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Snuggled Up quotes by Abbi Glines
#1. Can I get a lock for my tent?
Bears can't unzip tents, Lana.
Well, chainsaw psychos who wander the woods looking for young girls all alone to chop up into pieces can.
There are no chainsaw psychos! I can't believe you've never been camping. It's safe, Lana. I promise.
Easy for you to say. You'll be snuggled up safely in the arms of Beau Vincent. I'm more than positive he could take on a black bear. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Snuggled Up quotes by Robert Jordan
#2. You are as eloquent as ever, Mat," Egwene said dryly. "Do you still have your pet fox?"
"I do," Mat said. "He's snuggled up nice and warm. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Snuggled Up quotes by M.M. Wilde
#3. I'm not leaving this cabin again until you've laid your egg."
Kellan snuggled up to Vic. "Our egg, remember?"
"Mmm. Our baby." Vic buried his nose in Kellan's hair. "This is all so surreal, but I couldn't be more thrilled."
They held each other in silence, the only sound being the rustle of the branches in the light wind and the crackle of the well-seasoned wood in the fireplace. Part of what Vic had said sunk in.
"Hey, Vic?"
"You can't stay here round the clock with it being so busy at the inn and everything. It's Christmas week. I've heard you say plenty of times that it gets crazy between now and New Year's Day."
Vic tightened his hold. "I don't care."
Kellan rolled his eyes. "But it's not fair to everyone else. It's bad enough that I'm not there helping as it is." He glanced up at Vic. "And what about food?" They took most of their meals at the restaurant since it was so convenient.
Vic stuck out his lower lip. "I'll make Dora deliver them to the cabin."
Kellan sighed. "Vic, you're not being reasonable."
He huffed. "Reasonable? Who cares about reasonable? My mate is about to lay an egg at any minute!"
Kellan let out a laugh, then grabbed his abdomen. It didn't hurt, but it sure as hell felt weird. Too much pressure.
Vic gasped, grabbing Kellan's upper arms then holding him back, his gaze roaming Kellan's body. "Is it time? Should you go lie down in the nest?"
This is going to be fu #Quote by M.M. Wilde
Snuggled Up quotes by A.E. Via
#4. He kicked off his boots before walking through the living room. Day's house was very nice. It had been his grandmother's and she'd left it for him in her will. Day made a lot of renovations on the three-bedroom, two-story home, and God found himself wishing he had a family to share that type of home with. He could see himself sitting on the large leather sofa in the den with Day snuggled up next to him. His mom baking them raisin bread and Genesis upstairs blasting his music too loud. God shook his head at the nonsense and went to find the one thing he had in his life that was real in the kitchen. Day loved him, and as far as he was concerned, that would be enough for him. #Quote by A.E. Via
Snuggled Up quotes by Jamie McGuire
#5. Thanks for staying with me last night," I said, stroking Toto's soft fur. "You didn't have to sleep on the bathroom floor."
"Last night was one of the best nights of my life."
I turned to see his expression. When I saw that he was serious, I shot him a dubious look. "Sleeping in between the toilet and the tub on a cold, hard tile floor with a vomiting idiot was one of your best nights? That's sad, Trav."
"No, sitting up with you when you're sick, and you falling asleep in my lap was one of my best nights. It wasn't comfortable, I didn't sleep worth a shit, but I brought in your nineteenth birthday with you, and you're actually pretty sweet when you're drunk."
"I'm sure between the heaving and purging I was very charming."
He pulled me close, patting Toto who was snuggled up to my neck. "You're the only woman I know that still looks incredible with your head in the toilet. That's saying something. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Snuggled Up quotes by Elizabeth Leiknes
