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Shirts quotes by Rachel Caine
#1. As she turned to concentrate on the portal, Eve tugged on Claire's shirt. "What?"
"Ask him where he got the boots."
"You ask." Personally, Claire wanted the vampire bunny slippers. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Shirts quotes by Oliver Bierhoff
#2. Our junior national teams feature increasing numbers of kids from immigrant backgrounds, but who have grown up in Germany. Their roots are elsewhere, but they feel German. They draw on two cultures, and I believe that's been a real and visible factor in the football we've been playing. One of the best and abiding images was Cacau, a Christian with Brazilian roots, celebrating a goal with Mesut Ozil, a Muslim from a Turkish background. Ozil jumped on to Cacau's shoulders, and they gazed up into the stands, both wearing Germany shirts. It was wonderfully symbolic. #Quote by Oliver Bierhoff
Shirts quotes by Whitley Strieber
#3. The upheavals of adolescence silenced 'A Christmas Carol' for a few years. I became a firebrand atheist. Christmas - humbug! Too commercial! Then I became an agnostic. Christmas was a pro-forma affair, basically a chore. Buy mother a book, dad a new tie, my brother and sister small gifts. Pretend thanks for the fountain pens and shirts I received. #Quote by Whitley Strieber
Shirts quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson
#4. The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt. #Quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Shirts quotes by Steve Erickson
#5. In their matching candy-stripe shirts, the Beach Boys were America's biggest band of the early '60s, transmitting utopian bulletins of summer without end to a cold and overcast nation. #Quote by Steve Erickson
Shirts quotes by Kevin Sylvester
#6. Are you still taking orders for me-shirts?"
"I'll take one 'shoot me now' and one 'I'm with useless'. #Quote by Kevin Sylvester
Shirts quotes by Patrice Evra
#7. It's a special club. It's got history. When I slip on the Manchester United shirt, it's like I'm wearing its past. So you have to sacrifice yourself for this club. #Quote by Patrice Evra
Shirts quotes by Tamara Mellon
#8. Men always look smart in a well-fitted, tailored suit. Conversely, they can be incredibly handsome in jeans combined with a cashmere jumper or a beaten-up leather jacket or even just a cotton T-shirt. #Quote by Tamara Mellon
Shirts quotes by Brock Clarke
#9. Some of the men were dressed like Peter and wore red plaid hunting jackets or bulky tan Carhartt jackets or lined flannel shirts, and all of those men were wearing jeans and work boots. Some of the men wore ski jackets and hiking boots and the sort of many-pocketed army green pants that made you want to get out of your seat and rappel. Some of the men wore wide-wale corduroy pants and duck boots and cable0knit sweaters and scarves. It was a regular United Nations of white American manhood. But all the men, no matter what they were wearing, were slouching in their chairs, with their legs so wide open that it seemed as though there must be something severely wrong with their testicles. #Quote by Brock Clarke
Shirts quotes by Norton Juster
#10. They walked for a while, all silent in their thoughts, until they reached the car and Alec drew a fine telescope from his shirt and handed it to Milo.
"Carry this with you on your journey," he said softly, "for there is much worth noticing that often escapes the eye. Through it you can see everything from the tender moss in a sidewalk crack to the glow of the farthest star - and, most important of all, you can see things as they really are, not just as they seem to be. It's my gift to you. #Quote by Norton Juster
Shirts quotes by Gisele Walko
#11. Blaine, basketball, football and baseball are for commoners, the lower ninety-nine percent. We need our own thing to play when we're not sitting around talking about our family's money. You're right Sterling, How about a game called lacrosse? It's a cross between an actual sport and just being fancy like la-dee-da. That's why we call it lacrosse. We could wear polo shirts…. #Quote by Gisele Walko
Shirts quotes by Charles Bukowski
#12. My old man

16 years old
during the depression
I'd come home drunk
and all my clothing–
shorts, shirts, stockings–
suitcase, and pages of
short stories
would be thrown out on the
front lawn and about the

my mother would be
waiting behind a tree:
"Henry, Henry, don't
go in . . .he'll
kill you, he's read
your stories . . ."
"I can whip his
ass . . ."

"Henry, please take
this . . .and
find yourself a room."

but it worried him
that I might not
finish high school
so I'd be back

one evening he walked in
with the pages of
one of my short stories
(which I had never submitted
to him)
and he said, "this is
a great short story."
I said, "o.k.,"
and he handed it to me
and I read it.
it was a story about
a rich man
who had a fight with
his wife and had
gone out into the night
for a cup of coffee
and had observed
the waitress and the spoons
and forks and the
salt and pepper shakers
and the neon sign
in the window
and then had gone back
to his stable
to see and touch his
favorite horse
who then
kicked him in the head
and killed him.

the story held
meaning for him
when I had written it
I had no idea
of what I was
writi #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Shirts quotes by Zoe Weil
#13. Each day we wake up and make myriad choices that affect others. We clothe ourselves with shirts, pants, and shoes that may have been sewn together by women working in factories fourteen-plus hours a day for a nonliving wage; we buy products manufactured in ways the destroy forests, pollute waterways, and poison the air; we wash our hair with shampoos that may have been squeezed into the eyes of conscious rabbits or force-fed to them in quantities that kill; and on and on. As Derrick Jensen has written in his book "The Culture of Make Believe", "It is possible to destroy a culture without being aware of its existence. It is possible to commit genocide or ecocide from the comfort of one's living room #Quote by Zoe Weil
Shirts quotes by Rick Riordan
#14. My Einherjar have a saying: Some days you are the axe, some days you are the decapitated head. I like it so much, I'm having T-shirts made for the Hotel Valhalla gift shop. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Shirts quotes by George Washington
#15. The Army, as usual, are without pay; and a great part of the soldiery without shirts; and though the patience of them is equally threadbare, the States seem perfectly indifferent to their cries. #Quote by George Washington
Shirts quotes by Richard Yates
#16. How small and neat and comically serious the other men looked, with their grey-flecked crew cuts and their button-down collars and their brisk little hurrying feet! There were endless desperate swarms of them, hurrying through the station and the streets, and an hour from now they would all be still. The waiting mid-town office buildings would swallow them up and contain them, so that to stand in one tower looking out across the canyon to another would be to inspect a great silent insectarium displaying hundreds of tiny pink men in white shirts, forever shifting papers and frowning into telephones, acting out their passionate little dumb show under the supreme indifference of the rolling spring clouds. #Quote by Richard Yates
Shirts quotes by Cath Crowley
#17. Get. Up,' George says, gently shoving me with her knee, which is her version of a hug. I love my sister, but, along with the rest of the world, I don't really understand her and it'd be true to say I fear her, just slightly.

She's seventeen, starting Year 12 this year. She likes learning but she hates her school. She got a scholarship to a private one on the other side of the river in Year 7 and Mum makes her stay there even though she'd rather go to Gracetown High.

She wears a huge amount of black, mostly t-shirts with things like Read, Motherfuckers on the front. Sometimes I think she likes post-apocalyptic fiction so much because she's genuinely happy at the thought that the world might end.

