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Slido For Google quotes by Jim Connolly
#1. The best businesses adopt a similar approach to Google. They are consistently looking for ways to improve what they do. #Quote by Jim Connolly
Slido For Google quotes by Ben Parr
#2. Google is famous for making the tiniest changes to pixel locations based on the data it accrues through its tests. Google will always choose a spartan webpage that converts over a beautiful page that doesn't have the data to back it up. #Quote by Ben Parr
Slido For Google quotes by Keith Teare
#3. The Facebook of 2011, the Twitter of 2011 and the Google of 2011 are all understood to be in need of reinvention for a mobile-centric world with no clear strategy to make revenue. #Quote by Keith Teare
Slido For Google quotes by James Fallows
#4. I have relentlessly beat the drum for Google's 'two-step' authentication systems for Gmail and other services, which radically reduce the likelihood that your account can be hacked from afar. #Quote by James Fallows
Slido For Google quotes by Thomas Friedman
#5. Your boss doesn't care what you know, because the Google machine knows everything. Your boss cares about what you can do with what you know. That's the only thing your boss will pay for. #Quote by Thomas Friedman
Slido For Google quotes by Vivek Wadhwa
#6. Innovating Women is more important today than ever. Things are changing for the better. The recent announcements by Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Facebook of their diversity numbers - and a pledge to improve these - are the most recent victories. The Boys Club is under fire and is trying to reform itself. Women are achieving success and helping each other. Advancing technologies are leveling the playing field. Women are in the catbird seat for the new era of exponential innovation. This is the time to inspire and motivate - and that is what Innovating Women will surely do. #Quote by Vivek Wadhwa
Slido For Google quotes by Stratford Caldecott
#7. Today, in a world with instant access to Google, we rely on the electronic web to supply everything we need, from historical facts to word definitions and spellings as well as extended quotations. All of us who use a computer are aware of the shock of inner poverty that we suddenly feel when deprived (by a virus or other disaster) of our mental crutches even just for a day or a week. Plato is right: memory has been stripped from us, and all we possess is an external reminder of what we have lost, enabling us to pretend to a wisdom and an inner life we no longer possess in ourselves.13 #Quote by Stratford Caldecott
Slido For Google quotes by Mohamed Saad
#8. When you decide to put your business online it is a little bet tricky step for novice computer users because they want to keep data safe & secure.
This problem developed from companies which did not take security seriously #Quote by Mohamed Saad
Slido For Google quotes by Kate Siegel
#9. The last thing I need is for daughter to move back into my basement and become another unemployed millennial statistic. Would love for her to get a job at Facebook. Become the president of Google. #Quote by Kate Siegel
Slido For Google quotes by Anneliese Van Der Pol
#10. The Internet, and Google, and everything that goes along with that is awesome for some things, but not so awesome for other things. Because everything gets leaked nowadays. #Quote by Anneliese Van Der Pol
Slido For Google quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
#11. The more successful I got, the more scared I got. My name was all over Google. I had a Wikipedia page I was terrified to look at. And so I just snapped. I thought, 'If I'm going to come out with this, I'm going to do it in a big way. And not just for myself. This can't just be my story.' #Quote by Jose Antonio Vargas
Slido For Google quotes by Fayton Hollington
#12. I'm on a mission
Winning Novel / Screenplay written in Hollywood

Google for updated info #Quote by Fayton Hollington
Slido For Google quotes by Melissa Jensen
#13. You don't scare me."
"Really?" She stared at me over the sharp frame of her glasses.
"Well maybe a little," I admitted. "Sometimes."
"Escellent.No skedaddle.I have a dinner to prepare. My son is bringing home his new girlfriend." For the first time, I saw her look something less than supremely confident. "I don't suppose you know anything about cooking with vegan cheese substitutes?"
We shuddered together. "Google recipes?" I suggested.
"I did."
"Maybe we'll take them out to dinner."
"Good plan," I agreed, and skedaddled. I had my own dinner out to contend with. I wondered if I could get away with jeans.Probably not. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Slido For Google quotes by Gordon Korman
#14. As rich Cahill superstars went, Fidelio Racco was definitely on the B-list. Maybe even the D-list. Google had heard of him, but a search for his surname placed him below Racco Auto Body in Toronto and Trattoria Racco in Florence, and only slightly ahead of the Rack O'Lamb Irish Chop House in Des Moines. #Quote by Gordon Korman
Slido For Google quotes by Ali Smith
#15. Google is so strange. It promises everything, but everything isn't there. You type in the words for what you need, and what you need becomes superfluous in an instant, shadowed instantaneously by the things you really need, and none of them answerable by Google....Sure, there's a certain charm to being able to look up and watch Eartha Kitt singing Old Fashioned Millionaire in 1957 at three in the morning or Hayley Mills singing a song about femininity from an old Disney film. But the charm is a kind of deception about a whole new way of feeling lonely, a semblance of plenitude but really a new level of Dante's inferno, a zombie-filled cemetery of spurious clues, beauty, pathos, pain, the faces of puppies, women and men from all over the world tied up and wanked over in site after site, a great sea of hidden shallows. More and more, the pressing human dilemma: how to walk a clean path between obscenities. #Quote by Ali Smith
Slido For Google quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#16. Generally speaking, you should go pro with a page if you're using social media for business, because of added capabilities such as multiple administrators and extensive analytics. For Google+ in particular, sharing posts with external services such as Buffer, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite is much, much, much better with a page. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Slido For Google quotes by Anonymous
#17. With over a 10th of the users from the country, India is one of the biggest markets for WhatsApp, he said, adding connecting billions of people in markets like India and Brazil is the aim of the company. Arora, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi and ISB Hyderabad, said WhatsApp will continue to hold a distinct identity even after the takeover by Facebook and will not get merged with the social networking giant. He said WhatsApp, which has only 80 employees, will benefit through learnings from the social networking giant. Arora, who first heard of WhatsApp as a business development executive for the Internet search firm Google Inc. and later joined as its business head, said it took two years to stitch the $19 billion deal announced this April. #Quote by Anonymous
Slido For Google quotes by Sam Altman
#18. Being a public company is really terrible for most companies. I'd say Facebook and Google have done a pretty good job of standing up to the incredible quarterly pressure to hit numbers, but most companies - and I've observed a lot now - don't do a very good job of that. #Quote by Sam Altman
Slido For Google quotes by Roseanne Barr
#19. It's a big culture of mind control too, MK-Ultra mind control rules in Hollywood. If you don't know that, google it and look into it. It's really hard for artists to find their voice in the media. It's levels of brainwashing and mind control. #Quote by Roseanne Barr
Slido For Google quotes by Robert Darnton
#20. In 2002, Google began an ambitious project to digitize every book in the world. It was intended as a search project: type in a query, and Google would show you snippets. They asked university libraries for books, which they would scan for free. At Harvard we didn't permit them to take works under copyright, but other libraries gave them everything. #Quote by Robert Darnton
Slido For Google quotes by Tara Sivec
#21. I would pick him over anyone. He gave me everything you never could and never will because you are a pathetic excuse for a man. He gave me understanding and he gave me confidence and you know what else he gave me? ORGASMS!" I shout.

