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Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Sam Starbuck
#1. Electricity," Purva said, rolling the strange new word around in her mouth, giving it at once an Australian and a French inflection.

"Sir William was playing around with it when we met, do you remember?" Jack said to Clare. "He was storing charges in boxes."

"I remember he was blowing things up," Clare replied.

"Six of one..." Jack grinned. "Nobody really knows how it works, but down here it powers most of the lights in the big cities and parts of the automobiles and the stoves in the train kitchen. You can store the power in blocks, then hook it up to anything you might otherwise run on a boiler. It's cooler, and the blocks last longer than coal. I think I can reproduce it when we get home, if I can take enough schematics with me."

"He is going to kill himself," Purva said, but her tone was casual, not overly worried.

"I'm not going to kill myself," Jack answered, equally casual. "Just because it can cause your heart to stop doesn't mean it always does. #Quote by Sam Starbuck
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack London
#2. No, sir. Go to hell sir. It's the best I can do for you sir. #Quote by Jack London
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack London
#3. Says O'Sullivan to me, "Mr. Fay, I'll have a word wid yeh?" "Certainly," says I; "what can I do for you?" "Sell me your sea- boots, Mr. Fay," says O'Sullivan, polite as can be. "But what will you be wantin' of them?" says I. "'Twill be a great favour," says O'Sullivan. "But it's my only pair," says I; "and you have a pair of your own," says I. "Mr. Fay, I'll be needin' me own in bad weather," says O'Sullivan. "Besides," says I, "you have no money." "I'll pay for them when we pay off in Seattle," says O'Sullivan. "I'll not do it," says I; "besides, you're not tellin' me what you'll be doin' with them." "But I will tell yeh," says O'Sullivan; "I'm wantin' to throw 'em over the side." And with that I turns to walk away, but O'Sullivan says, very polite and seducin'-like, still a-stroppin' the razor, "Mr. Fay," says he, "will you kindly step this way an' have your throat cut?" And with that I knew my life was in danger, and I have come to make report to you, sir, that the man is a violent lunatic. #Quote by Jack London
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#4. Jack was led out of the dark room into the strong light, and as they guided him up the steps he could see nothing for the glare. 'Your head here sir, if you please,' said the sheriff's man in a low, nervous, conciliating voice, 'and your hands just here.'

The man was slowly fumbling with the bolt, hinge and staple, and as Jack stood there with his hands in the lower half-rounds, his sight cleared: he saw that the broad street was filled with silent, attentive men, some in long togs, some in shore-going rig, some in plain frocks, but all perfectly recognizable as seamen. And officers, by the dozen, by the score: midshipmen and officers. Babbington was there, immediately in front of the pillory, facing him with his hat off, and Pullings, Stephen of course, Mowett, Dundas . . . He nodded to them, with almost no change in his iron expression, and his eye moved on: Parker, Rowan, Williamson, Hervey . . . and men from long, long ago, men he could scarcely name, lieutenants and commanders putting their promotion at risk, midshipmen and master's mates their commissions, warrant-officers their advancement.

'The head a trifle forward, if you please, sir,' murmured the sheriff's man, and the upper half of the wooden frame came down, imprisoning his defenceless face. He heard the click of the bolt and then in the dead silence a strong voice cry 'Off hats'. With one movement hundreds of broad-brimmed tarpaulin-covered hats flew off and the cheering began, the #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Vance
#5. Where was his knife, upon which he relied? He had cut cheese for their noonday meal, and had packed the knife away with the cheese.
Aillas said: 'Sir, before we continue with this matter, may I offer you a bite of cheese?'
'I care for no cheese, though it is an amusing concept.'
'In that case, allow me a moment while I cut a morsel or two for myself, as I hunger.'
'I have no time to spare while you eat cheese; prepare instead for death. #Quote by Jack Vance
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Karl Wiggins
#6. Sir Richard Francis Burton was a cross between Indiana Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow, with perhaps a little piece of the warrior-poet Aragorn from Lord of the Rings thrown in for good measure. Or maybe I should rephrase that; all these swashbuckling film heroes, including probably John Rambo, may well have been loosely based on Burton and his life #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#7. Commander! Sir! Wake up!
Jack surfaced from sleep, wondering who the commander was and wishing he'd respond so he could go back to sleep - until he remembered that he was the commander. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Irvin Anthony
#8. Well, Jack, we have taken the Macedonian, and your share of the prize, if we get her in safely, may be two hundred dollars; what will you do with it?" Stephen Decatur, commanding the frigate United States, North Atlantic, near the Azores Islands, 1812.

