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Sisqo Height quotes by Dorothy Height
#1. I want to be remembered as one who tried. #Quote by Dorothy Height
Sisqo Height quotes by James Agee
#2. It is the middle and pure height and whole of summer and a summer night, the held breath, of a planet's year; high shored sleeps the crested tide: what day of the month I do not know, which day of the week I am not sure, far less what hour of the night. #Quote by James Agee
Sisqo Height quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#3. The ninth Earl of Ellesmere had his chin thrust out as far as it would go, but the defiant look in his eye was tempered with a certain doubt as he intercepted Jamie's cold blue gaze. Jamie set the horse's hoof down slowly, just as slowly stood up, and drawing himself to his full height of six feet four, put his hands on his , looked down at the Earl, three feet six, and said, very softly, No. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Sisqo Height quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#4. I was a teenager in the '80s - and maybe I'm wrong about this - but it seemed like a bad era for movies that were scary. It was really the height of movies that were disgusting. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Sisqo Height quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#5. I refused to continue to trip over hurdles that I knew I could jump over. I had to ask God to give me a tad bit more height, strength, determination, and endurance to jump over the hurdles and complete this journey. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Sisqo Height quotes by Mark Cuban
#6. I'm scared shitless of heights. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Sisqo Height quotes by Harry Dayle
#7. going up. It's gaining height." "Jake, I'm so sorry. This is the end. We are going to die here." She looked at him with huge black eyes, sad eyes. "No, I don't think we are. It really is going up." Other people had begun to murmur and whisper around them. As the rock grew nearer, it became clear that it was indeed increasing in altitude. There was no denying it. #Quote by Harry Dayle
Sisqo Height quotes by Thomas Lewis
#8. The emotional mind likewise transcends the facile and appealing dualism separating its psychological and biological aspects. Physical mechanisms produce one's experience of the world. Experience, in turn, remodels the neurons whose chemoelectric messages create consciousness. Selecting one strand of that eternal braid and assigning it primacy is the height of capriciousness. (168) #Quote by Thomas Lewis
Sisqo Height quotes by Lettie B. Cowman
#9. It's good indeed to give! Yet it is better still - O'er breadth, through length, down depth, up height, To trust HIS will! #Quote by Lettie B. Cowman
Sisqo Height quotes by Whyte, Alexander
#10. For what a man loves, that that man is. What a man chooses out of a hundred offers, you are sure by that who and what that man is. And accordingly, put the New Testament in any man's hand, and set the Throne of Grace wide open before any man; and you need no omniscience to tell you that man's true value. If he lets his Bible lie unopened and unread: if he lets God's Throne of Grace stand till death, idle and unwanted: if the depth and the height, the nobleness and the magnificence, the goodness and the beauty of divine things have no command over him, and no attraction to him - then, you do not wish me to put words upon the meanness of that man's mind. Look yourselves at what he has chosen: look and weep at what he has neglected, and has for ever lost! #Quote by Whyte, Alexander
Sisqo Height quotes by William Shakespeare
#11. Love is not love which alters it when alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove: O no! It is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken; it is the star to every wandering bark whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come: Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out, even to the edge of doom.
