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So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Yuka Ebihara
#1. Full moonlight slowly envelopes a depopulated village #Quote by Yuka Ebihara
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#2. Yes, I'm sorry for you - sorry to see you throwing away happiness with both hands and reaching out for something that would never make you happy. I'm sorry because you are such a fool you don't know there can't ever be happiness except when like mates like. If I were dead, if Miss Melly were dead and you had your precious honorable lover, do you think you'd be happy with him? Hell, no! You would never know him, never know what he was thinking about, never understand him any more than you understand music and poetry and books or anything that isn't dollars and cents. Whereas, we, dear wife of my bosom, could have been perfectly happy if you had ever given us half a chance, for we are so much alike. We are both scoundrels, Scarlett, and nothing is beyond us when we want something. We could have been happy, for I loved you and I know you, Scarlett, down to your bones, in a way that Ashley could never know you. And he would despise you if he did know... #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by M. Sosa
#3. This morning, I woke up different.
I accepted that life goes on... I might still love you, I might still miss you, but I'm better off without you. So, I'm closing this chapter of hurt because I deserve to be happy. And the only way I'll reach that is by letting go of toxic people who don't want to see me grow. Holding on doesn't make me strong, but letting go does. #Quote by M. Sosa
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Miriam Toews
#4. When negative experiences such as having one's house shot at occur in my dad's life he tends to come alive. His confusion lifts. Pieces of life's puzzle fuse into meaning like the continents before that colossal rift. It's entirely logical to him that his house has been shot at and when he's able to spend a minute or two in a world that makes sense he appears almost happy. And when he gets happy he does decisive things like this time he went over to the bulletin board in the kitchen and took down the city bus schedule that we've had up there since Tash left and before the bus depot itself closed down. He put it in the garbage can under the sink. Phew. Done. Goodbye past.

But then I imagined him on a day when shitty things weren't happening and he'd be feeling his usual mystified self and go to the dump and there he would see that little piece of paper with the schedule on it and it would bring him to his knees. Just destroy him for a minute or two and he'd probably pick it up and wipe whatever seagull crap there was on it and straighten it out with the side of his hand and bring it back to the kitchen bulletin board and ARRANGE it on there so you'd know it was the centerpiece of his life. #Quote by Miriam Toews
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#5. Not every day is awful.
Not every day is good.
Despite the way the hours pass,
I'm living like I should.

Not every day is all wrong.
Not every day is right.
At least I'm not a spider trying
to scamper out of sight.

Not every day is ideal.
Not every day is bad.
At any rate I have my senses,
even if they're mad.

Not every day is happy.
Not every day is glum.
When melancholy drags me down,
a simple tune I hum.

Not every day I smile.
Not every day I frown.
With effort, I can take a scowl
and turn it upside down.

Not every day is crazy.
Not every day is sane.
If consequence nips at my heels
I don't pass on the blame.

Not every day is giddy.
Not every day is blah.
Yet I can still appreciate
a giggle and guffaw.

Not every day is timid.
Not every day is proud.
I may not be a dragon, but
I roar about as loud.

Not every day has rainbows.
Not every day has rain.
Despite the fact I'm stiff and sore,
I'm not in chronic pain.

On every day the sun shines,
so every night I pray
that I might see the morning light
and live another day. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Saul Bellow
#6. I must be a little crazy." She said it in a husky and quiet tone. "I must be, I have to admit. But I thought if I could get through to one other person I could get through to more. So people wouldn't tire me, and so I wouldn't be afraid of them. Because my feeling can't be people's fault, so much. They don't make it. Well, I believed it must be you who could do this for me. And you could. I was so happy to find you. I thought you knew all about what you could do and you were so lucky and so special. That's why it's not just jealousy. I didn't want you to come back. I'm sorry you're here now. You're not special. You're like everybody else. You get tired easily. I don't want to see you any more. #Quote by Saul Bellow
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Neil Gaiman
#7. On the one had, there's you. And on the other hand, there's America. It's bigger than you are. So you try to make sense of it. You try to figure it out, something which it resists. It's big enough and contains enough contradictions that it's perfectly happy not to be figured out. As a writer, all I could do was describe a small part of the whole. And it was too big to see. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Laura Kaye
#8. Why were you so happy to see me? You know, besides my general awesomeness."

Marz pushed out of his chair, big grin on his face, and held out his hands. "I'm getting married!"

Shane sighed. The expressions on the other two said they'd already been down this road. "All right. I'll bite."

"I think the appropriate sentiment is 'congratulations'," Marz said, crossing his arms and feigning insult.

"Just spill the brilliance of whatever this is about," Shane said.

"Only because you acknowledged its brilliance." Marz sat excitement rolling off the guy. "I figured out how to solve the problem of getting us eyes and ears in the back of Confessions."

