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Shockney Murder quotes by Greg Farshtey
#1. Who are you and why are you here?'
'I'm here to kill you.'
'Oh. I knew there was something about you I liked. #Quote by Greg Farshtey
Shockney Murder quotes by Gaito Gazdanov
#2. Among all my recollections, among all the numberless sensations of my life, the memory of the lone murder I had committed weighed heaviest on my mind.
(from 'The Specter of Alexander Wolf') #Quote by Gaito Gazdanov
Shockney Murder quotes by Howard Bloom
#3. From our best qualities come our worst. From our urge to pull together comes our tendency to tear each other apart. From our devotion to a higher good comes our propensity to the foulest atrocities. From our commitment to ideals comes our excuse to hate. Since the beginning of history, we have been blinded by evil's ability to don a selfless disguise. We have failed to see that our finest qualities often lead us to the actions we most abhor, murder, torture, genocide and war. #Quote by Howard Bloom
Shockney Murder quotes by William Shakespeare
#4. For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak With most miraculous organ. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Shockney Murder quotes by Ariel Sharon
#5. There is no good terror and bad terror. Terror is terror. There's not terror that you can accept and terror that you cannot accept. Terror is terror. Murder is murder. #Quote by Ariel Sharon
Shockney Murder quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
#6. Of course the theologians fought the facts found by the geologists, the scientists, and sought to sustain the sacred Scriptures. They mistook the bones of the mastodon for those of human beings, and by them proudly proved that "there were giants in those days." They accounted for the fossils by saying that God had made them to try our faith, or that the Devil had imitated the works of the Creator.

They answered the geologists by saying that the "days" in Genesis were long periods of time, and that after all the flood might have been local. They told the astronomers that the sun and moon were not actually, but only apparently, stopped. And that the appearance was produced by the reflection and refraction of light.

They excused the slavery and polygamy, the robbery and murder upheld in the Old Testament by saying that the people were so degraded that Jehovah was compelled to pander to their ignorance and prejudice.

In every way the clergy sought to evade the facts, to dodge the truth, to preserve the creed.

At first they flatly denied the facts -- then they belittled them -- then they harmonized them -- then they denied that they had denied them. Then they changed the meaning of the "inspired" book to fit the facts. At first they said that if the facts, as claimed, were true, the Bible was false and Christianity itself a superstition. Afterward they said the facts, as claimed, were true and that they established beyond all doubt the i #Quote by Robert G. Ingersoll
Shockney Murder quotes by Clarence Darrow
#7. Now, your Honor, I have spoken about the war. I believed in it. I don't know whether I was crazy or not. Sometimes I think perhaps I was. I approved of it; I joined in the general cry of madness and despair. I urged men to fight. I was safe because I was too old to go. I was like the rest. What did they do? Right or wrong, justifiable or unjustifiable -- which I need not discuss today -- it changed the world. For four long years the civilized world was engaged in killing men. Christian against Christian, barbarian uniting with Christians to kill Christians; anything to kill. It was taught in every school, aye in the Sunday schools. The little children played at war. The toddling children on the street. Do you suppose this world has ever been the same since? How long, your Honor, will it take for the world to get back the humane emotions that were slowly growing before the war? How long will it take the calloused hearts of men before the scars of hatred and cruelty shall be removed?

