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Silly Cat Face quotes by Ree Drummond
#1. The shower turned out to be glorious once I adjusted the water to a cool enough temperature so as not to produce any steam. I washed my hair, noticing that my favorite shampoo suddenly smelled like Hades--as did my trusty facial scrub, which had so loyally saved my face from looking like the back of a lizard on the day of my wedding. Just as I was rinsing the last of the suds from my hair, Marlboro Man suddenly burst through the door of the bathroom and yelled, "Hey!"
I screamed bloody murder from the startle, then screamed again because I was naked and feeling queasy and unattractive. Then I felt sick from the excitement. "Hi," I managed, grabbing a towel from the rack and wrapping it around myself as quickly as I could.
"Gotcha," he said, smiling the sexiest smile I'd ever seen while in such a sick state. Then he stopped and looked at me. "Are you okay?" He must have noticed the verdant glow of my skin.
"I'll be honest," I said, making my way back to our bedroom. "It's pretty bad. I'm going to try to get in to the doctor today and see if there's anything he can do about it." I fell backward onto the bed. "My ears must have been permanently damaged or something."
Marlboro Man moved toward me, looking like the cat that had just eaten the canary. "Scared you, didn't I?" he chuckled as he wrapped his arms around my towel-cloaked body. I breathed him in, wrapping my arms around him, too.
Then I shot up and raced back to the bathroom so I could throw up a #Quote by Ree Drummond
Silly Cat Face quotes by Nikki Sixx
#2. I must have bitten Angus Young too, because his brother Malcolm walked up to me in a rage. I was wearing platform boots, and Malcolm's face was eye level with my belly button. "You fucking bastard," he roared at my navel. "You can bite my brother, fine! But if you fucking bite me, I'll bite your fucking nose off, you dog-faced faggot."
I think I said something like "you and what stepladder," because before I knew it, he was attacking me, climbing up my leg and clawing at my face like a crazed cat. #Quote by Nikki Sixx
Silly Cat Face quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#3. The road looked as if no one had traveled on it in months.

"It's not much farther," the grandmother said and just as she said it, a horrible thought came to her. The thought was so embarrassing that she turned red in the face and her eyes dilated and her feet jumped up, upsetting her valise in the corner. The instant the valise moved, the newspaper top she had over the basket under it rose with a snarl and Pitty Sing, the cat, sprang onto Bailey's shoulder.

The children were thrown to the floor and their mother, clutching the baby, was thrown out the door onto the ground; the old lady was thrown into the front seat. The car turned over once and landed right-side-up in a gulch off the side of the road. Bailey remained in the driver's seat with the cat gray-striped with a broad white face and an orange nose clinging to his neck like a caterpillar.

As soon as the children saw they could move their arms and legs, they scrambled out of the car, shouting, "We've had an ACCIDENT!" The grandmother was curled up under the dashboard, hoping she was injured so that Bailey's wrath would not come down on her all at once. The horrible thought she had had before the accident was that the house she had remembered so vividly was not in Georgia but in Tennessee. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Silly Cat Face quotes by Lao She
#4. Perhaps the god who had made the Cat People intended them as a joke. They had schools, but no education; politicians but no government; people, but no personal integrity; faces, but no concept of face. One had to admit that their god had gone a little too far with his little joke. #Quote by Lao She
Silly Cat Face quotes by Elizabeth Vaughan
#5. Will you allow this, Keir of the Cat?"

Keir's face was bland, but I could see the storm in his eyes. After a long moment, he turned to me. "Lara?"

"My oaths require that I treat any that ask it of me," I responded. "You are my Warlord, Keir of the Cat. I respect that you are concerned for my safety. Please respect my oaths in return. Besides," I smiled at him, "it's a tent. If I so much as breathe hard, you will slash your way to my side."

He gave me a look then, an unhappy look, to be sure. But I raised my eyebrows at him, and the corners of his eyes crinkled. "Very well. As my Warprize requests."