"By getting married?"

"By pretending to get married. And what does every pretend groom need?" Marz's grin was full of anticipation.

"A bride?" Shane said.

Marz rolled his eyes and waved his hands. "Okay, but what else?"

Shane looked between the three of them. And then the lightbulb went on. "A bachelor party," Shane said.

Marz clapped his hands. "Ding ding ding. Give the man a cigar."

Yup. The idea was, in fact, brilliant. Really brilliant. #Quote by Laura Kaye
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Bear Grylls
#9. I remember, for example, the time at prep school when I was chosen for the under nines' rugby team. Well, to be more accurate, I was chosen to be linesman, as I wasn't good enough for the actual team.
Anyway, it was a cold, miserable winter's day, and there were no spectators out watching, which was uncommon. (Normally, at least a few boys or teachers would come out to watch the school matches.) But on this cold, blustery day the touchlines were deserted, except for one lone figure.
It was my dad, standing in the rain, watching me, his son, perform my linesman duties.
I felt so happy to see him, but also felt guilty. I mean, I hadn't even made the team and here he was to watch me run up and down waving a silly flag.
Yet it meant the world to me.
When the halftime whistle blew it was my big moment.
On I ran to the pitch, the plate of oranges in my hands, with Dad applauding from the touchline.
Lives are made in such moments.
Likewise, I remember Dad playing in the fathers-and-sons cricket match. All the other fathers were taking it very seriously, and then there was Dad in an old African safari hat, coming in to bat and tripping over his wicked--out for a duck.
I loved that fun side of Dad, and everyone else seemed to love him for it as well.
To be a part of that always made me smile. #Quote by Bear Grylls
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Alice Walker
#10. On Stripping Bark from Myself

(for Jane, who said trees die from it)

Because women are expected to keep silent about
their close escapes I will not keep silent
and if I am destroyed (naked tree!) someone will
mark the spot
where I fall and know I could not live
silent in my own lies
hearing their 'how nice she is!'
whose adoration of the retouched image
I so despise.

No. I am finished with living
for what my mother believes
for what my brother and father defend
for what my lover elevates
for what my sister, blushing, denies or rushes
to embrace.

I find my own
small person
a standing self
against the world
an equality of wills
I finally understand.


My struggle was always against
an inner darkness: I carry within myself
the only known keys
to my death – to unlock life, or close it shut
forever. A woman who loves wood grains, the color
and the sun, I am happy to fight
all outside murderers
as I see I must. #Quote by Alice Walker
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Caisey Quinn
#11. I've been called names you probably don't even know the meaning of. And you can keep throwing your bitchy-ass attitude in my face every time I breathe too close to you if that's what you need to do to be happy. I'll smile. And I might even wink or blow you a kiss. I'm from Oklahoma, honey. I can bless your heart and hate your crazy ass all at the same time. But if you ever, and I mean ever, make another comment about Trace, his drinking or otherwise, then I promise, you won't be able to whistle fucking Dixie when I'm through with you." She watched as Mia took a step back. Clearly, she'd gotten her point across. So she winked. "Anyways. Lovely chatting with you. As usual. See you at dinner. #Quote by Caisey Quinn
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by A.J. Nuest
#12. It's you, Tessa." He crawled up her body and levered her onto her side, his fingers a warm link he tunneled in under her hair. "Don't you see? For the first time, I know what's real. My life isn't about doing what everyone else thinks is right in order to be happy. Not anymore. Because I found my own happiness." The ball of his thumb swept her lips. "I found it with you." How could she not believe him, when his words were so filled with love? "Tell me what you're thinking," he said.

"I'd forgotten what it's like, you know? It's been so long…I'd just forgotten how incredible it all feels." When tears rushed her eyes, she blinked them away. So she could stay right in the moment, within the tenderness of his gaze. She placed a hand on his chest, over his heart. "I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you did for me, Dibs. You've become everything that's good and right in my life. And I'm sorry if I made things difficult for you." His eyes glistened, two sparkling bits of heaven over a thin crescent of tears.

"Rex, you're breaking my heart over here."

