past Mount Scopus, pinkish-brown mountains fringed the Judean desert. To the southeast, the tip of the Dead Sea, set deep in a valley, shimmered gray like Bathsheba's looking glass. #Quote by Talia Carner
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Lucas Regazzi
#21. It wasn't beautiful. A Winter wedding is a union of elation and depression, red velvet blankets in a cheap motel room stained with semen from sex devoid of meaning, and black mold clinging to the fringe of floral shower curtains like a heap of dead forevers.

You sat down at the foot of the bed, looking at me like I had already
driven away. I was thinking about watching CNN. How fucked up is that? I wanted to know that your second hand, off-white dress, and my black polyester bow tie wasn't as tragic as a hurricane devouring a suburb, or a train derailment in no where, Virginia, ending the lives of two young college hopefuls.

I was naïve. I thought that there were as many right ways to feel love as the amount of

pubic hair, 

belly lint, and

scratch marks abandoned by lovers in our honeymoon suite.

When you looked at me in bed that night, I put my hand on your chest to feel a little more human. I don't know what to call you; a name does not describe the aches, or lack of. This love is unusual and comfortable.
If you were to leave, I know I'd search for days, in newspapers and broadcasts, in car accidents and exposés on genocide in Kosovo.

(How do I address this? How is one to feel about
a love without a name?)

My heart would be ambivalent, too scared to look for you
behind the curtains of the motel window, outside in the abyss of powder and pay phones
because I don't know how to love #Quote by Lucas Regazzi
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by William Barnes
#22. Tokens

Green mwold on zummer bars do show

That they've a-dripp'd in winter wet;

The hoof-worn ring o' groun' below

The tree, do tell o' storms or het;

The trees in rank along a ledge

Do show where woonce did bloom a hedge;

An' where the vurrow-marks do stripe

The down, the wheat woonce rustled ripe.

Each mark ov things a-gone vrom view -

To eyezight's woone, to soulzight two.

The grass ageän the mwoldrèn door

'S a tóken sad o' vo'k a-gone,

An' where the house, bwoth wall an' vloor,

'S a-lost, the well mid linger on.

What tokens, then, could Meäry gi'e

That she'd a-liv'd, an' liv'd vor me,

But things a-done vor thought an' view?

Good things that nwone ageän can do,

An' every work her love ha' wrought

To eyezight's woone, but two to thought. #Quote by William Barnes
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Ann Wroe
#23. Some sins have no season. We are as likely to be angry in November as to lose our rag in March ... There is, though, something autumnal about greed, apple-cheeked and wheat-crowned, purpled knee-high in grapes; something summery in sloth, as the hammock creaks in the fly-drowsy heat; and more than a tickle of spring in lust, as birds pair and the sap rises. Among these, ingratitude is winter, the worst of seasons. #Quote by Ann Wroe
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Steven Herrick
#24. Pretty girls kissed me on victory day, their lips soft red petals brushing my face. #Quote by Steven Herrick
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Ray Bradbury
#25. Afternoons, when the fossil sea was warm and motionless, and the wine trees stood stiff in the yard, and the little distant Martian bone town was all enclosed, and no one drifted out their doors, you could see Mr. K himself in his room, reading from a metal book with raised hieroglyphs over which he brushed his hand, as one might play a harp. And from the book, as his fingers stroked, a voice sang, a soft ancient voice, which told tales of when the sea was red steam on the shore and ancient men had carried clouds of metal insects and electric spiders into battle. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Diana Palmer
#26. How is Tate?"
He dropped into the chair across from her with an irritated sound. "Well, he isn't the man I used to know."
Her eyes held a soft sadness. "You don't know why, Colby."
"Like to bet?" he asked with a wry grin. "He called Matt Holden everything except a man, and then he stared on his mother. He was livid that she'd kept the truth about his real father from him all those years, and that she hung up on him when he called to get the truth out of her. But he was even madder when he found out that she'd moved into Holden's house and was living with him. He called her a name I won't repeat."
"What happened?" Cecily prompted impatiently when he paused.
"Senator Holden knocked him over the sofa. Leta got in the way and broke it up, but Tate left in a red rage, swearing that he'd never speak to either of them again."
It was no less than she'd expected, having known Tate for so many years. But she felt sorry for Leta and Matt. "Do you know where he went?" she asked.
"He didn't say. I wasn't willing to risk asking him, either," he added ruefully. "Tate and I have had our differences lately."
"What a mess."
"It'll blow over," he said. "People get mad, they get over it."
"Tate doesn't."
"Well, he can work on joining the human race, can't he? #Quote by Diana Palmer
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Bart Giamatti
#27. As I grew up, I knew that as a building (Fenway Park) was on the level of Mount Olympus, the Pyramid at Giza, the nation's capitol, the czar's Winter Palace, and the Louvre - except, of course, that is better than all those inconsequential places #Quote by Bart Giamatti
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Mo Yan
#28. The sun, a red wheel, was sinking slowly in the west. Besides being spectacularly beautiful, the early-summer sunset was exceedingly soft and gentle: black mulberry leaves turned as red as roses; pristine white acacia petals shed an enshrouding pale-green aura. Mild evening breezes made both the mulberry leaves and the acacia petals dance and whirl, filling the woods with a soft rustle. #Quote by Mo Yan
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Paula Stokes
#29. I can't seem to wipe away the blood. I rub my hands against my nightgown, but traces of the red remain, staining the lines of my palms and the crescents beneath my fingernails. I wipe harder, gathering and bunching the soft cotton inside my fists. The fabric has been slit up the center and for a moment I worry that I've been cut, that maybe the blood is my own. I try to ask what's happening, but there's a mask over my mouth and nose. Suddenly it hits me - I'm in an ambulance.
I don't remember how I got here. #Quote by Paula Stokes
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Irvin S. Cobb
#30. Daylight would have shown a wilderness weathered and blowzy, a wanton that had lived her summer too fast and too greedily. It would have shown the white birches pale and shivering in a sudden ague, and here and there an ash or a sumac burning red, like a hectic spot, where the first frosts already had set the marks of their galloping consumption on the cheek of the forest, giving warning of the time when the white plague of the winter would make a massacre of all this present glory and turn the trees to naked skeletons and stretch a bony bare cadaver on every steeper hillside to bleach there until the snows covered things up. But now the kindly nighttime had all signs and threats of approaching death, so that each shriveled speckled leaf, as revealed and traced in the waning light, seemed flawless - a perfect part of a perfect tapestry. #Quote by Irvin S. Cobb
Soft Red Winter Wheat quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#31. When Josey woke up and saw the feathery frost on her windowpane, she smiled. Finally, it was cold enough to wear long coats and tights. It was cold enough for scarves and shirts worn in layers, like camouflage. It was cold enough for her lucky red cardigan, which she swore had a power of its own. She loved this time of year. Summer was tedious with the light dresses she pretended to be comfortable in while secretly sure she looked like a loaf of white bread wearing a belt. The cold was such a relief. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen

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