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Small Rooms quotes by Will Schwalbe
#1. Connelly writes, "As long as there is paper, people will write, secretly, in small rooms, in the hidden chambers of their minds, just as people whisper the words they're forbidden to speak aloud." In #Quote by Will Schwalbe
Small Rooms quotes by Bryan Batt
#2. My mantra is, 'Don't be afraid of color.' What did it do to you? Do a color testing in alternate kinds of light you desire in the room because the pigment will change. And I refuse to believe that pale pale or white colors in a small room will buy you more square footage. Go with color all the way. #Quote by Bryan Batt
Small Rooms quotes by Arnold Joseph Toynbee
#3. America is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair. #Quote by Arnold Joseph Toynbee
Small Rooms quotes by Lauren Mayberry
#4. I quite like being removed from the industry stuff so that when we're not on tour and we're writing, we're in a small room and you can't get out physically. I like that mental checking-out aspect - I think it's quite nice. #Quote by Lauren Mayberry
Small Rooms quotes by Maria Semple
#5. More relevant was the cover sheet, which set forth the psychological profile of candidates best suited to withstand the extreme conditions at the South Pole. They are "individuals with blasé attitudes and antisocial tendencies," and people who " feel comfortable spending lots of time alone in small rooms," "don't feel the need to get outside and excercise," and the kicker, "can go long stretches without showering."

For the past twenty years I've been in training for overwintering at the South Pole! I knew I was up to something. #Quote by Maria Semple
Small Rooms quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#6. Small rooms and dwellings set the mind on the right path, large ones cause it to go astray. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Small Rooms quotes by Karen Chance
#7. Louis-Cesare's anger suddenly filled the small room like water, and in a heartbeat his eyes went from silver tinged to as solid as two antique coins.
I sat frozen, awash in a sea of power. I was beginning to understand why Mircea had wanted him along, only Daddy had failed to mention anything about the hair-trigger temper. I guess he assumed the red hair would clue me in. #Quote by Karen Chance
Small Rooms quotes by Annie Dillard
#8. It should surprise no one that the life of the writer
such as it is
is colorless to the point of sensory deprivation. Many writers do little else but sit in small rooms recalling the real world. This explains why so many books describe the author's childhood. A writer's childhood may well have been the occasion of his only firsthand experience. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Small Rooms quotes by Roddy Doyle
#9. If there is a heaven, Jane Austen is sitting in a small room with Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, listening to Duran Duran, forever. If there's a hell, she's standing. #Quote by Roddy Doyle
Small Rooms quotes by Billy Corgan
#10. If I had spent fourteen months in a small room with Jesus, I'd want to fist fight with him. #Quote by Billy Corgan
Small Rooms quotes by Charles Bukowski
#11. It is so dark now with the sadness of
they were tricked, they were taught to expect the
ultimate when nothing is
now young girls weep alone in small rooms
old men angrily swing their canes at
visions as
ladies comb their hair as
ants search for survival
history surrounds us
and our lives
slink away
shame. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Small Rooms quotes by Neal Stephenson
#12. Next was a castle divided into many small rooms, with a system for passing messages between rooms through a pneumatic tube. In each room was a group of people who responded to the messages by following certain rules laid out in books, which usually entailed sending more messages to other rooms. After #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Small Rooms quotes by William James
#13. Man lives in only one small room of the enormous house of his consciousness. #Quote by William James
Small Rooms quotes by Charles Portis
#14. The kind of people I know now don't have barbecues, Mama. They stand up alone at nights in small rooms and eat cold weenies. My so-called friends are bums. Many of them are nothing but rats. They spread T.B. and use dirty language. They're wife-beaters and window peepers and night crawlers and dope fiends. They have running sores on the backs of their hands that never heal. They peer up from cracks in the floor with their small red eyes and wait for chances. #Quote by Charles Portis
Small Rooms quotes by Michael Connelly
