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Skyscrapers quotes by Matt Haig
#1. I
The Way
That when you
On their side
Look like
A long way
Made out
Words. #Quote by Matt Haig
Skyscrapers quotes by Oriana Fallaci
#2. What are the symbols of American strength, wealth, power and modernity? Certainly not jazz and rock and roll, not chewing-gum or hamburgers, Broadway or Hollywood. It's their skyscrapers. Their Pentagon. Their science. Their technology. #Quote by Oriana Fallaci
Skyscrapers quotes by Carlos P. Romulo
#3. Never forget, Americans, that yours is a spiritual country. Yes, I know you're a practical people. Like others, I've marveled at your factories, your skyscrapers, and your arsenals. But underlying everything else is the fact that America began as a God-loving, God-fearing, God-worshipping people. #Quote by Carlos P. Romulo
Skyscrapers quotes by Matthew Tysz
#4. Nothing has the power to remind you how alone you are like walking through a conglomeration of empty skyscrapers. #Quote by Matthew Tysz
Skyscrapers quotes by Tim Winton
#5. In Europe, the dimensions of physical space seemed compressed. The looming vertical presence of mountains cut me off from the horizon. I'd not lived with that kind of spatial curtailment before. Even a city of skyscrapers is more porous than a snowcapped range. Alps form a solid barrier, an obstacle every bit as conceptual as visual and physical. Alpine bluffs and crags just don't rear up, they lean outwards, projecting their mass, and their solidity does not relent. For a West Australian like me, whose default setting is in diametric opposition, and for whom space is the impinging force, the effect is claustrophobic. I think I was constantly and instinctively searching for distances that were unavailable, measuring space and coming up short. #Quote by Tim Winton
Skyscrapers quotes by Ayn Rand
#6. If so, there are - again - two possible attitudes to take. We can say that these twelve were great benefactors, that we are all fed by the overflow of the magnificent wealth of their spirit, and that we are glad to accept it in gratitude and brotherhood. Or, we can say that by the splendor of their achievement which we can neither equal nor keep, these twelve have shown us what we are, that we do not want the free gifts of their grandeur, that a cave by an oozing swamp and a fire of sticks rubbed together are preferable to skyscrapers and neon lights - if the cave and the sticks are the limit of our own creative capacities. Of the two attitudes, Dominique, which would you call the truly humanitarian one? Because, you see, I'm a humanitarian. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Skyscrapers quotes by Kirsty Eagar
#7. This is its ancient soul, the quiet place, away from all its beats and rhythms. And my mind is unable to comprehend the sheer expanse of it. It's as though I've suddenly blinked and found myself standing on a tightrope strung between two skyscrapers. I am paralysed by awe. The feeling you get when confronted by something infinite and inevitable and indifferent to you. #Quote by Kirsty Eagar
Skyscrapers quotes by Nickelodeon
#8. every inch the bustling metropolis it was meant to be. The tall spires of skyscrapers and ornate pagoda towers created an impressive skyline unmatched in all the United Republic of Nations. Founded by Avatar Aang over seventy years earlier, the city served as a beacon of hope. It was a place where benders and non-benders could live together in peace. People with the #Quote by Nickelodeon
Skyscrapers quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#9. Tolerance is an attitude of reasoned patience toward evil ... a forbearance that restrains us from showing anger or inflicting punishment. Tolerance applies only to persons ... never to truth. Tolerance applies to the erring, intolerance to the error ... Architects are as intolerant about sand as foundations for skyscrapers as doctors are intolerant about germs in the laboratory. Tolerance does not apply to truth or principles. About these things we must be intolerant, and for this kind of intolerance, so much needed to rouse us from sentimental gush, I make a plea. Intolerance of this kind is the foundation of all stability. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Skyscrapers quotes by Ayn Rand
#10. America's skyscrapers were not built by public funds nor for a public purpose: they were built by the energy, initiative and wealth of private individuals for personal profit. And, instead of impoverishing the people, these skyscrapers, as they rose higher and higher, kept raising the people's standard of living - including the inhabitants of the slums. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Skyscrapers quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#11. Our world is so complex that we take for granted engineering processes that would dwarf any of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World; we ride railroad tracks that do not follow faithfully the curvature of the earth, for the train would jump the tracks if they were level. We pass skyscrapers whose stress and strain are figured to the millionth of an inch, yet take for granted that the Empire State Building actually sways constantly many feet. If we are religiously inclined, we take going to the church of our choice for granted; if we are non believers, we give no second thought to the fact that we do not have to attend religious services if we do not choose. Yet the very privilege of non-belief represents the victory of philosophy; otherwise the non-churchgoer would still face the lions or the stake. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Skyscrapers quotes by Robet Jung
#12. Japan is a startling clash of the deeply traditional and the spiritual. The intensely current and the superficial. It's ancient, but futuristic. Conservative, yet hedonistic. Sleek skyscrapers graze the clouds like trees seeking sun in a man-made rainforest. Their concrete foundations often fertilized by the bodies of locals run afoul of the yakuza. It's a homogenous island nation with a quaint surface and a Twin Peaks underbelly. The polite, insular, and eerily innocuous, living symbiotically with the perverse, extroverted, and bizarre. Fashion-forward and fashion-retarded. You could make similar generalizations about most cultures of course, but Japan's beautiful contrasts were better than most."--Parker Choi #Quote by Robet Jung
Skyscrapers quotes by Leon Trotsky
#13. Not only in peasant homes, but also in city skyscrapers, there
lives alongside the twentieth century the thirteenth. A hundred
million people use electricity and still believe in the magic powers of signs and exorcisms. Movie stars go to mediums. Aviators who pilot miraculous mechanisms created by man's genius wear amulets on their sweaters. What inexhaustible reserves they possess of darkness, ignorance and savagery! #Quote by Leon Trotsky
Skyscrapers quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#14. There is nothing more poetic and terrible than the skyscrapers' battle with the heavens that cover them. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Skyscrapers quotes by Li Keqiang
#15. We can't have it so there are skyscrapers side by side with slums. #Quote by Li Keqiang
Skyscrapers quotes by Ayn Rand
#16. is "an architect of the modern type who preaches and practices cooperation. He has no use for the architect who 'shuts himself up in his office to make a design and then sends it out to a contractor to build or to an engineer to fit up the plumbing, heating and steel as best as he can.' Nor has he any use for the architect who 'goes up to a Communion on Mount Sinai and hands the results to the owner, the engineers and the public: In his view, as in my own, the best designs, at any rate for the building of skyscrapers, come from 'a group of minds in which the architect is one link in the #Quote by Ayn Rand
Skyscrapers quotes by Tom Rachman
#17. I got myself into a tangle. I tied myself in knots. I built and I built–heaven knows I have done that well. Those skyscrapers, full of tenants, floor after floor, and not a single room containing you. #Quote by Tom Rachman
Skyscrapers quotes by Ernst Hanfstaengl
#18. Hitler wanted to hear all about the American skyscrapers ... but failed utterly to draw logical conclusions from the information ... He was passionately interested in the Ku Klux Klan ... He seemed to think it was a political movement similar to his own. #Quote by Ernst Hanfstaengl
Skyscrapers quotes by Ilya Ilf
#19. The word "America" has well-developed grandiose associations for a Soviet person, for whom it refers to a country of skyscrapers, where day and night one hears the unceasing thunder of surface and underground trains, the hellish roar of automobile horns, and the continuous despairing screams of stockbrokers rushing through the skyscrapers waving their ever-falling shares. #Quote by Ilya Ilf
Skyscrapers quotes by Donna Cooner
#20. It's like being on a tightrope stretched tightly between two skyscrapers - the past and the future. #Quote by Donna Cooner
Skyscrapers quotes by Yahtzee Croshaw
#21. Fifty-story skyscrapers stood side by side with older ten-story buildings like fathers and sons at the urinal together. #Quote by Yahtzee Croshaw
Skyscrapers quotes by Quentin Blake
#22. I love the sea, but I avoid any sort of seaside resort that has skyscrapers or seaside entertainments. #Quote by Quentin Blake
Skyscrapers quotes by David Levithan
#23. Your first time in New York, feeling like you were marching through canyons, the skyscrapers leaning over to peek down at you and your trombone. #Quote by David Levithan
Skyscrapers quotes by Sara Niles
#24. I find it a privilege and an honor to be human, for to me, one of the most wondrous and beautiful things in the universe, is found in human form.
