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Sister Killjoy quotes by Brent Crawford
#1. EJ cries, "We've been best friends since kindergarten. You can't become a babe slayer and leave me in the dust! I don't have an older sister. I'm disadvantaged. All I got is Emmy, who can only drop preschool wisdom like, 'No pull Barbie's hair!'"
"That's probably some early girl wisdom. Nobody likes to get their hair pulled," I say. "Except this one chick in my porno; I think she's into it. I cant really tell, though. I wish they would slow down. #Quote by Brent Crawford
Sister Killjoy quotes by Shmuel Pernicone
#2. Ideas should be freely and dispassionately considered on their own merits, since after all, one generation's heretic is another generation's hero. Mystics like the Ramchal disagreed with rationalists like the Rambam on what exactly is the highest mode of being. The Rambam believed that the ultimate existence is purely spiritual, in Olam HaBah, while the Ramchal believed it to be corporeal resurrection in this world.1 In his time, the Ramchal was labeled a heretic and had his works burned by fellow Jews, but nevertheless lives on today as one of the most respected Jewish philosophers in history. The Rambam before him suffered the same fate, not just for his views on the afterlife, in which corporeal resurrection only played a minor role, but also for his "radical" belief that God does not have a body. It seems possible that his debate may find a sister in modern times: I would not be surprised if future generations view the figurative nature of Olam HaBah with the same certainty as modern Jews now view the Rambam's "heresy" about the nature of God. Because frankly, these Talmudic passages make no sense unless viewed as metaphor, and the Rambam provides a kind of Rabbinic precedent to do so. It is precisely the same dialectic: as our scientific view of reality expands and sharpens, our religious teachings must evolve and conform. If the evidence confirms a literal reading, then so be it. If it refutes it, then so be it. Truth is truth, and we must cherish our integrity just as #Quote by Shmuel Pernicone
Sister Killjoy quotes by Vinny Guadagnino
#3. I got a family house for everybody to live in - my mom, my sisters and I. And I made sure that it has a separate apartment downstairs for myself. Family is more important than anything. We don't come from any money. So once I get them settled in, in a nice house, then I'll branch out and see if I can get something else. #Quote by Vinny Guadagnino
Sister Killjoy quotes by Darren Aronofsky
#4. I grew up in a family with two very strong women, my mother and my older sister, and they were big influences on my life. #Quote by Darren Aronofsky
Sister Killjoy quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#5. Flustered by the budding understanding of why her sister might have chosen to love this supposed monster, Irsa fumbled for her satchel. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Sister Killjoy quotes by Karen Hawkins
#6. How am I to get back to my room dressed like this?"
He grinned at her, his teeth flashing whitely in the dim light from the fire. "You'll leave a trail of water."
"Which the servants will report to your sister. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Sister Killjoy quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#7. You laugh very loud - as if you are the only one in the world," Despina commented.

Shahrzad wrinkled her nose. "That's funny. My sister says something very similar."

"I assume it makes little difference to you."

"Why? You'd prefer I stop?" she teased.

"No," Khalid said, as he strode into the Grand Portico. "I would not."

"Sayyidi." Despina bowed.

