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Simplicity quotes by Lao-Tzu
#1. Simplicity has no name is free of desires. Being free of desires it is tranquil. And the world will be at peace of it's own accord. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Simplicity quotes by Pio Of Pietrelcina
#2. Walk in the way of the Lord with simplicity and do not torment your spirit. You must hate your defects, but with a quiet hate, not troublesome and restless. #Quote by Pio Of Pietrelcina
Simplicity quotes by Georgette Heyer
#3. Simplicity was abhorrent to his lordship; he revelled in a net-work of intrigue; he loved to accomplish the impossible. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Simplicity quotes by Cesar Milstein
#4. What attracted me to immunology was that the whole thing seemed to revolve around a very simple experiment: take two different antibody molecules and compare their primary sequences. #Quote by Cesar Milstein
Simplicity quotes by Aaron Copland
#5. Mozart in his music was probably the most reasonable of the world's great composers. It is the happy balance between flight and control, between sensibility and self-discipline, simplicity and sophistication of style that is his particular province ... Mozart tapped once again the source from which all music flows, expressing himself with a spontaneity and refinement and breath-taking rightness that has never since been duplicated. #Quote by Aaron Copland
Simplicity quotes by Saint Francis De Sales
#6. I recommend to you holy simplicity. #Quote by Saint Francis De Sales
Simplicity quotes by William Albert Allard
#7. What's really important is to simplify. The work of most photographers would be improved immensely if they could do one thing: get rid of the extraneous. If you strive for simplicity, you are more likely to reach the viewer. #Quote by William Albert Allard
Simplicity quotes by Blake Mycoskie
#8. Simplicity is simple. Perhaps this sounds redundant. But it's true, and it's important. #Quote by Blake Mycoskie
Simplicity quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#9. Life for my child is simple, and is good. #Quote by Gwendolyn Brooks
Simplicity quotes by Shauna Niequist
#10. That's the lesson in this for people like me who sometimes get wound up about doing things perfectly: 90 percent of the people in your life won't know the difference between, say, fresh and frozen, or handmade and store-bought, and the 10 percent who do notice are just as stressed-out as you are, and your willingness to choose simplicity just might set them free to do the same. #Quote by Shauna Niequist
Simplicity quotes by Charles G. Dawes
#11. How majestic is naturalness. I have never met a man whom I really considered a great man who was not always natural and simple. Affectation is inevitably the mark of one not sure of himself. #Quote by Charles G. Dawes
Simplicity quotes by Caroline Kettlewell
#12. It didn't occur to me that there was something decidedly odd in finding a box of razor blades aesthetically appealing. I wonder if a heroin addict loves the elegant simplicity of the needle, if a drinker romances the curve and shape of the bottle. #Quote by Caroline Kettlewell
Simplicity quotes by Mark Twain
#13. One day on the plains he had an angry dispute with one of his wagon-drivers, and both drew their revolvers. But the driver was the quicker artist, and had his weapon cocked first. So Slade said it was a pity to waste life on so small a matter, and proposed that the pistols be thrown on the ground and the quarrel settled by a fist-fight. The unsuspected driver agreed, and threw down his pistol-whereupon Slade laughed at his simplicity, and shot him dead! #Quote by Mark Twain
Simplicity quotes by Stone Gossard
#14. A significant event for me was learning Hank Williams, reconnecting with his music's simplicity, which inspired me to inhabit the same territory. It's different, because I grew up on Led Zeppelin, The Stooges and punk, so in that sense I'm mutating country and folk more than a few degrees. #Quote by Stone Gossard
Simplicity quotes by Maya Angelou
#15. The epitome of sophistication is utter simplicity. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Simplicity quotes by Jonathan Ive
#16. The defining qualities are about use: ease and simplicity. Caring beyond the functional imperative, we also acknowledge that products have a significance way beyond traditional views of function. #Quote by Jonathan Ive
Simplicity quotes by Jason E. Royle
#17. The value of this book lies in its heartfelt simplicity. #Quote by Jason E. Royle
Simplicity quotes by John Dalton
#18. Berzelius' symbols are horrifying. A young student in chemistry might as soon learn Hebrew as make himself acquainted with them ... They appear to me equally to perplex the adepts in science, to discourage the learner, as well as to cloud the beauty and simplicity of the atomic theory. #Quote by John Dalton
Simplicity quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#19. When you have enough, there is no need for excessiveness. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Simplicity quotes by Stacey Ballis
#20. A chilled pea soup of insane simplicity, garnished with creme fraiche and celery leaves. Roasted beet salad with poached pears and goat cheese. Rack of lamb wrapped in crispy prosciutto, served over a celery root and horseradish puree, with sautéed spicy black kale. A thin-as-paper apple galette with fig glaze. Everything turned out brilliantly, including Patrick, who roused himself as I was pulling the lamb from the oven to rest before carving. He disappeared into the bathroom for ten minutes and came out shiny; green pallor and under-eye bags gone like magic. Pink with health and vitality, polished and ridiculously handsome, he looked as if he could run a marathon, and I was gobsmacked. He came up behind me just as I was finishing his port sauce for the lamb with a sprinkle of honey vinegar and a bit of butter, the only changes I made to any of his recipes, finding the sauce without them a bit one-dimensional and in need of edge smoothing. #Quote by Stacey Ballis
Simplicity quotes by George Horace Lorimer
#21. Superiority makes every man feel its equal. It is courtesy without condescension; affability without familiarity; self-sufficiency without selfishness; simplicity without snide. It weighs sixteen ounces to the pound without the package, and it doesn't need a four-colored label to make it go. #Quote by George Horace Lorimer
Simplicity quotes by Bill Jensen
#22. Simplicity is power. The power to do less of what doesn't matter and more of what does. #Quote by Bill Jensen
Simplicity quotes by Linda Collins
#23. I would not mind going mad. It would absolve me of any need to go on coping, which is a particular kind of living hell. The simplicity of letting go, of shuffling about in a Valium- induced haze, is alluring. I lack the kind of ruthless ability that Victoria had to bring about a complete physical destruction of the entire human package. It is my fate to keep waking and find myself alive. #Quote by Linda Collins
Simplicity quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#24. Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment - a little makes the way of the best happiness. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Simplicity quotes by Lynne Withey
#25. The custom of confession seemed designed to encourage sin by granting ready forgiveness.
