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Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Mary Roach
#1. [Kinsey's studies included] stutterers, amputees, paraplegics, even those with cerebral palsy were observed. Kinsey wanted to document the full spectrum of human sexuality, but it was more than that. He believed these people might have things to teach us about the physiology of sex. And he was right. These groups alerted Kinsey--and the scientific community as a whole--to the complicated and crucial role of the central nervous system in sex and reproduction. Kinsey had noted that a stutterer in the throes of sexual abandon may temporarily lose his stutter. Similarly, the phantom limb pain some amputees feel temporarily disappears. Even the muscle spasticity of cerebral palsy may be briefly quieted. The body's limiting factors seem to get shut off. The organism is driven toward nature's singular goal--conception, the passing on of one's genes--and anything that stands in the way is pushed into the background. #Quote by Mary Roach
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#2. She'd found the creature she'd seen tonight: Adam Black. The earliest accounts of it were sketchy, descriptions of its various glamours, warnings about its deviltry, cautions about its insatiable sexuality and penchant for mortal women ("so sates a lass, that she is oft incapable of speech, her wits muddled for a fortnight or more." Oh, please. Gabby thought, was that the medieval equivalent of screwing her brains out?), but by the approach of the first millennium, the accounts became more detailed. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Kody Keplinger
#3. Chloe didn't have all the answers, either. I knew that now. But she had known something all along that I hadn't: that being ashamed of what you want or how you feel is pointless, and letting anyone else make you feel ashamed is a waste. We all wanted different things, and that was okay. Chloe wanted sex without commitment. Mary wanted to wait until she was ready. And I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I didn't want to make any decisions until I knew. And I was proud of that. #Quote by Kody Keplinger
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Sandra Bernhard
#4. Kids need to be educated about sex and sexuality and if they're going to have sex, learn how to protect themselves and not get pregnant. #Quote by Sandra Bernhard
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Ariana Grande
#5. Some days I feel more comfortable using sexuality in my work, and then some days I feel like being a little more reserved. I think that's why I'm in the middle of this whole conversation of, what is she? Is she a good girl or is she a bad girl? I think that I'm both. I don't need to be either. I don't need to be a pop princess who is America's sweetheart or the next rebellious, wild, young thing. I don't need to pick or choose. I can show skin and swear like a sailor but also be a good role model. I think that I'm a good person. I don't think cursing makes you a bad person. I don't think showing skin or kissing boys makes you a bad person. I don't think that expressing sexuality makes you a bad person at all. I don't think that's bad… I think it's great! #Quote by Ariana Grande
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Roberto Hogue
#6. Some guys assume that they made this one girl orgasm by doing this one thing and now they do it to every woman they get with. If it doesn't work on you, then something about you must be broken. #Quote by Roberto Hogue
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Diriye Osman
#7. I've always loved being gay. Sure, Kenya was not exactly Queer Nation but my sexuality gave me joy. I was young, not so dumb and full of cum! There was no place for me in heaven but I was content munching devil's pie here on earth. #Quote by Diriye Osman
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Rajneesh
#8. Sexuality is possible without any understanding, without any meditation. Love is possible only with understanding. Compassion is possible only with understanding and meditation, understanding and awareness. #Quote by Rajneesh
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Naomi Wolf
#9. The anthropologist Margaret Mead concluded in 1948, after observing seven different ethnic groups in the Pacific Islands, that different cultures made different forms of female sexual experience seem normal and desirable. The capacity for orgasm in women, she found, is a learned response, which a given culture can help or can fail to help its women to develop. Mead believed that a woman's sexual fulfillment, and the positive meaning of her sexuality in her own mind, depend upon three factors:
1: She must live in a culture that recognizes female desire as being of value;
2: Her culture must allow her to understand her sexual anatomy;
3: And her culture must teach the various sexual skills that give women orgasms. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Amber Heard
#10. We come from a somewhat puritanical and chauvinistic point-of-view, so that when we're asked questions about women being empowered by sexuality, we often confuse it with women who are victimized by it. #Quote by Amber Heard
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Zeena Schreck
#11. Sex is like an atom bomb. A potent weapon which fascinates and frightens. We're afraid to let it loose, yet we all have our finger on the button.
