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Short Snowfall quotes by Joel Osteen
#1. You may think you're getting the short end of the stick, but when it's all said and done, God will make sure that you don't lose anything truly valuable. Moreover, He'll make sure you get your just reward. Your responsibility is to remain calm and peaceable even when those around you are not. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Short Snowfall quotes by Talismanist Giebra
#2. Best wines with character have abyss within. #Quote by Talismanist Giebra
Short Snowfall quotes by Megan Amram
#3. I have, for a few years, been writing comedy prose - short pieces for my blog - because I found it to be a good way to write while I was on a TV show. It was different enough from my scripts that it felt like a break, but it still was comedy and very fun. I like to do comedy! #Quote by Megan Amram
Short Snowfall quotes by Primo Levi
#4. For people condemned to death, tradition prescribes an austere ceremony, calculated to emphasize that all passions and anger have died down, and that the act of justice represents only a sad duty towards society which moves even the executioner to pity for the victim. Thus the condemned man is shielded from all external cares, he is granted solitude and, should he want it, spiritual comfort; in short, care is taken that he should feel around him neither hatred nor arbitrariness, only necessity and justice, and by means of punishment, pardon. But to us this was not granted, for we were many and time was short. And in any case, what had we to repent, for what crime did we need pardon? #Quote by Primo Levi
Short Snowfall quotes by Aly Martinez
#5. Rational thought had died in that stairwell. The moment I'd lost sight of her out the door, I knew I'd follow her. The second I'd seen Johnson standing there, I had known I'd fight for her. And the moment she'd smiled up at me, I had known I'd run a mile though broken glass to keep it aimed at me.
Long story short: I was fucked. #Quote by Aly Martinez
Short Snowfall quotes by Victoria Schwab
#6. Humanity was messy. For the majority of his short life, he'd thought of people as either food or bad, clean or stained - the separation stark, the lines drawn in black and white - but the last six months had shown him a multitude of grays. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Short Snowfall quotes by Rachel Gibson
#7. Home was his favorite place too. But home for him was anywhere Jane happened to be. Never in his life had he loved someone as much as he loved her. So much that it scared him sometimes.
He pulled her against him and looked out over the city. He was in love with his wife. Yeah, he knew what that said about him. That he was a goner. Leg-shackled for life. Whipped by a short woman with a big attitude. Yep, that's what it said about him, and he didn't care. #Quote by Rachel Gibson
Short Snowfall quotes by Malcolm Muggeridge
#8. Stalin made one fatal error: he neglected to suppress the works of Tolstoy. [...] If you scoured the literature of the centuries of Christendom for the books that might most help an oppressed people in relation to our Lord and the Christian faith, you could find nothing better than the short stories and the later novels of Tolstoy. The efforts of Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberation, the Voice of America, and the Oversees Service of the BBC, all put together, wouldn't equal one single short story of Tolstoy in keeping alive in the hearts of human beings the knowledge of the love of God. #Quote by Malcolm Muggeridge
Short Snowfall quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#9. Experts in diagnostic errors provided an answer to the puzzle that had been nagging me: How was it possible for missed diagnoses to be so common and yet not perceived by doctors as a major problem? The problem is that physicians, while generally aware that mistakes happen, greatly underestimate how often they make them. In his talks to doctors on the topic, Graber often asks how many have made a diagnostic error in the past year; typically, only about 1 percent of the hands go up. 'The concept that they, personally, could err at a significant rate is inconceivable to most physicians,' he writes. In short, they think it's the other guy. This overconfidence is not necessarily their fault: doctors simply do not get the feedback needed to gain an accurate sense of their batting average. They assume their diagnoses are correct until they hear otherwise. Since there are few, if any, health care organizations that systematically measure diagnostic error rates, they typically learn of their mistakes only from the patients themselves. #Quote by Maya Dusenbery
Short Snowfall quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#10. Hello?"
"How's it going?" Dane asked.
I relaxed at the familiar voice. "I'm having a fling with a younger man," I told him. "He's kind of short for me, and there's a little incontinence problem ... but we're working to get beyond all that. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Short Snowfall quotes by B. Alan Wallace
#11. We are persons whose bodies can be objectively studied according to the impersonal laws of physics but whose minds are subjectively experienced in ways science has not yet been able to fathom. In short, by radically seperating science from religion, we are not merely segregating two human institutions; we are fragmenting ourselves as individuals and as a society in ways that lead to deep, unresolved conflicts in terms of our view of the world, our values, and our way of life. #Quote by B. Alan Wallace
Short Snowfall quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#12. Room 10 [a short film she codirected with Andrea Buchanan] nailed my personal theme: love and choosing to stay in the room when the going gets tough. #Quote by Jennifer Aniston
Short Snowfall quotes by Jimmy Demaret
#13. He's hit it fat ... It will probably be short ... It just hit the front edge of the green ... It's got no chance ... It's rolling toward the cup ... Well I'll be damned! #Quote by Jimmy Demaret
Short Snowfall quotes by Kenneth Appel
#14. Without computers we will be stuck only proving theorems that have short proofs. #Quote by Kenneth Appel
Short Snowfall quotes by Bobbie Ann Mason
#15. I often say flippantly that the short story is ... shorter; you can be done with it more easily. It's much less of a commitment of time and energy than a big project like a novel or long nonfiction book. #Quote by Bobbie Ann Mason
Short Snowfall quotes by John Feldmann
#16. Probably "I love my life" would be something I would say out loud to the planet - just that positive affirmation. And also, "Life is short," "Don't take yourself so seriously," and "Lighten the f - k up." And if that offends you, you really need to lighten the f - k up. #Quote by John Feldmann
Short Snowfall quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#17. One of the problems of the vacation is money, father."

