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Famous Quotes About Shady Characters Sunglasses

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Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by William L. Shirer
#1. No other party in Germany came near to attracting so many shady characters. As we have seen, a conglomeration of pimps, murderers, homosexuals, alcoholics and blackmailers flocked to the party as if to a natural haven. Hitler did not care, as long as they were useful to him. #Quote by William L. Shirer
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by James Vance
#2. I did a lot of work with early 20th century attitudes, the kind of superficial notions and behavior that prompt people who don't know history very well to think that "people were different back then" - but beneath all that are characters who react in ways that we can all recognize, and will always be able to recognize. #Quote by James Vance
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Dacia Maraini
#3. Characters simply come and find me. They sit down, I offer them a coffee. They tell me their story and then they almost always leave. When a character, after drinking some coffee and briefly telling her story, wants dinner and then a place to sleep and then breakfast and so on, for me the time has come to write the novel. #Quote by Dacia Maraini
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Amy Mowafi
#4. Please please read. Everything and anything. You may not remember all of it, you may not remember any of it But from the fairytailes ... to the sweeping soaring classics I hope you will one day discover for yourself, all those words
those lives and characters, ideas and ideals
will, without you realising, shape you and sometimes even shelter you. And it shall be as if you have lived a thousand lives. #Quote by Amy Mowafi
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Lorenza Izzo
#5. I go to shady places all the time. #Quote by Lorenza Izzo
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Eddie Jones
#6. What readers seek is an experience different from their own. Story is how readers dream. Story is what sells the book. The power of the premise is what captures the reader, editor, or agent's attention - not the characters and prose. Unless we care about the story we will never welcome the actors on stage. It is this power of desire that pulls us into the story. #Quote by Eddie Jones
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Paul Schrader
#7. People who act against their own best interests are interesting characters. #Quote by Paul Schrader
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Griffin Dunne
#8. Although there was a screenplay, the actors never knew what questions I was going to ask them, and all of my character's voice-over narration and scenes were added after the fact. #Quote by Griffin Dunne
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Said Sayrafiezadeh
#9. I liked the push and pull of that, between the outer political world and the inner personal lives of the characters. It's also real life ... Many of us are keenly aware of world events, but break your nose and I bet that's the main thing you'd be focused on. #Quote by Said Sayrafiezadeh
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Rhianna Pratchett
#10. Generally I wouldn't accept work on projects where I didn't agree with the sensibilities behind the main character. #Quote by Rhianna Pratchett
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Alain Mabanckou
#11. it would be fairer to say I have traveled widely, without ever leaving my own native soil, I've traveled, one might say, through literature, each time I've opened a book the pages echoed with a noise like the dip of a paddle in midstream, and throughout my odyssey I never crossed a single border, and so never had to produce a passport, I'd just pick a destination at random, setting my prejudices firmly to one side, and be welcomed with open arms in places swarming with weird and wonderful characters #Quote by Alain Mabanckou
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
#12. Perhaps what distinguishes my characters is their courage and spirit and a certain stubbornness which enables them to keep going even when facing a setback. I think this developed organically as I wrote, but also it came out of a desire to portray women as powerful and intelligent forces in the world. #Quote by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#13. Mine is a stubborn and recalcitrant faith. It's all elbows and motion and kicked-up dust, like cartoon characters locked in a cloudy brawl. I'm still early in my journey, but I suspect it will go on like this for a while, perhaps until my last breath. #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Alexander Skarsgard
#14. All the characters I play are all inside of me in a way, and they're all different, the darkness, the lightness, whatever that is. #Quote by Alexander Skarsgard
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Donald Miller
#15. I could be judging unfairly, but all the people I've met who've really changed from unhealthy to healthy have a story, a story about hitting rock bottom, realizing what they were doing wrong, and radically changing the way they live so they don't repeat their mistakes. Characters only change when they live through a story. #Quote by Donald Miller
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Romola Garai
#16. Normally, when you're working on something, there are other characters that you have alliances with, and you have unified goals with some characters. #Quote by Romola Garai
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Stephen Colbert
#17. Who would have thought that a means of communication limited to 140 characters would ever create misunderstanding. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Fredrik Backman
#18. All over her face and sunglasses so big that one can't tell whether they're a pair of glasses or some kind of helmet. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Isabel Allende
#19. Heart is what drives us and determines our fate. That is what I need for my characters in my books: a passionate heart. I need mavericks, dissidents, adventurers, outsiders and rebels, who ask questions, bend the rules and take risks. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Markus Zusak
#20. I'm not one of these 'the characters write themselves; the story just fell out of me' kind of writers. Wish it was like that. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Sarah MacLean
#21. No matter how troubled a character's history, romance novels tell us, love can be built upon it, and happily-ever-after can result. What's more, the darker the past, the brighter the future - and the better the read. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Tom Hanks
#22. Larger-than-life characters make up about .01 percent of the world's population. #Quote by Tom Hanks
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Jennifer Gilmore
#23. My first two novels were set in the past, and that freed me up in a lot of ways; it allowed me to find my way into my story and my characters through research. #Quote by Jennifer Gilmore
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Mao Zedong
#24. Apart from their other characteristics, the outstanding thing about China's 600 million people is that they are "poor and blank". This may seem a bad thing, but in reality it is a good thing. Poverty gives rise to the desire for changes the desire for action and the desire for revolution. On a blank sheet of paper free from any mark, the freshest and most beautiful characters can be written; the freshest and most beautiful pictures can be painted. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Jeff Dunham
#25. I've tried the female thing. I was in a movie called Dinner for Schmucks a couple of years ago with Steve Carell and I created a female character for that movie. And after a few months of trying her out on the road it just didn't work. I mean, I can think like a terrorist, I can think like a white trash guy, I can even try and think like an African American, but I can't figure out how a woman. #Quote by Jeff Dunham
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Cullen Bunn
#26. There are plenty of characters I'd love to write. Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, Man-Thing, Howard the Duck, Dr. Strange, Dr. Druid, Ghost Rider, the Micronauts, the Shogun Warriors ... the list goes on and on. #Quote by Cullen Bunn
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Geoff Johns
#27. Aquaman has the ability to be a huge character, and I think we really brought him to a new level in comic books, and I'm hoping that new level continues to everything that is DC Entertainment. Certainly, that's the goal. He's one of our most recognizable and most important characters, and it's going to continue to stay that way. #Quote by Geoff Johns
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Irwin Shaw
#28. In the theater, characters have to cut the umbilical cord from the writer and talk in their own voices. #Quote by Irwin Shaw
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Jean M. Auel
#29. I can move my characters through it easily, because I understand the background; I've really studied it. #Quote by Jean M. Auel
Shady Characters Sunglasses quotes by Tacitus
#30. Modest fame is not to be despised by the highest characters.
[Lat., Modestiae fama neque summis mortalibus spernenda est.] #Quote by Tacitus

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