We read of killing one hundred thousand men in a day. We read about it and we rejoiced in it -- if it was the other fellows who were killed. We were fed on flesh and drank blood. Even down to the prattling babe. I need not tell you how many upright, honorable young boys have come into this court charged with murder, some saved and some sent to their death, boys who fought in this war and learned to place a cheap value on human life. You know it and I know it. These boys were brought up i #Quote by Clarence Darrow
Shockney Murder quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#8. There is no nation in the history that has not experienced bloodshed and murdering. We all have committed the same mistakes in a different manner. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Shockney Murder quotes by Nina Bawden
#9. The murder of my husband by the railways has altered the way I think about everything. I had always thought that the majority of people were decent and honourable. In the wake of the crash, what made me angry more than anything else was the realisation that this was not true. I still find it very hard to come to terms with. #Quote by Nina Bawden
Shockney Murder quotes by Kerrigan Byrne
#10. Memories make for powerful ghosts..." I whispered. #Quote by Kerrigan Byrne
Shockney Murder quotes by Cassandra Clare
#11. Children of the Nephilim," Magnus said. "Well, well. I don't recall inviting you."
Isabelle took out her invitation and waved it like a white flag. "I have an invitation. These"
she indicated the rest of the group with a grand wave of her arm
"are my friends."
Magnus plucked the invitation out of her hand and looked at it with fastidious distaste. "I must have been drunk," he said. He threw the door open. "Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests."
Jace looked at him, "Even if one of them spills something on my new shoes?" "Even then."
- 219 #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Shockney Murder quotes by Lucy Adlington
#12. You've got to cram it into your thick heads: the sickos that sent us to this place are so stuffed with hate they've got to spew it out on someone, it almost doesn't matter who. If it's not one race, face or religion it'd be another. Right now it's us they vomit on. Next war it'll be some other poor beggars, then some others, then -'
'I want to go home!' the poor woman gasped, in between shakes and sobs.
'And I want to murder every last beast in this hellhole with my bare hands,' Girder raged. She had hands as big as dinner plates. 'The best we can do instead is live. Are you listening? The only way to beat them is by not dying. So shut up and survive, you miserable cow. And let the rest of us sleep. #Quote by Lucy Adlington
Shockney Murder quotes by Allen Ginsberg
#13. The hero surviving his own murder, his own suicide, his own addiction, surviving his own disappearance from the scene #Quote by Allen Ginsberg
Shockney Murder quotes by Douglas Woolf
#14. Are you the owner of this car?" A cop has something you don't have, something you gave him earlier.
"No, I'm just delivering it to Oklahoma City for a lady. "
"Do you have plates for this car?" A cop needn't be vicious, but he can be so, safely.
"Just those stickers."
"Do you have the registration?" Presidents and premiers can annihilate millions, but only a cop can explain away your solitary murder. #Quote by Douglas Woolf
Shockney Murder quotes by A. Lee Martinez
#15. He'd discovered that most of the terrors that stalked the night weren't really terrors at all. They were mostly like regular folks, just trying to live their lives. As long as they were left alone they were perfectly harmless except for the occasional bite on the neck. Humans were the real terrors, always getting worked up and looking to kill something. #Quote by A. Lee Martinez
Shockney Murder quotes by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
#16. Well, the man who first translated the bible into English was burned at the stake, and they've been at it ever since. Must be all that adultery, murder and incest. But not to worry. It's back on the shelves. #Quote by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Shockney Murder quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#17. Hush, Sonia! I am not laughing. I know myself that it was the devil leading me. Hush, Sonia, hush!" he repeated with gloomy insistence. "I know it all, I have thought it all over and over and whispered it all over to myself, lying there in the dark.… I've argued it all over with myself, every point of it, and I know it all, all! And how sick, how sick I was then of going over it all! I kept wanting to forget it and make a new beginning, Sonia, and leave off thinking. And you don't suppose that I went into it headlong like a fool? I went into it like a wise man, and that was just my destruction. And you mustn't suppose that I didn't know, for instance, that if I began to question myself whether I had the right to gain power - I certainly hadn't the right - or that if I asked myself whether a human being is a louse it proved that it wasn't so for me, though it might be for a man who would go straight to his goal without asking questions.… If I worried myself all those days, wondering whether Napoleon would have done it or not, I felt clearly of course that I wasn't Napoleon. I had to endure all the agony of that battle of ideas, Sonia, and I longed to throw it off: I wanted to murder without casuistry, to murder for my own sake, for myself alone! I didn't want to lie about it even to myself. It wasn't to help my mother I did the murder - that's nonsense - I didn't do the murder to gain wealth and power and to become a benefactor of mankind. Nonsense! I simply did it; I did the #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Shockney Murder quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#18. Many a woman was killed by her man whom she stole from his ex. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Shockney Murder quotes by Jia Tolentino
#19. No crime is confounding and punitive the way rape is. No other violent offense comes with a built-in alibi that can instantly exonerate the criminal and place responsibility on the victim. There is no glorified interpersonal behavior that can be used to explain robbery or murder the way that sex can be used to explain rape. The best-case scenario for a rape victim in terms of adjudication is the worst-case scenario in terms of experience: for people to believe you deserve justice, you have to be destroyed. The fact that feminism is ascendant and accepted does not change this. The world that we believe in, that we're attempting to make real and tangible, is still not the world that exists. #Quote by Jia Tolentino
Shockney Murder quotes by Holly Goldberg Sloan
#20. I don't eat the sandwich that Mom made for me, but luckily Randy finishes his and is happy to take mine, too, so I won't get yelled at for wasting food. There is nothing worse in my mom's eyes.

