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Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#1. If she looked further than the wedding, it was to see marriage as the beginning of individual existence, this skirmish from which one one's spurs, from which one set out on the true quests of life. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#2. Patriotism! It is used to define so many diversities, to justify so many wrongs, to compass so many ends, that its life is killed out; it becomes a dead word in the vocabulary-a blank counter, to be moved to any part of the game; and that flag which, streaming from the mast-head of our ship of state, striped with martyr-blood, and glistening with the stars of lofty promise, should always indicate our worldwide mission, and the glorious destinies that we carry forward, is bandied about in every selfish skirmish, and held up as the symbol of every political privateer. #Quote by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#3. Fact been no more than a small skirmish between the MacKenzies and a detachment of English troops on their way to join the main body of the army. Said army was even now assembling #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Mark R. Lile
#4. I believe a person who strives to keep a great attitude is refusing a life of mediocrity. God isn't calling you to a life of mediocrity. Think of what the word mediocre means. The dictionary defines mediocre as "of only moderate quality; not very good." Synonyms for the word mediocre are words such as average, undistinguished, unexceptional, lackluster, and forgettable. Do these words describe how you want your life to be remembered? I seriously doubt they do. You want your life to be remembered as inspiring and exceptional. If you seek God's direction and plan for your life, he will lead and empower you to reach your full potential and inspire others. #Quote by Mark R. Lile
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#5. For the first time, I find myself wondering if facing the truth and being sane aren't the same thing, if they are just two things that tend to go together. I'm just starting to understand that they might be correlational rather than synonyms. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#6. Kaz folded his hands over his cane. "It's getting late, so everybody put away yourPoor Wylan hankies and set your minds to the task at hand. Matthias, Jesper, and Kuwei will leave for the embassy at half past nine bells. You approach from the canal. Jesper, you're tall, brown, and conspicuous - "

"All synonyms for delightful."

"And that means you'll have to be twice as careful."

"There's always a price to be paid for greatness."

