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Small Coins quotes by Kate Forsyth
#1. A lark began to sing in the tree above her. Dortchen opened her eyes and looked up. It was such a small, plain, grey thing, yet its song was so full of joy. She could see its breast swell, its thin throat tremble. It lifted its wings, as if seeking to draw more air into its lungs. Song-notes were flung into the air, like golden coins thrown by a generous hand. All the lark's strength was poured into its music, all its joy.
Dortchen took a deep breath, so deep that she felt her lungs expand and the muscles of her chest crack. She wanted to live like the lark did, filled with rapture. She stood up, looking up at the bird through the sunlit leaves. It flung its wings wide and soared away into the sky. She wanted to fly with it. #Quote by Kate Forsyth
Small Coins quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#2. It was a dead swan. Its body lay contorted on the beach like an abandoned lover. I looked at the bird for a long time. There was no blood on its feathers, no sight of gunshot. Most likely, a late migrant from the north slapped silly by a ravenous Great Salt Lake. The swan may have drowned. I knelt beside the bird, took off my deerskin gloves, and began smoothing feathers. Its body was still limp - the swan had not been dead long. I lifted both wings out from under its belly and spread them on the sand. Untangling the long neck which was wrapped around itself was more difficult, but finally I was able to straighten it, resting the swan's chin flat against the shore. The small dark eyes had sunk behind the yellow lores. It was a whistling swan. I looked for two black stones, found them, and placed them over the eyes like coins. They held. And, using my own saliva as my mother and grandmother had done to wash my face, I washed the swan's black bill and feet until they shone like patent leather. I have no idea of the amount of time that passed in the preparation of the swan. What I remember most is lying next to its body and imagining the great white bird in flight. I imagined the great heart that propelled the bird forward day after day, night after night. Imagined the deep breaths taken as it lifted from the arctic tundra, the camaraderie within the flock. I imagined the stars seen and recognized on clear autumn nights as they navigated south. Imagined their silhouettes passing #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Small Coins quotes by Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea
#3. Every year I collect a select amount of material possessions (baseball cards, coins, famous paraphernalia) to pass on to my children. In two or more generations they should have a small fortune of 'ancient' famous items. #Quote by Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea
Small Coins quotes by J.K. Rowling
#4. Hagrid!" said Harry loudly. "There's an owl - " "Pay him," Hagrid grunted into the sofa. "What?" "He wants payin' fer deliverin' the paper. Look in the pockets." Hagrid's coat seemed to be made of nothing but pockets - bunches of keys, slug pellets, balls of string, peppermint humbugs, teabags . . . finally, Harry pulled out a handful of strange-looking coins. "Give him five Knuts," said Hagrid sleepily. "Knuts?" "The little bronze ones." Harry counted out five little bronze coins, and the owl held out his leg so Harry could put the money into a small leather pouch tied to it. Then he flew off through #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Small Coins quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#5. It is related that Sakyamuni [the historical Buddha] once dismissed as of small consequence a feat of levitation on the part of a disciple, and cried out in pity for a yogin by the river who had spent twenty years of his human existence learning to walk on water, when the ferryman might have taken him across for a small coin. #Quote by Peter Matthiessen
Small Coins quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#6. In Rome there is a pathological shortage of small coins. For change, the little shops tend to use candy. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Small Coins quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#7. Since I was a small girl, I have lived inside this cottage, shelted by its roof and walls. I have known of people suffering - I have not been blind to them in the way that privilege allows, the way my own husband and now my daughter are blind. It is a statement of fact and not a judgement to say Charlie and Ella's minds aren't oriented in that direction; in a way, it absolves them, whereas the unlucky have knocked on the door of my consciousness, they have emerged from the forest and knocked many times over the course of my life, and I have only occasionally allowed them entry. I've done more than nothing and much less than I could have. I have laid inside, beneath a quilt on a comfortable couch, in a kind of reverie, and when I heard the unlucky outside my cottage, sometimes I passed them coins or scraps of food, and sometimes I ignored them altogether; if I ignored them, they had no choice but to walk back into the woods, and when they grew weak or got lost or were circled by wolves, I pretended I couldn't hear them calling my name. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Small Coins quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#8. He continued teaching. "Watch out for the religion scholars. They love to walk around in academic gowns, preening in the radiance of public flattery, basking in prominent positions, sitting at the head table at every church function. And all the time they are exploiting the weak and helpless. The longer their prayers, the worse they get. But they'll pay for it in the end." 41-44 Sitting across from the offering box, he was observing how the crowd tossed money in for the collection. Many of the rich were making large contributions. One poor widow came up and put in two small coins - a measly two cents. Jesus called his disciples over and said, "The truth is that this poor widow gave more to the collection than all the others put together. All the others gave what they'll never miss; she gave extravagantly what she couldn't afford - she gave her all. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Small Coins quotes by Saadi