I guess murder would be worse, but I think she believes the first step toward a violent life is being a food-waster. #Quote by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Shockney Murder quotes by Derek Landy
#21. He liked murder. Murder and long walks had been two of his favorite things when he was younger. #Quote by Derek Landy
Shockney Murder quotes by Charles B. Rangel
#22. The Klan had used fear, intimidation and murder to brutally oppress over African-Americans who sought justice and equality and it sought to respond to the young workers of the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the same way. #Quote by Charles B. Rangel
Shockney Murder quotes by Russell T. Davies
#23. Rose: My mum's here.
The Doctor: Oh, that's just what I need! Don't you dare make this place domestic!
Mickey Smith: You ruined my life, Doctor. [the Doctor turns and looks at him, irritated] They thought she was dead, I was a murder suspect because of you!
The Doctor: [looks at Rose] See what I mean? Domestic!
Mickey: I bet you don't even remember my name!
The Doctor: Ricky.
Mickey: It's Mickey!
The Doctor: No, it's Ricky.
Mickey: I think I know my own name!
The Doctor: You think you know your own name? How stupid are you? #Quote by Russell T. Davies
Shockney Murder quotes by Charles De Coster
#24. You sanctimonious philistines, who scoff at me!
What has your politics fed on
since you've been ruling the world?
On butchery and murder! #Quote by Charles De Coster
Shockney Murder quotes by Ted Cruz
#25. If I am elected president, every militant on the face of the planet will know, if you go and join ISIS, if you wage jihad on the United States of America, if you attempt to murder innocent Americans you are signing your death warrant. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Shockney Murder quotes by Kevin Pollak
#26. I am completely and utterly hooked to all the great shows on A&E and Court TV that are about small town murder. #Quote by Kevin Pollak
Shockney Murder quotes by Gerry Mulligan
#27. Life on the road is murder. It's as though life begins and ends when you have your horn in your mouth. #Quote by Gerry Mulligan
Shockney Murder quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#28. Believing the worst of people, of the world in general, was a trap too easy to fall into. Hadrian had fought beside soldiers who'd developed similar views. Such men saw evil and virtue as concepts of naïveté. In their minds, there was no such thing as murder, an killing was just something you did when circumstances warranted.
A terrible way to live. What good is a world - what is the point of living - if generosity and kindness are myths? #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Shockney Murder quotes by Georgette Heyer
#29. I'll tell you something else too; by the time we're through we shall have had all we can stand of this North woman. I wouldn't mind betting she thinks we have nothing better to do than run around in circles while she gets on with this three-act problem play of hers. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Shockney Murder quotes by Keri Arthur
#30. That's blackmail on top of attempted murder, Kye. I can officially kill you #Quote by Keri Arthur
Shockney Murder quotes by Jenn McKinlay
#31. Do not try to sidetrack me with sarcasm and a murder," Joyce said. "Mom. #Quote by Jenn McKinlay
Shockney Murder quotes by Amanda Scott
#32. Prithee, sir," Ian said, controlling his impatience, "tell us what Dougal said."
"He said he'd tell the world that he's had his way with our Lina, even shared her with his men. Och, but I wanted to hang him from the tree outside me gate right then! In short, if Dougal canna have her, he'll murder her reputation. So, in my fury, I've condemned my daughter to the sad future of an unmarried, unwanted woman. A future in which others will revile her, if Dougal has his say. Och, I'm a villain m'self to do such a vile thing. Mayhap I should think more on it, unless . . ."
He looked at Rob, who stared silently, blankly back at him.
After a glance at Ian, Andrew chose a point midway between the two men and said with a slight, self-deprecating shrug, "I dinna suppose ye'd . . . either o' ye . . . be willing to marry the poor lassie and save her from such a dreadful fate."
Ian saw the pit yawning before him, but he barely heeded it. Having saved Lina from one wretched fate, he did not want to watch her fall victim to another.
Impulsively, he said, "I . . . I'd be willing to give the idea some thought, sir."
"Good lad," Andrew said cheerfully. "I'll let ye have her. #Quote by Amanda Scott
Shockney Murder quotes by Jason L. Riley
#33. As remains the case today, blacks in the past were overrepresented among those arrested and imprisoned. In urban areas in 1967 blacks were seventeen times more likely than whites to be arrested for robbery. In 1980 blacks comprised about one-eighth of the population but were half of all those arrested for murder, rape, and robbery, according to FBI data. And they were between one-fourth and one-third of all those arrested for crimes such as burglary, auto theft, and aggravated assault. #Quote by Jason L. Riley

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