#15. think maybe I only know one thing in this world. One thing for sure. And that is that the truth does not set you free. Not like I have heard it said and not like I have said it myself the countless times I sat in small rooms and jail cells and urged ragged men to confess their sins to me. I lied to them, tricked them. The truth does not salvage you or make you whole again. It does not allow you to rise above the burden of lies and secrets and wounds to the heart. The truths I have learned hold me down like chains in a dark room, an underworld of ghosts and victims that slither around me like snakes. It is a place where the truth is not something to look at or behold. It is the place where evil waits. Where it blows its breath, every breath, into your mouth and nose until you cannot escape from it. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Small Rooms quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#16. He was clearly not the murderer whom Hawksmoor was seeking, but it was generally the innocent who confessed: in the course of many enquiries, Hawksmoor had come across those who accused themselves of crimes which they had not committed and who demanded to be taken away before they could do more harm. He was acquainted with such people and recognised them at once - although they were noticeable, perhaps, only for a slight twitch in the eye or the awkward gait with which they moved through the world. And they inhabited small rooms to which Hawksmoor would sometimes be called: rooms with a bed and a chair but nothing besides, rooms where they shut the door and began talking out loud, rooms where they sat all evening and waited for the night, rooms where they experienced blind panic and then rage as they stared at their lives. And sometimes when he saw such people Hawksmoor thought, this is what I will become, I will be like them because I deserve to be like them, and only the smallest accident separates me from them now. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Small Rooms quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#17. In their price range on Alice Island, all the houses are starter homes, though A.J. feels like he is past the starter home age of his life. Weird kitchens and floorplans, too-small rooms, ominous references to foundation issues. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Small Rooms quotes by Louis Kahn
#18. In a small room one does not say what one would in a large room. #Quote by Louis Kahn
Small Rooms quotes by John Galsworthy
#19. To give the devil its due, ours is the best Age men ever lived in; we are all more comfortable and virtuous than we ever were; we have many new accomplishments, advertisements in green pastures, telephones in bedrooms, more newspapers than we want to read, and extremely punctilious diagnosis of maladies. A doctor examined a young lady the other day, and among his notes were there: 'Not afraid of small rooms, ghosts, or thunderstorms – not made drunk by hearing Wagner; brown hair, artistic hands; had a craving for chocolate in 1918. #Quote by John Galsworthy
Small Rooms quotes by Greg Lynn
#20. To go back to architecture, what's organic about architecture as a field, unlike product design, is this whole issue of holism and of monumentality is really our realm. Like, we have to design things which are coherent as a single object, but also break down into small rooms and have an identity of both the big scale and the small scale. #Quote by Greg Lynn
Small Rooms quotes by Maxine
#21. Without imagination, you live in a small room with the windows closed. Imagination opens the windows and shows us landscapes, horizons that we would not otherwise perceive ... I want education to empower people to see possibility. #Quote by Maxine
Small Rooms quotes by Rajneesh
#22. A small room is enough; a small quantity of food is enough; a few clothes are enough; one lover, a very ordinary man #Quote by Rajneesh
Small Rooms quotes by Victor Hugo
#23. Listen, Monsieur Director, here's what I think. Obviously this is wrong. There are twenty-six of you in five or six small rooms; there are three of us in space enough for sixty. That is wrong, I assure you. You have my house and I am in yours. Give me back mine and this will be your home. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Small Rooms quotes by Annie Dillard
#24. Many writers do little else but sit in small rooms recalling the real world. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Small Rooms quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#25. An artist's studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Small Rooms quotes by Joan Rivers
#26. Comedy is learning to be funny, and you learn to be funny in small rooms with young audiences. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Small Rooms quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#27. Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Small Rooms quotes by Dennis Severs
#28. The journey through the house becomes a journey through time; with its small rooms and hidden corridors, its whispered asides and sudden revelations, it resembles a pilgrimage through life itself. #Quote by Dennis Severs
Small Rooms quotes by Anne Enright
#29. I have a small room to write in. One wall is completely covered in books. And I face the window with the curtain closed to stop the light hitting the computer. #Quote by Anne Enright
Small Rooms quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#30. Without warning, a smooth voice spoke next to her ear- a woman's voice with an American accent. "You're nothing but a skinny, awkward child, just as he described. He's visited me since the wedding, you know. He and I have laughed together over your juvenile infatuation with him. You bore him senseless."