'Is the plan to get up sometime soon?' she asks, and I tell her no, that is not the plan. I explain the plan to her, which is basically to wait, horizontally, for life to improve. #Quote by Cath Crowley
Shirts quotes by Patti Smith
#18. Through it all we held fast to the concept of the clock with no hands. Tasks were completed, sump pumps manned, sandbags piled, trees planted, shirts ironed, hems stitched, and yet we reserved the right to ignore the hands that kept on turning. #Quote by Patti Smith
Shirts quotes by Johnny Cash
#19. Everybody was wearing rhinestones, all those sparkly clothes, and cowboy boots. I decided to wear a black shirt and pants and see if I could get by with it. I did and I've worn black clothes ever since. #Quote by Johnny Cash
Shirts quotes by Sarah Vowell
#20. With temperatures dropping, how could men without shirts expect to fend off opponents so blatantly well equipped with outerwear that they were nicknamed the redcoats? #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Shirts quotes by Christina Lauren
#21. Yeah, well, my family practically walks around wearing Team Chloe shirts under their regular clothes so it's a little different. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Shirts quotes by Penelope Cruz
#22. In my everyday life, I just wear jeans, t-shirts and trainers - if I can go barefoot, that's even better. But for the events I have a stylist, and in two hours we have selected a whole outfit. #Quote by Penelope Cruz
Shirts quotes by Bryan Fischer
#23. Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews. #Quote by Bryan Fischer
Shirts quotes by Carolyn Brown
#24. Beau followed the preacher from the back door of the sale barn to the platform. All five of his brothers walked slowly behind him. James, who was in charge of the music, put a tape into the stereo system and Conway Twitty's gravelly voice came through singing "The Rose." Three of his sisters-in-law, and both of Milli's brothers' wives, appeared at the front door of the barn. All of them had been bridesmaids several times and they floated down the aisle with grace and dignity even in their flannel shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Then Casey, who was standing in for Milli, appeared at the door on the arm of John Torres. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Shirts quotes by Markus Zusak
#25. Stars of David were plastered to their shirts, and misery was attached to them as if assigned. "Don't forget your misery ... " In some cases, it grew on them like a vine. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Shirts quotes by Tina Fey
#26. It can't be said enough. Don't concern yourself with fashion; stick to simple pieces that flatter your body type. By nineteen, I had found my look. Oversize T-shirts, bike shorts, and wrestling shoes. To prevent the silhouette from being too baggy, I would cinch it at the waist with my fanny pack. I was pretty sure I would wear this look forever. The shirts allowed me to express myself with cool sayings like "There's No Crying in Baseball" and "Universität Heidelberg," the bike shorts showed off my muscular legs, and the fanny pack held all my trolley tokens. I was nailing it on a daily basis. Find something like this for yourself as soon as possible. #Quote by Tina Fey
Shirts quotes by Caio Fonseca
#27. My uniform is sweatpants, so crusted over with dried paint that they're as hard as a table. I wear T-shirts that are also covered in paint, and Crocs. #Quote by Caio Fonseca
Shirts quotes by Rebecca Traister
#28. In part, that's because when we delay marriage, it's not just women who become independent. It's also men, who, like women, learn to clothe and feed themselves, to clean their homes iron their shirts and pack their own suitcases. #Quote by Rebecca Traister
Shirts quotes by Christopher Farnsworth
#29. Take any one of these dipshits in their easy-fit pants and triple-XL T-shirts. Ask them what we should do about the Middle East, or health care, or abortion, and they've got all the answers. Half of the voters can't find Iraq on a map, but they know just what to do about the War on Terror. Sixty percent of them are on some kind of government handout, but they can't stand freeloaders. And ninety percent of them don't know what the Fed does, but they're ready to abolish it. #Quote by Christopher Farnsworth
Shirts quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
#30. I prayed that the Lord would help me to see my life from his point of view. It was then that I noticed it: as I looked around my house, I had dozens of PRIDE posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs. The flag that waved in the breeze at my porch was a PRIDE flag. Pride had become my best friend. In the LGBT world, we defined pride as a healthy self-esteem. But something started to crack a little and I dared to just ask the question: was I domesticating a tiger? #Quote by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Shirts quotes by Kevin Plank
#31. My first real business was bootlegging T-shirts - I was just a dumb kid. You go to a concert and pay $25 for a cotton T-shirt that says 'Rolling Stones,' 'Lollapalooza,' or whatever. On the outside they're 10 or 15 bucks. We were the guys selling them for 10 or 15 bucks. #Quote by Kevin Plank
Shirts quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
#32. I have known a German Prince with more titles than subjects, and a Spanish nobleman with more names than shirts. #Quote by Oliver Goldsmith
Shirts quotes by Melissa Jensen
#33. The floor was full of crepe streamer seaweed and decomposing pirates. Or at least so it seemed. Half of the male population of Willing was out srutting its stuff in frilly shirts, head scarves, and gruesome makeup. Although, to be fair, some of the contorted faces had more to do with exertion than costume-store goop. Some boys need to concentrate really hard if they want to get their limbs to work with the music. It looked like "Thriller" meets Titanic.
Of course,the other half was blinding. As predicted, sequins reigned. Also as predicted, the costume of choice was some sort of skirt(the smaller the better) paired with a bikini top (ditto). As I watched from my seat at the edge of the gym,a mousy physics teacher dressed in a rotuned foam sea-horse suit had a brief, finger-waggling argument with a mermaid over the size ofher shells. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but the hand gestures said plenty. The teacher won; Shell Girl stalked off in a huff. She stopped halfway off the floor to do an angry, hokey-pokey leg shake to disentangle a length of paper seaweed from around her ankle. A group of mathletes watched her curiously. One,wearing what looked like a real antique diving suit, even tried an experimental shake of his own leg before another elbowed him into stillness. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Shirts quotes by Eve O. Schaub
#34. I began the process of cutting up my random fabrics into strips. Of course, I chose easy things first, items that didn't' hurt me very much to cut up: torn sheets. A flannel nightgown so tattered it could never be worn again, one of Steve's worn-out t-shirts, couch upholstery.

The resulting balls of fabric yarn that I wound together after cutting astounded me. They were gorgeous--each one prettier than the last, which made me braver.