Neither Abigail nor any member of her family ever wavered in their preference for life in America over life in Europe. In France they lived far grander style than they ever lived in Braintree. ...her unshakable belief was that America was superior to Europe - superiority based on simplicity, its supposed lack of extreme wealth and class distinctions, its religion and its emphasis on family #Quote by Lynne Withey
Simplicity quotes by Seneca The Younger
#26. The things that are essential are acquired with little bother; it is the luxuries that call for toil and effort. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Simplicity quotes by Philip James Bailey
#27. Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art. #Quote by Philip James Bailey
Simplicity quotes by Lin Yutang
#28. Simplicity is the outward sign and symbol of depth of thought. #Quote by Lin Yutang
Simplicity quotes by Irvine Welsh
#29. Whin yir oan junk, aw ye worry aboot is scorin. Oaf the gear, ye worry aboot loads ay things. Nae money, cannae git pished. Goat money, drinkin too much. Cannae git a burd, nae chance ay a ride. Git a burd, too much hassle, cannae breathe withoot her gittin oan yir case. Either that. or ye blow it, and feel aw guilty. Ye worry aboot bills, food, bailiffs, these Jambo Nazi scum beatin us, aw the things that ye couldnae gie a fuck aboot whin yuv goat a real junk habit. Yuv just goat one thing tae worry aboot. The simplicity ay it aw. Ken whit ah mean? #Quote by Irvine Welsh
Simplicity quotes by Saint Francis De Sales
#30. Go in all simplicity; do not be anxious to win a quiet mind, and it will be all the quieter. Do not examine so closely into the progress of your soul. Do not crave too much to be perfect, but let your spiritual life beformed by your duties, and by the actions which are called forth by circumstances. #Quote by Saint Francis De Sales
Simplicity quotes by John Calvin
#31. Musical instruments in celebrating the praises of God would be no more suitable than the burning of incense, the lighting of lamps, and the restoration of the other shadows of the law. The Papists therefore, have foolishly borrowed, this, as well as many other things, from the Jews. Men who are fond of outward pomp may delight in that noise; but the simplicity which God recommends to us by the apostles is far more pleasing to him. Paul allows us to bless God in the public assembly of the saints, only in a known tongue (1 Corinthians 14:16) What shall we then say of chanting, which fills the ears with nothing but an empty sound? #Quote by John Calvin
Simplicity quotes by Richard Cecil
#32. Eloquence is vehement simplicity. #Quote by Richard Cecil
Simplicity quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#33. Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Simplicity quotes by Walter J. Phillips
#34. The most interesting studio work, and perhaps the most practicable, is painting from pencil sketches and notes ... It ensures the elimination of all facts but those essential to the effect. #Quote by Walter J. Phillips
Simplicity quotes by Francois Fenelon
#35. Simplicity is that grace which frees the soul from all unnecessary reflections upon itself. #Quote by Francois Fenelon
Simplicity quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#36. If one's life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements. And finally, there is an intense delight in abandoning faulty states of mind and in cultivating helpful ones in meditation. #Quote by Dalai Lama XIV
Simplicity quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#37. Simplicity is the law of nature for men as well as for flowers. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Simplicity quotes by Douglas Horton
#38. The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity. #Quote by Douglas Horton
Simplicity quotes by Charlie Chaplin
#39. Simplicity of approach is always best. #Quote by Charlie Chaplin
Simplicity quotes by Clementine Paddleford
#40. We all have hometown appetites. Every other person is a bundle of longing for the simplicities of good taste once enjoyed on the farm or in the hometown left behind. #Quote by Clementine Paddleford
Simplicity quotes by Richard J. Foster
#41. One remarkable feature of the devotional masters is the incredible sense of uniform witness in the midst of such diverse personalities ... and the necessity of Christian simplicity is one of their most consistent themes. #Quote by Richard J. Foster
Simplicity quotes by Isaac Newton
#42. It is the perfection of God's works that they are all done with the greatest simplicity. He is the God of order and not of confusion. And therefore as they would understand the frame of the world must endeavor to reduce their knowledge to all possible simplicity, so must it be in seeking to understand these visions. #Quote by Isaac Newton
Simplicity quotes by Dan Millman
#43. Simplicity has power. Founding our life on constructive, positive behavior is the simplest, most direct, and powerful approach I've ever found-simple, but not easy. #Quote by Dan Millman
Simplicity quotes by Ovid
#44. Simplicity, very rare in our age. #Quote by Ovid
Simplicity quotes by C.S. Lewis
#45. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Simplicity quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
#47. Simplicity is better than being pompous. #Quote by Henry Johnson Jr
Simplicity quotes by Bryant McGill
#48. The true creator-self is a light-at-heart and care-free child, who accesses destiny as a simple act of joyful play. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Simplicity quotes by Honore De Balzac
#49. During the great storms of our lives we imitate those captains who jettison their weightiest cargo. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Simplicity quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#50. For the natural selectivity of the island I will have to substitute a conscious selectivity based on another sense of values – a sense of values I have become more aware of here. Island precepts, I might call them if I could define them, signposts toward another way of living. Simplicity of living, as much as possible, to retain a true awareness of life. Balance of physical, intellectual and spiritual life. Work without pressure. Space for significance and beauty. Time for solitude and sharing. Closeness to nature to strengthen understanding and faith in the intermittent of life: life of the spirit, creative life and the life of human relationships. A few shells. #Quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Simplicity quotes by Joe Average
#51. The art of British Columbia's native Indians played a big role in inspiring my creativity ... the simplicity of the images, the graciousness of the lines and curves, and the emotional impact of the bright simple primary colours. #Quote by Joe Average
