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Silence Can Hurt quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#1. Every day I searched for new songs, and it was like applying for asylum. I just needed someone to help me escape from all the silence. I just needed people saying words about all the things that hurt them. And maybe this is why Papi stopped listening to music, because it can make your body want to rebel. To speak up. And even that young I learned music can become a bridge between you and a total stranger. #Quote by Elizabeth Acevedo
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Helen Steiner Rice
#2. Grief is a solitary journey. No one but you knows how great the hurt is. No one but you can know the gaping hole left in your life when someone you know has died. And no one but you can mourn the silence that was once filled with laughter and song. It is the nature of love and of death to touch every person in a totally unique way. Comfort comes from knowing that people have made the same journey. And solace comes from understanding how others have learned to sing again. #Quote by Helen Steiner Rice
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Diana Palmer
#3. Leta will manage. She's tough. But Tate is going to learn some things that will hurt him badly. I think he should hear it from his mother." He sighed angrily. "So I called her up on a pay phone and told her I knew everything, and that she should tell Tate the truth before he hears it on the evening news. After thirty-six years of silence, she suddenly became very vocal. She called me a name I won't repeat, told me what she thought of me and my career and hung up. When I rang back, she wouldn't pick up the phone." He ran his hands through his hair. "What do I do?"
"Suppose I invite her here to stay with me, for a visit," she suggested. "Then you can talk to her again…"
"There's no time, Cecily." He spread his hands on his thighs and a look of torment lined his broad, strong face. "I'm going to have to tell him myself."
She winced. "I'm sorry."
He sighed. "I'm sorry, too. He's going to hate all of us for a little while, even Leta. I told her that. It made her furious, but it's the truth. We're going to have a bad thunderstorm that will last for a few weeks, and then there will be a ray of sunshine."
She smiled. "We may have a tornado instead. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Silence Can Hurt quotes by C.S. Lewis
#4. Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Rupi Kaur
#5. there is a list of questions
i want to ask but never will
there is a list of questions
i go through in my head
every time i'm alone
and my mind can't stop itself from searching for you
there is a list of questions i want to ask
so if you're listening somewhere
here i am asking them

what do you think happens
to the love that's left behind
when two lovers leave
how blue do you think it gets
before it passes away
does it pass away
or does it still exist somewhere
waiting for us to come back
when we lied to ourselves by
calling this unconditional and left
which one of us hurt more
i shattered into a million little pieces
and those pieces shattered into a million more
crumbled into dust till
there was nothing left of me but the silence

tell me how love
how did the grieving feel for you
how did the mourning hurt
how did you peel your eyes open after every blink
knowing i'd never be there staring back

it must be hard to live with what ifs
there must always be this constant dull aching
in the pit of your stomach
trust me
i feel it too
how in the world did we get here
how did we live through it
and how are we still living