I took some photographs. And I heaved a sigh. Things in me were changing, I could feel many months focusing on Stuff, Stuff, STUFF had made me bolder. What's the worst that could happen? I thought to myself. It reminded me of the day I finally, after ten years of kicking and screaming, took that first half pill [for OCD]. To someone else it might be no big deal, but to me? It felt like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. #Quote by Eve O. Schaub
Shirts quotes by Anne Elizabeth Moore
#35. Three days after my boyfriend left me, I discovered a closetful of his clothes. I thought of what I'd done in the past (bundling them up and sending them, COD: distributing them to my friends) even as I already had the scissors in hand and was cutting his shirts and a pair of pants into teeny pieces. When there was nothing left of his ghost except a large pile of cloth, I decided to learn how to quilt. #Quote by Anne Elizabeth Moore
Shirts quotes by Jennifer Morrison
#36. I have a closet full of blazers and more striped shirts than any human could possibly wear. Somehow I think that I don't have striped shirts, and then I look at my closet and go, 'Oh, I have ten.' But then you always end up with your favourite striped shirt of the moment, and you don't end up wearing any of the other ones. #Quote by Jennifer Morrison
Shirts quotes by Andy Stanley
#37. Two primary ways to keep volunteers motivated - Food and T-shirts. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Shirts quotes by Charles Bukowski
#38. I had never been a dresser. My shirts were all faded and shrunken, 5 or 6 years old, threadbare. My pants the same. I hated department stores, I hated the clerks, they acted so superior, they seemed to know the secret of life, they had a confidence I didn't possess. My shoes were always broken down and old, I disliked shoe stores too. I never purchased anything until it was completely unusable, and that included automobiles. It wasn't a matter of thrift, I just couldn't bear to be a buyer needing a seller, seller being so handsome and aloof and superior. Besides, it all took time, time when you could just be laying around and drinking. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Shirts quotes by Rich Hall
#39. When you go to work, if your name is on the building, you're rich. If your name is on your desk, you're middle class. And if your name is on your shirt, you're poor. #Quote by Rich Hall
Shirts quotes by Jim Lehrer
#40. I always wear blue shirts and I like wine or purple ties. #Quote by Jim Lehrer
Shirts quotes by Martha Lemasters
#41. I notice perfume smells on his shirts and even later hours. I suspect he's having an affair but really don't care. #Quote by Martha Lemasters
Shirts quotes by Janeane Garofalo
#42. When I see guys in bars wearing the real fitted kind of Calvin Klein v-neck t-shirts I just want to go up to them and be like, 'Oh, do you work out? Your tricep looks so great - thank you.' #Quote by Janeane Garofalo
Shirts quotes by Kristin Cashore
#43. I was doing science," Giddon said. "He threw a bean."
"I was testing the impact of a bean upon water," Bann said.
"That's not even a real thing."
"Perhaps I'll test the impact of a bean upon your beautiful white shirt. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Shirts quotes by Elizabeth Eulberg
#44. I wondered if it would've been too subtle to wear a T-shirt that said thank you for your interest, but I am no longer dating.
I knew Todd, wasn't a huge fan of reading, but he did like to stare at my shirts. #Quote by Elizabeth Eulberg
Shirts quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#45. When I board an airplane these days, all the middle-aged men are dressed like me - when I was an 8-year-old. They're in shorts and T-shirts. And it's not just on airplanes. It's in business offices, teachers' lounges, and churches. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Shirts quotes by Rob Thomas
#46. For one ridiculous moment she considered changing into something sexier - at least from the waist up, as that was all he'd see on his camera - but decided not to bother. Logan had fallen in love with her in striped T-shirts and jeans. There was no need to mess with a winning formula. #Quote by Rob Thomas
Shirts quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#47. Is Blue a nickname?"
Beside the Camaro, Blue's eyebrows got suddenly pointy.
Hurriedly, Gansey added, "Not that it's not a cool name. Just that it's ... unusual."
"Weird-ass." This was from Ronan, but he said it as he chewed absently on one of the leather straps on his wrist, so the effect was minimized.
Blue replied, "Unfortunately, it's nothing normal. Not like Gansey."
He said, "I've always liked the name Jane."
Blue's eyes widened. "Ja - what? Oh! No, no. You can't just go around naming people other things because you don't like their real name."
"I like Blue just fine," Gansey said. "Some of my favourite shirts are blue. However, I also like Jane."
"I'm not answering to that."
"I didn't ask you to. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Shirts quotes by Ronald Reagan
#48. Could there be anything resembling a free enterprise economy, if wealth and property were concentrated in the hands of a few, while the great majority owned little more than the shirts on their backs? #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Shirts quotes by Vasily Grossman
#49. At war a Russian man puts on a white shirt. He may live in sin, but he dies like a saint. #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Shirts quotes by Ilona Andrews
#50. He was going to take a dive into this lake. He just didn't know it. Cerise rose, finding footing in the soft mud. The water came up to just below her breasts and her wet shirt stuck to her body. William's gaze snagged on her chest. Yep, keep looking, Lord Bill. Keeeeeep looking. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Shirts quotes by Paula Deen
#51. Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. You know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn't it? But we can't do that because the media would be on me about that, #Quote by Paula Deen
Shirts quotes by Riccardo Tisci
#52. I didn't invent hot water. But when I approach menswear, I do it in a very honest way. And my menswear and womenswear are very similar, in the sense that I put men in leggings and lace shirts. #Quote by Riccardo Tisci
Shirts quotes by Simone Elkeles
#53. Two dads have sent me letters that said my books changed their daughters' lives. I send them packages with T-shirts and posters because, come on ... that's the coolest. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Shirts quotes by Fredrik Backman
#54. He is wearing a rugby shirt with numbers and a little man on a horse on his chest. Kent has told Elsa that this sort of shirt costs more than a thousand kronor, and Granny always used to say that those sorts of shirts were a good thing, because the horse functioned as a sort of manufacturer's warning that the shirt was highly likely to be transporting a muppet. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Shirts quotes by Oscar Robertson
#55. It's like all guys want to do is make a dunk, grab their shirt and yell out and scream - they could be down 30 points but that's what they do. Okay, so you made a dunk. Get back down the floor on defense! #Quote by Oscar Robertson
Shirts quotes by John Varvatos
#56. The thing about the basics is they don't really change - it's the details and the proportions that change. The shirt may be cut slimmer or looser, the suit might be darker or lighter, the sneakers might not have laces, but you're still talking about shirts and suits and sneakers. #Quote by John Varvatos
Shirts quotes by Karen McQuestion
#57. Homeschooling? What was she thinking? All I could envision were those religious families, the ones with the little girls wearing Amish dresses and the boys with their slicked-back hair and matching polo shirts. I'd seen groups of them at the mall, following their mother single file, pretending it was a field trip. #Quote by Karen McQuestion
Shirts quotes by Dave Eggers
#58. Toph, I want to tell you something. I want to tell you about my nipples. I want to tell you about my nipples, and generally about the nipples of the men in our family. Because someday, son [I do this thing, and he does this thing, where I call him son and he calls me dad, when we are having funny father-son-type chats, mocking them in a way while also being secretly, deeply queasy about using these terms], someday my nipples will be your nipples. Someday you too will have nipples that protrude unnaturally far from your chest, and which will harden at the slightest provocation, preventing you from wearing anything but the heaviest cotton T-shirts. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Shirts quotes by Le1f
#59. One time, the homie Venus[-X] read me; we were on the phone and she was like, "Girl, you keep wearing jeans and t-shirts at your shows, but the music doesn't give that." I was like, "You're right, I need to be the person that I am at school, making dance and choreography. I should think about the whole performance." That's when I put the 1 in my name and started dressing for the occasion. #Quote by Le1f
Shirts quotes by Jennifer Egan
#60. I understood that expensive shirts looked better than cheap shirts. The fabric wasn't shiny, no - shiny would be cheap. But it glowed, like there was light coming through from the inside. It was a fucking beautiful shirt, is what I'm saying #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Shirts quotes by Carol Vorderman
#61. The photoshoot glitz and TV studio make-up isn't the real me. I spend most days at home in Bristol in jeans and a T-shirt running around after the kids or shopping in the Co-op. #Quote by Carol Vorderman
Shirts quotes by Lev L. Spiro
#62. We having nothing to fear but fear itself. That, and maybe getting mugged by someone wearing a "No Fear" t-shirt. #Quote by Lev L. Spiro
Shirts quotes by Cesc Fabregas
#63. If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me. #Quote by Cesc Fabregas
Shirts quotes by Jefferson Bethke
#64. We have branded Jesus beyond recognition. Church has become a business. Jesus is our marketing scheme. We create bookstores, T-shirts, bracelets, bumper stickers, and board games all in the name of Jesus. #Quote by Jefferson Bethke
Shirts quotes by Mariam Petrosyan
#65. Neat little boys in neat little shirts, so earnest and wholesome, but hidden underneath their faces were old hags, skin pitted with acid. #Quote by Mariam Petrosyan
Shirts quotes by Andrew Holleran
#66. We lived only to dance. What was the true characteristic of a queen, I wondered later on; and you could argue that forever. "What do we all have in common in this group?" I once asked a friend seriously, when it occurred to me how slender, how immaterial, how ephemeral the bond was that joined us; and he responded, "We all have lips." Perhaps that is what we all had in common: no one was allowed to be serious, except about the importance of music, the glory of faces seen in the crowd. We had our songs, we had our faces! We had our web belts and painter's jeans, our dyed tank tops and haircuts, the plaid shirts, bomber jackets, jungle fatigues, the all-important shoes. #Quote by Andrew Holleran
Shirts quotes by A.E. Via
#67. This fucking city is full of nothing but thugs, money grubbing porn-bitches, and hustlers. I'm calling the police." Ex fumed as he struggled to pull his cell from his pocket.

