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Sideways quotes by Alden Bell
#1. There is no pain - just travel.
On her knees, she stays still as a supplicant ready for communion. It is very quiet. All of a sudden there is no hurry. There will be time for everything. For the breezes that blow and for the rainwater drying in the gutters, for Maury to find a place of safety in the world, for Malcolm to come back from the dead and ask her about birds and jets. For the big things too, things like beauty and vengeance and honor and righteousness and the grace of God and the slow spilling of the earth from day to night and back to day again.
It is spread out before her, compressed into one single moment. She will be able to see it all -- if she can keep her sleepy eyes open.
It's like a dream where she is. Like a dream where you find yourself underwater and you are panicked for a moment until you realize you no longer need to breathe, and you can stay under the surface forever.
She feels her body falling sideways to the ground. It happens slow - and she expects a crash that never comes because her mind is jumping and it doesn't know which way is up anymore, like the moon above her and the fish below her and her in between floating, like on the surface of the river, floating between sea and sky, the world all skin, all meniscus, and she a part of it too.
Moses Todd told her if you lean over the rail at Niagara Falls it takes your breath away, like turning yourself inside out -- and Lee the hunter told her that one time people used to stu #Quote by Alden Bell
Sideways quotes by Terry Pratchett
#2. Once again he was aware of eyes staring fixedly at him. He glanced sideways into the long, pointed face of Goodboy Bindle Featherstone, rearing up in a pose best described as The Last Puppy in the Shop.
To his astonishment, he found himself reaching over and scratching it behind its ears, or at least behind the two spiky things at the sides of its head which were presumably its ears. It responded with a strange noise that sounded like a complicated blockage in a brewery. He took his hand away hurriedly.
"It's all right," said Lady Ramkin. "It's his stomachs rumbling. That means he likes you."
To his amazement, Vimes found that he was rather pleased about this. As far as he could recall, nothing in his life before had thought him worth a burp. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Sideways quotes by Shannon Messenger
#3. Craaaaaaaaaack!

Before she could even scream, Fitz shouted, "I got her!" and two arms wrapped around her waist. The momentum from his jump pushed them sideways and somehow he managed to flip them before they crashed, sending them tumbling across the soft grass. #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Sideways quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#4. More and more, it was beginning to be borne in upon me what a particularly difficult chap Gussie was to help. He seemed to so marked an extent to lack snap and finish. With infinite toil, you manoeuvred him into a position where all he had to do was charge ahead, and he didn't charge ahead, but went off sideways, missing the objective completely. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Sideways quotes by Jessica Martinez
#5. He's kind of cute,' Charly said. She was still sideways on the couch, face-planted in throw pillows. 'You should go for him. He has that same serious, never-say-what-I'm-thinking thing as you. You guys would be perfect together. You could just sit around being broody together. #Quote by Jessica Martinez
Sideways quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#6. This story is always yours for the telling.

This has always been yours. You can expand to fill it all or take up the smallest corner. You can write in invisible ink. You can tell your story in red wine stains and spilled ink and bite marks. You can only write in pencil so it can always be erased. You can write in layers, and turn the page and write sideways. You can spin spiral and make your words dance.

You can ink it on the surface of your skin or x-ray vision the story onto the blank canvas of your bones. You can write a novel and then let the whole thing dissolve in the waves. You can write the truth and bury it in the ground, throw it in the fire, fold it into paper airplanes and watch it fly, roll it into a note in a bottle and toss it in the ocean and let it find its own way home.

Or, you share it with the whole fucking world.

You can care and not care and care-not-care all at once.

But you get to write. And you get to choose the story you tell.

