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Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Forrest Curran
#1. All is contained within the silence of death, the quietest and the loudest sound in the universe. #Quote by Forrest Curran
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Tina Sequeira
#2. Silence is a language in itself. Perhaps the loudest and most beautiful of them all! #Quote by Tina Sequeira
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Gabriella Jording
#3. Silence is the loudest sound! #Quote by Gabriella Jording
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Leon Brown
#4. The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still, when silence speaks loudest. #Quote by Leon Brown
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#5. It is sure that those are most desirous of honour or glory who cry out loudest of its abuse and the vanity of the world. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Lacey Sturm
#6. Silence from God is the loudest and saddest thing I've ever heard. #Quote by Lacey Sturm
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Thelonious Monk
#7. The loudest noise in the world is silence. #Quote by Thelonious Monk
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#8. The loudest voice in a room is sometimes the quietest. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#9. Silence is sometimes the loudest voice in a room. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#10. We all go about longing for love: it is the first need of our natures, the loudest cry of our hearts. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Viola Nightwell
#11. When the silence is at its loudest, screaming in my is also when I feel most alone. #Quote by Viola Nightwell
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Chris Kraus
#12. Because I'm moved in writing to be irrepressible. Writing to you seems like some holy cause, cause there's not enough female irrepressibility written down. I've fused my silence and repression with the entire female gender's silence and repression. I think the sheer fact of women talking, being, paradoxical, inexplicable, flip, self-destructive but above all else public is the most revolutionary thing in the world. #Quote by Chris Kraus
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Haruki Murakami
#13. Silence is not just the absence of sound: there is a sound called silence. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by E.L. James
#14. Suddenly, as one, all the Greys stop talking and gape at Christian.
Christian is singing softly to himself at the piano. Silence descends on us all as we strain to hear his soft, lyrical voice. I've heard him sing before, haven't they? He stops, suddenly conscious of the deathly hush that's fallen over the room. Kate glances questioningly at me and I shrug. Christian turns on the stool and frowns, embarrassed to realize he's become the center of attention.
'Go on,' Grace urges softly. 'I've never heard you sing, Christian. Ever. #Quote by E.L. James
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Santha Rama Rau
#15. To the Indian, politics are what the weather is to an Englishman. Politics are an introduction to a stranger on a train, they are the standard filler for embarrassing silences in conversation, they are the inevitable small talk at any social gathering. #Quote by Santha Rama Rau
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#16. I am, O Anxious One. Don't you hear my voice
surging forth with all my earthly feelings?
They yearn so high, that they have sprouted wings
and whitely fly in circles round your face.
My soul, dressed in silence, rises up
and stands alone before you: can't you see?
don't you know that my prayer is growing ripe
upon your vision as upon a tree?
If you are the dreamer, I am what you dream.
But when you want to wake, I am your wish,
and I grow strong with all magnificence
and turn myself into a star's vast silence
above the strange and distant city, Time. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Michel Foucault
#17. When language arrives at its own edge, what it finds is not a positivity that contradicts it, but the void that will efface it. Into that void it must go, consenting to come undone in the rumbling, in the immediate negation of what it says, in a silence that is not the intimacy of a secret but a pure outside where words endlessly unravel. #Quote by Michel Foucault
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by E.F. Benson
#18. Romance is a bird that will not sing in every bush, and love-affairs, however devoted the sentiments that inspire them, are often so business-like in the prudence with which they are conducted, that romance is reduced to a mere croaking or a disgusted silence. #Quote by E.F. Benson
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#19. Every man has his tastes," Sebastian said sensibly. "I doubt yours are all that shocking."
"What your generation considered shocking is probably different from mine."
There was a short, offended silence. When Sebastian replied, his voice was as dry as tinder. "Ancient and decrepit fossil that I am, I believe the ruins of my senile brain can somehow manage to grasp what you're trying to convey. You've indulged in wanton carnal excess for so long that you're disillusioned. The trifles that excite other men leave you indifferent. No virgin's pallid charms could ever hope to compete with the subversive talents of your mistress."
Gabriel glanced up in surprise.
His father looked sardonic. "I assure you, my lad, sexual debauchery was invented long before your generation. The libertines of my grandfather's time committed acts that would make a satyr blush. Men of our lineage are born craving more pleasure than is good for us. Obviously I was no saint before I married, and God knows I never expected to find fulfillment in the arms of one woman for a lifetime. But I have. Which means there's no reason you can't."
"If you say so."
"I do say so. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#20. Spilling a Secret

What its size,
will have varying
consequences. It's not
possible to predict
what will happen
if you
open the gunnysack,
let the cat escape.
A liberated feline
might purr on your lap,
or it might scratch
your eyes out. You can't
until you loosen the knot.
Do you chance losing
a friendship, if that
friend's well-being
only be preserved
by betraying sworn-to
silence trust? Once
the seam is ripped, can
it be
mended again?