Simplicity quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#52. Zen has been called the "religion before religion," which is to say that anyone can practice, including those committed to another faith. And that phrase evokes that natural religion of our early childhood, when heaven and a splendorous earth were one. But soon the child's clear eye is clouded over by ideas and opinions, preconceptions and abstractions. Not until years later does an instinct come that a vital sense of mystery has been withdrawn. The sun glints through the pines, and the heart is pierced in a moment of beauty and strange pain, like a memory of paradise. After that day, at the bottom of each breath, there is a hollow place filled with longing. We become seekers without knowing that we seek, and at first, we long for something "greater" than ourselves, something apart and far away. It is not a return to childhood, for childhood is not a truly enlightened state. Yet to seek one's own true nature is "a way to lead you to your long lost home." To practice Zen means to realize one's existence moment after moment, rather than letting life unravel in regret of the past and daydreaming of the future. To "rest in the present" is a state of magical simplicity...out of the emptiness can come a true insight into our natural harmony all creation. To travel this path, one need not be a 'Zen Buddhist', which is only another idea to be discarded like 'enlightenment,' and like 'the Buddha' and like 'God. #Quote by Peter Matthiessen
Simplicity quotes by Alexander Pope
#53. Simplicity is the mean between ostentation and rusticity. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Simplicity quotes by Par Lagerkvist
#54. In reality all of them want a war. It implies a simplification which comes as a relief. Everybody thinks that life is too complicated, and so it is as they live it. In itself life is not at all complicated; on the contrary its salient feature is its great simplicity, but they can never understand that. They do not realize that it is best when it is left as it is; they can never leave it in peace, or refrain from using it for a number of strange ends. But all the same they think that it is wonderful to be alive! #Quote by Par Lagerkvist
Simplicity quotes by Michael Perry
#55. Part of the blame lies with intellectuals who are unable or unwilling to convey their ideas in terms that will play down to the cafe. But anyone who sits in that cafe and dismisses complexity by reveling in their own simplicity is no less pretentious. #Quote by Michael Perry
Simplicity quotes by George Sand
#56. Simplicity is the essence of the great, the true, and the beautiful in art. #Quote by George Sand
Simplicity quotes by Melanie Dale
#57. But then, I was convicted by the simplicity of his need - my company. That's my significance. To provide company for my sweet boy while he's building a cave of throw pillows and couch cushions. I feel boring whenever I talk to someone who isn't in this same stage of life. But today Elliott reminded me that I'm not boring to him. And after all, what matters more than that? We #Quote by Melanie Dale
Simplicity quotes by Rudolf Arnheim
#58. The line that describes the beautiful is elliptical. It has simplicity and constant change. It cannot be described by a compass, and it changes direction at every one of its points. #Quote by Rudolf Arnheim
Simplicity quotes by Neil Patrick Harris
#59. I love the American musical for the simplicity of emotion that gets expressed. #Quote by Neil Patrick Harris
Simplicity quotes by Joseph Conrad
#60. (about sailors) Their minds are of the stay-at-home order, and their home is always with them - the ship; and so is their country - the sea. One ship is very much like another, and the sea is always the same. In the immutability of their surroundings the foreign shores, the foreign faces, the changing immensity of life, glide past, veiled not by a sense of mystery but by a slightly disdainful ignorance; for there is nothing mysterious to a seaman unless it be the sea itself, which is the mistress of his existence and as inscrutable as Destiny. For the rest, after his hours of work, a casual stroll or a casual spree on shore suffices to unfold for him the secret of a whole continent, and generally he finds the secret not worth knowing. The yarns of seamen have a direct simplicity, the whole meaning of which lies within the shell of a cracked nut. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Simplicity quotes by Kamal Ravikant
#61. But in simplicity lies truth. In simplicity lies power. #Quote by Kamal Ravikant
Simplicity quotes by Ansel Adams
#62. We either have wild places or we don't. We admit the spiritual-emotional validity of wild, beautiful places or we don't. We have a philosophy of simplicity of experience in these wild places or we don't. We admit an almost religious devotion to the clean exposition of the wild, natural earth or we don't. #Quote by Ansel Adams
Simplicity quotes by Stephanie Rowe
#63. I don't think you can appreciate the simplicity of freedom until you've suffered. She #Quote by Stephanie Rowe
Simplicity quotes by C.J. Werleman
#64. New Atheism simplicity is the byproduct of collective groupthink, and the internalization of self-congratulatory jingoistic clichés and generalizations. They know because they know, and there's no reasoning with someone who knows."
- The New Atheist Threat: The Dangerous Rise of Secular Extremists #Quote by C.J. Werleman
Simplicity quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#65. However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not so bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest. The fault-finder will find faults even in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poorhouse. The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the almshouse as brightly as from the rich man's abode; the snow melts before its door as early in the spring. I do not see but a quiet mind may live as contentedly there, and have as cheering thoughts, as in a palace. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Simplicity quotes by Jane Austen
#66. Admiral Croft's manners were not quite of the tone to suit Lady Russell, but they delighted Anne. His goodness of heart and simplicity of character were irresistible. #Quote by Jane Austen
Simplicity quotes by Edward Abbey
#67. Simplicity is always a virtue. One kid on a riverbank working out a Stephen Foster tune on his new harmonica heard from the correct esthetic distance projects more magic and power than the entire Vienna Philharmonic and Chorus laboring (once again) through the Mozart Requiem or Bach's B Minor Mass. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Simplicity quotes by Shai Tubali
#68. Only absolute simplicity can resolve a horrible complication; only a state free from psychology can heal psychological connections, and only a lucid brain can let go of a compulsive thought. #Quote by Shai Tubali
Simplicity quotes by Socrates
#69. How many things are there which I do not want. #Quote by Socrates
Simplicity quotes by Isabel Miller
#70. So when I let my head fall back under Sarah's kiss, the frenzy I trembled at just wasn't there. Instead, comfort and joy and simplicity and order and answers to questions I'd always supposed unanswerable, such as, why was I born? why a woman? why here? why now?
A wonderful glowing spacious peacefulness came to us. There was so much time. #Quote by Isabel Miller
Simplicity quotes by Munindra Misra
The world, the din, the time, the kin,
In our days are a sin,
Love's condemned and not true,
A farce for sex, a laugh at You.
[179] - 1
Simplicity is a crime,
Frauds and liars are divine,
Sex is worshiped, live not true,
Cheat be cheated our mottos new.
[180] - 1
Love is lost - so dear to You,
And lovers are but a few,
'Cause they know that live if hell,
As customs are but their cell.
[181] - 1
The lies, the crime, the evil ways,
Are the paths of our days,
We love our neighbour as love's not true,
And hate the others cause they do too.
