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Sky Bar quotes by Greg Wilson
#1. platform. Outside an old man in overalls was working his way along the wagons, undoing padlocks, throwing bolts, hauling the massive panel doors back along their tracks. Apart from him, no one. Could it be this simple? He didn't pause to ask himself the question a second time. Just sprang down from the opening onto the concrete siding and began walking, head lowered and limping at first, until the oxygen started flowing through his bloodstream and the muscles of his legs began to work then, as they did, quickening his pace and striding faster, lifting his head to the seamless pale blue dawn sky and tasting the breath of freedom. He found a covered overpass that seemed to connect the freight platforms with the main terminal. Took the stairs two at a time and started across the bridge towards the massive building at the other side. The station hall was a curiously romantic #Quote by Greg Wilson
Sky Bar quotes by Pierce Brown
#2. I am the star in the night sky. I am the blade in the twilight. I am the god, the glory. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Sky Bar quotes by Fox Benwell
#3. The sky is different here. I can count the stars we see upon my fingers. And as I sit beside my friends, I know I'll not be cast aside unseen. #Quote by Fox Benwell
Sky Bar quotes by Heather Demetrios
#4. I don't really know what it means to move on, but lately, with Sky, I'm starting to feel like I want to because when I look at her, I don't see you or the war or any of the shit in my head. I just see her, and it's like suddenly I can breathe again after holding my breath for so long. #Quote by Heather Demetrios
Sky Bar quotes by Janice Pariat
#5. Stories are told at festive, joyful gatherings, but the ones narrated at funerals are special because they reaffirm existence, of the listeners and the narrators. They are times of remembrance that haul the past into the present, and keep people alive even when they're gone. #Quote by Janice Pariat
Sky Bar quotes by Faiz Ahmad Faiz
#6. These tarnished rays, this night-smudged light -
This is not that Dawn for which, ravished with freedom,
we had set out in sheer longing,
so sure that somewhere in its desert the sky harbored
a final haven for the stars, and we would find it.
We had no doubt that night's vagrant wave would stray
towards the shore,
that the heart rocked with sorrow would at last reach its port.

Friends, our blood shaped its own mysterious roads.
When hands tugged at our sleeves, enticing us to stay,
and from wondrous chambers Sirens cried out
with their beguiling arms, with their bare bodies,
our eyes remained fixed on that beckoning Dawn,
forever vivid in her muslins of transparent light.
Our blood was young - what could hold us back?

Now listen to the terrible rampant lie:
Light has forever been severed from the Dark;
our feet, it is heard, are now one with their goal.
See our leaders polish their manner clean of our suffering:
Indeed, we must confess only to bliss;
we must surrender any utterance for the Beloved - all yearning
is outlawed.

But the heart, the eye, the yet deeper heart -
Still ablaze for the Beloved, their turmoil shines.
In the lantern by the road the flame is stalled for news:
Did the morning breeze ever come? Where has it gone?
Night weighs us down, it still weighs us down.
Friends, come away from this false light. #Quote by Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Sky Bar quotes by Marie Lu
#7. I saw her, once.

"She passed through our village, through fields littered with dead soldiers after her forces overwhelmed the nation of Dumor. Her other Elites followed and then rows of white-robed Inquisitors, wielding the white-and-silver banners of the White Wolf. Where they went, the sky dimmed and the ground cracked - the clouds gathered behind the army as if a creature alive, black and churning in fury. As if the goddess of Death herself had come.

"She paused to look down at one of our dying soldiers. He trembled on the ground, but his eyes stayed on her. He spat something at her. She only stared back at him. I don't know what he saw in her expression, but his muscles tightened, his legs pushing against the dirt as he tried in vain to get away from her. Then the man started to scream. It is a sound I shall never forget as long as I live. She nodded to her Rainmaker, and he descended from his horse to plunge a sword through the dying soldier. Her face did not change at all. She simply rode on.

