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Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Simmons
#1. There has to be more than this," I said. The doctor looked up from his grim work with a bemused smile. "Is there?" he said. "Please show me." He lifted the man's heart and seemed to weigh it in one hand. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Nora Sakavic
#2. Then go," Dan said. When Nathaniel looked back at her, she stressed, "But come back to us as soon as they're done with you, okay? We'll figure this out as a team." "As a family." Nicky attempted a smile. It was weak, but it was encouraging. This had to be a cruel dream. Their forgiveness threatened to burn Nathaniel up from the inside-out, as healing as it was damning. He didn't deserve their friendship or their trust. He'd never be able to repay them for rallying behind him like this. He could try the rest of his life, however long it was going to be now that Stuart was in the picture and Nathan was out, and he'd always fall short. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Simmons
#3. But, Dad ... " She hesitated. "It will mean raising me all over again. It means suffering through my childhood for a third time. No parent should be asked to do that."
Sol managed a smile. "No parent would refuse that, Rachel. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Wells
#4. I cursed him then, not because his tears were fake, but because they were real. I cursed him for showing me, with every tear and every smile and every sincere emotion he had, that I was the real freak. #Quote by Dan Wells
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Rhodes
#5. Inside all of us, she reflected, were smiling bones. She would do her best to remember from now on that even on the hardest days there was always a smile underneath her skin. #Quote by Dan Rhodes
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Marquesate
#6. Dan reached out, his hand rested on the other's abs, under the blankets. Felt heat creep from the skin, feeding it back again. "How long did they have you? You look like a fair few beatings at least."
Vadim looked down at his body, tensed the muscle to keep that weight there, nice and snug. "Two days. Like weekend with in-laws, eh?" Tried a smile. "Bad food, and they hate you."
Nodding, Dan's eyes narrowed, could just about imagine what it had been like. "I don't take kindly to those who try to take away from me what is mine. #Quote by Marquesate
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Krokos
#7. Peter smiles at me, shaking his head. Behind the smile I can see he's scared as I am. Blood drips onto his lips. "You never did listen to my orders," he said.
I smiled back. "Aren't you glad you'll have company? #Quote by Dan Krokos
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Brown
#8. Ah, yes" Langdon said with a knowing smile. "Who better than a bunch of celibate octogeneraians to tell the world how to have sex?"
Sinskey was liking the professor more and more every second. #Quote by Dan Brown
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Buettner
#9. Eat your vegetables, have a positive outlook, be kind to people, and smile - Kamada Nakasato, 102-y/o-female fr. Okinawa #Quote by Dan Buettner
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Simmons
#10. Tyrena did not laugh again but her smile slashed upward in a twist of green lips. "Martin, Martin, Martin," she said, "the population of literate people has been declining steadily since Gutenberg's day. By the twentieth century, less than two percent of the people in the so-called industrialized democracies read even one book a year. And that was before the smart machines, dataspheres, and user-friendly environments. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Jude Watson
#11. Amy felt her phone vibrate. She held it up. It was from Ian.
Amy shoved the phone back in her pocket. "Just pretend to be Ian," she told Dan. #Quote by Jude Watson
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Penny Reid
#12. I'm gonna give you some unsolicited advice, okay?" Dan peered at me, as though making sure I knew to take his words seriously. "But it's good advice, even though I'm tired as hell, so it might not make much sense."
"Sure. Go for it." Even in my muddled state, I couldn't help but smile at my friend.
"You like that guy, you tell him flat out. You just lay what you want and everything out there. Don't waste time not saying things that need to be said. He'll always be in your mind, wrecking the possibility of things with other people, because your heart can't move on until it knows for sure a door is closed."
I managed a reassuring smile. "Thanks for the ad - "
"But then, if the door opens, make sure it's the right door, not a different door. Because then you'll be in the room, but it's not the right room. And then you're stuck in the room, you've committed to the room, and you'd be an asshole for trying a new door in the same house when you're already in a room. And then your fucking heart won't stop looking for a window. #Quote by Penny Reid
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Skinner
#13. Forgive me for my sappiness, but it's the only means I have to convey the molecular destruction I experienced caught in the vision of his smile. #Quote by Dan Skinner
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Wells
#14. Hello, Bradley,' said Mom. She'd regained her composure after my outburst, and now raised her camera. 'Stand close.'
'No, Mom,' I said. 'No pictures.'