Because to be human, is to be able to dream dreams of pyramids and skyscrapers, and majestic works of art that spring from the human mind. #Quote by Sara Niles
Skyscrapers quotes by K.B. Ezzell
#25. The city was alive to a nonsensical degree. Every color was so absurdly saturated that I thought it was all kind of like a dream, more a painting or an art deco interpretation of a city than an actual city. #Quote by K.B. Ezzell
Skyscrapers quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#26. Nature is impersonal, awe-inspiring, elegant, eternal. It's geometrically perfect. It's tiny and gigantic. You can travel far to be in a beautiful natural setting, or you can observe it in your backyard - or, in my case, in the trees lining New York City sidewalks, or in the clouds above skyscrapers. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Skyscrapers quotes by W. H. Auden
#27. Into this neutral air Where blind skyscrapers use Their full height to proclaim The strength of Collective Man, Each language pours its vain Competitive excuse. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Skyscrapers quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#28. These letters are all I have left.
26 friends to tell my stories to.
26 letters are all I need. I can stitch them together to create oceans and ecosystems. I can fit them together to form planets and solar systems. I can use letters to construct skyscrapers and metropolitan cities populated by people, places, things, and ideas that are more real to me than these 4 walls.
I need nothing but letters to live. Without them I would not exist.
Because these words I write down are the only proof I have that I'm still alive. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Skyscrapers quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#29. The only things that the United States has given to the world are skyscrapers, jazz, and cocktails. That is all. And in Cuba, in our America, they make much better cocktails. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Skyscrapers quotes by Saddam Hussein
#30. And just as your beautiful skyscrapers were destroyed and caused your grief, beautiful buildings and precious homes crumbled over their owners in Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq by American weapons ... Americans should feel the pain they have inflicted on other peoples of the world, so as when they suffer, they will find the right solution and the right path. #Quote by Saddam Hussein
Skyscrapers quotes by Patti Smith
#31. The city was a real city, shifty and sexual. I was lightly jostled by small herds of flushed young sailors looking for action on Forty-Second Street, with it rows of x-rated movie houses, brassy women, glittering souvenir shops, and hot-dog vendors. I wandered through Kino parlors and peered through the windows of the magnificent sprawling Grant's Raw Bar filled with men in black coats scooping up piles of fresh oysters. The skyscrapers were beautiful. They did not seem like mere corporate shells. They were monuments to the arrogant yet philanthropic spirit of America. The character of each quadrant was invigorating and one felt the flux of its history. The old world and the emerging one served up in the brick and mortar of the artisan and the architects. I walked for hours from park to park. In Washington Square, one could still feel the characters of Henry James and the presence of the author himself … This open atmosphere was something I had not experienced, simple freedom that did not seem oppressive to anyone. #Quote by Patti Smith
Skyscrapers quotes by Ben Van Berkel
#32. That's what I love about Chicago ... It is the staccato aspect of the skyscrapers. But the ground is very loose, very relaxed. It makes Chicago far more pleasant than other cities. #Quote by Ben Van Berkel
Skyscrapers quotes by Monica McGee
#33. I've never seen faith move mountains, but I've seen what it can do to skyscrapers. #Quote by Monica McGee
Skyscrapers quotes by Joseph Patrick Pascale
#34. Crammed among the stacks of books in his room, the author treated literature as if each book were a window in a city of unstable skyscrapers, and he was the window-washer tasked with the impossible job of cleaning them all. - From "Pageturner" in 365 Tomorrows #Quote by Joseph Patrick Pascale
Skyscrapers quotes by Vinoth Ramachandra
#35. It never ceases to amaze me how many Christians, in the North and the South, continue to refer to the former as the "developed" and the latter as the "developing" world. When we in the South use this term to describe ourselves, we are evaluating ourselves by a set of cultural values that are alien to our own cultures, let alone to a Christian world-view! All our normative images and yardsticks of "development" are ideologically loaded. Who dictates that mushrooming TV satellite dishes and skyscrapers are signs of "development"? Who, apart from the automobile industry and the advertising agencies, seriously believes that a country with six-lane highways and multi-story car-parks is more "developed" than one whose chief mode of transport is railways? Does the fact that there are more telephones in Manhattan, New York, than in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa, mean that human communication is more developed in the former than the latter? #Quote by Vinoth Ramachandra
Skyscrapers quotes by Joseph Rykwert
#36. If you look at the entrance halls of the skyscrapers of the 1920s and 1930s, they are very welcoming. They are public spaces with enormous amounts of display and marble and so on. They were havens off the street. #Quote by Joseph Rykwert
Skyscrapers quotes by Jared Diamond
#37. The Anasazi did manage to construct in stone the largest and tallest buildings erected in North America until the Chicago steel girder skyscrapers of the 1880s. #Quote by Jared Diamond
Skyscrapers quotes by Alice Sebold
#38. He tunneled into stories where weak men changed into strong half-animals or used eye beams or magic hammers to power through steel or climb up the sides of skyscrapers. He was the Hulk when angry and Spidey the rest of the time. When he felt his heart hurt he turned into something stronger than a little boy, and he grew up this way. A heart that flashed from heart to stone, heart to stone. As I watched I thought of what Grandma Lynn liked to say when Lindsey and I rolled our eyes or grimaced behind her back. Watch out what faces you make. You'll freeze that way. #Quote by Alice Sebold
Skyscrapers quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#39. There was a heaven beyond anything he knew where there was no jet fuel, no jumping, no burning towers... but he wasn't looking beyond yet. He was still looking back. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Skyscrapers quotes by Ryan Tim Morris
