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Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Lee Child
#1. The door opened. A guy came in. Busy, bustling, sixty-something, medium size, a gray suit, a tight waistband, a warm and friendly face. Pink and round. Lots of energy, and the start of a smile. A guy who got things done, with a lot of charm. Like a salesman. Something complicated. Like a financial instrument, or a Rolls-Royce automobile. "I'm sorry," the guy said. To Sinclair only. "I didn't know you had company." American. An old-time Yankee accent. No one spoke. Then Sinclair said, "Excuse me. Sergeant Frances Neagley and Major Jack Reacher, U.S. Army, meet Mr. Rob Bishop, CIA head of station at the Hamburg consulate." "I just did a drive-by," Bishop said. "On the parallel street. The kid's bedroom. The lamp has moved in the window. #Quote by Lee Child
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Jenny Slate
#2. When I was growing up, I was so fascinated by Mel Blanc and all of the different voices that he did for 'Looney Tunes' and watching Robin Williams record voice-over for the genie in 'Aladdin.' It always seemed to be a major honor - something you have to earn. Like people trust you when they want to have you there without seeing you. #Quote by Jenny Slate
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Marko Kloos
#3. Still, a part of me will never stop thinking of her as my sergeant. She's the toughest, most competent, and most evenhanded soldier I've known, and she runs her squad as a strict meritocracy. If only a tenth of the military consisted of people like Sergeant Fallon, we would have kicked the SRA off of every inhabited celestial body between Earth and Zeta Reticuli fifty years ago already. As things stand, we're weighed down by people like Major Unwerth, who coast through the system doing only the expected minimum. If a military is the reflection of the society it serves, it's amazing that the Commonwealth is still at the top of the food chain on Terra. Even with all the dead wood in our ranks, we have been able to hold the line against the SRA and the dozens of regional powers in the Middle East and the Pacific Rim that are short on resources and long on grievances with their neighbors. #Quote by Marko Kloos
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Saul Williams
#4. Art can play a major role. I look at art as an alternative source of energy, the same way we might look at wind or solar or lithium batteries. #Quote by Saul Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Junius Williams
#5. So on June 16, 1970, history was made in Newark. Ken Gibson became the first black mayor of a major Northeastern city. #Quote by Junius Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Bob Ainsworth
#6. My heroes are the non-commissioned officers. If I had another life that's what I'd be - a regimental sergeant major or a similar rank. That's where the spirit of the armed forces is. #Quote by Bob Ainsworth
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Walter E. Williams
#7. As American education and intelligence becomes replaced by feelings and emotion, not seeing the forest for the trees has become a major problem. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#8. To return to my point about the immense power that his enemies attribute to him, Orwell once wrote about the 'large, vague renown' that constituted the popular memory of Thomas Carlyle. His own reputation has long been of that kind, if not rather greater and more precise. But this is not the same as moving millions to despair and apathy (Deutscher), or spoiling the morale of a whole generation (Williams), or authoring a work of fiction that was in fact, in rather cunning disguise, the work of an entire 'culture' (Thompson). In some semi-articulated way, many major figures of the Left have thought of Orwell as an enemy, and an important and frightening one.

