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Siegert Water quotes by Kirk  Marshall
#1. He could smoke through the water as though an aquamarine submarine, he could sever the festoonery of the poolside ebb and eddy into fiery fluttering swathes of hot-cut flax, he could treble beneath the meniscus of the pool, sharp as synthesiser music and with a trajectory of theological impermanence, a crucifixion affected underwater, a kingfisher with the velocity and capriciousness of a shooting star, a knife in the arm of a masochist, a cleft hatchet of rock through the porous orb of a sea urchin, a dick through butter, a tyrannical nutter, Shunt through water, watch Shunt corrupt your daughter. He could move in wet like a lion through wildebeest. #Quote by Kirk Marshall
Siegert Water quotes by Cindy Fisk
#2. Feeling a little grumpy, Melvin decided he would no longer take a bath ever again. Therefore, with that in mind, he marched off into the woods. #Quote by Cindy Fisk
Siegert Water quotes by Seneca.
#3. Counting even yesterday, all past time is lost time; the very day which we are now spending is shared between ourselves and death. It is not the last drop that empties the water-clock, but all that which previously has flowed out; similarly, the final hour when we cease to exist does not of itself bring death; it merely of itself completes the death-process. We reach death at that moment, but we have been a long time on the way. 21. #Quote by Seneca.
Siegert Water quotes by Shannon Hale
#4. The next afternoon break, Miri joined the others outside. The sun's glare off the snow made her eyes water, but it seemed the most beautiful day Miri could remember. The sky was achingly blue. The snow that crunched under her boot spread over stone and hillock like spilled cream. The cold made the world feel clean and new, a day for beginnings. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Siegert Water quotes by David Michael Miller
#5. some indiscernible moment he sees all of us clearly - every face distinct, like immiscible droplets of water, all of us individuals constituting an interconnected sea of beings. #Quote by David Michael Miller
Siegert Water quotes by Curtis Ballard
#6. Your body is made of the same elements that lionesses are built from. Three quarters of you is the same kind of water that beats rocks to rubble, wears stones away. Your DNA translates into the same twenty amino acids that wolf genes code for. When you look in the mirror and feel weak, remember, the air you breathe in fuels forest fires capable of destroying everything they touch. On the days you feel ugly, remember: diamonds are only carbon. You are so much more. #Quote by Curtis Ballard
Siegert Water quotes by Paul Bloom
#7. Blood is thicker than water - and many see something ridiculous, or worse, about anyone who doesn't know this. In his discussion of Gandhi's autobiography, George Orwell expresses admiration for Gandhi's courage but is repelled by Gandhi's rejection of special relationships - of friends and family, of sexual and romantic love. Orwell describes this as "inhuman," and goes on to say: "The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection, that one is sometimes willing to commit sins for the sake of loyalty, that one does not push asceticism to the point where it makes friendly intercourse impossible, and that one is prepared in the end to be defeated and broken up by life, which is the inevitable price of fastening one's love upon other human individuals." To #Quote by Paul Bloom
Siegert Water quotes by Ingeborg Bachmann
#8. The children are in love but do not know with what. They talk in gibberish, muse themselves into an indefinable pallor, and when they are completely at a loss they invent a language that maddens them. My fish. My hook. My fox. My snare. My fire. You my water. You my current. My earth. You my if. And you my but. Either. Or. My everything ... my everything ... They push one another, go for each other with their fists and scuffle over a counter-word that doesn't exist. #Quote by Ingeborg Bachmann
Siegert Water quotes by John Hart
#9. She turned the water scalding hot and scrubbed her face until it hurt, but the eyes still looked wrong. She tore off her clothes and stepped into the shower; but it was not enough.
The dirt was on the inside. #Quote by John Hart
Siegert Water quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#10. The rocks. They carry the chronology of water. All things simultaneously living and dead in your hands. #Quote by Lidia Yuknavitch
Siegert Water quotes by Thomas Watson
#11. Solve it. Solve it quickly, solve it right or wrong. If you solve it wrong, it will come back and slap you in the face, and then you can solve it right. Lying dead in the water and doing nothing is a comfortable alternative because it is without risk, but it is an absolutely fatal way to manage a business. #Quote by Thomas Watson
Siegert Water quotes by Debra Anastasia
#12. Livia decided she loved watching things go into him. Food, water, love - all these things she could give him.
"You look tired. Would you like to nap?" he asked. Blake was definitely back. There was less rasp and more smoke in his silky voice.
"No, Blake. I never want to sleep again. Just this." Livia touched his face. "Only this."
The pride in his eyes almost changed their color. He turned his face to her palm, kissed it, and said, "Come, my love, put your head on my shoulder. Your burdens have been heavy."
In that moment, Livia realized her eyelids were drooping, and the crook of Blake's arm seemed perfect for her head. His lips stayed on her forehead as he hummed a serene song. Livia fell into a deep, dreamless slumber. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Siegert Water quotes by Don Fink
#13. We encourage our coached athletes to write out a chronological list of activities, with exactly what they plan to do and when they plan to do it, over the final forty-eight to seventy-two hours before their big race. Actually write out a detailed schedule of when you will be traveling, when and where you will eat, when you will sleep, when you plan to visit registration, when you plan to organize your race equipment, when you plan to do your last couple of training sessions, and all of the other little activities you need to efficiently complete, right up until the time you enter the water on the morning of your race. #Quote by Don Fink
Siegert Water quotes by Merle Shain
#14. The roots of love sink down and deep and strike out far, and they are arteries that feed our lives, so we must see that they get the water and sun they need so they can nourish us. And when you put something good into the world, something good comes back to you. #Quote by Merle Shain
Siegert Water quotes by Jack Kerouac
#15. The hot water pools are steaming, Fagan and Monsanto and the others are all sitting peacefully up to their necks, they're all naked, but there's a gang of fairies also there naked all standing in various bath house postures that make me hesitate to take my clothes off just on general principles. (p. 106) #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Siegert Water quotes by George Yeoman Pocock