"I'm just so grateful, and its important to me you understand. You gave me a second chance at happiness. You know that, right? #Quote by A.J. Nuest
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Lori Foster
#13. While Molly stood off to the side laughing, both dogs bounding around her, Priss snuggled up against Matt and got twirled right off her feet.
She put her head back and laughed aloud. Her hands clung to Matt's shoulders.
Her pelvis flattened against his.
Long ropes of hair wrapped in silver foil stuck out around her head. She wore a cape and she had cotton wrapped in and around her toes.
For a woman set on murdering her father, she looked mighty happy.
Liger was the only one to notice Trace's entrance. The big cat jumped down from the windowsill and started his way. Chris and Dare crowded in behind Trace.
And still Trace stood there in the open doorway, frozen with some anomalous, churning emotion.
Yeah, Matt was more than able to handle Priss. The son-of-a-bitch had just picked her up off her feet. Again.
And again, Priss held on to him.
Near his ear, Chris said, "Yeah, uh, this might be a good time to remind you that Matt is gay."
"Somehow," Trace told him, "that's not mattering to me much right now."
Dare said, "You never know when to quit, do you, Chris?"
As Matt twirled her around, Priss laughed without reserve, and Trace wanted her so damn bad that he couldn't see straight. #Quote by Lori Foster
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Kerry Patterson
#14. Let's say that your significant other has been paying less and less attention to you. You realize he or she has a busy job, but you still would like more time together. You drop a few hints about the issue, but your loved one doesn't handle it well. You decide not to put on added pressure, so you clam up. Of course, since you're not all that happy with the arrangement, your displeasure now comes out through an occasional sarcastic remark. "Another late night, huh? I've got Facebook friends I see more often." Unfortunately (and here's where the problem becomes self-defeating), the more you snip and snap, the less your loved one wants to be around you. So your significant other spends even less time with you, you become even more upset, and the spiral continues. Your behavior is now actually creating the very thing you didn't want in the first place. You're caught in an unhealthy, self-defeating loop. #Quote by Kerry Patterson
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Dan Millman
#15. Wake up! Wake up! Soon the person you believe you are will die - so now, wake up and be content with this knowledge: There is no need to search; achievement leads to nowhere. It makes no difference at all, so just be happy now! Love is the only reality of the world, because it is all One, you see. And the only laws are paradox, humor, and change. There is no problem, never was, and never will be. Release your struggle, let go of your mind, throw away your concerns, and relax into the world. No need to resist life; just do your best. Open your eyes and see that you are far more than you imagine. You are the world, you are the universe; you are yourself and everyone else, too! It's all the marvelous Play of God. Wake up, regain your humor. Don't worry, you are already free!" I #Quote by Dan Millman
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Sui Ishida

NAKI #Quote by Sui Ishida
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Mary   Crawford
#17. Mindy runs to the DVD player and delicately places the disk in the holder and presses play. "Will you sit in this chair, please, Princess Mindy?" I ask, bowing deeply at the waist.
Mindy giggles as she replies, "I guess so."
After Mindy sits down, I take a wide-tooth comb and start gently combing out her tangles.
Mindy starts vibrating with excitement as she blurts, "Mr. Jeff, you're gonna fix my hair fancy, ain't you?"
"We'll see if a certain Princess can hold still long enough for me to finish," I tease. Immediately, Mindy becomes as still as a stone statue. After a couple of minutes, I have to say, "Mindy, sweetheart, it's okay to breathe. I just can't have you bouncing, because I'm afraid it will cause me to pull your hair."
Mindy slumps down in her chair just slightly. "Okay Mr. Jeff, I was ascared you was gonna stop," she whispers, her chin quivering.
I adopt a very fake, very over-the-top French accent and say, "Oh no, Monsieur Jeff must complete Princess Mindy's look to make the Kingdom happy.
Mindy erupts with the first belly laugh I've heard all day as she responds, "Okay, I'll try to be still, but it's hard 'cause I have the wiggles real bad."
I pat her on the shoulder and chuckle as I say, "Just try your best, sweetheart. That's all anyone can ask."
Kiera comes screeching around the corner in a blur, plunks her purse on the table, and says breathlessly, "Geez-O-Pete, I can't believe I'm late for the makeover. I #Quote by Mary Crawford
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Jennifer A. Nielsen
#18. Radulf jumped off the platform and went running for a lift that still had its doors open. Except a familiar face was coming up on that lift, with a long knife at her waist and a bow in her hands. I'd never been so happy to see anyone in my life.

Aurelia jumped onto the arena floor and nocked an arrow aimed directly at Radulf. "Another step closer and you'll get poked."

He threw some sort of magic at her, but I had already put up a shield to block it.

"I stand with you, Nic, as an equal!" she said. "This is what friends do!"

"Not here!" I yelled.

"You asked me to stand with you!"


"Can we fight about this later?" she asked.

I smiled over at her. If I won this fight, I would gladly engage in more arguments with her. #Quote by Jennifer A. Nielsen
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Anthony Kiedis
#19. There's a peculiar thing that happens every time you get clean. You go through this sensation of rebirth. There's something intoxicating about the process of the comeback, and that becomes an element in the whole cycle of addiction. Once you've beaten yourself down with cocaine and heroin, and you manage to stop and walk out of the muck you begin to get your mind and body strong and reconnect with your spirit. The oppressive feeling of being a slave to the drugs is still in your mind, so by comparison, you feel phenomenal. You're happy to be alive, smelling the air and seeing the beauty around you...You have a choice of what to do. So you experience this jolt of joy that you're not where you came from and that in and of itself is a tricky thing to stop doing. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that every time you get clean, you'll have this great new feeling.

