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Serial Murderers quotes by James C. Dobson
#1. Bundy was correct in saying that most serial murderers are addicted to hardcore pornography. FBI records validate that point. Not every person exposed to obscenity will become a killer, of course, but too many will! #Quote by James C. Dobson
Serial Murderers quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#2. I recently spoke at a university where a student told me it was such a shame that Nigerian men were physical abusers like the father character in my novel. I told him that I had recently read a novel called American Psycho,and that it was a shame that young Americans were serial murderers. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Serial Murderers quotes by Jeannette Walls
#3. No child is born a delinquent. They only became that way if nobody loved them when they were kids. Unloved children grow up to be serial murderers or alcoholics. #Quote by Jeannette Walls
Serial Murderers quotes by Eric W. Hickey
#4. Serial murders are a bit like natural disasters: in the scheme of things they are quite rare, but when they happen they demand our attention. They interest us for several reasons, but especially because they are so dramatically threatening, and they profoundly challenge our sense of our own everyday safety.

[Todd R. Clear, Foreword] #Quote by Eric W. Hickey
Serial Murderers quotes by Jenny Lawson
#5. When Victor was making Skype calls for work, I'd silently crawl up behind him and have Rory slowly and menacingly rise up over Victor's shoulder until the person on the call froze because they noticed a mentally unbalanced raccoon was leaning in like a furry, eavesdropping serial killer. Then Victor would realize Rory was behind him and he'd sigh that sigh he does so well and remind himself to lock his office door. If anything, though, Victor should have thanked me, because the perfect test to see if your friends and coworkers really have your back is if they're willing to say, "Hey, there's a raccoon creeping on you. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Serial Murderers quotes by Barry Graham
#6. She was sitting at the kitchen table, naked. She had a chopper in her right hand. Her left hand was flat on the able in front of her. She'd chopped off her thumb, index and middle fingers. They were in a neat row on the table, which was thick with dark blood. #Quote by Barry Graham
Serial Murderers quotes by Rachel A. Marks
#7. The men stop coming after Hunt goes missing. We learned from the last brave soul to visit that they whispered all sorts of stories to answer his disappearance. My favorite is that we ate him. We cooked him up with our whore-earned corn, a dozen rats' eyes, and a bat wing.
Even I couldn't have thought of anything more perfect. #Quote by Rachel A. Marks
Serial Murderers quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#8. When a man kills another man, the people say he is a murderer, but when the Emir kills him, the Emir is just. When a man robs a monastery, they say he is a thief, but when the Emir robs him of his life, the Emir is honourable. When a woman betrays her husband, they say she is an adulteress, but when the Emir makes her walk naked in the streets and stones her later, the Emir is noble. Shedding of blood is forbidden, but who made it lawful for the Emir? Stealing one's money is a crime, but taking away one's life is a noble act. Betrayal of a husband may be an ugly deed, but stoning of living souls is a beautiful sight. Shall we meet evil with evil and say this is the Law? Shall we fight corruption with greater corruption and say this is the Rule? Shall we conquer crimes with more crimes and say this is Justice? Had not the Emir killed an enemy in his past life? Had he not robbed his weak subjects of money and property? Had he not committed adultery? Was he infallible when he killed the murderer and hanged the thief in the tree? Who are those who hanged the thief in the tree? Are they angels descended from heaven, or men looting and usurping? Who cut off the murderer's head? Are they divine prophets, or soldiers shedding blood wherever they go? Who stoned that adulteress? Were they virtuous hermits who came from their monasteries, or humans who loved to commit atrocities with glee, under the protection of ignorant Law? What is Law? Who saw it coming with the sun from the depths #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Serial Murderers quotes by Albert Brooks
#9. If you look at the best-seller list for American fiction, they're all sequels to detective stories or stories about hunting serial killers. That's what's called American fiction these days. #Quote by Albert Brooks
Serial Murderers quotes by Yvonne Woon
#10. Why do we bury our dead?" His nose was dented in at the bridge like a sphinx; the cause of which I could only imagine had been a freak archaeological accident.
I thought about my parents. They had requested in their will that they be buried side by side in a tiny cemetery a few miles from our house. "Because it's respectful?"
He shook his head. "That's true, but that's not the reason we do it."