'But you're friend's here now,' she said, waving us together. 'Smile!'
'I don't need a picture with-' the flash snapped '-another guy. That's great, Mom, thank you. Send that one to Dad and tell him we're going steady. #Quote by Dan Wells
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Jude Watson
#15. Dan was doing his best Ian Kabra impersonation, looking around the store as though inspecting it for cockroaches. Amy tried to turn her snort of laughter into a cough.
"Espresso?" The saleswoman materialized seemingly out of nowhere. Amy realized that the full-length mirror on the wall was actually a door.
If she were Amy Cahill, she would blush and shake her head no, just because she didn't want to cause any bother. She imagined what Natalie Kabra would do.
"Tea. Darjeeling," she said in a curt tone.
"Oh, not Darjeeling, sis," Dan said. "That's just so middle class."
"Lapsang souchong?" the saleswoman asked.
"I just adored his last collection," Dan said.
The woman's tight smile dimmed. "That's a tea. #Quote by Jude Watson
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Peter Lerangis
#16. Ian nodded. Do not question her, he told himself. Not when she is in a state like this.
Still, it was a pity to attack them with such force. Especially the girl, Amy. He'd never met anyone like her. Shy. Gentle. With an exciting edge of hostility. So unlike the girls back home, who flung themselves at him so often that his chauffeurs traveled with first-aid kits.
Doesn't she know better? Isn't she smart enough to stop the hunt?
It was the boy and the au pair. He was a pint-sized hothead. She was a collection of piercings and piggishness. If only Amy and Dan had stayed trapped in the cave in Seoul, at least long enough to get discouraged. Why did they antagonize Mother?
They don't know what it's like to live with her.
"Right you are," Ian said. "They're asking for it. Heaven forbid they listen to the brains of the outfit."
"And that would be–?" Isabel asked.
Ian looked away. "Well, the sister, I'd say. Amy."
He felt a smile inching across his face.
"Ian?" His mother grabbed his wrist. "If you are having the inkling of a shadow of a thought..."
"Mother!" Ian could feel the blood rushing to his face. "How could you suspect for a moment...? #Quote by Peter Lerangis
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Gina Marinello-Sweeney
#17. And that," Peter said with a smile once again
directed at his brother, "says more than you may
think. I rather miss the days when Paddington and
Pooh bears walked about."

"And picnics were to be had," Little Dan added. #Quote by Gina Marinello-Sweeney
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Rhodes
#18. Her smile put the moon to shame. #Quote by Dan Rhodes
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Fogelberg
#19. A simple smile, a tender touch, speaks the true language of love. #Quote by Dan Fogelberg
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Simmons
#20. Hell is also the memory of starving children in the slums of Armaghast and the smile of politicians sending boys off to die in colonial wars. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#21. Vadim smiled. "I'm not meeting him. We'll be friends."
Dan still didn't say anything, just nodded, the smile still there, then turned and walked through the living room and onto the patio, all the way through the French windows. Looking out over the old orchard and the mountains when Vadim got to his side, reaching over to take Dan's hand. Worth it. A thousand times. Any sacrifice, from the small ones to the big ones, and Dan turns his head, looking fully at him, while the smile grew. He didn't need to say anything, didn't have to voice the "I love you". It was there, unsaid, yet outspoken.
Fourteen years, they didn't come cheap. #Quote by Aleksandr Voinov
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Megan Hart
#22. I have seen clouds part for the sun. I have seen rainbows. I have seen flowers in the morning, covered in dew, and I have seen sunsets so brilliant with fire they made me want to weep. And I have seen Dan smile at me, his lips still wet from my kiss, and if I had to choose which sight moved me the most I would say it was that one. #Quote by Megan Hart
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Winston Groom
#23. Dear Forrest,
I am sorry there was no time for us to speech other before I left. The doctors made their decision quickly, and before I knew it, I was being taken away, but I asked if I could stop long enough to write you this note, because you have been so kind to me whileI was here.
I sense, Forrest, that you are on the verge of something very significant in your life, some change, or event that will move you in a different direction, and you must seize the moment, and not let it pass. When I think back on it now, there is something in your eyes, some tiny flash of fire that comes now and then, mostly when you smile, and , on those infrequent occasions, I believe what I saw was almost a Genesis of our ability as humans to think, to create, to be.