Cut to: a year later, when you've forgotten how bad it was and you don't have that pink-cloud sensation of being newly sober. When I look back, I see why these vicious cycles can develop in someone who's been sober for a long time and then relapses and doesn't want to stay out there using, doesn't want to die, but isn't taking the full measure to get well again. There's a concept in recovery that says 'Half-measures avail us nothing.' When you have a disease, you can't take half the process of getting well and think you're going to get half well; you do half the process of getting well, you're not go #Quote by Anthony Kiedis
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#20. It goes like this," Max interrupted. "Boys are told since they're little that pretty things are good. Pretty things equal happy things. So when we grow up and see a shiny pretty thing, we're drawn like moths to a flame. We keep flying toward the light until it's too late. You know, like that Sleeping Beauty chick with the spinning wheel?" I chuckled. "Are you seriously comparing us to a Disney princess? #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Sean Mahon
#21. You don't get a chance to sit back and relax because this is the point where we're tweaking things to see what works and what doesn't work; so the level of concentration is very focused. But who wouldn't be happy with this? It's a great opportunity and a really great piece of writing. I'm just really very fortunate. #Quote by Sean Mahon
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Anton Chekhov
#22. Just look at this life: the insolence and idleness of the strong, the ignorance and brutishness of the weak, impossible poverty all around us, overcrowding, degeneracy, drunkenness, hypocrisy, lies...Yet in all the houses and streets it's quiet, peaceful; of the fifty thousand people who live in town there is not one who would cry out or become loudly indignant. We see those who go to the market to buy food, eat during the day, sleep during the night, who talk their nonsense, get married, grow old, complacently drag their dead to the cemetery; but we don't see or hear those who suffer, and the horrors of life go on somewhere behind the scenes. Everything is quiet, peaceful, and only mute statistics protest: so many gone mad, so many buckets drunk, so many children dead of malnutrition... And this order is obviously necessary; obviously the happy man feels good only because the unhappy bear their burden silently, and without that silence happiness would be impossible. It's a general hypnosis. At the door of every happy, contented man somebody should stand with a little hammer, constantly tapping, to remind him that unhappy people exist, that however happy he may be, sooner or later life will show him its claws, some calamity will befall him--illness, poverty, loss--and nobody will hear or see, just as he doesn't hear or see others now. But there is nobody with a little hammer, the happy man lives on, and the petty cares of life stir him only slightly, as wind stirs an aspen--a #Quote by Anton Chekhov
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Mariana Zapata
#23. My rib cage clenched all of the organs and muscles within it. It pulsed, full of life and warmth and gummy bears and glitter. This was... I don't know how to explain it - it was like Christmas morning when you were a kid. It was everything I'd wanted.

Each of his thumbs curved over the shells of my ears. "That's my girl."

His girl.
After all the crap that I'd gone through today, there couldn't have been three better words to hear.

Well, there were three other words I'd like to hear but I'd take these from him. That didn't mean that he was the only one who knew how to give. He'd given enough. My bones and heart knew that there was nothing for me to fear. I loved him and sometimes there were consequences of it that were scary, but it - the emotion itself - wasn't. I knew that now.

What kind of life was I living if I let my fears steer me? This was a gift I'd forgotten to appreciate lately. For so long I'd been happy to just be alive but I had Dex. I had my entire life ahead of me, and I needed to quit being a wuss and grab life by the balls. In this case, I'd take his nipple piercings.

"What'cha thinkin', Ritz?"

I held my hands out for him to see how badly they were shaking. "I'm thinking that I love you so much it scares me. See?"

