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Snapping Best quotes by Suzanne Collins
#1. Katniss, got that spile? Finnick asks, snapping me back to reality. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Snapping Best quotes by Elise Forier Edie
#2. Hello. Do I know you?"
She smiled, showing surprisingly tiny white teeth, like a baby's, swaddled in pink gums. She said "Esmeralda Ulloa, I would hope that you know me. But I doubt you do."
I rocked back on my heels as she leaned in close, her black eyes snapping. "Tell your uncle I have what he's looking for," she said softly. "And if he asks me nicely, I might give it to him." She smiled again. "I'd rather give it to you, though. If you ask. #Quote by Elise Forier Edie
Snapping Best quotes by Megan Hart
#3. Elliott took a long, deep breath. "Look. We seem to have had a misunderstanding.…"

"Really?" Eyes snapping fire, Simone faced him. "Really. A misunderstanding. What part of 'I don't want to see you again, and I don't want you to come to my office' did I misunderstand? Because it seemed pretty fucking crystal to me."

He winced. "No. That part was right. #Quote by Megan Hart
Snapping Best quotes by Connie Willis
#4. I was on a walking tour of Oxford colleges once with a group of bored and unimpressable tourists. They yawned at Balliol's quad, T.E. Lawrence's and Churchill's portraits, and the blackboard Einstein wrote his E=mc2 on. Then the tour guide said, 'And this is the Bridge of Sighs, where Lord Peter proposed (in Latin) to Harriet,' and everyone suddenly came to life and began snapping pictures. Such is the power of books. #Quote by Connie Willis
Snapping Best quotes by D.H. Sidebottom
#5. I am here to fuck you. To take whatever depraved act you want to enact. I am here to feed from your merciless lust, and to quench the undying thirst for degradation you have." Snapping out of his shock, he laughed. #Quote by D.H. Sidebottom
Snapping Best quotes by George Eliot
#6. A man with an affectionate disposition, who finds a wife to concur with his fundamental idea of life, easily comes to persuade himself that no other woman would have suited him so well, and does a little daily snapping and quarreling without any sense of alienation. #Quote by George Eliot
Snapping Best quotes by Steven Klein
#7. The funny thing is that I almost find it more difficult now to take a still picture than to be behind a moving camera. I'm just so much more inspired and comfortable and confident when I have that whole operation going. I feel more connected. Snapping a moment doesn't seem relevant to me anymore. #Quote by Steven Klein
Snapping Best quotes by Darynda Jones
#8. Valencia's men scrambled to help their boss, but Reyes had been chomping at the bit long enough. He let loose. Got into a couple of fistfights for the fun of it before snapping necks one by one. They didn't know what hit them. Then again, their deaths were merciful compared to what they did to their victims. Their eternal damnations following death, however, would be another story. I #Quote by Darynda Jones
Snapping Best quotes by Dorothy Wordsworth
#9. Every question was like the snapping of a little thread about my heart. #Quote by Dorothy Wordsworth
Snapping Best quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#10. Taking deep breaths, I gathered my power until I could feel it crackling in my fingertips. "Let him go!" I commanded in what I hoped was my most "I am a powerful demon" voice. Probably would've been better if my voice hadn't cracked on the last word. I released the magic in my hands, which felt kind of like snapping a giant rubber band.
A bolt of power flew from my fingertips, crashing into a nearby tree with a thunderous crack. There was a bright flash like lightning, and a branch fell to the ground. The ghouls startled, which meant the one holding Archer jerked his head back even farther. The smallest one made a noise that might have been distress, but they certainly didn't seem under my control.
And they weren't letting Archer go.
Okay, so my first experiment with necromancy was an epic fail.Take two.
I fought panic and frustration. Shooting off my magic at the ghouls was no good, but what else was I supposed to try? "Think,Sophie," I muttered under my breath.
"Yeah,please do that," Archer replied, his voice slightly strangled. The ghoul holding him had wrapped a hand around Archer's throat. The thing's expression wasn't threatening, just curious, like he was little kid trying to see what would happen if he just kept squeezing.
I slammed my eyes shut. Okay, they were dead. Yucky dead things. That smelled like-okay, those thoughts were not helpful. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Snapping Best quotes by Debra Anastasia
#11. Well, I got to get out of this uniform. But Kyle, just a word, you've been snapping and harping at everyone trying to help you with this wedding, and you need to knock that off. Everyone knows when they're being a bitch." He looked pointedly at his daughter.
Livia patted her sister's shoulder. "It's true. You're being a bitch."