This war is to for you, old pal - nor me - and I am well out of it as I'm sure you will be in time. The crucial question is, what will you do? I don't think you're an idiot at all. Perhaps by the measure of tests or the judgement of fools, you might fall into some category or other, but deep down, Forrest, I have seen that glowing sparkle of curiosity burning deep in your mind. Take the tide, my friend, and as you are carried along, make it work for you, fight the shallows and the snags and never give up. You are a good fellow, forrest, and you have a big heart.
Your pal,
Dan #Quote by Winston Groom
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Penny Reid
#24. Dan was shorter than me, especially as I was wearing sky blue silk stilettos. He appeared to be my age or a few years older,stocky, and thick necked with swirling tattoos just visible beneath the blue collar of his uniform.Dan gave me a plain once over as he walked me to an elevator and placed his palm against a glass screen. The screen retracted to reveal keypad. Dan then punched in a series of numbers and he said- "You're very big."I gave him a cursory smile, "Yes. I ate all my vegetables as a child. #Quote by Penny Reid
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Cummins
#25. The next time you and somebody are in an elevator alone, give them the creepiest stare followed by the creepiest smile ever. While they're leaving, give them a crazy laugh and say, 'It was a meet to pleasure you'. #Quote by Dan Cummins
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Gilbert Morris
#26. Ardon was greeted by several of the members of the tribe of Dan. They were an unruly, quarrelsome group, and Ardon remembered the prophecy that Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, had given on his deathbed. He had identified the nature of each of his sons, and of Dan he had said, "Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse's heels so that its rider tumbles backward." A grim smile touched Ardon's broad lips. "Old Jacob got it right that time. Dan has some good soldiers, but they are not to be trusted. #Quote by Gilbert Morris
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan John
#27. Come, enter into my imagination and see me as I truly am. #Quote by Dan John
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#28. He cocked his head. "I've never been with a witch."
Let her rip out his throat for that. End it.
A row of iron fangs snapped down over teeth as her smile grew."I've been with plenty of men. you're all the same. Taste the same." She looked over as if he were her next meal. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Judith McNaught
#29. Sheridan bit back a teary smile at his quip, afraid to believe him, afraid to trust him, and unable to stop herself because she loved him. "Look at me," Stephen said, tipping her chin up again, and this time her glorious eyes looked into his. "I have several reasons for asking you to walk into that chapel, where there is a vicar waiting for us, but guilt is not among them. I also have several things to ask of you before you agree to go in there with me."

"What sort of things?"

"I would like you to give me daughters with your hair and your spirit," he said, beginning to enumerate his reasons and requests. "I would like my sons to have your eyes and your courage. Now, if that's not what you want, then give me any combination you like, and I will humbly thank you for giving me any child we make."

Happiness began to spread through Sheridan until it was so intense she ached from it. "I want to change your name," he said with a tender smile, "so there's no doubt who you are ever again, or who you belong to." He slid his hands up and down her arms, looking directly into her eyes. "I want the right to share your bed tonight and every night from this day onward. I want to make you moan in my arms again, and I want to wake up wrapped in yours."

He shifted his hands and cradled her cheeks, his thumbs brushing away two tears at the edges of her shimmering eyes. "Last of all, I want to hear you say 'I love you' every day of my life. If you aren' #Quote by Judith McNaught
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Terrence Howard
#30. The most important thing I can teach my kids is that you can't put your value in looks. Presence is based upon magnitude. You can pretend to have an air about you but it is quickly deflated, you cannot deflate presence. Presence walks into a room and surrounds and fills anything that's in that room without trying to demand it, it takes over. It can come from a smile. Like I said, love makes you beautiful. What is beautiful radiates. #Quote by Terrence Howard
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Lisa Kessler
#31. He raised a brow at another abrupt change in the conversation. "Are you disappointed I couldn't dodge a couple bullets?"
A real smile teased her lips as she lowered her coffee mug. "On the contrary, I'm a sucker for a guy with scars, so for your protection, we should probably stick to the case. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#32. A woman imagines what she wants, and plans mentally for the transition. She gathers strength to prepare for the emotional challenges in her life that lie ahead. Conflicts try to break her stride but although she is filled with pain, she still walks with confidence, and with a smile on her face.
When there is a world of distractions and difficult decisions to make, when a woman finds herself straying off the tracks, she will not feel defeated.
She is courageous!