This was true to a somewhat lesser extent in his own lifetime. And, again, the dislike or distrust can be illustrated by a simple - or at any rate a simple-minded - confusion of categories. It was widely said, and believed, of Orwell that he had written the damning sentence: 'The working classes smell.' This statement of combined snobbery and heresy was supposedly to be found in The Road to Wigan Pier; in other words - since the book was a main selection of Victor Gollancz's Left Book Club - it could be checked and consulted. But it obviously never was checked or consulted, because in those pages Orwell only says that middle-class people, such as his own immediate forebears, were convinced that the working classes smelled. Victor Gollancz himself, though hopelessly at odds with Orwell in matters of politics, issu #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Ford Madox Ford
#9. He thought he suddenly understood. For the Lincon-shire sergeant-major the word Peace meant that a man could stand up on a hill. For him it meant someone to talk to. #Quote by Ford Madox Ford
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Tad Williams
#10. Every major technological step forward has profoundly changed human society - that's how we know they're major, even if we don't always realise it at the time. Farming created cities. Writing, followed eventually by printing, vastly increased the preservation and transmission of cultural information across time and space. #Quote by Tad Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Lucinda Williams
#11. Any time there's a major change, whether it's going into a relationship, getting out of a relationship, moving to a new city, a death - that usually provides a catalyst for an explosion of creativity. #Quote by Lucinda Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by E. M. Forster
#12. It is pleasant to be transferred from an office where one is afraid of a sergeant-major into an office where one can intimidate generals, and perhaps this is why history is so attractive to the more timid among us. We can recover self-confidence by snubbing the dead. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Tucker Elliot
#13. Ted Williams hit 17 career grand slams. He is the toughest batter to get out in major league history. It was never fun for opposing pitchers to have to face him, but that was never more true than it was when there was nowhere to put him - and his grand slam total is only one of the many franchise records that he owns. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by John Newcombe
#14. You know, I was a regular on the Friday afternoon drill squad. Um, which ... The year after I left school, I went back and thanked the sergeant major because I was so fit. #Quote by John Newcombe
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Juan Williams
#15. When it comes to serious cuts to major programs like Medicaid, the American people are not calling for leadership but magic. They want cuts with no pain. #Quote by Juan Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by George A. Romero
#16. Tony Williams: You've often mentioned that Tales of Hoffmann (1951) has been a major influence on you.

George Romero: It was the first film I got completely involved with. An aunt and uncle took me to see it in downtown Manhattan when it first played. And that was an event for me since I was about eleven at the time. The imagery just blew me away completely. I wanted to go and see a Tarzan movie but my aunt and uncle said, "No! Come and see a bit of culture here." So I thought I was missing out. But I really fell in love with the film. There used to be a television show in New York called Million Dollar Movie. They would show the same film twice a day on weekdays, three times on Saturday, and three-to-four times on Sunday. Tales of Hoffmann appeared on it one week. I missed the first couple of days because I wasn't aware that it was on. But the moment I found it was on, I watched virtually every telecast. This was before the days of video so, naturally, I couldn't tape it. Those were the days you had to rent 16mm prints of any film. Most cities of any size had rental services and you could rent a surprising number of films. So once I started to look at Tales of Hoffmann I realized how much stuff Michael Powell did in the camera. Powell was so innovative in his technique. But it was also transparent so I could see how he achieved certain effects such as his use of an overprint in the scene of the ballet dancer on the lily ponds. I was beginning to understand how ade #Quote by George A. Romero
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Pat Williams
#17. Don't let reading make you arrogant. It can happen-believe me. Maybe you've even met a person or two like this, someone who thinks that being an English literature major or particularly well read puts them above the crowd. Take my advice:even if it's true, don't go there.
I urge you to read, knowing the words you absorb will come out in your life in ways that inspire, uplift and encourage someone else. Life is meant to be passed on. Read with a servant's heart. #Quote by Pat Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Neal Stephenson
#18. Sergeant Major," Arjun said quietly, "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Yur snorted. "Is that a fancy way of saying it's above my pay grade, sir? #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Allison Williams
#19. I'm a major breath person, so I always have gum, mints. #Quote by Allison Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Sergeant Major
#20. There is nothing wrong with feeling cold in Alaska at -70 degrees. It's when you feel nothing at all that it times to panic #Quote by Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Jerri  Williams