And there's no freedom bigger or bolder or braver than that. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Sideways quotes by Rick Riordan
#7. Nike could start you two fighting easily." Percy gave her a sideways smile. "Yeah, we can't have another incident like in Kansas. I might kill my bro Jason." "Or I might kill my bro Percy," Jason said amiably. "Which proves my point," Annabeth said. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sideways quotes by Markus Zusak
#8. For a long time, she sat and saw.
She had seen her brother die with one eye open, on still in a dream. She had said goodbye to her mother and imagined her lonely wait for a train back home to oblivion. A woman of wire had laid herself down, her scream traveling the street, till it fell sideways like a rolling coin starved of momentum. A young man was hung by a rope made of Stalingrad snow. She had watched a bomber pilot die in a metal case. She had seen a Jewish man who had twice given her the most beautiful pages of her life marched to a concentration camp. And at the center of all of it, she saw the Fuhrer shouting his words and passing them around.
Those images were the world, and it stewed in her as she sat with the lovely books and their manicured titles. It brewed in her as she eyed the pages full to the brims of their bellies with paragraphs and words. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Sideways quotes by Kate Brian
#9. Wow," Finn said, looking her up and down. "Wander into a bad part of town?"
Megan looked down at the scrape on her left knee and the nasty bruise forming on her shin.
"No. It was…practice," Megan said. "I'm sorry, should I go?"
"No! No," Finn said, pulling a stool out from the wall. "Come in. Take a load off. You look like you could use it."
Megan smiled and inched into the shed, afraid to touch anything with any part of her body. She slipped sideways past his easel and sat down on the stool, which shifted under her weight. Megan threw her arms out for balance and Finn caught her hand.
"Sorry. It's kind of old," he said.
"No problem," Megan replied. She looked at his hand clamped around hers. He released her, clearing his throat and slapping his palm against his jeans. #Quote by Kate Brian
Sideways quotes by Steven Millhauser
#10. But what struck me was the book-madness of the place
books lay scattered across the unmade bed and the top of a battered-looking desk, books stood in knee-high piles on the floor, books were crammed sideways and right side up in a narrow bookcase that rose higher than my head and leaned dangerously from the wall, books sat in stacks on top of a dingy dresser. The closet door was propped open by a pile of books, and from beneath the bed a book stuck out beside the toe of a maroon slipper. #Quote by Steven Millhauser
Sideways quotes by Pamela Freeman
#11. There were worse things than death.
There would be a leap and a moment suspended, then a long hopeless curve to the rocks and river below. They would fall like leaves between clouds of swifts and then be washed away by the thundering rapids. Bramble clung to that thought. If their bodies washed away then there could be no identification, no danger of reprisals on her family.
She hung on tighter.
The roan's hindquarters bunched under her and they were in the air. It was like she had imagined: the leap, and then the moment suspended in air that seemed to last forever.
Below her the swifts boiled up through the river mist, swerving and swooping, while she and the roan seemed to stay frozen above them. Bramble felt, like a rush of air, the presence of the gods surround her. The shock made her lose her balance and begin to slide sideways.
She felt herself falling.
With an impossible flick of both legs, the roan shrugged her back onto his shoulders. Then the long curve downward and she braced herself to see the cliffs rushing past as they fell.
Time to die.
Instead she felt a thumping jolt that flung her from the roan's back and tossed her among the rocks at the cliff's edge on the other side.
On the other side.
Her sight cleared, although the light still seemed dim. Her hearing came back a little. On the other side of the abyss a jumble of men and hounds were milling, shouting, astonished and very angry.
"You can't do that! #Quote by Pamela Freeman
Sideways quotes by Mia Storm
#12. Because that's what normal people do when everything goes sideways. They pick up all their shit and make something that doesn't stink. #Quote by Mia Storm
Sideways quotes by Alan Bradley
#13. None of the books were in alphabetical order, which made it necessary to cock my head sideways to read each one of the spines. By the end of the third shelf I began to realize why librarians were sometimes able to achieve such pinnacle levels of crankiness: It's because they're in agony. #Quote by Alan Bradley
Sideways quotes by Noel Gallagher
#14. Progression is going forwards. Going backwards is regression. Going sideways is just gression. #Quote by Noel Gallagher
Sideways quotes by Leta Blake
#15. That's when Will notices the unfamiliar weight on his finger. He holds his hand up and the room tilts sideways. "Oh my God." In a whoosh of tumbling horror, Will remembers it all. No, no, this can't be happening. "We got married." Patrick #Quote by Leta Blake
Sideways quotes by Christopher Buehlman
#16. I assume you are the sort of person who would go backstage after the opera in hopes of hearing the prima donna crying on the telephone, or walking in on the baritone fellating the basso buffo. I respect that-I was always the same way myself-though I suspect you are not very happy. Happiness is the province of those who ask few questions. I remember, even before this was visited upon me, how I envied those who eagerly did what they were told: those who married without complaint at father's behest; those who looked up rather than sideways in church; those, in short, who honestly believed in God, good kings, and righteous wars. #Quote by Christopher Buehlman
Sideways quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#17. The eye in this city acquires an autonomy similar to that of a tear. The only difference is that it doesn't sever itself from the body but subordinates it totally. After a while - on the third or fourth day here- the body starts to regard itself as merely the eye's carrier, as a kind of submarine to its now dilating, now squinting periscope. Of course, for all its targets, its explosions are invariably self-inflicted: it's own heart, or else your mind, that sinks; the eye pops up to the surface. This, of course, owes to local topography, to the streets - narrow, meandering like eels - that finally bring you to a flounder of a campo with a cathedral in the middle of it, barnacled with saints and flaunting its Medusa-like cupolas. No matter what you set out for as you leave the house here, you are bound to get lost in these long, coiling lanes and passageways that beguile you to see them through to follow them to their elusive end, which usually hits water, so that you can't even call it a cul-de-sac. On the map this city looks like two grilled fish sharing a plate, or perhaps like two nearly overlapping lobster claws ( Pasternak compared it to a swollen croissant); but it has no north, south, east, or west; the only direction it has is sideways. It surrounds you like frozen seaweed, and the more you dart and dash about trying to get your bearings, the more you get lost. The yellow arrow signs at intersections are not much help either, for they, too, curve. In fact, they don't #Quote by Joseph Brodsky
Sideways quotes by James Joyce
#18. I've been working hard on [Ulysses] all day," said Joyce.
Does that mean that you have written a great deal?" I said.
Two sentences," said Joyce.
I looked sideways but Joyce was not smiling. I thought of [French novelist Gustave] Flaubert. "You've been seeking the mot juste?" I said.
No," said Joyce. "I have the words already. What I am seeking is the perfect order of words in the sentence. #Quote by James Joyce
Sideways quotes by Terry Pratchett
#19. Mort glanced sideways at the top of Ysabell's dress, which contained enough puppy fat for two litters of Rottweilers, and forbore to comment. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Sideways quotes by Karen Fairchild
#20. Music can be such a vulnerable thing, so when you're delivering a vocal or writing a piece of music, it's easy to get sideways. #Quote by Karen Fairchild
Sideways quotes by Karen Robards
#21. You need to eat more." ( ... )
"Then I'd get fat, and you wouldn't like me."
Johnny tweaked her nose in teasing response and shifted her into a more comfortable position with her back against his chest. Her head lolled against his shoulder, and his arms hugged her waist before they were settled to his satisfaction. Rachel, spellbound, cast a sideways glance up and back to find that his eyes on her face were as bright and hot as the clear August sky overhead.
"You still don't get it, do you, teacher? I'd like you any way I could get you, any way at all. Besides, I bet you'd be cute fat. A little round dumpling. #Quote by Karen Robards
Sideways quotes by T.M. Frazier
#22. Suffer from the same condition Pup does." "And what's that?" Bear asked, following me out and leaning up sideways against the railing. "We both forgot who the fuck we were." Bear dialed a few numbers; I could hear the ringing through the speaker as he held it up to his ear. "You remembering now?" "Yeah, I'm remembering now." "And who exactly are you?" Bear asked. "I'm the fucking bad guy. #Quote by T.M. Frazier
Sideways quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#23. Vadim swallowed, felt his throat too tight to move, then, still staring at the bottle, smelling the desert and Dan, and himself, his hand reached to his side, opened the holster of the pistol. Took out the mag, took the bullet from the chamber, clicked the mag in place again, rolled the bullet between his fingers.
He looked at Dan, sideways, saw the man stare at him, all eyes, dark eyes, and the way the pale desert moon made his face a place of shadows.
He reached for Dan's hand, opened the fingers and placed the bullet into the palm.
"This is the bullet you'll use to kill me if I walk away again." Because if I walk away again, I'll be in so much pain I'm better off dead anyway. #Quote by Aleksandr Voinov
Sideways quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
#24. It was snowing when I got off the bus at Flax Hill. Not quite regular snowfall, not exactly a blizzard. This is how it was: The snow came down heavily, settled for about a minute, then the wind moved it - more rolled it, really - onto another target. One minute you were covered in snow, then it sped off sideways, as if a brisk, invisible giant had taken pity and brushed you down. #Quote by Helen Oyeyemi
Sideways quotes by Theresa Hollis
#25. Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of being well-preserved, but to skid sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, still screaming, 'Whoo what a ride! #Quote by Theresa Hollis
Sideways quotes by Walter Kirn
#26. In the age of networked everything, life moves sideways and covers lots of ground while barely touching the earth. #Quote by Walter Kirn
Sideways quotes by Christina Engela
#27. The Beetle's body, whether it be a '49 split or a '73 Jeans Bug, or an '03 Mexican, was originally conceived in the mid 1930's. This is evident in it's body styling which aside from it's rear engine layout and absence of front radiator (or radiator!) grille, is very similar to other cars of the same period. Believe it or not, in those days streamlining was a hot new concept, kind of like how wireless networking is today with computing.
The only problem was, in the beginning they didn't seem to realize that streamlining ought to be applied sideways as well as longitudinally! #Quote by Christina Engela
Sideways quotes by Charles Dickens
#28. Besides, the kettle was aggravating and obstinate. It wouldn't allow itself to be adjusted on the top bar; it wouldn't hear of accommodating itself kindly to the knobs of coal; it would lean forward with a drunken air and dribble, a very Idiot of a kettle, on the hearth. It was quarrelsome, and hissed and spluttered morosely at the fire. To sum up all, the lid, resisting Mrs. Peerybingle's fingers, first of all turned topsy-turvey, and then with an ingenious pertinacity deserving of a better cause, dived sideways in - down to the very bottom of the kettle. And the hull of the Royal George has never made half the monstrous resistance to coming out of the water, which the lid of that kettle employed against Mrs. Peerybingle, before she got it up again.
It looked sullen and pig-headed enough, even then: carrying its handle with an air of defiance, and cocking its spout pertly and mockingly at Mrs. Peerybingle as if it said, I won't boil. Nothing shall induce me! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Sideways quotes by Agnes Repplier
#29. A kitten is the most irresistible comedian in the world. Its wide-open eyes gleam with wonder and mirth. It darts madly at nothing at all, and then, as though suddenly checked in the pursuit, prances sideways on its hind legs with ridiculous agility and zeal. #Quote by Agnes Repplier
Sideways quotes by Alanis Morissette
#30. Oh these little rejections how they add up quickly, one small sideways look and I feel so ungood. Somewhere along the way I think I gave you the power to make me feel the way I thought only my father could. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
Sideways quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#31. She didn't look at me and I didn't look at her. Some questions are so direct the only way to ask them is sideways. #Quote by Deanna Raybourn
Sideways quotes by Peter Lerangis
#32. What's this?" Dan said, pointing to a funny squiggly formation.
Uh, an M," said Nellie. "Or if you look at it the other way, a W. Or sideways, kind of S-ish..."
Maybe it's palm trees," Dan said. "Like in the movie It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. You know? No? These guys need to find hidden money, and the only clue they have is it's under a big W? And no one sees what it means-but then, near the end of the movie, there's this grove of four palm trees rising up in the shape of... you-know-what! Classic!"
Amy, Alistair, Natalie, Ian and Nellie all looked at him blankly.
There is no W in the Korean language," Alistair replied. "Or palm trees in Korea. I might be maple trees..."
Mrrp," said Saladin, rubbing his face against Dan's knee.
I'll tell you the rest of the plot later," Dan whispered to the Mau. #Quote by Peter Lerangis
Sideways quotes by Eliza Doolittle
#33. I love to make music that makes people feel mood-enhancing, life-affirming brilliance but I just make whatever comes out at the time and sometimes it's up and sometimes it down and sometimes it sideways with a hint of s smile. #Quote by Eliza Doolittle
Sideways quotes by Kristin Cashore
#34. Katsa and Po were trying to drown each other and, judging from their hoots of laughter, enjoying it immensely. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Sideways quotes by Mark Twain
#35. A country without a patent office and good patent laws is just a crab, and can't travel any way but sideways and backways. #Quote by Mark Twain
Sideways quotes by H.G.Wells
#36. The Vicar stood aghast, with his smoking gun in his hand. It was no bird at all, but a youth with an extremely beautiful face, clad in a robe of saffron and with iridescent wings, across whose pinions great waves of colour, flushes of purple and crimson, golden green and intense blue, pursued one another as he writhed in his agony. Never had the Vicar seen such gorgeous floods of colour, not stained glass windows, not the wings of butterflies, not even the glories of crystals seen between prisms, no colours on earth could compare with them. Twice the Angel raised himself, only to fall over sideways again. Then the beating of the wings diminished, the terrified face grew pale, the floods of colour abated, and suddenly with a sob he lay prone, and the changing hues of the broken wings faded swiftly into one uniform dull grey hue. Oh! #Quote by H.G.Wells
Sideways quotes by Thomas Haden Church
#37. Between Clive Owen winning at the Golden Globes and the British Academy announcing its nominations, of which Sideways received only one, I'm feeling pretty humbled these days. #Quote by Thomas Haden Church
Sideways quotes by Zinedine Zidane
#38. Messi makes the difference most of the time. In particular, he is always going forwards. He never passes the ball backwards or sideways. He has only one idea, to run towards the goal.So as a football fan, just enjoy the show. #Quote by Zinedine Zidane
Sideways quotes by Duff McKagan
#39. Life is not a journey to the grave With the intention of arriving safely in a well-preserved body, But rather to skid in sideways Thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow, what a ride! #Quote by Duff McKagan
Sideways quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#40. Wish you were with him?'
Volfier frowned sideways. 'I wish we'd won at Ospria, then the choice wouldn't have come up. But then I wish my wife hadn't fucked the baker while I was away in the Union on campaign three years ago. Wishing don't change nothing.'
Shivers grinned, and tapped at his metal eye with a fingernail. 'That there is a fact. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Sideways quotes by Ally Carter
#41. Now isn't this role more fun than nun?" Gabrielle sauntered into the room, casting a sideways glance at the skirt she had personally hemmed.
Hamish nodded, "Kat ... you have ... legs."
"And boobs," Angus added, staring quite directly at the section of the white blouse that Gabrielle had made a bit too form-fitting for Kat's personal taste.
"Seriously Kat," Simon said, inching closer, "When did you get boobs?"
Hamish looked at Hale, "The boobs are new." He said as if that point hadn't already been thoroughly made.
"Is that padded?" Simon held out his hand as if to cop an oh-so-scientific feel.
"Hey!" Kat slapped his hand away.
"Her dad's going to get out of prison one of these days boys." Hale added, amused. #Quote by Ally Carter
Sideways quotes by Scott Raab
#42. If you are the leader, you don't have the right to say things like "Ugh, didn't eat this week I was so busy." "Haven't slept." I look sideways at those signs of bravado, which are intended to make one feel that the person is working so hard. I don't think that way. #Quote by Scott Raab
Sideways quotes by Maria Semple
#43. Much of the time in the writer's room is spent working on story, and I was always challenging myself to make it more interesting, tighter and more surprising: to come at it sideways in a way that the audience wasn't expecting. #Quote by Maria Semple
Sideways quotes by J.D. Robb
#44. Fuck me sideways."
"Thanks, but you're just not my type."
"You're sure."
"I'm sure men are my type, but if I went for women, I'd do you. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Sideways quotes by James Patterson
#45. I choose you," he said very softly, "Max."
Then his hard, rough hand tenderly cuppoed my chin, and suddenly his mouth was on mine, and every synapse in my brain shorted out.
We had kissed a couple of times before, but this was different. This time, I squelched my immediate, overwhelming desire to run away screaming. I closed my eyes and put my arms around him despite my fear. Then somehow we slid sideways so we were lying in the cool sand. I was holding him fiercely, and he was kissing me fiercely, and it was ... just so, so intensely good. Once I got past my usual, gut-wrenching terror, there was a long, sweet slide into mindlessness, when all I felt was Fang, and all I heard was his breathing, and all I could think was "Oh, God, I want to do this all the time. #Quote by James Patterson
Sideways quotes by Mark Ruffalo
#46. It's been up, down, and sideways for me, man. I could become a huge star, or I could get cancer tomorrow. #Quote by Mark Ruffalo
Sideways quotes by K. Bromberg
#47. Well, everyone's version of which way is up is different so don't try to figure that out just yet. Who cares if you're sideways for a bit? That's allowed, Hawke, and perfectly understandable. #Quote by K. Bromberg
Sideways quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#48. The birth of spring is perhaps not the best time to cross a mountain range,' observed Longfoot under his breath. Bayaz looked sharply sideways. 'Some would say the best time to cross an obstacle is when one finds oneself on the wrong side of it! Or do you suggest we wait for summer? #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Sideways quotes by Gregg Williams
#49. Weve got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gores head. We want him running sideways. We want his head sideways. #Quote by Gregg Williams
Sideways quotes by Terry Pratchett
#50. In front of the group was a legless man on a small wheeled trolley, who was singing at the top of his voice and banging two saucepans together. His name was Arnold Sideways. Pushing him along was Coffin Henry, whose croaking progress through an entirely different song was punctuated by bouts of off-the-beat coughing. He was accompanied by a perfectly ordinary-looking manin torn, dirty and yet expensive looking clothing, whose pleasant tenor voice was drowned out by the quaking of a duck on his head. He answered to the name of Duck Man, although he never seemed to understand why, or why he was always surrounded by people who seemed to see ducks where no ducks could be. And finally, being towed along by a small grey dog on a string, was Foul Ole Ron, generally regarded in Ankh-Morpork as the deranged beggars' deranged beggar.
He was probably incapable of singing, but at least he was attempting to swear in time to the beat, or beats.

The wassailers stopped and watched them in horror.

People have always had the urge to sing and clang things at the dark stub of the year, when all sorts of psychic nastiness has taken advantage of the long grey days and the deep shadows to lurk and breed. Lately people had taken to singing harmoniously, which rather lost the affect. Those who really understood just clanged something and shouted.

The beggars were not in fact this well versed in folkloric practice. They were just making a din in the well-founde #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Sideways quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#51. If others were to look attentively into themselves as I do, they would find themselves, as I do, full of emptiness and tomfoolery. I cannot rid myself of them without getting rid of myself. We are all steeped in them, each as much as the other; but those who realize this get off, as I know, a little more cheaply.

That commonly approved practice of looking elsewhere than at our own self has served our affairs well! Our self is an object full of dissatisfaction: we can see nothing there but wretchedness and vanity. So as not to dishearten us, Nature has very conveniently cast the action of our sight outwards. We are swept on downstream, but to struggle back towards our self against the current is a painful movement; thus does the sea, when driven against itself, swirl back in confusion. Everyone says: 'Look at the motions of the heavens, look at society, at this man's quarrel, that man's pulse, this other man's will and testament' - in other words always look upwards or downwards or sideways, or before or behind you. That commandment given us in ancient times by that god at Delphi was contrary to all expectation: 'Look back into your self; get to know your self; hold on to your self.' Bring back to your self your mind and your will which are being squandered elsewhere; you are draining and frittering your self away. Consolidate your self; rein your self back. They are cheating you, distracting you, robbing you of your self.