She is victorious!
She is a pioneer! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Laken Cane
#33. He hesitated, and his smile was a little too sad, "Sometimes, you're careful about the wrong things. #Quote by Laken Cane
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by John Steinbeck
#34. For Rose of Sharon was pregnant and careful. Her hair, braided and wrapped around her head, made an ash-blond crown. Her round soft face, which had been voluptuous and inviting a few months ago, had already put on the barrier of pregnancy, the self-sufficient smile, the knowing perfection-look; and her plump body - full soft breasts and stomach, hard hips and buttocks that had swung so freely and provocatively as to invite slapping and stroking - her whole body had become demure and serious. Her whole thought and action were directed inward on the baby. She balanced on her toes now, for the baby's sake. And the world was pregnant to her; she thought only in terms of reproduction and of motherhood. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#35. It took me a moment. I blinked, and suddenly it swam into focus and I had to frown very hard to keep myself from giggling out loud like the schoolgirl Deb had accused me of being.
Because he had arranged the arms and legs in letters, and the letters spelled out a single small word: BOO.
The three torsos were carefully arranged below the BOO in a quarter-circle, making a cute little Halloween smile.
What a scamp. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Hampton Sides
#36. Yet Wallace and other segregationists created an inflamed environment in which a confused but also ambitious man like Ray could think it was permissible, perhaps even noble, to murder King. The signals Ray was picking up enabled him to believe that society would smile on his crime. What #Quote by Hampton Sides
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Harris
#37. But it was in this moment, lying in bed late at night, that I first realized that the voice in my head - the running commentary that had dominated my field of consciousness since I could remember - was kind of an asshole. #Quote by Dan Harris
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by James M. Beggs
#38. Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available. #Quote by James M. Beggs
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Danielle Banas
#39. Then finally, he smiled. A wide, bright smile that could extinguish the sun and knock the moon right out of orbit. #Quote by Danielle Banas
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Dan Ariely
#40. While we somehow understand revenge on an intuitive level between individuals, I do suspect that companies, assuming that people are rational, completely miss and underestimate the motivation people have for revenge. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Rachel Vincent
#41. Did he show himself?" Nash asked, and I glanced to my right to see him staring at my father, as fascinated as I was.
My dad nodded. "He was an arrogant little demon."
"So what happened?" I asked.
"I punched him."
For a moment, we stared at him in silence. "You punched the reaper?" I asked, and my hand fell from the strainer onto the edge of the sink.
"Yeah." He chuckled at the memory, and his grin brought out one of my own. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen my father smile. "Broke his nose. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Timothy Keller
#42. If I have the smile of God, all other frowns are inconsequential. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Anne Bishop
#43. Jaenelle woke up in a similar mood," Lucivar said mildly. "Must have been an interesting night." "Nothing happened," Daemon growled as he swiped his hair back. "Nothing physical," Lucivar said. "But I've danced with the Sadist enough times to recognize him when I see him." Daemon just waited. Lucivar's lips curled into that lazy, arrogant smile. "Welcome to Kaeleer, brother," he said softly. "It's good to have you back." He paused at the bathroom door. "I'll bring you a cup of coffee. That and a hot shower ought to wake you up enough. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by B. J. Daniels
#44. Did I catch you at a bad time?" she asked as a few moments passed without either of them speaking.
He mentally shook himself out of his reverie. "Sorry, you looked so..."
"Cold?" she suggested with a smile. #Quote by B. J. Daniels
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Barbara Roberts
#45. The very sight of a teapot puts a smile on the face of most people. One cannot help but think of more serene and genteel times. From a whimsical child's teapot to an elegant English Teapot, to collectible teapots that adorn some homes, they are a subtle reminder of all that is good in this world. #Quote by Barbara Roberts
Smile Dan Terjemahan quotes by Anonymous
#46. Many people say he's plain- well, perhaps he is. But then, perhaps they've never seen the way his eyes flash when his face lights up with that smile of his. His smile- it's like a sudden flash of lightening across a stormy summer sky. Powerful, more than a little dangerous- but so wildly beautiful. And they have never heard the way his voice can roll, like the sea. Gentle at times, fierce at times, but always so deep and and sure. Perhaps they don't see it because he dosen't show them... or perhaps he dosen't show them because they wouldn't see. But I do. And so, I can never think him plain. ~H.D. #Quote by Anonymous

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