Dex's thumbs tipped my chin back so that I could look at his face - at his beautiful, scruffy face. "Baby." He said my name like a purr that reached the vert #Quote by Mariana Zapata
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#24. She knew what she had to do."
"Did she? How odd for a pampered lady. Though I'm sure she complained constantly about the lack of heat and food and furnishings."
Hell and blazes, he could see where this was going. "She did not. But it was only one night, and we were hiding from killers."
"Trust me, Jackson, killers or no, if you'd hauled me about the woods and put me through such deprivation, I would have been complaining. Loudly. Repeatedly. "
He pushed back from the table to eye her with abject skepticism. "No, you wouldn't. You'd make the best of things."
"And she didn't?"
With a hard glare, he crossed his arms over his chest. "One night in a cottage is hardly a good test of how well she'd endure a lifetime in Cheapside?"
"So last night was a test, was it? And even so, she passed it. In response, you talked about duty and honor and such. Made her feel as if marrying her would be your concession to propriety. Have I judged the situation aright?"
It was getting harder to pretend that he'd behaved like anything but an arse this morning. "She has a bloody duke chomping at the bit to marry her, and you think she could be happy with me? Here?"
Aunt Ada planted her hands on her hips. "You know, I'm beginning to be insulted. I thought I'd made this quite a comfortable home, and now I find that you think it comparable to some hovel in the woods."
"That's not what I-"
"If you showed the same lack of feeling with her as you are wi #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Anna Banks
#25. Highness, I've heard your lovely sister plans to join us soon," Jagen says from behind them. "What a happy reunion."
Galen rolls his eyes before turning to face him. "You are correct, Jagen. Rayna has missed you. She loves that face you make
when you're upset. She says it's the best impression of a rockfish she's ever seen."
Jagen doesn't like this. His lips curl into a snarl. "Go ahead, young prince. Have a laugh at my expense. I assure you it will be the last time."
Toraf glides in front of Galen. "That sounds a lot like a threat. To my knowledge,threatening a Royal is still illegal."
Galen grabs his shoulder. "It's fine, Toraf. Let this squid release his ink. Ink will only last so long before it fades away in the current. When his protective cloud is gone, everyone will see what's really going on here. #Quote by Anna Banks
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Steven Erikson
#26. Tis the grand stupidity of our kind, dear Cutter, to see all the errors of our ways, yet find in ourselves the inability to do anything about them. We sit, dumbfounded by despair, and for all our ingenuity, our perceptivity, for all our extraordinary capacity to see the truth of things, we hunker down like snails in a flood, sucked tight to our precious pebble, fearing the moment is is dislodged beneath us. Until that terrible calamity, we do nothing but cling.
"Can you even imagine a world where all crimes are punished? Where justice is truly blind and holds out no hands happy to yield to the weight of coin and influence? Where one takes responsibility for his or her mistakes, acts of negligence, the deadly consequences of indifference or laziness? Nay, instead we slip and duck, dance and dodge, dance the dodge slip duck dance, feet ablur. Ourselves transformed into shadows that flit in chaotic discord. We are indeed masters of evasion--no doubt originally a survival trait, at least in the physical sense, but to have such instincts applied to the soul is perhaps our most egregious crime against morality. What we will do so that we may continue living with ourselves. In this we might assert that a survival trait can ultimately prove its own antithesis, and in the cancelling out thereof, why, we are left with the blank, dull, vacuous expression that Kruppe sees before him."
~Kruppe, #Quote by Steven Erikson
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Anthony De Mello
#27. "Why is everyone here so happy except me?" "Because they have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere," said the Master. "Why don't I see goodness and beauty everywhere?" "Because you cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside." #Quote by Anthony De Mello
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#28. Oh, Tiny Pink Jenna," I half sobbed, half giggled. "I have never been so happy to see a vampire in my life."
She squeezed me tighter. "I've never been so happy to be squished by a demon! #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#29. The Thought of Death. It gives me a melancholy happiness to live in the midst of this confusion of streets, of necessities, of voices: how much enjoyment, impatience and desire, how much thirsty life and drunkenness of life comes to light here every moment! And yet it will soon be so still for all these shouting, lively, life- loving people! How everyone's shadow, his gloomy travelling companion stands behind him! It is always as in the last moment before the departure of an emigrant- ship: people have more than ever to say to one another, the hour presses, the ocean with its lonely silence waits impatiently behind all the noise-so greedy, so certain of its prey! And all, all, suppose that the past has been nothing, or a small matter, that the near future is everything: hence this haste, this crying, this self-deafening and self-overreaching! Everyone wants to be foremost in this future-and yet death and the stillness of death are the only things certain and common to all in this future! How strange that this sole thing that is certain and common to all, exercises almost no influence on men, and that they are the furthest from regarding themselves as the brotherhood of death! It makes me happy to see that men do not want to think at all of the idea of death! I would fain do something to make the idea of life to us to be more than friends in the sense of that sublime possibility. And so we will believe in our even a hundred times more worthy of their attention. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Andre Aciman
#30. I had meant to take her to my favorite pastry shop after dinner. I'd known happiness there once, or maybe not happiness, but the vision of it. I wanted to see whether the place had changed at all, or whether I had changed, or whether, just by sitting with her I could make up for old loves I'd gotten so close to but had never been bold enough to seize. Always got so very close, and always turned my back when the time came. Manfred and I had dessert here so many times, especially after the movies, and before Manfred, Maud and I, because it was so hot on summer nights that we'd stop to drink fizzy lemonades here, night after night, happy to be together drinking nothing stronger. And Chloe, of course, on those cold afternoons on Rivington Street so many years ago. My life, my real life, had not even happened yet, and all of this was rehearsal still. Tonight, I thought, relishing Joyce's words and feeling exquisitely sorry for myself, the time has come for me to set out on my journey westward. Then I thought of Saint Augustine's words: "Sero te amavi! Late have I loved you! #Quote by Andre Aciman
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Kendare Blake
#31. Jules!" Arsinoe hisses. "Jules, are you down here?"