Can you not see that this world #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Sideways quotes by Tim Dorsey
#52. There was no Disney World then, just rows of orange trees. Millions of them. Stretching for miles And somewhere near the middle was the Citrus Tower, which the tourists climbed to see even more orange trees. Every month an eighty-year-old couple became lost in the groves, driving up and down identical rows for days until they were spotted by helicopter or another tourist on top of the Citrus Tower. They had lived on nothing but oranges and come out of the trees drilled on vitamin C and checked into the honeymoon suite at the nearest bed-and-breakfast.
"The Miami Seaquarium put in a monorail and rockets started going off at Cape Canaveral, making us feel like we were on the frontier of the future. Disney bought up everything north of Lake Okeechobee, preparing to shove the future down our throats sideways.
"Things evolved rapidly! Missile silos in Cuba. Bales on the beach. Alligators are almost extinct and then they aren't. Juntas hanging shingles in Boca Raton. Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo skinny-dipping off Key Biscayne. We atone for atrocities against the INdians by playing Bingo. Shark fetuses in formaldehyde jars, roadside gecko farms, tourists waddling around waffle houses like flocks of flightless birds. And before we know it, we have The New Florida, underplanned, overbuilt and ripe for a killer hurricane that'll knock that giant geodesic dome at Epcot down the trunpike like a golf ball, a solid one-wood by Buckminster Fuller.
"I am the native and this #Quote by Tim Dorsey
Sideways quotes by Gary Player
#53. I wish I could put a patent on that thing. That was so straight I had to lean over sideways to see the flag! #Quote by Gary Player
Sideways quotes by Virginia Woolf
#54. The urgency of the moment always missed its mark. Words fluttered sideways and struck the object inches too low. Then one gave it up; then the idea sunk back again; then one became like most middle-aged people, cautious, furtive, with wrinkles between the eyes and a look of perpetual apprehension. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Sideways quotes by Jenny Han
#55. As the day heats up, Peter convinces me to put down my French book and jump in the pool with him. The pool is crowded with little kids, no one as old as us. Steve Bledell has a pool at his house, but I wanted to come here, for old times' sake.
"Don't you dare dunk me," I warn. Peter starts circling me like a shark, coming closer and closer. "I'm serious!"
He makes a dive for me and grabs me by the waist, but he doesn't dunk me; he kisses me. His skin is cool and smooth against mine; so are his lips.
I push him away and whisper, "Don't kiss me--there are kids around!"
"So nobody wants to see teenagers kissing in the pool where kids are trying to play. It isn't right." I know I sound like a priss, but I don't care. When I was little, and there were teenagers horsing around in the pool, I always felt nervous to go in, because it was like the pool was theirs.
Peter bursts out laughing. "You're funny, Covey." Swimming sideways, he says, "It isn't right," and then starts laughing again. #Quote by Jenny Han
Sideways quotes by J.D. Robb
#56. Love turned everybody's brain sideways, just like a stunner. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Sideways quotes by Libba Bray
#57. You have a steady fella?" Sam asked after a bit.
"No fella can hold me for long."
Sam gave her a sideways glance. "That a challenge?"
"No. A statement of fact. #Quote by Libba Bray
Sideways quotes by Richard Bachman
#58. Sanity:
You can go through your whole life telling yourself that life is logical, life is prosaic, life is sane. Above all, sane. And I think it is. I've had a lot of time to think about that ...
I think; therefore I am. There are hairs on my face; therefore I shave. My wife and child have been critically injured in a car crash; therefore I pray. It's all logical, it's all sane.
... there's a Mr. Hyde for every happy Jekyll face, a dark face on the other side of the mirror ... You turn the mirror sideways and see your face reflected with a sinister left-hand twist, half mad and half sane.
... No one looks at that side unless they have to, and I can understand that.
... I'm the sane one. #Quote by Richard Bachman
Sideways quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#59. Forgetting herself entirely, Pandora let her head loll back against Gabriel's shoulder. "What kind of glue does Ivo use?" she asked languidly.
"Glue?" he echoed after a moment, his mouth close to her temple, grazing softly.
"For his kites."
"Ah." He paused while a wave retreated. "Joiner's glue, I believe."
"That's not strong enough," Pandora said, relaxed and pensive. "He should use chrome glue."
"Where would he find that?" One of his hands caressed her side gently.
"A druggist can make it. One part acid chromate of lime to five parts gelatin."
Amusement filtered through his voice. "Does your mind ever slow down, sweetheart?"
"Not even for sleeping," she said.
Gabriel steadied her against another wave. "How do you know so much about glue?"
The agreeable trance began to fade as Pandora considered how to answer him.
After her long hesitation, Gabriel tilted his head and gave her a questioning sideways glance. "The subject of glue is complicated, I gather."
I'm going to have to tell him at some point, Pandora thought. It might as well be now.
After taking a deep breath, she blurted out, "I design and construct board games. I've researched every possible kind of glue required for manufacturing them. Not just for the construction of the boxes, but the best kind to adhere lithographs to the boards and lids. I've registered a patent for the first game, and soon I intend to apply for two more."
Gabriel absorbed t #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Sideways quotes by Marina Endicott
#60. The intimate and the infinite are tangled together in this incandescent book, lit by Aristotle's bright spark of a daughter. Lucid even in nightmare, The Sweet Girl slips sideways around the philosopher to examine the lives of girls and women when we were not yet human. #Quote by Marina Endicott
Sideways quotes by Markus Zusak
#61. A woman of wire had laid herself down, her scream traveling the street, till it fell sideways like a rolling coin starved of momentum. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Sideways quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#62. And so he came at last to the high seat of Guslav the fifth, High King of the Union. His head was slumped sideways, squashed down under the sparkling crown. His pasty pale fingers twitched on his crimson silk mantle like white slugs. His eyes were closed, chest rising and falling gently, accompanied by gentle splutterings as spittle issued from his slack lips and ran down his chin, joining the sweat on his bulging jowls and helping it to turn his high collar dark with wet. Truly, Jezal was in the presence of greatness. "Your #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Sideways quotes by Julie   Johnson
#63. Nope.' He grabs my hand and places it over his heart. 'I already know the truth. We're dating.' His eyebrows waggle. 'Exclusively.'
'Do you want to wear my letterman's jacket?'
'I'm going to vomit.'
'"Should I buy you a corsage?'
'Seriously. Gagging.'
'Okay, no corsage.' He laughs. 'Just the matching tattoos, then?'
'Seriously.' I fight the urge to stomp my foot. 'Let it go, Parker. Let it go.'
'Hey, Elsa, don't quote Frozen to me unless you're prepared to listen to the entire soundtrack in my car on the way to Seaport.' I stare up at him. 'I'm not sure whether I should be disturbed or turned on by the fact that you know all the words to Let It Go.'
He grins. 'Definitely turned on.'
'Downloaded in your iTunes library, no doubt.' I shake my head. 'This is nearly as disturbing as the time I learned the song A Whole New World from Aladdin is a metaphor for mind-blowing sex.'
'I'm sorry, what?'
'I can open your eyes? Lead you wonder by wonder? Over, sideways, and under?' I snort. 'Come on. That's basically soft-core porn.'
'Thank you, Zoe, for ruining a beloved Disney classic for me.'
'For the record…' He trails off.
I wince, anticipating the worst. 'What?'
'I'll take you on my magic carpet ride any time you
want, snookums.'
'So, that's a no on rubbing my lamp then?'
'You know, I think I'll just find my own way to Nate's…' I turn an #Quote by Julie Johnson
Sideways quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
#64. Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards, or sideways. #Quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Sideways quotes by Gail Carson Levine
#65. I know all about you," Char announced after we'd taken a few more steps. "You do? How could you?" "Your cook and our cook meet at the market. She talks about you." He looked sideways at me. "Do you know much about me? #Quote by Gail Carson Levine
Sideways quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#66. The nauseating liquid choked the dog's breathing and his head began to spin, then his legs collapsed and he seemed to be moving sideways. This is it, he thought dreamily as he collapsed on to the sharp slivers of glass. Goodbye, Moscow! I shan't see Chichkin or the proletarians or Cracow sausages again. I'm going to the heaven for long-suffering dogs. You butchers – why did you have to do this to me? With that he finally collapsed on to his back and passed out." Chapter 2 #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Sideways quotes by Busta Rhymes
#67. I will be so glad to take the picture and pose and look good for the picture. But when you catch me while I'm looking real sideways and the picture's ugly as hell, I don't want you to have the picture like that! #Quote by Busta Rhymes
Sideways quotes by Susan Ee
#68. Why not?" He sounds resigned. "Might as well fly into the heart of the enemy where the primitive natives can tear me to pieces, sell my body parts for money, and grind the rest to be consumed in teas for sexual potency." I tighten my arms around his neck. "We're not that primitive anymore." He arches his perfect eyebrow at me, sending waves of skepticism. "We have Viagra now." He gives me a sideways glance #Quote by Susan Ee
Sideways quotes by Dawn Klinge
#69. A sideways rain quickly soaked the pair as
they made their way across the street toward a
small diner. Inside, the smell of coffee permeated
the air and Benny Goodman's band could be
heard from a radio in the corner. #Quote by Dawn Klinge
Sideways quotes by Catherine Pierce
#70. The Geek Girls

Were we never robins? No, we never were.
No one recognized spring in us, though great elms
grew inside our rib cages. They pushed their spiny

tips outward, so that we felt small stabbings daily,
but they never broke through. So we were never spring,
never foliage. We were the small and oddball beasts:

anoles, silverfish, shrimp. We moved fast and sideways,
upways, allways but straight. We heard of nights lit
with lightning bugs and cigarettes. With rumflame

