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Shape Of Heart quotes by Jay Harman
#1. Spiral shapes weave through everything. Magnetic fields are arranged in spirals. Mushroom spores propagate in spirals. And no matter what our race or religion, size or shape, we humans are made of the same all-pervading spiral geometry. This is very apparent in the swirling shape of heart muscles and skin pores. #Quote by Jay Harman
Shape Of Heart quotes by Marian Hooper Adams
#2. Every fool becomes a philosopher after ten days of rain, so I spare you the inside view of my heart. #Quote by Marian Hooper Adams
Shape Of Heart quotes by Keith Richards
#3. One guy can ruin an instrument. Jimi Hendrix, bless his heart - how I wish he was still around - almost inadvertently ruined guitar. Because he was the only cat who could do it like that. Everybody else just screwed it up, and thought wailing away (on the guitar) is the answer. But it ain't; you've got to be a Jimi to do that, you've got to be one of the special cats. #Quote by Keith Richards
Shape Of Heart quotes by William Symington
#4. A man may sooner engrave the chronicle of a whole nation, or all the records of God in the Scripture upon the hardest marble with his bare finger, than write one syllable of the law of God in a spiritual manner upon his heart. #Quote by William Symington
Shape Of Heart quotes by Oscar Wilde
#5. I would not a bit mind sleeping in the cool grass in summer, and when winter came on sheltering myself by the warm close-thatched rick, or under the penthouse of a great barn, provided I had love in my heart. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Shape Of Heart quotes by William DeVries
#6. We all felt the majesty of the body. In a very short period of time we had seen something that was bigger than each of us. A lot of people, even those who were not religious, were reverent and attributed the success to God. As we saw the artificial heart beat in Dr. Clark, the feeling was not aren't we great, but aren't we small. #Quote by William DeVries
Shape Of Heart quotes by Li Ka-shing
#7. Vision is perhaps our greatest strength ... it has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries, it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown. #Quote by Li Ka-shing
Shape Of Heart quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#8. A witch there was, who webs could weave
to snare the heart and wits to reave,
who span dark spells with spider-craft,
and as she span she softly laughed;
a drink she brewed of strength and dread
to bind the quick and stir the dead.
In a cave she housed where winging bats
their harbour sought, and owls and cats
from hunting came with mournful cries,
night-stalking near with needle eyes. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Shape Of Heart quotes by James Castleton, MD, Mending Of A Broken Heart
#9. Great hardship always seems to be the prerequisite to meaningful spiritual growth. #Quote by James Castleton, MD, Mending Of A Broken Heart
Shape Of Heart quotes by Santigold
#10. I'm hoping to knock down the walls and broaden the lane a little bit more for music that's pop music at the heart of it. #Quote by Santigold
Shape Of Heart quotes by Debasish Mridha
#11. Feel the delights of love with the heart, not with the mind. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Shape Of Heart quotes by Sri Aurobindo
#12. What you call the psychic being is the mind of the vital. The heart is the seat of this mind. And this mind is the essence of the senses. It receives things from outside, acts upon things that are outside - knows, gives consent, takes interest in them. But this mind cannot be the Ishwara, but it is the knower, the giver of the consent. #Quote by Sri Aurobindo
Shape Of Heart quotes by K. McDonald Andrews
#13. All you fearless, magnificent scribers, writers and authors…
In each story I see your triumphs, your tragedies, your trials by night…
Each character brought forth is a measure of your heart, your soul…
Each trial a noble chance…each chance a noble deed…
To read your stories is to see you…
I see you…