He nodded at her. "I cannot speak for Despina. But you do laugh too loud. And I hope you never stop. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Sister Killjoy quotes by Michael McIntyre
#8. My wife and I both made a list of 5 people we could sleep with ... she read hers out and there were no surprises ... 1 George Clooney ... 2 Brad Pitt etc ... I thought 'Ive got the better deal here' ... 1 Your sister #Quote by Michael McIntyre
Sister Killjoy quotes by Christina Ricci
#9. My sister and I shared a bedroom our entire lives and I believe she discovered the Beatles when she was about 11 and I'm four years younger. So from the age of 7 until 17 we had nothing but Beatles paraphernalia in our room, even those little stuffed Beatles that went on stands that are dressed as the Sgt. Pepper band. #Quote by Christina Ricci
Sister Killjoy quotes by Wynonna Judd
#10. I am proud that I am a good mother to my children, a good daughter to my mother, a good sister to my sis (Ashley Judd) and a good wife to my new husband. #Quote by Wynonna Judd
Sister Killjoy quotes by Lauren Dane
#11. The first time he'd laid eyes on Renee's sister he'd been hooked. Hooked on her scent. The sound of her voice. Her prickly demeanor. Oh how he loved that she could be so bitchy. She was a woman who would brook no bullshit, though he had the feeling she hadn't always been so. #Quote by Lauren Dane
Sister Killjoy quotes by Jodi Picoult
#12. An oncology ward is a battlefield, and there are definite hierarchies of command. The patients, they're the ones doing the tour of duty. The doctors breeze in and out like conquering heroes, but they need to read your child's chart to remember where they've left off from the previous visit. It is the nurses who are the seasoned sergeants
the ones who are there when your baby is shaking with such a high fever she needs to be bathed in ice, the ones who can teach you how to flush a central venous catheter, or suggest which patient floor might still have Popsicles left to be stolen, or tell you which dry cleaners know how to remove the stains of blood and chemotherapies from clothing. The nurses know the name of your daughter's stuffed walrus and show her how to make tissue paper flowers to twine around her IV stand. The doctors may be mapping out the war games, but it is the nurses who make the conflict bearable. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Sister Killjoy quotes by Emma Chase
#13. Remember those dogs I was talking about? The cues? While I was watching TV, I missed a few. Take a look:
Steven is smiling, almost laughing. After all the punishment he's received from my sister over the years, he's developed quite the sadistic streak when it comes to other people getting their asses handed to them.
Then there's Matthew. God only knows what kind of sick and depraved penalties Delores has inflicted on that poor bastard, because he just looks scared.
Kate, on the other hand, is staring at my hand like it's a cockroach. That she wants to squash. And then she gets an idea - a wonderful, awful idea. If you look hard enough, you can see the light bulb go on above her head. She smiles and leaves the room.
I missed all this the first time. #Quote by Emma Chase
Sister Killjoy quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#14. The person you received word from," I said after a while. "You love one of them, don't you?"
Gauri started, a protest on the tip of her lips.
"I…," she began before weakly trailing off. She quickly regained composure and her eyes narrowed. "That's none of your concern."
You are my concern, I wanted to say. You are my sister. But I said nothing. I just let her words hang in the air.
"The best motivation is love," I offered.
Beside me, Kamala nodded vigorously. "And food!"
Gauri's eyes widened. Like a ghost of sound laid atop the other, I heard what Gauri did--a sort of mangled neighing.
"Your horse is rather strange."
Kamala nodded again. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Sister Killjoy quotes by Jennifer Worth
#15. Oh - I shall remember the hours that we spent, In age I'll remember, and not to repent.' Sister Monica Joan is quoting someone else here, I don't know who. #Quote by Jennifer Worth
Sister Killjoy quotes by John Hodgman
#16. I would say 70 percent of people who are in therapy are in therapy not because of their upbringing, not because of their mean sister or obsessions, but because of anxiety brought about by lack of financial security. #Quote by John Hodgman
Sister Killjoy quotes by David Swing
#17. The modern Gamaliel should teach ethics. Ethics is the science of human duty. Arithmetic tells man how to count his money; ethics how he should acquire it, whether by honesty or fraud. Geography is a map of the world; ethics is a beautiful map of duty. This ethics is not Christianity, it is not even religion; but it is the sister of religion, because the path of duty is in full harmony, as to quality and direction, with the path of God. #Quote by David Swing
Sister Killjoy quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#18. It was bad enough for white people, but when one of your own color could be so different it put you on a wonder. It was like seeing your sister turn into a 'gator. A familiar strangeness. You keep seeing your sister in the 'gator and the 'gator in your sister, and you'd rather not. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Sister Killjoy quotes by Sister Souljah
