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Shook Me quotes by Micalea Smeltzer
#1. Wake up, Sophie," Caeden said against my ear.
"Go away," I mumbled.
"Rise and shine," he said and shook me slightly.
"I'm going to stab you in the eye," I mumbled into the pillow.
"Ah, you wouldn't do that, you like my pretty blue eyes too much. #Quote by Micalea Smeltzer
Shook Me quotes by Phyllis Chesler
#2. Encountering gender apartheid and waged slavery shook me to my roots more than half a century ago in Afghanistan. Oh, the women of Afghanistan, the women of the Muslim world. I was no feminist
but now, thinking back, I see how much I learned there, how clearly their condition taught me to see gender discrimination anywhere and, above all, taught me to see how cruel oppressed women could be to each other. They taught me about women everywhere. #Quote by Phyllis Chesler
Shook Me quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#3. One night (I was eleven years old at the time) he came and shook me from my sleep and announced, with the same grumbling laconism that he would have employed to predict a good harvest to his tenants, that I should rule the world. #Quote by Marguerite Yourcenar
Shook Me quotes by Cassandra Rose Clarke
#4. I was dozing on the sand, drowsy from the heat of the fire, when Naji shook me awake hours later. I rolled over and looked at him. "You're alive," he said. "Course I'm alive," I snapped. "You're the one who keeps passing out. #Quote by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Shook Me quotes by Seth Gabel
#5. I could have been on a path that led to different, more traditional teen romance, and 'Nip/Tuck' shook me loose from any generalization I might have been forced into. It helped me understand I wanted to take on things that were edgier, more challenging and riskier. #Quote by Seth Gabel
Shook Me quotes by Amanda Hocking
#6. It felt like I'd only just fallen asleep when someone shook me awake. I pushed the person off, snuggling deeper in my covers.
It wasn't until I had buried my face in my pillow that I realized I should probably be alarmed that someone was in my room. What with evil trolls trying to kidnap me and all that. #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Shook Me quotes by Karen Chance
#7. He shook me, and despite it being one-handed, it made my teeth rattle. "If anything like that ever happens again. You. Leave. Me. Behind. Do you understand?"
I would have argued, but I was feeling a little shocky for some reason. "I'm not good at abandoning people," I finally said.
A front-desk person scurried over, first-aid kit in hand, but Pritkin snarled at the poor guy and he quickly backed up a step. "Then get good at it!"
He stomped off, limping, one shoulder hanging at an odd angle. "You're welcome," I murmured. #Quote by Karen Chance
Shook Me quotes by Phil Klay
#8. Writing 'Redeployment' shook me in ways I never expected. #Quote by Phil Klay
Shook Me quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#9. ( ... ) We are bound to go."
My answer was to rise from the table.
"You are right, Holmes. We are bound to go."
He sprang up and shook me by the hand.
"I knew you would not shrink at the last," said he, and for a moment I saw something in his eyes which was nearer to tenderness than I had ever seen. The next instant he was his masterful, practical self once more. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Shook Me quotes by Charles Dickens
#10. Its matter was not new to me, but was presented in a new aspect. It shook me in my habit - the habit of nine-tenths of the world - of believing that all was right about me, because I was used to it ... #Quote by Charles Dickens
Shook Me quotes by Amy Reed
#11. I feel like I'm a snow globe and someone shook me up and now every little piece of me is falling back randomly and nothing is ending up where it used to be. #Quote by Amy Reed
Shook Me quotes by Lilith Saintcrow
#12. His dark eyes met mine, just the same. A lean, saturnine face, his cheekbones balanced, his mouth a straight unforgiving line. The demon Tierce Japhrimel touched my cheek, his knuckles brushing my skin. The contact sent a shudder through me, my body recognizing him before the rest of me could dare to. "You burned," I managed, before another fit of retching and gagging shook me. "You burned - you were
ash - "
"While you live, I live." The corners of his mouth turned down, an expressive movement that managed to give the impression of a grim smile. "I suppose nobody told you." I shook my head weakly. #Quote by Lilith Saintcrow
Shook Me quotes by Eudora Welty
#13. Daydreaming had started me on the way; but story writing once I was truly in its grip, took me and shook me awake. #Quote by Eudora Welty