"Try to take this seriously," said Kaz, voice like a rusty blade. Was that actual concern? Jesper tried not to wonder if it was for him or the job. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by China Mieville
#7. London is an endless skirmish between angles and emptiness. #Quote by China Mieville
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Kshitij Shringi
#8. Even English Language doesn't provide you with the Synonyms of the word Success. #Quote by Kshitij Shringi
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Steven L. Harrison
#9. When the British retreated after a skirmish in the revolutionary war, American troops found Masonic regalia and a book of constitutions left in the encampment the British had abandoned. General Washington himself returned the Masonic artifacts to the British troops, under a flag of truce, accompanied by an escort and a guard of honor. #Quote by Steven L. Harrison
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Frank Herbert
#10. Providence and Manifest Destiny are synonyms often invoked to support arguments based on wishful thinking. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Robert Galbraith
#11. Sense entered into a short, violent skirmish with instinct and inclination, and was overwhelmed. #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Roy Peter Clark
#12. A teacher of mine once said there are no true synonyms. #Quote by Roy Peter Clark
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Jack Weatherford
#13. Genghis Khan's ability to manipulate people and technology represented the experienced knowledge of more than four decades of nearly constant warfare. At no single, crucial moment in his life did he suddenly acquire his genius at warfare, his ability to inspire the loyalty of his followers, or his unprecedented skill for organizing on a global scale. These derived not from epiphanic enlightenment or formal schooling but from a persistent cycle of pragmatic learning, experimental adaptation, and constant revision driven by his uniquely disciplined mind and focused will. His fighting career began long before most of his warriors at Bukhara had been born, and in every battle he learned something new. In every skirmish, he acquired more followers and additional fighting techniques. In each struggle, he combined the new ideas into a constantly changing set of military tactics, strategies, and weapons. He never fought the same war twice. #Quote by Jack Weatherford
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
#14. Here's the point to be made - there are no synonyms. There are no two words that mean exactly the same thing. #Quote by Theodore Sturgeon
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by N. T. Wright
#15. Many Christians in the evangelical tradition use words like "conversion," "regeneration," "justification," "born-again," etc. all as more or less synonyms to mean "becoming a Christian from cold." In the classic Reformed tradition, the word "justification" is much more fine-tuned than that and has to do with a verdict which is pronounced, rather than with something happening to you in terms of actually being born again. So that I'm actually much closer to some classic Reformed writing on this than some people perhaps realize. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#16. Synonyms know each other like old colleagues, like a set of friends who've seen the world together. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Girdhar Joshi
#17. Big skirmishes over small misunderstanding make things bad in a relationship. #Quote by Girdhar Joshi
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Gregory Maguire
#18. She dropped her shyness like a nightgown, and in the liquid glare of sunlight on old boards she held up her hands-as if, in the terror of the upcoming skirmish, she had at last understood that she was beautiful. In her own way. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Franny Choi
#19. Turns out, there are no synonyms for King. #Quote by Franny Choi
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by David Weber
#20. Hot, bright heat filled him like some ecstatic poison, and Hartan's pony shied in terror as a wordless howl burst from his throat. His dripping ears were flat to his skull, fire crackled in his brown eyes, his huge sword blurred in a whirring figure eight before him, and the brigand running at him gawked in sudden panic. The raider's feet skidded in mud as he tried to brake, but it was far too late. He was face-to-face with the worst nightmare of any Norfressan, a Horse Stealer hradani in the grip of the Rage, and a thunderbolt of steel split him from crown to navel. #Quote by David Weber
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Bennett Madison
#21. I tried to find a word for it in my thesaurus, but there isn't one. At least, not one that doesn't belittle the plight of POWs and victims of famine. I guess we can just call it beyond suck. -Lulu Dark #Quote by Bennett Madison
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Warren Farrell
#22. Male bashing is everywhere. It would be a mistake to view the current situation as another skirmish in the war between the sexes. Women have been doing the shooting, and men have been burying their heads in the sand, hoping the bullets will miss. #Quote by Warren Farrell
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Kingsley C. Okei
#23. You can be critical and not judgmental. The two are synonyms, but no the same. The critical man analyzes people, things, and issues, very carefully. The judgmental man presents the results of his careful analysis in a manner that condemns. #Quote by Kingsley C. Okei
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Dick Morris
#24. Rebut the negative, and the opposing campaign has not merely lost a skirmish, it has suffered almost irreparable damage. An effective rebuttal makes it hard for the campaign whose ad is destroyed to be believed about anything ever again. #Quote by Dick Morris
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Josemaria Escriva
#25. 191 Conquer yourself each day from the very first moment, getting up on the dot, at a set time, without granting a single minute to laziness. If, with the help of God, you conquer yourself in that moment, you'll have accomplished a great deal for the rest of the day. It's so discouraging to find yourself beaten in the first skirmish! #Quote by Josemaria Escriva
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Diane Ackerman
#26. Love is the great intangible ... Frantic and serene, vigilant and calm, wrung-out and fortified, explosive and sedate
love commands a vast army of moods. Hoping for victory, limping from the latest skirmish, lovers enter the arena once again ... Love is the white light of emotion ... Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one can agree on what it is. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Stephen Fry
#27. It might be worth pausing over the variety of ways in which we can think of signs in language, all of which have to do with the way in which a given sign might be chosen to go into a speech sentence. Take the word "ship." "Ship" is very closely related in sound to certain other words. We won't specify them for fear of a Freudian slip, but that is one cluster. That is one associational matrix or network that one can think of in the arrangement of that sign in language, but there are also synonyms for "ship": "bark, "boat," "bateau," a great many other synonyms--"sailboat," whatever. They, too, exist in a cluster: "steamship," "ocean liner," in other words, words that don't sound at all the same, but are contiguous in synonymity. They cluster in that way. And then furthermore "ship" is also the opposite of certain things, so that it would also enter into a relationship with "train," "car," "truck," "mule," modes of transportation, right? In all of these ways, "ship" is clustered associationally in language in ways that make it available to be chosen, available to be chosen as appropriate for a certain semantic context that we try to develop when we speak. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Shinji Moon
#28. I'm running out of things to say.
I've stopped stealing pages out of poetry books, but last week I pocketed a thesaurus and looked for synonyms for you and could only find rain
and more rain
and a thunderstorm that sounded like glass, like crystal, an orchestra. #Quote by Shinji Moon
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Anne Rice
#29. Our language needs endless synonyms for beautiful; the eyes could see what the tongue cannot possibly describe. #Quote by Anne Rice
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Isaiah Washington
#30. I hate the term 'black' because it doesn't bring to life who we are as a people. The term 'black' has more negative synonyms than the term white. #Quote by Isaiah Washington
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Benjamin Graham
#31. At heart, "uncertainty" and "investing" are synonyms. #Quote by Benjamin Graham
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Andre Brink
#32. Everything one used to take for granted, with so much certainty that one never even bothered to enquire about it, now turns out to be illusion. Your certainties are proven lies. And what happens if you start probing? Must you learn a wholly new language first?
'Humanity'. Normally one uses it as a synonym for compassion; charity; decency; integrity. 'He is such a human person.' Must one now go in search of an entirely different set of synonyms: cruelty; exploitation; unscrupulousness; or whatever? #Quote by Andre Brink
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Winfield Scott
#33. I give it as my fixed opinion, that but for our graduated cadets, the war between the United States and Mexico might, and probably would have lasted some four or five years, with, in its first half, more defeats than victories falling to our share; whereas, in less than two campaigns, we conquered a great country and a peace without the loss of a single battle or skirmish. #Quote by Winfield Scott
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Dana Gould
#34. New synonyms for sex: Going to a family function, getting the hard part over with, anti-fillet. Get it? Sex! #Quote by Dana Gould
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#35. I never realized how literally we battle demons. Often alone. It is a relentless skirmish with vicious wraith-monsters devouring us from within. We Fight. And resist for a time. Ultimately, desperation forces a cry for help. But where oh where are the valiant knights? When did they die off? #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Andrew Cuomo
#36. There was never a war on poverty. Maybe there was a skirmish on poverty. #Quote by Andrew Cuomo
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#37. Intoxicated? The word did not express it by a mile. He was oiled, boiled, fried, plastered, whiffled, sozzled, and blotto. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#38. contextualization is inevitable. As soon as you choose a language to speak in and particular words to use within that language, the culture-laden nature of words comes into play. We often think that translating words from one language to another is simple - it's just a matter of locating the synonym in the other language. But there are few true synonyms. The word God is translated into German as Gott - simple enough. But the cultural history of German speakers is such that the word Gott strikes German ears differently than the English word God strikes the ears of English speakers. It means something different to them. You may need to do more explanation if you are to give German speakers the same biblical concept of God that the word conveys to English speakers. #Quote by Timothy J. Keller
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#39. Once we have our atium, we'll be happy."
"Not to mention rich," Ham added.
"The two words are synonyms, Hammond," Breeze said. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Skirmish Synonyms quotes by Victor LaValle
#40. On June 23, 1864, Ambrose Bierce was in command of a skirmish line of Union soldiers at Kennesaw Mountain in northern Georgia. He'd been a soldier for three years and, in that time, had been commended by his superiors for his efficiency and bravery during battle. #Quote by Victor LaValle

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