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Sister Fight quotes by Suzanne Collins
#1. And then it hits me. They already have. They have kiled her father in those wretched mines. They have sat by as she almost starved to death. They have chosen her as a tribute, then made her watch her sister fight to the death in the Games. She has been hurt far worse than I had at the age of twelve. And even that pales in comparison with Rue's life. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Sister Fight quotes by Florence Welch
#2. I get in fights with my sister all the time. She comes on the road with me and we fight - like sisters do. #Quote by Florence Welch
Sister Fight quotes by Junot Diaz
#3. I'm of African descent and my sister looks completely black, but I didn't look black. I was the super-nerdy kid who was also willing to fight. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Sister Fight quotes by Nadine Velazquez
#4. I got kicked out of a club for sticking up for my sister. And I got into a fight that was basically hair pulling and rolling around on the gym floor. The fights make me sound like a hell-raiser, but I'm not proud of them. #Quote by Nadine Velazquez
Sister Fight quotes by Suzanne Collins
#5. Prim. I need only to think of Prim and all my resolve disintegrates. It's my job to protect her. I pull the blanket up over my head, and my breathing is so rapid I use up all the oxygen and begin to choke for air. I can't let the Capitol hurt Prim.
And then it hits me. They already have. They have killed her father in those wretched mines. They have sat by as she almost starved to death. They have chosen her as a tribute, then made her watch her sister fight to the death in the Games. She has been hurt far worse than I had at the age of twelve. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Sister Fight quotes by Ashley Benson
#6. My first celeb crush was Hanson. I loved all three of them. My sister and I would always fight, and whenever they would come on the TV, we would always give them a kiss on the TV. And I also had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Every time he would come on the screen, he was like my boyfriend. I was such a nerd like that. #Quote by Ashley Benson
Sister Fight quotes by Hal Young
#7. Here's a rule of thumb: If he hasn't faced the trial yet, or he's in the midst of it - encourage him. If he's been to the wars and is limping home wounded - comfort him. Once the wounds are bound up, encourage him to rise and face the fight again. #Quote by Hal Young
Sister Fight quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#8. Hello? Oh, nothing ... Just sort of hanging around ... My brother? He's right here ... He's reading ... He's always reading ... He has no life of his own, and he's a very boring person so he reads a lot ... What's he reading? I don't know ... She wants to know what you're reading ... "
"How to survive living in the same family with an annoying sister."
"Ivanhoe. #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Sister Fight quotes by John Scalzi
#9. Two classics stuck with them. Ender's Game delighted them all; here were soldiers who were just like them, except smaller. The main character was even bred to fight alien species like they were. The next day the members of the 8th greeted each other with the salutation ::Ho, Ender,:: until Brahe told them to knock it off and pay attention. #Quote by John Scalzi
Sister Fight quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#10. My power vanishes into thin air the instant that my fellow citizens, who are straight and honest, cease to believe that I represent them and fight for what is straight and honest. That is all the strength that I have. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Sister Fight quotes by Tennessee Williams
#11. Man is by instinct a lover, a hunter, a fighter. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Sister Fight quotes by Princess Margaret
#12. When my sister and I were growing up, she was made out to be the goody-goody one. #Quote by Princess Margaret
Sister Fight quotes by Sara Bareilles
#13. The kaleidoscope of experiences you have had this year are deeply meaningful and have enhanced your perspective on what actually matters. You have seen firsthand how fleeting and fragile life is and it has changed your DNA. Your tolerance for bullshit is lessening and although you are not always graceful with how you fight back, I love that you are a scrappy little lady. You are bored with the value system you see celebrated around you. Compromise is sometimes just manipulation and you are learning to identify that. You see a need for more people, women especially, to push back against the system that is in place and you've decided to do more of that. This experience will only turn up the volume on your voice the next time around. Hell yes to this and go go go. #Quote by Sara Bareilles
Sister Fight quotes by Frank Wead
#14. Listen, sister. I don't dance and I can't take time out now to learn. #Quote by Frank Wead
Sister Fight quotes by Daniel J. Siegel