Shook Me quotes by Sylvia Plath
#14. I saw the gooseflesh on my skin. I did not know what made it. I was not cold. Had a ghost passed over? No, it was the poetry. A spark flew off Arnold and shook me, like a chill. I wanted to cry; I felt very odd. I had fallen into a new way of being happy. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Shook Me quotes by Patricia Cornwell
#15. Grief was like a seizure that shook me like a storm. #Quote by Patricia Cornwell
Shook Me quotes by Gil Scott-Heron
#16. I found my grandmother dead. It shook me up. I got up to make her breakfast, and I knew it was strange that she wasn't stirring. I went in to wake her, and she was laying in rigor mortis, and I'm done. I called next door, and the kid picked up the phone, and I was so wild, he dropped it. #Quote by Gil Scott-Heron
Shook Me quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#17. Andrew, what are you doing out of bed? You're ill, you need to rest."
I crouched beside the ring, speechless with surprise, but Andrew jumped to his feet. "Hannah," he cried, "Hannah."
Although he was right in front of her, Hannah didn't see her brother. She walked through him as if he didn't even exist.
"I've been lying awake worrying about you," she said to me. "When I heard noises, I thought you and Theo were up here. But you're all alone."
Andrew clung to his sister. "He's not alone, I'm with him. Look at me, Hannah, please look at me."
Unaware of anything but the cold, Hannah shivered. "Lord," she whispered, "I'm freezing. You'll catch your death in this draft, Andrew."
When I neither spoke nor moved, Hannah dropped to her knees and gazed into my eyes. "You're in a trance," she whispered. "For heaven's sake, wake up."
Finding my voice at last, I said, "Can't you see him?"
"See who?" Pale with fright, Hannah stared at me.
I pointed at Andrew. "He's standing right in front of you!"
"Have you taken leave of your senses?" Hannah grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "There's no one in this attic but you and me."
Andrew was crying now, hanging on to his sister, begging her to see him. But Hannah was too scared by my behavior to see or hear anything but me. Deaf to Andrew's sobs, she pulled me to my feet. "You must go back to bed."
"No," I shouted. "Not yet! I have to finish this game." I couldn't leave Andrew, not now, #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
Shook Me quotes by V.C. Andrews
#18. Something creaked beneath me! A soft step on rotting wood!
I jumped startled, scared, and turned, expecting to see-God
knows what! Then I sighed, for it was only Chris standing in the gloom, silently staring at me. Why? Did I look prettier than
usual? Was it the moonlight, shining through my airy clothes?
All random doubts were cleared when he said in a voice
gritty and low, "You look beautiful sitting there like that." He
cleared the frog in his throat. "The moonlight is etching you with silver-blue, and I can see the shape of your body through
your clothes."
Then, bewilderingly, he seized me by the shoulders, digging
in his fingers, hard! They hurt. "Damn you, Cathy! You kissed
that man! He could have awakened and seen you, and demanded
to know who you were! And not thought you only a part of his
Scary the way he acted, the fright I felt for no reason at all.
"How do you know what I did? You weren't there; you were
sick that night."
He shook me, glaring his eyes, and again I thought he seemed a stranger. "He saw you, Cathy-he wasn't soundly asleep!"
"He saw me?" I cried, disbelieving. It wasn't possible . . .
"Yes!" he yelled. This was Chris, who was usually in such
control of his emotions. "He thought you a part of his dream!
But don't you know Momma can guess who it was, just by
putting two and two together-just as I have? Damn you and #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Shook Me quotes by H.V. Morton
#19. I gave way to a wave of home-sickness that almost shames me now when I recollect it. I find it impossible in cold blood, and at this distance, to put into words the longing that shook me. I have forgotten the pain in the neck, but never will I forget the pain in my heart. #Quote by H.V. Morton
Shook Me quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#20. And you, behind the footlight's lure,
Kissing an actress on the stage,
Will leave her presence there, I'm sure,
As I my people on the page.
And yet - I love you, darling, yet
I sat with someone at a table
And gloried in our minds that met
As sometimes strangers' minds are able
To leap the bounds of times and spaces
And find, in sharing wine and bread
And light in one another's faces
And in the words that each has said