#9. Better hold the hand for coin, though small, Than lose, for one half a dang, it all. #Quote by Saadi
Small Coins quotes by Ondra Lysohorsky
#10. Advice to a Young Poet
Don't spend yourself in the small copper coins
of complaint and accusation.
Don't answer those in authority, those who fancy
themselves all-powerful,
with grubby, fingered words
for which you'll be picked up at three in the morning.
Answer with pictures that no one has ever painted,
answer with thoughts which no one has ever thought,
answer with verses which no one has ever fashioned,
answer with a language which no one has ever uttered.
Not with the sword, poet, will you sly tyranny
but with the freshness of spring and autumn's maturity.
Beaten and blood-stained, strike your gold coins,
heavy with the destiny of your age,
heavy with your own destiny,
golden coins bearing your own likeness,
reflecting mankind's suffering
against the background
of man's two million years upon our planet.
Such coins
shall stay in circulation even after ten thousand years,
valid like life's rebellious spring,
like life repeating itself, ever-youthful -
while the coins
with the theatrical, proud and imperial gestures -
the measure of pride reflecting stupidity -
will long have lain dead in the museum show-cases
under artificial light,
shunning the sun,
dead for a thousand years. #Quote by Ondra Lysohorsky
Small Coins quotes by William Christopher Handy
#11. The name of my ailment was longing, and it was not cured till I finally went to the department store and counted out the money in small coins before the dismayed clerk. When I came to the house, I held up the instrument before the eyes of the astonished household. #Quote by William Christopher Handy
Small Coins quotes by R. Scott Bakker
#12. Men, Kellhus had once told her, were like coins: they had two sides. Where one side of them saw, the other side of them was seen, and though all men were both at once, men could only truly know the side of themselves that saw and the side of others that was seen - they could only truly know the inner half of themselves and the outer half of others.
At first Esmenet thought this foolish. Was not the inner half the whole, what was only imperfectly apprehended by others? But Kellhus bid her to think of everything she'd witnessed in others. How many unwitting mistakes? How many flaws of character? Conceits couched in passing remarks. Fears posed as judgements …
The shortcomings of men - their limits - were written in the eyes of those who watched them. And this was why everyone seemed so desperate to secure the good opinion of others - why everyone played the mummer. They knew without knowing that what they saw of themselves was only half of who they were. And they were desperate to be whole.
The measure of wisdom, Kellhus had said, was found in the distance between these two selves.
Only afterward had she thought of Kellhus in these terms. With a kind of surpriseless shock, she realized that not once - not once! - had she glimpsed shortcomings in his words or actions. And this, she understood, was why he seemed limitless, like the ground, which extended from the small circle about her feet to the great circle about the sky. He had become her horizon.
For #Quote by R. Scott Bakker
Small Coins quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#13. As Rohan pulled the man upward, he glanced toward the threshold of a door that led into the club, where a club employee waited. "Dawson, escort Lord Latimer to his carriage out front. I'll take Lord Selway."
"No need," said the aristocrat who had just struggled to his feet, sounding winded. "I can walk to my own bloody carriage." Tugging his clothes back into place over his bulky form, he threw the dark-haired man an anxious glance. "Rohan, I will have your word on something."
"Yes, my lord?"
"If word of this gets out - if Lady Selway should discover that I was fighting over the favors of a fallen woman - my life won't be worth a farthing."
Rohan replied with reassuring calm. "She'll never know, my lord."
"She knows everything," Selway said. "She's in league with the devil. If you are ever questioned about this minor altercation…"
"It was caused by a particularly vicious game of whist," came the bland reply.
"Yes. Yes. Good man." Selway patted the younger man on the shoulder. "And to put a seal on your silence - " He reached a beefy hand inside his waistcoat and extracted a small bag.
"No, my lord." Rohan stepped back with a firm shake of his head, his shiny black hair flying with the movement and settling back into place. "There's no price for my silence."
"Take it," the aristocrat insisted.
"I can't, my lord."
"It's yours." The bag of coins was tossed to the ground, landing at Rohan's feet with a metallic thu #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Small Coins quotes by Karen Chance
#14. Louis-Cesare's anger suddenly filled the small room like water, and in a heartbeat his eyes went from silver tinged to as solid as two antique coins.
I sat frozen, awash in a sea of power. I was beginning to understand why Mircea had wanted him along, only Daddy had failed to mention anything about the hair-trigger temper. I guess he assumed the red hair would clue me in. #Quote by Karen Chance
Small Coins quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#15. Kode's older sister, Kira, was leaning over a display of jewelry, fisting a jade-green necklace in one hand. Her nose was two inches from the Braetic across the table, the two exchanging intimidating glares. Eena watched for a few seconds as Kira all but crawled over a pile of merchandise, her face scrunched up with resentment, yet enviably stunning as always.