#21. During most of my Bureau career I worked major economic fraud investigations and was amazed at the schemes con-artist and corrupt corporate and public officials would devise to steal other people's money. I've also had the opportunity to work bank robberies and drug investigations. The one thing I know for sure is… With a gun you can steal hundreds. With a pen you can steal millions. #Quote by Jerri Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Anthony Doerr
#22. Sergeant Major Reinhold von Rumpel is forty-one years old, not so old that he cannot be promoted. He has moist red lips; pale, almost translucent cheeks like fillets of raw sole; and an instinct for correctness that rarely fails him. He has a wife who suffers his absences without complaint, and who arranges porcelain kittens by color, lightest to darkest, on two different shelves in their drawing room in Stuttgart. He also has two daughters whom he has not seen in nine months. The eldest, Veronika, is deeply earnest. Her letters to him include phrases like sacred resolve, proud accomplishments, and unparalleled in history. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Neal Stephenson
#23. His father was a sergeant major, his mother was a Korean woman whose people had been mine slaves in Nippon, and Hiro didn't know whether he was black or Asian or just plain Army, whether he was rich or poor, educated or ignorant, talented or lucky. He didn't even have a part of the country to call home until he moved to California, which is about as specific as saying that you live in the Northern Hemisphere. In the end, it was probably his general disorientation that did them in. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by David Mitchell
#24. Eva knows I'm terra incognita and explores me unhurriedly, like you did. Because she's lean as a boy. Because her scent is almonds, meadow grass. Because if I smile at her ambition to be an Egyptologist, she kicks my shin under the table. Because she makes me think about something other than myself. Because even when serious she shines. Because she prefers travelogues to Sir Walter Scott, prefers Billy Mayerl to Mozart, and couldn't tell a C major from a sergeant major. Because I, only I, see her smile a fraction before it reaches her face. Because Emperor Robert is not a good man - his best part is commandeered by his unperformed music - but she gives me that rarest smile, anyway. Because we listened to nightjars. Because her laughter spurts through a blowhole in the top of her head and sprays all over the morning. Because a man like me has no business with this substance "beauty," yet here she is, in these soundproof chambers of my heart. #Quote by David Mitchell
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Treat Williams
#25. Bambi can't act. Bambi had major attitude. #Quote by Treat Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Ilona Andrews
#26. Is it going to hurt?"
"You bet."
Sergeant Major had a lousy bedside manner. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Tennessee Williams
#27. My greatest affliction ... is perhaps the major theme of my writings, the affliction of loneliness that follows me like a shadow, a very ponderous shadow too heavy to drag after me all of my days and nights. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by John Flanagan
#28. The mace prodded
Will in the back again. That little habit was starting to annoy him and he was tempted to take the weapon from the sergeant major and do a little prodding of his own. #Quote by John Flanagan
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#29. Motioned to the sergeant-major to turn the prisoner around to show his back. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Stone Gossard
#30. A significant event for me was learning Hank Williams, reconnecting with his music's simplicity, which inspired me to inhabit the same territory. It's different, because I grew up on Led Zeppelin, The Stooges and punk, so in that sense I'm mutating country and folk more than a few degrees. #Quote by Stone Gossard
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Evan Williams
#31. I'm not a big-company guy. I need freedom and control. #Quote by Evan Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#32. Scummer," Mick muttered. Mick never said much, and when he did it was usually "scummer. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Radclyffe Hall
#33. For she thought that she glimpsed through the dust of the years, a faint flicker of the girl who had lingered in the lanes when the young man Williams and she had been courting. And looking at Williams as he stood before her twitching and bowed, she thought that she glimpsed a faint flicker of the youth, very stalwart and comely, who had bent his head downwards and sideways as he walked and whispered and kissed in the lanes. #Quote by Radclyffe Hall
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Robin Williams
#34. The first time I ate organic whole-grain bread I swear it tasted like roofing material. #Quote by Robin Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Serena Williams
#35. For the younger sisters, we always look up to the older sisters because they're always ahead of us and they always win. #Quote by Serena Williams
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by John Major
#36. In housing in the fifties in Britain and the sixties, we pulled down the terraces - destroyed whole communities and replaced them with tower blocks and we built walkways that became rat-runs for muggers. That was the fashionable opinion. But it was wrong. #Quote by John Major
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by John Sununu
#37. President Obama has outsourced a major portion of the U.S. space program to the Russians. That's national policy. Taxpayer money. So let's stop playing games with this outsourcing distortion and talk about the fact that when we need is a president that knows how to manage big enterprise and create jobs. #Quote by John Sununu
Sergeant Major Williams quotes by Tad Williams
#38. He shouldn't have had to die."
"Nobody should have to die," Miriamele said slowly. "Especially while they're still alive. #Quote by Tad Williams

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