"One hundred will go to my mother, sir, and the other I shall spend on schooling." Jack Creamer, aged ten. #Quote by Irvin Anthony
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#9. – and in the din Stephen cried, 'I insist upon a boat – I protest…
Jack took him by the elbow and propelled him with affectionate violence into the cabin. 'My dear sir,' he said, 'I am afraid you must not insist, or protest: it is mutiny, you know, and you would be obliged to be hanged. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by L.J. Hayward
#10. You're just a weaponist, Jack." Jack stifled a snicker.
"A weaponist?"
"Like a racist but against certain weapons."
"And you never met a weapon you didn't like."
"A couple actually, but that was more personality differences."
"Hah! No. You're just a weapon slut. There's a difference. I'm a weapon monogamist." He considered that, then added, "Well, maybe a very limited polygamist."
"You haven't returned my Desert Eagle," Blade noted dryly.
"It's lonely out here and I'm a man with needs. #Quote by L.J. Hayward
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Campbell
#11. Sir, winning is usually a matter of making one less mistake than the enemy or just getting up one more time than you get knocked down. #Quote by Jack Campbell
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by L.A. Meyer
#12. Now, you just forget about Jaimy, 'cause he's sure forgot about you, the snob. Now let's me and you go and get married and have a fine toss in the hay and then we'll talk about other things." Davy looks out across the crowd. "Let's us lovers find a preacher." He points at a tall man in black coat. "Sir! You there! Are you a preacher? Well, who cares, you'll do, now just say the words, now ... #Quote by L.A. Meyer
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#13. Almost ready, sir,' said the sweating, harassed bosun. 'I'm working the cunt-splice myself.'
'Well,' said Jack, hurrying off to where the stern-chaser hung poised above the Sophie's quarter-deck, ready to plunge through her bottom if gravity could but have its way, 'a simple thing like a cunt-splice will not take a man of war's bosun long, I believe. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Karen Hawkins
#14. Perhaps you met my mother-she and I look very similar. She and my father traveled quite a bit before I was born."
"That's possible,I suppose," he said, as if not enitrely convinced.
"Sir Reginald." Dougal broke in on their conversation, entirely against common etiquette. "Perhaps you mistake Miss MacFarlane with a dream." He let his gaze linger over her in a similar fashion. "I often do."
Sophia's face burned. Fiona choked on her wine, and Jack patted her back, glaring at Dougal. The judge let out a snort of laughter, while Mrs. Kent sent dagger glances at Sophia, and Miss Stanton, oblivious to it all, asked for the salt. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#15. Mr Babbington,' he said, suddenly stopping in his up and down. 'Take your hands out of your pockets. When did you last write home?' Mr Babbington was at an age when almost any question evokes a guilty response, and this was, in fact, a valid accusation. He reddened, and said, 'I don't know, sir.' 'Think, sir, think,' said Jack, his good-tempered face clouding unexpectedly ... 'Never, mind. Write a handsome letter. Two pages at least. And send it in to me with your daily workings tomorrow. Give your father my compliments and tell him my bankers are Hoares.' For Jack, like most other captains, managed the youngsters' parental allowance for them. 'Hoares,' he repeated absently once or twice, 'my bankers are Hoares,' and a strangled ugly crowing noise made him turn. Young Ricketts was clinging to the fall of the main burton-tackle in an attempt to control himself, but without much success. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by L.A. Meyer
#16. Why did I follow her? If you must know, Sir, it was easy. Pound for pound, Puss-in-Boots was the best commander I ever served under. #Quote by L.A. Meyer
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#17. Why, sir," said he, looking about him, "what splendour I see: gold lace, breeches, cocked hats. Allow me to recommend a sandwich. And would you be contemplating an attack, at all?" "It had crossed my mind, I must admit," said Jack. "Indeed, I may go so far as to say, that I am afraid a conflict is now virtually inevitable. Did you notice we have cleared for action? #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Mary Lynn Rajskub
#18. I hadn't even watched '24' before, and the audition was kind of far away. When I got the material, there wasn't a character yet, so it almost seemed like an assistant to Jack Bauer saying, 'Yes, sir. No, sir.' #Quote by Mary Lynn Rajskub