Essa struggled to his feet. "Please refrain from slashing your way through my tent, Warlord." He walked toward what must be his sleeping area. "This way, Warprize. #Quote by Elizabeth Vaughan
Silly Cat Face quotes by Jennifer Robson
#6. It was her own fault, as simple as that, and fussing over it or letting herself feel sad wouldn't do a whit of good. It was a shame she wouldn't see him again, for she had truly liked him, and in a different world...
Enough. Enough. It was done, and over, and she'd forget him soon enough, because she had never been the sort of girl to sit around and lick her wounds and moan about how life was unfair. That's what her mum taught her. "Chin up," she'd always said when Ann had come to her in tears about something awful that had happened. A teacher had been cruel at school, her cat had run away, awful Billy from round the corner had pulled her pigtails and said no one would ever kiss her because of her ginger hair. "Just keep your chin up, Ann, and you can face anything," Mum had said. "And don't look back, no matter what you do." Her mum had never been one for hugs or soft words, but she had been honest, and most of the time she'd been right, too. So chin up it was, and no looking back. #Quote by Jennifer Robson
Silly Cat Face quotes by Lindy West
#7. When I look at photographs of my twenty-two-year-old self, so convinced of her own defectiveness, I see a perfectly normal girl and I think about aliens. If an alien came to earth - a gaseous orb or a polyamorous cat person or whatever - it wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between me and Angelina Jolie, let alone rank us by hotness. It'd be like, 'Uh, yeah, so those ones have the under-the-face fat sacks, and the other kind has that dangly pants nose. Fuck, these things are gross. I can't wait to get back to the omnidirectional orgy gardens of Vlaxnoid 7. #Quote by Lindy West
Silly Cat Face quotes by W.S. Gilbert
#8. On my face extended flat
I was walloped with a cat
For listening at the key-hole of the door. #Quote by W.S. Gilbert
Silly Cat Face quotes by Becky G
#9. I like a fresh face. I like clean skin. Fresh skin, cute color on the lip, cat eye, mascara, and I'm good to go! #Quote by Becky G
Silly Cat Face quotes by Cat Hellisen
#10. There is something frosty about her, and when she talks I expect to feel her breath against my face like a winter sea-gale. Instead, her voice is calm and quiet, but hidden under it are snake-hisses and sneers.

"Ilven will not be available for your games today, Felicita, dear."

There is a subtle emphasis on games and dear. Nothing overt - I am, after all, from House Pelim - but enough for me to know that Malker are determined to claw their way up to their old level on the social scale. It's a warning of sorts. #Quote by Cat Hellisen
Silly Cat Face quotes by Susanna Clarke
#11. …any cat he spoke to would stay quite still with an expression of faint surprise on its face as if it had never heard such good sense in all its life nor ever expected to again. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Silly Cat Face quotes by John Updike
#12. What I'm going to do is pry every stinking tag off these chairs and make a collar and throw that cat right in Connor's puked-up face. Pale turd. #Quote by John Updike
Silly Cat Face quotes by T.J. Klune
#13. You can't tell a little kid that you swear to God over something and then not do it. You may effectively ruin my childhood." He looks off into nothing, a wistful expression on his face. "Gosh, think of the therapy bills. Not to mention how I'll probably never be able to have a normal relationship when I'm an adult. I'll live with you forever and become a cat lady."
I cock an eyebrow at him. "You hate cats." He rolls his eyes. "Well, yeah, now I do. But I won't have a choice. It'll be inevitable. And I'll probably have to throw birthday parties for my feline companions where I bake them cakes out of
Fancy Feast. All because you went back on your God swear. #Quote by T.J. Klune
Silly Cat Face quotes by Charlaine Harris
#14. When the second hour of Fiji's open house was almost at an end, a mother from Davy said, "How on earth do you get it to look like the cat is talking?" "Oh, did it look realistic?" Fiji had to struggle to keep a smile on her face. "It was so cute! It said, 'Get off my tail or I'll smother you in your sleep.'" "Just some batteries and a CD!" Fiji said. "And isn't that just what a cat should say? #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Silly Cat Face quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#15. Even though he was inside the house, I could still hear Vlad's sardonic mutter of "Where's a tissue when I need one?"
I turned my face away from Bones after a long moment, ending our kiss, and called out,
"If you're not too busy watching Hitman, I hear Dracula 2000 is a good movie."
"Vicious," came Vlad's reply, amusement clear in his tone. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Silly Cat Face quotes by Beth Ehemann
#16. Sorry. You don't think he's hot?" She waited for my answer, but I was too busy choking. I just shook my head no. "That boy makes me want to turn into a jaguar." "A what?" "A jaguar. You know, a woman who goes after younger men?" She wiggled her eyebrows. "You mean a cougar?" I laughed. "Yeah, yeah, that's it. I knew it was one of those feline animals." Shoving a cookie in her mouth, a devilish grin slowly crept across her face. "What?" I asked nervously, unsure I wanted to hear the answer. "I was just thinking about that sexy, young man and what he could do to this old pussy - cat. #Quote by Beth Ehemann
Silly Cat Face quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#17. The night following the reading, Gansey woke up to a completely unfamiliar sound and fumbled for his glasses. It sounded a little like one of his roommates was being killed by a possum, or possibly the final moments of a fatal cat fight. He wasn't certain of the specifics, but he was sure death was involved.
Noah stood in the doorway to his room, his face pathetic and long-suffering. "Make it stop," he said.
Ronan's room was sacred, and yet here Gansey was, twice in the same weak, pushing the door open. He found the lamp on and Ronan hunched on the bed, wearing only boxers. Six months before, Ronan had gotten the intricate black tattoo that covered most of his back and snaked up his neck, and now the monochromatic lines of it were stark in the claustrophobic lamplight, more real than anything else in the room. It was a peculiar tattoo, both vicious and lovely, and every time Gansey saw it, he saw something different in the pattern. Tonight, nestled in an inked glen of wicked, beautiful flowers, was a beak where before he'd seen a scythe.
The ragged sound cut through the apartment again.
"What fresh hell is this?" Gansey asked pleasantly. Ronan was wearing headphones as usual, so Gansey stretched forward far enough to tug them down around his neck. Music wailed faintly into the air.
Ronan lifted his head. As he did, the wicked flowers on his back shifted and hid behind his sharp shoulder blades. In his lap was the half-formed raven, its head tilted bac #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Silly Cat Face quotes by Cassandra Clare
#18. The front door shut, leaving Alec sitting in the half-lit garden, alone. He closed his eyes for a moment, the image of a face hovering behind his lids. Not Jace's face, for a change. The eyes set in the face were green, slit-pupiled. Cat eyes. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Silly Cat Face quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#19. Nothing but the sight of blood upon his dark face would ease the pain in her heart. She lunged for him, swift as a cat, but with a light startled movement, he sidestepped, throwing up his arm to ward her off. She was standing on the edge of the freshly waxed top step, and as her arm with the whole weight of her body behind it, struck his out-thrust arm, she lost her balance. She made a wild clutch for the newel post and missed it. She went down the stairs backwards, feeling a sickening dart of pain in her ribs as she landed. And, too dazed to catch herself she rolled over and over to the bottom of the flight. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Silly Cat Face quotes by Cat Hellisen
#20. It's always easier when someone else make the hard choices. Right Love?