Kyle threw the floral catalog at her as she headed downstairs. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Snapping Best quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#12. I knew his face when he came. Of course I knew it. Even a Star dreams. I have been dreaming a long time, and I watched the glittering cord of that man's life spool out until it intersected with mine, and how the sparks lit the grass at my feet! I looked at this man and thought: Oh, how we are going to hurt each other. But Stars, you know, are fixed in their courses, and we can no more change the throttling paces of orbit than a rabbit can shorten its ears. I saw his cord lashing and snapping in the dark, and could do nothing. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Snapping Best quotes by Tyler Knott Gregson
#13. Somewhere
thinks they love
someone else
exactly like
love you.
someone shakes
from the ripple
of a thousand butterflies
inside a
single stomach.
is packing their
to see the world
with someone
is reaching through
the most
terrifying few
feet of space
to hold the
of someone
is watching
someone else's
rise and fall
with the
of slumber.
is pouring
ink like blood
onto pages
to say the truth
that has
no words.
is waiting
but exhausted
to just
with someone
is opening
their eyes
to a sunrise
in someplace
they have never
is pulling out
the petals
twisting the
apple stem
picking up
the heads up penny
rubbing the
rabbits foot
knocking on
coins into
hunting for
the only clover
with only 4 leaves
skipping over
the cracks
snapping the
crossing their
blowing out
the candles
sending dandelio #Quote by Tyler Knott Gregson
Snapping Best quotes by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
#14. 1. A question is a prayer to one's self.
2. Wars prove that the past will destroy the future.
3. The heart of darkness will bestow either holiness or madness. A voice from the depths of the gloomy loneliness of the soul will bestow an amazing observer philosophy.
4. Abstract transformations of chance prove that there is no order and will not even be in high culture.
5. The heart of reality beats in the rhythm of verses and music of beatniks, endless improvisations of opinions are like gloomy but romantic apathy of jazz - these are timid steps to the truth, as if connecting usb wires of the logic of various people, we are connected to eternity in eternal unity, we learn the common self of humanity. Exhaling cigarette smoke looking into the future with black glasses, fear that does not see terror in our eyes, he sees through glasses only courage and courage where we seem to take the last leap into the abyss of inevitability. A ray of light hits in the distance, we go to the end from dawn to dawn, snapping our fingers, we go to the climax of truth coming out of the fog of self-deception, breathing in the air of freedom from illusions, we where there are no screens of annoying instincts and other vices of self-destruction.
6. Advertising is the harshest dictator of values.
7. Accident is communication with reality.
8. Socialization is the slavery of self-deception.
9. Loneliness is music in the soul that voices feelings and emotions permeat #Quote by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Snapping Best quotes by A.E. Via
#15. Make love to me, Syn." Furi turned slightly and Syn captured his mouth in a passionate kiss. He didn't release Furi's mouth as he withdrew to the head of his dick and slowly slid back in, snapping his hips with the last inch. Furi's back bowed at the move. "Yes! Like that!" he shouted. Syn repeated it exactly how Furi liked it, keeping the pace slow and tight. The gentle waves that rocked the boat aided Syn's rhythm. Furi began to thrust his ass back against him and Syn's eyes rolled. "I'm gonna fuckin' come," Syn groaned, his voice sounding tortured, like Furi was killing him softly. "I need to see you." Syn pulled out slowly, gripping the base of his cock. He rose up so Furi could turn over. The look on Furi's face was his undoing. So much love and adoration shone back at him, reflecting his own feelings like a mirror. Furi spread his legs and Syn took one thigh and pulled it up high, wrapping it around his back. He locked eyes with his lover and buried back inside. "Unh. #Quote by A.E. Via
Snapping Best quotes by Paige Tyler
#16. He went back to snapping pictures, this time getting close-ups of each SWAT member. "The ones who're only interested in muscular men who kick in doors and shoot things." Her lips twitched. "Versus men who do what? Take pictures and eavesdrop on police scanners?" "And program their own phone apps," he told her. "Trust me. That skill is in high demand these days. #Quote by Paige Tyler
Snapping Best quotes by Jane Glazer
#17. Final Disposition

Others divided closets full of mother's things.
From the earth, I took her poppies.
I wanted those fandango folds
of red and black chiffon she doted on,
loving the wild and Moorish music of them,
coating her tongue with the thin skin
of their crimson petals.