If Syn weren't so damn angry it would've been funny as shit the way the man's jaw dropped when God and Day both pulled their gold badges out from under their shirts. Day smiled that sinister grin and kneeled in front of them, speaking in an official tone, "911, what is your emergency? #Quote by A.E. Via
Shirts quotes by Kirk Douglas
#68. Unfortunately, once I did learn to smoke, I couldn't stop. I escalated to two packs a day very quickly, and stayed that way for about ten years. When I decided to stop, I adopted the method that my father had used when he quit. He would carry a cigarette in his shirt pocket, and every time he felt like smoking, he would pull out the cigarette and confront it: "Who stronger? You? Me?" Always the answer was the same: "I stronger." Back the cigarette would go, until the next craving. It worked for him, and it worked for me. #Quote by Kirk Douglas
Shirts quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#69. That night, before bed, he goes first to Willem's side of the closet, which he has still not emptied. Here are Willem's shirts on their hangers, and his sweaters on their shelves, and his shoes lined up beneath. He takes down the shirt he needs, a burgundy plaid woven through with threads of yellow, which Willem used to wear around the house in the springtime, and shrugs it on over his head. But instead of putting his arms through its sleeves, he ties the sleeves in front of him, which makes the shirt look like a straitjacket, but which he can pretend - if he concentrates - are Willem's arms in an embrace around him. He climbs into bed. This ritual embarrasses and shames him, but he only does it when he really needs it, and tonight he really needs it. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Shirts quotes by Ron Brackin
#70. If women don't like men staring at their chests, they shouldn't write on them. #Quote by Ron Brackin
Shirts quotes by Lee Pace
#71. I never get to wear a suit in my life, much less a tuxedo. It's kind of really fun to get to dress up, because you take yourself a little more seriously if you dress nice in a starched shirt. #Quote by Lee Pace
Shirts quotes by Felipe Esparza
#72. I could never have a threesome. This is not a threesome body. This is a turn off the lights body, leave your shirt on body - this is a tell nobody. #Quote by Felipe Esparza
Shirts quotes by J.D. Robb
#73. She thought she loved him. What do you have in your pocket?"
He smiled, drew out the gray button that had fallen off her very ugly suit the first day they'd met.
"See?" She couldn't say why that stupid button moved her so damn much. "People in love keep things. Sentimental things."
"What do you have?"
She pulled the chain, and the tear-shaped diamond from under her shirt. "I wouldn't wear this for anybody but you. It's embarrassing. And - "
"Ah, something else."
"Shit. I'm tired. It makes me gabby. I have one of your shirts."
His brow creased in absolute bafflement. "My shirts?"
"In my drawer, under a bunch of stuff. You lent it to me the morning after our first night together. It still sort of smells like you."
For a moment, the worry on his face simply dissolved. "I believe that's the sweetest thing you've said to me in all our time together."
"Well, I owed you. Besides, you have enough shirts to outfit a Broadway troupe. So, help me toss the room?"
"Absolutely. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Shirts quotes by John Green
#74. Dear Teens at Starbucks wearing 'Abstain from Sex 2 Attain Ur Goals' t-shirts: Doesn't it depend on what my goals are? #Quote by John Green
Shirts quotes by Stuart Rojstaczer
#75. In this country, people buy T-shirts extolling their survival skills after snowstorms and heat waves. I used to get angry about this behavior, which I considered to be a childish display of false endurance. How can a country be so weak to think that a little snow or a little spike in a thermometer is actual hardship? But now … I'm almost pleased to see these T-shirts appear every few years. Now they indicate to me that this country is so secure and wealthy that actual hardship for many is almost impossible. These celebrations of minor calamities are in essence a signal that the people of this country feel so safe that they've turned survival into a silly game. Unfortunately, most nations are not like the United States. Danger is real for almost everyone most anywhere else. #Quote by Stuart Rojstaczer
Shirts quotes by Said Sayrafiezadeh
#76. There's always been something a little pathetic for me at the work parties I've attended, especially thinking back to the restaurants I worked in. I remember a Christmas party in which we all got free T-shirts with the restaurant on the front and our names on the back. #Quote by Said Sayrafiezadeh
Shirts quotes by J.D. Robb
#77. Minutes after Eve stepped into her office to coordinate her next move, Peabody rushed in.
"I've got the initial sweeper's report on the room the Lombards vacated - nothing," Peabody said hurriedly. "Canvassing cops found the bar - one block east, two south of the hotel. Door was unlocked. Zana's purse was inside on the floor. I have a team heading there now."
"You've been busy," Eve said. "How did you manage to fit in sex?"
"Sex? I don't know what you're talking about. I bet you want coffee." She darted to the AutoChef, then whirled back. "How do you know I had sex? Do you have sex radar?"
"Your shirt's not buttoned right, and you've got a fresh hickey on your neck."
"Damn it." Peabody slapped a hand to the side of her neck. "How bad is it? Why don't you have a mirror in here?"
"Because, let's see, could it be because it's an office? #Quote by J.D. Robb
Shirts quotes by Cory Doctorow
#78. It's a story of little girls who are pressed into working in sweat shops in games, who spend all day doing repetitive grinding tasks like making shirts, which are then converted into gold and sold on eBay. #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Shirts quotes by Derek Luke
#79. I was working at the store on the Sony studios in Culver City. And I was literally holding a shirt when they came in and told me I'd got the part! It just shows dreams do come true. #Quote by Derek Luke
Shirts quotes by Jose Saramago
#80. There are people like Senhor José everywhere, who fill their time, or what they believe to be their spare time, by collecting stamps, coins, medals, vases, postcards, matchboxes, books, clocks, sport shirts, autographs, stones, clay figurines, empty beverage cans, little angels, cacti, opera programmes, lighters, pens, owls, music boxes, bottles, bonsai trees, paintings, mugs, pipes, glass obelisks, ceramic ducks, old toys, carnival masks, and they probably do so out of something that we might call metaphysical angst, perhaps because they cannot bear the idea of chaos being the one ruler of the universe, which is why, using their limited powers [...], they attempt to impose some order on the world, and for a short while they manage it, but only as long as they are there to defend their collection, because when the day comes when it must be dispersed, and that day always comes, either with their death or when the collector grows weary, everything goes back to its beginnings, everything returns to chaos. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Shirts quotes by Ian Astbury
#81. Usually when I see Matthew [McConaughey] at a show, he'll be down in front with his shirt off with two beers just going mental, lit up and having an amazing time. #Quote by Ian Astbury
Shirts quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#82. In my experience, nothing good glows," he said.
"That's not true," I answered, slipping my hand in his. We began walking toward the light. "Lots of good things glow. Glow sticks. Glowworms. Awesome glow-in-the-dark shirts…"
He snorted with laughter, but his fingers tightened on mine. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Shirts quotes by Jake Bible
#83. Do your part before you die a horrible, screaming death, should be the official slogan of the apocalypse. There could be t-shirts and shit. #Quote by Jake Bible
Shirts quotes by Ismat Chugtai
#84. One did not know when Begum Jaan's life began - whether it was when she committed the mistake of being born or when she came to the Nawab's house as his bride, climbed the four-poster bed and started counting her days. Or was it when she watched through the drawing room door the increasing number of firm-calved, supple- waisted boys and delicacies begin to come for them from the kitchen! Begum Jaan would have glimpses of them in their perfumed, flimsy shirts and feel as though she was being raked over burning embers! #Quote by Ismat Chugtai
Shirts quotes by Neil Peart
#85. I am the audience. I want to observe people. Even when I'm playing drums onstage, I'm watching people. I'm looking at them and their faces and their T-shirts and their signs. And travelling by motorcycle, especially, the world is just coming at me. #Quote by Neil Peart
Shirts quotes by Jillian Barberie
#86. My favorite shirt to sleep in is the one my birth mom was wearing when she died in my arms. Morbid for some perhaps but comforting to me. #Quote by Jillian Barberie
Shirts quotes by Meryl Streep
#87. I feel much more comfortable dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. "Devil Wears Prada" did not make me change my style. But it has made me appreciate the people who do this every morning in a serious way, get dressed up and really put together that look. I mean, wow. It's amazing. #Quote by Meryl Streep
Shirts quotes by James Purefoy
#88. We start off wearing frilly shirts and britches and being good guys and the heroes. And then as time goes on, every English actor ends up playing bad guys. That's what we do. #Quote by James Purefoy
Shirts quotes by Janet Evanovich
#89. He wears jeans, untucked shirts, and a Glock 19, and he has a big shaggy dog named Bob. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Shirts quotes by Matthew Quick
#90. I want to have an assistant someday who will make freaky teens cool T-shirts so that they can do good things in style. I want to be Donna. So frickin' much. #Quote by Matthew Quick
Shirts quotes by Ken Follett
#91. Parliament banned the wearing of political uniforms in public. That finished them. If they couldn't strut up and down in their black shirts they were nothing. The #Quote by Ken Follett
Shirts quotes by R.D. Ronald
#92. The bar staff and croupiers all wore black with the same green triangle logo emblazoned on their shirts, and contact lenses which made their eyes shine an eerie, vibrant green. The bar optics glowed with the same green light, the intensity of which was linked to the music. As the bartender walked away to fetch the drinks, a breakdown in the techno track commenced and the bottles began to palpitate. The bartender's eyes glowed with a hallucinatory felinity that made Mangle feel nervous. #Quote by R.D. Ronald
Shirts quotes by Jason Sudeikis
#93. I've never been a shirt-off, pants-off kind of comedy guy. #Quote by Jason Sudeikis
Shirts quotes by Moliere
#94. Ah! how annoying that the law doesn't allow a woman to change husbands just as one does shirts. #Quote by Moliere
Shirts quotes by Christine Feehan
#95. Mikhail lifted her into his arms, urging her legs around his waist. She closed her eyes, savoring the feel of him entering her, savoring the slow ride, the natural undulation of her body. "I could live here, like this," she whispered.
"Funny," he watched the sensations pouring over her face, felt them filling her mind. "I had exactly the same thought."
Half the night was gone when Mikhail carried her back to their home. Raven hastily wrapped herself in one of his shirts. "Do you realize I don't have any clothes here?" She couldn't quite meet his eyes, blushing every time his dark gaze brushed her body. She could still feel the imprint of his body on hers, the strength of his possession. "I need to get back to the inn. All of my things are there."
His eyebrow shot up. Now was not the time to tell her she really wouldn't need clothes. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Shirts quotes by Ryszard Kapuscinski
#96. And when we pushed away that other, bad vision, we felt good again and everything was a joy to us: the fire, the smell of trampled grass, that our shirts had dried, the sleep of the earth, the taste of cigarettes, the forest, our rested legs, the stardust, life - life most of all.