"Oh, I shouldn't worry about a thing like that at your age."

"You see, I've run rather short."

"Yes?" said my father without any sound of interest.

"In fact I don't quite know how I'm going to get through the next two months."

"Well, I'm the worst person to come to for advice. I've never been 'short' as you so painfully call it. And yet what else could you say? Hard up? Penurious? Distressed? Embarrassed? Stony-broke?" (Snuffle.) "On the rocks? In Queer Street? Let us say you are in Queer Street and leave it at that. Your grandfather once said to me, 'Live within your means, but if you do get into difficulties, come to me. Don't go to the Jews. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Short Snowfall quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#18. I hate complaining to strangers
you can only complain satisfactorily to people you know really well. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Short Snowfall quotes by Dan Chaon
#19. Writing a short story is a little like walking into a dark room, finding a light and turning it on. The light is the end of the story. #Quote by Dan Chaon
Short Snowfall quotes by Benjamin A. Rogge
#20. Given man's nature, freedom will always be in jeopardy, and the only question that need concern each of us is if and how well we took our stand in its defense during the short period of time when we were potentially a part of the struggle. #Quote by Benjamin A. Rogge
Short Snowfall quotes by Chuck Hillig
#21. The Void is both the source of nothingness and, at the very same time, the source of everythingness. In short, the void is the limitless context in which your entire world is both appearing and disappearing. #Quote by Chuck Hillig
Short Snowfall quotes by Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan
#22. It is a melancholy fact that childhood, so short when compared with the average span of life, should exert such a strong and permanent influence on character that no amount of self-training afterwards can ever completely counter it. #Quote by Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan
Short Snowfall quotes by Robert M. Hutchins
#23. A world community can exist only with world communication, which means something more than extensive short-wave facilities scattered; about the globe. It means common understanding, a common tradition, common ideas, and common ideals. #Quote by Robert M. Hutchins
Short Snowfall quotes by Muffin
Short Snowfall quotes by Alice Munro
#25. Corrie said she was glad that what they were doing - what they had just done - appeared not to bother him, in spite of his belief. She said that she herself had never had any time for God, because her father was enough to cope with. #Quote by Alice Munro
Short Snowfall quotes by Peter Drucker
#26. Time is totally perishable and cannot be stored. Yesterday's time is gone forever, and will never come back. Time is always in short supply. There is no substitute for time. Everything requires time. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Short Snowfall quotes by Paul Hoffman
#27. You're the right colour for the Angel of Death, Mister Cale. But a little short.' 'I could cut your head off and stand on it. Then I'd be taller. #Quote by Paul Hoffman
Short Snowfall quotes by Eddy Curry
#28. It is hard to try and find a rhythm when you're only out there for short spurts, but it's fine, #Quote by Eddy Curry
Short Snowfall quotes by Jami Attenberg
#29. I feel a bigger sense of fulfillment when writing a novel, and short stories are more about instant gratification. #Quote by Jami Attenberg
Short Snowfall quotes by David Foster Wallace
#30. In short, not only was it surprising to be greeted in person with such enthusiastic words, but it was doubly surprising when the person reciting these words displayed the same kind of disengagement as, say, the checkout clerk who utters the words 'Have a nice day' while her expression indicates that it's really a matter of total indifference to her whether you drop dead in the parking lot outside ten seconds from now. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Short Snowfall quotes by Henry Hallett Dale