Snapping her fingers, flamenco dancer,
she'd mock the clack of castanets
in answer to their gypsy cadence.
She would crouch toward the flounce of flowers,
twirl, stamp her foot, then kick it out
as if to lift the ruffles, scarlet
along the hemline of her yard.

And so, I dug up, soil and all,
the thistle-toothed and gray-green clumps
of leaves, the testicle seedpods and hairy stems
both out of season, to transplant them in my less-exotic garden. There, they bloom
her blood's abandon, year after year,
roots holding, their poppy heads nodding
a carefree, opium-ecstatic, possibly forever sleep. #Quote by Jane Glazer
Snapping Best quotes by Roxanne Snopek
#18. What do you think?" she asked, snapping him out of his reverie. "How am I doing?"...
He squatted down beside her. "You did a good job."
Their knees touched but instead of pulling away, Sam held her position, pressing ever so slightly against him.
"Really." Her voice took on a teasing tone. "Or are you just saying that because I'm a drywall virgin and you want me to have good memories about my first time? #Quote by Roxanne Snopek
Snapping Best quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#19. In every corridor Parwana would see men's eyes snapping to attention when Masooma passed by. She saw their efforts to behave matter-of-factly, but their gazes lingered, helpless to tear away. If Masooma glanced in their direction, they looked idiotically privileged. They imagined they had shared a moment with her. She interrupted conversations midsentence, smokers mid-drag. She was the trembler of knees, the spiller of teacups. Some days it was all too much for Masooma, as if she was almost ashamed, and she told Parwana she wanted to stay inside all day, wanted not to be looked at. On those days, Parwana thought it was as though, somewhere deep inside, her sister understood dimly that her beauty was a weapon. A loaded gun, with the barrel pointed at her own head. Most days, however, the attention seemed to please her. Most days, she relished her power to derail a man's thoughts with a single fleeting but strategic smile, to make tongues falter over words. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Snapping Best quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#20. Victor Noir. He was a journalist shot by Pierre Bonaparte," St. Clair says, as if that explains anything. He pulls The Hat up off his eyes. "The statue on his grave is supposed to help...fertility."
"His wang us rubbed shiny," Josh elaborates. "For luck."
"Why are we talking about parts again?" Mer asks. "Can't we ever talk about anything else?"
"Really?" I ask. "Shiny wang?"
"Very," St. Clair says.
"Now that's something I've gotta see." I gulp my coffee dregs, wipe the bread crumbs from my mouth, and hop up. "Where's Victor?"
"Allow me." St. Clair springs up to his feet and takes off. I chase after him. He cuts through a stand of bare trees, and I crash through the twigs behind him. We're both laughing when we hit the pathway and run smack into a guard. He frowns at us from underneath his military-style cap. St. Clair gives an angelic smile and a small shrug. The guard shakes his head but allows us to pass.
St. Clair gets away with everything.
We stroll with exaggerated calm, and he points out an area occupied with people snapping pictures.We hang back and wait our turn. A scrawny black cat darts out from behind an altar strewn with roses and wine bottles,and rushes into the bushes.
"Well.That was sufficiently creepy. Happy Halloween."
"Did you know this place is home to three thousand cats?" St. Clair asks.
"Sure.It's filed away in my brain under 'Felines,Paris. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Snapping Best quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#21. I'm not snapping," I snapped. #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Snapping Best quotes by Georges Perec
#22. Sometimes Valène dreamt of cataclysms and tempests, of whirlwinds that would carry the whole house off like a wisp of straw and display the infinite marvels of the solar system to its shipwrecked inhabitants; or that an unseen crack would run through the building from top to bottom, like a shiver, and with a long, deep, snapping sound it would open in two and be slowly swallowed up in an indescribable yawning chasm; then hordes would overrun it, bleary-eyed monsters, giant insects with steel mandibles, blind termites, great white worms with insatiable mouths: the wood would crumble, the stone would turn to sand, the cupboards would collapse under their own weight, all would return to dust. But no. Only these shabby squabbles over buckets and tubs, over matches and sinks. And behind that ever-closed door the morbid gloom of that slow revenge, that ponderous business of two senile monomaniacs churning over their feigned histories and their wretched traps and snares. #Quote by Georges Perec
Snapping Best quotes by Ernest Vincent Wright
#23. All that did a big lot toward showing Youth that this big world is 'not half bad,' if adults will but watch, aid, and coach. And I will not stand anybody's snapping at a child! Particularly a tiny tot. If you think that you must snap, snap at a child so big as to snap back. I don't sanction 'talking back' to adults, but, ha, ha! #Quote by Ernest Vincent Wright
Snapping Best quotes by Monty Jay
#24. She's the only person who knows all of me. Who gets to see every single piece of me. The one person who makes my days a little more vivid. I place my forehead on hers, snapping at her bottom lip.
"You, Valor Sullivan, are what magic is made of. #Quote by Monty Jay
Snapping Best quotes by Charlie Brooker
#25. On clubbers: They were all photographing themselves. In fact, that's all they seemed to be doing. Standing around in expensive clothes, snapping away with phones and cameras. One pose after another, as though they needed to prove their own existence, right there, in the moment. Crucially, this seemed to be the reason they were there in the first place. There was very little dancing. Just pouting and flashbulbs. #Quote by Charlie Brooker
Snapping Best quotes by Angela Panayotopulos
#26. He was not her sole companion. She had her demons, too.

