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Sobiks Subs quotes by Justin Vernon
#1. My favorite idea is doing an all-night tent show starring my friend's band Marijuana Deathsquads, where everyone would wear super-loud headphones, and there would be tons of subs and lights. It'd be really dope. #Quote by Justin Vernon
Sobiks Subs quotes by B.S.M. Stoneking
#2. These people are committed to one person. They are Master's and slaves, or Doms and subs who don't share #Quote by B.S.M. Stoneking
Sobiks Subs quotes by Allyson James
#3. Rio chuckled. "Are there Doms and subs on Ariel?"
Nella blinked up at him. "I really have no idea. I don't think we've done a survey. #Quote by Allyson James
Sobiks Subs quotes by R.J. Prescott
#4. Looks like more of those eejits paid tonight than usual. Means I don't have to go chasing any of 'em. Seems like you're going to be good for business, Em, even if I only have you collecting subs #Quote by R.J. Prescott
Sobiks Subs quotes by Herzel Frenkel
#5. Headquarters must never find out about this hellish embarrassment. We must do on our own, without any help from the navy. You and I, Grisha, we must stick together on this one. You're all I've got, Grisha, you're all I have." Grisha sat down slowly on the firm couch. He and the Captain had gone many, many miles together, since the early days of Soviet subs, through this cold war and a few hot ones. They were among the last remnants of the Second World War veterans left in the Soviet Navy. He was always sure they would serve together until the end. He had never envisioned such an end. I must not let it happen, he thought and looked up to his Captain. "Don't worry, Valerie," he said, calling the Captain by name, as he had always called him when they were by themselves with a bottle of Cognac. "We've seen much worse and lived to drink about it. We shall make it this time, too. We haven't lost this battle yet." His calm demeanor reassured #Quote by Herzel Frenkel
Sobiks Subs quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#6. You little subs make me nervous. Being around you is too much like walking into a room filled with tiny kittens and trying not to step on one. #Quote by Cherise Sinclair
Sobiks Subs quotes by B.S.M. Stoneking
#7. A good Dom knows what their sub's pain tolerance is, their likes and dislikes, and won't go beyond what their sub can handle. #Quote by B.S.M. Stoneking
Sobiks Subs quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#8. Before we left town, Antonio pulled into a strip mall and went in to get subs and salads, leaving Clay and me half naked and bleeding in the car, and Cain unconscious in the trunk. No wonder I was anxious to get back to Toronto. Spend too much time around these guys and you become a little too nonchalent about blood-soaked clothes and bodies in the trunk #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Sobiks Subs quotes by James Altucher
#9. I keep track of my blog stats, Facebook subs, my Amazon rank, Twitter followers, Facebook likes per posts, my chess ranking. I get stressed when they all don't go up. #Quote by James Altucher
Sobiks Subs quotes by Larry Wall
#10. I suppose you could switch grammars once you've seen 'use strict subs'. #Quote by Larry Wall
Sobiks Subs quotes by Lexi Blake
#11. You do not want to piss off the subs. Seriously. They've unionized. We should never have let them start that book club. #Quote by Lexi Blake
Sobiks Subs quotes by Riley Murphy
#12. There was nothing more powerful. Not one thing better to boost a Dom's ego than being a sub's everything. He'd asked her for everything, but this wasn't the same thing at all. In this case he was the need in a literal sense and damn, it was empowering. Scintillating. Dangerous because now that he'd got his first taste of it, he wanted more. #Quote by Riley Murphy
Sobiks Subs quotes by Nikki Sex
#13. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure! Always your goal is pleasure. Pain, yes of course! Yet pain must only be used as a means to add to your sub's sensation of pleasure. To do otherwise is un péché noir - a black sin. Such will tarnish the soul.
André Chevalier #Quote by Nikki Sex
Sobiks Subs quotes by Amy Poehler
#14. Teenage bodies should be filled with Vonnegut and meatball subs, not opiates that create glassy-eyed party monsters. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Sobiks Subs quotes by Marco Rubio
#15. The triad is our ability of the United States to conduct nuclear attacks using airplanes, using missiles launched from silos or from the ground, and also from our nuclear subs' ability to attack. And it's important - all three of them are critical. It gives us the ability at deterrence. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Sobiks Subs quotes by J.R. Ward
#16. For him, the control over his subs' minds and bodies was what he was after. The things he did to them sexually or otherwise, the things he said, what he made them wear ... it was all carefully calibrated for effect. Sure, there was pain involved, and yeah, maybe they cried from the vulnerability and the fear. But they begged him for more. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Sobiks Subs quotes by Jane Davitt
#17. In an ideal world, no one would need a therapy. In this world, many people did but didn't get it for a variety of reasons. Liam believed some of them turned to the world of doms and subs. #Quote by Jane Davitt
Sobiks Subs quotes by Ann Kidd Taylor
#18. Nicholas wrestled a grocery cart free from the queue and pushed it into the produce section at Publix. "They make really good subs here," I said. #Quote by Ann Kidd Taylor
Sobiks Subs quotes by Steven Gerrard
#19. It will be the proudest moment of my life leading Liverpool out. I've dreamed of this day since I was a kid, kicking a ball against the wall in the street where I lived. What could be better than leading Liverpool out for the Champions League final? Only lifting the trophy. We need everyone, all 11 players who start and the subs, to be ready to give everything. We need that mentality, when everyone has to put everything on the line for Liverpool. That is what it will take to win. We have to make sure we don't have any regrets at the final whistle. #Quote by Steven Gerrard
Sobiks Subs quotes by Jane Davitt
#20. He knew Doms who never sucked off their subs, claiming that it upset the power dynamic too much, tangled the lines drawn. To his mind, that was nonsense. He was in complete control here, just like he would be when it was Sterling's mouth on his cock, fervent, worshipful, obedient. Hell, if he ever wanted to, he could order Sterling to spank him and still be clearly, unmistakably, the one calling the shots #Quote by Jane Davitt

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