#6. Deep down, Story Easton knew what would happen if she attempted to off herself - she would fail It was a matter of probability. This was not a new thing, failure. She was, had always been, a failure of fairy-tale proportion. Quitting wasn't Story's problem. She had tried, really tried, lots of things during different stages of her life - Girl Scours, the viola, gardening, Tommy Andres from senior year American Lit - but zero cookie sales, four broken strings, two withered azalea bushes, and one uniquely humiliating breakup later, Story still had not tasted success, and with a shriveled-up writing career as her latest disappointment, she realized no magic slippers or fairy dust was going to rescue her from her Anti-Midas Touch. No Happily Ever After was coming.
So she had learned to find a certain comfort in failure. In addition to her own screw-ups, others' mistakes became cozy blankets to cuddle, and she snuggled up to famous failures like most people embrace triumph.
The Battle of Little Bighorn - a thing of beauty.
The Bay of Pigs - delicious debacle.
The Y2K Bug - gorgeously disappointing fuck-up.
Geraldo's anti-climactic Al Capone exhumation - oops!
Jaws III - heaven on film.
Tattooed eyeliner - eyelids everywhere, revolting. Really revolting.
Fat-free potato chips - good Lord, makes anyone feel successful. #Quote by Elizabeth Leiknes
Snuggled Up quotes by Anne Fadiman
#7. It's not that I think that computers don't have their place, but surely their place is not in bed, which is my favorite place to read, and surely their place is not snuggled up with a cat in your lap in an old armchair. You can't have your laptop computer and your cat in your lap simultaneously, while trying to manage a cup of tea, which you might spill on your computer. On the other hand, if you spilled your cup of tea on your book -- well, Charles Lamb would probably just like it better. He once said that he particularly liked books that had old muffin crumbs in them. Muffin crumbs in your computer would not be a good idea. #Quote by Anne Fadiman
Snuggled Up quotes by Michele Sinclair
#8. Ranulf stared blankly into the campfire, trying to ignore Lily.
"White horses always look dirty," Lily told the young smitten soldier sitting beside her. "That's why I refuse to ride them.Brown ones may be just as filthy,but at least I cannot see the dirt. Black ones less so,but I have found that in general dark horses suit me better."
"You just think you look better on them," Edythe protested before succumbing to several seconds of coughing.
Bronwyn studied her redheaded sister for a moment.Tyr put another blanket around Edythe's shoulders and eventually the coughs quieted. Turning her attention to Ranulf,Bronwyn promised him softly, "You'll have to ignore them."
Ranulf grimaced and sent a reproving look to his youngest sister-in-law. It,just like the others he had sent Lily throughout the day,changed nothing. "I just find it hard to reconcile the child I hear now with the woman who appeared after your death. With you gone,she had to grow up.Now that you are back..."
Bronwyn snuggled up against his side with a sigh. "I admit I encourage it.Life will force Lily to grow up soon enough and I am glad it was not my death that thrust it upon her. In the meantime,you ignore her prattle and I'll just be amused it," she advised before planting a gentle kiss on his arm.
Ranulf,with his free hand, raked his fingers through his short hair. How had he gotten into this predicament? But it took only one look at the huddled form next to him to remember exactly #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Snuggled Up quotes by Colleen Houck
#9. You know, sleeping outdoors isn't all bad. You get to stare up at the stars and cool breezes ruffle your fur after a hot day. The grass smells sweet and," he made eye contact with me, "so does your hair."
I blushed and grumbled, "Well, I'm glad someone enjoyed it."
He smiled smugly and said, "I did."
I had a quick flash of him as a man snuggled up next to me in the forest, imagined him resting his head on my lap while I stroked his hair, and decided to focus on the matter at hand.
"Well, listen, Ren, you're changing the subject. I don't appreciate the way you manipulated me into being here. Mr. Kadam should've told me at the circus."
He shook his head. "We didn't think you'd believe his story. He made up the trip to the tiger reserve to get you to India. We figured once you were here, I could change into a man and clarify everything."
I admitted, "You're probably right. If you had changed to a man there, I don't think I would have come"
"Why did you come?"