#40. Every Halloween the Empire State Building is lit orange in celebration. On that night, the night of the falling, the skyscraper's lights blended almost seamlessly into the red-brown glow of the evening sky. The cloud cover was so low that the lights of Times Square could be seen from just about anywhere in the city; all of Manhattan was captured within its glow. And there was a feeling within it all. It was as if a higher power had been watching New York that evening, waiting, preparing for something important to happen. #Quote by Ryan Tim Morris
Skyscrapers quotes by Mark Twain
#41. It is sound statesmanship to add two battleships every time our neighbour adds one and two stories to our skyscrapers every time he piles a new one on top of his to threaten our light. There is no limit to this soundness but the sky. #Quote by Mark Twain
Skyscrapers quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#42. College feminists made fun of skyscrapers, saying they were phallic symbols. They said the same thing about space rockets, even though, if you stopped to think about it, rockets were shaped the way they were not because of phallocentrism but because of aerodynamics. Would a vagina-shaped Apollo 11 have made it to the moon? Evolution had created the penis. It was a useful structure for getting certain things done. And if it worked for the pistils of flowers as well as the inseminatory organs of Homo sapiens, whose fault was that but Biology's? But no
anything large or grand in design, any long novel, big sculpture, or towering building, became, in the opinion of the "women" Mitchell knew at college, manifestations of male insecurity about the size of their penises. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Skyscrapers quotes by Haruki Murakami
#43. New York in November really does have a special charm to it. The air is clear and crisp, and the leaves on the trees in Central Park are just beginning to turn golden. The sky is so clear you can see forever, and the skyscrapers lavishly reflect the sun's rays. You feel you can keep on walking one block after another without end. Expensive cashmere coats fill the windows at Bergdorf Goodman, and the streets are filled with the delicious smell of roasted pretzels. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Skyscrapers quotes by Ryan Tim Morris
#44. It was clear just how much Tommy loved the city. New York City. The CKY Grocery on Amsterdam had giant, bright red Spartan apples every day of the year, even if it wasn't the right season. He loved that grocery, and the old, shaky Persian man who owned it. Tommy emphatically, yet erroneously believed that the CKY Grocery was the genuine heart of the great city. All five boroughs embodied distinct feelings for him, but there was only one that he'd ever truly romanticized. To him, Manhattan was the entire world.

He loved everything between the East River and the Hudson; from the Financial District up to Harlem; from Avenue A to Zabar's. He loved the four
seasons, although autumn was easily the most anticipated. To Tommy, Central Park's bright, almost copper hues in the fall were the epitome of orange. He loved the unique perfume of deli meats and subway steam. He loved the rain with such verve that every time it so much as drizzled, he would turn to the sky so he could feel the drops sprinkle onto his teeth. Because every raindrop that hit him had already experienced that much envied journey from the tips of the skyscrapers all the way down to the cracked and foot-stamped sidewalks. He believed every inch of the city had its own predetermined genre of music that suited it to a tee. The modal jazz of Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter was absolutely meant for the Upper East Side, north of 61st Street. Precisely between Gershwin and gospel. He loved the view from his a #Quote by Ryan Tim Morris
Skyscrapers quotes by David Mitchell
#45. The empowered may serve justice, remodel the Earth, transform lush nations into smoking battlefields, and bring down skyscrapers, but power itself is amoral. #Quote by David Mitchell
Skyscrapers quotes by Daniel Humm
#46. People often think of New York as a city, a concrete jungle with soaring skyscrapers and yellow taxis and the bright lights of Times Square. And it is that, in part. But beyond that, it's rolling hills of fruit orchards and fields of grain and ice-cold waters brimming with oysters. #Quote by Daniel Humm
Skyscrapers quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#47. 26 letters are all I need. I can stitch them together to create oceans and ecosystems. I can fit them together to form planets and solar systems. I can use letters to construct skyscrapers and metropolitan cities populated by people, places, things, and ideas that are more real to me than these 4 walls #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Skyscrapers quotes by Matthew Klingle
#48. We need a new ethic of place, one that has room for salmon and skyscrapers, suburbs and wilderness, Mount Rainier and the Space Needle, one grounded in history. #Quote by Matthew Klingle
Skyscrapers quotes by Bruce Crown
#49. I looked up at the ivory towers above us all. Nowhere else equals the feral design of this city. Tall skyscrapers that act as gorges hollowing out between flat cement dancing into narrow alleyways like bottomless pits. Building walls rusted the color of blood. Sometimes when you look down the horizon from afar the city looks wider than it is, like a thin field of magical lights gleaming with the hopes of children and idealists; a light on at midnight in one of the penthouses or the changing hues of the Empire State Building. Most of the time though, the city is covered with a layer of honking cars and greed, sirens and the war cry of solicitors, all full of brambles and impenetrable conscience; garbage, steaming manholes, and heat waves twirling smog and pollution through your lungs like mirages as you walk breathlessly through a boiling desert. #Quote by Bruce Crown
Skyscrapers quotes by Wally Lamb
#50. I don't know. Maybe we're all chaos theorists. Lovers of pattern and predictability, we're scared shitless of explosive change. But we're fascinated by it, too. Drawn to it. Travelers tap their brakes to ogle the mutilation and mangled metal on the side of the interstate, and the traffic backs up for miles. Hijacked planes crash into skyscrapers, breached levees drown a city, and CNN and the networks rush to the scene so that we can all sit in front of our TVs and feast on the footage. Stare, stunned, at the pandemonium
the devils let loose from their cages. #Quote by Wally Lamb
Skyscrapers quotes by Rikki De La Vega
#51. I see the Divine in the mountains, the rivers, the clouds and the stars.
I see the Divine in the highways, and skyscrapers, in farmland and playgrounds.
But where is the Divine in the barren desert, in burned-down forests, and disaster-stricken towns?
The Divine is in the oasis, and the people there who give water and rest to desert travelers.