An intercourse so intimate
It shook me deeply, to the core.
I said good-night, for it was late;
We parted at my hotel door
And I went in, turned down the bed
And took my bath and thought of you ... #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Shook Me quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#21. She was, I think, the closest thing you had to a mother, murmured the Darkling.
The sobs that shook me were like the lashes of a whip. I flinched with each one, bent double, collapsing into myself. The Darkling knelt before me. He took me by the wrists, pulling my hands free from my face, as if he wanted to watch me weep. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Shook Me quotes by Ilona Andrews
#22. He leaned his head to me, his neck so close to my lips, I felt the heat coming off his skin. His breath was warm against my ear. His voice was a ragged snarl. "I miss you."
This wasn't happening.
"I worry about you." He dipped his head and looked into my eyes. "I worry something stupid will happen and I won't be there and you'll be gone. I worry we won't ever get a chance and it's driving me out of my skull."
No, no, no, no ...
We stared at each other. The tiny space between us felt too hot. Muscles bulged on his naked frame. He looked feral.
Mad gold eyes stared into mine. "Do you miss me, Kate?"
I closed my eyes trying to shut him out. I could lie then we would be back to square one. Nothing would be resolved. I'd still be alone, hating him and wanting him.
He grabbed my shoulders and shook me once. "Do you miss me?"
I took the plunge. "Yes. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Shook Me quotes by Joyce Johnson
#23. Now your return has started to be real. I've always been convinced that until you were in the door that you'd never get here and have always felt I'd never see you again when I saw you off, which is why I wept. And I always used to half dread your coming, because it meant the beginning of your going away and every moment that you were here seemed terribly fraught somehow, painful... I've never had such a sense of the rush of time, and yet the weeks that you were here seemed very, very long, and when I was alone again, it seemed as if I'd been away for a year. Strange... And now it will be different - there'll be more ease between us, I think... Well, I wonder what you think about all this... I used to doubt whether you knew anything about me... but perhaps now I think you've known everything all along. Didn't think you were as wise as you are now, but your perfect knowledge of yourself and everything around you shook me up and astounded me. #Quote by Joyce Johnson
Shook Me quotes by James Stewart
#24. Frank called me one day and said, 'I have an idea for a movie, why don't you come over and I'll tell you?' So I went over and we sat down and he said, 'This picture starts in heaven'. That shook me. #Quote by James Stewart
Shook Me quotes by Meg Cabot
#25. My intention, of course, had been to wake up early and call Father Dominic to warn him about Heather. But intentions are only as good as the people who hold them, and I guess I must be worthless because I didn't wake up until my mother shook me awake, and by then it was 7:30, and my ride was leaving without me. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Shook Me quotes by Kyoko M.
#26. As we strolled into the hospital, I couldn't help thinking about Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" because I was having a difficult time staying calm. I had been kidnapped and beaten senseless by an agent of Lucifer, and yet the white coats the doctors wore scared me just as badly. The men who had taken me from my mother wore those same damned lab coats. Every time I saw one, it awakened a dormant fear inside me - fear that I'd be dragged away from someone I loved again, fear that I'd be placed into the waiting hands of another horrible person. It would never truly go away.
Michael's shoulder bumped mine, which shook me out of my thoughts. I glanced at him. "What?"
"You're frowning."
"Am I supposed to be smiling right now?"
He faced forward, looking at our reflection in the elevator doors. "No, but you look like you're about to bolt at any second."
I watched the digital numbers change one by one as we rose up to the right floor, fiddling with the rosary in the pocket of my leather jacket. Somehow, the beads had a calming effect on me. "I'm fine."
"Hard ass."
A tiny smirk touched my lips. "Stop thinking about my butt. You're an archangel."
He grinned, but didn't reply. #Quote by Kyoko M.
Shook Me quotes by Ed Catmull