In the end, we went on. The dawn met us. The sun warmed us. We kept walking. Our legs buckled, our shoulders went numb, our hands swelled, but we managed to carry it to the cemetery - to the grave - our last harbour on earth, at which we put in only once, never again to sail forth - this Stefan Kanik, eighteen, killed in a tragic accident, during blasting, by a block of coal. #Quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Shirts quotes by Ashton Kutcher
#97. Your best T-shirt should be like your bed; it just feels like you are home when you are in it. #Quote by Ashton Kutcher
Shirts quotes by Jack Lewis Baillot
#98. I'm not looking for clothes," Peter quickly explained, hoping she might like him better if she knew he hadn't come to invade her neatly folded shirts.
"That's a shame" the woman said. #Quote by Jack Lewis Baillot
Shirts quotes by Jere Longman
#99. What she revealed was not sexy lingerie, but a supportive piece of athletic equipment. After the consolation match that preceded the championship game, both Brazilian and Norwegian players removed their jerseys and exchanged them on the floor of the Rose Bowl. Chastain had previously removed her jersey after regulation to air it out. While training in Florida, the players frequently doffed their shirts after practice in the smothering heat, and they sometimes gave interviews in their sports bras, which were items of utility, not titillation. Chastain 'has brought instant attention to a piece of clothing that is humble and practical, not a traditional bra of shine and lace and cleavage, but a sturdy compression garment,' wrote Ann Gerhart of the Washington Post. 'The sports bra is the cloth symbol of Title IX's success. #Quote by Jere Longman
Shirts quotes by Emma Watson
#100. Reducing your life down to three pairs of jeans, two skirts, a couple of shirts, and a few pairs of shoes was so nice for me. I really loved living in this tiny room where I didnt have space for anything. It sounds really lame, but it made me feel a lot more free, because I just didnt have as many choices. #Quote by Emma Watson
Shirts quotes by Alex Meraz
#101. Girls are telling me to take my shirt off. It's like, 'Hello! I'm a person, too!' #Quote by Alex Meraz
Shirts quotes by Kiersten White
#102. Many of the male faeries had their shirts unbuttoned and chests bare. (How's this for freaky: no nipples or belly buttons.) #Quote by Kiersten White
Shirts quotes by K.A. Merikan
#103. He laughed again and showed Liam a t-shirt with a dancing heart-shaped toast and the words 'Nothing say's I love you quite like Coffee and Toast'.
"Do they have one saying 'Nothing says I love you quite like anal'?" Liam raised an eyebrow.
"Huh?" Ryan just stared at him, unsure of what Liam meant.
Liam pouted and moved his hands to the front of the garment, as if he were holding someone's hips in place. "I don't want my t-shirts to lie."
"Awww. You're such an honest person. #Quote by K.A. Merikan
Shirts quotes by Michelle De Kretser
#104. It was one of those golden July afternoons stolen from spring, and they sat outside in T-shirts drinking beer. #Quote by Michelle De Kretser
Shirts quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#105. When Rae got back, she spread her empty hands wide and said "Okay, guess where I hid it."
She even turned around for me, but I couldn't see a bulge big enough to hide a flashlight. With a grin, she reached down the front of her shirt into the middle of her bra, and pulled out a flashlight with flourish.
I laughed.
"Cleavage is great," she said. "Like an extra pocket. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Shirts quotes by Serinda Swan
#106. I love jeans and T-shirts, but for red carpets, I like Oscar de la Renta, who is timeless. Marchesa celebrates the female form in an ethereal way. Donna Karan does an Urban Zen collection, which is eco-friendly. I love socially conscious fashion. #Quote by Serinda Swan
Shirts quotes by Anne Rice
#107. If I haven't put that on a T-shirt, I'm going to. Actually, I really don't want to write anything that can't be put on a T-shirt. Actually I'd like to write only on T-shirts. Actually, I'd like to write whole novels on T-shirts. So you guys could say, 'I'm wearing chapter 8 of Lestat's new book, that's my favorite; oh I see you're wearing chapter 6- #Quote by Anne Rice
Shirts quotes by Courtney Peppernell
#108. I know I overthink too much, like my mind is the sky and it explodes and rains stardust. I know I can be insecure, like I am always staring in the mirror and seeing another. But I will love you wholly. I will think of you often. I will make you feel like the sun, never ever forgotten.
She said her favorite color was purple, and now I haven't seen purple the same since. I see lavender and think of her, I see her bedroom walls and dream of her, I wear purple t-shirts to feel her around me, I write love letters in purple crayon, because she makes my heart wild and carefree.
I know life doesn't play out like the movies. But I want a happy ending with you. #Quote by Courtney Peppernell
Shirts quotes by Luke Bryan
#109. I think certainly after every show I headline, I will be available to the fans. When I'm headlining a show, I don't walk off stage. I'll walk to the front of the stage and sign hats and shirts and tickets for 15 to 30 minutes, until everyone has everything signed. #Quote by Luke Bryan
Shirts quotes by Catfish Hunter
#110. He'd (Reggie Jackson) give you the shirt off his back. Of course he'd call a press conference to announce it. #Quote by Catfish Hunter
Shirts quotes by Simon R. Green
#111. Lot of them were wearing T-shirts under their lab coats, bearing the legend I Blow Things Up, Therefore I Am, Even If Someone Else Suddenly Isn't. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Shirts quotes by Robyn Young
#112. From the woods that surrounded the burgh came a mass of men. Some rode, others ran. All carried weapons, mainly axes or spears. A few wore mail shirts and cloaks, but most just leather aketons. Among them were a handful of men clad in the short tunics favoured by Highlanders. These men were bare from
thigh to foot, an alarming sight to Ormesby, who had only heard rumour of these wild men of the north. As
they came, they roared a multitude of battle cries. Ormesby caught one name in the din, issuing from a group of mailed riders who followed a burly man on a finely caparisoned horse.
'For Douglas!' they howled. 'For Douglas!'
Below, the townsfolk were scattering. The English soldiers had formed a tight knot outside the hall, blades drawn, but even as Ormesby watched, the forlorn group of beggars he had seen threw off their ragged skins and furs, revealing thickly muscled warriors. They fell upon the soldiers with savage cries,
daggers thrusting.
Footsteps sounded on the hall stairs. The door burst open and two soldiers appeared. 'We must go, sir!'
The clerks and officials were already hastening across the chamber. Donald was running with them.
Ormesby remained rooted. 'Who are they?' he demanded, his voice high as he turned back to the window, seeing the horde rushing into the town. His eyes fixed on a giant of a man running, almost loping
in the front lines. Taller than all those around him, agile in the stride, he wore a simple da #Quote by Robyn Young
Shirts quotes by Peter Hook
#113. When I play a gig and look out at the audience, you're literally looking at a sea of Joy Division T-shirts. #Quote by Peter Hook
Shirts quotes by Rachel Caine
#114. Morley put his hand over his heart and bowed from the waist, a gesture that somehow reminded Claire of
Myrnin. It reminded her she missed him, too, which was just wrong. She should not be missing Morganville,
or anyone in it. Especially not the crazy boss vampire who'd put fang marks in her neck that would never,
ever go away. She was doomed to high-necked shirts because of him.
But she did miss him. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Shirts quotes by Andrea Portes
#115. Well, I'm sorry. Again. For like the millionth time. If there's anything I can do ... I'd offer to pay for your dry cleaning, but you're wearing a T-shirt, and that's just, like weird - I mean, who dry-cleans their T-shirts? #Quote by Andrea Portes
Shirts quotes by Nelly Furtado
#116. It was summertime and I was in The Azores, hanging around the small village my parents are from. I was looking out on this very rural setting, on a road going up a hill. There was an old man coming down the hill with a pitchfork on his shoulder. He was wearing gum boots, work pants - and a Coca-Cola T-shirt. I saw that and thought, That's my album! #Quote by Nelly Furtado
Shirts quotes by Rick Riordan
#117. Looking at the elementary schoolers in their colorful T-shirts from various day camps, Percy felt a twinge of sadness. He should be at Camp Half-Blood right now, settling into his cabin for the summer, teaching sword-fighting lessons in the arena, playing pranks on the other counselors. These kids had no idea just how crazy a summer camp could be. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Shirts quotes by Dana Gould
#118. How come, when people wear half shirts, it's always the top half? #Quote by Dana Gould
Shirts quotes by Ani DiFranco
#119. I wonder what you look like under your t-shirt. I wonder what you sound like when you're not wearing words. I wonder what we have when we're not pretending ... #Quote by Ani DiFranco
Shirts quotes by Yip Harburg
#120. Ira [Gershwin] was the shyest, most diffident boy we had ever known. In a class of Lower East Side rapscallions, his soft-spoken gentleness and low-keyed personality made him a lovable incongruity. He spoke in murmurs, hiding behind a pair of steel-rimmed spectacles. Ira had a kid brother who wore stiff high collars, shirts with cuffs and went out with girls. #Quote by Yip Harburg
Shirts quotes by J. Lynn
#121. I love your sense of humor and the fact you never ate grits before. There's so much I love about you that I know I'm in love with you. So, honey, you can have all my shirts you want. #Quote by J. Lynn
Shirts quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#122. Giveaway T-shirts stretched over monstrous beer bellies. Puffy NFL jackets and porky jowls. Granted, I'm in a bowling alley,but the differences between Americans and Parisians are shocking.I'm ashamed to see my country the way the French must see us. Couldn't these people have at least brushed their hair before leaving their houses?
"I need a licorice rope," Cherrie announces. She marches toward the snack stand,and all I can think is these people are your future.
The thought makes me a little happier.
When she comes back,I inform her that just one bite of her Red Dye #40-infused snack could kill my brother. "God, morbid," she says. Which makes me think of St. Clair again.Because when I told him the same thing three months ago,instead of accusing me of morbidity,he asked with genuine curiosity, "Why?"
Which is the polite thing to do when someone offers you such an interesting piece of conversation. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Shirts quotes by Simone Elkeles
#123. This is a team of gay dudes, isn't it?
What gave it away? The pink shirts, or half our team drooling over you? #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Shirts quotes by Dmitry Dyatlov
#124. So I saw someone with one of those "home of the free because of the brave" shirts a few days ago. I almost laughed. I tried not to because of the upcoming Veterans day… I guess. Home of the Slaves because of the cowards, I think would be more appropriate. Look at these American wars. Vietnam… Iraq… is that really the "brave" thing to do? Beating up on little countries cuz u'r trying to look brave huh? Cowards. And then they tell me to go work at Kroger? Are you insane? Don't you know my fucking SAT score, you dumb fuck? Why don't you go and invade Croatia or something instead. Idiots. #Quote by Dmitry Dyatlov
Shirts quotes by Roxane Gay
#125. I have two wardrobes. One, the clothes I wear everyday, is made up mostly of dark denim jeans, black T-shirts, and, for special occasions, dress shirts. These clothes shroud my cowardice. These are the clothes I feel safe in. This is the armor I wear to face the world, and I assure you, armor is needed. I tell myself this armor is all I need. When I wear my typical uniform, it feels like safety, like I can hide in plain sight. I become less of a target. I am taking up space, but I am doing so in an unassuming manner so I am less of a problem, less of a disturbance. This is what I tell myself. My other wardrobe, the one that dominates most of my closet, is full of the clothes I don't have the courage to wear. #Quote by Roxane Gay
Shirts quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#126. Nature is a rag-merchant, who works up every shred and ort and end into new creations; like a good chemist, whom I found, the other day, in his laboratory, converting his old shirts into pure white sugar. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Shirts quotes by Kate Brian
#127. Boys everywhere. All seven of them plus their dad, running and laughing and shoving each other around on the front lawn, engaged in what appeared to be a full-contact, tackle version of ultimate Frizbee. They were playing shirts and skins. Shirts and might-fine-lookin' skins. #Quote by Kate Brian
Shirts quotes by Mark Cuban
#128. A sure sign of failure for a startup is when someone sends me logo-embroidered polo shirts. If your people are at shows and in public, it's okay to buy for your own employees, but if you really think people are going to wear your branded polo when they're out and about, you are mistaken and have no idea how to spend your money. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Shirts quotes by Angie Frazier
#129. Aware her appearance was nothing short of scandalous, Camille bounded over branches and fallen pine needles to the shield of her horse. Ira's whistle pierced the air.
"You should'a warned us you weren't dressed, love. Though I'm not entirely sorry to see you in your unwhisperables."
She grabbed the blanket from the back of her horse and wrapped herself in it. Oscar appeared from around the bend, four pike speared on a stick. She watched him stride through the water just behind Ira. The muscle of his pale chest, stomach, and arms was enough to make her forget her clothing was still yards away near the water's edge. Camille faced the forest as he and Ira approached the shallows. She listened to them slosh out of the water and counted off a minute as they pulled on their trousers and shirts.
"Finished. Your innocence won't be spoiled if you look now," Ira called.
She turned and saw Oscar had come up to the other side of her horse. He didn't seem to know what to do with his eyes; they met hers, lowered to the blanket she held tight around her chest, and then focused on the horse's stringy black mane. He held her dress over the saddle, half looking at her, half trying to be gentlemanly. But when she thanked him and tried to take it, he held on.
"What is it?" he asked, then released the dress. Camille tightened the blanket around her chest. "You look frightened. Did something happen?"
She hadn't realized she'd looked upset.
"It's nothing. A deer #Quote by Angie Frazier
Shirts quotes by Kresley Cole
#130. He jolted, maybe because he'd just heard the voice of a rare female; or because I was strolling around outside the cages. "Indiana."