#19. A man who doesn't say what he means or do what he says, craves attention and misuses it when he gets it, doesn't share what he knows and earns,deserves death. #Quote by Sister Souljah
Sister Killjoy quotes by Jase Robertson
#20. I think one of the reasons my family survived its difficult times and is so close today is because we are always laughing at one another's faults and mistakes, and despite whatever injustices are done, we have a good time doing it. We aren't afraid to poke fun at one another and no one ever takes it personal for long. My brothers and I are highly competitive and world-class trash-talkers, and if you ever walk in while we are playing cards or dominoes--just like our games with Granny and Pa--you probably would think someone is fixing to die.
Our neighbor, who was about my parents' age, came over to our house once looking for my mom. She found my brothers and me playing the card game hearts. She offered to be the fourth. But about midway through the second hand, we looked up and she had tears streaming down her face. She threw her cards in the middle of the table, declared she didn't want to play anymore, and left the house. We were a bit miffed about it and didn't realize until later that our trash talking had led to her emotional exit. Another time, I brought a girl from high school down to my parents' house for supper and cards because she told me she was quite the spades player. Halfway through the game, she was crying hysterically. Her sister later stood nose to nose with me and gave me quite the tongue-lashing. I came to realize that our banter was a bit extreme to people outside of our family. Maybe that is one of the reasons I married a woman who couldn't care les #Quote by Jase Robertson
Sister Killjoy quotes by Henry Miller
#21. I will go directly to her home, ring the bell, and walk in. Here I am, take me-or stab me to death. Stab the heart, stab the brains, stab the lungs, the kidneys, the viscera, the eyes, the ears. If only one organ be left alive you are doomed-doomed to be mine, forever, in this world and the next and all the worlds to come. I'm a desperado of love, a scalper, a slayer. I'm insatiable. I eat hair, dirty wax, dry blood clots, anything and everything you call yours. Show me your father, with his kites, his race horses, his free passes for the opera: I will eat them all, swallow them alive. Where is the chair you sit in, where is your favorite comb, your toothbrush, your nail file? Trot them out that I may devour them at one gulp. You have a sister more beautiful than yourself, you say. Show her to me-I want to lick the flesh from her bones. #Quote by Henry Miller
Sister Killjoy quotes by William Butler Yeats
#22. We all to some extent meet again and again the same people and certainly in some cases form a kind of family of two or three or more persons who come together life after life until all passionate relations are exhausted, the child of one life the husband, wife, brother, sister of the next. Sometimes, however, a single relationship will repeat itself, turning its revolving wheel again and again. #Quote by William Butler Yeats
Sister Killjoy quotes by Sherry Argov
#23. He should accept me as I am! says the woman who is too nice.
Accept you? Oh no, sister. Slap yourself. He should want you
madly. Acceptance has nothing to do with it. He accepts a
doormat. But he desires his dreamgirl. #Quote by Sherry Argov
Sister Killjoy quotes by Chelsea Martin
#24. I love anybody funny. I think my ten-year-old sister is really funny. She makes me laugh way more than most people do. #Quote by Chelsea Martin
Sister Killjoy quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#25. Crown Prince Walther of Morrighan was dead ... Silence choked the crowd for a moment and then mother after mother, sister, father, wife, brother, fell to their knees. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Sister Killjoy quotes by Cassandra Clare
#26. You're pining," said Jace.
Alec shrugged. "Look who's talking. 'oh I love her. Oh, she's my sister. Oh why, why, why - #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Sister Killjoy quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#27. The great love is gone. There are still little loves - friend to friend, brother to sister, student to teacher. Will you deny yourself comfort at the hearthfire of a cottage because you may no longer sit by the fireplace of a palace? Will you deny yourself to those who reach out to you in hopes of warming themselves at your hearthfire? #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Sister Killjoy quotes by Julie James
#28. I see that you've
had the non-pleasure of meeting my sister.Jordo, this is
Rylann Pierce.
Jordan raised an eyebrow pointedly at Kyle.
He glared.
An entire dialogue seemed to pass between them #Quote by Julie James
Sister Killjoy quotes by Kathy Giusti
#29. When I got really sick and needed a stem cell transplant, I was fortunate to have a twin sister as the donor. #Quote by Kathy Giusti
Sister Killjoy quotes by Wislawa Szymborska