#27. In 1995, when Steve Jobs was trying to convince us that we should go public, one of his key arguments was that we would eventually make a film that failed at the box office, and we needed to be prepared, financially, for that day. Going public would give us the capital to fund our own projects and, thus, to have more say about where we were headed, but it would also give us a buffer that could sustain us through failure. Steve's feeling was that Pixar's survival could not depend solely on the performance of each and every movie. The underlying logic of his reasoning shook me: We were going to screw up, it was inevitable. And we didn't know when or how. We had to prepare, then, for an unknown problem - a hidden problem. From that day on, I resolved to bring as many hidden problems as possible to light, a process that would require what might seem like an uncommon commitment to self-assessment. #Quote by Ed Catmull
Shook Me quotes by Josephine Angelini
#28. She can't stand the sight of me, Helen. The one girl, the only girl who's ever really shook me up - and I horrify her. #Quote by Josephine Angelini
Shook Me quotes by Catherine Lacey
#29. And he'd said nothing or something that amounted to nothing, and I tongued this memory like a burn in my mouth until the bathwater cooled and shook me back into my body where my fingerprints were ruffled. #Quote by Catherine Lacey
Shook Me quotes by Jenny Lawson
#30. I was certain I wouldn't sleep again. But I must have, because at four a.m. a different nurse shook me awake and brusquely said, "You can go now. We got what we needed." She refused to tell me exactly what it was they'd gotten and I started to suspect it was my kidneys. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Shook Me quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#31. Over the years, music put a weapon in my hand and words in my mouth, it backed me up and shielded me, it shook me and scared me and showed me the way; music opened me up to living and being and feeling. #Quote by Carrie Brownstein
Shook Me quotes by Kris Carr
#32. I was asleep at the wheel before cancer shook me awake. #Quote by Kris Carr
Shook Me quotes by Staci Hart
#33. she shook me to the core. She was an earthquake, and I was changed forever because of her. #Quote by Staci Hart
Shook Me quotes by Sandra Brown
#34. She shook her head slowly. "I don't believe you. You can't be a cop."
"Not a cop."
"Federal agent?"
"Even more unlikely."
"J. Edgar rolls over in his grave every day, but that's the way it is. #Quote by Sandra Brown
Shook Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#35. Have a shower, Si," George urged. "Start the day refreshed. Maybe style your hair a little. It wouldn't kill you."
Simon shook his head. "There's a dead rat in the bathroom, George. I am not going in the bathroom, George."
"He's not dead," George said. "He's sleeping. I'm certain of it."
"Senseless optimism is how plagues get started," Simon said. "Ask the medieval peasants of Europe. Oh, wait, you can't."
"Were they a jolly bunch?" George asked skeptically.
"I'm sure they were much jollier before all the plague," said Simon. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Shook Me quotes by Anna Quindlen
#36. The lightning bugs are back. They fly low to the ground as the lawn dissolves from green to black in the dusk. Seeing them, I can reconstruct a childhood: a hot night under tall trees; the Good Humor man, in his square white truck, the freezer smoky when he reaches inside for an ice cream.
The lightning bugs trapped in empty jars with holes on top. "Let them out," our mother said, "or they will die in there." We were careless. We always
forgot to open the jars. The bugs would be there in the morning, their yellow tails dim in the white light of the summer sun, pathetic as they lay on
their backs. We were always horrified by what we had done. As night fell we shook them out and caught more.
I relive the magic of the yellow light without the bright white of hindsight. The little flares in the darkness, a distillation of the kind of life we think we had, we wish we had, we want again. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Shook Me quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#37. I don't have the body for this," I quipped, lifting my chin to a voluptous woman nearby who shook her hips zealously to the beat. "No curves."
Jev's eyes held mine. "Are you asking my opinion? #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Shook Me quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#38. The night darkened. Our day's works had been done. We thought that the last guest had arrived for the night and the doors in the village were all shut. Only some said the king was to come. We laughed and said `No, it cannot be!'