[182] - 1 #Quote by Munindra Misra
Simplicity quotes by Donald A. Norman
#72. Simplicity design axiom: The complexity of the information appliance is that of the task, not the tool. The technology is invisible. #Quote by Donald A. Norman
Simplicity quotes by Samuel Smiles
#73. For want of self-restraint many men are engaged all their lives in fighting with difficulties of their own making, and rendering success impossible by their own cross-grained ungentleness; whilst others, it may be much less gifted, make their way and achieve success by simple patience, equanimity, and self-control. #Quote by Samuel Smiles
Simplicity quotes by Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey
#74. Simplicity of manner is the last attainment. Men are very long afraid of being natural, from the dread of being taken for ordinary. #Quote by Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey
Simplicity quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
#75. Christianity holds that man, no matter how hard he tries, cannot reach God. Man cannot ascend to God's level because God's level is too high. Therefore there is only one remedy: God must come down to man's level. Scandalous though it may seem, God must, quite literally, become man and assume the burden of man's sins. Christians believe that this was the great sacrifice performed by Christ. If we accept Christ's sacrifice on the basis of faith, we will inherit God's gift of salvation. That's it. That is the essence of Christianity. To some it may seem ridiculously simple. In this simplicity, however, there is considerable depth and richness. #Quote by Dinesh D'Souza
Simplicity quotes by Rajneesh
#76. The innocence of children is their wisdom, the simplicity of children is their egolessness. The freshness of the child is the freshness of your consciousness, which never becomes old, which always remains young. #Quote by Rajneesh
Simplicity quotes by Oswald Chambers
#77. When the natural power of vision is devoted to the Holy Spirit, it becomes the power of perceiving God's will and the whole life is kept in simplicity. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Simplicity quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#78. It the proof of high culture to say the greatest matters in the simplest way. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Simplicity quotes by Sean DeLauder
#79. For all their simplicity, humans could be remarkably perceptive, though they didn't know it most of the time, and their ability to thrust straight through deception and see to the heart of truth was often lost with childhood. By adulthood humans had trained themselves to be coy and manipulative in response to the coy and manipulative society in which they lived, which led them to believe that everyone was trying to be as coy and manipulative as themselves and were uncertain about what was true and what was not. Beyond their few flashes of clarity, everything became a muddle of colliding doubts. #Quote by Sean DeLauder
Simplicity quotes by Emily Post
#80. The attributes of a great lady may still be found in the rule of the four S's: Sincerity, Simplicity, Sympathy and Serenity. #Quote by Emily Post
Simplicity quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#81. True elegance becomes the more so as it approaches simplicity. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Simplicity quotes by Willard Van Orman Quine
#82. A curious thing about the ontological problem is its simplicity. It can be put into three Anglo-Saxon monosyllables: 'What is there?' It can be answered, moreover, in a word
and everyone will accept this answer as true. #Quote by Willard Van Orman Quine
Simplicity quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#83. No," he said to himself, "however good that life of simplicity and toil may be, I cannot go back to it. I love HER. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Simplicity quotes by Bruce Lee
#84. Out of chaos, find simplicity, From discord, find harmony. #Quote by Bruce Lee
Simplicity quotes by Colson Whitehead
#85. It was nigh impossible to understand Howard's speech under normal circumstances. He favored a pidgin of his lost African tongue and slave talk. In the old days, her mother had told her, that half language was the voice of the plantation. They had been stolen from villages all over Africa and spoke a multitude of tongues. The words from across the ocean were beaten out of them over time. For simplicity, to erase their identities, to smother uprisings. All the words except for the ones locked away by those who still remembered who they had been before. "They keep 'em hid like precious gold," Mabel said. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
Simplicity quotes by Atul Gawande
#86. And there is such a strategy - though it will seem almost ridiculous in its simplicity, maybe even crazy to those of us who have spent years carefully developing ever more advanced skills and technologies. It is a checklist. #Quote by Atul Gawande
Simplicity quotes by Therese De Lisieux
#87. The brilliance of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not lessen the perfume of the violet or the sweet simplicity of the daisy. #Quote by Therese De Lisieux
Simplicity quotes by Jonathan Swift
#88. The translators of the Bible were masters of an English style much fitter for that work than any we see in our present writings; the which is owing to the simplicity that runs through the whole. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Simplicity quotes by Shawn Lukas
#89. Simplicity is all but nothing that's there. #Quote by Shawn Lukas
Simplicity quotes by Melanie Charlene
#90. Take the time to observe the simple and ponder upon the seemingly insignificant. You'll find a wealth of depth and beauty. #Quote by Melanie Charlene
Simplicity quotes by Albert Einstein
#91. I was sitting in a chair in the patent office at Bern when all of a sudden a thought occurred to me: "If a person falls freely he will not feel his own weight." I was startled. This simple thought made a deep impression on me. It impelled me toward a theory of gravitation. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Simplicity quotes by Matt Ridley
#92. By one estimate, the number of different products that you can buy in New York or London tops ten billion.