Zeena Schreck, Cuir Underground: Sado-Magic for Satan Interview, 1998 #Quote by Zeena Schreck
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Ricky Martin
#12. Sexuality and sensuality are completely different things. Sensuality is something that you're born with. But sexuality is something I leave for my own mirror. #Quote by Ricky Martin
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Patricia Lockwood
#13. In a field where else you found a stack
of revealing nature photographs, of supernude nature
photographs, split beaver of course nature photographs,
photographs full of 70s bush, nature taking come
from every man from miles around, nature with come back
to me just dripping from her lips. The stack came
up to your eye, you saw: nature is big into bloodplay,
nature is into extreme age play, nature does wild inter-
racial, nature she wants you to pee in her mouth, nature
is dead and nature is sleeping and still nature is on all fours,
a horse it fucks nature to death up in Oregon, nature is hot
young amateur redheads, the foxes are all in their holes
for the night, nature is hot old used-up cougars, nature
makes gaping fake-agony faces, nature is consensual dad-
on-daughter, nature is completely obsessed with twins,
nature doing specialty and nature doing niche, exotic females
they line up to drip for you, nature getting paddled as hard
as you can paddle her, oh a whitewater rapid with her ass
in the air, high snowy tail on display just everywhere. #Quote by Patricia Lockwood
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#14. At first the brain weighs a potential partner, and if the partner fits our ancestral wish list, we get a spike in the release of sex chemicals that makes us dizzy with a rush of unavoidable infatuation. It's the first step down the primeval path of pair-bonding. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar
#15. When we free ourselves from physical disabilities, emotional disturbances, and mental distractions, we open the gates to our soul. #Quote by B.K.S. Iyengar
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Dave Navarro
#16. Chad Michael Ward is a master of the storytelling craft. His imagery, both still and moving, reaches deep into the darkest corners of the mind, combining the macabre and the sensuous Revealing humanity's secret daydream atrocities. CMW taps into our most excitable of emotions with a blend of fear and human sexuality. Like an erotic car accident we can not look away from. #Quote by Dave Navarro
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Roxana Shirazi
#17. Love your body, love your sexuality, and realize that you are a bad human being only if you are unkind and cruel and do harm unto others and not because of your sex life. #Quote by Roxana Shirazi
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Robert E. Morsberger
#18. Zorro also is part of the bandido tradition, most closely associated with the possibly mythical Joaquin Murrieta and the historical Tiburcio Vasquez. As well as these local California legendary figures, Zorro is an American version of Robin Hood and similar heroes whose stories blend fiction and history, thus moving Zorro into the timeless realm of legend. The original story takes place in the Romantic era, but, more important, Zorro as Diego adds an element of poetry and sensuality, and as Zorro the element of sexuality, to the traditional Western hero. Not all Western heroes are, as D. H. Lawrence said of Cooper's Deerslayer, "hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer," but in the Western genre the hero and villain more often than not share these characteristics. What distinguishes Zorro is a gallantry, a code of ethics, a romantic sensibility, and most significant, a command of language and a keen intelligence and wit. #Quote by Robert E. Morsberger
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Vijay Seshadri
#19. We live in a trans period. Contemporary issues of sexuality, for example - the exciting aspects of them - have to do with transgenderedness. And there's trans-nationality. There are people like me, for example. I mean, what am I? Am I Indian? Am I American? And I'm not alone in being between things. #Quote by Vijay Seshadri
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Roberto Hogue
#20. For a guy, nothing is sexier than a girl who craves his little guy and can't keep her hands off of it ... because this is exactly the way he feels about your ladyparts whether he's groping them like a savage or quietly watching TV next to you. #Quote by Roberto Hogue
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Frederick Lenz
#21. Sexuality is the primary focus of our culture, and almost no one has come to resolve it. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Roman Payne