"I never saw her again. But even now, as an old man, I remember her as clearly as if she were standing before me. She was ice personified. There was once a time when darkness shrouded the world, and the darkness had a queen."

- A witness's account of Queen Adelina's siege on the nation of Dumor

The Village of Pon-de-Terre

28 Marzien, 1402 #Quote by Marie Lu
Sky Bar quotes by Debasish Mridha
#8. Your mind is a blue sky where without fear you can fly. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Sky Bar quotes by J.M. Darhower
#9. The sky isn't the limit in my world, Karissa. There is no limit. You want it? You got it. Whatever it is. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Sky Bar quotes by George Kennan
#10. It was one of those warm, still, almost tropical nights, so rarely seen on the northern waters, when a profound calm reigns in the moonless heavens, and the hush of absolute repose rests upon the tired, storm-vexed sea. There was not the faintest breath of air to stir even the reef-points of the motionless sails, or roughen the dark, polished mirror of water around the ship. A soft, almost imperceptible haze concealed the line of the far horizon, and blended sky and water into one great hollow sphere of twinkling stars. Earth and sea seemed to have passed away, and our motionless ship floated, spell-bound, in vacancy - the only earthly object in an encircling universe of stars and planets. #Quote by George Kennan
Sky Bar quotes by Adrienne Young
#11. It was the end. And at the end, life becomes precious. #Quote by Adrienne Young
Sky Bar quotes by Rick Riordan
#12. I was used to driving my sun chariot across the sky, where every lane was the fast lane. I was not used to the Long Island Expressway. Believe me, even at midday in the middle of January, there is nothing express about your expressways. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sky Bar quotes by Josh Kilmer-Purcell
#13. Back in bed I listen to every sound. The plastic tarp over the table on the balcony crunching in the cold wind. the two short clicks in the walls before the heat comes on with a low whoosh. I hear a constant base hum all around, the nervous system of the building, carrying electricity and gas and phone conversations to all our respective little boxes. I listen to it all, the constant, the rhythmic, and the random. It's hard to measure the night by sound, but it can be done. I know that when the traffic noise is quietest, it's about 4:30 in the morning. I know that when the 'Times' hits the door, it's around 5. Now the clock says it's morning, 5:45, but the November sky still says midnight. I hear the elevator ding twenty yards down the hall outside our door. Seven seconds later, I hear his keys in our lock, then his heavy backpack hitting the floor. I hear the refrigerator door open, the unsealing vacuum wheezing as the cold inside air meets the dry heat in the apartment. The cupboard door. A glass. The crescendoing fizz of a new two-liter Diet Coke bottle opening. It's a one-sided conversation with no one actually talking. I lie in the dark, close my eyes, and try not to listen to his movements around apartment. these are the sounds of our life together before it got so messy. I want to say something back. Anything, anything that sounds like things sounded last summer. Even just to myself. Just something out loud.
The inside of my eyelids turn pink. My door has been op #Quote by Josh Kilmer-Purcell
Sky Bar quotes by J.L. Langley
#14. In a daze, Remi stepped up to the battered old bar, next to Rhys. "What will it be?" the bartender asked Remi. "I'll have a Jake and Coke-uh, Jack and Cock, uh-" Oh fuck. Remi stopped talking. He could actually feel his face heat with a blush. Someone shoot me. #Quote by J.L. Langley
Sky Bar quotes by Jim Bishop
#15. True love is night jasmine, a diamond in darkness, the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard. It is the most common of miracles, fashioned of fleecy clouds - a handful of stars tossed into the night sky. #Quote by Jim Bishop
Sky Bar quotes by Brian Jacques
#16. The advice I continually give to young writers is this, "Learn to paint pictures with words." Not just once upon a time, but ... In the long secret dust of ages, beneath a blue forgotten sky, where trade winds caress the sun bleached shores of unknown realms ... See, as much as there are words in poetry, there is a poetry in words. Use it, stay faithful to the path you have set your heart upon and follow it. #Quote by Brian Jacques
Sky Bar quotes by Susan Ee
#17. We must be quite a sight. A cloud of scorpion-tailed, man-sized locusts blotting out the sky. And in the middle of it all, a demon with enormous wings carrying a teenage girl. At least, Raffe must look like a demon to anyone who didn't know he was an archangel flying on borrowed wings. They probably think he kidnapped the girl he's holding. They couldn't possibly guess that I feel safe in his arms. That I'm resting my head on the warm curve of his neck because I like the feel of his skin. #Quote by Susan Ee
