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Short Journey quotes by Angie Frazier
#1. The stone is not a plaything for little girls, Camille." He hardened his stare. She tried to keep her eyes equally fierce. "The path to the stone is said to be riddled with traps, endless holes in the earth where you fall forever. Deep caves shelter a species of enormous beasts that protect the stone. Men who set out to find it are usually never seen again."
She sat back, surprised by his intensity and passion.
"Well, then," she said, and watched him puff out his chest victoriously. "I do hope you set out to find it."
He glowered at her. "Oh, I most certainly will. The map and stone will be mine."
Camille stood, pushing her chair back. "It looks like you have some competition, then. I won't give up until I've brought my father back to life."
McGreenery flashed his white smile and roared with laughter. "Bring him back? Oh yes, you would actually use the stone."
She lifted her chin. "And you wouldn't?"
He laughed at her again. "Dear child, you don't know a thing about it, do you? You don't have the faintest clue how the stone will work. If you think this is some short journey without risks or sacrifices, you should sail home right now. The magic of that stone is but a fraction of the everlasting power it leads to. A clever businessman would sell that power to the highest bidder. #Quote by Angie Frazier
Short Journey quotes by Lisa Fantino
#2. There is no lifeguard on duty. We each swim at our own risk during this short journey." ~ Lisa Fantino/Amalfi Blue #Quote by Lisa Fantino
Short Journey quotes by Lemony Snicket
#3. They heard Hugo ask if the plan for the hors d'oeuvres was still in operation, and they heard Colette ask about plucking the feathers off crows, and they heard Kevin complain that he didn't know whether to hold the birdpaper in his right hand or his left hand, and they heard Mr. Lesko insult Mrs. Morrow, and the bearded man sing a song to the woman with the crow-shaped hat, and they heard a man call for Bruce and a woman call for her mother and dozens of people whisper to and shout at, argue with and agree upon, angrily accuse and meekly defend, furiously compliment and kindly insult dozens of other people, both inside and outside the Hotel Denouement, whose names the Baudelaires recognized, forgot, and had never heard before. Each story had its story, and each story's story was unfathomable in the Baudelaire orphans' short journey, and many of the stories' stories are unfathomable to me, even after all these lonely years and all this lonely research. Perhaps some of these stories are clearer to you, because you have spied upon the people involved. Perhaps Mrs. Bass has changed her name and lives near you, or perhaps Mr. Remora's name is the same, and he lives far away. Perhaps Nero now works as a grocery store clerk, or Geraldine Julienne now teaches arts and crafts. Perhaps Charles and Sir are no longer partners, and you have had the occasion to study one of them as he sat across from you on a bus, or perhaps Hugo, Colette, and Kevin are still comrades, and you have followe #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Short Journey quotes by Janna Cachola
#4. Im 5 ft 1 ½. That bonus ½ is just as important because every little bit matters #Quote by Janna Cachola
Short Journey quotes by Ari Berk
#5. What is it about traveling by night that makes even a short journey strange and a little wonderful? Momentary lights appear and pass across the windowpane so fast they burst suddenly into view before becoming patterns of the past, stars that grow ever more distant as they follow their opposite course away from the car as it hurtles on its way through the darkness. #Quote by Ari Berk
Short Journey quotes by Christian Nestell Bovee
#6. Tis but a short journey across the isthmus of Now. #Quote by Christian Nestell Bovee
Short Journey quotes by Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
#7. ATTACHED TO MY HEART Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact Attached to my heart Is a wonderful picture, A symbol of love Given to me from above. Attached to my heart Are memories unforgotten, Issues that were begotten On my short journey on earth. Attached to my heart Is a beautiful picture, With a radiant face Smiling at the world. #Quote by Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
Short Journey quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#8. Recall Marx's fundamental insight about the "bourgeois" limitation of the logic of equality: capitalist inequalities ("exploitation") are not the "unprincipled violations of the principle of equality," but are absolutely inherent to the logic of equality, they are the paradoxical result of its consistent realization. What we have in mind here is not only the wearisome old motif of how market exchange presupposes formally/legally equal subjects who meet and interact in the market; the crucial moment of Marx's critique of "bourgeois" socialists is that capitalist exploitation does not involve any kind of "unequal" exchange between the worker and the capitalist - this exchange is fully equal and "just," ideally (in principle), the worker gets paid the full value of the commodity he is selling (his labor-power). Of course, radical bourgeois revolutionaries are aware of this limitation; however, the way they try to counteract it is through a direct "terroristic imposition of more and more de facto equality (equal salaries, equal access to health services…), which can only be imposed through new forms of formal inequality (different sorts of preferential treatments for the underprivileged). In short, the axiom of equality" means either not enough (it remains the abstract form of actual inequality) or too much (enforce "terroristic" equality) - it is a formalistic notion in a strict dialectical sense, that is, its limitation is precisely that its form is not concrete enough, but a #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Short Journey quotes by Alan Cheuse