#31. Hitherto the conception of chemical transmission at nerve endings and neuronal synapses, originating in Loewi's discovery, and with the extension that the work of my colleagues has been able to give to it, can claim one practical result, in the specific, though alas only short, alleviation of the condition of myasthenia gravis, by eserine and its synthetic analogues. #Quote by Henry Hallett Dale
Short Snowfall quotes by David Levithan
#32. Chuck is a short guy but he works out a lot, so as a result he's built like a fire hydrant. Most of the time he acts like a fire hydrant, too. #Quote by David Levithan
Short Snowfall quotes by Alice Schroeder
#33. He thought of partners as people who had come together out of a complex set of shared values and interests, not out of short-term economic convenience. #Quote by Alice Schroeder
Short Snowfall quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#34. He should have known better because, early in his learnings under his brother Mahmoud, he had discovered that long human words (the longer the better) were easy, unmistakable, and rarely changed their meanings . . . but short words were slippery, unpredictable, changing their meanings without any pattern. Or so he seemed to grok. Short human words were never like a short Martian word - such as "grok" which forever meant exactly the same thing. Short human words were like trying to lift water with a knife. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Short Snowfall quotes by Gin Wigmore
#35. I've got a very short attention span, and this has been part of the reason I'm so kind of dumbfounded at the fact that I've still stayed with music. Nothing has ever stuck for me, and music's the only thing that's managed to stick out for a long period of time. #Quote by Gin Wigmore
Short Snowfall quotes by Martin Short
#36. [Ed Grimley] lives in a retirement home in New Jersey. It's called the Retirement Home in New Jersey for Characters Who Were Interesting in the '80s for About an Hour. He's there with the Whiners, Gumby and Jon Lovitz's 'That's the ticket' guy. #Quote by Martin Short
Short Snowfall quotes by R.H. Blyth
#37. A haiku is not a poem, it is not literature; it is a hand beckoning, a door half-opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way of returning to nature, to our moon nature, our cherry blossom nature, our falling leaf nature, in short, to our Buddha nature. #Quote by R.H. Blyth
Short Snowfall quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#38. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains. To put an end to it will be neither a short nor an easy task, but it can be done ... Corporate expenditures for political purposes, and especially such expenditures by public-service corporations, have supplied one of the principal sources of corruption in our political affairs. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Short Snowfall quotes by Nick Park
#39. I love doing features, but it's a very different ballgame. Sometimes I yearn for short films again, working with a small team, getting my hands on the clay. #Quote by Nick Park
Short Snowfall quotes by Dr. Strange
#40. Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short. You'd think after all this time, I'd be ready. But look at me. Stretching one moment out into a thousand... just so that I can watch the snow. #Quote by Dr. Strange
Short Snowfall quotes by Ken Bugul
#41. It was a mask, since every human being needs a short-term tomorrow to justify today. Today we run in the hope that tomorrow we can stop. #Quote by Ken Bugul
Short Snowfall quotes by Kenya Hara
#42. White can be attained by blending all the colors of the spectrum together, or through the substraction of ink and all other pigments. In short, it is "all colors" and "no color" at the same time. #Quote by Kenya Hara

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