It seemed there were knocks at the door and we said it was nothing but the wind. We put out the lamps and lay down to sleep. Only some said, `It is the messenger!' We laughed and said `No, it must be the wind!'

There came a sound in the dead of the night. We sleepily thought it was the distant thunder. The earth shook, the walls rocked, and it troubled us in our sleep. Only some said it was the sound of wheels. We said in a drowsy murmur, `No, it must be the rumbling of clouds!'

The night was still dark when the drum sounded. The voice came `Wake up! delay not!' We pressed our hands on our hearts and shuddered with fear. Some said, `Lo, there is the king's flag!' We stood up on our feet and cried `There is no time for delay!'

The king has come---but where are lights, where are wreaths? Where is the throne to seat him? Oh, shame! Oh utter shame! Where is the hall, the decorations? Someone has said, `Vain is this cry! Greet him with empty hands, lead him into thy rooms all bare!'

Open the doors, let the conch-shells be sounded! in the depth of the night has come the king of our dark, dreary house. The thunder roars in the sky. The darkness shudders with lightning. Bring out thy tattered piece o #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Shook Me quotes by David Lubar
#39. Did Mom notice you right away?"
He shook his head. "Nope."
"So what did you do?"
"Showed up."
"So you showed up wherever she was?"
"Or wherever she might be."
"That must've taken a lot of time," I said.
Dad shrugged. "Worth it. #Quote by David Lubar
Shook Me quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#40. He shook the hair out of his face. "I'm not interested in court ladies," he said thickly, and kissed her. His mouth was warm, and his lips were smooth, and Celaena lost all sense of time and place as she slowly kissed him back. He pulled away for a moment, looked into her eyes as they opened, and kissed her again. It was different this time - deeper, full of need. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Shook Me quotes by Micheline Ryckman
#41. Do you know why wildflowers are the most beautiful blossoms of all, my son?"

Dain shook his little head.

Soft waxen curls blew forward in the breeze as she lifted her storm-gray eyes to gaze out over the sea of petals. "Wildflowers are the loveliest of all because they grow in uncultivated soil, in those hard, rugged places where no one expects them to flourish. They are resilient in ways a garden bloom could never be. People are the same, son - the most exquisite souls are those who survive where others cannot. They root themselves, along with their companions, wherever they are, and they thrive. #Quote by Micheline Ryckman
Shook Me quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#42. Declan said, "Without your monsters we'd be dead. Are they -"
Ronan shook the water bottle. "They're in here." He handed the bottle to Matthew, who pulled out of his embrace to sit on the bed and study it. "There you go, kid, don't say I never gave you anything."
Declan snatched the bottle away from Matthew. "It's like giving a gun to a toddler. Do you know what these things do? #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Shook Me quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#43. Choose a good vintage," Cheat said to Kestrel. "You'll know the best."
As she left the room, his eyes followed her, glittering.
She returned with a clearly labeled bottle of Valorian wine dated to the year of the Herran War. She placed it on the table in front of the two seated men. Arin's jaw set, and he shook his head slightly. Cheat lost his grin.
"This was the best," Kestrel said.
"Pour." Cheat shoved his glass toward her. She uncorked the bottle and poured--and kept pouring, even as the red wine flowed over the glass's rim, across the table, and onto Cheat's lap.
He jumped to his feet, swatting wine from his fine stolen clothes. "Damn you!"
"You said I should pour. You didn't say I should stop."
Kestrel wasn't sure what would have happened next if Arin hadn't intervened. "Cheat," he said, "I'm going to have to ask you to stop playing games with what is mine. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Shook Me quotes by Ocean Vuong
#44. I am writing to go back to the time, at the rest stop in Virginia, when you stared, horror-struck at the taxidermy buck hung over the soda machine by the restrooms, its antlers shadowing your face. In the car, you kept shaking your head. " I don't understand why they would do that. Can't they see it's a corpse? A corpse should go away, not get stuck forever like that."