"Arsinoe!" Jules and Camden scramble up to the bars as Arsinoe runs to them. They embrace her as well as they can with hands and paws. Camden purrs and licks her face.

"Camden, blegh." Arsinoe grins and wipes her cheek.

"I might have licked you as well, I'm so happy to see you." Jules gasps. #Quote by Kendare Blake
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Alice Sebold
#32. At Evensong one night, while Holly played at sax and Mrs. Bethel Utemeyer joined in, I saw him: Holiday, racing past a fluffy white Samoyed. He had lived to a ripe old age on earth and slept at my father's feet after my mother left, never wanting to let him out of his sight ... I waited for him to sniff me out, anxious to know if here, on the other side, I would still be the little girl he slept beside. I did not have to wait long: he was so happy to see me, he knocked me down. #Quote by Alice Sebold
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Nick Offerman
#33. Now, I know what you're thinking: Isn't this the guy who said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"? Well, not exactly. This quote has been somewhat paraphrased and hijacked by many of our nation's craft breweries, and rightly so. It may be revisionist writing, but I for one am okay with it. What Franklin did write was, "Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy." Beer, wine . . . come on. Six of one, etcetera. He also coined the euphemism for drunkenness "Halfway to Concord," which tickles me to no end. That, my friends, is fun with words. #Quote by Nick Offerman
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Amy Plum
#34. Watching the way he treats you made me realize that maybe I had set my sights too low. After chasing someone who didn't give me the time of day ... I just see how Vincent anticipates your every desire and tries to make it come true for you. How, when he sees you walk into a room, it's like he's transformed into this person who is bigger and better than the one he was just minutes before. I want to be that for someone. I think I deserve it. And I'm not going to pine away for a guy who feels that for someone else. So until my own chivalrous knight shows up, I've decided to live a full life and be happy with my lot. #Quote by Amy Plum
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Ted McGinley
#35. I remember in high school trying to get home from water-polo practice in time so I could see Happy Days on television when it first came on, because I was so blown away by it. It was just such a cool thing. #Quote by Ted McGinley
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Virginia Woolf
#36. Far rather would she that he were dead! She could not sit beside him when he stared so and did not see her and made everything terrible; sky and tree, children playing, dragging carts, blowing whistles, falling down; all were terrible. And he would not kill himself; and she could tell no one. "Septimus has been working too hard"––that was all she could say to her own mother. To love makes one solitary, she thought. She could tell nobody, not even Septimus now, and looking back, she saw him sitting in his shabby overcoat alone, on the seat, hunched up, staring. And it was cowardly for a man to say he would kill himself, but Septimus had fought; he was brave; he was not Septimus now. She put on her lace collar. She put on her new hat and he never noticed; and he was happy without her. Nothing could make her happy without him! Nothing! He was selfish. So men are. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Henri Rousseau
#37. Nothing makes me so happy as to observe nature and to paint what I see. #Quote by Henri Rousseau
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#38. I believe that when a woman is given the chance to come to the defense of another woman, that is an opportunity that she should take in behalf of not only that woman; but in behalf of herself and all other women, everywhere. Men don't have low opinions of women because women are sluts and whores; but men have low opinions of women because they see how women compete with one another, pull one another down in order to rise above and backbite one another endlessly. There are men who have low opinions of women because of how women treat other women. They see that and they think, "What kind of a species can do that to their own species?" So if you really want the guy, why not get him by showing him what a true friend you are to your girlfriends? Or by showing him how happy you are for the good fortune of another woman and how much you admire her? And if he doesn't appreciate that then he doesn't deserve you! I know we've got a long, long way to go before we change the way our gender treats one another; but it's got to start somewhere and I suggest we start right now. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Emery Lord
#39. Like a wounded soldier
Trudging the old road home,
But I ain't the old me,
And I walk this path alone.
I'm battle-worn, I'm battle-torn
With these scars inside my chest,
Kept up that happy face for you,
To hide that I'm a mess.

But I gave you every ounce of fight in me,
And I have no regrets.
If I was going to lose you,
At least I lost you to my best.
But it felt so wrong,
So tangled up in blue,
Like that old Dylan song,
Like I don't know who I am,
Now that you're gone.