The Divine is in the firefighters' tools, and the flowers that bloom from the ash.
The Divine is in relief trucks, bringing food and water and comfort.
The Divine rests in all things, but is no more awake than when we summon strength to do what is right. #Quote by Rikki De La Vega
Skyscrapers quotes by Scott Kenemore
#52. The interesting thing about cities isn't what they do when people are looking," Ben says. "It's what they do when they think nobody's looking. Like, the shit the city is proud of? The shining skyscrapers downtown, the sports stadiums, the public art? You can't judge a city by that. That only tells you what the rich people are doing on a good day. It's what people do on a bad day - a bad day when there are no security cameras watching - that tells you what you really want to know. It's how people act during a blackout, a hurricane, or a siege that tells you the truth about a city. #Quote by Scott Kenemore
Skyscrapers quotes by Matthew Akers
#53. Look, even in the shadows of skyscrapers some still stumble over the rubble of Babylon and stay separate. But a fearless few cross our lines of language. Lamp-led messengers show the common ground we're already standing on – if we'll just look. There's light. #Quote by Matthew Akers
Skyscrapers quotes by Brian Keene
#54. In real life, the monsters are the ones abducting and killing children or flying hijacked airplanes into skyscrapers or looting our treasury and sending our kids off to fight a bullshit war just so they can line their own pockets and the pockets of their corporate buddies or eradicating our Bill of Rights in the name of national security. Those are the real monsters. #Quote by Brian Keene
Skyscrapers quotes by Bill Bryson
#55. Mr. Marsham was born (in 1822) into a world that was still essentially medieval - a place of candlelight, medicinal leeches, travel at walking pace, news from afar that was always weeks or months old - and lived to see the introduction of one marvel after another: steamships and speeding trains, telegraphy, photography, anesthesia, indoor plumbing, gas lighting, antisepsis in medicine, refrigeration, telephones, electric lights, recorded music, cars and planes, skyscrapers, motion pictures, radio, and literally tens of thousands of tiny things more, from mass-produced bars of soap to push-along lawn mowers. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Skyscrapers quotes by Ayn Rand
#56. She stood in quiet excitement when the boat sailed back and she saw the city growing again to meet her. She stretched her arms wide. The city expanded, to her elbows, to her wrists, beyond her fingertips. Then the skyscrapers rose over her head, and she was back ...
Dominique. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Skyscrapers quotes by K.B. Ezzell
#57. She was so pretty, not the kind of pretty that hits you at first, but the kind that blooms the longer you were with her. Like a flower, she was always like a flower to me. #Quote by K.B. Ezzell
Skyscrapers quotes by Diriye Osman
#58. As her body expanded so did her interior landscape. She imagined minarets, skyscrapers, entire cities being constructed inside her. Thighs thickened, belly became basketball-sized, buttocks deepened with dimples. Even her taste-buds shifted, and she held her tongue out for crushed ice, chalk, charcoal. #Quote by Diriye Osman
Skyscrapers quotes by Jase Robertson
#59. In all my years in the wild, I've never met Mother Nature or Mr. Photosynthesis. Humans tend to try to make sense of things and are always searching for scientific reasons to explain the world's riddles. But if you do not believe in a Creator, your options are limited in trying to explain the functions of Earth, let alone the universe. Who built this place? Where did I come from? Where did you come from? As Hebrews 3:4 says, "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything." The Hebrews writer was actually comparing Moses and Jesus, but he delivered principles that I have come to believe are fundamental to life's questions. To me it would be silly to claim someone's physical home might not have been built just because you didn't see it being built. We know someone built our homes, neighborhoods, and skyscrapers because of their design, even though they may have been constructed before we were even born. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Skyscrapers quotes by Michael  Bowe
#60. Before skyscrapers, only gods and angels inhabited the limitless sky, wayfarers of the heavenly plain, lingering long on soft, fluffy clouds, enjoying unrivaled views of earth. Who could resist such nobility for neighbors? #Quote by Michael Bowe
Skyscrapers quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#61. As the serpentine expanse of glass drew open, the city seemed to wrap around them: rooftop gardens with stunted trees in pots, water towers like chunky flying saucers, the spires of distant skyscrapers. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Skyscrapers quotes by Robert Osborne
#62. As a kid growing up in a small town in Washington State, my only exposure to New York City was through movies. The town with its towering skyscrapers, fascinating people and teeming energy absolutely captivated me. #Quote by Robert Osborne
Skyscrapers quotes by Karen White
#63. Me? Rebuild" I shook my head."First off, I don't know anything about construction or reconstruction. And second, have you been down there? Have you seen it? So many people haven't moved back or rebuilt, and I totally get it. Why invest all that time and money when each hurricane season brings a new threat?"
