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Short Achieving Goals quotes by Sam Harris
#1. I'm not denying the importance of achieving one's goals, maintaining one's health, or keeping one's children clothed and fed - but most of us spend our time seeking happiness and security without acknowledging the underlying purpose of our search. Each of us is looking for a path back to the present: We are trying to find good enough reasons to be satisfied now. #Quote by Sam Harris
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Richie Norton
#2. If high aspirations = high fear, overcoming high fear = achieving high aspirations. #Quote by Richie Norton
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Hal Elrod
#3. The 2nd secret to success is to be emotionally 'engaged' with your goals, but not emotionally attached. What's the difference? When you are emotionally engaged you create excitement & enthusiasm for the possibility of achieving your goals, but when you are emotionally attached you create fear & pain that you might not. #Quote by Hal Elrod
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#4. We distill happiness from garnering joy in the ordinary fragments of life, while dedicating personal effort to creating a body of work that one can look back on their deathbed and be satisfied with achieving. Happiness comes from living beautifully, which necessarily involves reason in thought and speech (logos), and leading an ethical and virtuous life devoted to achieving worthy goals. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Short Achieving Goals quotes by John Gray
#5. The common man cannot see things objectively because his mind is clouded by anxiety about achieving his goals. Seeing clearly means not projecting our goals into the world. #Quote by John Gray
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Karen Karbo
#6. ...Chanel didn't start out with a mission statement, nor a corporate vision, nor a roadmap for success, nor timeline for achieving her goals, nor an action item list, nor any of those other high-falutin' concepts we associate with mega modern multinational success stories. #Quote by Karen Karbo
Short Achieving Goals quotes by James C. Collins
#7. I am not failing - I am growing! Do you have the ability to reframe failure as growth in order to achieve your goals? #Quote by James C. Collins
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Alex Altman
#8. If you're a chronic procrastinator, I would highly suggest you only focus on one thing. It's much better to finish the year achieving only one goal. Then to set three goals and achieve none because you procrastinated on all of them. #Quote by Alex Altman
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Adam Rodriguez
#9. Have dreams/goals and never quit working toward achieving them. #Quote by Adam Rodriguez
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Paul J. Meyer
#10. Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people's criticisms, carry out your plan. #Quote by Paul J. Meyer
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Robert Cheeke
#11. Sometimes small setbacks are just blessings in disguise. They enhance your determination and whole-hearted dedication to achieving your goals. #Quote by Robert Cheeke
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Melody Beattie
#12. We need to set goals for ourselves. Start today ... if you don't have any goals, make your first goal getting some goals. You probably won't start living happily ever after, but you may start living happily, purposefully, and with gratitude ... Goals are gratitude in action. They give us the opportunity to build on what we already have. While achieving goals can be a lengthy process, we can learn to be grateful for each stage in the process of setting and meeting goals. #Quote by Melody Beattie
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#13. My definition of success is not based on achieving the impossible, but rather surviving the probable. And with a threshold that horribly low, simple survival cannot help but become my highest aspiration. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Brian Tracy
#14. The more reasons you have for achieving your goal, the more determined you will become. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Short Achieving Goals quotes by John Fairclough
#15. We are all on a collision course with ourselves. Inevitably, our existing habits will be counter-productive to achieving our bigger picture goals. To avoid the crash, we need to regularly review how we are doing things and make adjustments as needed. #Quote by John Fairclough
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#16. People with victim mentality, consider actions such as making decisions, setting goals and achieving them to be nothing more than formidable obstacles #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Ufuoma Apoki
#17. The will, we have, is a very strong force. If we set our minds to get to a goal and focus intensely on it, it's hard for anything to get in the way. #Quote by Ufuoma Apoki
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Melissa M
#18. The environment and support is one of a kind! A zero judgement, safe place to discuss and achieve goals! #Quote by Melissa M
Short Achieving Goals quotes by David Hambrick
#19. failure is costly, both to society and to individuals. Pretending that all people are equal in their abilities will not change the fact that a person with an average IQ is unlikely to become a theoretical physicist, or the fact that a person with a low level of music ability is unlikely to become a concert pianist. It makes more sense to pay attention to people's abilities and their likelihood of achieving certain goals, so people can make good decisions about the goals they want to spend their time, money, and energy pursuing #Quote by David Hambrick
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Jillian Michaels
#20. Don't shut down your emotions. Embrace them. Your emotions are your internal compass telling you whether or not you are on track. Use them to help cultivate your passions or motivate you to change situations and circumstances that hold you back from achieving your goals. #Quote by Jillian Michaels
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#21. All great people had experienced dark times and moments of doubt but they find inner strength to overcome these difficulties. Persistent determination and enthusiasm fuel the hope within their spirit to press forward for the ultimate aim of achieving the goals they have set for themselves. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Albert Einstein
#22. The value of achievement lies in the achieving. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Heather Graham