#22. Our eyes will know the heavens if our lips stay for each other. #Quote by Roman Payne
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by John Maxwell Taylor
#23. Love makes temporary saints and poets of us all. We feel the source of life welling up inside us and long to express the joy it brings and share it with the partner of our heart's awakening. #Quote by John Maxwell Taylor
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Elle Kennedy
#24. He looks way too comfortable sitting there on my couch. A blond Adonis with his golden chest and sculpted muscles and perfectly chiseled face. If the hockey thing doesn't work out for him, he ought to consider going into modeling. Dean Di Laurentis oozes sexuality. He could slap his face on a laxative label and every woman in the world would be praying for constipation just to have an excuse to buy it. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by William Friedkin
#25. I don't think sexuality defines a person. It's one small part of who you are, in my view. You are many things, and I never felt that people were defined by their sexuality solely. #Quote by William Friedkin
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Erica Jong
#26. But we [women] are only at the beginning [of revamping feminism]. And our strictures on each other prove this. Our enforcement of thinness, of non-sexuality, of 'good' feminism versus 'bad' feminism, are proofs of our being at the beginning, not the end of a process. That younger feminists are embracing their sexuality is a sign of hope
a sign that women's lives will some day be less constricted, less fearful of the dark side of creativity (to which Eros provides the key). If that happens, we will at least have the full gamut of inspiration so long denied us. We will have access to all parts of ourselves
all the animals within us, from wolf to lamb. When we learn to love all the animals within us, we will know how to make men love them too. #Quote by Erica Jong
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Lauryn Doll
#27. Sexuality, like creativity, is a gift from God. #Quote by Lauryn Doll
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Sheila Jeffreys
#29. Pornography is not egalitarian and gender-free. It is predicated upon the inequality of women and is the propaganda that makes that inequality sexy. For women to find passive, objectified men sexy in large enough numbers to make a pornography industry based upon such images viable, would require the reconstruction of women's sexuality into a ruling-class sexuality. In an egalitarian society objectification would not exist and therefore the particular buzz provided by pornography, the excitement of eroticised dominance for the ruling class, would be unimaginable. #Quote by Sheila Jeffreys
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Tricia Best
#30. Ryan and Michael didn't deserve you and if I ever see either of them again, they're gonna answer to me for making you feel like your body, your sexuality, wasn't beautiful. #Quote by Tricia Best
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Robert E. Barron
#31. Adam, we hear, walked in easy fellowship with God in the cool of the evening and spoke to him as to a friend. This ordering of Adam to God meant that our first parent was effortlessly caught up in adoration. The term "adoration" comes from the Latin ado ratio, which in turn is derived from "ad ora" (to the mouth). To adore, therefore, is to be mouth to mouth with God, properly aligned to the divine source, breathing in God's life. When one is in the stance of adoration, the whole of one's life - mind, will, emotions, imagination, sexuality - becomes ordered and harmonized, much as the elements of a rose window arrange themselves musically around a central point. #Quote by Robert E. Barron
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Violet Blue
#32. Sexuality is one of the most important ways in which we identify, establish, and maintain our boundaries. #Quote by Violet Blue
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Walter Mosley
#33. Freedom is a state of mind, I said wondering where I'd heard it before, not a state of being. We are all slaves to gravity and morality and the vicissitudes of nature. Our genes govern us much more than we'd like to think. Our bodies can not know absolute freedom but our minds can, can at least try. #Quote by Walter Mosley
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner
#34. It is difficult to exaggerate the adverse influence of the precepts and practices of religion upon the status and happiness of woman. Owing to the fact that upon women devolves the burden of motherhood, with all its accompanying disabilities, they always have been, and always must be, at a natural disadvantage in the struggle of life as compared with men ...