#9. Sad to think that we won't have any new stories from John Updike, one of the last century's masters. But so many here in the two volumes of his collected stories, 186 by my count, stories to read, reread, savor over the course of a cold season. Updike's genius in the short form spills out of these many, many pages. #Quote by Alan Cheuse
Short Journey quotes by Philip Dormer Stanhope
#10. There are several short intervals during the day, between studies and pleasures: instead of sitting idle and yawning, in those intervals, take up any book, though ever so trifling a one, even down to a jest-book; it is still better than doing nothing. #Quote by Philip Dormer Stanhope
Short Journey quotes by Rehan Khan
#11. Sometimes you arrive in a place, not where you want to be, but where you need to be - Konjic #Quote by Rehan Khan
Short Journey quotes by Richard Hughes
#12. Being nearly four years old, she was certainly a child: and children are human (if one allows the term "human" a wide sense): but she had not altogether ceased to be a baby: and babies are of course not human
they are animals, and have a very ancient and ramified culture, as cats have, and fishes, and even snakes: the same in kind as these, but much more complicated and vivid, since babies are, after all, one of the most developed species of the lower vertebrates.
In short, babies have minds which work in terms and categories of their own which cannot be translated into the terms and categories of the human mind.
It is true that they look human
but not so human, to be quite fair, as many monkeys.
Subconsciously, too, every one recognizes they are animals
why else do people always laugh when a baby does some action resembling the human, as they would at a praying mantis? If the baby was only a less-developed man, there would be nothing funny in it, surely. #Quote by Richard Hughes
Short Journey quotes by Lloyd Alexander
#13. The journey is the treasure. #Quote by Lloyd Alexander
Short Journey quotes by Artie Lange
#14. I never went through a period were I wanted to be a doctor, a cop or even a rock star. All I wanted to do was play short stop for the Yankees from the time I was about 5. Then I turned 15 and realized how silly that was and just gave up on it. #Quote by Artie Lange
Short Journey quotes by GameTricks Inc.
#15. you will also see short, yellow stripes. When the cooldown bar reaches the stripes, quickly press the R key. This way, your weapon will instantly become ready to fire. Make short pauses while #Quote by GameTricks Inc.
Short Journey quotes by Nikki Van Noy
#16. For as much as many NKOTB fans have been caught off guard by how much this has all meant, so too have some of the guys. Donnie says, "It was a surprise to me how fulfilling it was. It was a surprise to me how emotional it was, how rewarding it was. And quite frankly, how wrapped up in the fans I am. I'm not caught up in the hype. I don't need it. I don't need some fulfillment. I can live without it. But I don't want to. I love making people smile. I love sharing myself. I love the feeling of making people happy. I love the fact that, for whatever reason, I've been put in a position to change people's lives in a simple way. I'm not healing diseases. But I can make someone happy, even for a short time. #Quote by Nikki Van Noy
Short Journey quotes by Jose Saramago
#17. We no longer live in that fabulous age when the sun, to whom we owe so much, was so generous that it halted its journey over Gibeon in order to give Joshua ample time to overcome the five kings besieging the city. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Short Journey quotes by Luke Davies
#18. She told herself that life is short. This didn't mean that nothing mattered, only that when strange things happened there was often no turning back. #Quote by Luke Davies
Short Journey quotes by John Grogan
#19. Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.
It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them. #Quote by John Grogan
Short Journey quotes by J.A. Konrath
#20. One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit. #Quote by J.A. Konrath
Short Journey quotes by Nancy S. Mure
#21. Are you going to hand your children over to Big Food, Big Med and Big Pharma? That journey begins with the choice to bottle feed, then it's all down hill from there. #Quote by Nancy S. Mure
Short Journey quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#22. Be not wishing and pining but thankfully content. For it is a short bridge between wanting and regret."