Pandora turned and found herself confronted by Mrs. Nola Black. The woman was breathtaking, her features creamy-skinned and flawless, her eyes deep and dark under brows so perfectly groomed and delineated, they looked like thin strips of velvet. Although Mrs. Black was approximately the same height as Pandora, her figure was a remarkable hourglass shape, with a waist so small one could have buckled a cat's collar around it.
"That's nothing but bitchful thinking," Pandora said calmly. "He hasn't visited you, or he would have told me."
Mrs. Black was clearly "picking for a fight," as Winterborne would have put it. "He'll never be faithful to you. Everyone knows you're a peculiar girl who tricked him into marriage. He appreciates novelty, to be sure, but it will wear off, and then he'll send you packing to some remote country house."
Pandora was filled with a confusing mixture of feelings. Jealousy, because this woman had known Gabriel intimately, and had meant something to him... and antagonism, but also a stirring of pity, because there was something wounded in the biting darkness of her eyes. Behind the stunning façade, she was a savagely unhappy woman.
#Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Small Rooms quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#31. Happiness consists more in the small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom to a man in the course of his life. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Small Rooms quotes by Jennifer Egan
#32. It's all still there: the pool with its blue and yellow tiles from Portugal, water laughing softly down a black stone wall. The house is the same, except quiet. The quiet makes no sense. Nerve gas? Overdoses? Mass arrests? I wonder as we follow a maid through a curve of carpeted rooms, the pool blinking at us past every window. What else could have stopped the unstoppable parties? But it's nothing like that. Twenty years have passed. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Small Rooms quotes by Bob Menendez
#33. If you got up this morning and had fruits for breakfast, it was probably picked by the bent back of an immigrant worker. If you slept in a hotel or motel of the nation, you probably had your room done by an immigrant worker. #Quote by Bob Menendez
Small Rooms quotes by Julia Cameron
#34. You are asked to keep a ledger - a small notebook will do - of money in and money out. Counting brings clarity, and clarity is one of the first and finest fruits of prosperity. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Small Rooms quotes by Anthony Marra
#35. The trees they passed repeated on and on into the woods. None was remarkable when compared to the next, but each was individual in some small regard: the number of limbs, the girth of trunk, the circumference of shed leaves encircling the base. No more than minor peculiarities, but minor particularities were what transformed two eyes, a nose, and a mouth into a face. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Small Rooms quotes by David Eddings
#36. Sorgan tried his very best not to think about how long it must have taken for a stream that small to eat its way down through solid rock to form its current bed. Sorgan knew exactly what the word "hundred" meant, but when numbers wandered off toward "thousand" - or even "million" - and the people who used those terms were talking about years, Sorgan's mind shied back in horror. #Quote by David Eddings
Small Rooms quotes by A.E. Housman
#37. Lovliest of trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough,
And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide.
Now of my threescore years and ten,
Twenty will not come again,
And take from seventy springs a score,
It only leaves me fifty more.
And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow. #Quote by A.E. Housman
Small Rooms quotes by Neil Gaiman
#38. Approaching the state of Delaware, the dreamer is a small dog, dreaming impatiently of a past life, long forgotten, when he sailed tall ships across uncharted. The salt spray of the ocean stings my face. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Small Rooms quotes by William Styron
#39. [However], the sufferer from depression has no option, and therefore finds himself, like a walking casualty of war, thrust into the most intolerable social and family situations. There he must ... present a face approximating the one associated with ordinary events and companionship. He must try to utter small talk and be responsive to questions, and knowingly nod, and frown and, God help him, even smile. #Quote by William Styron
Small Rooms quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#40. Around the glade this pair of woodland nymphs danced. He swept her in a waltz to a duet that was sometimes off tune, sometimes rent with giggling and laughter as they made their own music. A breathless Erienne fell to a sun-dappled hummock of deep, soft moss, and laughing for the pure thrill of the day, she spread her arms, creating a comely yellow-hued flower on the dark green sward while seeming every bit as fragile as a blossom to the man who watched her. With bliss-bedazzled eyes, she gazed through the treetops overhead where swaying branches, bedecked in the first bright green of spring, caressed the underbellies of the freshlet zephyrs, and the fleecy white clouds raced like frolicking sheep across an azure lea. Small birds played courting games, and the earlier ones tended nests with single-minded perseverance. A sprightly squirrel leapt across the spaces, and a larger one