(Sonnet 116) #Quote by William Shakespeare
Sisqo Height quotes by Victor Hugo
#12. There is no such thing as a little country. The greatness of a people is no more determined by their numbers than the greatness of a man is by his height. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Sisqo Height quotes by Dante Alighieri
#13. What is it that had caught your interest so and makes you lag behind?' My master [Virgil] asked, 'What do you care of they are whispering? Keep up with mr and let those people talk! Be like a solid tower, whose brave height remains unmoved by the winds that blow: the man who lets his thoughts be turned aside by one thing or another will lose sight of his true goal, his mind sapped of it's strength. #Quote by Dante Alighieri
Sisqo Height quotes by Shubham Singh
#14. Happiness & Sadness are compeer
in other words,
Sadness is the shadow of happiness
just like that
Happiness is the shadow of sadness
sadness gives Darkness
happiness gives Light
sadness gives Profundity
happiness gives Height
It is always in proportion, that's its balance
If you want happiness, Remember sadness will also come. #Quote by Shubham Singh
Sisqo Height quotes by Beryl Dov
#15. Six-Foot-One
I've scientifically calculated the height of presumption to be six-foot-one. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Sisqo Height quotes by Francesco Petrarca
#16. And men go about to wonder at the heights of the mountains, and the mighty waves of the sea, and the wide sweep of rivers, and the circuit of the ocean, and the revolution of the stars, but themselves they consider not. #Quote by Francesco Petrarca
Sisqo Height quotes by Lynn Hill
#17. When the pursuit of natural harmony is a shared journey, great heights can be attained. #Quote by Lynn Hill
Sisqo Height quotes by Farkas Bolyai
#18. The mathematical giant [Gauss], who from his lofty heights embraces in one view the stars and the abysses ... #Quote by Farkas Bolyai
Sisqo Height quotes by Sade Adu
#19. When you play arenas you can create whatever you want. At a theater the height of the stage and the limitations of the theater can make you feel more separate from the audience. #Quote by Sade Adu
Sisqo Height quotes by Dorothy I. Height
#20. All you need to do is organize your butterflies. #Quote by Dorothy I. Height
Sisqo Height quotes by Donna Tartt
#21. Everything stopped that day, literally. I even stopped growing....Injured and traumatized children--they quite often fail to grow to normal height....Resources are diverted. The growth system shuts down....Accidents, catastrophes--something like seventy-five percent of disaster victims are convinced there were warning signs they brushed off....If you trace it back, you can see the mistake--the point you would have had a different outcome....To see the mistake, the place where you went wrong, and not be able to go back and fix it? Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch, p. 615 #Quote by Donna Tartt
Sisqo Height quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#22. At the height of creative activity fueled by enthusiasm, there will be enormous intensity and energy behind what you do. You will feel like an arrow that is moving toward the target-and enjoying the journey. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Sisqo Height quotes by Rajneesh
#23. Remember one thing: the one who brings unhappiness to others in the end becomes unhappy himself, and the one who brings happiness to others in the end reaches to the heights of happiness. That's why I am saying that someone who tries to give happiness develops the center of happiness inside himself, and someone who tries to bring unhappiness to others develops the center of unhappiness inside himself. #Quote by Rajneesh
Sisqo Height quotes by Iain Banks
#24. What height is this table?' he said suddenly, just as I was about to go to the bread bin for a slice to wipe my plate with. I turned round and looked at him, wondering why he was bothering with such an easy question.
'Thirty inches,' I told him, and took a crust from the bin.
'Wrong,' he said with an eager grin. 'Two foot six.'
I shook my head at him, scowling, and wiped the brown rim of soup from the inside of my plate. There was a time when I was genuinely afraid of these idiotic questions, but now, apart from the fact that I must know the height, length, breadth, area and volume of just about every part of the house and everything in it, I can see my father's obsession for what it is. It gets embarrassing at times when there are guests in the house, even if they are family and ought to know what to expect. They'll be sitting there, probably in the lounge, wondering whether Father's going to feed them anything or just give an impromptu lecture on cancer of the colon or tapeworms, when he'll sidle up to somebody, look round to make sure everybody's watching, then in a conspiratorial stage-whisper say: 'See that door over there? It's eighty-five inches, corner to corner. ' Then he'll wink and walk off, or slide over on his seat, looking nonchalant. #Quote by Iain Banks
Sisqo Height quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#25. I am not even six feet tall. Yet I am praying to the Absolute Supreme to reach His infinite Height, which is far beyond even my imagination's flight. For me to long to grow into that Height - is this not a miracle? I am mortal. My thoughts, my deeds, my experiences - everything that I have and everything that I am - represent mortality. Yet despite everything that I have and everything that I am, I am longing for Immortality. Is this not a miracle? #Quote by Sri Chinmoy
Sisqo Height quotes by Pliny The Elder
#26. It has been observed that the height of a man from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot is equal to the distance between the tips of the middle fingers of the two hands when extended in a straight line. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Sisqo Height quotes by Pranab Mukherjee
#27. I am comfortable at the height where destiny has put me. #Quote by Pranab Mukherjee
Sisqo Height quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#28. In order for once to get a glimpse of our European morality from a distance, in order to compare it with other earlier or future moralities, one must do as the traveller who wants to know the height of the towers of a city: he leaves the city. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Sisqo Height quotes by B.L. Sauder
#29. Dragon's treasure burning bright,
In the darkness of this night.