Sky Bar quotes by Christina Hart
#18. I see glimpses of you
in the air, at the bar,
at the store. I see
flashes of you
even when my
eyes are open, glued
to the television
to distract me from
the fact that you are
not sitting besides me.
I cannot stand the
cold, dead darkness of
an empty room.
I need to keep the lights on and pretend
you'll turn them off
when you come
back to bed. #Quote by Christina Hart
Sky Bar quotes by Nina Zivancevic
#19. At the conference I was asked whether all Yugoslav writers were now forced to live in exile. I answered that I was far more concerned about the people who were not writers who were forced into exile. Writers are familiar with the conditions of exile; exile is not foreign to writers, they often choose to live that way. Exile can be one's state of mind even while living in one's own homeland. I've chosen to live in many different countries over the years because I've always felt closer to mankind per se than to any nation in particular, even my own. Until recently it had seemed banal to say that every person is entitled to think and breathe under the same sky, but as our imperfect human race has difficulty recalling its own history, we're now obligated to state the obvious over and over again. #Quote by Nina Zivancevic
Sky Bar quotes by Lara Biyuts. Vampire Armastus
#20. Flying high in the dark sky, crazy and free, I was happy visiting the worlds and giving death or madness to the people. Either was liberation. #Quote by Lara Biyuts. Vampire Armastus
Sky Bar quotes by Lecia Cornwall
#21. What it like to sail?" she asked.
His gaze shifted, and he stared into the distance. "It's freedom. Like riding a powerful horse with a gait like silk. You speed over the waves, carried on the wind, held up over an unknowable depth of water beneath you, with the entire sky above. And that sky is a different color depending on where on earth you are. There are a thousand shades of blue. You can look up and know where you are, just by the color. And the stars at night - there's indescribable beauty in the stars, like a woman's eyes, flashing, shining... And yet, they are tools, enabling navigation, a map to follow..."
She stared at his profile as he spoke, at the scars that marred his brow and cheeks, the crooked line of his broken nose, the elegant, aristocratic line of his jaw, half-hidden under the shadow of stubble, and the soft, sensual curve of his mouth. She saw the sea in his eyes, smelled the wind, tasted the salt, and she felt her chest tighten with a longing to sail, to experience speed and adventure. Breathless, she felt the presence of the man in the portrait, the rogue, the bold captain. Her heart twisted as she imagined him in prison, beaten, chained, tormented to madness. He was still a prisoner, trapped inside the cage of his injured flesh, his damaged bones, his memories of unspeakable horrors.
What would it take to set him free? #Quote by Lecia Cornwall
Sky Bar quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#22. My question was:How did I go from merely seeing the dirty French Santa in a bar to being in his hotel room the next morning? And this presented me with an actual equation. How did one plus one equal old French Santa? #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Sky Bar quotes by John Banville
#23. Childhood is supposed to be a radiant springtime but mine seems to have been always autumn, the gales seething in the big beeches behind this old gate-lodge, as they're doing right now, and the rooks above them wheeling haphazard, like scraps of char from a bonfire, and a custard-coloured gleam having its last go low down in the western sky. #Quote by John Banville
Sky Bar quotes by John Stott
#24. No man has ever appreciated the gospel until the law has first revealed him to himself. It is only against the inky blackness of the night sky that the stars begin to appear, and it is only against the dark background of sin and judgment that the gospel shines forth. #Quote by John Stott
Sky Bar quotes by Mao Zedong
#25. Capture of Nanking Rain and a windstorm rage blue and yellow over Chung the bell mountain as a million peerless troops cross the Great River. The peak is a coiled dragon, the city a crouching tiger more dazzling than before. The sky is spinning and the earth upside down. We are elated yet we must use our courage to chase the hopeless enemy. We must not stoop to fame like the overlord Hsiang Yu. If heaven has feeling it will grow old and watch our seas turn into mulberry fields. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Sky Bar quotes by Leon Trotsky
#26. Natasha has just come up to the window from the courtyard and opened it wider so that the air may enter more freely into my room. I can see the bright green strip of grass beneath the wall, and the clear blue sky above the wall, and sunlight everywhere. Life is beautiful. Let the future generations cleanse it of all evil, oppression and violence, and enjoy it to the full. #Quote by Leon Trotsky
Sky Bar quotes by Ellen Bass
#27. The Aftermath