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#19. Stephen nodded. 'Tell me,' he said, in a low voice, some moments later. 'Were I under naval discipline, could that fellow have me whipped?'He nodded towards Mr Marshall.
'The master?' cried Jack, with inexpressible amazement.
'Yes,' said Stephen looking attentively at him, with his head slightly inclined to the left.
'But he is the master...' said Jack. If Stephen had called the sophies stem her stern, or her truck her keel, he would have understood the situation directly; but that Stephen should confuse the chain of command, the relative status of a captain and a master, of a commissioned officer and a warrant officer, so subverted the natural order, so undermined the sempiternal universe, that for a moment his mind could hardly encompass it. Yet Jack, though no great scholar, no judge of a hexameter, was tolerably quick, and after gasping no more than twice he said, 'My dear sir, I beleive you have been lead astray by the words master and master and commander- illogical terms, I must confess. The first is subordinate to the second. You must allow me to explain our naval ranks some time. But in any case you will never be flogged- no, no; you shall not be flogged,' he added, gazing with pure affection, and with something like awe, at so magnificent a prodigy, at an ignorance so very far beyond anything that even his wide-ranging mind had yet conceived. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Bauer
#20. I am more than willing to be judged by the people you claim to represent. I will let them decide what price I should pay. But please do not sit there with that smug look on your face and expect me to regret the decisions I have made. Because, sir, the truth is I don't. #Quote by Jack Bauer
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Cecily White
#21. What have you done?"
"Sir," Jack held up his hands in surrender. "I know how this looks. You have every right to be upset."
"Upset?" he fumed. "Do I look upset to you?"
"You look upset to me," I noted. #Quote by Cecily White
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Utah Phillips
#22. Frying-Pan Jack and I were in that camp, that's where he said to me, he'd been tramping since 1927, 'I told myself in '27, if I cannot dictate the conditions of my labor, I will henceforth cease to work.' You don't have to go to college to figure these things out, no sir. He said, 'I learned when I was young that the only true life I had was the life of my brain. But if it's true that the only real life I had was the life of my brain, what sense does it make to hand that brain to someone for eight hours a day, for their particular use, on the presumption that at the end of the day they will give it back in an unmutilated condition? Fat chance! #Quote by Utah Phillips
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Canfield
#23. With the right attitude, a failure can be converted into a lesson and a stepping-stone for future success. #Quote by Jack Canfield
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Annie Proulx
#24. Jack, in his dark camp, saw Ennis as night fire, a red spark on the huge black mass of mountain. #Quote by Annie Proulx
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Finney
#25. Would you have references?"
"I'm awfully sorry but I haven't. I just arrived in New York, and don't know a soul. Except you." I smiled but she didn't smile back. She stood hesitating, and I said, "It's true that I'm an escaped convict, an active counterfeiter, and occasional murderer. And I howl during the full of the moon. But I'm neat. #Quote by Jack Finney
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#26. I'll join you, sir. You'll need help finding your way about the estate."
His lips tightened into a disapproving line. "Begging your pardon, Lady Rosalind, but I didn't have a nursemaid when I was three, so I certainly don't need one now. I'm perfectly capable of navigating an estate alone."
"I'm sure you are - indeed, you demonstrated a remarkable proficiency for it last night, and in a strange house, too. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Anya Wylde
#27. Lesson to you Ann, is that a man, however much he lives under the illusion, is never in control. A woman holds the whip that slaps the horse's rump, my dear. And here is another lesson for you to chew on. Men are like barrels of wine in Sir Hammersmith's basement. Strong, sturdy and inviting on the outside, whereas on the inside completely empty. #Quote by Anya Wylde