Aimee regarded me with a steady blue gaze. "Why build skyscrapers in San Francisco that might be knocked down by an earthquake? Or why build farms in Kansas and Oklahoma that might get blown away by a tornado?" She snorted, and it seemed so uncharacteristic for the elegant old woman that I almost laughed. "Where did they want us to go, anyway? I figure if we're still breathing, then we're meant to keep going. So we rebuild. We start over. It's just what we do. #Quote by Karen White
Skyscrapers quotes by Vasily Grossman
#64. The country had seen mighty tractors and skyscrapers...There was only one thing Russia had not seen during this thousand years: freedom. #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Skyscrapers quotes by Dave Barry
#65. This (America) is a land of rich diversity, from the towering skyscrapers of Manhatan all the way to the towering mounds of garbage piled up next to the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan. #Quote by Dave Barry
Skyscrapers quotes by Cecil Beaton
#66. After twenty annual visits, I am still surprised each time I return to see this giant asparagus bed of alabaster and rose and green skyscrapers. #Quote by Cecil Beaton
Skyscrapers quotes by K.B. Ezzell
#67. Some people like the dreaming better than the coming true part. They hate when things work out, they almost expect them to go wrong, and they never know what to do when their cynicism is proven wrong. #Quote by K.B. Ezzell
Skyscrapers quotes by Brendan Gill
#68. In the later nineteenth century, the tops of skyscrapers often took the shape of domes, surmounted by jaunty gilded lanterns; later came ziggurats, mausoleums, Alexandrian lighthouses, miniature Parthenons. These charming follies contained neither royal corpses nor effigies of gods and goddesses; rather they contained large wooden tanks filled with water. #Quote by Brendan Gill
Skyscrapers quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#69. Clark had always been fond of beautiful objects, and in his present state of mind, all objects were beautiful. He stood by the case and found himself moved by every object he saw there, by the human enterprise each object had required. Consider the snow globe. Consider the mind that invented those miniature storms, the factory worker who turned sheets of plastic into white flakes of snow, the hand that drew the plan for the miniature Severn City with its church steeple and city hall, the as**sembly-line worker who watched the globe glide past on a conveyer belt somewhere in China. Consider the white gloves on the hands of the woman who inserted the snow globes into boxes, to be packed into larger boxes, crates, shipping containers. Consider the card games played belowdecks in the evenings on the ship carrying the containers across the ocean, a hand stubbing out a cigarette in an overflowing ashtray, a haze of blue smoke in dim light, the cadences of a half dozen languages united by common profanities, the sailors' dreams of land and women, these men for whom the ocean was a gray-line horizon to be traversed in ships the size of overturned skyscrapers. Consider the signature on the shipping manifest when the ship reached port, a signature unlike any other on earth, the coffee cup in the hand of the driver delivering boxes to the distribution center, the secret hopes of the UPS man carrying boxes of snow globes from there to the Severn City Airport. Clark shook the globe and he #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Skyscrapers quotes by John J. Carty
#70. It may sound ridiculous to say that Bell and his successors were the fathers of modern commercial architecture - of the skyscraper. But wait a minute. Take the Singer Building, the Flatiron Building, the Broad Exchange, the Trinity, or any of the giant office buildings. How many messages do you suppose go in and out of those buildings every day? Suppose there was no telephone and every message had to be carried by a personal messenger? How much room do you think the necessary elevators would leave for offices? Such structures would be an economic impossibility. #Quote by John J. Carty
Skyscrapers quotes by Donald Trump
#71. [New York] is a city largely based on great skyscrapers, and they will always be the essence of New York. That won't change, just as the character of the people who live here will not be altered by this tragedy. #Quote by Donald Trump
Skyscrapers quotes by David Letterman
#72. To save energy, New York City is now dimming the lights of the skyscrapers and the skyline at night. There's a bad side to this. If you need Batman, you have to text him. #Quote by David Letterman
Skyscrapers quotes by E. M. Forster
#73. A facade of skyscrapers facing a lake and behind the facade, every type of dubiousness. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Skyscrapers quotes by Andre Leon Talley
#74. I just need green. I need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I don't want to see skyscrapers. #Quote by Andre Leon Talley
Skyscrapers quotes by Michael Montoure
#75. The skyscrapers of the city had finished scraping all the sky away, and the clouds overhead were exactly the color of concrete and I was safe and cold in a canyon of glass and steel. #Quote by Michael Montoure
Skyscrapers quotes by Matt Ridley
#76. As Edward Glaeser put it, 'Thoreau was wrong. Living in the country is not the right way to care for the Earth. The best thing that we can do for the planet is build more skyscrapers. #Quote by Matt Ridley
Skyscrapers quotes by Margot Berwin
#77. If you can hear the quiet while being woken up by the garbage trucks, you have power. When you can feel the stars when all you can see are the skyscrapers, that's power. When you can smell the forest in front of the dumpster, then you have power. Never let the events in front of you or the people around you, tell you what to see, feel, taste, smell or hear. #Quote by Margot Berwin
Skyscrapers quotes by Richard Morgan
#78. Angels and demons, heaven and hell, God, morality, law and language. It's all metaphor. Scaffolding to handle the areas where base reality won't cut it for you guys, where it's too cold for humans to live without something made up. We codify our hopes and fears and wants, and then build whole societies on the code. And then forget it ever was code and treat it like fact. Act like the universe gives a shit about it. Go to war over it, string men and women up by the neck for it. Firebomb trains and skyscrapers in the name of it. #Quote by Richard Morgan
Skyscrapers quotes by Langston Hughes
#79. Afraid

We cry among the skyscrapers
As our ancestors
Cried among the palms in Africa
Because we are alone,
It is night,
And we're afraid. #Quote by Langston Hughes
Skyscrapers quotes by Sarah Smarsh
#80. Places with banks, schools, stores, and county courthouses-let alone skyscrapers-represented to us a sort of power we were removed from, disenfranchisement not only by culture but by geographic distance. #Quote by Sarah Smarsh
Skyscrapers quotes by George W. S. Trow
#81. Wonder was the grace of the country. Any action could be justified by that: the wonder it was rooted in. Period followed period, and finally the wonder was that things could be built so big. Bridges, skyscrapers, fortunes, all having a life first in the marketplace, still drew on the force of wonder. #Quote by George W. S. Trow
Skyscrapers quotes by Joel Dicker
#82. IN OUR SOCIETY, MARCUS, the most admired men are those who build bridges, skyscrapers, and empires. But in reality, the proudest and most admirable are those who manage to build love. Because there is no greater or more difficult undertaking. #Quote by Joel Dicker
Skyscrapers quotes by Michio Kaku
#83. Entire cities could sprout instantly in the desert, with skyscrapers made entirely of force fields. #Quote by Michio Kaku
Skyscrapers quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#84. I thought about all of the things that everyone ever says to each other, and how everyone is going to die, whether it's in a millisecond, or days, or months, or 76.5 years, if you were just born. Everything that's born has to die, which means our lives are like skyscrapers. The smoke rises at different speeds, but they're all on fire, and we're all trapped. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Skyscrapers quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
#85. While the focus in the landscape of Old World cities was commonly government structures, churches, or the residences of rulers, the landscape and the skyline of American cities have boasted their hotels, department stores, office buildings, apartments, and skyscrapers. In this grandeur, Americans have expressed their Booster Pride, their hopes for visitors and new settlers, and customers, for thriving commerce and industry. #Quote by Daniel J. Boorstin
Skyscrapers quotes by Andy Ruffett
#86. My favourite part of my new book so far:

Chapter 48: Creatures of The Night

A figure stood in the stairwell beneath the Smoke's Poutinerie close to Simcoe Street and Adelaide Street West. He munched his pulled pork poutine and watched the strange object glide through the fog that engulfed the tall blue R.B.C. building.
"Nice night for a stroll," smiled The Rooster.

Upon heading North, Fred had decided to take a detour and glide the exact opposite way: South. It was why he was now flying through the fog that suspended over the R.B.C. building. Through the billowing cloud he sailed and higher up into the air as he was heading towards the business district of Toronto where all the skyscrapers were. As Fred got closer, he understood why they were labeled as skyscrapers: they basically scraped the sky. But the view from up here was fantastic. It was a rainy and cold night, but Fred felt very warm in his upgraded suit. Soon, he was zooming past the green windowed T.D. building and back towards the North side of Yonge Street.