But I lived through the pain.
Now I see the other side.
Now I know that life's too short
To shut myself down and hide.
I'm battle-torn, but I'm battle-born.
These scars are part of me.
I got nothing left but what I've learned,
And I'll use that, and you'll see,

I can still give every ounce of fight in me,
Till I have no regrets,
Because if I'm going to lose someone,
I'm gonna lose her to my best.
And I'll be strong,
When a hard rain's a-gonna fall,
Like that old Dylan song,
You're the reason I stand tall,
And that will never be gone. #Quote by Emery Lord
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#40. How? How did you get Torin to Hex Hall?"
Dad blinked rapidly, and at first, I thought he was surprised by my question. Then I realized that, no, he was fighting tears. Seeing my father, who practically had a PhD in Stiff Upper Lip, on the verge of crying because he was so happy to see me made my own eyes sting. Then he cleared his throat, straightened his shoulders, and said, "It was exceedingly difficult."
I laughed through my tears. "I bet."
"It was Torin's idea," someone said behind me, and I turned to see Izzy standing there. Like my parents and her sister, she was dressed in jeans and a black jacket, although she also had a black cap pulled over her bright hair. "We had tons of old spell books, and after you and Cal disappeared, he started looking through them. Found a spell that would let him travel to a different mirror."
"Of course, the problem was finding your mirror," Aislinn said, coming out of the darkness.
"Aren't you afraid that he'll permanently peace out from his mirror and start hanging out in girls' locker rooms or something?"
Aislinn's eyes slid to Izzy. "Torin has his reasons for wanting to stay with us," she said, and even in the dim light, I saw red creepy up Izzy's cheeks. Maybe one day, I'd get to the bottom of whatever was going on there. Preferably once I was done getting to the bottom of the thousand other things on my agenda. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Marie Sexton
#41. You sayin' you want to go?"
"Don't you?"
"Hell no!"
"Okay,I'll tell Matt and Jared that they can go to Paris without us."
The only response was stunned silence, and I finally turned to smile at him. "Do you want to reconsider?" I asked.
"The wedding's in Paris?"
His dark eyes were huge, and I could see so much in them. He was excited, almost giddy. I could see it bubbling up in him, but he was trying t stay calm and not get his hopes up. "Can we afford Paris?"
"No," I said, "but it doesn't matter. Cole's footing the bill."
He grabbed my shirt and pushed me back against the countertop, almost as if he was going to kiss me, but stopped short, looking into my eyes. "Are you serious?"
"Would I lie to you about something like this?"
"Do you think I'd make it up just to tease you?"
He backed up a step. "Yes what?"
he asked.
I could hardly keep from laughing that I'd finally managed to turn the tables on him with his own backward form of communication. "Yes, I'm absolutely serious. Cole offered to fly us all to Paris."
His expression was so full of hope, I thought it was a good thing I hadn't tried to say no. He put his hand against my cheek and looked into my eyes. "Tell me what you want to do."
All I had to do was tell him the truth. I brushed his hair out of his eyes and said, "I want to do whatever will make you happy."
He smiled at me, the huge, #Quote by Marie Sexton
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Anton Chekhov
#42. I started thinking about how many contented, happy people there are in actual fact! What an oppressive force! Think about this life of ours: the insolence and idleness of the strong, the ignorance and bestiality of the weak, unbelievable poverty everywhere, overcrowding, degeneracy, drunkenness, hypocrisy, deceit... Meanwhile all is quiet and peaceful in people's homes and outside on the street; out of the fifty thousand people who live in the town, there is not one single person prepared to shout out about it or kick up a fuss. We see the people who go to the market for their groceries, travelling about in the daytime, sleeping at night, the kind of people who spout nonsense, get married, grow old, and dutifully cart their dead off to the cemetery; but we do not see or hear those who are suffering, and all the terrible things in life happen somewhere offstage. Everything is quiet and peaceful, and the only protest is voiced by dumb statistics: so many people have gone mad, so many bottles of vodka have been drunk, so many children have died from malnutrition... And this arrangement is clearly necessary: it's obvious that the contented person only feels good because those who are unhappy bear their burden in silence; without that silence happiness would be inconceivable. It's a collective hypnosis. There ought to be someone with a little hammer outside the door of every contented, happy person, constantly tapping away to remind him that there are unhappy people in the world, #Quote by Anton Chekhov
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Alexandra Ivy
#43. You're an idiot. Don't put words into my mouth. I might not be happy I had no choice, and I might be confused as hell, but I am not going to let others get hurt because I'm confused. Now, let's go see this horde of scary, dangerous wolves so I can get my flesh burned and hide from the humans who tried to kill me. Because that sounds like a fun way to spend the day. #Quote by Alexandra Ivy
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Julia Quinn