This should not need saying, but it does. There are people today who think life was better in the past. They argue that there was not only a simplicity, tranquility, sociability and spirituality about life in the distant past that has been lost, but a virtue too. This rose-tinted nostalgia, please note, is generally confined to the wealthy. It is easier to wax elegiac for the life of a peasant when you do not have to use a long-drop toilet. #Quote by Matt Ridley
Simplicity quotes by Marcus Sedgwick
#93. The binary colour of words on a page give the sense of simplicity and clarity. But life doesn't work like that. And neither should a good story. A good story ought to leave a little grey behind, I think. #Quote by Marcus Sedgwick
Simplicity quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#94. May you find in yourself enough patience to endure and enough simplicity to have faith ... #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Simplicity quotes by Harvey Broome
#95. Where wilderness can still be found, the ancientness of the land and the nobility of man's struggle emerge. Wilderness is vastly different from the clutter and clatter of much of our civilized world. In wilderness one experiences exhilaration and joy. In freedom and simplicity, in its vitality and immense variety, happiness may not only be pursued; it is ofttimes found. #Quote by Harvey Broome
Simplicity quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#96. Civility must be a natural thing; all the rest is considered etiquette. The path of moksha [ultimate liberation] means there must be simplicity. There should be no 'ghosts of etiquette' there. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Simplicity quotes by Ingvar Kamprad
#97. The IKEA spirit is strong and living reality. Simplicity in our behavior gives us strength. Simplicity and humbleness characterize us in our relations with each others, our suppliers and our customers. #Quote by Ingvar Kamprad
Simplicity quotes by Nelson Mandela
#98. People tend to measure themselves by external accomplishments, but jail allows a person to focus on internal ones; such as honesty, sincerity, simplicity, humility, generosity and an absence of variety. You learn to look into yourself. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Simplicity quotes by Emery Lord
#99. I guess it's like seeing beauty in simplicity and nature. In fleeting moments and even in decay. #Quote by Emery Lord
Simplicity quotes by Maile Meloy
#100. At the simplicity of the gesture, he felt a pang: the raw nerve of his loneliness exposed. #Quote by Maile Meloy
Simplicity quotes by Bruce Hood
#101. Fourier's theorem has all the simplicity and yet more power than other familiar explanations in science. Stated simply, any complex pattern, whether in time or space, can be described as a series of overlapping sine waves of multiple frequencies and various amplitudes. #Quote by Bruce Hood
Simplicity quotes by Michael Bierut
#102. Simplicity, wit, and good typography. #Quote by Michael Bierut
Simplicity quotes by L. Frank Baum
#103. In this world in which we live simplicity and kindness are the only magic wands that work wonders #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Simplicity quotes by John Woolman
#104. I find that to be a fool as to worldly wisdom, and to commit my cause to God, not fearing to offend men, who take offence at the simplicity of truth, is the only way to remain unmoved at the sentiments of others. #Quote by John Woolman
Simplicity quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#105. For, has not the world come to an awfully sophisticated pass, when, after a certain degree of acquaintance with it, we cannot even put ourselves to death in whole-hearted simplicity? #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Simplicity quotes by Francine Jay
#106. We are not what we own; we are what we do, what we think and who we love. #Quote by Francine Jay
Simplicity quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#107. The price we pay for the complexity of life is too high. When you think of all the effort you have to put in -telephonic, technological and relational -to alter even the slightest bit of behavior in this strange world we call social life, you are left pining for the straightforwardness of primitive peoples and their physical work. #Quote by Jean Baudrillard
Simplicity quotes by Jennifer Pharr Davis
#108. Something deep within me connected with hard work, nature and simplicity. #Quote by Jennifer Pharr Davis
Simplicity quotes by J. Nedumaan
#109. The true value of a person is not in his prosperity but in his simplicity #Quote by J. Nedumaan
Simplicity quotes by Amy Dacyczyn
#110. Tightwaddery without creativity is deprivation. When there is a lack of resourcefulness, inventiveness, and innovation, thrift means doing without. When creativity combines with thrift you may be doing it without money, but you are not doing without. #Quote by Amy Dacyczyn
Simplicity quotes by Laozi
#111. See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things #Quote by Laozi
Simplicity quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
#112. It is the simple things of life that make living worthwhile, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest, and living close to nature. #Quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Simplicity quotes by Eric Freeman
#113. When you design, solve things in the simplest way possible. Your goal should be simplicity, not 'How can I apply a pattern to this problem. #Quote by Eric Freeman
Simplicity quotes by Mikhail Baryshnikov
#114. It doesn't matter how high you lift your leg. The technique is about transparency, simplicity, making an earnest attempt. #Quote by Mikhail Baryshnikov
Simplicity quotes by Kevlin Henney
#115. Beauty is born of and found in simplicity. #Quote by Kevlin Henney
Simplicity quotes by Joanna Scott
#116. Writing that flirts with incoherence can just as readily flounder as writing characterized by simplicity and composure. There is no reliable formula for originality, and strategies that are distinguished as innovative in their first incarnation can quickly become stale in the hands of lesser artists. #Quote by Joanna Scott
Simplicity quotes by Pablo Picasso
#117. To arrive at abstraction, it is always necessary to begin with a concrete reality. #Quote by Pablo Picasso
Simplicity quotes by Zhuangzi
#118. Let your mind wander in simplicity, blend your spirit with the vastness, follow along with things the way they are, and make no room for personal views - then the world will be governed. #Quote by Zhuangzi
Simplicity quotes by Seneca
#119. And this, too, affords no small occasion for anxieties - if you are bent on assuming a pose and never reveal yourself to anyone frankly, in the fashion of many who live a false life that is all made up for show; for it is torturous to be constantly watching oneself and be fearful of being caught out of our usual role. And we are never free from concern if we think that every time anyone looks at us he is always taking-our measure; for many things happen that strip off our pretence against our will, and, though all this attention to self is successful, yet the life of those who live under a mask cannot be happy and without anxiety. But how much pleasure there is in simplicity that is pure, in itself unadorned, and veils no part of its character!{PlainDealer+} Yet even such a life as this does run some risk of scorn, if everything lies open to everybody; for there are those who disdain whatever has become too familiar. But neither does virtue run any risk of being despised when she is brought close to the eyes, and it is better to be scorned by reason of simplicity than tortured by perpetual pretence. #Quote by Seneca
Simplicity quotes by William Shakespeare
#120. And simple truth miscalled simplicity #Quote by William Shakespeare
Simplicity quotes by Henry Fuseli
#121. The superiority of the Greeks seems not so much the result of climate and society, as of the simplicity of their end and the uniformity of their means. #Quote by Henry Fuseli
Simplicity quotes by Lao-Tzu
#122. Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Simplicity quotes by Debasish Mridha
#123. Enjoy the beauty of simplicity and slowness of life, let go of urgency, stress, and anxiety of life. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Simplicity quotes by Steven Redhead
#124. Love the moment for its simplicity, it may give or take nothing from you, but in the blinking of an eye it will have change so many things forever. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Simplicity quotes by Erin Blakemore
#125. When we focus on people and life instead of material possessions and mere wants, there's not much room for emotional hand-wringing. Instead, there's more space to weigh what we value in our lives and to acknowledge what really counts. Chapter 9 Simplicity Laura Ingalls in The Long Winter #Quote by Erin Blakemore
Simplicity quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
#126. Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art. #Quote by Frank Lloyd Wright
Simplicity quotes by Lao-Tzu
#127. The Master, by residing in the Tao,
sets an example for all beings.
Because he doesn't display himself,
people can see his light.
Because he has nothing to prove,
people can trust his words.
Because he doesn't know who he is,
people recognize themselves in him.
