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Famous Quotes About Shimmying Dance

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Shimmying Dance quotes by Brad Stone
#1. Most execs, particularly first-time CEOs who get good at one thing, can only dance what they know how to dance. #Quote by Brad Stone
Shimmying Dance quotes by Doris Humphrey
#2. There are times when the simple dignity of movementcan fulfill the function of a volume of words. #Quote by Doris Humphrey
Shimmying Dance quotes by Didi
#3. When you dance, you don't sweat. You glow. #Quote by Didi
Shimmying Dance quotes by Laverne Cox
#4. I was really creative. I started to dance very young. I loved to dance. I begged my mother to put me into dance classes, and finally, in third grade, she did. Tap and jazz, but not ballet. #Quote by Laverne Cox
Shimmying Dance quotes by Cynthia Rylant
#5. Rain could show up at your door and teach you how to dance. #Quote by Cynthia Rylant
Shimmying Dance quotes by Rajneesh
#6. Forget the dancer, the center of the ego. Become the dance. Then the dancer disappears and only the dance remains. Then the dancer is the dance. There is no dancer separate from dance, no dance separate from the dancer. #Quote by Rajneesh
Shimmying Dance quotes by Nico J. Genes
#7. Just imagine, life to be a dance with different kind of rhythms depending on what music is playing in the background. Sometimes we may dance alone and that's OK, as some songs are simply meant to be danced like that. Practice! Don't stop! It's your dance! #Quote by Nico J. Genes
Shimmying Dance quotes by Danny Pudi
#8. My mom put me in dance classes when I was 5 years old. #Quote by Danny Pudi
Shimmying Dance quotes by Suheir Hammad
#9. I will dance and resist and dance and persist and dance. This heartbeat is louder than death. #Quote by Suheir Hammad
Shimmying Dance quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
#10. In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Shimmying Dance quotes by Andy Bell
#11. I love playing out. I love dance music, I love minimal electro. Especially hearing that in clubs, it's a nod to that really. #Quote by Andy Bell
Shimmying Dance quotes by Charles Dance
#12. I spent a lot of time [between takes] apologising to Peter Dinklage [Dance's on-screen son, Tyrion Lannister] because I treat him appallingly. #Quote by Charles Dance
Shimmying Dance quotes by PrinceOfPoets
#13. We will dance deep holes into the world. #Quote by PrinceOfPoets
Shimmying Dance quotes by Walt Whitman
#14. I dance with the dancers. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Shimmying Dance quotes by Ian McShane
#15. Theater is a dance of a different kind, a dance of rawness and characters stripped down. #Quote by Ian McShane
Shimmying Dance quotes by Vanna Bonta
#16. If a dishonest creep wants to tap dance, give them the spotlight and a mirror. #Quote by Vanna Bonta
Shimmying Dance quotes by Judith Jamison
#17. People come to see beauty, and I dance to give it to them. #Quote by Judith Jamison
Shimmying Dance quotes by Curt Sachs
#18. The peoples influenced by the animal dance have a variety of movements and dance with enthusiasm; those who do not know the animal dance have few movements and show little zest for dancing. #Quote by Curt Sachs
Shimmying Dance quotes by Bob Fosse
#19. Don't dance for the audience; dance for yourself. #Quote by Bob Fosse
Shimmying Dance quotes by John Philip Sousa
#20. Dance as though no one is watching. Love as though you've never been hurt. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth. #Quote by John Philip Sousa
Shimmying Dance quotes by Peter Hook
#21. I play a lot of hard, uncompromising dance music; it can be anything from dance to rock to reggae. #Quote by Peter Hook
Shimmying Dance quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#22. Life is . Life is dance. Dance with your own rhythm. . Dance with your own rhythm. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Shimmying Dance quotes by Patricia Vaccarino
#23. Dance makes me better in all things. Dance makes me endure all things. Dance makes me a believer in taking what is
ordinary about myself and turning it into something extraordinary. I dance just because I can. It is important to tell you: If I can dance, so can you. #Quote by Patricia Vaccarino
Shimmying Dance quotes by Gabrielle Roth
#24. It's beautiful to dance alone, beautiful to dance with your children, beautiful to dance with your friends, beautiful to dance with your lover, or even collectively. But the ultimate dance is the one we do by ourselves, when we make ourselves known to God. #Quote by Gabrielle Roth
Shimmying Dance quotes by Fred Astaire
#25. I have no desire to prove anything by dancing ... I just dance. #Quote by Fred Astaire

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