But that was the reason we buried people, wasn't it? After gazing at him in confusion, I raised my hand, determined to get the right answer. "Because leaving people out in the open is unsanitary."
Mr. B. shook his head and scratched the stubble on his neck.
I glared at him, annoyed at his ignorance and certain that my responses were correct. "Because it's the best way to dispose of a body?"
Mr. B. laughed. "Oh, but that's not true. Think of all the creative ways mass murderers have dealt with body disposal. Surely eating someone would be more practical than the coffin, the ceremony, the tombstone."
Eleanor grimaced at the morbid image, and the mention of mass murderers seemed to wake the rest of the class up. Still, no one had an answer. I'd heard Mr. B. was a quack, but this was just insulting. How dare he presume that I didn't know what burials meant? I'd watched them bury my parents, hadn't I? "Because that's just what we do," I blurted out. "We bury people when they die. Why does there have to be a reason for everything?"
"Exactly!" Mr. B. gr #Quote by Yvonne Woon
Serial Murderers quotes by Deyth Banger

(People say that the beginning of a serial killer is - arsonist) #Quote by Deyth Banger
Serial Murderers quotes by Peter Gould
#12. I wrote a spec script that people really liked: a political serial based on Jeffrey's Toobin's 'A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.' It was the first thing I had ever written with any political subject matter in it. #Quote by Peter Gould
Serial Murderers quotes by John E. Douglas
#13. Within just about every serial predator, there are two warring elements: A feeling of grandiosity, specialness, and entitlement, together with deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness and a sense that they have not gotten the breaks in life that they should #Quote by John E. Douglas
Serial Murderers quotes by Anna Banks
#14. Drawing in a lung-packing breath, I press the start button. And then I feel it. It saturates the water around me, thrumming without rhythm. The pulse. Someone is close. Someone I don't recognize. Slowly, I tiptoe backward, careful not to splash or slosh. After a few seconds, tiptoeing doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If I can sense them, they can sense me. The pulse is getting stronger. They're heading straight toward me. Fast.
Leaving caution, etiquette, and Dad's stopwatch behind, I scramble like a lunatic to shallower water. Suddenly, Galen's order to stay on dry land doesn't seem so unreasonable. What was I thinking? The little I know about Syrena is what we crammed into the last twenty-four hours at his house. They have a social structure like humans. Government, laws, family, friendship. Do they have outcasts, too? The same way humans have rapists and serial killers? If so, I've just done the human equivalent of wandering into a dark parking lot alone. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Gasping into a wave lets me know my lungs aren't prepped for water just yet. Sputtering and coughing slows me down a little, but the shore is close, and I've got my eye on a stick thicker than my arm just beyond the wet sand. That it will break like a twig over the head of any Syrena is not important. #Quote by Anna Banks
Serial Murderers quotes by Moira J. Moore
#15. How can a school prepare you for murderers and mad-men?' Taro asked. 'Friends who would betray you to your death. People in authority who use their power to perform the most unnatural acts. People hating you because you can't do things you aren't supposed to be doing anyway. That's a lot to expect of a school. #Quote by Moira J. Moore
Serial Murderers quotes by Ron Koertge
#16. She knows her life is on the line but, believe it
or not, she's never been so excited!
Her husband's a serial killer, and her bodice is wet
with tears, but there's a chance her brothers
will show up like winning lottery numbers.