With certain exceptions, women all the world over have been relegated to a position of inferiority in the community, greater or less according to the religion and the social organisation of the people; the more religious the people the lower the status of the women ... #Quote by Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Garret Dillahunt
#35. As a heterosexual man, I've never really doubted my sexuality, but I've had men in my life and thought, 'If I was gay, I'd be with him' - you know? #Quote by Garret Dillahunt
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#36. Some men believe a girl squirting under their touch is a sign of their own sex appeal and machismo. It seems a shame to pee on their parade, but the truth is, the methodical throb of a vibrator in the right place and in the right hands – even your own hand – achieves more consistent results. #Quote by Chloe Thurlow
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#37. Christian faith is exclusivistic. Christian faith lays claim upon our lives. The sanctity of life, what we do with a life, is very definitive in the Christian faith, what we do with sexuality, what we do with marriage, all of the fundamental questions of life have points of reference for answers, and people just have an aversion for that. That I think is the biggest reason they feel hostile towards the Christian faith. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Rich Hoffman
#38. Rick guided her to the outside balcony where they made love under the springtime mountain night. As Renee moaned across the valley below, Rick realized that he hadn't closed the door and that her delightful calls probably echoed into the lobby below. There was a thought that he should close the door. But he didn't. #Quote by Rich Hoffman
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Laura Linney
#39. I had learning disabilities, and I couldn't express myself in the written word. #Quote by Laura Linney
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Joe Hill
#40. I guess Satan was the first superhero [ ... ] In his first adventure, he took the form of a snake to free two prisoners being held naked in a Third World jungle prison by an all-powerful megalomaniac. At the same time, he broadened their diet and introduced them to their own sexuality. #Quote by Joe Hill
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Alain De Botton
#41. Logically enough, the office and the nunnery have been singularly popular in the imaginations of pornographers. We should not be surprised to learn that the erotic novels of the early modern period were overwhelmingly focused on debauchery and flagellation amongst clergy in vespers and chapels, just as contemporary Internet pornography is inordinately concerned with fellatios and sodomies performed by office workers against a backdrop of work stations and computer equipment. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Andrea Dworkin
#42. We are born into a world in which sexual possibilities are narrowly circumscribed ... We are programmed by the culture as surely as rats are programmed to make the arduous way through the scientist's maze, and that programming operates on every level of choice and action. #Quote by Andrea Dworkin
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Lawrence Schimel
#43. My first female lover was a Jewish woman. She was butch, but not in a swaggering macho way- she could pass as a yeshiva boy, pale and intense. Small, almost fragile, she exuded a powerful sense of herself. She had not been to a synagogue in years, but kept the law of kashrut, and taught me my first prayers in Hebrew. She cooked, she read, she ironed her dress shirts and polished her boots meticulously, and admired femme women enormously. She was also the first person ever- including myself- to bring me to multiple orgasms. She taught me to ask for what I wanted in bed, then encouraged me to expect it from her and future lovers. She taught me to get her off with fingers, tongue, lips, sex toys, and my voice. She showed me how to masturbate in different positions, and fisted me during my menstrual cramps to provide an internal massage- and to demonstrate that a sexual act without orgasm was also an acceptable, intimate act. She never separated sexuality from the rest of her life; it was as integral to her as her Judaism.

This was how I wanted to be. Not just sexually, although certainly that way too. This is how I wanted to move through the world.

-- Karen Taylor (from "Daughters of Zelophehad") #Quote by Lawrence Schimel
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Hina Hashmi
#44. Our bodies are reflective of our inner feelings. If we feel emotionally or sexually vulnerable inside, we may build a protective layer of fat over our abdomen or hips, the places where we hold our emotions and sexuality. #Quote by Hina Hashmi
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Roger Ross Williams
#45. I grew up in a Southern Baptist-style church with a choir, a band, and music, but I've been asking myself my whole life, "Why is my own church, my own community, rejecting me because of my sexuality?". #Quote by Roger Ross Williams
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Paulo Coelho
#46. I think we are afraid of each other when it comes to sex, because we read so much about sex, we talk so openly about sex, we see movies and we read books; but when we are face to face with someone else, we forget our individual patterns; that we are unique. So we try to repeat other people's patterns, according to what we seen and what we heard. So most of us are very frustrated, because we don't accept our individuality as far as sex is concerned. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Gillian Marchenko
#47. I know of other mothers who have children with disabilities,and right away they loved them and decided to fight for them.
That isn't my story. #Quote by Gillian Marchenko
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Edward Burke
#48. I was young and physically fit and I struggled here, so I had a deep respect for the older people, and those with disabilities, who returned class after class in spite of their pain and their physical limitations. #Quote by Edward Burke
Sexuality And Disabilities quotes by Rae Spoon
#49. When I decided to retire from the gender binary, the narrative that I had about being a man stuck in a woman's body didn't make sense anymore, unless I was a gender-neutral person who'd been stuck in a man's body stuck in a woman's body all along. I started to consider that I was not essentially a gender, and that bodies should not be gendered based on the rigid binary system. I decided that my gender and sexuality had been a fluid narrative that I had constructed based on the options that I was given. I had not been a man or a woman for any reason other than that I had believed that I was one. Now that I had the option of opting out of the binary, the story could expand and evolve to include that identification as part of my history. #Quote by Rae Spoon

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