However, as he sailed home, he began to worry about Allen. The Rooster had already cut up his ex-girlfriend so what would he do to Allen? Allen had been a friend to Fred when no one else had been there. Of course, he used to have many friends in preschool, elementary school, and high school but no one he clicked with. Allen McDougal was really the only family he had left and he didn't want The Rooster to kill his old f #Quote by Andy Ruffett
Skyscrapers quotes by Peter Diamandis
#87. Drones photograph, prospect and advertise real estate from golf courses to skyscrapers; they also monitor construction in progress. #Quote by Peter Diamandis
Skyscrapers quotes by Bobby Heenan
#88. There's the downtown area of Tupelo. Did you see the skyscrapers? Two stories. #Quote by Bobby Heenan
Skyscrapers quotes by Sylvia Day
#89. And fit, and he carried himself with a confident poise that inspired trust and respect. He gestured at one of the two seats in front of his glass-and-chrome desk and waited until I sat to settle into his Aeron chair. Against the backdrop of sky and skyscrapers, Mark looked accomplished and powerful. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Skyscrapers quotes by Ludivine Sagnier
#90. In 'Swimming Pool,' all the colors are very warm, sunny, the pool and all that. In 'Love Crime,' everything is so cold, and it's all inside skyscrapers. #Quote by Ludivine Sagnier
Skyscrapers quotes by Cristina Martin
#91. If you focus your eyes towards the horizon, everything and everyone walking in front of you becomes a blurry mass. That's what everyone else became. All of their dark wool suits began to mesh into one, and they began to rhythmically march in unison, all while I gazed at the sliver of sky that seemed to be pressed tightly in between the skyscrapers. I kept on walking and staring at the sky, and I began to notice the skyscrapers becoming larger and larger, and before I knew it, I had to turn to get to my building, and of course, the automat. #Quote by Cristina Martin
Skyscrapers quotes by Henry Miller
#92. New York! The white prisons, the sidewalks swarming with maggots, the breadlines, the opium joints that are built like palaces, the kikes that are there, the lepers, the thugs, and above all, the ennui, the monotony of faces, streets, legs, houses, skyscrapers, meals, posters, jobs, crimes, loves ... A whole city erected over a hollow pit of nothingness. Meaningless. Absolute meaningless. #Quote by Henry Miller
Skyscrapers quotes by T. J. Jackson Lears
#93. Nick Yablon ranges widely, from log cabins to skyscrapers and from Tocqueville to pulp fiction. He combines imaginative research with probing interpretation. Untimely Ruins offers fresh and challenging insights about the American built environment on nearly every page. #Quote by T. J. Jackson Lears
Skyscrapers quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#94. What about guns with sensors in the handles that could detect if you were angry, and if you were, they wouldn't fire, even if you were a police officer?
What about skyscrapers made with moving parts, so they could rearrange themselves when they had to, and even open holes in their middles for planes to fly through? #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Skyscrapers quotes by Ayn Rand
#95. It's interesting to speculate on the reasons that make men so anxious to debase themselves. As in that idea of feeling small before nature. It's not a bromide, it's practically an institution. Have you noticed how self-righteous a man sounds when he tells you about it? Look, he seems to say, I'm so glad to be a pygmy, that's how virtuous I am. Have you heard with what delight people quote some great celebrity who's proclaimed that he's not so great when he looks at Niagara Falls? It's as if they were smacking their lips in sheer glee that their best is dust before the brute force of an earthquake. As if they were sprawling on all fours, rubbing their foreheads in the mud to the majesty of a hurricane. But that's not the spirit that leashed fire, steam, electricity, that crossed oceans in sailing sloops, that built airplanes and dams...and skyscrapers. What is it they fear? What is they hate so much, those who love to crawl? And why? #Quote by Ayn Rand
Skyscrapers quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#96. Some of the names I could not reason, like the box marked DARKNESS, or the one with DEATH OF THE FIRSTBORN written in pencil on its front. I noticed that there was a box on the top of one of these skyscrapers of boxes that was marked DUST #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Skyscrapers quotes by Miles Anthony Smith
#97. Build Icebergs, Not Skyscrapers #Quote by Miles Anthony Smith
Skyscrapers quotes by K.B. Ezzell
#98. She told him once, I think they were drunk, that he could never keep a garden until he learned how to love pretty things without destroying them. #Quote by K.B. Ezzell
Skyscrapers quotes by Rem Koolhaas
#99. Asia is still dominated by skyscrapers. I hope that, in European cities, it will become a declining trend. They were almost never necessary. #Quote by Rem Koolhaas
Skyscrapers quotes by B.D. Messick
#100. Only the top floors of the tallest skyscrapers pierce the otherwise featureless landscape, some of the buildings sit at bizarre angles, as if the sand is the only thing holding them up. If anything communicates the power of nature and the fleeting control of the human race upon the Earth, it's the scene in front of us.