#44. I give in," she gasped. "What has turned your evening into such a dreadful affair?"
"What or whom?"
"' Whom'?" she echoed, tilting her head as she looked at him. "This grows even more interesting."
"I can think of any number of adjectives to describe all of the 'whoms' I have had the pleasure of meeting this evening, but 'interesting' is not one of them."
"Now, now," she chided, "don't be rude. I did see you chatting with my brothers, after all."
He nodded gallantly, tightening his hand slightly at her waist as they swung around in a graceful arc. "My apologies. The Bridgertons are, of course, excluded from my insults."
"We are all relieved, I'm sure."
Simon cracked a smile at her deadpan wit. "I live to make Bridgertons happy."
"Now that is a statement that may come back to haunt you," she chided. "But in all seriousness, what has you in such a dither? If your evening has gone that far downhill since our interlude with Nigel, you're in sad straits, indeed."
"How shall I put this," he mused, "so that I do not completely offend you?"
"Oh, go right ahead," she said blithely. "I promise not to be offended."
Simon grinned wickedly. "A statement that may come back to haunt you."
She blushed slightly. The color was barely noticeable in the shadowy candlelight, but Simon had been watching her closely.
She didn't say anything, however, so he added, "Very well, if you must know, I have been introduced to eve #Quote by Julia Quinn
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Tracey Hoffmann
#45. Padma shook her head and sighed loudly. Her friend was foolish to think evil would simply disappear and leave them alone. "There is talk of a syndicate rising up. They are not happy with what you have set up here." "Of course they're not. But that's just too bad." Charlie sat across from her and frowned. "Before I was abducted, I was aware of poverty in the general sense, but the personal stories of bondage are so real and so heart wrenching." "Charlie, please, you need to focus on the matter at hand," Padma urged. "But don't you see, it's all connected. More than thirty million people are in some form of slavery worldwide. Thirty million!" Drumming her fingers on the desk, Charlie gave a weak smile. "I cannot stand by and do nothing. India has my heart and sadly it is one of the worst countries for human trafficking. You and I can attest to that. #Quote by Tracey Hoffmann
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Rick Allen
#46. But it's funny that now I'm in such a happy situation, I look more objectively at my own past and see what others have seen for a long time and I'm just so glad I've been able to get to this point. #Quote by Rick Allen
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Vera Brittain
#47. Mother says that people like me just become intellectual old maids,' I told him.
'I don't see why,' he protested.
'Oh, well, it's probably true!' I said, rather sharply, for misery had as usual made me irritable. 'After the War there'll be no one for me to marry.'
'Not even me?' he asked very softly.
'How do I know I shall want to marry you when that time comes?'
'You know you wouldn't be happy unless you married an odd sort of person.'
'That rather narrows the field of choice, doesn't it?'
do you need it to be so very wide? #Quote by Vera Brittain
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#48. So now Nathan had a new partner, who, by all accounts, was a dour old drudge with nary a daughter to his name. She'd seen Nathan in town once since then. He had not looked happy.
But she was insanely happy, especially after what the doctor had hold her yesterday. With only a few days left at home, she and Freddy had dragged Jane and Oliver on a romantic picnic. So far, it wasn't going all that well. Poor Jane darted up at every sound. Freddy's mischievous brothers had convinced her that wild Indians might descend upon them any minute, and no amount of Freddy's posturing with the sword could relieve her fears.
Oliver was no help, either. He kept pretending to see feather headdresses behind every bush, though Maria had told him repeatedly that the only tribes in their area had left long ago. He was every bit as devilish as her cousins, who'd embraced him instantly as a man after their own heats. Aunt Rose had pronounced Oliver a smooth-tongued rogue the first time he told her how fetching she looked in her peacock bonnet.
Little did she know.
"Are you sure there's a fish pond back there, Freddy?" Jane asked skeptically as Freddy led her around a deserted cabin.
"Quite sure." He puffed out his chest. "I've caught many a fine trout in that pond."
"More like trout bait," Maria told Oliver, who was stretched out on the blanket beside her, reading a letter from Jarret. "I've never seen a fish longer than my thumb in that pond. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
So Happy To See Cherry Blossoms quotes by K.F. Breene
#49. No! It was not me. I did not touch him!"
"But you know who did. You were there," Shanti whispered, her face cracking, revealing visions of death. Of loss. Of misery so intense it sucked all the happy thoughts from the room and corroded their memories.
Sanders took a step forward even as the Captain did, not knowing exactly what to do, but wanting to cure this woman of that pain. The sight of it broke his heart. No one deserved to see a loved on killed, and then get confronted with it like this. No one. #Quote by K.F. Breene

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