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Skateistan Sky quotes by Frauke Heyde
#1. As midnight came, he named every star in the sky after her. #Quote by Frauke Heyde
Skateistan Sky quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#2. It's impossible not to believe in ghosts, They light up the night sky every time the sun goes down, reminding us that we are never alone. #Quote by Dannielle Wicks
Skateistan Sky quotes by Nadine Velazquez
#3. I am inspired by anything beautiful. Sometime it's a pair of eyes or flowing gorgeous hair, other times it's the sky or a sunset. I've been inspired by supple skin or the texture of a soft shirt. #Quote by Nadine Velazquez
Skateistan Sky quotes by Peter F. Hamilton
#4. Meteorites fell through the night sky like a gentle sleet of icefire, #Quote by Peter F. Hamilton
Skateistan Sky quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#5. At the end of ten minutes fifty thousand lights glittered, descending from the Palazzo di Venezia to the Piazza del Popolo, and mounting from the Piazzo del Popolo to the Palazzo di Venezia. It seemed like the fete of jack-o'-lanterns. It is impossible to form any idea of it without having seen it. Suppose that all the stars had descended from the sky and mingled in a wild dance on the face of the earth; the whole accompanied by cries that were never heard in any other part of the world. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Skateistan Sky quotes by Harriet Prescott Spofford
#6. We had proceeded but a few days, coasting the crushing capes of rock that every where seemed to run out in a diablerie of tusks and horns to drive us from the region that they warded, now cruising through a runlet of blue water just wide enough for our keel, with silver reaches of frost stretching away into a ghastly horizon - now plunging upon tossing seas, tho sun wheeling round and round, and never sinking from the strange, weird sky above us, when again to our look-out a glimmer in the low horizon told its awful tale - a sort of smoky lustre like that which might ascend from an army of spirits - the fierce and fatal spirits tented on the terrible field of the ice-floe. #Quote by Harriet Prescott Spofford
Skateistan Sky quotes by Dana Reinhardt
#7. We sat looking out at the ocean. There was just so much of it, and it never failed to take my breath away. Looking at the ocean gave me the same sensation I'd get staring at a sky full of stars- that I was small. Like the way a math problem reveals its undeniable truth, I knew when I stared into this sort of endlessness that my life didn't count for much of anything. And knowing that, that I was nothing but a speck, I felt pretty lucky for all that I had. #Quote by Dana Reinhardt
Skateistan Sky quotes by Kanye West
#8. Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to god, and keep your face to the raising sun. #Quote by Kanye West
Skateistan Sky quotes by Claire Legrand
#9. From sky to sky
From sea to sea
Steady so I stand
And never will I flee. #Quote by Claire Legrand
Skateistan Sky quotes by Jodi Picoult
#10. Hers were the pale gray that made you think of nightfall and silver bullets and the edge of winter. The color that filled the sky before it was torn in half by lightening. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Skateistan Sky quotes by Paula McLain
#11. The sky had taken Denys, but I knew there was life up there, too
a combination of forces suited to me, to how I was made, in powerful ways. That great soaring freedom and unimaginable grace came fully tethered to risk and to fear. Flying demanded more courage and faith than I actually posessed, and it wanted my best, my whole self. I would have to work very hard to be any good at it at all, and be more than a little mad to be great, to give my life over to it. But that's just what I meant to do. #Quote by Paula McLain
Skateistan Sky quotes by J.F. Smith
#12. Everyone tends to think of October as being an autumn month. Not so much in south Alabama, usually. There, it's another warm, if not hot, summer month. But the Alabama summer heat will sometimes get broken by cooler days. The haze of the depth of summer lifts, the humidity backs off, and the sky takes on a clearer, sharper blueness that the more languid summer days rarely could manage. And sometimes, there will be a day where the temperature gives a clear peek of what's coming. #Quote by J.F. Smith
Skateistan Sky quotes by Glenn Haybittle
#13. The death beams slide around the sky like dancers on ice. As if exchanging partners in this vaulted ballroom of coloured smoke. He imagines a Strauss waltz accompanying the dance of the Nazi searchlights. #Quote by Glenn Haybittle
Skateistan Sky quotes by Jandy Nelson
#14. And then we are kissing, so far into the sky I don't think we're ever coming back. If anyone asks where we are, just tell them to look up. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Skateistan Sky quotes by Jessica Park
#15. So we've pulled the chute, and we're drifting, riding the sky. It's just you and me. You can hear me now that we're falling like this, remember? I tell you that I don't want this to end. I don't want to land and reach the real world, because I like our world up here better. #Quote by Jessica Park
Skateistan Sky quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#16. A few people have ventured to imitate Shakespeare's tragedy. But no audacious spirit has dreamed or dared to imitate Shakespeare's comedy. No one has made any real attempt to recover the loves and the laughter of Elizabethan England. The low dark arches, the low strong pillars upon which Shakespeare's temple rests we can all explore and handle. We can all get into his mere tragedy; we can all explore his dungeon and penetrate into his coal-cellar, but we stretch our hands and crane our necks in vain towards that height where the tall turrets of his levity are tossed towards the sky. Perhaps it is right that this should be so; properly understood, comedy is an even grander thing than tragedy. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Skateistan Sky quotes by Yusef Komunyakaa
#17. Cursing themselves in ragged dreams
fire has singed the edges of,
they know a slow dying the fields have come to terms with.
Shimmering fans work against the heat
& smell of gunpowder, making money
float from hand to hand. The next moment
a rocket pushes a white fist
through night sky, & they scatter like birds
& fall into the shape their lives
have become. #Quote by Yusef Komunyakaa
Skateistan Sky quotes by Rachel Alexander
#18. I will love you and only you until the stars are shaken out of the sky. #Quote by Rachel Alexander
Skateistan Sky quotes by Lisa Moore
#19. This is what Helen has learned: it is possible to be so tired you cannot reach for the sky, you cannot breathe. You can't even talk. You can't pick up the phone. You can't do a dish or dance or cook or do up your own zipper. #Quote by Lisa Moore
Skateistan Sky quotes by Stacey Lee
#20. Fly you crows. My father was not a spectacle. He was the greatest man I ever knew. He was my everything. #Quote by Stacey Lee
Skateistan Sky quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#21. Once the solar parallax is known,' they told me, 'once the necessary Degrees are measur'd, and the size and weight and shape of the Earth are calculated inescapably at last, all this will vanish. We will have to seek another Space.' No one explain'd what that meant, however ...? 'Perhaps some of us will try living upon thy own Surface. I am not sure that everyone can adjust from a concave space to a convex one. Here have we been sheltered, nearly everywhere we look is no Sky, but only more Earth. -- How many of us, I wonder, could live the other way, the way you People do, so exposed to the Outer Darkness? Those terrible Lights, great and small? And wherever you may stand, given the Convexity, each of you is slight pointed away from everybody else, all the time, out into that Void that most of you seldom notice. Here in the Earth Concave, everyone is pointed at everyone else, -- ev'rybody's axes converge, -- forc'd at least thus to acknowledge one another,-- an entirely different set of rules for how to behave. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Skateistan Sky quotes by Liu Cixin
#22. As soon as Wang left the Research Center building, the nightmarelike feeling caught up to him. He felt like the starry sky was a magnifying glass that covered the world, and he was a tiny insect below the lens with nowhere to hide. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Skateistan Sky quotes by Amy Harmon
#23. I cannot describe
Or explain the speed of light
Or what makes thunder roll across the sky
And I could never theorize about the universe's size
Or explain why some men live and some men die