- from "Dimpellumpzki #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Short Journey quotes by Susan Collins
#23. Well, first let me say that I think health care reform is important. It has to be a priority. And our system is broken. The Finance Committee bill is the best effort yet, due in large measure to the efforts of my colleague, Olympia Snowe, but it's not there yet. It falls short. #Quote by Susan Collins
Short Journey quotes by William Faulkner
#24. The train swung around the curve, the engine puffing with short, heavy blasts, and they passed smoothly from sight that way, with that quality about them of shabby and timeless patience, of static serenity: that blending of childlike and ready incompetence and paradoxical reliability that tends and protects them it loves out of all reason and robs them steadily and evades responsibility and obligations by means too barefaced to be called subterfuge even and is taken in theft or evasion with only that frank and spontaneous admiration for the victor which a gentleman feels for anyone who beats him in a fair contest, and withal a fond and unflagging tolerance for whitefolk's vagaries like that of a grandparent for unpredictable and troublesome children, which I had forgotten. #Quote by William Faulkner
Short Journey quotes by Narendra Modi
#25. Pro-active good governance aims beyond short-term requirement keeping in mind the long-term needs such as the use of clean technology and in preparedness and mitigating climate change fallout etc. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Short Journey quotes by Alex Campbell
#26. Some would suggest that there has been a dramatic change in our perception of the world and ourselves within the world. Others have observed that there has been an almost complete about-face in a relatively short span of time. #Quote by Alex Campbell
Short Journey quotes by Kosho Uchiyama
#27. In short, zazen is seeing this world from the casket, without me. #Quote by Kosho Uchiyama
Short Journey quotes by Eri Nelson
#28. INDIE AUTHOR= A writer growing, learning, developing their trade-set based on skills they are acquiring along their journey. (They are not in training or less professional. They are simply working with their own allowances of income with financial support far from the more broader publisher's stature to try to produce the best quality of work for you the reader.) #Quote by Eri Nelson
Short Journey quotes by Chris Ahrens
#29. I like the stroke seat. I want to be there. I want to have the race come down to a short distance and be the person to make the difference. I can't stand to be behind and I don't want to lose. #Quote by Chris Ahrens
Short Journey quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#30. Self-discovery is a journey of questioning yourself. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Short Journey quotes by Zane Baker
#31. Life is too short, hug tightly, love strongly, forgive oftenly, and always smile widely! #Quote by Zane Baker
Short Journey quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#32. No going around it, no short cuts, no laying of hands, no amount of service, no amount of prophecy, without hard work, everything else goes to waste. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Short Journey quotes by Victor Hugo
#33. Let us not, however, exaggerate our power. Whatever man does, the great lines of creation persist; the supreme mass does not depend on man. He has power over the detail, not over the whole. And it is right that this should be so. The Whole is providential. Its laws pass over our head. What we do goes no farther than the surface. Man clothes or unclothes the earth; clearing a forest is like taking off a garment. But to slow down the rotation of the globe on its axis, to accelerate the course of the globe on its orbit, to add or subtract a fathom on he earth's daily journey of 718,000 leagues around the sun, to modify the precession of the equinoxes, to eliminate one drop of rain--never! What is on high remains on high. Man can change the climate, but not the seasons Just try and make the moon revolve anywhere but in the ecliptic!

Dreamers, some of them illustrious, have dreamed of restoring perpetual spring to the earth. The extreme seasons, summer and winter, are produced by the excess of the inclination of the earth's axis over the place of the ecliptic of which we have just spoken. In order to eliminate the seasons it would be necessary only to straighten this axis. Nothing could be simpler. Just plant a stake on the Pole and drive it in to the center of the globe; attach a chain to it; find a base outside the earth; have 10 billion teams, each of 10 billion horses, and get them to pull. THe axis will straighten up, ad you will have your spring. As you can see, a #Quote by Victor Hugo
Short Journey quotes by Nate Saint
#34. If God would grant us the vision, the word sacrifice would disappear from our lips and thoughts; we would hate the things that seem now so dear to us; our lives would suddenly be too short, we would despise time-robbing distractions and charge the enemy with all our energies in the name of Christ. May God help us ourselves by the eternities that separate the Aucas from a Comprehension of Christmas and Him, who, though he was rich, yet for our sakes became poor so that we might, through his poverty, be made rich. #Quote by Nate Saint
Short Journey quotes by Julia Quinn
#35. I just wasn't able to say it before now.'
He blinked. 'You needed to knee a man in the groin before you could tell me you loved me?'
'No!' Then she thought about his words. 'Well, yes, in a way. I've always been so fearful that you would run my life. But I've learned that having you with me doesn't mean that I can't take care of myself as well.'
'You certainly made short work of Eversleigh.'
Her chin lifted a notch and she allowed herself a satisfied smile. 'Yes, I did, didn't I? And do you know, but I think I couldn't have done it without you.'
