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Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#1. The two of them looked so comfortable together it made Nico glad. But it also it caused an ache in his heart – a ghostly pain, like an old war wound throbbing in bad weather. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#2. Then she did something so unexpected Nico would later think he dreamed it. She walked up to Nico, who was standing to one side in the shadows, as usual. She grabbed his hand and pulled him gently into the firelight. 'We had one home,' she said. 'Now we have two.' She gave Nico a big hug and the crowd roared with approval. For once, Nico didn't feel like pulling away. He buried his face in Reyna's shoulder and blinked the tears out of his eyes. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#3. Let's make it clear: it's Ferrari I'm interested in. Drivers, we've had a lot, some very good, some great, but drivers come and go, while Ferrari remains. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Diane Di Prima
#4. The best thing to do with a mimeograph is to drop it from a five story window, on the head of a cop #Quote by Diane Di Prima
Sepolcri Di quotes by Jane Casey
#5. The team had held a massive leaving party (for DI Tom Judd) to celebrate. We hadn't made the mistake of inviting Judd himself. #Quote by Jane Casey
Sepolcri Di quotes by William T. Vollmann
#6. Rising up, rising down! History shambles on! What are we left with? A few half-shattered Greek stelae; Trotsky's eyeglasses; Gandhi's native-spun cloth, Cortes' pieces of solid gold (extorted from their original owner, Montezuma); a little heap of orange peels left on the table by the late Robespierre; John Brown's lengthily underlined letters; Lenin's bottles of invisible ink; one of Di Giovanni's suitcases, with an iron cylinder of gelignite and two glass tubes of acid inside; the Constitution of the Ku Klux Klan; a bruised ear (Napoleon pinched it with loving condescension)... And dead bodies, of course. (They sing about John Brown's body.) Memoirs, manifestoes, civil codes, trial proceedings, photographs, statues, weapons now aestheticized by that selfsame history - the sword of Frederick the Great, and God knows what else. Then dust blows out of fresh graves, and the orange peels go grey, sink, wither, rot away. Sooner or later, every murder becomes quaint. Charlemagne hanged four and a half thousand "rebels" in a single day, but he has achieved a storybook benevolence. And that's only natural: historiography begins after the orange has been sucked,; the peeler believes in the "great and beautiful things," or wants to believe; easy for us to believe likewise, since dust reduced truth and counterfeit to the same greyness - caveat emptor. But ends remain fresh, and means remain inexplicable. Rising up and rising down! And whom shall I save, and who is my enemy, and who is #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Sepolcri Di quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#7. Formula 1 has to be more and more also a laboratory, a centre of advanced research for innovative technologies for tomorrow's cars. The KERS is very important in this context, and Ferrari as a manufacturer had, and has, extraordinary support in Formula 1. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#8. The sentient beast has long been a staple of fantasy fiction and its antecedents in myth and folktale. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Andrew Roberts
#9. Napoleone di Buonaparte, as he signed himself until manhood, was born in Ajaccio, one of the larger towns on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, just before noon on Tuesday, August 15, 1769. #Quote by Andrew Roberts
Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#10. Nico scowled. 'It's none of your business, but I don't belong. That's obvious. No one wants me. I'm a child of –'
'Oh, please.' Will sounded unusually angry. 'Nobody at Camp Half-Blood ever pushed you away. You have friends – or at least people who would like to be your friend. You pushed yourself away. If you'd get your head out of that brooding cloud of yours for once – #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#11. Ferrari used to be the car that you kept in your garage, took out to polish and show, and put back into the garage. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#12. It is truly bracing and instructive to contemplate the End Times - at least at safe remove, in the pages of fiction - especially as the world beyond our hearths churns and convulses unknowably, yet perhaps just short of ultimate disaster. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
#13. It can't be bad having a mother who is fulfilled by her work. #Quote by Janine Di Giovanni
Sepolcri Di quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#14. Generational change within a genre is hard to parse while it's happening. Only in retrospect can the passing of the baton from ancestors to progeny be clearly discerned. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#15. Hades allowed himself the faintest smile, but there was nothing cruel in his eyes.
'I can entertain the possibility that you acted for multiple reasons. My point is this: you and I rose to the aid of Olympus because you convinced me to let go of my anger. I would encourage you to do likewise. My children are so rarely happy. I … I would like to see you be an exception.'
Nico stared at his father. He didn't know what to do with that statement. He could accept many unreal things – hordes of ghosts, magical labyrinths, travel through shadows, chapels made of bones. But tender words from the Lord of the Underworld?
No. That made no sense. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
#16. I don't believe in the electric cars, but I strongly believe in hybrids. #Quote by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#17. War has always been a part of science fiction. Even before the birth of SF as a standalone genre in 1926, speculative novels such as 'The Battle of Dorking' from 1871 showed how SF's trademark 'what if' scenarios could easily encompass warfare. #Quote by Paul Di Filippo
Sepolcri Di quotes by B.B. Reid
#18. I pinched the bridge of my nose and prayed for patience. Sometimes I felt like Di was a pain in the ass on purpose. #Quote by B.B. Reid
Sepolcri Di quotes by Salvatore Quasimodo
#19. Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed e subito sera
Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world,
pierced by a ray of sunlight,
and suddenly it's evening #Quote by Salvatore Quasimodo
Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#20. Jason always tried to build a good relationship with his team. He'd learned the hard way that if somebody was going to have your back in a fight, it was better if you found some common ground and trusted each other. But Nico wasn't easy to figure out. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Sam Carrington
#21. CHAPTER NINETY DI Wade 'How are #Quote by Sam Carrington
Sepolcri Di quotes by Joanna Bourne
#22. Antonio stepped into Pax's path and said, in English, "Go back to Lazarus and tell him we'll settle whatever claim he has on Sara. She is Baldoni. Ours. Run tell him that, figlio di puttana."
"He's not from Lazarus," she snapped.
"All the better," Antonio said. "Nothing to stop me from cutting his bollocks off."
"You will leave his bollocks precisely as they are."
"I am your closest male relation - "
"You are my closest male idiot. No-one removes any man's balls on my behalf. I will do whatever castrating is necessary among my acquaintance."
"Children," Uncle Bernadro said midly, "he speaks Italian. #Quote by Joanna Bourne
Sepolcri Di quotes by Elle Kennedy
#23. I settle back in my seat, gazing out the window as we cross the bridge toward New Jersey. I don't know where the heck he's taking me, but I'm happy to let him. I'd follow Dean Di Laurentis to the ends of the earth. To the bowels of a volcano, if he asked me to be the Meg Ryan to his Tom Hanks. To fucking Mordor, if he asked me to be the Sam to his Frodo. To -