-K McDonald Andrews #Quote by K. McDonald Andrews
Shape Of Heart quotes by James Baldwin
#14. Hope? The word seemed to bang from wall to wall. Hope? No, I don't think there's any hope. We're too empty here ... She touched her heart. This isn't a country at all, it's a collection of football players and Eagle Scouts. Cowards. We think we're happy. We're not. We're doomed. #Quote by James Baldwin
Shape Of Heart quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#15. The thirst after happiness is never extinguished in the heart of man. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Shape Of Heart quotes by Samuel Wells
#16. He assumed that the shape of renewal is death and resurrection. #Quote by Samuel Wells
Shape Of Heart quotes by N. F. Simpson
#17. Each of us as he receives his private trouncings at the hands of fate is kept in good heart by hearing of the moth in his brother's parachute and the scorpion in his neighbor's underwear. #Quote by N. F. Simpson
Shape Of Heart quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#18. When you have love in your heart, you never sleep alone. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Shape Of Heart quotes by Robert James Waller
#19. The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it's been broken into a million pieces. #Quote by Robert James Waller
Shape Of Heart quotes by Eiji Yoshikawa
#20. Not only must a warrior be strong with his bow, but he must have a heart full of pity for all living creatures. #Quote by Eiji Yoshikawa
Shape Of Heart quotes by Deborah Rodriguez
#21. The eyes of a man betrayed his heart. #Quote by Deborah Rodriguez
Shape Of Heart quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#22. Most people live their lives as if the end were always years away. They measure their days in love, laughter, accomplishment, and loss. There are moments of sunshine and storm. There are schedules, phone calls, careers, anxieties, joys, exotic trips, favorite foods, romance, shame, and hunger. A person can be defined by clothing, the smell of his breath, the way she combs her hair, the shape of his torso, or even the company she keeps.
All over the world, children love their parents and yearn for love in return. They revel in the touch of parental hands on their faces. And even on the worst of days, each person has dreams about the future-dreams that sometimes come true.
Such is life.
Yet life can end in less time than it takes to draw one breath. #Quote by Bill O'Reilly
Shape Of Heart quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#23. I am crawling like one of those children who pulled coal wagons in the depths of the earth. I am on my hands and knees and listening to the boom boom above, or is it my pulse, my heart? I don't know. I must pull this weight strapped behind me, this cart filled with my own fears and inadequacies, and if there is a way out, perhaps I will find it, but not until my hands and knees have worn away the sadness in me, sadness so deep that a whale could swim in its waters and never be found. I do not know anymore what is inside and what is outside. Am I inside the whale or is the whale inside me?
He is the largest mammal on the planet. He is a mammal, not a fish. He is a mammal like me. He is me, this whale.
Wait. Slowly I stopped thinking of bus-stops and supermarket check-outs and I began to think of spring waiting until winter has done its work, its dark underground work. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Shape Of Heart quotes by Ben Carson
#24. something happened to me. God heard my deep cries of anguish. A feeling of lightness flowed over me, and I knew a change of heart had taken place. I felt different. I was different. At last I stood up, placed the Bible on the edge of the tub, and went to the sink. I washed my face and hands, straightened my clothes. I walked out of the bathroom a changed young man. "My temper will never control me again," I told myself. "Never again. I'm free." And since that day, since those long hours wrestling with myself and crying to God for help, I have never had a problem with my temper. That #Quote by Ben Carson
Shape Of Heart quotes by José Antonio Villareal
#25. Lettuce harvests in Salinas, melons in Brawley, grapes in Parlier, oranges in Ontario, cotton in Firebaugh -- and, finally, Santa Clara, the prune country. And because this place was pleasing to the eye, or because they were tired of their endless migration, Juan Rubio and his wife settled here to raise their children. And, remembering his country, Juan thought that his distant cousin, the great General Zapata, had been right when, in speaking of Juan, he once said to Villa, 'He will go far, that relative of mine.'

Now this man who had lived by the gun all his adult life would sit on his haunches under the prune trees, rubbing his sore knees, and think, Next year we will have enough money and we will return to our country. But deep within he knew he was one of the lost ones. And as the years passed him by and his children multiplied and grew, the chant increased in volume and rate until it became a staccato NEXT YEAR! NEXT YEAR!

And the chains were incrementally heavier on his heart. #Quote by José Antonio Villareal
Shape Of Heart quotes by John Calvin
#26. The disposition of the heart is man's, but the preparation of the tongue is the Lord's." [Prov. 16:1, 9, conflated.] It is an absurd folly that miserable men take it upon themselves to act without God, when they cannot even speak except as he wills! #Quote by John Calvin
Shape Of Heart quotes by Oliver Markus
#27. Take the Holocaust for example: Why did God allow Hitler to kill millions of innocent Jews? Because God didn't want to step on Hitler's toes and interfere with his free will? That's a pretty lame excuse. What about the free will of all those Jews who died? I'm pretty sure that getting gassed to death was obviously not their choice.

So, was the Holocaust part of God's great plan? Is that why he allowed it to happen? Is that why God didn't answer the prayers of all those Jews who begged him to make Hitler drop dead?

Why didn't God just make Hitler have a heart attack before he could start World War 2? Why didn't he simply prevent Hitler from being born? How could a God who is supposed to be all good all the time allow something like the Holocaust?