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Andrew Smith
#28. The television was on. Leslie Mitchell had been watching a program about how to cook lamb when Hungry Jack came in and started eating him. #Quote by Andrew Smith
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Sarah Alderson
#29. There they are. Lieutenant Jack Loveday and Lieutenant Alex Wakeman. I've only seen their photos so far and the pictures that are in Demos's head, but the truth is Demos did not do them justice. In fact, Demos's head needs a tune up or a reboot or an entirely new operating system altogether. #Quote by Sarah Alderson
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Hank Bracker
#30. Pier 5 in Brooklyn was within a short walking distance from the subway station and in the distance the masts and funnel of my new ship could be seen. The S/S African Sun was a C-4 cargo ship built in 1942, for the war effort. Not even 15 years old, the ship looked as good as new. Farrell Lines took good care of their ships and it showed. There was always a lot of activity prior to departure and this time was no exception. We were expected to depart prior to dusk and there were things to do.
I got into my working uniform and leaving my sea bag on my bunk headed for the bridge. When I passed the open door of the Captain's room he summoned me in. "Welcome aboard Mr. Mate. I've heard good things about you!" We talked briefly about his expectations. Introducing himself as Captain Brian, he seemed friendly enough and I felt that I got off to a good start.
As the ship's Third Officer, most frequently known as the Third Mate, my first order of business was to place my license into the frame alongside those of the other deck officers. I must admit that doing so gave me a certain feeling of pride and belonging. With only an hour to go before our scheduled departure I called the engine room and gave them permission to jack over the engine; a term used to engage the engine, so as to slowly turn the screw or propeller. #Quote by Hank Bracker
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Kornfield
#31. Life is so hard, how can we be anything but kind? #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Toni Gonzaga
#32. Happy Valentine's day sir! Next year, happy anniversary na yan ha. #Quote by Toni Gonzaga
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Kerouac
#33. For the first four years of my life, while he lived, I was not Ti Jean Duluoz, I was Gerard, the world was his face, the flower of his face, the pale stooped disposition, the heartbreakingness and the holiness and his teachings of tenderness to me, and my mother constantly reminding me tonpay attention to his goodness and advice. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#34. Jack linked her arm with Irene's. "Good. You deserve to be happy, sweetie. Now what about his Pack?"
"They look frightened and I have absolutely no idea why. I'm nothing but
appropriately pleasant."
"Price you pay as the new Alpha Female."
"I understand all that, but running from the room every time I walk in seems a tad harsh, wouldn't you say?"
"You do have a point. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Aravind Adiga
#35. We'll call you ... Ram. Wait - don't we have a Ram in this class? I don't want any confusion, it'll be Balram. You know who Balram was, don't you?"
"No, sir."
"He was the sidekick of the god Krishna. Know what my name is?"
"No, sir."
"He laughed. "Krishna. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Welch
#36. I might not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I'm pretty good at getting most of the other bulbs to light up. #Quote by Jack Welch
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack London
#37. puny adventurers bent on colossal adventure, pitting #Quote by Jack London
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Michael Grant
#38. Who would you say are the ten most powerful people in the FAYZ, Edilio?"
Edilio raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Really?"
"Number one is Albert," Edilio said. "Then Caine. Sam. Lana." He thought about it for a moment longer and said, "Quinn. Drake, unfortunately. Dekka. You. Me. Diana."
Astrid folded her arms in front of her. "Not Brianna? Or Orc?"
"They're both powerful, sure. But they don't have the kind of power that moves other people, you know? Brianna's cool, but she's not someone who other people follow. Same with Jack. More so with Orc. #Quote by Michael Grant
Sir Jack Hayward quotes by Jack Nicklaus
#39. I'm deadly serious even when I play tennis against my kids. I want to beat their brains out. #Quote by Jack Nicklaus

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