and tonguefire. We needed none of it. The nights were
black puzzleboxes and we solved them. It was easy -
in the darkness, our minds sparked like flint. #Quote by Catherine Pierce
Sideways quotes by Ariel Dorfman
#71. You want to free the world, free humanity, from oppression? Look inside, look sideways, look at the hidden violence of language. Never forget that language is where the other, parallel violence, the cruelty exercised on the body, originates. #Quote by Ariel Dorfman
Sideways quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#72. It was; she lifted her head and smiled. Only two people shared her "special" seat: a fine old man in a velvet coat, his hands clasped over a huge carved walking-stick, and a big old woman, sitting upright, with a roll of knitting on her embroidered apron. They did not speak. This was disappointing, for Miss Brill always looked forward to the conversation. She had become really quite expert, she thought, at listening as though she didn't listen, at sitting in other people's lives just for a minute while they talked round her. She glanced, sideways, at the old couple. Perhaps they would go soon. Last Sunday, too, hadn't been as interesting as usual. An Englishman and his wife, he wearing a dreadful Panama hat and she button boots. And she'd gone on the whole time about how she ought to wear spectacles; she knew she needed them; but that #Quote by Katherine Mansfield
Sideways quotes by Gore Verbinski
#73. I just watched so many Westerns as a kid that you end up using archetypes and sort of tropes of that genre, because there's a language there and you can twist it and turn it on its head or play to it or go sideways at any time. #Quote by Gore Verbinski
Sideways quotes by Sally Nicholls
#74. You can even get used to having a hole in your life where someone used to live. A hole where you thought they'd live for always, except that one day they just step sideways, without looking back or saying good-bye, and vanish forever. #Quote by Sally Nicholls
Sideways quotes by Rick Riordan
#75. I wondered if I would appear on a temple wall painting someday. A blonde Egyptian girl with purple highlights running sideways through the palm trees, screaming "Yikes!" in hieroglyphics as Neith chased after me. The thought of some poor archaeologist trying to figure that out almost lifted my spirits. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sideways quotes by Elizabeth George Speare
#76. Have you noticed her name?"
Kit leaned sideways to see the letters painted jauntily on the transom. "The WITCH! How did you dare? Does Hannah know?"
"Oh, she's not named after Hannah. I hadn't gone ten miles down the river that day before I knew I'd left the real witch behind. #Quote by Elizabeth George Speare
Sideways quotes by Kendall Ryan
Falling in love didn't feel like I thought it would - like I was losing a piece of myself to a man. No, it felt like I was gaining something else instead. Something bigger than just me. But I knew this something was so big and unpredictable that it had the power to completely destroy me if it went sideways. #Quote by Kendall Ryan
Sideways quotes by Terri Irwin
#78. When I got back to Queensland, I discovered that I was, in fact, expecting. Steve and I were over the moon. I couldn't believe how thrilled he was. Then, mid-celebration, he suddenly pulled up short. He eyed me sideways.
"Wait a minute," he said. "You were just in Fiji for two weeks."
"Remember the CableACE Awards? Where you got bored in that room full of tuxedos?"
He gave me a sly grin. "Ah, yes," he said, satisfied with his paternity (as if there was ever any doubt!). We had ourselves an L.A. baby.
I visited the doctor. "This is a first for me," I said. "What do I do?"
"Just keep doing what you would normally do," the doctor said. "It's probably not a good time to take up skydiving, but it would be fine to carry on with your usual activities." I was thrilled to get Dr. Michael's advice. He had been the Irwin family doctor for years, and he definitely understood what our lifestyle entailed. I embarked on an ambitious schedule of filmmaking. #Quote by Terri Irwin
Sideways quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#79. Let The Rock understand this, he beats your ass in cage match last week and now your the number 1 contender? Well The Rock knows exactly why that is; you've got a three foot nose you turn it sideways and stick it straight up Vince's ass! #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Sideways quotes by James Joyce
#80. round hat, set upon it sideways, looked #Quote by James Joyce
Sideways quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#81. Jenna had tried to cheer me up that morning, saying, "At least you have it with a hot guy."
"Archer isn't hot anymore," I'd fired back. "He tried to kill me, and his girlfriend is Satan."
But I have to admit that as we stood beside each other on the cellar steps and listened to the Vandy ramble on about what we were supposed to do down there, I couldn't help but sneak sideways glances at him and notice that, homicidal tendencies and evil girlfriends aside, he was still hot. As usual,his tie was loose and his shirt-sleeves were rolled up. He was watching the Vandy with this bored, vaguely amused look, arms crossed over his chest.
That pose did most excellent things for his chest and arms.How unfair was it that Elodie of all people got that as a boyfriend? I mean, where is the justice when-"
"Miss Mercer!" the Vandy barked, and I jumped high enough to nearly lose my balance.
I clutched the banister next to me, and Archer caught my other elbow.
Then he winked, and I immediately turned my attention back to the Vandy like she was the most fascinating person I'd ever seen.
"Do you need me to repeat anything, Miss Mercer?" she sneered.
"N-no. I got it," I stammered.
She stared at me for a minute. I think she was trying to come up with a witty put-down.But the Vandy,like most mean people, was dumb, so in the end, she just sort of growled and pushed between me and Archer to stalk up the stairs.
"One hour!" she called over her shoulder. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Sideways quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#82. He lunged again. This time I stood my ground and he checked his leap at the last second ... and toppled sideways. I didn't hide my laugh that time. His face twisted fast, grabbed my pajama leg and wrenched, and down I went.
Bully #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Sideways quotes by Liz Jasper
#83. Whether I liked to admit it or not, every girl secretly wants her own personal champion, someone who'll rush in and beat the crap out of anyone who looks at her sideways. The kicker, of course, is there's a fine line between a knight in shining armor and a chauvinistic jerk. I want someone who will go to bat for me, not take away my bat and tell me to sit nicely on the bench where I won't get dirty, if you know what I mean. #Quote by Liz Jasper
Sideways quotes by Lang Leav
#84. It's almost like there was only an up and down before him, but now I hav discovered you can also go sideways too. #Quote by Lang Leav
Sideways quotes by Paullina Simons
#85. Well, at least someone around here is getting pregnant," Alexander said through clenched teeth, bending in his own stricken fury. "And it didn't take fifteen fucking years."
"Like I'd keep any baby that was yours!" cried Tatiana. "I'd take a coat hanger to it before I kept one of your babies!"
Alexander hit her so hard across the face that she reeled sideways and fell to the ground. Blinded he stood over her. Guttural sounds were coming from his throat. Her arms covered her head. "You have stepped out of all bounds, all decency," he said, yanking her up. "I can't believe how much you hate me. #Quote by Paullina Simons
Sideways quotes by Jarod Kintz
#86. Never sit on a freshly painted bench, or stand on a wet wall. That's a lesson in love I had to learn the sideways way. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Sideways quotes by Angela Davis
#87. Walls turned sideways are bridges. #Quote by Angela Davis
Sideways quotes by J.M. Colail
#88. Do you wanna go out for lunch? In celebration?" I asked
and then touched my lips in thought. "Or we could swing by the store
and get something really good for dinner?"
Wesley glanced at me sideways with a puzzled expression I
couldn't figure out. He looked back at the road. "Maybe later," he said, chewing on his thumbnail.
"Why? Since we're out, we might as well stop ... ."
"We can't right now. There are things I have to do first," he said,
looking at me with a grin.
"What?" I asked, innocently walking into his trap, though I
should've known better by now.
"Like take you home and fuck you up, down, and sideways," he
answered, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. #Quote by J.M. Colail
Sideways quotes by Amy Lane
#89. So," Asa said conversationally, "want to go home and play butterflies?"
Sebastian grimaced. "Do you promise not to pull my wings off?"
Asa looked at him sideways. "Do you promise to fly back? #Quote by Amy Lane
Sideways quotes by Colleen Hoover
#90. I tilt my head sideways so I can look him straight on. "What firsts have we already passed?" "The easy ones. First hug, first date, first fight, first time we slept together, although I wasn't the one sleeping . Now we barely have any left. First kiss. First time to sleep together when we're both actually awake. First marriage. First kid. We're done after that. Our lives will become mundane and boring and I'll have to divorce you and marry a wife who's twenty years younger than me so I can have a lot more firsts and you'll be stuck raising the kids." He cups my cheek in his hand and smiles at me. "So you see, babe? I'm only doing this for your benefit. The longer I wait to kiss you, the longer it'll be before I'm forced to leave you high and dry."
Hoover, Colleen (2012-12-18). Hopeless (pp. 165-166). Colleen Hoover. Kindle Edition. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Sideways quotes by K.F. Breene
#91. For example," Shanti continued. "You can use it as an action: I am going to fuck you sideways and call you Martha. Or as a thing: you are a dumb fuck. Or as - #Quote by K.F. Breene
Sideways quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#92. Oh no."
Percy looks sideways at me. "Oh no what?"
I swallow. "I'd first like it to be noted that I am most certainly not a smuggler."
"Monty..." he says, my name sopping with dread.
"And," I continue overtop him, "I'd like you to both remember just how much you adore me and how dull and gloomy your lives would be without me in them."
"What did you do? #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Sideways quotes by Renita Pizzitola
#93. As we got into his car he tossed a glance my way. "So how much of that did you really hear?"


I stared out the window. "Enough to know his heart's in the right place" - I turned to Ryder - "and that he's wrong."

He was quiet for a moment, and I couldn't tell if he was angry or thoughtful but then he reached over and slipped his fingers through mine. He raised my hand and pressed a kiss on my knuckles. "Well, he was definitely wrong about one thing." He kept his eyes on the road, but a small smile finally ghosted across his lips. "For the record, I was interested in high school. But your burning hatred for me seemed a good reason to keep my distance."

Fighting back a grin, I shook my head. "It wasn't burning."

With a sideways glance, he curved his mouth into the sexiest smile ever. "Yeah, I saw the way you looked at me, it kind of was."

I peeked over at him. "Maybe that wasn't hatred you saw."

He raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged.