Or did God not just LET it happen? Maybe God MADE the Holocaust happen, because everything that happens, happens for a good reason? Are our minds simply too tiny, too inferior, to understand God's divine plan? Are we just too stupid to see the greater good that came out of the Holocaust?

If that were true, and everything that happens, including the Holocaust, is part of God's perfect plan, then that means that Hitler really wasn't a bad man at all. He was actually doing God's work. And if Hitler did exactly what he was supposed to do in God's great plan, then Hitler obviously didn't have free will, but was just God's puppet. So that means Hitler was a good guy. A man of God.

Sor #Quote by Oliver Markus
Shape Of Heart quotes by Lisa See
#28. He was in my hair, my eyes, my fingers, my heart. I day-dreamed about what he was doing, thinking, seeing, smelling, feeling. I could not eat for thoughts of him. #Quote by Lisa See
Shape Of Heart quotes by William McKinley
#29. Strong hearts and helpful hands are needed, and, fortunately, we have them in every part of our beloved country. #Quote by William McKinley
Shape Of Heart quotes by Bonnie L. Oscarson
#30. We need to step up our teaching so that our youth do more on their own to understand the doctrines of Christ and the reality of the Restoration, and we need to find a way to motivate them to write these things on the 'tablets of their hearts.' #Quote by Bonnie L. Oscarson
Shape Of Heart quotes by Ashley Poston
#31. Stop making a fool of yourself--and stop bowing to me, stars above," Jax added exasperatedly, and waited for Robb to stand again. "I'm not worth THAT must groveling."
"But you are."
Jax sighed, and held out his hand. "Come on--Di and Ana are waiting."
Robb hesitated. "Well? Don't you want to take a dashing boy's hand?" Oh--oh did he.
And he wanted to win a Wicked Luck game against this dashing boy. And he wanted to know why he had left his home, what his favorite color was, what food he liked best--what FLAVOR.
Robb wanted to know him as intimately as a sailor knew the stars. #Quote by Ashley Poston
Shape Of Heart quotes by Alfa Holden
#32. You are not disposable. I know you feel that way when people choose to walk out of your life, but their emptiness causes space. And that vacant area of your life is desperately crying out for the one meant to take up residence. Let the angry tenant go. You don't want someone staying because you've begged and pleaded for their occupancy. You want the one who sees your quaking heart and says: "Honey I'm home". #Quote by Alfa Holden
Shape Of Heart quotes by Marina Nemat
#33. I have tried to understand what crucifixion must feel like. I just know that the pain must be beyond what I have ever experienced. I respect, love, and trust the One who endured all this when He didn't have to. I understand Jesus with my heart, and the rest of the world can think of Him as it will. #Quote by Marina Nemat
Shape Of Heart quotes by Richard Jefferies
#34. An inspiration - a long, deep breath of the pure air of thought - could alone give health to the heart. #Quote by Richard Jefferies
Shape Of Heart quotes by Paulo Coelho
#35. Every scar has a life of its own and a space in my heart. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Shape Of Heart quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#36. Simon," she whispered, vaguely surprised that she had just used his first name, for she had never used it even in the privacy of her thoughts. Moistening her dry lips, she tried once more, and to her astonishment, she did it again. "Simon ... "
"Yes?" A new tension had entered his long, hard body, and at the same time, his hand moved over the shape of her skull in the softest caress possible.
"Please ... take me to my room."
Hunt tilted her head back gently and regarded her with a sudden faint smile playing on his lips. "Sweetheart, I would take you to Timbuktu if you asked. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Shape Of Heart quotes by C.L. Wilson
#37. He must prove himself strong enough to protect her, gentle enough to win her heart, and worthy of the great gift of her love and her unconditional trust. She must find the courage to embrace the darkest shadows of his soul, and the even greater courage to bare the shadows of her own soul to him. When all barriers are sundered, all secrets revealed and accepted, she can complete the bond; and they will no longer be two separate people, but rather one person, one soul, complete for eternity, stronger together than either could ever be apart. #Quote by C.L. Wilson
Shape Of Heart quotes by Edmond Rostand
#38. CYRANO:
Thy name is in my heart as in a sheep-bell,
And as I ever tremble, thinking of thee,
Ever the bell shakes, ever thy name ringeth!
All things of thine I mind, for I love all things;
I know that last year on the twelfth of May-month,
To walk abroad, one day you changed your hair-plaits!
I am so used to take your hair for daylight
That,--like as when the eye stares on the sun's disk,
One sees long after a red blot on all things--
So, when I quit thy beams, my dazzled vision
Sees upon all things a blonde stain imprinted.