how many months did it take
before you stopped thinking of me
or are you still thinking of me
cause if you are
then maybe i am too
thin #Quote by Rupi Kaur
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Mal Peet
#6. I'm so angry,' she said. 'I was all right until you came back. I'd given up. So many terrible things. Relatives, neighbors disappearing. Opa. The bloody Germans coming strip us bare. Oma's silence. Bam, bam, bam. Like being punched over and over again. You get numb. It doesn't hurt anymore. Unless you start to hope. That's the trick, you see: you can take anything unless you start to hope. #Quote by Mal Peet
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Bell Hooks
#7. Getting in touch with the lovelessness within and letting that lovelessness speak its pain is one way to begin again on love's journey. In relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual, the partner who is hurting often finds that their mate is unwilling to 'hear' the pain. Women often tell me that they feel emotionally beaten down when their partners refuse to listen or talk. When women communicate from a place of pain, it is often characterized as 'nagging.' Sometimes women hear repeatedly that their partners are 'sick of listening to this shit.' Both cases undermine self-esteem. Those of us who were wounded in childhood often were shamed and humiliated when we expressed hurt. It is emotionally devastating when the partners we have chosen will not listen. Usually, partners who are unable to respond compassionately when hearing us speak our pain, whether they understand it or not, are unable to listen because that expressed hurt triggers their own feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. Many men never want to feel helpless or vulnerable. They will, at times, choose to silence a partner with violence rather than witness emotional vulnerability. When a couple can identify this dynamic, they can work on the issue of caring, listening to each other's pain by engaging in short conversations at appropriate times (i.e., it's useless to try and speak your pain to someone who is bone weary, irritable, reoccupied, etc.). Setting a time when both individuals come together to eng #Quote by Bell Hooks
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Tracy L. Darity
#8. They drove back to her house in silence. Terrance pulled the car into the driveway and turned off the engine. Turning toward her, he said, "Khadejah, I really like you a lot and I don't want to hurt you. But I'm not a virgin and I like to have sex. If we're going to keep seeing each other, you've got to make a decision, because if I can't get it from you I'll get it from someone else." He looked her straight in her tear-filled eyes. "I need to know whether to get a room for after the concert. Let me know tomorrow." He reached over and opened her door.
Khadejah didn't say a word. She got out of the car and went into the house.
Terrance sat there for a few minutes wondering if he was being fair. She had to know that he was having sex. Damn, I should feel honored that she's still a virgin, he thought. Shit, I'll just have my cake and eat it, too.
Ten minutes later, Terrance was knocking on Adrienne's door. "Hey, can I come in? #Quote by Tracy L. Darity
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Sherwood Smith
#9. In silence the man reined in his horse, dismounted, lifted me down to a high grassy spot that was scarcely damp. In the gathering gloom he tended to his horse, which presently cropped at the grass. My eyes had become accustomed to the darkness; the flare of light from a Fire Stick, and the reddish flicker of a fire, startled me.
At first I turned away, for the unsteady flame hurt my eyes, but after a time the prospect of warmth brought me around, and I started inching toward the fire.
The man looked up, dropped what he was doing, and took a step toward me. "I can carry you," he said.
I waved him off. "I'll do it myself," I said shortly, thinking, Why be polite now? So I'll be in a good mood when you dump me in Galdran's dungeon? #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#10. You weren't out there that long, were you? I can't bear to think that no one found you right away."
Noah shook his head. "No more than a couple of hours, I'd guess."
"A couple of hours!" Jane and Kate exclaimed. They froze, exchanging horrified looks.
"Maybe a little longer. Hard to tell because the clouds were blocking the sun."
"Longer?" Jane asked. Her hands were clenched into fists.
"And I was wet, too. I guess it must have rained on me. Or maybe the sprinklers came on."
"You could have died out there!" Kate cried.
"Oh, it wasn't so bad. A little water never hurt anyone. The worst part was the raccoon when I finally came to. With the way he kept staring at me, I thought he might be rabid. Then he came at me."
"You were attacked by a raccoon?" Jane looked as though she might faint.
"Not really attacked. I fought him off before he could bite me."
"It tried to bite you!" Kate cried.
"Oh, it's no big deal. I've fought off raccoons before."
Kate and Jane stared at each other with shell-shocked expressions, then turned toward their siblings. Appalled silence reigned before Noah finally smiled. He pointed his finger at them and winked. "Gotcha. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Soar
#11. At times, love is silent because of too much hurt or too much care. At all times,
love is the strongest voice you can always rely on. #Quote by Soar
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Tessa Dare
#12. He could not look at her, be near her, think of her, and keep the Kestrel afloat at the same time. No red-blooded man could.
"Go back to your cabin."
"No." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I'll go mad if I spend another day in that cabin, with no one to talk to and nothing to do."
"Well, I'm sorry we're not entertaining you sufficiently, but this isn't a pleasure cruise. Find some other way to amuse yourself. Can't you find something to occupy your mind?" he made an open-handed sweep through the steam. "Read a book."
"I've only got one book. I've already read it."
"Don't tell me it's the Bible."
The corner of her mouth twitched. "It isn't."
He averted his gaze to the ceiling, blowing out an impatient breath. "Only one book," he muttered. "What sort of lady makes an ocean crossing with only one book?"
"Not a governess." Her voice held a challenge.
Gray refused the bait, electing for silence. Silence was all he could manage, with this anger slicing through him. It hurt. He kept his eyes trained on a cracked board above her head, working to keep his expression blank.
What a fool he'd been, to believe her. To believe that something essential in him had changed, that he could find more than fleeting pleasure with a woman. That this perfect, delicate blossom of a lady, who knew all his deeds and misdeeds, would offer herself to him without hesitation. Deep inside, in some uncharted territory of his soul, he'd built a world on t #Quote by Tessa Dare
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Matthew Dicks
#13. Maybe they hurt so much that the only way they can say it, is to say nothing #Quote by Matthew Dicks
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#14. Unattended hurt, anger, and bitterness can destroy even the best marriage. Lean honestly into every hard place, each tender spot, because truthfulness hurts for a minute but silence is the kill shot. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Pablo Neruda
#15. Now we will count to twelve
and we will all keep still.