"Oh, Jesus," Ariel mutters from next to me.
"You couldn't find my clit with a flashlight and Google Maps! #Quote by Tara Sivec
Slido For Google quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#22. With the explosion of technology over the last 15+ years, we are in the process of a complete paradigm shift in regards to how we communicate in our marketing, public relations and advertising. Social Media has forever changed the way businesses and customers communicate and the beauty of it is that, through your channels, you can reach your audience directly and at lightning speed. Social Media has also changed the way customers make their buying decisions. Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, have made it easy to find and connect with others who share similar interests, to read product reviews and to connect with potential clients. Within these networks there is an amazing and wide open space for your unique voice to be heard. As the web interacts with us in more personal ways and with greater portability, there is no time better than the present to engage with and rally your community. #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Slido For Google quotes by Marc Stiegler
#23. In the Information Age, the first step to sanity is FILTERING. Filter the information: extract for knowledge.

Filter first for substance. Filter second for significance. These filters protect against advertising.

Filter third for reliability. This filter protects against politicians.

Filter fourth for completeness. This filter protects against the media. #Quote by Marc Stiegler
Slido For Google quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#24. "No one is doing what we're doing." This is a bummer of a lie because there are only two logical conclusions. First, no one else is doing this because there is no market for it. Second, the entrepreneur is so clueless that he can't even use Google to figure out he has competition. Suffice it to say that the lack of a market and cluelessness is not conducive to securing an investment. As a rule of thumb, if you have a good idea, five companies are going the same thing. If you have a great idea, fifteen companies are doing the same thing. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Slido For Google quotes by Susan Wojcicki
#25. What's important is that I do my job really well, that I build great products and that I'm a great leader. All those things matter independent of gender. But I do think there's a responsibility for me to support other women at Google. #Quote by Susan Wojcicki
Slido For Google quotes by Salar Kamangar
#26. What we'd like to think of YouTube as is a part of Google with very overlapping goals and values. We're a fundamental part of the advertising business for Google. #Quote by Salar Kamangar
Slido For Google quotes by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
#27. Silver noticed that the areas where Trump performed best made for an odd map. Trump performed well in parts of the Northeast and industrial Midwest, as well as the South. He performed notably worse out West. Silver looked for variables to try to explain this map. Was it unemployment? Was it religion? Was it gun ownership? Was it rates of immigration? Was it opposition to Obama? Silver found that the single factor that best correlated with Donald Trump's support in the Republican primaries was that measure I had discovered four years earlier. Areas that supported Trump in the largest numbers were those that made the most Google searches for "nigger. #Quote by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
Slido For Google quotes by Tucker Elliot
#28. We obviously don't live in a perfect world. If we did, then my dad would never have volunteered for Vietnam so he could use the GI Bill to pay for college, Uncle Google would have more important things to do than searching for eight hundred million reasons why our schools suck, and I wouldn't be at an education leadership conference in Jakarta because there'd be no need for it ... right? #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Slido For Google quotes by V.V. Rao
#29. We live life for Love, Success, Freedom, Intimacy, Security, Adventure, Power, Passions, Comfort and Health as emotional states and we Google, Linked, Liked, Shared & Tweeted most of all of the emotional states throughout our life. Why? Because they give, gave and given pleasure and meaning to our life.' – Dr V V Rao #Quote by V.V. Rao
Slido For Google quotes by Henry Selick
#30. I have more faith in doing something creative for a cable station or something like Yahoo or Google or Amazon. What Netflix did with 'House of Cards' and David Fincher was brilliant. That is inspiring to me. I think there is more chance for creativity in animation, it just hasn't happened there yet. #Quote by Henry Selick

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