"I can't." I choke the words out.

"Well it ain't going to be me. You saw to that, you silly flick. #Quote by Cat Hellisen
Silly Cat Face quotes by Sara Wolf
#21. Hey, prez!" I get out of the desk and hug him. He makes a strangled-cat noise and adjusts his
glasses so hard they fly off his face. I pick them off the floor.
"You okay?"
"I-I'm fine. Um. You look – you look, uh, you look - "
"Nice?" I offer.
"Really…really nice," Wren exhales. #Quote by Sara Wolf
Silly Cat Face quotes by Philip K. Dick
#22. But - let me tell you my cat joke. It's very short and simple. A hostess is giving a dinner party and she's got a lovely five-pound T-bone steak sitting on the sideboard in the kitchen waiting to be cooked while she chats with the guests in the living room - has a few drinks and whatnot. But then she excuses herself to go into the kitchen to cook the steak - and it's gone. And there's the family cat, in the corner, sedately washing it's face."

"The cat got the steak," Barney said.

"Did it? The guests are called in; they argue about it. The steak is gone, all five pounds of it; there sits the cat, looking well-fed and cheerful. "Weigh the cat," someone says. They've had a few drinks; it looks like a good idea. So they go into the bathroom and weigh the cat on the scales. It reads exactly five pounds. They all perceive this reading and a guest says, "okay, that's it. There's the steak." They're satisfied that they know what happened, now; they've got empirical proof. Then a qualm comes to one of them and he says, puzzled, "But where's the cat? #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Silly Cat Face quotes by Santino Hassell
#23. There was a rustling sound and two thumps that sounded suspiciously like shoes hitting the floor. Then David wriggled under the sheet to cuddle up to me. I tensed. David plastering his body all over mine wasn't new - the guy was like a heat-seeking missile and seemed to constantly crave physical contact - but I was normally fully clothed for our impromptu cuddle sessions. Now, I had on nothing more than a pair of briefs. Not that he cared. He rubbed his face against my shoulder like a cat. #Quote by Santino Hassell
Silly Cat Face quotes by Erin Shaw
#24. Oh God", Nate dropped his head down on the arm of the couch next to Si. "Has my love life really been reduced to talking to my cat about this?" Si just licked his whiskers and waited for Nate to start talking. So he did... #Quote by Erin Shaw
Silly Cat Face quotes by Angela Kinsey
#25. Cats are more interesting, let's face it. Dogs are loveable and a bit boring. #Quote by Angela Kinsey
Silly Cat Face quotes by Amy Hempel
#26. Pretty soon three sleeping bags formed a triangle in the master bedroom. The father was the hypotenuse. The girl asked him to brush out her hair, which he did while the boy ate a tangerine, peeling it up close to his face, inhaling the mist. Then he held each segment to the light to find seeds. In his lap, cat paws fluttered like dreaming eyes. What #Quote by Amy Hempel
Silly Cat Face quotes by Jacob Grimm
#27. And then, espying the glittering fiery eyes of the cat, he mistook them for live coals, and held the match to them to light it. But the cat, not understanding this joke, sprang at his face, and spat, and scratched at him. This frightened him dreadfully, and away he ran to the back door; but there the dog jumped up and bit him in the leg; and as he was crossing over the yard the ass kicked him; and the cock, who had been awakened by the noise, crowed with all his might. At this the robber ran back as fast as he could to his comrades, and told the captain how a horrid witch had got into the house, and had spat at him and scratched his face with her long bony fingers; how a man with a knife in his hand had hidden himself behind the door, and stabbed him in the leg; how a black monster stood in the yard and struck him with a club, and how the devil had sat upon the top of the house and cried out, 'Throw the rascal up here! #Quote by Jacob Grimm
Silly Cat Face quotes by Alice Steinbach