I think now of that buck, how you stared into its black glass eyes and saw your reflection, your whole body, warped in that lifeless mirror. How it was not the grotesque mounting of a decapitated animal that shook you - but that the taxidermy embodied a death that won't finish, a death that keeps dying as we walk past it to relieve ourselves. #Quote by Ocean Vuong
Shook Me quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#45. There is something more powerful than any army. Something strong enough to topple kings, and even Darklings. Do you know what that thing is?"
I shook my head, inching away from him.
"Faith," he breathed, his black eyes wild. "Faith. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Shook Me quotes by Christopher Moore
#46. One Monday, just for sport, Charlie grabbed an eggplant that a spectacularly wizened granny was going for, but instead of twisting it out of his hand with some mystic kung fu move as he expected, she looked him in the eye and shook her head - just a jog, barely perceptible really - it might have been a tic, but it was the most eloquent of gestures. Charlie read it as saying: O White Devil, you do not want to purloin that purple fruit, for I have four thousand years of ancestors and civilization on you; my grandparents built the railroads and dug the silver mines, and my parents survived the earthquake, the fire, and a society that outlawed even being Chinese; I am mother to a dozen, grandmother to a hundred, and great-grandmother to a legion; I have birthed babies and washed the dead; I am history and suffering and wisdom; I am a Buddha and a dragon; so get your fucking hand off my eggplant before you lose it. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Shook Me quotes by Adriana Anders
#47. I thought you were a jerk."

He shook with an unexpected burst of laughter. "I know." He squeezed her tight, trying to figure out how to keep her alive. "I know. #Quote by Adriana Anders
Shook Me quotes by George R R Martin
#48. Some instinct made her lift her hand and cup his cheek with her fingers. The room was too dark for her to see him, but she could feel the stickiness of the blood, and a wetness that was not blood. "Little bird," he said once more, his voice raw and harsh as steel on stone. Then he rose from the bed. Sansa heard cloth ripping, followed by the softer sound of retreating footsteps.
When she crawled out of bed, long moments later, she was alone. She found his cloak on the floor, twisted up tight, the white wool stained by blood and fire. The sky outside was darker by then, with only a few pale green ghosts dancing against the stars. A chill wind was blowing, banging the shutters. Sansa was cold. She shook out the torn cloak and huddled beneath it on the floor, shivering. #Quote by George R R Martin
Shook Me quotes by Shay Lynam
#49. Root shook his head. "Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil," he said with his mouth full. "I refuse to associate them with my cooking. #Quote by Shay Lynam
Shook Me quotes by Holly Jackson
#50. Oh, justice exists," Charlie said, looking up at the rain. "Maybe not the kind that happens in police stations and courtrooms, but it does exist. And when you really think about it, those words – good and bad, right and wrong – they don't really matter in the real world. Who gets to decide what they mean: those people who just got it wrong and let Max walk free? No," he shook his head. "I think we all get to decide what good and bad and right and wrong mean to us, not what we're told to accept. You did nothing wrong. Don't beat yourself up for other people's mistakes. #Quote by Holly Jackson
Shook Me quotes by Tom Mueller
#51. It says what every olive oil says: 100 percent Italian, cold-pressed, stone ground, extra virgin..."