For once on the face of the earth
let's not speak in any language,
let's stop for one second,
and not move our arms so much.

It would be an exotic moment
without rush, without engines,
we would all be together
in a sudden strangeness.

Fishermen in the cold sea
would not harm whales
and the man gathering salt
would look at his hurt hands.

Those who prepare green wars,
wars with gas, wars with fire,
victory with no survivors,
would put on clean clothes
and walk about with their brothers
in the shade, doing nothing.

What I want should not be confused
with total inactivity.
Life is what it is about;
I want no truck with death.

If we were not so single-minded
about keeping our lives moving,
and for once could do nothing,
perhaps a huge silence
might interrupt this sadness
of never understanding ourselves
and of threatening ourselves with death.
Perhaps the earth can teach us
as when everything seems dead
and later proves to be alive.

Now I'll count up to twelve
and you keep quiet and I will go. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Silence Can Hurt quotes by A.E. Via
#16. It's not you. It's me. Well, not me. It's someone... I just can't do this with you." Judge sounded like an idiot. "Since when?" Duke frowned. Since I fell in love and was too stupid to notice before I threw it away. "Judge." Duke walked up to him, pulling his fist from out of his hair. "There's someone else." Judge didn't answer. Duke took his silence for what it was. He looked hurt at first, then he looked surprised. He backed up from him and sat back in his own chair. "This guy must be amazing. #Quote by A.E. Via
Silence Can Hurt quotes by M.M. Wilde
#17. I'm not leaving this cabin again until you've laid your egg."
Kellan snuggled up to Vic. "Our egg, remember?"
"Mmm. Our baby." Vic buried his nose in Kellan's hair. "This is all so surreal, but I couldn't be more thrilled."
They held each other in silence, the only sound being the rustle of the branches in the light wind and the crackle of the well-seasoned wood in the fireplace. Part of what Vic had said sunk in.
"Hey, Vic?"
"You can't stay here round the clock with it being so busy at the inn and everything. It's Christmas week. I've heard you say plenty of times that it gets crazy between now and New Year's Day."
Vic tightened his hold. "I don't care."
Kellan rolled his eyes. "But it's not fair to everyone else. It's bad enough that I'm not there helping as it is." He glanced up at Vic. "And what about food?" They took most of their meals at the restaurant since it was so convenient.
Vic stuck out his lower lip. "I'll make Dora deliver them to the cabin."
Kellan sighed. "Vic, you're not being reasonable."
He huffed. "Reasonable? Who cares about reasonable? My mate is about to lay an egg at any minute!"
Kellan let out a laugh, then grabbed his abdomen. It didn't hurt, but it sure as hell felt weird. Too much pressure.
Vic gasped, grabbing Kellan's upper arms then holding him back, his gaze roaming Kellan's body. "Is it time? Should you go lie down in the nest?"
This is going to be fu #Quote by M.M. Wilde
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Bonnie Dee
#18. There's this girl…this woman I can't get out of my mind." He spilled the story of his seduction of sweet, innocent Amanda McCormick for Rufus's examination. When he finished talking, there was another silence.
"You did that?" Rufus's voice was as deep and gravelly as a quarry.
"Fucked some poor virgin while posing as her fiancé?"
"You got some balls. How'd you know you'd be a close enough match to this Baxter?"
"Brown hair, blue eyes, that's all she seemed to know about him."
Spence couldn't explain his need for the rush of tempting fate. "I took a chance. It was a gamble."
"Jesus, you're a mean son of a bitch."
"I didn't want to hurt her. I was just having fun." He sounded like a spoiled child even to himself.
"And now you want to go see this woman and try to make it right?"
Rufus said. "Just how the hell did you think you were going to fix it? By
showing up and wrecking her marriage, if you haven't done that already?"
It was Spence's turn to pause.
"Haven't you done enough to this lady? Where's your head, boy?
Leave her alone."
"I can't. I have to see her again." He didn't want to share his dreams
of the little girl. He'd sound crazy.
Rufus laughed harshly. "So you can try and get another piece of tail?"
"No. It's not like that."
"What? You think you're in love. Son, you don't know the first thing
about it. If you did, you'd be putting this woman's needs above your o #Quote by Bonnie Dee
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#19. Me"
( Notice Me)