"Wow." He puffed out air. "Now you tell me. #Quote by Renita Pizzitola
Sideways quotes by George MacDonald
#94. But this was not all, for she soon found that the thread, after going straight down for a little way, turned first sideways in one direction, then sideways in another, and then shot, at various angles, hither and thither inside the heap, so that she began to be afraid that to clear the thread she must remove the whole huge gathering. She was dismayed at the very idea, but, losing no time, set to work with a will; and with aching back, and bleeding fingers and hands, she worked on, sustained by the pleasure of seeing the heap slowly diminish and begin to show itself on the opposite side of the fire. Another thing which helped to keep up her courage was that, as often as she uncovered a turn of the thread, instead of lying loose upon the stone, it tightened up; this made her sure that her grandmother was at the end of it somewhere. #Quote by George MacDonald
Sideways quotes by Margaret Atwood
#95. The Wall is hundreds of years old too; or over a hundred, at least. Like the sidewalks, it's red brick, and must once have been plain but handsome. Now the gates have sentries and there are ugly new floodlights mounted on metal posts above it, and barbed wire along the bottom and broken glass set in concrete along the top. No one goes through those gates willingly. The precautions are for those trying to get out, though to make it even as far as the Wall, from the inside, past the electronic alarm system, would be next to impossible. Beside the main gateway there are six more bodies hanging, by the necks, their hands tied in front of them, their heads in white bags tipped sideways onto their shoulders. There must have been a Men's Salvaging early this morning. I didn't hear the bells. Perhaps I've become used to them. We #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Sideways quotes by Cassandra Clare
#96. Now he looked at her sideways. "You don't think I look like a Shadowhunter any more?"
"Do you want to?" Cristina asked.
"I want to look like my family," Mark said. "I cannot have the Blackthorn coloring, but I can look as much like Nephilim as possible. Besides, if I wish to be part of the investigation, I cannot stand out."
Cristina held back from telling Mark that there was no world in which he didn't stand out. "I can make you look like a Shadowhunter. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Sideways quotes by John Flanagan
#97. The Rangers were founded over one hundred and fifty years ago, in King Herbert's reign. Do you know anything about him?" Halt looked sideways at the boy sitting beside him, tossing the question out quickly to see his response.
Will hesitated. He vaugely remembered the name from history lessons in the Ward, but he couldn't remember any details. Still, he decided he'd try to bluff his way through it...
"Oh ... yes," he said, "King Herbert. We learned about him."
"Really?" said the Ranger expansively. "Perhaps you could tell me a little about him?" He leaned back and crossed his legs, getting himself comfortable...
"He was ..." he hesitated, pretending to gather his thoughts. "The king." That much he was sure of. Halt merely smiled and made a rolling gesture with his hand that meant go on.
"He was the king ... a hundred and fifty years ago," Will said, trying to sound certain of his facts. The Ranger smiled at him, gesturing for him to continue yet again.
"Ummm ... well, I seem to recall that he was the one who founded the Ranger Corps," he said hopefully, and Halt raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.
"Really? You recall that, do you? #Quote by John Flanagan
Sideways quotes by Annie Bryant
#98. One of my rules is never to look sideways at what other people are doing but instead, do what I feel is right. #Quote by Annie Bryant
Sideways quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#99. She wanted to cry all the way there, thinking about Neal's sideways symmetrical mouth and the way he could freehand a perfectly straight line. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Sideways quotes by T.F. Hodge
#100. Real loved one's aren't afraid, and will suggest to
you, what's in your best interest ... because they wouldn't want too see you suffer the consequences of your, sideways, emotional impulse(s). To see you crash and burn is the gratification of [the] 'yes folk' lurking in your corner. You may not agree, but always consider the voice(s) that have consistently kept it real. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Sideways quotes by J. Kenner
#101. When I am no longer a limp noodle and can actually compel my limbs to function, I get off the table and back into my robe. Damien and I leave at the same time, and Jamie's door opens as we're passing. She looks between me and Damien, then glances sideways at her masseuse, a tall blond man with large, capable-looking hands.
"You know," Jamie says dryly, "nothing personal, but I don't think I got the same level of service that she did."
To his credit, the masseuse smiles. "Come," he says, gesturing for her to follow.
"That's the problem," she mutters to me as she passes, "I didn't. #Quote by J. Kenner
Sideways quotes by Erin Hunter
#102. Stormkit stopped at the shore, by a patch of clear water, and stared down. "Stormkit!" He hardly heard Oakkit's mew. He was staring at the strange cat reflected in the water. That wasn't his face! This cat's jaw was twisted from just below his ear, hardly visible beneath one cheek, sunken horribly beneath the top lip. His nose was stretched sideways and up, and his tongue poked out at one side, lolling between his teeth like a fat pink worm. #Quote by Erin Hunter
Sideways quotes by Mick Bogerman
#103. The smell slaps me sideways. Like when Mom grabs a container she forgot about from the back of the fridge and she says, "Here Mickey, smell this and see if it's still good," and I open it and take a whiff before noticing the fuzz. Like that. #Quote by Mick Bogerman
Sideways quotes by Leanna Renee Hieber
#104. Don't you remember anything?! There is no 'devil.' There is no 'hell.' There is only Unrest. There is no down, only sideways; the transparent beside the opaque, and a thin wall to separate them. #Quote by Leanna Renee Hieber
Sideways quotes by Ovid
#105. He is a foolish swimmer who swims against the stream, when he might take the current sideways. #Quote by Ovid
Sideways quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#106. Did he ever
Mingus shrugged. 'He was like you.'
What's that mean?'
Means he tried.'
Of course. The ring was not a neutral tool. It judged its wearer: Aaron Doily flew drunkenly, and Dylan flew like a coward, only when it didn't matter, at the Windles' pond. So if had attuned to Robert Woolfolk's chaos.
Don't tell me,' said Dylan. 'He flew sideways.'
Mingus left it vague. He'd always made it his habit to protect their honor against one another
Dylan, Arthur, Robert. To say nothing. #Quote by Jonathan Lethem
Sideways quotes by Neal Shusterman
#107. The problem with setting out to change the world was that you were never the only one. It was an endless tug-of-war with powerful players pulling - not just against you, but in every direction - so that whatever you did, even if you made progress against all those vectors, at some point you were bound to go sideways. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Sideways quotes by Hilary Duff
#108. This is textbook Bad Idea. We're driving with a stranger, no one knows where we are, and we have no way of getting in touch with anyone. This is exactly how people become statistics."
"Exactly?" I asked, thinking of all the bizarre twists and turns that had led us to this place.
Ben ceded the point with a sideways shrug. "Maybe not exactly. But still..."
He let it go, and the cab eventually stopped at the edge of a remote, forested area. Sage got out and paid. "Everybody out!"
Ben looked at me, one eyebrow raised. He was leaving the choice to me. I gave his knee a quick squeeze before I opened the door and we piled out of the car.
Sage waited for the cab to drive away, then ducked onto a forest path, clearly assuming we'd follow.
The path through the thick foliage was stunning in the moonlight, and I automatically released my camera from its bag.
"I wish you wouldn't," Sage said without turning around. "You know I'm not one for visitors."
"I'll refrain from selling the pictures to Travel and Leisure, then," I said, already snapping away. "Besides, I need something to take my mind off my feet." My shoes were still on the beach, where I'd kicked them off to dance.
"Hey, I offered to carry you," Sage offered.
"No, thank you."
I suppose I should have been able to move swiftly and silently without my shoes, but I only managed to stab myself on something with every other footfall, giving me a sideways, hopping gait. Every few m #Quote by Hilary Duff
Sideways quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#109. And so Gollum found them hours later, when he returned, crawling and creeping down the path out of the gloom ahead. Sam sat propped against the stone, his head dropping sideways and his breathing heavy. In his lap lay Frodo's head, drowned in sleep; upon his white forehead lay one of Sam's brown hands, and the other lay softly upon his master's breast. Peace was in both their faces.
Gollum looked at them. A strange expression passed over his lean hungry face. The gleam faded from his eyes, and they went dim and grey, old and tired. A spasm of pain seemed to twist him, and he turned away, peering back up towards the pass, shaking his head, as if engaged in some interior debate. Then he came back, and slowly putting out a trembling hand, very cautiously he touched Frodo's knee--but almost the touch was a caress. For a fleeting moment, could one of the sleepers have seen him, they would have thought that they beheld an old weary hobbit, shrunken by the years that had carried him far beyond his time, beyond friends and kin, and the fields and streams of youth, an old starved pitiable thing. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Sideways quotes by Primo Levi
#110. Is anything sadder than a trainThat leaves when it's supposed to,That has only one voice,Only one route?There's nothing sadder.Except perhaps a cart horse,Shut between two shaftsAnd unable even to look sideways. #Quote by Primo Levi
Sideways quotes by Terry Pratchett
#111. He always suspected the poetic description of Time like an ever-rolling stream. Time, in his experience, moved more like rocks ... sliding, pressing, building up force underground and then, with one jerk that shakes the crockery, a whole field of turnips mysteriously slips sideways by six feet. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Sideways quotes by E.L. James
#112. He wouldn't let her work. You know, he was controlling. Some men are like that.' He gives me a quick sideways smily. 'Really? A controlling man, surely a mythical creature?' I don't think I can squeeze any more sarcasm into my response. #Quote by E.L. James
Sideways quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#113. Sometimes... Come on, how often exactly, Bert? Can you recall four, five, more such occasions? Or would no human heart have survived two or three? Sometimes (I have nothing to say in reply to your question), while Lolita would be haphazardly preparing her homework, sucking a pencil, lolling sideways in an easy chair with both legs over its arm, I would shed all my pedagogic restraint, dismiss all our quarrels, forget all my masculine pride - and literally crawl on my knees to your chair, my Lolita! You would give me one look - a gray furry question mark of a look: "Oh no, not again" (incredulity, exasperation); for you never deigned to believe that I could, without any specific designs, ever crave to bury my face in your plaid skirt, my darling! The fragility of those bare arms of yours - how I longed to enfold them, all your four limpid lovely limbs, a folded colt, and take your head between my unworthy hands, and pull the temple-skin back on both sides, and kiss your chinesed eyes, and - "Please, leave me alone, will you," you would say, "for Christ's sake leave me alone." And I would get up from the floor while you looked on, your face deliberately twitching in imitation of my tic nerveux. But never mind, never mind, I am only a brute, never mind, let us go on with my miserable story. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Sideways quotes by Cassandra Clare
#114. I like that stick of yours," he said.
"It's a staff." Jem swung out to knock another automaton sideways. "Made by the Iron Sisters, only for Silent Brothers."
[ ... ]
"Anyone can sharpen a stick."
"It's a staff," Jem repeated, and saw Will's quicksilver smile out of the corner of his eye. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Sideways quotes by Paula Altenburg
#115. Did you have any trouble with Olivia?" she asked....

"Not at all. We had pizza and beer every night and stayed up until midnight watching mixed martial arts in your bedroom. She can really hold her liquor." He slid a sideways glance at Cass, taking his eyes off the road for a fraction of a second. "Yet another way in which she takes after her mother. #Quote by Paula Altenburg
Sideways quotes by Abigail Roux
#116. It was now or never. Zane took a slow, deep breath and ducked his chin, tilted his head sideways, and slid his lips firmly against Ty's. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Sideways quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#117. Jess and Ric watched as a shifted Blayne chased the squirrel, caught the squirrel, toyed with the squirrel, let the squirrel go, only to go chasing after it again. Until she was distracted by the crow that she tried to catch in her mouth.
"So ... when are you due?"
Jess winced at Ric's question as Blayne ran into a tree, backed up, and went after the bird again.
"And you're having a - "
"Yes. Yes, I'm having a wolfdog."
Blayne was turning in circles now, trying to catch her tail.
"Blayne," Jess called out. "Blayne!"
The wolfdog immediately stopped and started to walk over to Jess and Ric. Too bad the dizziness got the best of her, though, because she stumbled sideways into another tree and slid down, panting. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Sideways quotes by Charles Stross
#118. Waaant equity," hisses the alien intruder.
"You can't be Pamela Macx," says Pierre, his back to the wall, keeping the sword point before the lobster-woman-thing. "She's in a nunnery in Armenia or something. You pulled that out of Glashwiecz's memories - he worked for her, didn't he?"
Claws go snicker-snack before his face. "Investment partnership!" screeches the harridan. "Seat on the board! Eat brains for breakfast!" It lurches sideways, trying to get past his guard. #Quote by Charles Stross
Sideways quotes by Melissa Broder
#119. My god is a horizontal god who works sideways on earth rather than vertically from heaven down #Quote by Melissa Broder
Sideways quotes by George R R Martin
#120. Some say knowledge is power. Some tell us that all power comes from the gods. Others say it derives from law. Yet that day on the steps of Baelor's Sept, our godly High Septon and the lawful Queen Regent and your ever-so-knowledgeable servant were as powerless as any cobbler or cooper in the crowd. Who truly killed Eddard Stark, do you think? Joffrey, who gave the command? Ser Ilyn Payne, who swung the sword? Or ... another?"
Tyrion cocked his head sideways. "Did you mean to answer your damned riddle, or only to make my head ache worse?"
Varys smiled. "Here, then. Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less."
"So power is a mummer's trick?"
"A shadow on the wall," Varys murmured, "yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow."
Tyrion smiled. "Lord Varyls, I am growing strangely fond of you. I may kill you yet, but I think I'd feel sad about it. #Quote by George R R Martin
Sideways quotes by Miriam Toews
#121. She went sideways through the doorway and her stomach grazed the man's penis. Then she stopped in the middle, right there between the man and the woman, she didn't hurry through at all, she was savouring it. She looked up at the naked man's face, into his eyes, he was expressionless, and she smiled at him and nodded. She was greeting him, politely. Then she somehow turned around in that tight space to face the woman and she looked into her eyes too and smiled and nodded and then she smiled back at all of us huddled in the first room as if to say all right, people, let's go, follow me, and she stepped through and one by one the rest of us followed her. On #Quote by Miriam Toews
Sideways quotes by Chevy Stevens
#122. There are all these books that say we create our own destiny and what we believe is what we manifest. You're supposed to walk around with this perpetual bubble over your head thinking happy thoughts and then everything is going to be sunshine and roses. Nope, sorry, don't think so. You can be as happy as you've ever been in your life, and shit is still going to happen. But it doesn't just happen. It knocks you sideways and crushes you into the ground, because you were stupid enough to believe in sunshine and roses. (99) #Quote by Chevy Stevens
Sideways quotes by Johanna Lindsey
#123. He was fiddling with the harness on the lead horse when she approached him, and asked, "Do you have proof that our aunt sent you to escort us?"
He glanced sideways at her,but then put his attention back on the horse. "I mentioned your aunt,you didn't," he pointed out,his tone indifferent.
"Well,yes,you did,but everyone in this town knows that we recently lost our father and are traveling to live with our aunt."
That got his eyes on her again with a narrowed frown. "I've never set foot in this town before."
"So you say,but-"
"Are you accusing me of sneaking into town in the last day or so,hearing your tale that 'everyone' knows about, and cooking up a plan to abscond with you and your sister?"
Put that way,it sounded really horrible. He'd have to be the worst sort of person to cook up such a plan. She winced mentally. She should nod in agreement. She couldn't bring herself to do it.She didn't need to.He was already furious with her.
He reached inside his vest to pull out a letter he had stuffed in a pocket there. He literally shoved the letter in Marian's face.
"This is how I knew where to find you, Miss Laton,and having not found you where you were supposed to be,I've spent every day since tracking you down. #Quote by Johanna Lindsey
Sideways quotes by D.A. Henneman
#124. She looked sideways at Aleck, taking a peek at the future walking beside her, and realized her life would never be the same. #Quote by D.A. Henneman
Sideways quotes by Leah Cypess
#125. She had learned to pay attention to the variations in Rokan's smiles. There was the sideways half-smile when he found something amusing; the slow, contented smile that appeared only rarely these days; and the wide, dazzling, unrestrained smile she had so far seen only twice, when he first came for her in the Mistwood and when they watched the hawk soar against the sky. And then there was this one, the reason for her watchfulness: the impish grin that meant he wanted to do something he knew was stupid and was going to do it anyhow. #Quote by Leah Cypess
Sideways quotes by Kathryn Holmes
#126. Open the bag, open the bag, open the bag!" he says, bounding through the thigh-deep water. She does. He dumps the second fish inside, and she zips it closed.
"I didn't know you could do that!" Hallelujah calls out as Jonah splashes away from her again.
"Neither did I!" He lunges sideways with a loud whoop, misses his footing, and sits down in the water. He's up again in a second, shaking himself off like a dog. "But I'm not going to stop until the fish get smart enough to figure out what I'm doing and - " Lunge. Splash. Up. Shake. " - run away!"
"Whatever! #Quote by Kathryn Holmes
Sideways quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#127. Jem made the little Scottish noise again, and Brianna looked sideways at him.
"Are you doing that on purpose?"
He looked up at her, surprised. "Doing what?"
"Never mind. When you are fifteen, I'm locking you in the cellar."
"What? Why?" he demanded indignantly.
"Because that's when your father and grandfather started getting into real trouble, and evidently you're going to be just like them. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Sideways quotes by Brodi Ashton
Before he was mine and I was his...