Still? Damn it! "Who runs this place?"

Overhearing our hushed exchange, a burly guy with a bandana over his head turned toward me and said, "Solomón, the leader of the Skins."


Pops said, "Those are Sol's fanatical followers."

Bandana added, "They consider us the Shirts." Shirts and Skins. As in football? Who makes up this shit? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Shirts quotes by Rachel Cohn
#131. I'm not that girl who randomly meets a guy one night and has her life change. I wear cords and flannel shirts. I don't have the killer body like Tris or Caroline. Sometimes I don't wash my hair for three days and sometimes I don't floss. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Shirts quotes by Ernest Hemingway
#132. Finally the bull charged, the horse leaders ran for the barrera, the picador hit too far back, and the bull got under the horse, lifted him, threw him onto his back.
Zurito watched. The monos, in their red shirts, running out to drag the picador clear. The picador, now on his feet, swearing and flopping his arms. Manuel and Hernandez standing ready with their capes. And the bull, the great, black bull, with a horse on his back, hooves dangling, the bridle caught in the horns. Black bull with a horse on his back, staggering short-legged, then arching his neck and lifting, thrusting, charging to slide the horse off, horse sliding down. Then the bull into a lunging charge at the cape Manuel spread for him. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway
Shirts quotes by Don DeLillo
#133. The encounter put me in the mood to shop...Babette and the kids followed me into the elevator, into the shops set along the tiers, through the emporiums and the department stores, puzzled but excited by my desire to buy. When I could not decide between two shirts, they encouraged me to buy both. When I said I was hungry they fed me pretzels, beer, souvlaki. The two girls scouted ahead, spotting things they thought I might want or need, running back to get me, to clutch my arms, to plead with me to follow. The...y were my guides to endless well-being...My family gloried in the event. I was one of them, shopping, at last. They gave me advice, badgered clerks on my behalf...We moved from store to store, rejecting not only items in certain departments, not only entire departments but whole stores, mammoth corporations that did not strike our fancy for one reason or another. There was always another store, three floors, eight floors...I shopped with reckless abandon. I shopped for immediate needs and distant contingencies. I shopped for its own sake, looking and touching, inspecting merchandise I had no intention of buying, then buying it...I began to grow in value and self-regard. I filled myself out, found new aspects of myself, located a person I'd forgotten existed. Brightness settled around me. I traded money for goods. The more money I spent, the less important it seemed. I was bigger than these sums. These sums poured off my skin like so much rain #Quote by Don DeLillo
Shirts quotes by Georges Perec
#134. This is your life. This is yours. You can establish an exact inventory of your meager fortune, the precise balance sheet of your first quarter-century. You are twenty-five years old, you have twenty-nine teeth, three shirts and eight socks, a few books you no longer read, a few records you no longer play. You do not want to remember anything else, be it your family or your studies, your friends and lovers, or your holidays and plans. You traveled and you brought nothing back from your travels. Here you sit, and you want only to wait, just to wait until there is nothing left to wait for: for night to fall and the passing hours to chime, for the days to slip away and the memories to fade. #Quote by Georges Perec
Shirts quotes by Neal Stephenson
#135. And then there's The Enforcers - but they cost a lot and don't take well to supervision. It is rumored that, under their uniforms, they wear T-shirts bearing the unofficial Enforcer coat of arms: a fist holding a nightstick, emblazoned with the words SUE ME. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Shirts quotes by Melissa Marr
#136. He leaned back for a moment to tug her shirt down her arms, with the same wicked, lovley smile that had first stolen her breath years ago. #Quote by Melissa Marr
Shirts quotes by Diego Della Valle
#137. I need to have a quick wardrobe. Two or three blazers with dark gray pants, two pairs of jeans, two light blue shirts, a casual shirt, two pairs of shoes, one formal one not. Small accessories like Tod's Greca belt and our woven bracelets for a wild touch. #Quote by Diego Della Valle
Shirts quotes by Lauren Conrad
#138. In high school I spent most of my time in jeans and T-shirts or Juicy sweats. We're such a laid-back town. I mean, people wore bikinis under their clothes half the time, so you didn't really get dressed up to go to school. #Quote by Lauren Conrad
Shirts quotes by Adam Haslett
#139. The members of Joy Division likely weren't meditating on Frank Lloyd Wright when they took the stage in Manchester but those flat-fronted black cotton trousers and narrow cut shirts didn't come from nowhere. Peter Saville, who designed all of Factory's records, understood in perfectly well: the iconic weight of black and white balanced against the release of splendour, in this case the dark magnificence of the music itself. Which might describe the tension of Protestant affect more generally: all guardedness and restraint until the eruption of an unextirpated beauty wakes us for a moment from the dream of efficiency. #Quote by Adam Haslett
Shirts quotes by Rachel Maddow
#140. Britains still commemorate the Battle of Cable Street in London. There are still pop songs in Britain that reference Sir Oswald Mosley and his black shirts. #Quote by Rachel Maddow
Shirts quotes by Rohinton Mistry
#141. People forget how vulnerable they are despite their shirts and shoes and briefcases, how this hungry and cruel world could strip them, put them in the same position as my beggars. #Quote by Rohinton Mistry
Shirts quotes by Nora Roberts
#142. I'd better light the charcoal," Gennie said after a moment.
"I didn't ask before," Grant began as they started down the pier. "But do you know how to cook on one of those things?"
"My dear Mr. Campbell," Gennie said in a fluid drawl, "you appear to have several misconceptions about southern women.I can cook on a hot rock."
"And wash shirts in a fast stream."
"Every bit as well as you could," Gennie tossed back. "You might have some advantage on me in mechanical areas, but I'd say we're about even otherwise."
"A strike for the women's movement."
Gennie narrowed her eyes. "Are you about to say something snide and unintelligent? #Quote by Nora Roberts
Shirts quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#143. I expect a time when, or rather an integrity by which, a man will get his coat as honestly and as perfectly fitting as a tree itsbark. Now our garments are typical of our conformity to the ways of the world, i.e., of the devil, and to some extent react on us and poison us, like that shirt which Hercules put on. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Shirts quotes by Dianne Duvall
#144. Marcus directed his response to Zach. "Do you have something against shirts?" His eyes dropped to Zach's bare chest.
"Yes," Zach retorted.
Tracy laughed. "I can live with that."
"Me too," Sean's Second, Nichole, said with a smile. #Quote by Dianne Duvall
Shirts quotes by Lupe Fiasco
#145. 360 deals are the new things of the industry. It's not about selling records; it's about selling T-shirts, getting a piece of your publishing, getting a piece of your touring, and all these other kind of properties. #Quote by Lupe Fiasco
Shirts quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#146. After that, all the while Millie was eating the pudding ... we both tore Christopher's character to shreds. It was wonderful fun ... He drove everyone mad in Chrestomanci Castle by insisting on silk shirts and exactly the right kind of pajamas. 'And he could get them right anyway by magic,' Millie told me, 'if he wasn't too lazy to learn how ... But the thing that really annoys me is the way he never bothers to learn a person's name. If a person isn't important to him, he always forgets their name.'
When Millie said this, I realized that Christopher had never once forgotten my name ... #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Shirts quotes by Clive Tyldesley
#147. Quite literally, you would not have put your shirt on him two weeks ago. #Quote by Clive Tyldesley
Shirts quotes by Trumbull Stickney
#148. Now burst above the city's cold twilight
The piercing whistles and the tower-clocks:
For day is done. Along the frozen docks
The workmen set their ragged shirts aright.
Thro' factory doors a stream of dingy light
Follows the scrimmage as it quickly flocks
To hut and home among the snow's gray blocks. --
I love you, human labourers. Good-night!
Good-night to all the blackened arms that ache!
Good-night to every sick and sweated brow,
To the poor girl that strength and love forsake,
To the poor boy who can no more! I vow
The victim soon shall shudder at the stake
And fall in blood: we bring him even now. #Quote by Trumbull Stickney
Shirts quotes by Grażyna Plebanek
#149. They'd made love with such force she'd scratched his sides with her fingernails. With her, he discovered new depths of erotic imagination; he wanted things that had never entered his mind before...She was his inspiration, so unremitting that he started to wear his shirts pulled out over his trousers in order to hide his frequent erections. #Quote by Grażyna Plebanek
Shirts quotes by Pierce Brown
#150. As the Laurel-wreathed boxes come down to Gamma, I think about how clever it really is. They won't let us win the Laurel. They don't care that the math doesn't work. They don't care that the young scream in protest and the old moan their same tired wisdoms. This is just a demonstration of their power. It is their power. They decide the winner. A game of merit won by birth. It keeps the hierarchy in place. It keeps us striving, but never conspiring.