Once again it gives us light
And speaks to us of its might.

Dragon's treasure burning bright
On this black and fateful night.
Kings will never use its light
Nor boast again of its might.

Dragon's treasure burning bright
Sear this image in their sight
Royal sons much reach the height
To rule with love, not with might. #Quote by B.L. Sauder
Sisqo Height quotes by Catherine Ryan Hyde
#30. Then, yes. It's civilized. What a man eats, he should be willing to kill. It's not absolutely necessary that he do so, but he should at least be willing to face the reality of it. To eat a chicken only if it comes from the market is the height of cowardice and denial. Someone still had to kill it. #Quote by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Sisqo Height quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#31. Happy the writer who, passing by characters that are boring, disgusting, shocking in their mournful reality, approaches characters that manifest the lofty dignity of man, who from the great pool of daily whirling images has chosen only the rare exceptions, who has never once betrayed the exalted turning of his lyre, nor descended from his height to his poor, insignificant brethren, and, without touching the ground, has given the whole of himself to his elevated images so far removed from it. Twice enviable is his beautiful lot: he is among them as in his own family; and meanwhile his fame spreads loud and far. With entrancing smoke he has clouded people's eyes; he has flattered them wondrously, concealing what is mournful in life, showing them a beautiful man. Everything rushes after him, applauding, and flies off following his triumphal chariot. Great world poet they name him, soaring high above all other geniuses in the world, as the eagle soars above the other high fliers. At the mere mention of his name, young ardent hearts are filled with trembling, responsive tears shine in all eyes...No one equals him in power--he is God! But such is not the lot, and other is the destiny of the writer who has dared to call forth all that is before our eyes every moment and which our indifferent eyes do not see--all the stupendous mire of trivia in which our life in entangled, the whole depth of cold, fragmented, everyday characters that swarm over our often bitter and boring earthly pa #Quote by Nikolai Gogol
Sisqo Height quotes by J.G. Holland
#32. We often wonder that certain men and women are left by God to the commission of sins that shock us. We wonder how, under the temptation of a single hour, they fall from the very heights of virtue and of honor into sin and shame. The fact is that there are no such falls as these, or there are next to none. These men and women are those who have dallied with temptation
have exposed themselves to the influence of it, and have been weakened and corrupted by it. #Quote by J.G. Holland
Sisqo Height quotes by Agatha Christie
#33. Height, five feet four inches, egg-shaped head carried a little to one side, eyes that shone green when he was excited, stiff military moustache, air of dignity immense! #Quote by Agatha Christie
Sisqo Height quotes by Lauren Oliver
#34. As we're standing there I realize we're almost exactly the same height. We must look like the dark and light side of an Oreo cookie, and I think how just as easily it could have been the other way around. She could be blocking my path; I could be trying to slip around her into the dark. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Sisqo Height quotes by Ben  Rhodes
#35. The one thing that seemed to be on our side, however, was the reality on the streets of Egypt. Day after day, the protests spread and Mubarak's regime seemed to crumble around him. On February 11, I woke to the news that Mubarak had fled to the resort town of Sharm el Sheikh and resigned.
It was, it seemed, a happy ending. Jubilant crowds celebrated in the streets of Cairo. I drafted a statement for Obama that drew comparisons between what had just taken place and some of the iconic movements of the past several decades - Germans tearing down a wall, Indonesians upending a dictatorship, Indians marching nonviolently for independence.
I went up to the Oval Office that morning to review the statement with Obama. "You should feel good about this," he said.
"I do," I replied. "Though I'm not sure all of the principals do."