He shook his head, as if unable to believe his eyes. "Extra virgin? What's this oil got to do with virginity? This is a whore. #Quote by Tom Mueller
Shook Me quotes by Luke Scull
#52. Jerek shook his head, the moonlight casting a shine on his bald scalp. "You're turning into a right old pussy and that's a fact." Kayne sighed. "Age will do that to you. #Quote by Luke Scull
Shook Me quotes by Nikos Kazantzakis
#53. The bishop escorted Francis a short distance out into the courtyard. Bending over, he said to him in a hushed voice, "careful Francis. You're overdoing it."
"That's how one finds God, Bishop." Francis answered.
The bishop shook his head. "Even virtue needs moderation; otherwise it can become arrogance."
"Man stands within the bounds of moderation; God stands outside them. I am heading for God, Bishop." said Francis, and he proceeded hastily towards the street door. He had no time to lose. #Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis
Shook Me quotes by Jojo Moyes
#54. I laughed and shook my head. 'I don't think so. My mum doesn't really go out. And it's not my cup of tea.'

'Like films with subtitles weren't your cup of tea?'

I frowned at him. 'I'm not your project, Will. This isn't My Fair Lady.'



'The play you're referring to. It's Pygmalion. My Fair Lady is just its bastard offspring. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Shook Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#55. Sweet pea?'" Alec said. "I was just trying it out." Alec shook his head. "No." Magnus shrugged. "I'll keep at it. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Shook Me quotes by E.  Latimer
#56. Lady Abney shook coils of silky blonde hair out of her face, ruby lips pouting in what appeared to be a practiced expression, possibly one she believed to be fetching. In truth it made her look rather like a fish. #Quote by E. Latimer
Shook Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#57. Arguing isn't going to get us anywhere."
"Well, following you is going to get us somewhere," Call said. "And that somewhere is about as far away as you can get from where we need to be."
Aaron shook his head, disappointed. "Why do you have to be such a jerk?" he asked Call.
"Because you never are," Call told him staunchly. "I have to be a jerk for both of us. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Shook Me quotes by John Moore
#58. He turned his gaze upon her, and their eyes not only met, the pupils shook hands, exchanged business cards, and sat down for tea together. #Quote by John Moore
Shook Me quotes by Gemma Arlington
#59. Well, I guess we can make a bet on this and see how Master Flynn's future pans out… see if he indeed marries Miss Poppy McCrea, Max declared as he smiled and shook hands with Seth. #Quote by Gemma Arlington
Shook Me quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#60. Soon thereafter, a maid brought Poppy a tray of neat boxes tied with ribbons. Opening them, Poppy discovered that one was filled with toffee, another with boiled sweets, and another with Turkish delight. Best of all, one box was filled with a new confection called "eating-chocolates" that had been all the rage at the London Exhibition.
"Where did these come from?" Poppy asked Harry when he returned to her room after a brief visit to the front offices.
"From the sweet shop."
"No, these," Poppy showed him the eating-chocolates. "No one can get them. The makers, Fellows and Son, have closed their shop while they moved to a new location. The ladies at the philanthropic luncheon were talking about it."
"I sent Valentine to the Fellows residence to ask them to make a special batch for you." Harry smiled as he saw the paper twists scattered across the counterpane. "I see you've sampled them."
"Have one," Poppy said generously.
Harry shook his head. "I don't like sweets." But he bent down obligingly as she gestured for him to come closer. She reached out to him, her fingers catching the knot of his necktie.
Harry's smile faded as Poppy exerted gentle tension, drawing him down. He was suspended over her, an impending weight of muscle and masculine drive. As her sugared breath blew against his lips, she sensed the deep tremor within him. And she was aware of a new equilibrium between them, a balance of will and curiosity. Harry held still, letting he #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Shook Me quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#61. My father used to say that there are two kinds of people in the world," Kaladin whispered, voice raspy. "He said there are those who take lives. And there are those who save lives."
Syl frowned, cocking her head. This kind of conversation confused her; she wasn't good with abstractions.
"I used to think he was wrong. I thought there was a third group. People who killed in order to save." He shook his head. "I was a fool. There is a third group, a big one, but it isn't what I thought."
"What group?" she said, sitting down on his knee, brow scrunched up.
"The people who exist to be saved or to be killed. The group in the middle. The ones who can't do anything but die or be protected. The victims. That's all I am. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Shook Me quotes by Laura Lippman
#62. I would prefer," Pat said, his voice a little stiff, as if he expected resistance, "that I be the cosigner on the loan, if you go through with this. I know I'm not a famous billionaire, but I think my credit's just as good."
No, you're wrong about that," Tess said, shaking her head.
As far as I'm concerned, it's better. I'd much rather do business with you."
They shook on it. It was a deal, after all, not a time for hugging.
Favors, Arnie Vasso had once said. Your father knows all about favors. He had meant it as an insult, a sly reference to the corners the Monaghans and Weinsteins cut here and there. Now Tess saw it for the simple truth it was: Her father understood favors. How to do them, how to accept them, how to walk away when the price was too steep. It was a lesson she wouldn't mind learning someday.
Maybe this was the place to start. #Quote by Laura Lippman
Shook Me quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#63. As he shook off his servant's grip and staggered heavily to his feet, the sunlight streaming through the outside door struck him full in the face.