When the fierce pure pleasure
has clawed through, ripped open
my tent of separateness,
I lay in my lover's arms, weeping
and exposed. I can't help seeing

my sister, new widow
whose heart hangs
heavy, a side of beef
in the ice box of her chest.
I imagine her entering
a bedroom like this, maples
flaming beyond the window
against a perfectly useless blue sky.

And then my mother-in-law
stops at the library on the way home
from her husband's funeral,
picks up the book they've been holding.
It sits in the passenger seat
while she stares at the windshield, stunned,
a bird flown into glass.

Even my friend whose wife hasn't died yet
appears in this sex-drenched air. Tears
pool in the shallows under his eyes.
If his soul were a tin can, it would be sliced,
the thick soup leaking out.

The night is soaked with suffering.
My dumb body, sprung open, can't tell
the difference between this blaze of pleasure
and the sorrow it drags in.
As I gaze out into the gathering darkness
it seems I almost comprehend
the mystery, glimpse the water of life
pouring through my form into theirs,
theirs back to mine, misery and ecstasy
swirled like the blue white planet
seen from space,

but it lasts less than a moment--
the arms of my own dear one
haul me back into my #Quote by Ellen Bass
Sky Bar quotes by Christina Lauren
#28. See, the problem with boobs is if you have big ones, you can never look thin. You get these burns on your shoulders from bra straps, and your back hurts. And unless you're using them for their intended purpose, they're always in the way."
"In the way of what? My hands, My face? Don't you blaspheme in here." He looked up to the sky. "She didn't mean it, Lord. Promise. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Sky Bar quotes by Andrew Cohen
#29. Those of us who have transcended mythical belief systems know without any doubt that there is no God up in the sky. But when we awaken to what I call the evolutionary impulse - the mysterious passion to evolve, to become, to develop on every level-we rediscover who God is. #Quote by Andrew Cohen
Sky Bar quotes by Rose McGowan
#30. Hollywood operates like the Mafia when it comes to protecting its own. Especially if your "own" is a rich white male. Yes, I said it. But here's the thing, it's true. I didn't make it so, it just is. In other news, the sky is blue. #Quote by Rose McGowan
Sky Bar quotes by Josh Garrels
#31. It just takes the faith of a little seed to make a way through what might to be impossibility, and the ability will match the occasion. The outcome will defy explanation. The liberation will not be televised when it arrives like lightning in the skies. #Quote by Josh Garrels
Sky Bar quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#32. Only a few leaves of deep red remain on the otherwise bare limbs of the maples; the oak leaves are russet and wrinkled; briefly through the trees is the glimpse of the bay, flat and steel-gray today with the overcast November sky. #Quote by Elizabeth Strout
Sky Bar quotes by John Ramsay
#33. By fancy's aid I see the lightning fly, And the hoarse thunder roll along the sky. #Quote by John Ramsay
Sky Bar quotes by Katie Reus
#34. You're going to do great," Lizzy said as they reached the mini Tiki bar. The air was cool in the high fifties and the scent of various meats on the grill filled the air. Even though they'd had the party catered, apparently Grant had insisted on grilling some things himself. "I wouldn't have recommended you apply for it otherwise."