Because he has no goal in mind,
everything he does succeeds. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Simplicity quotes by Ernest Bevin
#128. Ernest Bevin had many of the strongest characteristics of the English race. His manliness, his common sense, his rough simplicity, sturdiness and kind heart, easy geniality and generosity, all are qualities which we who live in the southern part of this famous island regard with admiration. #Quote by Ernest Bevin
Simplicity quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson
#129. It is by great economy of means that one arrives at simplicity of expression. #Quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Simplicity quotes by Alvaro De Campos
#130. I suddenly asked my master Caeiro, "Are you at peace with yourself?" and he answered, "No, I'm at peace." It was like the voice of the earth, which is everything and no one. #Quote by Alvaro De Campos
Simplicity quotes by Hank Green
#131. Branding is something designers think about a lot. You take something like a perfume or car tire, or butt-flavored bubblegum, and you ask questions about it that you shouldn't be able to ask. What kind of tuxedo would this car tire wear to the prom? What is this perfume's favorite movie? You try to end up in a place where you understand a product as if it is a person.

The reverse of this, where people become brands, should be easy right? They're already people... End at the beginning. Except that really what you're doing when you brand is a process of simplification. You come to understand the essence of that fucking tire. And so branding a person also benefits dramatically from simplicity. People are complicated, but brands are simple. #Quote by Hank Green
Simplicity quotes by Courtney Ellis
#132. The more we gave up, the more we gained. #Quote by Courtney Ellis
Simplicity quotes by Marie Kondo
#133. Storage: pursue ultimate simplicity When I first started this business, I assumed that I had to demonstrate my ability to come up with miraculous storage designs - clever solutions that you #Quote by Marie Kondo
Simplicity quotes by Joshua Ferris
#134. Under "Activities and Interests," it was written "Boston Red Sox." The Boston Red Sox, an activity and an interest. Not a devotion to be suffered. Not a solemn vow in the off-season. Not a memorial to a dead man. Not a calling beyond reason. Just an interest. I take an interest in when they play, whether home or away, whether they win or lose
things like that. Maybe read about it in the paper the next morning. Millions of others just like me, taking an interest. Not "Coronaries and Rehabilitations." Not "Dedications and Forfeitures." Not "Life and Death." "Activities and Interests." This was how it was presented, in terrifying simplicity. What it was all reduced to, the thirty years, and the stupid tears, and every extra inning. An activity and an interest. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Simplicity quotes by John Maeda
#135. I have a confession: I'm not a man of simplicity. I spent my entire early career making complex stuff. Lots of complex stuff. #Quote by John Maeda
Simplicity quotes by Jared Diamond
#136. History as well as life itself is complicated
neither life nor history is an enterprise for those who seek simplicity and consistency. #Quote by Jared Diamond
Simplicity quotes by Bruno Mars
#137. I could sing you a thousand and one doo-wop songs. I love the simplicity in that music. It's not super-poetic, it's just from the heart. #Quote by Bruno Mars
Simplicity quotes by William James
#138. To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them ratified. #Quote by William James
Simplicity quotes by John Dean
#139. As [William] Valentiner noted in his uncompleted memoirs Remembering Artists, [Diego] Rivera's [Detroit Industry] murals rooted the Detroit Institute of Arts to the many-faceted jewel of its central court because of the harmonious, fertile relationship between "the industrialist" and "the artist." Rivera remarked to Valentiner how especially struck he was that "Edsel had none of the characteristics of the exploiting capitalist, that he had the simplicity and directness of a workman in his won factories and was like one of the best of them." Their relationship was like the murals themselves, a superb expression of pluralism, toleration, and empathy for the other, and of a cosmopolitan sense of all the Americas, not just of the United States of America or Detroit alone. #Quote by John Dean
Simplicity quotes by Leander Kahney
#140. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they've had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people ... Unfortunately, that's too rare a commodity. A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have. #Quote by Leander Kahney
Simplicity quotes by Robert Young
#141. The simplicity we are looking for is not found in thought. It knows what you have to listen to in every moment and knows it can never make a mistake. It is the infinite working in the infinite. It projects into this world because we are here to do that. #Quote by Robert Young
Simplicity quotes by Tertullian
#142. Whatever is born is the work of God. So whatever is plastered on, is the devil's work ... How unworthy of the Christian name it is to wear a fictitious face - you on whom simplicity in every form is enjoined! You, to whom lying with the tongue is not lawful, are lying in appearance. #Quote by Tertullian
Simplicity quotes by Bryant McGill
#143. Seek for illumination of self, and then the world, through the simple, humble, almighty, supreme virtue of love. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Simplicity quotes by Ne-Yo
#144. When you're dressing on a budget, simplicity is key. #Quote by Ne-Yo
Simplicity quotes by Henry James
#145. I hate American simplicity. I glory in the piling up of complications of every sort. If I could pronounce the name James in any different or more elaborate way I should be in favour of doing it. #Quote by Henry James
Simplicity quotes by Kip Fulbeck
#146. Shouldn't you be asking for my name first? #Quote by Kip Fulbeck
Simplicity quotes by Ugo Mochi
#147. You cannot do silhouettes in fantasy. Ah, no, you must be faithful. It is, the art, a, what you call, paradox. It is always that you must be simple, and then, if you are simple, you will stimulate the imagination of the observer. #Quote by Ugo Mochi
Simplicity quotes by Karl Marx
#148. Your favourite virtue ... Simplicity
Your favourite virtue in man ... Strength
Your favourite virtue in woman ... Weakness
Your chief characteristic ... Singleness of purpose
Your idea of happiness ... To fight
Your idea of misery ... Submission
The vice you excuse most ... Gullibility
The vice you detest most ... Servility
Your aversion ... Martin Tupper
Favourite occupation ... Book-worming
Favourite poet ... Shakespeare, Aeschylus, Goethe
Favourite prose-writer ... Diderot
Favourite hero ... Spartacus, Kepler
Favourite heroine ... Gretchen [Heroine of Goethe's Faust]
Favourite flower ... Daphne
Favourite colour ... Red
Favourite name ... Laura, Jenny
Favourite dish ... Fish
Favourite maxim ... Nihil humani a me alienum puto [Nothing human is alien to me]
Favourite motto ... De omnibus dubitandum [Everything must be doubted]. #Quote by Karl Marx
Simplicity quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#149. Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. If you have them, you have to take care of them! There is great freedom in simplicity of living. It is those who have enough but not too much who are the happiest. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Simplicity quotes by Ivan Illich
#150. In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy. #Quote by Ivan Illich
Simplicity quotes by Ben Folds
#151. Because I write very simply, but inside the simplicity, there's a lot of subtlety. That's what I'm proud of. #Quote by Ben Folds
Simplicity quotes by Frank M. Wanderer
#152. The Wanderer in every moment spent awake faces two alternatives: a choice is to be made between the ambitions stretching between past and future, or the quiet, simplicity, purity and emptiness, full of vibrating life, of the present. It is, however, only the latter that brings to the life of the Wanderer the Witnessing Presence! #Quote by Frank M. Wanderer
Simplicity quotes by Tim Fargo
#153. Don't tell me about your effort. Show me your results. #Quote by Tim Fargo
Simplicity quotes by Colin Fletcher
#154. Now, nakedness is a delightful condition. And it keeps you very pleasantly cool - especially, I suppose, if you happen to be a man. But as I walked on eastward that afternoon through my private, segregated, Tonto world (exercising due care at first for previously protected sectors of my anatomy) I found I had gained more than coolness. I felt a quite unexpected freedom from restraint. And after a while I found that I had moved on to a new kind of simplicity. A simplicity that had a fitting, Adam-like, in-the-beginning earliness about it. #Quote by Colin Fletcher
Simplicity quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#155. Love does not envy, does not boast, does not delight in evil but rejoice in truth. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Simplicity quotes by David Hockney
#156. Anything simple always interests me. #Quote by David Hockney
Simplicity quotes by Walt Whitman
#157. Simplicity is the glory of expression. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Simplicity quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#158. It's amazing how many people even today use a computer to do something you can do with a pencil and paper in less time. #Quote by Richard P. Feynman
Simplicity quotes by Giorgio Armani
#159. Acknowledge the elegance of simplicity. #Quote by Giorgio Armani
Simplicity quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
#160. When we search for 'mystery' where there is none..