You can't run from them, as Lexi discovered. Changing cities doesn't help either; you carry them along inside you. You just wake up one day, fed up, and decide to snuggle with them instead. You invite them along as you go about your day, balancing them on your shoulder as you would a toddler, but with very strict conditions: You will not set fire to my hair. You will not take candy from strangers. You will not tie me up in chains while I sleep. You will behave.

And Lexi's demons, allowed to come close, sat on her shoulder. They waved to the angels perched on her other shoulder and struck up a conversation with Lexi.

'What's that noise?' her demons asked, sidling close to her ear.

'Oh, that?' Lexi massaged her temples. 'It's the air whistling through the hole in my heart.'

'You're afraid,' they taunted.

'I am,' she admitted. 'Afraid of the sky falling. Afraid of the tight-rope snapping. Afraid I can't dance well enough on the edge. Afraid there are no hands to steady my body. Afraid of hands that wish to cage my heart.'

'Coward,' the demons goaded. #Quote by Angela Panayotopulos
Snapping Best quotes by Oscar Wilde
#27. It was winter, and a night of bitter cold. The snow lay thick upon the ground, and upon the branches of the trees: the frost kept snapping the little twigs on either side of them, as they passed: and when they came to the Mountain-Torrent she was hanging motionless in air, for the Ice-King had kissed her. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Snapping Best quotes by Rick Riordan
#28. If you've seen a crab's mouth, all foamy and gross with whiskers and snapping bits, you can imagine this one didn't look any better blown up to billboard size. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Snapping Best quotes by Christina Henry
#29. Alice could not see his face as she crammed cake into her mouth, and the Rabbit laughed and stroked her braid with his white hands, saying, Pretty little Alice. We'll make you fine and plump, won't we, pretty girl? Pretty Alice.
Alice. Alice.
His hand on her braid, wrapping around it, pulling her head back so she could look into his eyes, his blue-green eyes so angry... eyes snapping, hand pulling her hair until she cried, his voice cracking like a whip, Where do you think you're off to, pretty Alice?
Alice. Alice. #Quote by Christina Henry
Snapping Best quotes by Kandi Steiner
#30. And just like that, I'd taken my first shot. I didn't tell Jamie it was my first one, I didn't think I needed to. I wanted to hate it, to detest it, to grimace and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and reach for a chaser. But we set the glasses back on the counter slowly, our fingers brushing, and Jamie's eyes were on my lips where leftover whiskey remained. My tongue traced the liquid, and he inhaled stiffly, eyes snapping up to mine.