"I wanted to spend more time with…you. You know, the tiger. I would have missed him. I mean you." I blushed.
He grinned lopsidedly. "I would have missed you too."
I wrung the hem of my shirt between my hands.
Misreading my thoughts, he said, "Kelsey. I'm truly sorry for the deception. If there'd been any other way-"
I looked up. He hung his head in a way that reminded me of the tiger. The frustration and awkwardness I felt about him dissipated. My instincts told me #Quote by Colleen Houck
Snuggled Up quotes by Lori Foster
#10. While Molly stood off to the side laughing, both dogs bounding around her, Priss snuggled up against Matt and got twirled right off her feet.
She put her head back and laughed aloud. Her hands clung to Matt's shoulders.
Her pelvis flattened against his.
Long ropes of hair wrapped in silver foil stuck out around her head. She wore a cape and she had cotton wrapped in and around her toes.
For a woman set on murdering her father, she looked mighty happy.
Liger was the only one to notice Trace's entrance. The big cat jumped down from the windowsill and started his way. Chris and Dare crowded in behind Trace.
And still Trace stood there in the open doorway, frozen with some anomalous, churning emotion.
Yeah, Matt was more than able to handle Priss. The son-of-a-bitch had just picked her up off her feet. Again.
And again, Priss held on to him.
Near his ear, Chris said, "Yeah, uh, this might be a good time to remind you that Matt is gay."
"Somehow," Trace told him, "that's not mattering to me much right now."
Dare said, "You never know when to quit, do you, Chris?"
As Matt twirled her around, Priss laughed without reserve, and Trace wanted her so damn bad that he couldn't see straight. #Quote by Lori Foster
Snuggled Up quotes by Sam Dogra
#11. My heart almost vaulted out of my chest. I was snuggled against Ryan's shoulder. We were burrowed under the cloak and sleeping bag, and my hand rested on his cheek, about to swat the stray hair that had fallen over my face. This wouldn't have been so bad, if not for one tiny detail.
Ryan was awake. #Quote by Sam Dogra
Snuggled Up quotes by Mina Carter
#12. She liked this. Liked the closeness. With lover's she'd taken in the past, things had been short and sweet. She certainly hadn't stuck about to snuggle in case they started to get ideas, not after the first time. Killing a guy you'd fucked was one thing, but to kill one you'd snuggled with damn near broke a girl's heart #Quote by Mina Carter
Snuggled Up quotes by Shelly Thacker
#13. He drew her into his arms, gathering her close, and dusted kisses over her cheek, her hair. Wrapped in his embrace, Laurien closed her eyes, murmuring a sigh of exquisite satisfaction. A delightful drowsiness overtook her and she gave in to it, snuggled securely against Darach's chest, lying on a stolen wolf pelt, in the hold on a ship of thieves. #Quote by Shelly Thacker
Snuggled Up quotes by S.M. Reine
#14. Familiar voice said softly behind her. She didn't say anything back. She snuggled into #Quote by S.M. Reine
Snuggled Up quotes by Sara Humphreys
#15. I just discovered something, Mads." Ronan curled his arm over her shoulders and pulled her against him. "There's only one thing I enjoy more than surprising you."
"What's that?" She snuggled into his embrace and rested her head on his chest....
Ronan kissed the top of her head and murmured, "When you surprise me. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Snuggled Up quotes by Tessa Dare
#16. Gabriel nudged her with his shoulder. "Look."
The newborn goat was standing on his own wobbly legs, taking drunken steps. When he toppled sideways, he bleated indignantly.
Gabriel started to reach for him, but Penny held him back. "Wait."
Marigold roused herself and ambled over to her kid, licking him about the head until George lurched and swayed himself to his hooves, and when he nosed at her swollen underside, she allowed him to nurse.
"Oh. That's lovely." Penny snuggled under Gabriel's arm.
"Thank God she finally took to him," he said.
"How could she not? Look how adorable he is. Best little goat in the world. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Snuggled Up quotes by Dianne Duvall
#17. Dragging his lips from hers, he buried his face in her neck. His arms tightened around her almost to the point of pain.