We lose the 'very' moment and it's beauty..!
Simplicity is the most mysterious these days... #Quote by Abha Maryada Banerjee
Simplicity quotes by Ellen G. White
#161. The life of Christ was a life of humble simplicity, yet how infinitely exalted was his mission. Christ is our example in all things. #Quote by Ellen G. White
Simplicity quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#162. Distractions must be conquered or they will conquer us. So let us cultivate simplicity; let us walk in the Spirit ... #Quote by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Simplicity quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#163. There is more simplicity in the man who eats caviar on impulse than in the man who eats Grape-Nuts on principle. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Simplicity quotes by Masanobu Fukuoka
#164. Why do you have to develop? If economic growth rises from 5% to 10%, is happiness going to double? What's wrong with a growth rate of 0%? Isn't this a rather stable kind of economics? Could there be anything better than living simply and taking it easy? #Quote by Masanobu Fukuoka
Simplicity quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#165. It is to our own detriment that we underestimate the might of small and simple things. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Simplicity quotes by Gautama Buddha
#166. If you endeavor to embrace the Way through much learning, the Way will not be understood. If you observe the Way with simplicity of heart, great indeed is this Way. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Simplicity quotes by Andrew Harvey
#167. For Jesus, it is clear, poverty is not the problem; it is the solution. Until human beings learn to live in naked contact and direct simplicity and equality with each other, sharing all resources, there can be no solution to the misery of the human condition and no establishment of God's kingdom. Jesus' radical and paradoxical sense of who could and who could not enter the Kingdom is even more clearly illustrated by his famous praise of children. #Quote by Andrew Harvey
Simplicity quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#168. The purity of unison singing, unaffected by alien motives of musical techniques, the clarity, unspoiled by the attempt to give musical art an autonomy of its own apart from the words, the simplicity and frugality, the humaneness and warmth of this way of singing is the essence of all congregational singing. This, #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Simplicity quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#169. The answer to all questions of life and death, "the absolute solution" was written all over the world he had known: it was like a traveller realising that the wild country he surveys is not an accidental assembly of natural phenomena, but the page in a book where these mountains and forests, and fields, and rivers are disposed in such a way as to form a coherent sentence; the vowel of a lake fusing with the consonant of a sibilant slope; the windings of a road writing its message in a round hand, as clear as that of one's father; trees conversing in dumb-show, making sense to one who has learnt the gestures of their language... Thus the traveller spells the landscape and its sense is disclosed, and likewise, the intricate pattern of human life turns out to be monogrammatic, now quite clear to the inner eye disentangling the interwoven letters. And the word, the meaning which appears is astounding in its simplicity: the greatest surprise being perhaps that in the course of one's earthly existence, with one's brain encompassed by an iron ring, by the close-fitting dream of one's own personality - one had not made by chance that simple mental jerk, which would have set free imprisoned thought and granted it the great understanding. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Simplicity quotes by Marty Rubin
#170. Just to see the sun sparkling on the water makes being worthwhile. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Simplicity quotes by Edward Abbey
#171. I thought of the wilderness we had left behind us, open to sea and sky, joyous in its plenitude and simplicity, perfect yet vulnerable, unaware of what is coming, defended by nothing, guarded by no one. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Simplicity quotes by Shobhaa De
#172. Mediocrity comforts the masses. Mediocrity is a likeable attribute. #Quote by Shobhaa De
Simplicity quotes by Debasish Mridha
#173. Greatness always indicates simplicity. Wisdom always results from curiosity. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Simplicity quotes by Veronica Roth
#174. ...simplicity is comforting. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Simplicity quotes by Karl Popper
#175. In my view, aiming at simplicity and lucidity is a moral duty of all intellectuals: lack of clarity is a sin, and pretentiousness is a crime. #Quote by Karl Popper
Simplicity quotes by Michael Szul
#176. Science seeks to eliminate dualistic thinking in order to create a unified understanding that lends itself to greater simplicity. It is possible that scientific inquiry into the spiritual - such as through the methodology of Steiner's spiritual science - could eliminate the spiritual/physical dichotomy and produce a greater understanding of what we call spiritual experience and how it relates to the physical world. #Quote by Michael Szul
Simplicity quotes by Richard J. Foster
#177. Our lifestyle is not our private affair. We dare not allow each person to do what is right in his or her own eyes. The Gospel demands more of us: it is obligatory upon us to help one another hammer out the shape of Christian simplicity in the midst of modern affluence. #Quote by Richard J. Foster
Simplicity quotes by Twiggy
#178. Knitwear can play a vital part in layering. The simplicity of a lightweight cardigan makes it one of the best ways to layer outfits. I love granddad cardis for winter, worn over a vintage lace shirt, waistcoat and full skirt with slouchy boots. #Quote by Twiggy
Simplicity quotes by Clive Thompson
#179. The computer industry began with home-brew boxes that everyone had to program for themselves, but that was a huge hassle. The computer revolution didn't explode until the first Macintosh arrived, with its point-and-click simplicity. #Quote by Clive Thompson
Simplicity quotes by Oswald Chambers