Bookstores don't provide
a remote control for Proust,
you can't switch
to a soccer match,
or a quiz show, win a Cadillac.

We live longer
but less precisely
and in shorter sentences.

We travel faster, farther, more often,
but bring back slides instead of memories.
Here I am with some guy.
There I guess that's my ex.
Here everyone's naked
so this must be a beach.

Seven volumes - mercy.
Couldn't it be cut or summarized,
or better yet put into pictures.
There was that series called "The Doll,"
but my sister-in-law says that's some other P.*

And by the way, who was he anyway.
They say he wrote in bed for years on end.
Page after page
at a snail's pace.
But we're still going in fifth gear
and, knock on wood, never better. #Quote by Wislawa Szymborska
Sister Killjoy quotes by Graham Greene
#31. He looked with horror round the room: nobody could say he hadn't done right to get away from this, to commit any crime ... When the man opened his mouth he heard his father speaking, that figure in the corner was his mother: he bargained for his sister and felt no desire ... He turned to Rose, 'I'm off,' and felt the faintest tinge of pity for goodness which couldn't murder to escape. #Quote by Graham Greene
Sister Killjoy quotes by Keri Hulme
#32. I know about me. I am the moons sister, a tidal child stranded on land. The sea always in my ear, a surf of eternal discontent in my blood. #Quote by Keri Hulme
Sister Killjoy quotes by Beth Fred
#33. I'd never kissed a girl before. Ever. And I never thought the first girl I kissed would be drunk, vomiting, and crying over her ex-boyfriend. Not to mention, she went to school with my little sister. #Quote by Beth Fred
Sister Killjoy quotes by William Shakespeare
#34. Either to die the death or to abjure
For ever the society of men.
Therefore, fair Hermia, question your desires;
Know of your youth, examine well your blood,
Whether, if you yield not to your father's choice,
You can endure the livery of a nun,
For aye to be in shady cloister mew'd,
To live a barren sister all your life,
Chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon.
Thrice-blessed they that master so their blood,
To undergo such maiden pilgrimage;
But earthlier happy is the rose distill'd,
Than that which withering on the virgin thorn
Grows, lives and dies in single blessedness. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Sister Killjoy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#35. I'm Adron's baby sister. Dad just told me about the marriage, and I had to come meet you and make sure Dad hadn't snapped a wheel and started hallucinating or something. (Zarina) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sister Killjoy quotes by Gayle King
#36. I'm the oldest of three girls. My sisters say I can be bossy. #Quote by Gayle King
Sister Killjoy quotes by Dolly Parton
#37. A lot of my heartbreak songs are inspired by things my sisters are going through, or friends. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Sister Killjoy quotes by Jeremy London
#38. And my little sister died when she was 16. #Quote by Jeremy London
Sister Killjoy quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#39. Swaraj means ability to regard every inhabitant of India as our own brother or sister. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Sister Killjoy quotes by Ian McEwan
#40. When he wrote back, he pretended to be his old self, he lied his way into sanity. For fear of his psychiatrist who was also their censor, they could never be sensual, or even emotional. His was considered a modern, enlightened prison, despite its Victorian chill. He had been diagnosed, with clinical precision, as morbidly oversexed, and in need of help as well as correction. He was not to be stimulated. Some letters - both his and hers - were confiscated for some timid expression of affection. So they wrote about literature, and used characters as codes. All those books, those happy or tragic couples they had never met to discuss! Tristan and Isolde the Duke Orsino and Olivia (and Malvolio too), Troilus and Criseyde, Once, in despair, he referred to Prometheus, chained to a rock, his liver devoured daily by a vulture. Sometimes she was patient Griselde. Mention of "a quiet corner in a library" was a code for sexual ecstasy. They charted the daily round too, in boring, loving detail. He described the prison routine in every aspect, but he never told her of its stupidity. That was plain enough. He never told her that he feared he might go under. That too was clear. She never wrote that she loved him, though she would have if she thought it would get through. But he knew it. She told him she had cut herself off from her family. She would never speak to her parents, brother or sister again. He followed closely all her steps along the way toward her nurse's qualification. When she #Quote by Ian McEwan
Sister Killjoy quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#41. You could always go home."
"To my brothers and their screaming children?" Rahim scoffed. "To the constant attempts to marry me off to a cousin's friend's ugly sister? I think not. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Sister Killjoy quotes by William H. Gass
#42. We do not converse. She visits me to talk. My task to murmur. She talks about her grandsons, her daughter who lives in Delphi, her sister or her husband - both gone - obscure friends - dead - obscurer aunts and uncles - lost - ancient neighbors, members of her church or of her clubs - passed or passing on; and in this way she brings the ends of her life together with a terrifying rush: she is a girl, a wife, a mother, widow, all at once. All at once - appalling - but I believe it; I wince in expectation of the clap. Her talk's a fence - shade drawn, window fastened, door that's locked - for no one dies taking tea in a kitchen; and as her years compress and begin to jumble, I really believe in the brevity of life; I sweat in my wonder; death is the dog down the street, the angry gander, bedroom spider, goblin who's come to get her; and it occurs to me that in my listening posture I'm the boy who suffered the winds of my grandfather with an exactly similar politeness, that I am, right now, all my ages, out in elbows, as angular as badly stacekd cards. Thus was I, when I loved you, every man I could be, youth and child - far from enough - and you, so strangely ambiguous a being, met me, h eart for spade, play after play, the whole run of our suits. #Quote by William H. Gass

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