"You know," he said, "one of the things that made it easier for me is that I didn't really know Mubarak." He mentioned that George H. W. Bush had called Mubarak at the height of the protests to express his support. "But it's not just Bush. The Clintons, Gates, Biden - they've known Mubarak[…] "for decades." I thought of Biden's perennial line: All foreign policy is an "extension of personal relationships. "If it had been King Abdullah," Obama said, referring to the young Jordanian monarch with whom he'd struck up a friendship, "I don't know if I could have done the same thing."
As Obama delivered a statement to a smattering of press, it #Quote by Ben Rhodes
Sisqo Height quotes by John Wesley
#36. Thou hidden love of God, whose height, Whose depth unfathomed no man knows, I see from far thy beauteous light, Only I sigh for thy repose. #Quote by John Wesley
Sisqo Height quotes by Cael Sanderson
#37. The most spectacular UFO incident in Indonesia occurred when during the height of President Sukarno's confrontation against Malaysia, UFOs penetrated a well-defended area in Java for two weeks at a stretch, and each time were welcomed with perhaps the heaviest anti-aircraft barrage in history. #Quote by Cael Sanderson
Sisqo Height quotes by Felix Adler
#38. There is a universal element in man which he can assert by so acting as if the purpose of the Universe were also his purpose. It is the function of the supreme ordeals of life to develop in men this power, to give to their life this distinction, this height of dignity, these vast horizons. #Quote by Felix Adler
Sisqo Height quotes by Ben Okri
#39. We plan our lives according to a dream that came to us in our childhood, and we find that life alters our plans. And yet, at the end, from a rare height, we also see that our dream was our fate. It's just that providence had other ideas as to how we would get there. Destiny plans a different route, or turns the dream around, as if it were a riddle, and fulfills the dream in ways we couldn't have expected. #Quote by Ben Okri
Sisqo Height quotes by 'SON Of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
#40. Do not expect me to fly at the capacity of your height #Quote by 'SON Of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
Sisqo Height quotes by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
#41. If one were truly aware of the value of human life, to waste it blithely on distractions and the pursuit of vulgar ambitions would be the height of confusion. #Quote by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Sisqo Height quotes by Walter E. Williams
#42. The idea that even the brightest person or group of bright people, much less the U.S. Congress, can wisely manage an economy has to be the height of arrogance and conceit. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
Sisqo Height quotes by John Isner
#43. As a kid, I was a little self-conscious because I was so much taller than everyone. A bad habit of mine used to be slouching. Eventually, I realized my height was something I couldn't control, so I might as well accept it. I've certainly turned it into a positive, because without my height I probably wouldn't be as good of a tennis player. It's a gift, and I've made something of it. #Quote by John Isner
Sisqo Height quotes by Rose Of Lima
#44. Without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of Grace. The gift of Grace increases as the struggle increases. #Quote by Rose Of Lima
Sisqo Height quotes by Melina Marchetta
#45. Ned?' he says, after a while. 'Oi, Ned?'
'If someone says to you that the guy they're going out with doesn't have to prove how smart he is, what's your response?'
'That he's dumb.'
'And if he has a sixpack?'
'Dumb jock.'
'Not too intense.'
'Dumb jock with no personality.'
'And they see eye to eye?'
Ned pauses. 'With the spitfire from Dili?'
'Same,' Tom corrects.
Ned holds up a hand to where Tara would reach him in height.
'Dumb jock with no personality and short-man syndrome.'
'Thanks, Ned.'
'Anytime. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Sisqo Height quotes by Marcus Dunstan
#46. Everyone's sort of the same height when you're looking from bird's eye view. #Quote by Marcus Dunstan
Sisqo Height quotes by Suzanne Collins
#47. Looking at Prim's face, it's hard to imagine she's the same frail little girl I left behind on reapimg day nine months ago. The combination of that ordeal and all that has followed - the cruelty in the district, the parade of sick and wounded that she often treates herself now if my mother's hands are too full - these things have aged her years. She's grown quite a bit, too; we're practically the same height now, but that isn't what makes her seem so much older. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Sisqo Height quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#48. Self reliance, the height and perfection of man, is reliance on God. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sisqo Height quotes by Pat Brown
#49. The one noticeable similarity with almost all serial killer victims is their short height and low weight. #Quote by Pat Brown

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