Which does she want more - her hair wound
in the maniac's hands and her white white throat bared,
or the sound of boots on marble stairs? #Quote by Ron Koertge
Serial Murderers quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#17. I'm rather pro-prostitution, I admire people who do it. It can't be much fun. Thank goodness for it. People need relief or they become murderers. #Quote by Karl Lagerfeld
Serial Murderers quotes by Seth Godin
#18. The challenge is simple: Quitting when you hit the Dip is a bad idea. If the journey you started was worth doing, then quitting when you hit the Dip just wastes the time you've already invested. Quit in the Dip often enough and you'll find yourself becoming a serial quitter, starting many things but accomplishing little. Simple: If you can't make it through the Dip, don't start. If you can embrace that simple rule, you'll be a lot choosier about which journeys you start. #Quote by Seth Godin
Serial Murderers quotes by John Wiltshire
#19. Benjamin, we may be murderers, liars, and fornicators. These are British politicians. We cannot possibly compete. #Quote by John Wiltshire
Serial Murderers quotes by Linda Austin
#20. Great artistic works are often based on solving several psychological problems simultaneously. In literature this is often accomplished by splitting apart the conflict and assigning each aspect to a different character. Marjie Rynearson, for instance, wrote an award-winning play, Jenny, about the meeting and reconciliation of two women: the mother of a murder victim and the mother of the murderer. Within the dialogue between the two characters she sought to resolve two sets of problems: the rage and grief of the victim's mother, and the horror, guilt, and grief of the murderer's mother. She worked on the play for several years, and only when it was finished did she realize that through it she was struggling to resolve her feelings about the suicide of her best friend. Rynearson had simultaneously been, in effect, both the friend of the victim and the friend of the perpetrator of the killing. The power of the work lay in its simultaneous resolution of conflicting problems. #Quote by Linda Austin
Serial Murderers quotes by Avery Flynn
#21. I've been practicing serial monogamy with one loser after another since I was eighteen. You can't deny I'm an asshole magnet. #Quote by Avery Flynn
Serial Murderers quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#22. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible. But in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Serial Murderers quotes by Lauren Groff
#23. You're so charming you make us forget that you have to be a serial killer on the inside to do what you do to us. Put us in your plays, warts and all, showing us off like we're some sort of sideshow freaks. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Serial Murderers quotes by Ellery Queen
#24. It was wrong. It was like arresting the gun for murder. #Quote by Ellery Queen
Serial Murderers quotes by Joe Coleman
#25. Look around. The hantavirus is waiting for you. Ebola and the tropical rainforest is cooking up all kinds of brews to make sure that the population is kept in control. All these things are necessary. Why is there an increase in sexual deviance right now? Because it goes against procreative sex. Mother Nature does not want more children. This is not a time of birth. It is not a time to give birth, it's a time to die. The Bible says all things under heaven and that includes death as well as life. You out there, you comfortable ones, you point the finger. You say the junkie is the problem, you say the sexual deviant, serial killer, racist, and the man who hates his fellow man is the problem. But they ain't the problem. You're the problem. The sexual deviant, the murderer, the serial killer, the taker of human life is the cure, you're the problem. #Quote by Joe Coleman
Serial Murderers quotes by Toba Beta
#26. Murderers don't fit in society of immortals. #Quote by Toba Beta
Serial Murderers quotes by Quentin Crisp
#27. You should make no effort to try to join society, stay right where you are. Give your name and serial number and wait for society to come to you. #Quote by Quentin Crisp
Serial Murderers quotes by Albert Camus
#28. We are living in the era of premeditation and the perfect crime. Our criminals are no longer helpless children who could plead love as their excuse. On the contrary, they are adults and the have the perfect alibi: philosophy, which can be used for any purpose - even for transforming murderers into judges. #Quote by Albert Camus
Serial Murderers quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#29. For the writer, the serial killer is, abstractly, an analogue of the imagination's caprices and amorality; the sense that, no matter the dictates and even the wishes of the conscious social self, the life or will or purpose of the imagination is incomprehensible, unpredictable. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Serial Murderers quotes by H. H. Holmes
#30. I was born with the devil in me ... #Quote by H. H. Holmes
Serial Murderers quotes by William L. Shirer
#31. No other party in Germany came near to attracting so many shady characters. As we have seen, a conglomeration of pimps, murderers, homosexuals, alcoholics and blackmailers flocked to the party as if to a natural haven. Hitler did not care, as long as they were useful to him. #Quote by William L. Shirer
Serial Murderers quotes by Darynda Jones
#32. Hey, I could be your assistant! I'd be an Assistant Serial Killer Serial Killer. I'd be an Ass. Or do I need the Ks in there? Because that wouldn't sound nearly as cool. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Serial Murderers quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#33. Mr. Suttree it is our understanding that at curfew rightly decreed by law and in that hour wherein night draws to its proper close and the new day commences and contrary to conduct befitting a person of your station you betook yourself to various low places within the shire of McAnally and there did squander several ensuing years in the company of thieves, derelicts, miscreants, pariahs, poltroons, spalpeens, curmudgeons, clotpolls, murderers, gamblers, bawds, whores, trulls, brigands, topers, tosspots, sots and archsots, lobcocks, smellsmocks, runagates, rakes, and other assorted and felonious debauchees.