"Hey Kode," the young queen whispered.

"Hey, girl."

"What's going on?"

"Kira's bartering."

Eena watched the fistful of necklace come within a whisker of smacking the merchant's nose.

"She isn't going to hurt the guy, is she?"

Kode snorted on a chuckle. "Not if the dude's got any sense."

Validly concerned, Eena inched closer to the confrontation, straining to hear their growled dialogue. Kode and Niki crept closer too. Efren, however, stayed where he was, testing the flagpole's ability to support his body weight.

They watched the feisty Mishmorat hold up a small pouch and shake it in front of the Braetic's eyes. Kira's fingers curled like claws around the purse. She seemed to smirk for a second when the merchant flinched. In a blink he was back in her face again, shoving aside the purse.

"What is she trying to trade?" Eena asked, her voice still hushed as though she might disturb the haggling taking place across the way.

"Viidun coins," Kode said. "Ef gave 'em to her."

"Are they worth muc #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Small Coins quotes by Patrick Geddes
#16. Yet the leaf is the chief product and phenomenon of Life: this is a green world, with animals comparatively few and small, and all dependent on the leaves. By leaves we live. Some people have strange ideas that they live by money. They think energy is generated by the circulation of coins. Whereas the world is mainly a vast leaf colony, growing on and forming a leafy soil, not a mere mineral mass: and we live not by the jingling of our coins, but by the fullness of our harvests. #Quote by Patrick Geddes
Small Coins quotes by David Graeber
#17. One of the popular fallacies in connection with commerce is that in modern days a money-saving device has been introduced called credit and that, before this device was known, all purchases were paid for in cash, in other words in coins. A careful investigation shows that the precise reverse is true. In olden days coins played a far smaller part in commerce than they do to-day. Indeed so small was the quantity of coins, that they did not even suffice for the needs of the [Medieval English] Royal household and estates which regularly used tokens of various kinds for the purpose of making small payments. So unimportant indeed was the coinage that sometimes Kings did not hesitate to call it all in for re-minting and re-issue and still commerce went on just the same. #Quote by David Graeber
Small Coins quotes by Ron Chernow
#18. basis. Because many Americans still bartered, Hamilton wanted to encourage the use of coins. As part of his campaign to foster a market economy, Hamilton suggested introducing a wide variety of coins, including gold and silver dollars, a ten-cent silver piece, and copper coins of a cent or half cent. He wasn't just thinking of rich people; small coins would benefit the poor "by enabling them to purchase in small portions and at a more reasonable rate the necessaries of which they stand in need." 42 To spur patriotism, he proposed that coins feature presidential heads or other emblematic designs and display great beauty and workmanship: "It is a just observation that 'The perfection of the coins is a great safeguard against counterfeits. #Quote by Ron Chernow
Small Coins quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#19. Without even knowing it ourselves, we were ransomed by the small change in copper that was left from the golden coins our great-grandfathers had expended, at a time when morality was not considered relative and when the distinction between good and evil was very simply perceived by the heart. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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