Samantha gasped.

A fresh scar, still red and angry, bisected the corner of his left eye and descended down his cheek in a jagged lightning bolt, drawing the skin around it taut. It had once been an angel's face with the sort of masculine beauty reserved only for princes and seraphim. #Quote by Teresa Medeiros
Shook Me quotes by Alfred Tennyson
#64. No sword
Of wrath her right arm whirl'd,
But one poor poet's scroll, and with his word
She shook the world. #Quote by Alfred Tennyson
Shook Me quotes by Sarah Bruni
#65. Just because you knew the cause of something didn't mean your body would learn how not to process this, how to sensibly react. The brain could know something to be harmless, but the body could not deny that the ground shook. The body knew better. Or, the body was gullible. #Quote by Sarah Bruni
Shook Me quotes by David Weber
#66. Jesus, look at that idiot!" Waters' exec muttered, and the citizen captain shook his head in disgust. Having #Quote by David Weber
Shook Me quotes by Raymond Chandler
#67. Then she laughed. It was almost a racking laugh. It shook her as the wind shakes a tree. I thought there was puzzlement in it, not exactly surprise, but as if a new idea had been added to something already known and it didn't fit. Then I thought that was too much to get out of a laugh. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Shook Me quotes by Sarah MacLean
#68. My whole life ... two and two has made four." ...
"But now ... it's all gone wrong." She shook her head. "It doesn't make four anymore. It makes you. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Shook Me quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#69. When the tea tray arrived, Annie the doll was propped up on the settee between Poppy and Merritt. The little girl pressed the edge of her teacup against the doll's painted mouth. "Annie wants more sugar, Mama," Merritt said.
Lillian grinned, knowing who was going to drink the highly sweetened tea. "Tell Annie we never have more than two lumps in a cup, darling. It will make her ill."
"But she has a sweet tooth," the child protested. She added ominously, "A sweet tooth and a temper."
Lillian shook her head with a tsk-tsk. "Such a headstrong doll. Be firm with her, Merritt. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Shook Me quotes by Kathleen Peacock
#70. You are not a ghost.' I was sure of that. Wherever the dreams came from, they were not really her.
'Of course I am.' Amy shook her head. 'That is all memories are. Ghosts and demons kicking around upstairs. #Quote by Kathleen Peacock
Shook Me quotes by James Dashner
#71. Mark shook Trina awake and scrambled to his feet, pulling her up with him. The Toad was definitely sick, and he was standing just a few feet from their camp. They didn't know anything about this sickness, but that only made it scarier. Trina seemed disoriented, but Mark didn't relent, half dragging her to the other side of the dead coals of their fire from earlier that night. "Alec!" he shouted. "Lana! Wake up!" As if the two were still soldiers, #Quote by James Dashner

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