#23. I am intrigued by different religions and respect them all, but to be honest, I feel the most spiritual when I am doing yoga or looking at an ocean. Being spiritual is feeling a connection with a higher power and knowing that life is about more than just achieving goals. It is about feeling good in the moment. #Quote by Heather Graham
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Debasish Mridha
#24. A goal is important, but what you become to achieve that goal is much more important. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Short Achieving Goals quotes by James Clear
#25. Complaining about not achieving success despite working hard is like complaining about an ice cube not melting when you heated it from 25 to 31 degrees. All the action happens at 32 degrees. #Quote by James Clear
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#26. Near the end of my tenure, I recommended to President Obama that he take another look at our embargo. It wasn't achieving its goals, and it was holding back our broader agenda across Latin America. After twenty years of observing and dealing with the U.S.-Cuba relationship, I thought we should shift the onus onto the Castros to explain why they remained undemocratic and abusive. #Quote by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Leo Babauta
#27. The Power of Less is perfect for achieving goals: Limit yourself to fewer goals, and you'll achieve more. At the same time, we'll look at ways to narrow your focus on your projects, so that you can complete them more effectively and move forward on your goals. We'll apply limitations to our projects to increase our effectiveness. #Quote by Leo Babauta
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Robert Pozen
#28. Priorities are the yearly goals that I'm most interested in achieving, then they become operationalized through weekly goals. #Quote by Robert Pozen
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Cal Thomas
#29. President Obama is like a lost man who refuses to ask for directions. That's because he has never worked in the real world with people who create real jobs. He operates on theories and an ideology that is incapable of achieving his goals. #Quote by Cal Thomas
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Diana Nyad
#30. I've been living out loud the Henry David Thoreau saying: "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." The quest of the Cuba #Quote by Diana Nyad
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#31. Self-realization is largely a matter of achieving a person's formative personality definition. People whom lack self-realization oftentimes fail to integrate their desired personality traits into all phases of their life including social life, family life, and work life. In order to achieve satisfaction with oneself, a person must know what they wish for, know how to go about achieving their goals, be capable of recognizing where they now stand, and understand how they must change in order to attain their ultimate visage. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Idowu Koyenikan
#32. Many times in life, we are held back from achieving our goals because we do not commit ourselves wholeheartedly. With an escape route in mind, we hold ourselves back from giving our all. #Quote by Idowu Koyenikan
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Ray Dalio
#33. Don't worry about looking good - worry about achieving your goals. #Quote by Ray Dalio
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#34. Turn the actions in achieving your goals into systematically repeated things and make them your routine #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#35. We human beings are born in ego, live in ego, are brought up in ego and will die in ego. We need a certain degree 0f vision when we live in this world for achieving and attaining our goals in life. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Short Achieving Goals quotes by SARK
#36. Initially, I feel expansive when I try something new, and then contract as soon as I encounter difficulty or the unknown. I am learning to experiment with my tolerance of difficulty and the not knowing, in order to go further with my creative dreams.
Whenever I experience contraction, I explore it by asking, "Where did I stop and why?"
Building a creative dream life is not just about achieving, succeeding, or "meeting goals." It is also about floundering, stumbling, tripping and failing. #Quote by SARK
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Veronica Purcell
#37. If achieving a desired goal was easy why would anyone bother. There'd be no fun. #Quote by Veronica Purcell
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Debasish Mridha
#38. Keep your goal challenging enough that you have to change to achieve it. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Leonard Lauder
#39. I came to realize that visualizing, projecting yourself into a successful situation, is the most powerful means there is of achieving personal goals. #Quote by Leonard Lauder
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Steve Pavlina
#40. Achieving meaningful goals requires that you commit your entire ass, not just one cheek. #Quote by Steve Pavlina
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Idowu Koyenikan
#41. What is considered impossible is someone else's opinion. What is possible is my decision. #Quote by Idowu Koyenikan
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
#42. Greatness as a leader is measured in part by your willingness to accept daunting challenges. Achieving tough goals requires practicing the secret of commitment: Risk all to win all. #Quote by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Zelig Pliskin
#43. What would you love to achieve and accomplish? What would you feel great about doing in your life? What meaningful goals would you wish to reach? Imagine achieving and accomplishing everything that you would wish [dream] for. Picture yourself reaching your highest aspirations and your most meaningful goals. Visualize yourself speaking and acting the way you would wish with the highest and best character traits. #Quote by Zelig Pliskin
Short Achieving Goals quotes by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
#44. If you want to be a real warrior, then here's our secret to you: we fight to protect others. We fight to protect the ones we love, the ones we respect, the ones we want to see prospering and achieving their goals, gaining their happiness. We do not wait for any reward for what we do. That is what true heroism is. That is what a warrior does. #Quote by Tamuna Tsertsvadze

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