#16. It is hard to make the boat go as fast as you want to. The enemy of course, is resistance of the water, as you have to displace the amount of water equal to the weight of the men and equipment, but that very water is what supports you and that very enemy is your friend. So is life: the very problems you must overcome also support you and make you stronger in overcoming them. #Quote by George Yeoman Pocock
Siegert Water quotes by Gichin Funakoshi
#17. Karate is like boiling water: without heat, it returns to it's tepid state #Quote by Gichin Funakoshi
Siegert Water quotes by Elizabeth Bear
#18. My love is not water in a bucket, you know. It's not as if someone else can drink it all up and leave none left for you. #Quote by Elizabeth Bear
Siegert Water quotes by Michael Sugich
#19. In Fez Yasmin had another dream. „I saw myself in a shower. Water poured over me, washing and purifying me and I was told ‚All your sins have been washed away by that water. You've been cleansed. Your sins have been washed away and you're blessed.' „I feel that Allah has been knocking on my door for some time now, perhaps all my life. ‚But you just haven't recognized Me', He says, ‚You haven't recognized Me. You keep waiting but I have been there all along.'" (p.195) #Quote by Michael Sugich
Siegert Water quotes by Dan Quayle
#20. It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it. #Quote by Dan Quayle
Siegert Water quotes by Mennah Al Refaey
#21. Sideways, ladders, mazes, a mess, like we need a map, anything but straight roads ahead. Chaos inside my head, one that gets lit on fire every time I try to go to bed. Plans that spiral, dreams drew like art, decisions like ice-cold water pouring out on my injured heart. Thoughts vanishing into thin air like smoke after your very first fight. Fears that speed up your heart and make it feel like it's going to stop. They call them "the monsters under your bed", they are monsters that can make me crumble inside my head. "Have no fear my sweet innocent lady" another lie, she said. Can we just call it something else, can you tell me something else. Say it's the fear that you drives out of this. Say it's my thoughts that make me different like this. Tell me that the monsters teach me how to win battles for the people I love like I always do. And the maze, it gives me something to do while I'm stuck here with you. #Quote by Mennah Al Refaey
Siegert Water quotes by John Rousmaniere
#22. Several years later, I received a letter from a young Englishman. He said that his father had died in the race, he knew not how or why. He had come across "Fastnet, Force 10" in a library and now he understood. Now, he wrote, it was time for him to sail his own Fastnet and finish the race that his father had completed. I sympathized; I was on a journey of my own as a student in divinity school. Yet I worried that he might be a little reckless out there, and suggested that there are other ways to honor the dead. I never again heard from him, but I do believe that - as in the Cornish tale about the water calling, "The hour is come, but not the man" - he joined the line of landsmen inevitably rushing down the hills to the sea. #Quote by John Rousmaniere
Siegert Water quotes by Paulo Coelho
#23. God uses silence to teach us to use words responsibly. He uses tiredness so that we can understand the value of waking up. He uses illness to underline the blessing of good health.
God uses fire to teach us about water. He uses earth to explain the value of air. He uses death to show us the importance of life. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Siegert Water quotes by William Sloane Coffin
#24. In the Holy Land are two ancient bodies of water. Both are fed by the Jordan River. In one, fish play and roots find sustenance. In the other, there is no splash of fish, no sound of bird, no leaf around. The difference is not in the Jordan, for it empties into both, but in the Sea of Galilee: for every drop taken in one goes out. It gives and lives. The other gives nothing. And it is called the Dead Sea. #Quote by William Sloane Coffin
Siegert Water quotes by Walter De La Mare
#25. When music sounds, gone is the earth I know, And all her lovelier things even lovelier grow; Her flowers in vision flame, her forest trees Lift burdened branches, stilled with ecstasies. When music sounds, out of the water rise Naiads whose beauty dims my waking eyes, Rapt in strange dream burns each enchanted face, With solemn echoing stirs their dwelling-place. When music sounds, all that I was I am Ere to this haunt of brooding dust I came; And from Time's woods break into distant song The swift-winged hours, as I hasten along. #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Siegert Water quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#26. Louie found the raft offered an unlikely intellectual refuge. He had never recognized how noisy the civilized world was. Here, drifting in almost total silence, with no scents other than the singed odor of the raft, no flavors on his tongue, nothing moving but the slow porcession of shark fins, every vista empty save water and sky, his time unvaried and unbroken, his mind was freed of an encumbrance that civilization had imposed on it. In his head, he could roam anywhere, and he found that his mind was quick and clear, his imagination unfettered and supple. He could stay with a thought for hours, turning it about. #Quote by Laura Hillenbrand
Siegert Water quotes by Steven Wright
#27. [Referring to a glass of water:] I mixed this myself. Two parts H, one part O. I don't trust anybody! #Quote by Steven Wright
Siegert Water quotes by Masaru Emoto
#28. It is chronic water shortage in the body that causes most diseases of the human body.
Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj #Quote by Masaru Emoto
Siegert Water quotes by S.A. David
#29. Coca Cola's Eva Water has hypnotized you into thinking that a sip of rainwater can kill you. #Quote by S.A. David
Siegert Water quotes by Michele Sinclair
#30. I hope Lily told you how happy I was by the offer to marry your commander."
"She mentioned it," Ranulf grimaced.
"Who knows? Maybe Rolande and I will meet and decide to stay together, forgoing the annulment."
Ranulf rocked back on his feet, picking up the basin, and stood up, causing water to slosh on to the floor from the abrupt movement. She sounded so damn happy. He plopped the water bowl back on its table. And why shouldn't she be? "You will like my commander. He is as handsome as Lillabet is beautiful."
Pain flashed in Bronwyn's eyes, turning them dark, almost black. If Ranulf's aim had been to hurt,he had struck true, resulting in a desire to inflict similar anguish. "As long as he doesn't lie to me and make me out the fool, I will be content."
"I suspect he won't if you don't lie to him first."
Bronwyn pushed herself out of the chair as a frisson of anger shot up her spine. "Maybe I won't if he doesn't order me away from my home without the courage to look me in the eye when he does so."
"I never pretended to be someone else."
"In that you are correct, my lord.You made it very clear from the beginning that you were a hateful man," she seethed.
"Didn't seem to bother you when you used your female wiles to entice me to your bed," Ranulf hissed back.
Bronwyn marched over to the door and swung it wide open. "I wonder just how my sister will deal with your barbarism. She is sweet,beautiful, and innocent,but she also knows no #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Siegert Water quotes by Mary Oliver
#31. The Turtle