I was sent here on a journey that has no end.
I hear you joke of going nowhere fast.
Well, maybe life's a joke and I'm the fool
That dreams of being first but ends up last.

Life's a trial - a sentence I can't escape.
Confusion and desperation tear me down and turn to hate.
There's so much more to figure out,
But it's growing way too late.

If I could answer half the questions in my mind,
If I could find the place where I belong,
If words were near as strong and deep as the wall of emotions I climb
Then sorrow wouldn't be so wrong.

There's no way to make you understand.
An entire symphony could not play the broken notes in one child's soul.
That child screams and no one hears her,
Until the tears have dried and now she's just too old.

I don't want to hear the philosophies, the opinions,
The remarks, the horrible reasonings.
Words are to pad the mind and fight with the solitude of the heart.
Still, silence chills to the bone and tears the soul apart.

She never means to hurt or harm, only to belong.
To find the truth 'mid mortal lies, to sing her only song.
But someday this race will end, and if she comes in last,
I pray the first will look deeper than the others, smile, and then pass.

"Copyright 1985 #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Katie McGarry
#20. You walking away hurt me! That name hurt me! You were supposed to be my best friend and friends don't do what you did to me!"
"We can rehash this as much as you want, but it won't change what I did or why. I made a mistake. You either forgive me or you don't, but I'm telling you I'm sorry, and if I could take it back, I would."
She draws in several deep breaths, and after the longest silence of my life, she meets my eyes again. "Do you regret it?"
"Every. Damn. Day. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Nora Sakavic
#21. After everything they did to you, how can you stand me?" Neil asked...He gestured between them knowing Andrew would understand. "How is this okay?"
"It isn't a this," Andrew said.
"That's not what I'm asking. You know it isn't-Andrew wait!" he insisted but Andrew was turning away like he couldn't hear Neil anymore.
Neil reached for him, unwilling to let him leave without a real answer.
"No," Andrew said and Neil's hand froze a breath from Andrew's arm.
Andrew went still as well and they stood for a minute in awful silence.
Finally, Andrew looked back at him, but for a moment, Neil didn't know who he was looking at. In the space of one breath, Andrew's expression went so dark Neil almost retreated. Then Andrew was back, as calm and uncaring as always and he caught Neil's wrist to push his hand to his side. He dug his fingers in before letting go, not quite hard enough to hurt and said, "that's why."
Neil stopped when Andrew told him to. I wasn't much but it was more than enough. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Gonzalo Guma
#22. The end of this short story could be a rather disturbing thing, if it came true. I hope you like it, and if you do, be sure to COMMENT and SHARE.