Yet despite the disappointment, some part of us doesn't blame the Society. We blame Gamma, who receives the gifts. A man's only got so much hate, I suppose. And when he sees his children's ribs through their shirts while his neighbors line their bellies with meat stews and sugared tarts, it's hard for him to hate anyone but them. You think they'd share. They don't. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Shirts quotes by Homer
#151. Zeus most glorious and most great, Thundercloud, throned in the heavens! Let not the sun go down and the darkness come, until I cast down headlong the citadel of Priam in flames, and burn his gates with blazing fire, and tear to rags the shirt upon Hectors breast! May many of his men fall about him prone in the dust and bite the earth! #Quote by Homer
Shirts quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#152. Kingsley did the same, except he also removed his T-shirt, showing off his broad chest, tan and smooth. When had Kingsley had time to work on his tan? Mimi wondered. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Shirts quotes by David Levithan
#153. Breath and heat and contact and shirts off and skin on skin and smiles and murmurs and the enormity revealing itself in the tiniest of gestures, the most delicate sensations. #Quote by David Levithan
Shirts quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#154. Larry had brought me blue jeans, a red polo shirt, jogging socks, my white Nikes, an extra cross from my suitcase, the silver knives, the Firestar complete with inner pants holster, and the Browning and its shoulder holster. He'd forgotten a bra, but hey, except for that it was perfect. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Shirts quotes by Muse
#155. The Bane
... where coxswain's dirt
and seaman's shirts
brushed bawdily upon her chest ... #Quote by Muse
Shirts quotes by Gayle Forman
#156. One day she told me that they'd decided that my gender was divvied into two neat piles-Men and Guys. Basically, all the saints of the world: Men. The jerks, the players, the wet T-shirt contest aficionados? They were Guys. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Shirts quotes by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
#157. Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported? #Quote by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Shirts quotes by Tina Fey
#158. By nineteen, I had found my look. Oversize T-shirts, bike shorts, and wrestling shoes. To prevent the silhouette from being too baggy, I would cinch it at the waist with my fanny pack. #Quote by Tina Fey
Shirts quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#159. Derek looked around, like he was searching for something to use. Then he stripped off his shirt. I tried not to look away. Not that he looked bad without his shirt. The opposite, actually, which is why ... Let's just say friends are really better when they're fully clothed. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Shirts quotes by Mary Pope Osborne
#160. Hough I was creative, I also liked math and science. At Knox College, I studied creative writing and earned a degree in chemistry, thinking I would attend medical school. Ultimately, I decided that a career in nursing would allow more time for pursuing other creative interests. While I worked as an RN, I wrote stories inspired by my patients, designed t-shirts, and made hand-painted sandals. #Quote by Mary Pope Osborne
Shirts quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#161. Something I owe to the soil that grew
More to the life that fed
But most to Allah who gave me two
Separate sides to my head. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Shirts quotes by Kevin Williams
#162. The linesman flagged initially because he thought I was an Oldham player. Fair enough, I did have a replica shirt on - but I also have a big furry head. #Quote by Kevin Williams
Shirts quotes by Brantley Gilbert
#163. We weren't raised to take, we were raised to give the shirt off our back to anyone in need. #Quote by Brantley Gilbert
Shirts quotes by Irmgard Keun
#164. There are bars with women wearing shirts with stiff necks and ties and they are terribly proud to be perverts, as if that weren't something nobody can do anything about. #Quote by Irmgard Keun
Shirts quotes by Anonymous
#165. No. No. Not this. Not this, that had kept him aloof from his fellows through school. Not this, fear of seeing the sun on a cheekbone, filtered through someone's eyelashes, or the shadow of a jawline, and feeling ... this thing. The thing that poets spoke about, but not like this. Not for the girls at the dances with their shy smiles and sturdy prettiness but for the boys, milling about on the other side of the room in navy shirts and red ties, looking, by turns, bored and nervous and happy. #Quote by Anonymous
Shirts quotes by Melissa Febos
#166. We kissed for two hours. Eventually, I led him into my bedroom and pulled off both of our shirts. He stopped me.
"This might sound weird; it's not typical guy response." I froze, suddenly awkward. "I mean, if I didn't feel the way I do with you I would be all for it, but I kind of think maybe it would be good to wait. I've rushed into sex, and had it be a mistake." He shrugged apologetically. "I mean, if it's safe to assume you are experiencing the same date that I am, then I think we will have time."
I was a little flabbergasted and more than a little embarrassed. How could I explain that the idea sounded like a huge relief to me, that I didn't quite understand where the impulse to start taking my clothes off came from? I had had the same experience. I rarely enjoyed first-time sex with partners, largely because I usually did it before I really knew or trusted them. Here was where the difference between what I knew and did remained wide. The shame I felt wash over me was tinged with that hatred of my own innocence. Was I still so green? So unconfident? Had I gone straight out of the extremity of sex work to the innocence of my adolescence? Where was my self-knowledge? Still, I was relieved.
"Of course. I agree totally." I clutched my T-shirt to my chest and smiled at him. "And yes, I am on the same date you are on."
"I thought so," he said. "I mean, I don't think you can feel like this when it's not reciprocal."
He left at 2:00 A.M. and called me at #Quote by Melissa Febos
Shirts quotes by David Mitchell
#167. The Buried Bishop's a gridlocked scrum, an all-you-can-eat of youth: 'Stephen Hawking and the Dalai Lama, right; they posit a unified truth'; short denim skirts, Gap and Next shirts, Kurt Cobain cardigans, black Levi's; 'Did you see that oversexed pig by the loos, undressing me with his eyes?'; that song by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl booms in my diaphragm and knees; 'Like, my only charity shop bargains were headlice, scabies, and fleas'; a fug of hairspray, sweat and Lynx, Chanel No. 5, and smoke; well-tended teeth with zero fillings, revealed by the so-so joke - 'Have you heard the news about Schrodinger's Cat? It died today; wait - it didn't, did, didn't, did…'; high-volume discourse on who's the best Bond … Sartre, Bart Simpson, Barthes's myths; 'Make mine a double'; George Michael's stubble; 'Like, music expired with the Smiths'; and futures all starry; fetal think-tankers, judges, and bankers…power and money, like Pooh Bear and honey, stick fast - I don't knock it, it's me; and speaking of loins, 'Has anyone told you you look like Demi Moore from Ghost?'; roses are red and violets are blue, I've a surplus of butter and Ness is warm toast. #Quote by David Mitchell
Shirts quotes by Amy Poehler
#168. Style is obviously important in Haiti. A lot of people wore bright colors and neatly pressed shirts. The taxis and billboards were beautiful. Haiti is not afraid of color. And texture. And depth. The young people looked fierce and bored. They looked like pure energy. There was true aesthetic but also a palpable darkness. I mean, let's get real. Kids are slaves here. Kids are bought and sold and put to work. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Shirts quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#169. It's like how on certain days some people wear sweaters when other people can wear t-shirts and still feel comfortable - different reactions to the same temperature. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Shirts quotes by Holly Schindler
#170. He's standing in a cluster of black T-shirts - together, they look like the wilted petals on a single dead flower. #Quote by Holly Schindler
Shirts quotes by Lou Brutus
#171. I judge people based solely on the quality of bands on the black concert t-shirts they wear. #Quote by Lou Brutus
Shirts quotes by Kurt Cobain
#172. You know what I hate about rock? I hate tie-dyed tee shirts. I wouldn't wear a tie-dyed tee shirt unless it was dyed with the urine of Phil Collins and the blood of Jerry Garcia. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Shirts quotes by Raymond Chandler
#173. The keynote of American civilization is a sort of warm-hearted vulgarity. The Americans have none of the irony of the English, none of their cool poise, none of their manner. But they do have friendliness. Where an Englishman would give you his card, an American would very likely give you his shirt. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Shirts quotes by Nick Offerman
#174. If your shirt isn't tucked into your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt. #Quote by Nick Offerman
Shirts quotes by Justin Timberlake
#175. Kate Moss. She looks good in anything. She would look good in one of your t-shirts, in her t-shirt, in a man's suit, in a huge gown. She looks amazing naked. She even makes nude look stylish. That, to me, is a style icon. She could put a barrel on and it would be some sort of statement. #Quote by Justin Timberlake
Shirts quotes by Jarod Kintz
#176. I wear brown shirts to protect against the combination of coffee and clumsiness. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Shirts quotes by Ayana Mathis
#177. She had been with her share of schemers and men who were forever building castles in the sky. All of those dreams made out of clouds; when it rained - and it always did - they were left with nothing but the soggy shirts on their backs. #Quote by Ayana Mathis
Shirts quotes by Donna Tartt
#178. Starched shirts and suits fresh from the cleaners' went a long, long way toward hiding a multitude of sins. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Shirts quotes by Drew Chadwick
#179. My old geometry teacher called me and he was like yo man you need to start wearing a shirt. You're ruining my marriage. #Quote by Drew Chadwick
Shirts quotes by John Oliver
#180. The Confederate flag is one of those things that should only be seen on t-shirts, belt buckles and bumper stickers to help the rest of us identify the worst people in the world. #Quote by John Oliver
Shirts quotes by Rob Lowe
#181. Tom Ford, who is my all-time favourite, once said to me, 'Here's the thing about dress shirts, Rob. You need white, and you need black.' 'What about blue,' I asked. He said, 'Have you ever seen Cary Grant in a blue dress shirt?' #Quote by Rob Lowe
Shirts quotes by Amy Carlson
#182. If I'm going out on the town in New York, I always wear Danielle Collins T-shirts - they are expressive, young: independent woman in charge of herself, her body, and her mind. #Quote by Amy Carlson
Shirts quotes by Domenico Dolce
#183. As a teenager, I would wear Clarks, corduroy pants and striped shirts, and I loved it. #Quote by Domenico Dolce
Shirts quotes by David Foster Wallace
#184. Basically the sort of guy who looks entirely at home in sockless white loafers and a mint-green knit shirt from Lacoste. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Shirts quotes by Stefan Kieszling
#185. [Trading] With the French one had to be especially careful. French oarswomen were known to take men aside, point to whatever they wanted, and then peel off their own shirts. It took great presence of mind to bargain with a half-naked Frenchwoman. #Quote by Stefan Kieszling
Shirts quotes by Luke Evans
#186. A guy's biggest style mistake is definitely trying to look too cool. As long as you've got a good pair of jeans, a good pair of boots and a few good shirts, you're fine. #Quote by Luke Evans
Shirts quotes by Lenny Bruce
#187. Anyone who has two shirts when someone has none is not a christian. #Quote by Lenny Bruce
Shirts quotes by Stacey O'Neale
#188. He pressed the blade of his sword into the ground. As he pulled his arm over his head for a stretch, a bead of sweat trickled down his neck and over a row of muscles on his stomach. I swallowed hard. The window's edge dug into my skin but I refused to move an inch. The tiny droplet disappeared into the waistband of his shorts. I had seen plenty of guys in gym class with their shirts off, but none of them looked like...that. He was physical perfection - a living work of art.