I can't even guess
I would never profess
To know why you are here with me
And I cannot comprehend
How numbers have no end
The things you understand, I can't conceive

Infinity + One
Is still infinity.
And no matter how I try
I'm bound by gravity.
But the things I thought I knew
Changed the minute I met you.
It seems I'm weightless
And I'm endless after all.

Weightless and endless.
Timeless and restless.
So light that I'll never fall.
Weightless and endless.
Hopelessly breathless.
I guess I knew nothing at all. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Skateistan Sky quotes by Jean Craighead George
#24. See that falcon? Hear those white-throated sparrows? Smell that skunk? Well, the falcon takes the sky, the white-throated sparrow takes the low bushes, the skunk takes the earth ... I take the woods. #Quote by Jean Craighead George
Skateistan Sky quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#25. He mistrusted all of that. He said the right dreams for a man in peril were dreams of peril and all else was the call of languor and of death. He slept little and he slept poorly. He dreamt of walking in a flowering wood where birds flew before them he and the child and the sky was aching blue but he was learning how to wake himself from just such siren worlds. Lying there in the dark with the uncanny taste of a peach from some phantom orchard fading in his mouth. He thought if he lived long enough the world at last would all be lost. Like the dying world the newly blind inhabit, all of it slowly fading from memory. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Skateistan Sky quotes by Muso Soseki
#26. All worries and troubles have gone from my breast and I play joyfully far from the world. For a person of Zen, no limits exist. The blue sky must feel ashamed to be so small."
Muso Soseki #Quote by Muso Soseki
Skateistan Sky quotes by Anthony Doerr
#27. Any moment, it seemed, something could tear the sky and whatever was on the other sides would push through. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Skateistan Sky quotes by Mary Ruefle
#28. The moon occurs more frequently than the sun as an image in lyric poetry. There is a greater contrast between the moon and the night sky than there is between the sun and the daytime sky. And this contrast is more conducive to sorrow, which always separates or isolates itself, than it is to happiness, which always joins or blends. And to stand face-to-face with the sun is preposterous -- it would blind you. The moon has no light of its own; our apprehension of it is but a reflection of the sun. And some believe artists reflect the creative powers of some original impulse too great to name. The moon is the incunabulum of photography, the first photograph, the first stilled moment, the first study in contrasts. Me here -- you there. Between 1969 and 1972, six missions left for the moon and six missions came back. The men who went to the moon who were forever altered without exception all say the same thing -- it was not being on the moon that profoundly affected them as much as it was looking at the earth from the vantage point of the moon. You there -- me here. #Quote by Mary Ruefle
Skateistan Sky quotes by Jimmy Carter
#29. It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors and it was about the size of the moon.. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing's for sure, I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified objects in the sky. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Skateistan Sky quotes by Jack London
#30. The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flame. Across Sonoma Mountain wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smoulders in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive. I am filled with dreams and mysteries. I am all sun and air and sparkle. I am vitalized, organic. #Quote by Jack London
Skateistan Sky quotes by Bruce Catton
#31. The end of the war was like the beginning, with the army marching down the open road under the spring sky, seeing a far light on the horizon. Many lights had died in the windy dark but far down the road there was always a gleam, and it was as if a legend had been created to express some obscure truth that could not otherwise be stated. Everything had changed, the war and the men and the land they fought for, but the road ahead had not changed. It went on through the trees and past the little towns and over the hills, and there was no getting to the end of it. The goal was a going-towards rather than an arriving, and from the top of the next rise there was always a new vista. The march toward it led through wonder and terror and deep shadows, and the sunlight touched the flags at the head of the column. #Quote by Bruce Catton

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