#15. We get trapped in power struggles. When our kids feel backed into a corner, they instinctually fight back or totally shut down. So avoid the trap. Consider giving your child an out: "Would you like to get a drink first, and then we'll pick up the toys?" Or negotiate: "Let's see if we can figure out a way for both of us to get what we need." (Obviously, there are some non-negotiables, but negotiation isn't a sign of weakness; it's a sign of respect for your child and her desires.) You can even ask your child for help: "Do you have any suggestions?" You might be shocked to find out how much your child is willing to bend in order to bring about a peaceful resolution to the standoff. #Quote by Daniel J. Siegel
Sister Fight quotes by Michelle M. Pillow
#16. There ya are." Erik grinned at her as he came bounding down the steps two at a time. He stepped around his statue of a sister as if such a thing were normal. Perhaps here it was. He paused, nodding at Malina. "Morning, banshee." He gave a small brotherly laugh and poked his thumb toward her face. "She does kind of look like a banshee with her hair flying around like that and her mouth all open. Yeah, ma froze her good. See how her eyes don't move?" Erik leaned closer to her and grinned as he looked into her mouth. "Ha, Euann put a mint in there. #Quote by Michelle M. Pillow
Sister Fight quotes by George M. Cohan
#17. Ladies and gentlemen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you! #Quote by George M. Cohan
Sister Fight quotes by Jonathan Dunne
#18. With admirable vigour, Everest, the obese pasty kid, begins listing the world's serial killers in alphabetical order. 'Jeffrey Dahmer; Charles 'The Axe' Eden; Freddy 'The Fox' Flanagan...' Steadily advancing through the monsters, jowls redder and redder as he refuses to breathe. If ever Queen B thought that her sister had secretly dropped her son on his head during one of her binges, then it's now, even his albino eyes are glowing red. #Quote by Jonathan Dunne
Sister Fight quotes by Warren G. Bennis
#19. Great Groups need to know that the person at the top will fight like a tiger for them. #Quote by Warren G. Bennis
Sister Fight quotes by Kerry Patterson
#20. 3. Learn the Will Skill. Many people believe that fitness and exercise are all about willpower - whether you have it or not. Will is important, but people forget that willpower is a skill with its own rules and tricks to practice. For example, recent research shows that if people can distract their attention for just a few minutes, they can suppress negative urges and make better decisions.8 Sharman W. used this idea to help her avoid cheating on her diet. She listed the ten reasons she wanted to lose weight and created the following rule: She could cheat on her diet, but only after reading her list and calling her sister. This extra step introduced a delay and brought in social support from her sister. Other strategies our Changers use include taking short walks, repeating poems they have memorized, and drinking a glass of water. The key is to be aware of the impulse and to focus on something different until the impulse goes away. #Quote by Kerry Patterson
Sister Fight quotes by Karen Russell
#21. As a kid I heard the word malignancy as "Malig-Nancy" like an evil woman's name, no matter how many times Kiwi and the Chief and Dr. Gautman himself corrected me. Our mother had mistaken her first symptoms for a pregnancy, and so I still pictured the Malig-Nancy as a baby, a tiny, eyeless fist of a sister, killing her. #Quote by Karen Russell
Sister Fight quotes by Neil Gaiman
#22. This isn't about what is ... it's about what people think is. It's all imaginary anyway. That's why it's important. People only fight over imaginary things. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Sister Fight quotes by Seth Rogen
#23. I was always big. I was kind of around this size, like, since I went into high school. I played rugby and stuff like that. So, people, you know, would screw with me, but I never got into, like, a real fight or anything like that. #Quote by Seth Rogen
Sister Fight quotes by Jamie West Zumwalt
#24. In our fight for justice, it is all too easy to mirror the hatred we encounter. Sometimes we must take a stand for the ones who are being oppressed, but when we do it out of a motive of Love, maybe the world moves one step closer to looking like heaven. #Quote by Jamie West Zumwalt
Sister Fight quotes by Veronica Roth
#25. Hello," she says. "My name is Amanda Ritter. In this file I will tell you only what you need to know. I am the leader of an organization fighting for justice and peace. This fight has become increasingly more important--and consequently, nearly impossible--in the past few decades. That is because of this."
Images flash across the wall, almost too fast for me to see. A man on his knees with a gun pressed to his forehead. The woman pointing it at him, her face emotionless.
From a distance, a small person hanging by the neck from a telephone pole.
A hole in the ground the size of a house, full of bodies.
And there are other images too, but they move faster, so I get only impressions of blood and bone and death and cruelty, empty faces, soulless eyes, terrified eyes.
Just when I have had enough, when I feel like I am going to scream if I see any more, the woman reappears on the screen, behind her desk.
"You do not remember any of that," she says. "But if you are thinking these are the actions of a terrorist group or a tyrannical government regime, you are only partially correct. Half of the people in those pictures, committing those terrible acts, were your neighbors. Your relatives. Your coworkers. The battle we are fighting is not against a particular group. It is against human nature itself--or at least what it has become."