Paradoxes of Destiny?
Dani! My boy! Are you all right? Where are you? Have you hurt yourself? Are you all right? Daniiii! Why won't you answer? It's so cold and dark here. I can't see a thing… It's so silent. Dani? Can you hear me? I shouldn't have looked at that text message while I was driving… I shouldn't have done it! I'm so stupid sometimes! Son, are you all right?... We really wrecked the car when we rolled it! I can't see or hear a thing… Am I in hospital? Am I dead…? Dani? Your silence is killing me… Are you all right?! I can see a glimmer of light. I feel trapped. Dani, are you there? I can't move. It's like I'm wrapped in this mossy green translucent plastic. I have to get out of here. The light is getting more and more intense. I think I can tear the wrapping that's holding me in. I'm almost out. The light is blinding me. What a strange place. I've never seen anything like it. It doesn't look like Earth. Am I dead? On another planet? Oh God, look at those hideous monsters! They're so creepy and disgusting! They look like extraterrestrials. They're aliens! I'm on another planet! I can't believe it. I need to get the hell out here. Those monsters are going to devour me. I have to get away. I'm so scared. Am I floating? Am I flying? I'm going to go higher to try to escape. I can't see the aliens anymore and #Quote by Gonzalo Guma
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#23. You do what you can," he said, after seconds of silence had stretched to a minute, "to make sure your kids are safe. From the second they're born ... " He stared at the lines of Nightshade's face, the ordinariness of it. "You want to protect them. From every skinned knee, from hurt feelings and punk kids who push smaller ones into the dirt, form the worst parts of yourself and the worst parts of this world. #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Julie Anne Long
#24. Fear. Alex knew he was a fine one to pontificate about fear. He'd issued the world's most tepid, careful marriage proposal. Because he'd been afraid to tell Genevieve he loved her.
Not that it would have made much of a difference.
She loved Harry.
Harry in his youthful innocence had put his finger right on it. And Moncrieffe pushed the realization away. He took in a sharp breath.
Harry took Moncrieffe's silence as a reason to go on.
"God help me, it was only because I was afraid of losing her. And I honestly didn't feel I deserved her, for I had nothing to give her. I simply needed to know whether she loved me. I'm not proud of it, but I have never loved anyone more."
Moncrieffe could still scarcely get the words out.
"I just can't believe you would 'do' such a thing to someone you... loved."
Osborne was very, very drunk, but he wasn't stupid. "But I couldn't hurt her, could I, if she didn't love me?"
And now Harry's blue eyes fixed on him almost searchingly.
Moncrieffe couldn't believe he had almost shown his hand.
"You just said you weren't certain whether she did love you. And if she does love you anywhere as much as you claim to love her, imagine the pain you may have caused her with your whole charade."
Harry looked up at him and blinked. And as he thought about it, his face slowly went white.
After a moment he swallowed.
"'Gallant' of you," Moncrieffe drawled, twisting the knife.
Moncrieffe knew #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Margaret Peterson Haddix
#25. A thousand times today I've started to open my mouth, started to squeak out, Can you tell me ... ? But then I'd look into the front seat, at my mother's silent shaking, my father's grim profile, the mournful bags under his eyes, and all the questions I might ask seemed abusive. Assault and battery, a question mark used like a club. My parents are old and fragile. I'd have to heartless to want to hurt them. #Quote by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Silence Can Hurt quotes by Jill Williamson
#26. Only when life is quiet, Empress," Oli said. "When the battle comes our way or we see a need, we will pick up our swords and fight beside the bravest of men, even knowing we may fall. But once all is well again... that's when the darkness comes. Then we sit in silence and struggle to grasp our peace the best we can. #Quote by Jill Williamson

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