"You weren't in the lunchroom today," Jack said, coming up behind me at my locker. "Jules says you're never in the cafeteria on Wednesdays."
I tried to calm the flush to my cheeks before I turned around to face him. My crush on Jack was getting ridiculous. Pretty soon I would be nonverbal.Just because he noticed,for the first time, that I wasn't at lunch,it didn't mean anything.
I tried to keep my tone light. "Sounds like you guys had a very intriguing conversation."
"Oh,we did." Jack fell into step beside me,and we walked down the hallway at a slower pace than everyone around us. "She said you avoid the cafeteria on Wednesdays.And she said you like me."
I heard myself gasp,and I came to a stop.
I'm gonna kill Jules, I thought.
"So,is it true?" Jack said.
I could barely hear him with the crashing waves in my ears.I started to turn away,embarrassed,but Jack stepped sideways so he was in front of me, and there was nowhere else I could look.
"Is it true?" he asked again.
"Yes.I hate hot-dog Wednesdays, so I don't go to the lunchroom.It's true."
"That's not what I meant,Becks."
"I know."
"Tell me.Is it true? Do you like me?"
I tried to roll my eyes,and promptly forgot how.So I just looked at the ceiling. "You know I like you. You're one of my best friends."
"Friends," Jack repeated.
"Of course."
"Good friends?"
I nodded.
"Mor #Quote by Brodi Ashton
Sideways quotes by Kat Martin
#129. Night camp wasn't much better. The air was thick with hostility,sideways glances, and accusing stares. #Quote by Kat Martin
Sideways quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
#130. If you tilt the whole country sideways, Los Angeles is the place where everything loose will fall. #Quote by Frank Lloyd Wright
Sideways quotes by Pittacus Lore
#131. Bad day?" "Every day is a bad day here." "Eh, this place isnt't so terrible." "How are you always cheerful?" "Alcohol," he says with a sideways grin. #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Sideways quotes by Allison Pang
#132. If you masturbate, would that make you an incubator?
I eyed him sideways, struggling not to laugh at his nonplussed expression or the sharp bark of mock outrage that followed. #Quote by Allison Pang
Sideways quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#133. Shivers heaved out a sigh. "Just trying to make tomorrow that bit better than today is all. I'm one of those ... you've got a word for it, don't you?"
He looked sideways at her. "It was a different one I had in mind."
"That's the one. I'm an optimist."
"How's it working out for you?"
"Not great, but I keep hoping."
"That's optimists. You bastards never learn. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Sideways quotes by Julie Anne Long
#134. I am going to take you every imaginable way,' he promised on a whisper, tugging her bodice lower.
'Excellent,' she murmured. She tugged his shirt from his trousers.
'Right side up, upside down, sideways, sitting, standing. You on top. Then me on top.'
'A brilliant plan.' His shirt fell from his shoulders. Oh, his shoulders. The vast glorious curve of them. She couldn't wait to lick one.
'Backward, forward. On the bed, on the table, on the settee.'
He paused, and lifted her dress off over her head with all the ceremony of an unveiling. It fell to the floor.
'And then?' she whispered.
'And then we'll do it all over again.'
It was the never-ending story! #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Sideways quotes by Abigail Roux
#135. What are you two up to today?"
"Oh, I just figured I'd show Ty some more of Texas. Head down to San Antonio and visit the Bureau office there," Zane said. He shot a sideways look at Ty. "Maybe spend the night in Beaumont."
Ty smacked his forehead and turned his head away.
"Not much in Beaumont to see," Harrison said with a frown.
Zane grinned. "Even so, we're going to try to get it in." Ty had his hand over his mouth, his head down. He was either going to throw up or he was laughing. Harrison felt he'd missed a joke, but he thought maybe he didn't want to know. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Sideways quotes by Neal Stephenson
#136. Well, land sakes!" Hiro says. "Lookee here!" He whips his blade sideways, cutting off both of the businessman's forearms, causing the sword to clatter onto the floor.
"Better fire up the ol' barbeque, Jemima!" Hiro continues, whipping the sword around sideways, cutting the businessman's body in half just above the navel. Then he leans down so he's looking right into the businessman's face. "Didn't anyone tell you," he says, losing the dialect, "that I was a hacker?"
Then he hacks the guy's head off. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Sideways quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#137. Rider's head snapped up at the sound of gravel crunching under Willow's boots. The sight of the girl in boy's garb birthed an oath. Beneath her cotton shirt, her breasts bounced freely with each step. And within the tight mannish pants, her hips swung in an unconscious rhythm, clearly proclaiming her all woman. Hell, she might as well be naked! His body's reaction was immediate.
Cursing his lack of control, he turned sideways, facing her horse, and pretended to adjust the saddle straps.
Willow took Sugar's reins and waited for Rider to move aside. He didn't budge an inch. Instead, he tipped his hat back on his head, revealing undisguised disapproval. "Is that the way you always dress?" he bit out.
Willow stiffened, immediately defensive. Criticizing herself was one thing; putting up with Sinclair's disdain was another! "If you were expecting a dress, you're crazy!" she snapped. "It would be suicide in this country."
"Haven't you ever heard of riding skirts?"
"Yes. I'm not as dumb as you seem to think. But fancy riding skirts cost money I don't have. 'Sides, pants are a hell of a lot more useful on the ranch than some damn riding skirt! Now, if you're done jawing about my clothes, I'd like to get a move on before dark."
"Somebody ought to wash that barnyard mouth of yours,woman."
Willow rested her hand on her gun. "You can try, if you dare."
As if I'd draw on a woman, Rider cursed silently, stepping out of her way. As she hoisted herself #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
Sideways quotes by Chris Pronger
#138. You get a pretty good read by watching the play, and knowing what you would have done - having done most of the things that these guys are accused of doing. I put myself in their shoes: Would I have been wanting to send a message? Is it a hockey play that went a little sideways? #Quote by Chris Pronger
Sideways quotes by Patricia Briggs
#139. It was complicated. I understood it, mostly, but I had to think a little sideways to do it. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Sideways quotes by Cassandra Clare
#140. The Frays had never been a religiously observant family, but Clary loved Fifth Avenue at Christmas time. The air smelled like sweet roasted chestnuts, and the window displays sparkled with silver and blue, green and red. This year there were fat round crystal snowflakes attached to each lamppost, sending back the winter sunlight in shafts of gold. Not to mention the huge tree at Rockefeller Center. It threw its shadow across them as she and Simon draped themselves over the gate at the side of the skating rink, watching tourists fall down as they tried to navigate the ice.

Clary had a hot chocolate wrapped in her hands, the warmth spreading through her body. She felt almost normal - this, coming to Fifth to see the window displays and the tree, had been a winter tradition for her and Simon for as long as she could remember.

"Feels like old times, doesn't it?" he said, echoing her thoughts as he propped his chin on his folded arms.

She chanced a sideways look at him. He was wearing a black topcoat and scarf that emphasized the winter pallor of his skin. His eyes were shadowed, indicating that he hadn't fed on blood recently. He looked like what he was - a hungry, tired vampire.

Well, she thought. Almost like old times. "More people to buy presents for," she said. "Plus, the always traumatic what-to-buy-someone-for-the-first-Christmas-after-you've-started-dating question."

"What to get the Shadowhunter who has everything," S #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Sideways quotes by Kristen Henderson
#141. Oblong stones sink
slow and sideways. Shaped
by the weight of waves,
dutifully vibrating nature's
lunar-bound graces,
they wash ashore only for
closed palms to forsake them.
The cheerful will
cherish them, place them
on windowsills, or on graves. #Quote by Kristen Henderson
Sideways quotes by Peter Heller
#142. Jasper glances sideways with mild canine embarrassment. #Quote by Peter Heller
Sideways quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#143. On our first date, he bought me a taco, talked at length about the ancients' theories of light, how it streams at angles to align events in space and time, that it is the source of all information, determines every outcome, how we can reflect it to summon aliens using mirrored bowls of water. I asked what the point of it all was, but he didn't seem to hear me. Lying on the grass outside a tennis arena, he held my face toward the sun, stared sideways at my eyeballs, and began to cry. He told me I was the sign he'd been waiting for and, like looking into a crystal ball, he'd just read a private message from God in the silvery vortex of my left pupil. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Sideways quotes by Philip Pullman
#144. Occasionally they would hear a harsh croak or a splash as some amphibian was disturbed, but the only creature they saw was a toad as big as Will's foot, which could only flop in a pain-filled sideways heave as if it were horribly injured. It lay across the path, trying to move out of the way and looking at them as if it knew they meant to hurt it.
'It would be merciful to kill it,' said Tialys.
'How do you know?' said Lyra. 'It might still like being alive, in spite of everything.'
'If we killed it, we'd be taking it with us,' said Will. 'It wants to stay here. I've killed enough living things. Even a filthy stagnant pool might be better than being dead.'
'But if it's in pain?' said Tialys.
'If it could tell us, we'd know. But since it can't, I'm not going to kill it. That would be considering our feelings rather than the toad's.'
They moved on. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Sideways quotes by Carson McCullers
#145. I had no power of how and when to remember her. You think you can put up a kind of shield. But remembering don't come to a man face forward - it corners around sideways. I was at the mercy of everything I saw and heard. Suddenly instead of me combing the countryside to find her, she begun to chase me around in my very soul. She chasing me mind you! And in my soul. #Quote by Carson McCullers
Sideways quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#146. Tipsy, they tumbled early into bed - to get as much sleep as they could. So they would feel less hunger. The summer catch had been poor; there wasn't much food. They ate with care and looked sideways at the old: the old were gluttons, everybody knew it, and what was the good of feeding them? It wouldn't harm them to starve a little.
The hungry dogs howled. The women rinsed the children's bellies with hot water three times a day, so they wouldn't cry so much for food. The old starved silently. ("The North") #Quote by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Sideways quotes by Salman Rushdie
#147. Nobody noticed or cared that one day she turned sideways and slipped through a slit in the world and returned to Peristan, the other reality, the world of dreams whence the jinn periodically emerge to trouble and bless mankind. To the villagers of Lucena she seemed to have dissolved, perhaps into fireless smoke. After Dunia left our world the voyagers from the world of the jinn to ours became fewer in number, and then for a long time they stopped coming completely, and the slits in the world became overgrown by the unimaginative weeds of convention and the thornbushes of the dully material, until they finally closed up completely and our ancestors were left to do the best they could without the benefits or curses of magic. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Sideways quotes by Aleister Crowley
#148. If you examine the highest poetry in the light of common sense, you can only say that it is rubbish; and in actual fact you cannot so examine it at all, because there is something in poetry which is not in the words themselves, which is not in the images suggested by the words 'O windy star blown sideways up the sky!' True poetry is itself a magic spell which is a key to the ineffable. #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Sideways quotes by Elizabeth Noble
#149. You care about me. We're in a room together, with a hundred other people, and you know ehre I am, who I'm talking to. We enjoy each other. We're a bit alike, but different enough. You see things in me that you don't see in your wife and you know, deep down, that if we had met in another time, when it wasn't impossible for anything to happen between us, that we could have had something. And you think it might have been spetacular. And you know you might be a different person if you were with me, and that scares the hell out of you. And when youve had a few drinks, you fancy the arse off me." (...)
He gave her a little sideways smile. "Nearly right."
She raised an eyebrow. God, this felt good. (...)
"Just to be sure we're both clear on this, I'm about to kiss you, Lucy. #Quote by Elizabeth Noble
Sideways quotes by Natasha Anders
#150. Without seeming to think about it, he turned sideways, dropping his feet over the arm of the couch and - shockingly - his head into her lap. He tugged at his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons in an effort to get more comfortable and then turned to face the TV.

"What are we watching?"