This is what Jeanine was willing to enslave minds and murder people for--to keep us all from knowing. To keep us all ig #Quote by Veronica Roth
Sister Fight quotes by Emery Lord
#26. I've prowled the dirtiest back alleys of sadness, okay? And I know what it's like to fight for your life on those mean streets. So if you need someone to vent to or someone to be quiet with or someone to talk your ear off, I can be that person. I'm not scared of the dark places. #Quote by Emery Lord
Sister Fight quotes by Sarah Louise Delany
#27. [On her 101-year-old sister and herself, at 103:] We have a lot to do ... People don't understand this. They think we're sitting around in rocking chairs, which isn't at all true. Why, we don't even own a rocking chair. #Quote by Sarah Louise Delany
Sister Fight quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#28. When it comes to fighting for your dreams, be a dragon. Breathe fire. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Sister Fight quotes by Walter Isaacson
#29. I'll always remember Apple like any man remembers the first woman he's fallen in love with." But he was also willing to fight with its management if need be. "When someone calls you a thief in public, you have to respond." Apple's #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Sister Fight quotes by Rand Paul
#30. I will not vote to send my sons, or your sons, daughters, brothers, sisters or friends to fight for a stalemate. #Quote by Rand Paul
Sister Fight quotes by Elizabeth May
#31. I'm going to let my friends in the other parties fight over the turf at the cutting edge of the status quo. #Quote by Elizabeth May
Sister Fight quotes by Margaret Rogerson
#32. The library wants to fight back. #Quote by Margaret Rogerson
Sister Fight quotes by Will Advise
#33. The only way to efficiently battle evil is to copy enough to know how to counter each argument, yet not enough to believe all the bullshit. #Quote by Will Advise
Sister Fight quotes by Courtney Milan
#34. Yes." Edward rolled his eyes. "It's a terrible secret, that. I am trying dreadfully to conceal it. I openly altered my life for weeks on end for your sister. I single-handedly stopped an arsonist from setting fire to her business. When confronted with that evidence, it took you a mere three hours to determine that I harbored an affection for her. Truly, you have a massive intellect. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Sister Fight quotes by E.K. Johnston
#35. She had not answered my question. She had not told me that she loved his eyes or the sound of his voice. She had not said that his touch lit a fire on her skin. Then it came to me: she loved him because he did not seek to change her. If I had made him, or if my father had found him, it did not matter. My sister would have a husband who would not make her sit, veiled and weaving, in his tent. He would not take another wife, as my father had done. She would be his, and he would be hers, alone. This was why she loved him, and it made my heart glad to hear it. #Quote by E.K. Johnston
Sister Fight quotes by Jackson Pearce
#36. I'm the only one left to fight so now I must kill you #Quote by Jackson Pearce
Sister Fight quotes by Cassandra Clare
#37. Bitten? You mean you're a-"
"A werewolf," said the girl. "Like everyone else here. Except you, and the asshole. And the asshole's sister. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Sister Fight quotes by Josephine Angelini
#38. You must all swear to me that you will protect my sister and her child. If Helen and her line of daughters die, there will be nothing on Earth for me to love," she said, her eyes falling apologetically on her son, Aeneas, for a moment before they hardened against him. He dropped his head with a wounded look, and Aphrodite turned to Hector.

"As long as my sister and her line of daughters lasts, there will be love in the world. I swear it on the River Styx. But if you let my sister die, Hector of Troy, son of Apollo, I will leave this world and take love itself away with me. #Quote by Josephine Angelini
Sister Fight quotes by Arthur Morrison
#39. But here Billy Chope arrived to demand what the 'ell Sam Cardew was doing with his gal. Now Sam was ever readier for a fight than Billy was; but the sum of Billy's half pints was large: wherefore the fight began. On the skirt of a hilarious ring Lizerunt, after some small outcry, triumphed aloud. Four days before, she had no bloke; and here she stood with two, and those two fighting for her! Here in the public gaze, on the Flats! For almost five minutes she was Helen of Troy. #Quote by Arthur Morrison
Sister Fight quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#40. Don't panic, if you are alive you still have chance to fight back. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Sister Fight quotes by Marlo Thomas
#41. As someone who has spent many years marveling at the brilliant and painstaking work of the doctors, scientists and researchers at St. Jude, I can attest firsthand to the bone-deep commitment these men and women have made in their fight against disease. They are at it around the clock - every hour of the day, every day of the year. #Quote by Marlo Thomas
Sister Fight quotes by J. Sterling
#42. Who we loved wasn't always a choice. Sometimes it was an irresistible pull, a gravitational force, something we couldn't see or control that drew us toward another. Sure, we could try to fight it. But in the end, love always won because it didn't fight fair. It had a secret weapon, a tool of sheer force to use against us - our heart. And once that son of a bitch got involved, you could kiss away all options you thought might exist. #Quote by J. Sterling
Sister Fight quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#43. What good would it
do to
shutter your windows, never
dream of rainbows or find hope
in promises? Why choose to
walk away
rather than hold your ground
and fight for love? #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Sister Fight quotes by Jessica Clare
#44. Her mother leaned in. "She calls him 'Colossus.'Now what do you think that is for?"