Athena ducked behind the bar and grinned at the array of bottles and other garnishes. She'd been friends with Lizzy the past couple months and knew her friend's tastes by now. As she started mixing up their drinks she said, "If I fail, hopefully they won't blame you."

Lizzy just snorted but eyed the drink mix curiously. "Purple?"

"Just wait. You'll like it." She rolled the rims of the martini glasses in sugar as she spoke.

"Where'd you learn to do this?"

"I bartended a little in college and there were a few occasions on the job where I had to assist because staff called out sick for an event." There'd been a huge festival in Madrid she'd helped out with a year ago where three of the staff had gotten food poisoning, so in addition to everything else she'd been in charge of, she'd had to help with drinks on and off. That had been such a chaotic, ridiculous job.

"At least you'll have something to fall back on if you do fail," Lizzy teased.

"I seriously hope not." She set the two glasses on the bar and strained the purple concoction into them. With the twinkle lights strung up #Quote by Katie Reus
Sky Bar quotes by Lajos Kossuth
#35. I know that there is one God in heaven, the Father of all humanity, and heaven is therefore one. I know that there is one sun in the sky, which gives light to all the world. As there is unity in God, and unity in the light, so is there unity in the principles of freedom. Wherever it is broken, wherever a shadow is cast upon the sunny rays of the sun of liberty, there is always danger of free principles everywhere in the world. #Quote by Lajos Kossuth
Sky Bar quotes by Anita Diamant
#36. Remember when I used to chase you and your sister around the house to get my daily minimum requirement of hugs? I said if I didn't get one hundred hugs I would float up into the sky like Mary Poppins and you would never see me again. We stopped playing that game when you started school, but we never stopped hugging. #Quote by Anita Diamant
Sky Bar quotes by Scarlett Dawn
#37. The sky was molten lava of pinks, oranges, and blues, a dance of delight to the eye. #Quote by Scarlett Dawn
Sky Bar quotes by Virginia Petrucci
#38. Here's to adrenaline.
Here's to dramatic abandon of protocol.
Here's to treasured pain and purple rain.
Here's to chasing our souls,

burning across to sky.

Here's to drinking the ash as it falls,
and not asking why. #Quote by Virginia Petrucci
Sky Bar quotes by Samuel Beckett
#39. He will curse God again as in the blessed days face to the open sky the passing deluge. Face to calm eye touch close all calm all white all gone from mind. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Sky Bar quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#40. I don't have a diary, I don't write things into a diary. I imprint myself into the sky and when the sunlight shines brightly, I can stand under the sun's rays and everything I have imprinted of myself into the sky, I will begin to see again, feel again, remember. And when the wind begins to blow, it blows the details over my face, and I remember everything I left in the sky and see new things being born. I am unwritten. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Sky Bar quotes by Melissa Keil
#41. She doesn't follow me.

She doesn't call out my name and chase after me in the rain. It isn't even raining. The sky doesn't even have the decency to provide me with a good movie cliché. #Quote by Melissa Keil
Sky Bar quotes by Me
#42. It resembled the Catatumbo Lightning. At some distance from the coast, at a not-to-distant point, some angry god seemed to be unleashing an electric fury on the defenseless sea. Amanda watched with concern the uninterrupted succession of sparks, the sky regurgitating after swallowing the sun. And in the breeze, increasingly intense, she heard the echo of a menacing roar. #Quote by Me
Sky Bar quotes by Conrad Aiken
#43. O sweet clean earth, from whom the green blade cometh! When we are dead, my best beloved and I, close well above us, that we may rest forever, sending up grass and blossoms to the sky. #Quote by Conrad Aiken
Sky Bar quotes by Juan Ramon Jimenez
#44. Dusk falls. There is nothing gentle
about the sky. #Quote by Juan Ramon Jimenez

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