#28. Here, there was an air of a country village. An apricot-colored cat sat on top of a fence, bathing himself in the sun. A woman entered a courtyard, her face veiled behind a huge bunch of lilies and baby's breath. The sounds of Mozart drifted down from a window. It was a pleasant surprise; I hadn't known such neighborhoods existed in Montmartre. #Quote by Alice Steinbach
Silly Cat Face quotes by Kathryn Smith
#29. And what is the popular color for gowns this Season?" he asked with a smile when it became necessary to announce himself.
She gave a little start, and when she raised her face to look up at him, her cheeks were pink, her eyes wide. She looked, for lack of a better comparison, like a child caught doing something she oughtn't.
"Oh! Hello, Grey." She glanced away. "Um, blue seems to be very favorable this year."
Arching a brow, he nodded at the periodical in her hand. "Beg pardon. I thought you were reading a ladies' magazine."
"I am," she replied with a coy smile. "But fashion is not one of its main areas of interest."
With an expression like hers-very much like the Cheshire cat in that book by Lewis Carroll-he doubted it was an article on housekeeping that put such becoming color in her cheeks.
"May I?" he asked, holding out his hand.
Her grip on the magazine tightened, reluctant to give it up. "Only if you promise not to tell Mama you saw me reading it."
Oh, this was trouble. Still, it was none of his business what a grown woman of three and twenty read. He was curious, that was all. "I promise."
She hesitated, then put the pages into his hand.
Placing his fingers between the thin sheaves to mark her spot, Grey flipped to the cover. Christ on a pony!
The magazine looked fairly harmless-the sketch on the front showed a demure young lady in a stylish gown and hat, sitting on a park bench. Only upon closer inspection could #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Silly Cat Face quotes by Raymond Briggs
#30. I don't believe in happy endings. Children have got to face death sooner or later. Granny and Grandpa die, dogs die, cats die, gerbils and those frightful things - what are they called? - hamsters: all die like flies. So there's no point avoiding it. #Quote by Raymond Briggs
Silly Cat Face quotes by Cat Winters
#31. The road ahead may be rather upsetting for a sixteen-year-old girl. I'm afraid your delicate female eyes and ears will experience some ugliness."
"Oh, you silly, naive men." I shook my weary head and genuinely pitied their ignorance. "You've clearly never been a sixteen-year-old girl in the fall of 1918. #Quote by Cat Winters
Silly Cat Face quotes by Cat Clarke
#32. That was progress, right there. Except no one would ever know how hard I was working to keep my temper under control, because the whole point of keeping your temper under control is not doing things like throwing a milk carton in someone's face even though they clearly deserve it. #Quote by Cat Clarke
Silly Cat Face quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#33. Spade-"If you'd refrain from slamming my face any more into this dirty rock floor, I'll do whatever you like," was his even reply. "Fancy
letting my head go?"
Cat-"Sure," I said with an unpleasant snicker, not relinquishing an ounce of pressure. "How about I let you floss with my jugular as
well? I don't think so. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Silly Cat Face quotes by S.E. Jakes
#34. Tom ran his thumb over the head, circling lightly, unable to resist leaning down to suck the tip into his mouth. Prophet inhaled sharply, threaded his fingers into Tom's hair. He closed his eyes and groaned when Tom stroked in earnest, lifting his hips off the bed in a big cat-like stretch, letting Tom take control of him again. "Think I didn't get enough?" "Think you need sleep." Prophet's eyes opened as he studied Tom's face. "You're going to put me to sleep this way." "Gonna try," Tom told him, his hand pumping Prophet's cock slowly, then faster when the man refused to tear his gaze away. He couldn't read the man's expression, not until his mouth dropped and his eyes glazed. "Yeah, like that." Prophet's voice was hoarse, body tense. His casted hand reached out to hold on to Tom's biceps, the one with the dreamcatcher. Tom caught him staring at it when he came. #Quote by S.E. Jakes

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