followed, bemused at the sudden coyness of his mate. Christopher came to Erienne and sank to his knees on the thick, soft carpet, then bracing his hands on either side of her, slowly lowered himself until his chest touched her bosom. For a long moment he kissed those blushing lips that opened to him and welcomed him with an eagerness that belied the once-cool maid. Then he lifted her arm and lay beside her, keeping her hand in his as he shared her viewpoint of the day. They whispered sweet inanities, talked of dreams, hopes, and other things, as lovers are wont to do. Erienne turned on her side and t #Quote by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Small Rooms quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#41. Anything which is physically possible can always be made financially possible; money is a bugaboo of small minds. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Small Rooms quotes by Elizabeth George
#42. No question, no problem, no concern, is too big or too small for God to handle! #Quote by Elizabeth George
Small Rooms quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#43. If I could just have him until the day was over. Just a few more hours. But he was gone. I clasped my hand tightly over my mouth and felt a trembling that started deep inside move out to make all of me shake. I had a mighty impulse, it truly was mighty, to rise to my feet and howl. To overturn the chair and nightstand, to rip at my clothes, to bring down the very walls around us. But of course I did not do that. I pulled an elemental sense of outrage back inside and smoothed it down. I forced something far too big into something far too small, and this made for a surprising and unreasonable weight, as mercury does. I noticed sounds coming from my throat, little unladylike grunts. I saw that everything I'd ever imagined about what it would feel like when was pale. Was wrong. Was the shadow and not the mountain. And then, "It's all right," I said, quickly. "It's all right." To whom? I wondered later. #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Small Rooms quotes by Florence Nightingale
#44. Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift. There is nothing small in it. Far the greatest things grow by God's law out of the smallest. But to live your life, you must discipline it. #Quote by Florence Nightingale
Small Rooms quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#45. The wonderful thing about praying is that you leave a world of not being able to do something, and enter God's realm where everything is possible. He specializes in the impossible. Nothing is too great for His almighty power. Nothing is too small for His love. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Small Rooms quotes by Albion Woodbury Small
#46. Sociology was born of the modern ardor to improve society. #Quote by Albion Woodbury Small
Small Rooms quotes by Harold Brodkey
#47. God is an immensity, while this disease, this death, which is in me, this small, tightly defined pedestrian event, is merely and perfectly real, without miracle - or instruction. #Quote by Harold Brodkey
Small Rooms quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#48. Don't sweat the small stuff. It's good to let chaos take over and know in your heart that everything will be alright eventually." -Billie Joe Armstrong #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Small Rooms quotes by Wilder Dwight Bancroft
#49. We can distinguish three groups of scientific men. In the first and very small group we have the men who discover fundamental relations. Among these are van't Hoff, Arrhenius and Nernst. In the second group we have the men who do not make the great discovery but who see the importance and bearing of it, and who preach the gospel to the heathen. Ostwald stands absolutely at the head of this group. The last group contains the rest of us, the men who have to have things explained to us. #Quote by Wilder Dwight Bancroft
Small Rooms quotes by Gar Alperovitz
#50. The institutional requirements of community pose fundamental issues that neither corporate capitalism nor state socialism ever took seriously. The critical point of departure is the question: Can you have Democracy with a big D in any system if you don't have democracy with a small d in the actual experience and everyday community life of ordinary everyday citizens? #Quote by Gar Alperovitz
Small Rooms quotes by Bill Drayton
#51. The most critical variable [to becoming a change-maker] is one's willingness to give oneself permission. To break the mental chains that make us small because everyone tells us we cannot. #Quote by Bill Drayton
Small Rooms quotes by Philippa Gregory
#52. dance. Last time I danced in these rooms it was the Christmas feast and I was wearing a dress of silk as rich as Queen Anne's own, made to the same pattern as the queen's, as if to force a comparison between her and me - her junior by ten years; and her husband the king, Richard, could not take his eyes off me. The whole court knew that he was falling in love with me and that he would leave his old sick wife to be with me. I danced with my sisters, but he saw only me. I danced before hundreds of people, but only for him. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Small Rooms quotes by Howard Jacobson
#53. Before he met Finkler, Treslove had never met a Jew. Not knowingly at least. He supposed a Jew would be like the word Jew - small and dark and beetling. A secret person. But Finkler was almost orange in colour and spilled out of his clothes. #Quote by Howard Jacobson