ROXANE (agitated):
Why, this is love indeed!. . .

Ay, true, the feeling
Which fills me, terrible and jealous, truly
Love,--which is ever sad amid its transports!
Love,--and yet, strangely, not a selfish passion!
I for your joy would gladly lay mine own down,
--E'en though you never were to know it,--never!
--If but at times I might--far off and lonely,--
Hear some gay echo of the joy I bought you!
Each glance of thine awakes in me a virtue,--
A novel, unknown valor. Dost begin, sweet,
To understand? So late, dost understand me?
Feel'st thou my soul, here, through the darkness mounting?
Too fair the night! Too fair, too fair the moment!
That I should speak thus, and that you should hearken!
Too fair! In moments when my hopes rose proudest,
I never hoped such guerdon. Naught is left me
#Quote by Edmond Rostand
Shape Of Heart quotes by Mary Oliver
#39. Emerson, I am trying to live, as you said we must, the examined life. But there are days I wish there was less in my head to examine, not to speak of the busy heart. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Shape Of Heart quotes by William McKinley
#40. I have already transmitted to Congress the report of the naval court of inquiry on the destruction of the battleship Maine in the harbor of Havana during the night of the fifteenth of February. The destruction of that noble vessel has filled the national heart with inexpressible horror. Two hundred and fifty-eight brave sailors and marines and two officers of our Navy, reposing in the fancied security of a friendly harbor, have been hurled to death, grief and want brought to their homes and sorrow to the nation. #Quote by William McKinley
Shape Of Heart quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#41. A man knelt before me; he looked familiar but I did not know his name. He withdrew the feather from my cheek and placed it in one of my hands. My thumb caressed the edges. It was so soft. "Show me what is in the other," he said kindly. I obeyed him. Uncurled my fingers to reveal what was inside.
It was Noah's heart. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Shape Of Heart quotes by Amit Ray
#42. A compassionate leader always feel motivated to bring happiness and relieve the suffering of customers, investors, suppliers, employees, government and the communities. #Quote by Amit Ray
Shape Of Heart quotes by Phil Klay
#43. Somebody said combat is 99 percent sheer boredom and 1 percent pure terror. They weren't an MP in Iraq. On the roads I was scared all the time. Maybe not pure terror. That's for when the IED actually goes off. But a kind of low-grade terror that mixes with the boredom. So it's 50 percent boredom and 49 percent normal terror, which is a general feeling that you might die at any second and that everybody in this country wants to kill you. Then, of course, there's the 1 percent pure terror, when your heart rate skyrockets and your vision closes in and your hands are white and your body is humming. You can't think. You're just an animal, doing what you've been trained to do. And then you go back to normal terror, and you go back to being a human, and you go back to thinking. #Quote by Phil Klay
Shape Of Heart quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#44. We give thanks to Lord God Almighty. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Shape Of Heart quotes by Jennifer Ryan
#45. Grief feels a lot like fear. We're afraid of it taking us over. But we owe it to ourselves, to those we have lost, to let grief in. Only then can we start to remember them with a cheer in our heart, a cheer for them and all that they were. #Quote by Jennifer Ryan
Shape Of Heart quotes by Sylvain Reynard
#46. I will remember your scent and your touch and how it felt to love you. But most of all, I will remember how it felt to gaze at true beauty, both inside and out. For you are fair, my beloved, in soul and in body, generous of spirit and generous of heart. And I will never see anything this side of heaven more beautiful than you. #Quote by Sylvain Reynard
Shape Of Heart quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#47. Ellen, not for the wide world! But while she said it, madam - I was looking in her glass; of course, she didn't know I could see her - she put her little hand on her heart just like her dear mother used to, and lifted her eyes ... Oh, madam! #Quote by Katherine Mansfield
Shape Of Heart quotes by Francine Rivers
#48. The battle would not take place in the mountains, valleys, or plains of Israel. It would take place in the wilderness of the human heart. #Quote by Francine Rivers
Shape Of Heart quotes by Robert Greene
#49. By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack. Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp, keep yourself adaptable and on the move. Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed. The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes. #Quote by Robert Greene

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