The "we" undid her, and she allowed the tension to leave her body at this unexpected turn of events. Her hands, which had been hovering in midair as she tried to figure out where to place them, dropped - one to his hair and the other to his shoulder. #Quote by Natasha Anders
Sideways quotes by Mo Rocca
#151. I'm in fact a hair under six feet, but I'm very svelte. People would never see me if I turned sideways. #Quote by Mo Rocca
Sideways quotes by Steven Erikson
#152. Light exploded behind Felisin's eyes as she sprawled sideways. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Sideways quotes by Francine Pascal
#153. If you turned sideways and stuck your tongue out, you could probably pass for a zipper. #Quote by Francine Pascal
Sideways quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#154. You want me to list characteristics of a ... ?"
"Potential mate, yes, that would be helpful ... "
Without meaning to, I looked sideways at Patch. He was eased back in his seat, one notch above a slouch, studying me with satisfaction. He flashed his pirate smile and mouthed, We're waiting.
I stacked my hands on the table, hoping I lookedmore composed than I felt. "I've never thought about it before."
"Well, think fast."
"Could you call on someone else first?"
Coach gestured impatiently to my left. "You're up, Patch."
Unlike me, Patch spoke with confidence. He had himself positioned so his body was angled slightly toward mine, our knees mere inches apart.
"Intelligent. Attractive. Vulnerable #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Sideways quotes by D.B. Reynolds
#155. Do you think my Cyn would like a souvenir?" he asked Duncan.
Duncan leaned sideways to study the dripping organ.
"probably not, My lord. #Quote by D.B. Reynolds
Sideways quotes by Emma Chase
#156. Ellie goes back to the kitchen . . . and screams bloody murder.


Adrenaline spikes through me and I dart to the kitchen, ready to fight. Until I see the cause of her screaming.

"Bosco, noooooo!"

It's the rodent-dog. He got into the kitchen, somehow managed to hoist himself up onto the counter, and is in the process of demolishing his fourth pie.

Fucking Christ, it's impressive how fast he ate them. That a mutt his size could even eat that many. His stomach bulges with his ill-gotten gains - like a snake that ingested a monkey. A big one.

"Thieving little bastard!" I yell.

Ellie scoops him off the counter and I point my finger in his face. "Bad dog."

The little twat just snarls back.

Ellie tosses the mongrel on the steps that lead up to the apartment and slams the door. Then we both turn and assess the damage. Two apple and a cherry are completely devoured, he nibbled at the edge of a peach and apple crumb and left tiny paw-prints in two lemon meringues.

"We're going to have re-bake all seven," Ellie says.

I fold my arms across my chest. "Looks that way."

"It'll take hours," she says.


"But we have to. There isn't any other choice."

Silence follows. Heavy, meaningful silence.

I glance sideways at Ellie, and she's already peeking over at me.

"Or . . . is there?" she asks slyly #Quote by Emma Chase
Sideways quotes by Rick Yancey
#157. The world existed for a very long time before this particular set of seven billion billion atoms came along and it will go right on after they're scattered up, down and sideways. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Sideways quotes by Sara Wolf
#158. How did you find me? If you hacked into the Club's computer to look up my appointments - "
"Whoa, I think you overestimate me, shitlord. Last time I checked all I did was be in the wrong place at the right time. I saw you and had to - "
"Stalk me."
" - delicately approach you. In a sideways manner. From behind. Without being seen at all. For ten minutes. #Quote by Sara Wolf
Sideways quotes by Pawan Mishra
#159. I swear by the self-assurance with which elderly men sitting in public tilt sideways to allow the gas to escape loudly. #Quote by Pawan Mishra
Sideways quotes by Seanan McGuire
#160. Children are capable of grasping complex ideas long before most people give them credit for, wrapping them in a soothing layer of nonsense and illogical logic. To be a child is to be a visitor from another world muddling your way through the strange rules of this one, where up is always up, even when it would make more sense for it to be down, or backward, or sideways. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Sideways quotes by Angelina Jolie
#161. I have so many children. Half of mine are the ones that just must climb the tree, must climb the mountain, must get dirty, must jump off, flip into the pool sideways because it's just who they are. So you try to give them as much guidance and prepare them but they are who they are. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
Sideways quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#162. There is no straight path from your seat today to where you are going. Don't try to draw that line. You will not just get it wrong, you'll miss big opportunities. And I mean big-like the Internet. Careers are not ladders, those days are long gone, but jungle gyms. Don't just move up and down, don't just look up, look backwards, sideways around corners. Your career and your life will have starts and stops and zigs and zags. Don't stress out about the white space-the path you can't draw- because there in lies both the surprises and the opportunities. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Sideways quotes by L.J.Smith
#163. Bonnie who had never hurt a - a harmless thing for malice. Bonnie who was like a kitten making airy pounces at no prey at all. Bonnie with her hair that was called something strawberry but that looked simply as if it was on fire. Bonnie of the translucent skin with the delicate violet fjords and estuaries of veins all over her throat and inner arms. Bonnie who had lately taken to looking at him sideways with her large childlike eyes big and brown under lashes like stars ... #Quote by L.J.Smith
Sideways quotes by Kara Dalkey
#164. He slowly reached up and ran a finger along the hem of my sleeve. 'You are a mortal'

'And I see little advantage in it.'

His gaze met mine. 'You are beautiful.'

I felt very strange. The world seemed to turn sideways. Now it was I who could not speak.

'We have been friends so long,' he went on. 'Surely our fates are now entwined and we will meet again.'

'Perhaps so,' I said at last. 'But you are immortal. You need not leave your life to see me in a new one.'

'I am a tengu,' he sighed. 'Only a tengu. We do not...mortals and we can't...I can only be your friend.'

'You have been a very good friend.'

'I want to marry you #Quote by Kara Dalkey
Sideways quotes by Robert Galbraith
#165. The leg was sent to Robin,' Strike reminded him. 'There's as much chance that she's seen this woman previously as I have. She's my partner. We work the same jobs.'

Robin glanced sideways at Strike. He had never before described her as his partner to somebody else, or not within Robin's hearing. He was not looking at her. Robin switched her attention back to Wardle. Apprehensive though she was, after hearing Strike put her on equal professional footing with himself she knew that, whatever she was about to see, she would not let herself, or him, down. #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Sideways quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#166. Cicadas," Poppy said. "This is the only place you'll see them in England. They're usually found only in the tropics. Only a male cicada makes that noise- it's said to be a mating song."
"How do you know he's not commenting on the weather?"
Sending him a provocative sideways glance, Poppy murmured, "Well, mating is rather a male preoccupation, isn't it?"
Harry smiled. "If there's a more interesting subject," he said, "I have yet to discover it. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Sideways quotes by Margaret Atwood
#167. I spent that night lying huddled and shivering in the vast bed of the hotel. My feet were icy, my knees drawn up, my head sideways on the pillow; in front of me the arctic waste of starched white bedsheet stretched out to infinity. I knew I could never traverse it, regain the track, get back to where it was warm; I knew I was directionless; I knew I was lost. I would be discovered years later by some intrepid team - fallen in my tracks, one arm outflung as if grasping at straws, my features desiccated, my fingers gnawed by wolves. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Sideways quotes by James Vavasour
#168. Nothing says "I hold my gun sideways" like a bad face tattoo. #Quote by James Vavasour
Sideways quotes by Bruce Sterling
#169. The future is unwritten. there are best case scenarios. There are worst-case scenarios. both of them are great fun to write about if you' re a science fiction novelist, but neither of them ever happens in the real world. What happens in the real world is always a sideways-case scenario. World-changing marvels to us, are only wallpaper to our children. #Quote by Bruce Sterling
Sideways quotes by Toni Morrison
#170. This notion of rest, it's attractive to her, but I don't think she would like it. They are all like that, these women. Waiting for the ease, the space that need not be filled with anything other than the drift of their own thoughts. But they wouldn't like it. They are busy and thinking of ways to be busier because such a space of nothing pressing to do would knock them down. No fields of cowslips will rush into that opening, nor mornings free of flies and heat when the light is shy. No. Not at all. They fill their mind and hands with soap and repair and dicey confrontations because what is waiting for them, in a suddenly idle moment, is the seep of rage. Molten. Thick and slow-moving. Mindful and particular about what in its path it chooses to bury. Or else, into a beat of time, and sideways under their breasts, slips a sorrow they don't know where from. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Sideways quotes by Richard Yates
#171. They think the way to be a poet is to wear funny clothes and write sideways on the page. #Quote by Richard Yates
Sideways quotes by Michael Scott
#172. She turned back to Sophie. "First things first: are your parents alive?" "Yes," she said, blinking in surprise, not sure where this was going. "Good. And you talk to your mother?" "Yes, almost every day." Dora glanced sideways at Scatty. "You hear that? Almost every day." She took one of Sophie's hands in hers and patted the back of it. "Maybe you should be teaching Scathach a thing or two. And have you a grandmother?" "My Nana, yes, my father's mother. I usually call her on Fridays," she added, realizing with a guilty start that today was Friday and that Nana Newman would be expecting a call. "Every Friday," the Witch of Endor said significantly, and looked at #Quote by Michael Scott
Sideways quotes by Judith McNaught
#173. A few minutes later Elizabeth watched Lucinda emerge from the cottage with Ian, but there was no way to guess from their closed expressions what they'd discussed.
In fact, the only person betraying any emotion at all was Jake Wiley as he led two horses into the yard. And his face, Elizabeth noted with confusion-which had been stormy when he went off to saddle the horses-was now wreathed in a smile of unrestrained glee. With a sweep of his arm and a bow he gestured toward a swaybacked black horse with an old sidesaddle upon its back. "Here's your mount, ma'am," he told Lucinda, grinning. "His name's Attila."
Lucinda cast a disdainful eye over the beast as she transferred her umbrella to her right hand and pulled on her black gloves. "Have you nothing better?"
"No, ma'am. Ian's horse has a hurt foot."
"Oh, very well," said Lucinda, walking briskly forward, but as she came within reach the black suddenly bared his teeth and lunged. Lucinda struck him between the ears with her umbrella without so much as a pause in her step. "Cease!" she commanded, and, ignoring the animal's startled grunt of pain, she continued around to his other side to mount. "You brought it on yourself," she told the horse as Jake held Attila's head, and Ian Thornton helped her into the sidesaddle. The whites of Attila's eyes showed as he warily watched her land in his saddle and settle herself. The moment Jake handed Lucinda the reins Attila began to leap sideways and twist around in res #Quote by Judith McNaught
Sideways quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#174. And so sometimes when you feel strange, when a pang tugs at your heart or it seems like the moment has already happened- or when you look up in the sky and are surprised at the sight of bright Jupiter between clouds, and everything suddenly seems stuffed with a vast significance-consider that some other person somewhere is entangled with you in time, and is trying to give some push to the situation, some little help to make things better. Then put your shoulder to whatever wheel you have at hand, whatever moment you're in, and push too! Push like Galileo pushed! And together we may crab sideways toward the good. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Sideways quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#175. Cause-and-effect assumes history marches forward, but history is not an army. It is a crab scuttling sideways, a drip of soft water wearing away stone, an earthquake breaking centuries of tension. Sometimes one person inspires a movement, or her words do decades later, sometimes a few passionate people change the world; sometimes they start a mass movement and millions do; sometimes those millions are stirred by the same outrage or the same ideal, and change comes upon us like a change of weather. All that these transformations have in common is that they begin in the imagination, in hope. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Sideways quotes by Laini Taylor
#176. I have some sneaking to do. The thought of it kicks my heartbeat sideways. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Sideways quotes by Rachel Morgan
#177. Ryn looks sideways at me and raises an eyebrow,"It's big enough for two."
-"You're joking right?Why don't you pretend to be a gentleman and give me the bed?"
He laughs. "Now you're joking."
-"Of course." I sigh. "I have nothing but the lowest of expectations when it comes to you, Ryn."
-"And I shall continue to live down to them. #Quote by Rachel Morgan
Sideways quotes by Anna White
#178. I've had a lot of therapists, so I've had the opportunity to approach my fear in many different ways. I've faced it head on and sideways and tried to tiptoe up behind it. #Quote by Anna White
Sideways quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#179. Let go!" I insisted. He ignored me. I staggered along sideways across the wet sidewalk until we reached the Volvo. Then he finally freed me – I stumbled against the passenger door.
"You are so pushy!" I grumbled
"It's open," was all he responded. He got in the driver's side.
"I am perfectly capable of driving myself home!" I stood by the car, fuming. It was raining harder now, and I'd never put my hood up, so my hair was dripping down my back.
He lowered the automatic window and leaned toward me across the seat. "Get in, Bella."
I didn't answer. I was mentally calculating my chances of reaching the truck before he could catch me. I had to admit it, they weren't good.
"I'll just drag you back," he threatened, guessing my plan. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Sideways quotes by Anna Banks
#180. You could me practice. They wouldn't have to know." I don't even feel like practicing. I just seems I should get in the water on principal, since Galen told me not to. And especially since he left me with a babysitter.
She throws me a sideways glare. "Fat Lips would know. He can sense me from anywhere, remember? An he'd snitch to Galen. He would know something's wrong if you and me got in without my brother."
I shrug. "Since when do you care about getting in trouble?"
"Since never. But Galen said if I kept you out of the water, he'd teach me how to drive his car."
Jackpot. "I happen to know how to drive. I could teach you."
"Galen said I wasn't allowed to ask you, or the deal's off."
"You didn't ask me. I offered."
She nods, biting her lip. "That's true. You did."
I set the book on the ugly glass coffee table and squat next to her. "I'll teach you how to drive if you let me get in the water. You don't even have to get in."
The way she raises her brow reminds me of Galen. "You're wasting your time trying to change if you ask me. You're half human. You probably don't even have a fin in there."
"What do you know about the half-breeds?"
She shrugs. "Not much. Enough to know that if you're one of them, there's no point in trying to change. No one is going to accept you. At least, no Syrena will."
I decide not to take offense. I don't put much stock in her opinion anyway, and she won't care if she offended me or not. #Quote by Anna Banks
Sideways quotes by Bob Dylan
#181. Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie

When yer head gets twisted and yer mind grows numb

When you think you're too old, too young, too smart or too dumb

When yer laggin' behind an' losin' yer pace

In a slow-motion crawl of life's busy race

No matter what yer doing if you start givin' up

If the wine don't come to the top of yer cup

If the wind's got you sideways with with one hand holdin' on

And the other starts slipping and the feeling is gone

And yer train engine fire needs a new spark to catch it

And the wood's easy findin' but yer lazy to fetch it

And yer sidewalk starts curlin' and the street gets too long

And you start walkin' backwards though you know its wrong

And lonesome comes up as down goes the day

And tomorrow's mornin' seems so far away

And you feel the reins from yer pony are slippin'

And yer rope is a-slidin' 'cause yer hands are a-drippin'

And yer sun-decked desert and evergreen valleys

Turn to broken down slums and trash-can alleys

And yer sky cries water and yer drain pipe's a-pourin'

And the lightnin's a-flashing and the thunder's a-crashin'

And the windows are rattlin' and breakin' and the roof tops a-shakin'

And yer whole world's a-slammin' and bangin'

And yer minutes of sun turn to hours of storm

And t #Quote by Bob Dylan
Sideways quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#182. What's the woman doing there?" he asked.
"Covering a scratch on the hood. She was cheaper than a new paint job."
He flipped through a few more pages of barely dressed women and classic cars. "Nick used to have magazines like this when we were kids. But without the cars." He rotated a photo sideways. "Or the bathing suits. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Sideways quotes by Knut Hamsun
#183. But things worked out. Everything works out. Though sometimes they work out sideways. #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Sideways quotes by Margaret Weis
#184. How do you know they're magic and not some mechanical device of the dwarves?" Tanis asked, sensing that Tas was hiding something.
Tas gulped. He had been hoping Tanis wouldn't ask him that question.
"Uh," Tas stammered, "I---I guess I did sort of happened to, uh, mention them to Raistilin one night when you were all busy doing something else. He told me they might be magic. To find out, he said one of those weird spells of his and they--uh--began to glow. That meant they were enchanted. He asked me what they did and I demonstated and he said they were 'glasses of true seeing.' The dwarven magic-users of old made them to read books written in other languages and--" Tas stopped.
"And?" Tanis pursued.
"And--uh--magic spellbooks." Tas's voice was a whisper.
"And what else did Raistlin say?"
"That if I touched his spellbooks or even looked at them sideways, he'd turn me into a cricket and s-swallow m-me whole," Tasselhoff stammered. He looked up at Tanis with his wide eyed. "I belived him, too."
Tanis shook his head. Trust Raistlin to come up with a threat awful enough to quensh the curiosity of a kender. #Quote by Margaret Weis
Sideways quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#185. Wow," Tate whispered. "They're fucking right on the dance floor. "
"I see that." There was an edge to my words.
Dave gave me a sideways grin. "Juan will cry at being stuck in the van. If he were here, he'd be screaming 'Authenticity's imperative!' and taking his pants down. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Sideways quotes by Laura Oliva
#186. It wasn't every day a witch came to see him.
Darius deCompostela gave up on the paperwork he'd been trying to fill out and leaned back in his chair. Semantics. Technically, Georgia Clare hadn't come to see him. She'd come to see MacMillian. Most people did, often with barely a sideways glance in his direction. Usually, that chafed.
Not this time. For one thing, her reluctance to speak with him didn't seem to have anything to do with, well, him.
For another thing, he didn't do witches. #Quote by Laura Oliva
Sideways quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#187. Raisa's breath caught. "They clubbed you?"
"Well." He looked sideways at her. "If you were any good, they'd miss. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Sideways quotes by Cate Rowan
#188. Snow-crested peaks thrust up far ahead, blazing white and fierce in the late afternoon sun. He measured the sun's height. "There are cotters in the next valley who'll provide beds for the night and a tasty meal."
Jilian nodded. "Good, my butt will appreciate a rest. Dang, I wasn't going to admit that," she added sheepishly.
He shot her a sideways glance and found himself smiling again. This time it didn't feel as rusty. #Quote by Cate Rowan
Sideways quotes by Charles Grant
#189. Besides, you have to remember that the thinner air out here slows down the intellectual process, the result of less oxygen flowing to the brain.'
He grinned and looked at her sideways. 'Is that a doctor thing?'
'No that's a Scully thing ... The doctor thing is, get some sleep ... or you'll be useless in the morning.'
He nodded as he waved a weary good night over his shoulder, sidestepping a garden wall just before he tripped over it. Another wave- I'm okay, I know what I'm doing- before he disappeared into the passageway. #Quote by Charles Grant
Sideways quotes by Wally Lamb
#190. Rosalie sat sideways in her chair, shaking from the laughter she was swallowing. I imagined myself drawing a gun from desk, taking aim, and killing her without so much as a quiver. #Quote by Wally Lamb
Sideways quotes by Francois Rabelais
#191. This year there will be an eclipse of the Moon on the fourth day of August.9 Saturn will be retrograde; Venus, direct; Mercury, variable. And a mass of other planets will not proceed as they used to.10 As a result, crabs this year will walk sideways, rope-makers work backwards, stools end up on benches, and pillows be found at the foot of the bed;11 many men's bollocks will hang down for lack of a game-bag;12 the belly will go in front and the bum be the first to sit down; nobody will find the bean in their Twelfth Night cake; not one ace will turn up in a flush; the dice will never do what you want, however much you may flatter them;13 and the beasts will talk in sundry places. #Quote by Francois Rabelais
Sideways quotes by Mohammed Hanif
#192. She tries to maintain a nondescript exterior; she learns the sideways glance instead of looking at people directly. She speaks in practised, precise sentences so that she is not misunderstood. She chooses her words carefully, and if someone addresses her in Punjabi, she answers in Urdu, because an exchange in her mother tongue might be considered a promise of intimacy. She uses English for medical terms only, because she feels if she uses a word of English in her conversation she might be considered a bit forward. When she walks she walks with slightly hurried steps, as if she has an important but innocent appointment to keep. She avoids eye contact, she looks slightly over people's heads as if looking out for somebody who might come into view at any moment. She doesn't want anyone to think that she is alone and nobody is coming for her. She sidesteps even when she sees a boy half her age walking towards her, she walks around little puddles when she can easily leap over them; she thinks any act that involves stretching her legs might send the wrong signal. After all, this is not the kind of thing where you can leave your actions to subjective interpretations. She never eats in public. Putting something in your mouth is surely an invitation for someone to shove something horrible down your throat. If you show your hunger, you are obviously asking for something. #Quote by Mohammed Hanif
Sideways quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#193. Writing is like giving birth to a piano sideways. Anyone who perseveres is either talented or nuts. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Sideways quotes by Isaac Hempstead-Wright
#194. Occasionally, fans will ask me to go on their shoulders, and we'll do a sort of Hodor and Bran thing. That's always good fun. But one guy did it, and he really wasn't an expert at picking people up, and I was kind of going sideways on his back holding onto his neck, and then I sort of fell off. But that was fun. #Quote by Isaac Hempstead-Wright
Sideways quotes by Robert B. Parker
#195. I watched the kids walking past us on the sidewalk. They looked pretty much like any other kids. They were dressed for each other. Oversized clothes, sneakers, hats on backwards, or sideways. Most of them tried to look confident. Most of them were full of pretense. All of them were a little overmatched by the speed at which the world came at them. But these kids weren't like other kids, and I knew it. These kids were doomed. And they knew it. #Quote by Robert B. Parker
Sideways quotes by Wendy Higgins
#196. The seven of us slipped onto the porch and down the deck stairs, finding lawn chairs to sit in under a giant oak tree. Kaidan leaned back in his chair, balancing it on the back two legs.
"How about a game of Truth or Dare?" Marna offered.
I was immediately apprehensive. Just as I was about to suggest something else, Kaidan spoke and my heart faltered.
"I'll go first," he said. "I dare Kope to kiss Anna."
Everything inside me flooded with fury and embarrassment. Kaidan leaned far back with his arms crossed, cocky. I stood up without thinking and hooked my foot under his chair, swiftly kicking upward and causing him to topple backward. He looked up at me from the ground with a stunned expression that morphed into a grin.
The twins and Blake were in hysterics. Blake laughed so hard he fell sideways out of his own chair, which made Jay join in the laughter. I couldn't sit there with them anymore. This whole night was a disaster. I turned and walked through the yard, toward the side of the house. I heard Ginger talk between gasps of mirth.
"Maybe she's not so bad after all! #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Sideways quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#197. My heart leaps in my chest when her feet slide. Moving sideways. Not closer, not farther. Now it's her turn to prowl. Even though she's only walking, it feels like a dance. I mirror her movements, stepping with her. She's more graceful than I am, a lithe thief born of many years and many twists of fate.
The sparks reflect in her eyes. They shudder from brown to purple, giving her an unearthly look, like her gaze might run me through.
Part of me wishes she would. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Sideways quotes by Douglas Adams
#198. Not unnaturally, many elevators imbued with intelligence and precognition became terribly frustrated with the mindless business of going up and down, up and down, experimented briefly with the notion of going sideways, as a sort of existential protest, demanded participation in the decision-making process and finally took to squatting in basements sulking.
An impoverished hitch-hiker visiting any planets in the Sirius star system these days can pick up easy money working as a counsellor for neurotic elevators. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Sideways quotes by Robert Jordan
#199. Bashere shrugged, grinning brhind his grey-streaked moustaches, "When I first slept in a saddle, Muad Cheade was Marshal-General. The man was as mad as a hare in spring thaw. Twice every day he searched his bodyservant for poison, and he drank nothing but vinegar and water which he claimed was sovereign against the poison the fellow fed him, but he ate everything the man prepared for as long as I knew him. Once he had a grove of oaks chopped down because they were looking at him. And then insisted they be given decent funerals; he gave the oration. Do you have any idea how long it takes to dig graves for twenty-three oak trees?" "Why didn't somebody do something? His Family?" "Those not as mad as him, or madder, were afraid to look at him sideways. Tenobia's father wouldn't have let anyone touch Cheade anyway. He might have been insane, but he could outgeneral anyone I ever saw. He never lost a battle. He never even came close to losing. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Sideways quotes by Heather Hildenbrand
#200. But there are some words that when overheard will always twist a person's guts sideways. #Quote by Heather Hildenbrand

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