Sojourn - The Deadlands #Quote by B.D. Messick
Skyscrapers quotes by Michel De Certeau
#101. His [the pedestrian's] elevation transfigures him into a voyeur. It puts his at a distance. It transforms the bewitching world by which one was 'possessed' into a text that lies before one's eyes. It allows one to read it, to be a solar Eye, looking down like a god. The exaltation of a scopic and gnostic drive: the fiction of knowledge is related to this lust to be a viewpoint and nothing more. #Quote by Michel De Certeau
Skyscrapers quotes by Alice Walker
#102. As you sit, make peace also with the reality that, after you die, it won't matter to you how you are remembered; you will not be here to experience it. All the grand things that you do or say, all the skyscrapers you build and cover with gold, your elegant tombstone, all will be completely forgotten eventually. Even your children, and their children, too, will be forgotten. That being so, perhaps it is best to begin to erase your presence well before you leave the scene. #Quote by Alice Walker
Skyscrapers quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#103. Stalin gothic was not so much an architectural style as a form of worship. Elements of Greek, French, Chinese and Italian masterpieces had been thrown into the barbarian wagon and carted to Moscow and the Master Builder Himself, who had piled them one on the other into the cement towers and blazing torches of His rule, monstrous skyscrapers of ominous windows, mysterious crenellations and dizzying towers that led to the clouds, and yet still more rising spires surmounted by ruby stars that at night glowed like His eyes. After His death, His creations were more embarrassment than menace, too big for burial with Him, so they stood, one to each part of town, great brooding, semi-Oriental temples, not exorcised but used. #Quote by Martin Cruz Smith
Skyscrapers quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#104. Skyscrapers! Unhealthy ugly giants! To live and work as close as to the land is a blessing! Remember, you are not a cloud! Come down and live on the ground! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Skyscrapers quotes by K.B. Ezzell
#105. Humans feel pain, they feel it hard and heavy and deep, and that right there is the only proof of life you will ever need. #Quote by K.B. Ezzell
Skyscrapers quotes by Gerald Stanley Lee
#106. We have had the stone age; we have had the iron age; and now we have the sky age, and the sky telegraph, and sky men, and sky cities. Mountains of stone are built out of men's visions. Towers and skyscrapers swing up out of their wills and up out of their hearts. #Quote by Gerald Stanley Lee
Skyscrapers quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#107. Waves, sky, trees, Essrog - I was off the page now, away from the grammar of skyscrapers and pavement. #Quote by Jonathan Lethem
Skyscrapers quotes by David Weitzman
#108. On the street below, the weather is calm. But up here, high winds threaten to topple the workers. A sudden gust can knock them from their footing with its sheer force or send a fatal vibration through the beams on which they stand. And yet the men joke, laugh, stroll across the foot-wide beams as though they are on solid ground. To the people on the sidewalk, tiny as ants below, the skywalkers appear entirely unafraid. A hundred years ago, their grandfathers and great-grandfathers built the skyscrapers and bridges that surround them. #Quote by David Weitzman
Skyscrapers quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#109. I'm a huge Springsteen fan, and yet if either he or Bob Dylan had to be erased from the world's hard drive, I would save Bob Dylan's work for sure - he's the greater talent, and by leaps and bounds and skyscrapers and rocket blasts. But Bob Dylan is an alien to his public. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Skyscrapers quotes by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
#110. Art deals with profound and simple moods ... Let us suppose that the artist - in this instance (the artist )Picabia - gets a certain impression by looking at our skyscrapers, our city, our way of life, and that he tries to reproduce it ... he will convey it in plastic ways on the canvas, even though we see neither skyscrapers nor city on it. #Quote by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Skyscrapers quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#111. In any city with lots of skyscrapers, lots of skyline, the moon seems bigger than it is. It's called the moon illusion. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Skyscrapers quotes by Bill Bryson
#112. On Fifth Avenue I went into the Trump Tower, a new skyscraper. A guy named Donald Trump, a developer, is slowly taking over New York, building skyscrapers all over town with his name on them, so I went in and had a look around. The building had the most tasteless lobby I had ever seen
all brass and chrome and blotchy red and white marble that looked like the sort of thing that if you saw it on the sidewalk you would walk around it. Here it was everywhere
on the floors, up the walls , on the ceiling. It was like being inside somebody's stomach after he'd eaten pizza. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Skyscrapers quotes by Andre Malraux
#113. Surely that little pseudo-gothic church on Broadway, hidden amongst the skyscrapers, is symbolic of the age! On the whole face of the globe the civilization that has conquered it has failed to build a temple or a tomb. #Quote by Andre Malraux
Skyscrapers quotes by Charles Martin
#114. She smiled, tilted her head, and ... have you ever seen video of melting glaciers where huge chunks, the size of skyscrapers, break off and crash into the sea? If hearts could do that, then when her hair slid from behind her ear and down her eyes, and the right side of her lip turned up, I heard my heart crack down the middle. #Quote by Charles Martin
Skyscrapers quotes by Lucy Mangan
#115. When wise old rat Nicodemus is talking to Mrs Frisby about how they live compared to humans, he says: 'A rat civilisation would probably never have built skyscrapers, since rats prefer to live underground. But think of the endless subways-below-subways-below-subways they would have had.' I read that huddled in the story corner of Mrs Pugh's class, and it felt like fireworks going off in my head. It wasn't just watermelons but the whole world that could be different. It wasn't preordained, or immutable or, indeed, even anything special. Just ours. Built and organised for us, by us, developed to serve our needs. I closed the book gently, almost reverently, almost as awed by its power to provide me with such new, previously unthinkable thoughts as I was by the thought itself. #Quote by Lucy Mangan
Skyscrapers quotes by Imbolo Mbue
#116. America was passing her by. New York City was passing her by. Bridges and billboards bearing smiling people were passing her by. Skyscrapers and brownstones were rushing by. Fast. Too fast. Forever. #Quote by Imbolo Mbue
Skyscrapers quotes by Gary Kamiya
#117. For cities are museums of time, and to live in them is to be haunted by the places they once were. The waterways that existed before the skyscrapers and freeways are a vanished world that beacons to us. When we catch glimpses of them, the city disappears. Its too-known streets dissolve into unfathomable terrain. It becomes innocent again. We want to unmake the city. To regain a lost paradise. #Quote by Gary Kamiya
Skyscrapers quotes by Richard Ford
#118. I stroll to the platform and up under the awning, hands in pockets, stepping lively on my toes as if I'm expecting -- a loved one, a girlfriend, a best friend from college long out of touch. The two trainmen give me the mackerel eye and begin some exclusive talk they've been putting off. But I don't feel the least excluded, since I enjoy this closeness to trains and the great moment they exude, their implacable hissing noise and purpose. I read somewhere it is psychologically beneficial to stand near things greater and more powerful than you yourself, so as to dwarf yourself (and your piddlyass brothers) by comparison. To do so, the writer said, released the spirit from its everyday moorings, and accounted for why Montanans and Sherpas, who live near daunting mountains, aren't much at complaining or nettlesome introspection. He was writing about better "uses" to be made of skyscrapers, and if you ask me the guy was right on the money. All alone now beside the humming train cars, I actually do feel my moorings slacken, and I will say it again, perhaps for the last time: there is mystery everywhere, even in a vulgar, urine-scented, suburban depot such as this. You have only to let yourself in for it. You can never know what's coming next. Always there is the chance it will be -- miraculous to say -- something you want. #Quote by Richard Ford
Skyscrapers quotes by David Levithan
#119. New Yorkers love the bigness
the skyscrapers, the freedom, the lights. But they also love it when they can carve out some smallness for themselves. When the guy at the corner store knows which newspaper you want. When the barista has your order ready before you open your mouth. When you start to recognize the people in your orbit, and you know that, say, if you're waiting for the subway at eight fifteen on the dot, odds are the redhead with the red umbrella is going to be there too. #Quote by David Levithan
Skyscrapers quotes by Kev Heritage
#120. Intense sunlight rained down on a half-submerged city. Waves crashed between buildings that stood like waterlogged tombstones. Skyscrapers of smashed glass and twisted rusting metal jutted from the churning swell as islands of broken dreams. A familiar tower with a familiar clock face ... Big Ben. London stared back at Blue. What was left of it. A sea-drowned cemetery for a time and a place long dead. #Quote by Kev Heritage
Skyscrapers quotes by Joseph Roth
#121. Therefore, the very large department store should not be viewed as a sinful undertaking, as, for example, the Tower of Babel. It is, rather, proof of the inability of the human race of today to be extravagant. It even builds skyscrapers: and the consequence this time isn't a great flood, but just a shop ... #Quote by Joseph Roth
Skyscrapers quotes by Dennis Quaid
#122. Wall Street has come to America's heartland, really. The only thing missing are the skyscrapers, you know? #Quote by Dennis Quaid
Skyscrapers quotes by Chris Colfer
#123. Alex and Conner looked up and saw a large city-limits sign above them. The sign read:

POPULATION 7,654,321

Once the handwritten words finished constructing the new dimension, the twins saw that the highway led to an enormous city a couple of miles in the distance. It had the tallest and leanest skyscrapers Alex had ever seen; the skyline looked more lie a bundle of pencils and pens than a row of buildings.