breaks from the blue-black
skin of the water, dragging her shell
with its mossy scutes
across the shallows and through the rushes
and over the mudflats, to the uprise,
to the yellow sand,
to dig with her ungainly feet
a nest, and hunker there spewing
her white eggs down
into the darkness, and you think

of her patience, her fortitude,
her determination to complete
what she was born to do -
and then you realize a greater thing -
she doesn't consider
what she was born to do.
She's only filled
with an old blind wish.
It isn't even hers but came to her
in the rain or the soft wind,
which is a gate through which her life keeps walking.

She can't see
herself apart from the rest of the world
or the world from what she must do
every spring.
Crawling up the high hill,
luminous under the sand that has packed against her skin.
she doesn't dream
she knows

she is a part of the pond she lives in,
the tall tress are her children,
the birds that swim above her
are tied to her by an unbreakable string. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Siegert Water quotes by Rachel Carson
#32. Eventually man, too, found his way back to the sea. Standing on its shores, he must have looked out upon it with wonder and curiosity, compounded with an unconscious recognition of his lineage. He could not physically re-enter the ocean as the seals and whales had done. But over the centuries, with all the skill and ingenuity and reasoning powers of his mind, he has sought to explore and investigate even its most remote parts, so that he might re-enter it mentally and imaginatively. #Quote by Rachel Carson
Siegert Water quotes by Olive Schreiner
#33. The woman wanderer goes forth to seek the Land of Freedom.

"How am I to get there?" Reason answers: "here is one way, and one only. Down the banks of Labour, through the water of suffering. There is no other."

The woman cries out: "For what do I go to this far land which no one has ever reached? Oh, I am alone! I am utterly alone!"

But soon she hears the sounds of feet, 'a thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands, and they beat this way!'

"They are the feet of those who shall follow you. Lead on. #Quote by Olive Schreiner
Siegert Water quotes by Sylvia Plath
#34. There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them. Whenever I'm sad I'm going to die, or so nervous I can't sleep, or in love with somebody I won't be seeing for a week, I slump down just so far and then I say: 'I'll go take a hot bath.'
I meditate in the bath.The water needs to be very hot, so hot you can barely stand putting your foot in it. Then you lower yourself, inch by inch, till the water's up to your neck.
I remember the ceiling over every bathtub I've stretched out in. I remember the texture of the ceilings and the cracks and the colors and the damp spots and the light fixtures. I remember the tubs, too: the antique griffin-legged tubs, and the modern coffin-shaped tubs, and the fancy pink marble tubs overlooking indoor lily ponds, and I remember the shapes and sizes of the water taps and the different sorts of soap holders.
I never feel so much myself as when I'm in a hot bath. #Quote by Sylvia Plath

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