Small Rooms quotes by T. S. Eliot
#54. The suburban evening was grey and yellow on Sunday; the gardens of the small houses to left and right were rank with ivy and tall grass and lilac bushes; the tropical South London verdure was dusty above and mouldy below; the tepid air swarmed with flies. Eeldrop, at the window, welcomed the smoky smell of lilac, the gramaphones, the choir of the Baptist chapel, and the sight of three small girls playing cards on the steps of the police station. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Small Rooms quotes by Carolyn Brown
#55. Will you go on a date with me Friday night? A real date, not a pretend one? I'll probably be so clumsy that you won't go out with me a second time, but please say yes. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Small Rooms quotes by Louis L'Amour
#56. Many a small man is considered good while he remains small, but let power come to him, and he becomes a raging fury. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Small Rooms quotes by Bear Grylls
#57. Standing, balanced precariously on the narrow top of a drainpipe, you had to give a good leap up to grab hold of the narrow ledge, and then swing your whole body up and over.
It took some guts, and a cool head for heights.
Get it wrong and the fall was a long one, onto concrete.
In an attempt to make it harder, the school security officers had put barbed wire all around the lip of the roof to ensure such climbs were "impossible." (This was probably installed after Ran Fiennes's escapades onto the dome all those years earlier.) But in actual fact the barbed wire served to help me as a climber. It gave me something else to hold on to.
Once on the roof, then came the crux of the climb.
Locating the base of the lightning conductor was the easy bit, the tough bit was then committing to it.
It held my weight; and it was a great sense of achievement clambering into the lead-lined small bell tower, silhouetted under the moonlight, and carving the initials BG alongside the RF of Ran Fiennes.
Small moments like that gave me an identity.
I wasn't just yet another schoolboy, I was fully alive, fully me, using my skills to the max.
And in those moments I realized I simply loved adventure.
I guess I was discovering that what I was good at was a little off-the-wall, but at the same time recognizing a feeling in the pit of my stomach that said: Way to go, Bear, way to go.
My accomplice never made it past the barbed wire, but waited pati #Quote by Bear Grylls
Small Rooms quotes by Roger Kimball
#58. You cannot step a foot into the literature about the 1960s without being told how 'creative', 'idealistic', and 'loving' it was, especially in comparison to the 1950s. I fact, the counterculture of the Sixties represented the triumph of what the art critic Harold Rosenberg famously called the 'herd of the independent minds'. Its so-called creativity consisted in continually recirculating a small number of radical cliches; its idealism was little more than irresponsible utopianism; and its crusading for 'love' was largely a blind for hedonistic self-indulgence. #Quote by Roger Kimball
Small Rooms quotes by J. Michael Straczynski
#59. When you're writing a story in bits and pieces, month in and month out, there really isn't time or space for reflection, no room to learn what those scripts had to teach you. #Quote by J. Michael Straczynski
Small Rooms quotes by Nicolina Torres
#60. Professor Duffy reminded me of Colonel Mustard in that board game. He was perhaps, forty years old with a mean case of sideburns and a small patch of nothing at the top. I took a sniff at him and noticed a hint of Bourbon and talc. I could tell he meant business right away because he started quoting Yeats and when a man does that he desperately needs attention or sex. #Quote by Nicolina Torres
Small Rooms quotes by Danny Glover
#61. I try to find hope in struggle and resistance in small places as much as I can. #Quote by Danny Glover
Small Rooms quotes by Giordano Bruno
#62. In space there are countless constellations, suns and planets; we see only the suns because they give light; the planets remain invisible, for they are small and dark. There are also numberless earths circling around their suns ... #Quote by Giordano Bruno
Small Rooms quotes by Michel Hazanavicius
#63. People inside the theaters usually, not 100 percent but most of them, enjoy the movie. Usually they come with a small negative view. In a way, they're prepared to get bored because it's silent and because it's black and white. So they are much more pleased to be entertained in a way. They're very happy when they go out. This was my job. For the other ones, I can do nothing except screen the movie and hope that they will say to their friends that it's not so [bad]. #Quote by Michel Hazanavicius
Small Rooms quotes by Patricia C. Wrede
#64. Kim lifted the lid. Inside, on a small pillow covered in white velvet, lay a gold sunburst the size of her thunbnail, hung on a delicate chain. It looked a little like the first spell she had ever cast, a small explosion of light re-created in metal, and she was not really surprised to find the card with the single word "Mairelon" scraled across it. #Quote by Patricia C. Wrede
Small Rooms quotes by Deng Xiaoping
#65. Even if they're functioning out of ignorance, they are still participating and must be suppressed. In China, even one million people can be considered a small sum. #Quote by Deng Xiaoping
Small Rooms quotes by Derek Landy
#66. Valkyrie dried her hands. "I'm not going to die anytime soon, Clarabelle."