Frowning, wanting those lips on hers again, she hugged him back. "Nick?"

"You scared the hell out of me today," he murmured, his deep voice hoarse.

Her heart turned over. He would only have such a reaction if he cared about her. How had she not realized that before? "I'm sorry."

He shook his head. "Just let me hold you a minute."

Smiling, she snuggled against him. #Quote by Dianne Duvall
Snuggled Up quotes by Kate Sherwood
#18. So he slips his head off of Jeff's shoulder and slides out from under Evan's Armand shuffles down to the bottom of the bed. It doesn't have a lot of dignity this part of their sleeping arrangement. He's complained about this before but Jeff just nodded, and Evan had kissed the back of his neck, and they'd both snuggled in a little tighter, pinning him in the middle even more effectively than before. #Quote by Kate Sherwood
Snuggled Up quotes by Penny Reid
#19. I returned to my pillow and comforter, both of which I loved; they smelled like lavender, and were so cozy, poems should be written about their epic cozy wonder. I snuggled against their softness and willed away the touch of anxiety I felt about my mom's strange behavior. #Quote by Penny Reid
Snuggled Up quotes by Lynn Kurland
#20. Eventually, after listening to a good deal of grumbling and muttering, Jessica felt the bed dip. A calloused hand reached for hers. "It is late?" she asked. "Late enough." "Hold me?" How gentle were those powerful arms as they gathered her close. Jessica pressed her face against Richard's neck and sighed at the pleasure of the warmth. His hint of a beard was rough against her forehead but she didn't mind that either. She put her hands on the hard wall of his chest and let the heat of his body seep into hers. Richard's hand trembled as he brushed her hair back from her face and she knew it was because he was trying to be gentle. She snuggled closer to him and felt herself drifting off to sleep. #Quote by Lynn Kurland
Snuggled Up quotes by Philippa Gregory
#21. Makes no difference," he said, with his intuitive knowledge of my thoughts. "No difference at all how your first marriage was. This is my marriage, and I want my wife in my bed." I laughed aloud and snuggled back into his arms. "It's where I want to be," I confessed. "Why would I ever want to be anywhere else? #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Snuggled Up quotes by Nancy Zafris
#22. Often in the morning he drove a long hour or more to the markets in the city, there to behold what would determine the day's special. With the crates of fresh selesctions snuggled into his station wagon, his thoughts on the ride back confronted the culinary equivalent of the writer's blank page. Sometimes his head swirled with exciting ideas; other mornings he was in a panic upon returning with the same old eggplant and squash and zucchini and nothing but the dullness of the word ratatouille standing by to mock him. #Quote by Nancy Zafris
Snuggled Up quotes by Julia Hubery Mary McQuillam
#23. Why are you sad?" Baby asked.
"Because some day you'll fly higher than high, and the blue will fill your eyes, and maybe you'll forget to come down," said Wishmoley.
Baby snuggled next to him. "I'll never forget," she said. #Quote by Julia Hubery Mary McQuillam
Snuggled Up quotes by Maya Banks
#24. She sat down on the bed next to Crispen,
and he snuggled into the crook of her arm.
"I'm getting you dirty," he whispered.
"I don't care."
"What are we going to do, Mairin? #Quote by Maya Banks
Snuggled Up quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#25. He was cold and wet, but somehow he barely felt it. He kept remembering Rose snuggled against his chest, the feel of her body in his arms. He closed his eyes as he recalled the way she had looked at him, the way she said I love you. #Quote by Melanie Dickerson
Snuggled Up quotes by Stewart Lee
#26. What's happened is somewhere, along the line, as a society, we confused the notion of 'home' with the possibility of 'an investment opportunity'. What kind of creature wants to live in an 'investment opportunity'? Only man.
The fox has his den. The bee has his hive. The stoat, has, uh ... his stoat-hole ... but only man chooses to make his nest in an investment opportunity. Mmm, snuggled down in the lovely credit! All warm, in the mortgage payment, mmmmm ... #Quote by Stewart Lee
Snuggled Up quotes by Bella Swann
#27. Anahita mewed contentment as she snuggled even closer to Imamiah. She was enjoying her interactions with Imamiah very much. She could not understand why angels remained as spirit when this flesh was so much more pleasurable. #Quote by Bella Swann
Snuggled Up quotes by Jolene Perry
#28. I generally don't care what we watch because we can be like this, snuggled together in his room, which is my favorite thing in the world to do. #Quote by Jolene Perry
Snuggled Up quotes by Terry Spear
#29. She hadn't said a word about his comment concerning marrying her. If she was of the French nobility, she might not wish to marry him. But still, he was of the mind he would change her thoughts concerning the matter - despite that he had no title or lands to call his own. What Highlander could say that he had a wife who would fight a Highland warrior, wielding only a pitchfork, or that she would raise a Highlander's sword to fight a Viking warrior to protect him?
Her stories fascinated him, and he was thinking that if he had a bairn with her, how she would tell the child her delightful tales. And he would settle down with them to listen, too. Most of all, he loved the way she worried about his health, snuggled with him as if it was for more than warmth, and even kissed him back when he weakly attempted to kiss her earlier. #Quote by Terry Spear
Snuggled Up quotes by Kate Danley
#30. Good night. Don't let the boogeyman bite"