And if that proves
impossible, will you be
when it all falls to pieces? #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Pleasefindthis
#21. There was only the kind of silence that comes when someone takes away a cloclk to be repaired and after a time you become aware of its absence because its gentle, reassuring tick is gone. #Quote by Pleasefindthis
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by John Green
#22. I'm sitting her thinking, -God, I swear I will take a vow of silence and move to a monastery and worship you for all my days if you just this once provide me with an invisibility cloak, come on, come on, please please invisibility cloak now now now-. It's very possible that Jane is thinking the same thing, I have no idea, because she's not talking either, and I can't look at her on account of how I'm blinded by embarrassment. #Quote by John Green
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Carson McCullers
#23. And every day there is music. One dark voice will start a phrase, half-sung, and like a question. And after a moment another voice will join in, soon the whole gang will be singing. The voices are dark in the golden glare, the music intricately blended, both somber and joyful. The music will swell until at last it seems that the sound does not come from the twelve men on the gang, but from the earth itself, or the wide sky. It is music that causes the heart to broaden and the listener to grow cold with ecstasy and fright. Then slowly the music will sink down until at last there remains one lonely voice, then a great hoarse breath, the sun, the sound of the picks in the silence.
And what kind of gang is this that can make such music? Just twelve mortal men, seven of them black and five of them white boys from this country. Just twelve mortal men who are together. #Quote by Carson McCullers
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Francis Quarles
#24. Let the words of a virgin, though in a good cause, and to as good purpose, be neither violent, many, nor first, nor last; it is less shame for a virgin to be lost in a blushing silence than to be found in a bold eloquence. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#25. Paul, all I know is that this is the third time we've talked tonight, you're saying 'fuck' to me, I'm a guy, and your penis has been mentioned numerous times. Jesus, you're acting like you're some teenager. Work through this shit with a shrink, man. I don't care if you're gay.' Here again, I achieved silence. But not for long. The breathing became heavy and then, 'What the fuck kind of game are you playing?' 'It's no game, man. You want to close a sale? I want to see your penis. It's a fair exchange if you ask me.' He hung up again, and I reached for my perfectly spicy, scratch-your-throat-like-a-cat-claw-hot Blenheim ginger ale and took a long swallow. This particular credit card company has not called me again. And, to my delight, AT&T never called me again after I asked one of their friendly Southern females if by any chance she happened to be a male-to-female transsexual, and if so, what vaginal depth her surgeon had managed to attain for her. 'Four inches is pretty common,' I told her. 'But if you dilate religiously, you can probably achieve five.' I even got the phrase 'self-lubricating' out before she hung up on me. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Andrew Harvey
#26. There are no solutions to life, but there is an experience of wholeness, of bliss, of being, of the deathlessness of the Divine Self, of Silence in all its multifacted, diamond splendor that heals all grief, all wounds, all questions. #Quote by Andrew Harvey
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#27. And nail about it because you think it's meaningless, but the next thing you know you're sitting in a library staring at books filled with pictures of abstract artwork and your heart feels ready to explode." Levi turned to me as I stepped out from behind the corner. Our eyes locked, and he kept speaking. "Because you get it, you know? You get that the colors and the lines and the curves aren't trying to be like everything else in the world. You understand that the abstract art is standing out against the norm because it's the only way abstract art knows how to stand. And you get so fucking happy because it's so beautiful. And unique. And edgy. And ... abstract." The room filled with silence as the three of us stood with no words #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Tage Lindbom
#28. In the final analysis, what is it that we call popular, democratic power? Beyond the expressed will of the people, as it is supposedly formulated, there is no appeal; here we meet the absolute, the universal, the indivisible, and the immovable. There is nothing a priori, nothing anterior to democratic power; no ideas of truth, no notions of good or bad, can bind the Popular Will. This 'will' is free in the sense that it stands above all notions of value. It is egalitarian because it is reared on arithmetic equality..It is not open to any appeal, it listens to no demand for grace, no plea for compassion. Like the Sphinx, the Popular Will is immovable in its enigmatic silence. #Quote by Tage Lindbom
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
#29. When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie. #Quote by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Richard Rohr
#30. Prayer is sitting in the silence until it silences us, choosing gratitude until we are grateful, and praising God until we ourselves are an act of praise. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Albert Camus
#31. After another moment's silence she mumbled that I was peculiar, that that was probably why she loved me but that one day I might disgust her for the very same reason. #Quote by Albert Camus
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Thomas Merton
#32. But there is greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer to a question. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Jean-Yves Leloup
#33. Lead us toward a speech, which is as beautiful as silence, and toward a silence, which is as beautiful as the sweetest and truest of words. (119) #Quote by Jean-Yves Leloup
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#34. When you look into the faces of these quiet creatures who don't know how to tell stories
who are mute, who can't make themselves heard, who fade into the woodwork, who only think of the perfect answer after the fact, after they're back at home, who can never think of a story that anyone else will find interesting
is there not more depth and more meaning in them? You can see every letter of every untold story swimming on their faces, and all the signs of silence, dejection, and even defeat. You can even imagine your own face in those faces, can't you? #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Silence Is The Loudest Cry quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#35. Every person interprets the silence that surrounds him or her. The eternal silence of the universe that we exist in is terrifying because it forces each of to ask what our purpose is, why are we here, and what should I do? #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster

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