I sat on my knees with my chin relaxed on my crossed arms, unable to look away.

"Enjoying the view?" he said, eyes suddenly on me. His chiseled face wore an overly confident grin. Clearly he was used to being admired.

My cheeks burned.

I stood, pretending to check out the scenery. "Not much to see."

He raised an eyebrow, letting me know he knew I was full of crap. #Quote by Stacey O'Neale
Shirts quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#189. If you get up in the morning and wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and some flip-flops, it's a signal that you might be going to the beach. If you get up in the morning and you wear a breast plate and a back plate and a cape and a pair of golden Satanic horns on your head, it's quite clear that you're doing something else. #Quote by Tom Hiddleston
Shirts quotes by Nicole Richie
#190. We always need to have a smart black blazer in our closets. It's just a nice clean way to dress up even something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt. And something I always have in my closet, I always have a vintage headscarf with me, to tie around my bag or protect my hair from the sun, it depends but I always find a use for it. #Quote by Nicole Richie
Shirts quotes by P.C. Cast
#191. I know dead. I've been there, done that and got the freakin' T-shirt. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Shirts quotes by Cam Newton
#192. My suggestion for a fast style upgrade would be to embrace a pop of color or pattern. Try layering a bright, pullover knit on top of a dress shirt with a subtle or bold pattern. #Quote by Cam Newton
Shirts quotes by Rhea Wilde
#193. chubby face was hidden underneath a thick beard. His gut stuck out just a little bit over his waist but that didn't stop him from wearing these tight polo shirts and a pair of slacks every night. Maybe he thought it added a little class to the place. But people weren't here #Quote by Rhea Wilde
Shirts quotes by Mark Steyn
#194. Faced with public discontent about the statist agenda, the Condescendi look out the window at the unlovely mob in their "Don't treat on me" T-shirts and sneer, "The peasants are revolting." You oppose illegal immigration? You're a xenophobe. Gay marriage? Homophobe. The Ground Zero mosque? Islamaphobe. If that's the choice, I'd rather be damned as a racist and sexist. The evolution from -isms to phobias is part of the medicalization of dissent: the Conformicrats simply declare your position as a form of mental illness. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Shirts quotes by Laura Kaye
#195. Jeremy's T-Shirts by book:
Hard As It Gets
"ROUTE 69"
"This guy loves BACON" with two hands with their thumbs pointing back at him
"Orgasm Donor" with a red cross
Big Johnson's Tattoo Parlor, "You're going to feel more than a Little Prick"
"I'm not Santa but you can still sit on my lap"

Hard As You Can
Log-holding beaver that says, "Are you looking at my wood?"
"I put the long in schlong"

Hard to Hold On To
"Blink if you're horny"

Hard to Come By
Hand pointing downward and the words, "May I suggest the sausage?"
Charlie (who starts borrowing Jeremy's t-shirts): A smiling fire extinguished that says, "I put out"
Charlie: Schnauzer wearing a saddle that says, "Weiner Rides, 25 cents"
"HEAD Foundation. Please give generously"
Charlie: Mr. T with the words "Mr. T Shirt"
There's a party in my pants. You're invited. #Quote by Laura Kaye
Shirts quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
#196. I do not exchange my shirt with ASSASSINS #Quote by Cristiano Ronaldo
Shirts quotes by Raymond Chandler
#197. Wonderful what Hollywood will do to a nobody. It will make a radiant glamour queen out of a drab little wench who ought to be ironing a truck driver's shirts, a he-man hero with shining eyes and brilliant smile reeking of sexual charm out of some overgrown kid who was meant to go to work with a lunch-box. Out of a Texas car hop with the literacy of a character in a comic strip it will make an international courtesan, married six times to six millionaires and so blasé and decadent at the end of it that her idea of a thrill is to seduce a furniture-mover in a sweaty undershirt. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Shirts quotes by Nate Holland
#198. My favorite team is the Bengals. In Idaho, we didn't really have a home team. But my parents are from Ohio, and when I was a little kid, my aunts and uncles would send me Boomer Esiason T-shirts and Ickey Woods mini-footballs, so I got hooked on those guys. #Quote by Nate Holland
Shirts quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#199. There can be no whiter whiteness than this one: An insurance man's shirt on its morning run. #Quote by Gwendolyn Brooks
Shirts quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#200. The hot water running over my swollen hands was an amazing sensation, unlike anything I had ever felt before, and truthfully, not something I was eager to experience ever again. It was somewhere between an immensely powerful itch and searing agony, and I almost yelled out loud. I got out of the shower and put more calamine on my hands, and the throbbing died down to a kind of background torment. My hands felt numb and clumsy, and I had some trouble using them to get dressed. But rather than ask for help with the zipper and my shirt's buttons, I fumbled my clean clothes on all by myself, and soon I was seated at the kitchen table with a very welcome cup of coffee of my very own. I #Quote by Jeff Lindsay

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