"Mindy, there is no boogeyman, "I said as I snuggled in to bed, " I hauled Carl in years ago. #Quote by Kate Danley
Snuggled Up quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#31. The two of us snuggled like quotation marks in his room full words. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Snuggled Up quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#32. Tis obvious that you're easily…" She paused, searching for a more sarcastic and descriptive word than "encouraged."
"Aroused?" he queried.
Erienne gasped. "Certainly not!"
"Have you changed your mind? You said at a twitch of a skirt…"
"I know what I said!"
"The subject seems to be on your mind quite a bit, my lady."
"I wonder why," she retorted with unmistakable satire. It was impossible to ignore the manly feel of him against her.
"Because you lust after my body?" he asked, feigning innocence.
Erienne caught her breath in outrage. "I am a married woman, sir!"
He heaved a laborious sigh. "Here we go again!"
"Oh, you buffoon! Why don't you leave me alone?"
"Did I ask you to follow me?" he protested.
She groaned aloud in frustration. "I'm sorry I did!"
"Were you bruised?" He snuggled her closer against his body. "You feel all right to me."
"Christopher, if I weren't so afraid of this horse, I'd slap you," she threatened.
"Why? I only inquired of your health."
"Because you make free with your hands! Now, stop that!" She threw away the hand that had settled on her thigh. "Don't you ever get tired of playing the rake?"
"The sport warms and excites me, madam," he said, chuckling in her ear.

-Erienne & Christopher #Quote by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Snuggled Up quotes by M.J. Haag
#33. Curled on my side, I snuggled deeper into the pile of furs lying under me. From the darkness, something growled softly and silenced the bird as a large warm hand soothed my hair. I sank back into my slumber. #Quote by M.J. Haag
Snuggled Up quotes by Donna Tartt
#34. And though there was something pathetic about it - taking comfort in her left-behind things like a puppy snuggled in an old coat ... #Quote by Donna Tartt
Snuggled Up quotes by Richelle Mead
#35. She snuggled back under the blanket with me, turned toward me so that she could rest her head on my chest. "I hear your heart," she said.
"Do you check every once in a while, just to make sure I'm not undead? #Quote by Richelle Mead
Snuggled Up quotes by Annie Bellet
#36. I wouldn't touch a gun even if it snuggled and made me waffles. #Quote by Annie Bellet
Snuggled Up quotes by Darcey Steinke
#37. I know the girl is right because the snake is in me, knotted around my intestines, hanging off my ribs, snuggled like a lover around my black heart. "I love you," I said, addressing the snake, Madison, Bell, Kevin, Pig, my mother, my past lives and the new lover speeding toward me at this very moment. I wondered if it mattered whether you loved one person or another. Weren't lovers interchangeable when you thought back about them? Maybe that was true in the future too. What I really loved was the note. I always loved odd things: the blue curacao bottle, the wet asphalt, my own insipid fear. #Quote by Darcey Steinke
Snuggled Up quotes by Jessica Spotswood
#38. We talk a bit, until Tess is sufficiently calm, and then I take her upstairs and see her snuggled back into bed with Cyclops and one of Maura's romance novels. Strange bedfellows, but both seem to comfort her, and it serves to remind me again that she is a strange mix of woman and child, carrying a burden far too heavy for her. #Quote by Jessica Spotswood
Snuggled Up quotes by Bernhard Schlink
#39. What is it?'
'Nothing,' he said, and put his arm around her.
'You sighed.'
'I'd like to be further along than I am.'
She snuggled against his side. 'I know that feeling. But don't we make progress in fits and starts? Nothing happens for a long time, then suddenly we get a surprise, have an encounter, reach a decision point, and we're no longer the same as we were before. #Quote by Bernhard Schlink
Snuggled Up quotes by Kay Stockham
#40. When she didn't let go, when she buried her freckled nose in his chest and snuggled closer and when she shivered from the cold, he couldn't stop himself from reaching out and wrapping his arms around her. Hesitant, he lowered his face into her hair and breathed deep. #Quote by Kay Stockham
Snuggled Up quotes by Ron Hansen
#41. Tim collected his gifts within the metal hoop and then pestered Santa for more, investigating pockets, sticking his hands into straw, lifting the sides of the red coat until he contacted a Smith and
Wesson revolver. The boy snatched his hand back as if it were burnt and scowled at the man in the red suit. "You're not Santa Claus; you're Daddy."

Charley called across the room, "He's one of Santa's helpers!"

Jesse sat low in the chair with his boots kicked out, drew off the soft red cap by its cotton ball, then reached out and snuggled Tim close to his chest. He said, "Let me tell you a secret, son: there's always a mean old wolf in Grandma's bed, and a worm inside the apple. There's always a daddy inside the Santa suit. It's a world of trickery. #Quote by Ron Hansen

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