"I'm sure she's fine - "
"Not if she is with Colossus. She asked
me last week if I could get her birth control."
"Okay, okay. What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to find that campground and
bring your sister home."....
"You're going to go now?"
"Do I have any choice? It's either that or let Lucy get impregnated by the Colossus, right? #Quote by Jessica Clare
Sister Fight quotes by William Shakespeare
#45. Nay, 'twill be this hour ere I have done weeping. All the kind of the Launces have this very fault. I have received my proportion, like the prodigious son, and am going with Sir Proteus to the Imperial's court. I think Crab, my dog, be the sourest-natured dog that lives. My mother weeping, my father wailing, my sister crying, our maid howling, our cat wringing her hands, and all our house in a great perplexity, yet did not this cruel-hearted cur shed one tear. He is a stone, a very pebble stone, and has no more pity in him than a dog. A Jew would have wept to have seen our parting. Why, my grandam, having no eyes, look you, wept herself blind at my parting. Nay, I'll show you the manner of it. This shoe is my father. No, this left shoe is my father. No, no, this left shoe is my mother. Nay, that cannot be so neither. Yes, it is so, it is so -- it hath the worser sole. This shoe with the hole in it is my mother, and this my father. A vengeance on't! There 'tis. Now, sir, this staff is my sister, for, look you, she is as white as a lily and as small as a wand. This hat is Nan, our maid. I am the dog. No, the dog is himself, and I am the dog -- O, the dog is me, and I am myself. Ay, so, so. Now come I to my father: 'Father, your blessing.' Now should not the shoe speak a word for weeping. Now should I kiss my father -- well, he weeps on. Now come I to my mother. O, that she could speak now like a wood woman! Well, I kiss her -- why, there 'tis: here's my mother's breath up and d #Quote by William Shakespeare
Sister Fight quotes by Tiger Hebert
#46. What would you have us do, king? Would you have us lay down our weapons and open our gates to the coming darkness and all the hell that comes with it? Or would you strike a bargain with him. Perhaps you already have? But I will not. I will stand and fight, and I will beat back the darkness, even if it takes my life #Quote by Tiger Hebert
Sister Fight quotes by Amy Ewing
#47. I do wish there were an easier way," Indi says wistfully. "One that didn't involve violence."
"You want us to fight them with hugs?" Sienna asks. "Love is stronger than hate," Indi says. #Quote by Amy Ewing
Sister Fight quotes by Channing Tatum
#48. I still want to write Clint Eastwood a letter saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all us wimp actors. You're the truth.' I guarantee he's not the person you want to fight, even now! You look at him, and you don't want to mess with him. He would still take you down. #Quote by Channing Tatum
Sister Fight quotes by Haruki Murakami
#49. There's an upside to passengers too. A guy around 50, always travels on the first train of the day, always used to greet me, he probably thought I'd died until I returned to the job. Yesterday morning when we met, he said: "Alive and well means you've still got things to do. Don't give up the fight!" It's such an encouragement just to get a cheerful greeting. Nothing comes of hatred. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Sister Fight quotes by Dres
#50. 'You claim to be the man, you want me for a lover,
So you can do my girlfriends and my sister and my mother?'
I said, 'You're very blunt,' with quickness to the cue,
'So whassup with your mother, does she look as good as you?' #Quote by Dres
Sister Fight quotes by J.J. Howard
#51. She referred to "home," but it wasn't a place she referred to; it was Jamie, and Louie, and her sister, and even her brother, and the rest of the Europa show people. I guessed maybe that was the key--to figure out who your home was and find a way to keep them with you. #Quote by J.J. Howard
Sister Fight quotes by Madeleine Albright
#52. When Hillary was First Lady, we went to the Beijing Women's Conference. She courageously stood up and spoke out on behalf of human rights and women's rights, inspiring millions to fight for a better future. #Quote by Madeleine Albright
Sister Fight quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#53. Let your faith be in the Lord Jesus and not in your strength, to fight against ungodliness and injustice in the society. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Sister Fight quotes by ASAP Rocky
#54. We could fight the fuss till we get like friends,
Or somebody bite the dust and we split like ends.
Even in our wildest moments, girl, I'm on it cause you're worth it.
Practice makes perfect, so we fightin' for a purpose. #Quote by ASAP Rocky

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