'Victoria, you did this all on your own. I wasn't even present.'
'Yes, you were.' She picked up his hand and placed it over her heart. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Short Journey quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#36. You can only succeed. You cannot fail. Failure is impossible; it is an illusion. Nothing is a failure. Nothing. Everything moves the human story, and hence the process of evolution, forward. Everything advances you on your journey. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Short Journey quotes by Mark Nepo
#37. Integrity Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn't change, even though the life that carries it may change. - RABBI JONATHAN OMER-MAN Much of our journey throughout this book has been about discovering that place inside and cultivating the ability to listen to it, while having compassion for the life that carries it. It moves me to share the story of a troubled man who, exhausted from his suffering and confusion, asked a sage for help. The sage looked deeply into the troubled man and with compassion offered him a choice: "You may have either a map or a boat." After looking at the many pilgrims about him, all of whom seemed equally troubled, the confused man said, "I'll take the boat." The sage kissed him on the forehead and said, "Go then. You are the boat. Life is the sea." As we have discovered so many times, we have everything we need within us. This ability to listen inside is our oldest oar. You are the boat. #Quote by Mark Nepo
Short Journey quotes by Eniitan Akinola
#38. Perfect' - the most misattributed word in English language
A 'perfect' thing can never be improved - at least by what the meaning implies. Why should anyone want to be perfect?
Unfortunately, this happens to be my greatest flaw. Turning a relative idea into an absolute one. Seeking perfection in others - or should I say 'subconsciously seeking perfection in myself' and projecting a benchmark based in fantasy on others.
Makes one come across as judgmental, intolerant, arrogant or impatient - in short, a platinum-class jerk. But you, my friend, are too kind to tell me. Or you'd rather bear for the moment and cuss me roundly when I'm gone. That's unfair to us both.
If I have ever done this to you, I am sincerely sorry.
Accept my profound apologies #Quote by Eniitan Akinola
Short Journey quotes by Moffat Machingura
#39. Crying makes problems seem longer, and laughing makes problems seem shorter. Therefore in life if you cannot find a way out of your problems just take a short cut through them: that shortcut is
laughter. #Quote by Moffat Machingura
Short Journey quotes by Elon Musk
#40. It's important that we attempt to extend life beyond Earth now. It is the first time in the four billion-year history of Earth that it's been possible, and that window could be open for a long time - hopefully it is - or it could be open for a short time. We should err on the side of caution and do something now. #Quote by Elon Musk
Short Journey quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#41. He recited the poem to her.
"so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white
Allison applauded, "William Carlos Williams. A classic. A very short classic." "You know what it means?" "An ode to a wheelbarrow?" … "Dr. Williams was a pediatrician," he said. "He wrote that while sitting at the bedside of a dying child." Dr. Capello blinked and in an instant tears were in his eyes. And hers. "I never knew," she said. "Wonder why he thought of that." "I'd say he was looking out the window and trying to think about anything other than the little child he couldn't save. All doctors keep a graveyard inside their hearts for those patients. That's why I like my view so much." He reached out and tapped the glass of his window, which looked out onto the ocean. "It comforts me." "Looking at the Graveyard of the Pacific comforts you?" she asked. "Of course it does," he said, gazing out his window at the dark shifting waters in the near distance. "Compared to the graveyard out there, mine's tiny. A doctor with children in his graveyard takes any comfort he can get. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Short Journey quotes by Garrett Hedlund
#42. Life's too short when you find yourself sitting in a car for four hours every day trying to get from East L.A. to West L.A. to Hollywood and then back to East L.A. #Quote by Garrett Hedlund
Short Journey quotes by Ron Rash
#43. Short fiction is the medium I love the most, because it requires that I bring everything I've learned about poetry - the concision, the ability to say something as vividly as possible - but also the ability to create a narrative that, though lacking a novel's length, satisfies the reader. #Quote by Ron Rash
Short Journey quotes by Erica Goros
#44. Sometimes I feel like one of those sliding tile puzzles. I just get so dang close to what I want to see in the mirror and who I want to be ... but then I have to completely jumble up the pieces to try to get even closer. #Quote by Erica Goros
Short Journey quotes by John Steinbeck
#45. ...people don't take trips - trips take people. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Short Journey quotes by Rhys Ford
#46. Follow yer heart, because no matter where it takes ye, the journey is worth it - especially if it's love. #Quote by Rhys Ford
Short Journey quotes by Mimi Strong
#47. Because life is short and it's better when you speak your heart. #Quote by Mimi Strong

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