I was drunk, cried Suttree. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Serial Murderers quotes by J.R. Ward
#34. The bottom line is ... if you were in the civilian population, you'd be a serial killer. Working for the government means you get to wave the American flag around when it suits you, but the truth is, you do what you do because you enjoy picking the wings off of flies. And everybody's an insect in your eyes. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Serial Murderers quotes by Robert Davis
#35. The town was full of murderers, gamblers and whores, few of whom might be called upon to set aside their differences and fight against the supernatural forces of evil. #Quote by Robert Davis
Serial Murderers quotes by Linda Fairley
#36. That GP was none other than Harold Shipman, who many years later would be identified as one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history. #Quote by Linda Fairley
Serial Murderers quotes by Grady Hendrix
#37. Isn't that how every serial killer gets away with it for so long?" Patricia asked. "Everyone ignores the little things and Ted Bundy keeps killing women until finally someone does what they should have done in the first place and connects the little things that didn't add up, but by then it's too late. #Quote by Grady Hendrix
Serial Murderers quotes by Janette Oke
#38. Stephen raised his hands and shouted, "You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit. As your fathers did, so do you!" Ezra saw lances of genuine pain stab each of the men seated at the Council table. He felt again the power of his own guilt and regret and distress. Stephen finished with, "You now have become the betrayers and murderers, you who have received the law by the direction of angels and have not kept it! #Quote by Janette Oke
Serial Murderers quotes by Caroline Leavitt
#39. My first husband was a serial cheater. #Quote by Caroline Leavitt
Serial Murderers quotes by Jeanne Kalogridis
#40. I had learned a fundamental truth about killing: The victim's anguish is brief and fleeting, but the murderer's endures forever. #Quote by Jeanne Kalogridis
Serial Murderers quotes by Shankar Vedantam
#41. There might well be deep evolutionary reasons for these fears; it made sense, millennia ago, to fear situations where we had no control and situations that involved malevolent attackers. In our modern world, however, the things we really ought to fear are almost entirely of our own doing. Failing to climb the stairs and get enough exercise kills far more people than any number of murderers climbing those stairs. You are at far greater risk of taking your own life than being killed by a terrorist. If you were to go strictly by the numbers, that cigarette in your hand ought to have you screaming louder than a chance encounter with Hannibal Lecter. #Quote by Shankar Vedantam
Serial Murderers quotes by Dalai Lama
#42. One Mongolian leader became a very, very brutal dictator and eventually became a murderer. Previously, he was a monk, and then he became a revolutionary. Under the influence of his new ideology, he actually killed his own teacher. Pol Pot's family background was Buddhist. Whether he himself was a Buddhist at a young age, I don't know. Even Chairman Mao's family background was Buddhist. So one day, if the Dalai Lama becomes a mass murderer, he will become the most deadly of mass murderers. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Serial Murderers quotes by Guy Sajer
#43. What happened next? I retain nothing from those terrible minutes except indistinct memories which flash into my mind with sudden brutality, like apparitions, among bursts and scenes and visions that are scarcely imaginable. It is difficult even to even to try to remember moments during which nothing is considered, foreseen, or understood, when there is nothing under a steel helmet but an astonishingly empty head and a pair of eyes which translate nothing more than would the eyes of an animal facing mortal danger. There is nothing but the rhythm of explosions, more or less distant, more or less violent, and the cries of madmen, to be classified later, according to the outcome of the battle, as the cries of heroes or of murderers. And there are the cries of the wounded, of the agonizingly dying, shrieking as they stare at a part of their body reduced to pulp, the cries of men touched by the shock of battle before everybody else, who run in any and every direction, howling like banshees. There are the tragic, unbelievable visions, which carry from one moment of nausea to another: guts splattered across the rubble and sprayed from one dying man to another; tightly riveted machines ripped like the belly of a cow which has just been sliced open, flaming and groaning; trees broken into tiny fragments; gaping windows pouring out torrents of billowing dust, dispersing into oblivion all that remains of a comfortable parlor... #Quote by Guy Sajer

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