"I like your coat by the way."
"It's a little small for you though."
"Can I have it when you're dead? #Quote by Derek Landy
Small Rooms quotes by Martin Luther
#67. I owe you a small thanks, for you have made me far more sure of my own position by letting me see the case for free choice put forward with all the energy of so distinguished and powerful a mind, but with no other effect than to make things worse than before. #Quote by Martin Luther
Small Rooms quotes by David Talbot
#68. Most Sunday magazines, with the New York Times as an exception, are kind of sleepy, weekend service vehicles to move living room products. #Quote by David Talbot
Small Rooms quotes by Lydia Millet
#69. People were like dogs and this was why they took pity on them
dogs alone all the hours of their days and always waiting. Always waiting for company. Dogs who, for all of their devotion, knew only the love of one or two or three people from the beginning of their lives till the end
dogs who, once those one or two had dwindled and vanished from the rooms they lived in, were never to be known again.
You passed like a dog through those empty houses, you passed through empty rooms ... there was always the possibility of companionship but rarely the real event. For most of the hours of your life no one knew or observed you at all. You did what you thought you had to; you went on eating, sleeping, raising your voice at intruders out of a sense of duty. But all the while you were hoping, faithfully but with no evidence, that it turned out, in the end, you were a prince among men. #Quote by Lydia Millet
Small Rooms quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#70. That is why we have to make room in our lives for people who may sometimes disappoint or exasperate us. If we hold our friends to a standard of perfection, or if they do that to us, we will end up far lonelier than we want to be. #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Small Rooms quotes by Lenore Thomson
#71. One of the reasons for learning about type is to recognize that we are constantly motivated, simply by the way we've established our neural networks, to shape reality along particular functional lines. Another is to recognize the possibilities for growth and change that exist within - and apart from - the framework we have created for ourselves. Even small changes in our usual way of doing things can make big differences in the way our brain is operating. We develop the ability to think in new ways, and this stimulates creative change in all areas of our lives. #Quote by Lenore Thomson
Small Rooms quotes by Gae Aulenti
#72. I aim to create furniture that appears in a room as buildings on a skyline and reminds the viewer of the interaction between objects of design and architectural space. #Quote by Gae Aulenti
Small Rooms quotes by Imelda Marcos
#73. Why should people be afraid that we use a few small pellets of uranium at the nuclear power plant in Bataan? Don't they know that we're surrounded by uranium? We have the world's fourth largest deposits of uranium. Yes, we're all radioactive
must be the reason why we have so many faith healers! #Quote by Imelda Marcos
Small Rooms quotes by Harper Lee
#74. Aunty said no, that's where we got our small hands and feet. #Quote by Harper Lee
Small Rooms quotes by El Lissitzky
#75. The room is there for the human being - not the human being for the room. #Quote by El Lissitzky
Small Rooms quotes by Tawakkol Karman
#76. I want a future where my children feel safe and appreciated and proud to be who they are. My heart is one with all the Arab Spring heroes, no matter how small they think their role is. I know they believe, like me, that we are working for a world whereby an Arab can live with the other in a respectful and dignified way. #Quote by Tawakkol Karman

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