Cat, meet mouse. #Quote by Kandi Steiner
Snapping Best quotes by Veronica Roth
#31. Good," Akos said, and he swept a pile of dried harva leaves into the water. "Now do that about a hundred more times and it will start to feel easy."
"Only one hundred? Here I thought this was going to be time-consuming," I said with a sideways glance at him. Instead of rolling his eyes at me, or snapping, he smiled a little.
"I'll trade you a hundred hushflower slices for a hundred of the push-ups you're making me do," he said.
I pointed the hushflower-stained knife at him. "One day you'll thank me."
"Me, thank a Noavek? Never. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Snapping Best quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#32. Mom! Look. This one is my favorite," Devin said, pulling out a faded pink dress with a red plaid sash. The crinoline petticoat underneath was so old and stiff it made snapping sounds, like beads or fire embers. She dropped the dress over her head, over her clothes. It brushed the floor. "When I'm old enough for it to fit me, I'm going to wear it with purple shoes," she said.
"A bold choice," Kate said as Devin dove back into the trunk. The attic in Kate's mother's house had always fascinated Devin with its promise of hidden treasures. When Kate's mother had been alive, she had let Devin eat Baby Ruth candy bars and drink grape soda and play in this old trunk full of dresses that generations of Morris women had worn to try entice rich men to marry them. Most of the clothes had belonged to Kate's grandmother Marilee, a renowned beauty who, like all the rest, had fallen in love with a poor man instead. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Snapping Best quotes by Elissa Washuta
#33. Call it dysphoric mania, agitated depression, or a mixed state: nobody will understand anyway. Mania and depression at once mean the will to die and the motivation to make it happen. This is why mixed states are the most dangerous periods of mood disorders. Tearfulness and racing thoughts happen. So do agitation and guilt, fatigue and morbidity and dread. Walking late at night, trying to get murdered, happens. Trying to explain a bipolar mixed state is like trying to explain the Holy Trinity, three persons in one God: you just have to take it on faith when I tell you that the poles bend, cross, never snapping. #Quote by Elissa Washuta
Snapping Best quotes by Barry Pomeroy
#34. In a moment a world will lose its focus and become a different place. They say that blind people have been struck by their affliction without warning, and that Helen Keller found language and light in a word. For me, I suddenly knew, viscerally at least, a number of things about my town that I'd only ever suspected. The dog was a girl. The dog was a native girl. I dug her out of the snow with more care than I'd ever lifted a porcupine or a snapping rat, and feeling that she was still somewhat warm, that her wrappings of rags had protected her from the cold of a Manitoba winter, I placed my jacket around her and covered her head with my hat. Then I set a pace back to the farm that left a taste of blood in my mouth, freezing my lungs by running at minus thirty. #Quote by Barry Pomeroy
Snapping Best quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#35. I've got it!" he declared suddenly, snapping his fingers in triumph.
"Take your knickers off."
"What?" Did that mean what I think it did?
"Your knickers. You know - panties, underwear, muff-huggers, nasty nets - #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Snapping Best quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#36. It's a finger snapping kind of day. #Quote by Coco J. Ginger
Snapping Best quotes by Kate Southwood
#37. The light stretches away from the windows as if it is bent on getting away, much the way Mae sees her shadow toiling outside of an afternoon, stretching itself out long and thin on the pavement in different directions by turns as if by perseverance alone it will one day surprise them both by snapping and rolling away. #Quote by Kate Southwood
Snapping Best quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#38. For when Philippe, with his snapping eyes and his wild ways, left Savannah forever, he took with him the glow that was in Ellen's heart and left for the bandy-legged little Irishman who married her only a gentle shell. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Snapping Best quotes by Connie Suttle
#39. What do you think he looks like - when he's a werewolf? I gotta tell you, that Winkler dude scared the heck out of me." Winkler had become a huge, solid black wolf with gleaming golden eyes.

"He wouldn't have growled if Philip hadn't tried to touch him," Bryce pointed out.

"Philip's an ass."

"A general consensus," Bryce sighed. "I don't know that there's any hope for him. Can you see him working at Easy-Stop someday?"

It started as a snicker, but soon Keith was lying on his side and laughing uncontrollably. He could easily see Philip snapping rudely at the customers of a self-serve gas station and convenience store. #Quote by Connie Suttle
Snapping Best quotes by C.M. Stunich
#40. Please don't sing and dance," I whisper, but it's too late. He's snapping his fingers and doing this sexy groove to the music. It should look really stupid - and it kind of does - but with his tight abs and his tattoos and piercings, it's really just...precious. #Quote by C.M. Stunich

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