#180. A simple statement of Jesus is always a puzzle to us if we are not simple. How are we going to be simple with the simplicity of Jesus? By receiving His Spirit, recognising and relying on Him, obeying Him as He brings the word of God, and life will become amazingly simple. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Simplicity quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#181. As soon as Russians feel the ground under their feet and are confident that they have reached firm ground, they are so delighted at reaching it that they rush at once to the furthest limit. Why is that? You are surprised at Pavlishtchev, and you put it down to madness on his part, or to simplicity. But it's not that! And Russian intensity in such cases is a surprise not to us only but to all Europe. If one of us turns Catholic, he is bound to become a Jesuit, and one of the most underground. If he becomes an atheist, he's sure to clamour for the extirpation of belief in God by force, that is, by the sword. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Simplicity quotes by Jon Foreman
#182. It's a great thing to see the strength of simplicity. #Quote by Jon Foreman
Simplicity quotes by Vasily Grossman
#183. He walked on down the dark, empty street. Suddenly an idea came to him. Immediately, with his whole being, he knew it was true. He had glimpsed a new and improbable explanation for the atomic phenomena that up until now had seemed so hopelessly inexplicable; abysses had suddenly changed into bridges. What clarity and simplicity! This idea was astonishingly graceful and beautiful. It seemed to have given birth to itself – like a white water-lily appearing out of the calm darkness of a lake. He gasped, reveling in its beauty…
And how strange, he thought suddenly, that this idea should have come to him when his mind was far away from anything to do with science, when the discussions that so excited him were those of free men, when his words and the words of his friends had been determined only by freedom, by bitter freedom. #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Simplicity quotes by Thomas Sowell
#184. People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Simplicity quotes by Sujit Lalwani
#185. Life Is 'Simple' By Nature...
The deeper you try to study, the more you complicate it.
Just believe in it's simplicity & it shall show you it is
far too Simple actually! #Quote by Sujit Lalwani
Simplicity quotes by Marjory Stoneman Douglas
#186. They are unique in the simplicity, the diversity, the related harmony of the forms of life that they enclose. #Quote by Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Simplicity quotes by Deeksha Mittal
#187. In our environment,we have answers for almost every question we have,it depends on how sincerely we seek them. #Quote by Deeksha Mittal
Simplicity quotes by Edward Abbey
#188. Simplicity is always a virtue. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Simplicity quotes by Richard Bach
#189. The ideas behind the words are simple ones that work in everyday life; find what we most want to do; do it, no matter what; and in the doing be guaranteed a very difficult and a very happy lifetime. #Quote by Richard Bach
Simplicity quotes by Tove Lo
#190. The thing that I love about pop music is the simplicity and the directness of it. #Quote by Tove Lo
Simplicity quotes by Trista Mateer
#191. I'm sorry that I am back and forth, push and pull
instead of effortless simplicity. #Quote by Trista Mateer
Simplicity quotes by Albert Einstein
#192. If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Simplicity quotes by Graham Greene
#193. Our heroes are simple: they are brave, they tell the truth, they are good swordsmen and they are never in the long run really defeated. That is why no later books satisfy us like those which were read to us in childhood-for those promised a world of great simplicity of which we knew the rules, but the later books are complicated and contradictory with experience; they are formed out of our own disappointing memories. #Quote by Graham Greene
Simplicity quotes by John Wesley
#194. All that a Christian does, even in eating and sleeping, is prayer, when it is done in simplicity, according to the order of God, without either adding to or diminishing from it by his own choice. #Quote by John Wesley
Simplicity quotes by Marcel Boulestin
#195. Do not be afraid of simplicity. If you have a cold chicken for supper, why cover it with a tasteless white sauce which makes it look like a pretentious dish on the buffet table at some fance dress ball? #Quote by Marcel Boulestin
Simplicity quotes by Amit Kalantri
#196. A man with clarity reaches his goal sooner than the man with confidence. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Simplicity quotes by Joshua Becker
#197. Your life is far too valuable to be wasted on the life that everyone else is choosing. #Quote by Joshua Becker
Simplicity quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#198. We must have several word-signs," said Syme seriously -- "words that we are likely to want, fine shades of meaning. My favourite word is 'coeval.' What's yours?"
"Do stop playing the goat," said the Professor plaintively. "You don't know how serious this is."
"'Lush,' too, " said Syme, shaking his head sagaciously, "we must have ' lush' -- word applied to grass, don't you know?"
"Do you imagine," asked the Professor furiously, "that we are going to talk to Dr. Bull about grass?"
"There are several ways in which the subject could be approached," said Syme reflectively, "and the word introduced without appearing forced. We might say, ' Dr. Bull, as a revolutionist, you remember that a tyrant once advised us to eat grass; and indeed many of us, looking on the fresh lush grass of summer--"'
"Do you understand," said the other, "that this is a tragedy?"
"Perfectly," replied Syme; "always be comic in a tragedy. What the deuce else can you do? I wish this language of yours had a wider scope. I suppose we could not extend it from the fingers to the toes? That would involve pulling off our boots and socks during the conversation, which however unobtrusively performed -- "
"Syme," said his friend with a stern simplicity, "go to bed! #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Simplicity quotes by Gary Louris
#199. I can't write from the subconscious actually, because a lot of the time when I co-write with other people, I'm writing for them as opposed to for myself. When it comes to lyrics, I tend to want to give them their voice, since it's most likely going to be on their record, or somebody else's record. And I find for more commerial-style music, people want simplicity, less vagueness, and less space to fill between the lines, so to speak. So I can't be quite as ethereal and mystical. #Quote by Gary Louris
Simplicity quotes by Charles Alexander Eastman
#200. It was our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to be overcome ... Children must early learn the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving ... The Indians in their simplicity literally give away all that they have - to relatives, to guests of other tribes or clans, but above all to the poor and the aged, from whom they can hope for no return. #Quote by Charles Alexander Eastman

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