"Big City, USA?" Alex asked. "You couldn't come up with anything more original than that?"
"It was supposed to be a placeholder until I came up with a better name, but Big City, USA, grew on me," Conner said. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Skyscrapers quotes by Richard Calder
#124. Today the city melted in a heat wave. The crystal skyscrapers glittered like knives (this is a city of knives), steel-and-glass blades inlaid with the reflections of other knives, mirrors within mirrors within mirrors, knives that thrust up at the scorched clouds, presaging that evening's little death… As always, beneath the vaulted brilliance the infernal shadows of the streets were filled with the phantoms of murdered girls. #Quote by Richard Calder
Skyscrapers quotes by Edward L. Glaeser
#125. In 2009, for the first time in history, more than half the world's population lived in cities. In a time when family, friends and co-workers are a call, text, or email away, 3.3 billion people on this planet still choose to crowd together in skyscrapers, high-rises, subways and buses. Not too long ago, it looked like our cities were dying, but in fact they boldly threw themselves into the information age, adapting and evolving to become the gateways to a globalised and interconnected world. Now more than ever, the well-being of human society depends upon our knowledge of how the city lives and breathes. #Quote by Edward L. Glaeser
Skyscrapers quotes by Geoffrey S. Fletcher
#126. From stoplights to skyscrapers, turn anywhere in civilization and you will see imagination at work. It's in our inventions, advances and remedies and how a single parent masterminds each day. Imagination is boundless, surrounds us and resides in us all. #Quote by Geoffrey S. Fletcher
Skyscrapers quotes by Daryl Gregory
#127. Detroit, the kookiest damn city he'd ever visited. It was the first time he'd seen abandoned homes and decrepit skyscrapers alongside acres of fresh farmland, all part of some inner-city rejuvenation project to turn the industrial revolution inside out. Hell, maybe even white people would come back to the city. #Quote by Daryl Gregory
Skyscrapers quotes by Philip Johnson
#128. I'm about four skyscrapers behind. #Quote by Philip Johnson
Skyscrapers quotes by Roof Alexander
#129. We all shared a feeling of hunger, empty bellies, bottomless appetites that when filled, kept us up at night. When we spoke we shouted, all our voices together, a chorus of pleas, and rooftop dreams, voices carrying from building to building, no skyscrapers to block them, we all shared a voice, devouring the ears that accepted it, that opened to us. We would be heard. We would dizzily take in those sunrise nights and talk about what it would be like to be heard. #Quote by Roof Alexander
Skyscrapers quotes by Carl Sandburg
#130. So time passed on. And the two skyscrapers decided to have a child.
And they decided when their child came it should be a *free* child.
"It must be a free child," they said to each other.
"It must not be a child standing still all its life on a street corner. Yes, if we have a child she mist be free to run across the prairie, to the mountains, to the sea. Yes, it must be a free child."
So time passed on. Their child came. It was a railroad train, the Golden Spike Limited, the fastest long distance train in the Rootabaga Country. It ran across the prairie, to the mountains, to the sea. #Quote by Carl Sandburg
Skyscrapers quotes by Michael  Bowe
#131. Only God can make a tree, so men build skyscrapers. #Quote by Michael Bowe
Skyscrapers quotes by Ayn Rand
#132. He stepped to the window and pointed to the skyscrapers of the city. He said that we had to extinguish the lights of the world, and when we would see the lights of New York go out, we would know that our job was done. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Skyscrapers quotes by Italo Calvino
#133. Despina can be reached in two ways: by ship or by camel. The city displays one face to the traveler arriving overland and a different one to him who arrives by sea.

When the camel driver sees, at the horizon of the tableland, the pinnacles of the skyscrapers come into view, the radar antennae, the white and red wind-socks flapping, the chimneys belching smoke, he thinks of a ship; he knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a vessel that will take him away from the desert, a windjammer about to cast off, with the breeze already swelling the sails, not yet unfurled, or a steamboat with its boiler vibrating in the iron keel; and he thinks of all the ports, the foreign merchandise the cranes unload on the docks, the taverns where crews of different flags break bottles over one another's heads, the lighted, ground-floor windows, each with a woman combing her hair.

In the coastline's haze, the sailor discerns the form of a camel's withers, an embroidered saddle with glittering fringe between two spotted humps, advancing and swaying; he knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a camel from whose pack hang wine-skins and bags of candied fruit, date wine, tobacco leaves, and already he sees himself at the head of a long caravan taking him away from the desert of the sea, toward oases of fresh water in the palm trees' jagged shade, toward palaces of thick, whitewashed walls, tiled courts where girls are dancing barefoot, moving their arms, half-hidden by thei #Quote by Italo Calvino
Skyscrapers quotes by Kels Adeline Sapp
#134. A mirror can trick you day by day into thinking you remain looking and existing in one way forever. But a photograph presents you with the truth: it freezes you eternally, existing as a reminder that you can never, ever go back to any one moment again- that you are always changing, hour by hour, cell by cell, in tiny fragments that build skyscrapers overnight. #Quote by Kels Adeline Sapp
Skyscrapers quotes by Huseyn Raza
#135. Nothing has changed, Claire. You're still as beautiful as you were when we met first and I am still in love with everything about you. We may be worlds apart but this doesn't keep our hearts at distance. I feel your breath in every breath of mine and I hear your heartbeat in every beat of my heart. I traveled to far away lands, rivers, forests, mountains, glaciers, deserts and skyscrapers but wherever I go I find you there. My dreams aren't illusions but visions of a beautiful yesterday; I play with your hair-locks, I kiss your eyes, I embrace your hands and you giggle in my arms blossoming like a flower. My love, you're my only reality, my only fantasy, my only celebration and my only refuge. I have waited a thousands suns and I can wait a thousand more to witness the moment you call out to me. That day you'll find me and even if I don't live up to see that day I will be with you forever, just remember me. #Quote by Huseyn Raza

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