"We're here," he announces.

I'm jolted out of the most ridiculous train of thought I've ever ridden. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Sepolcri Di quotes by Kate Atkinson
#24. Mum had a Charles-and-Diana wedding mug that had survived longer than the marriage itself. Mum had worshipped Princess Di and frequently lamented her passing. "Gone," she would say, shaking her head in disbelief. "Just like that. All that exercise for nothing." Diana-worship was the nearest thing Mum had to a religion. #Quote by Kate Atkinson
Sepolcri Di quotes by Michel Platini
#25. A great amongst the greats. #Quote by Michel Platini
Sepolcri Di quotes by Sarah MacLean
#26. Un momento con una donna capricciosa vale undici anni di vita noiosa.
A single moment with a fiery female is worth eleven years of a boring life. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Sepolcri Di quotes by Juan Pablo Di Pace
#27. I think everything's fair in art and how you perceive a character. #Quote by Juan Pablo Di Pace
Sepolcri Di quotes by Sebastian Di Mattia
#28. Life at its best is a series of misadventures with a few sound decisions thrown in just to make it livable. #Quote by Sebastian Di Mattia
Sepolcri Di quotes by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
#29. There is no need to tell you that the 'Prince of Salina' is the Prince Lampedusa, my great-grandfather Giulio Fabrizio. #Quote by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
Sepolcri Di quotes by Richard Di Natale
#30. I've obviously come from a health background. I was a doctor before I became a pollie and one of the things I'd like to do is to really build on the world-class health system we've got. I'm passionate about climate change because it's also a health issue. Things like extreme weather impact on people's health, the ability of our hospitals to cope, the impact on mental health, on farmers in regional areas - they're all serious health concerns. #Quote by Richard Di Natale
Sepolcri Di quotes by Jake Paltrow
#31. 'La Notte' is my favorite of the Antonioni pictures and my favorite work of the master cinematographer Gianni di Venanzo, who also shot '8 1/2' for Fellini. #Quote by Jake Paltrow
Sepolcri Di quotes by Alfredo Di Stefano
#32. Reputations do not win matches and trophies, only goals can do that #Quote by Alfredo Di Stefano
Sepolcri Di quotes by John Di Lemme
#33. Anxiety is stemmed from worrying about the past and worrying about the future! #Quote by John Di Lemme
Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#34. Still hiding, Cupid said, smashing another skeleton to pieces. You do not have the strength.
"Nico," Jason managed to say, "it's okay. I get it."
Nico glanced over, pain and misery washing across his face.
"No you don't," he said. "There's no way you can understand."
And so you run away again, Cupid chided. From your friends, from yourself. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Richard Di Natale
#35. Tony Abbott might think coal's good for humanity, of course it was an important driver in the story of the Australian nation. But when we're talking about the 21st Century and those industries that are gonna take us forward, it won't be coal. #Quote by Richard Di Natale
Sepolcri Di quotes by Rick Riordan
#36. It's more than that.' Reyna rested her hand on Nico's. 'While you were asleep, I did a lot of
thinking. What I told you about my father … I'd never shared that with anyone. I guess I knew you
were the right person to confide in. You lifted some of my burden. I trust you, Nico. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sepolcri Di quotes by Juan Pablo Di Pace
#37. Every time I stepped onto the stage as Jesus, it felt like someone was pouring some honey into my body. It was amazing, an amazing feeling. And then when I had to let go of it, it was hard. #Quote by Juan Pablo Di Pace

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