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Sebastianis Italian quotes by Stephen Moyer
#1. I was a mod when I was a kid. I'd be in Italian pencil-leg trousers with those bowling shoes you wear outside and a Fred Perry polo shirt with a V-neck sweater. It was like an Essex uniform - a very specific look. #Quote by Stephen Moyer
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Giada De Laurentiis
#2. I made lemon spaghetti in an early season of 'Everyday Italian,' and to this day people still come up to me and say they love it. It's very, very simple. Basically, you cook the pasta and mix together Parmesan cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and zest and pour it over the pasta. #Quote by Giada De Laurentiis
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Jens Christian Grøndahl
#3. One evening in April a thirty-two-year-old woman, unconscious and severely injured, was admitted to the hospital in a provincial town south of Copenhagen. She had a concussion and internal bleeding, her legs and arms were broken in several places, and she had deep lesions in her face. A gas station attendant in a neighboring village, beside the bridge over the highway to Copenhagen, had seen her go the wrong way up the exit and drive at high speed into the oncoming traffic. The first three approaching cars managed to maneuver around her, but about 200 meters after the junction she collided head-on with a truck. The Dutch driver was admitted for observation but released the next day. According to his statement he started to brake a good 100 meters before the crash, while the car seemed to actually increase its speed over the last stretch. The front of the vehicle was totally crushed, part of the radiator was stuck between the road and the truck's bumper, and the woman had to be cut free. The spokesman for emergency services said it was a miracle she had survived. On arrival at the hospital the woman was in very critical condition, and it was twenty-four hours before she was out of serious danger. Her eyes were so badly damaged that she lost her sight. Her name was Lucca. Lucca Montale. Despite the name there was nothing particularly Italian about her appearance. She had auburn hair and green eyes in a narrow face with high cheek-bones. She was slim and fairly tall. It turned o #Quote by Jens Christian Grøndahl
Sebastianis Italian quotes by William C. Brown
#4. Italian politicians are too stupid to deserve my vote, but they can get over it with my critical, denunciatory, satirical, vitriolic and vituperative invectives. #Quote by William C. Brown
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Hella S. Haasse
#5. Despite masks and fancy dress I couldn't lose myself for one instant in all this exuberance. You have to be an Italian, lighthearted and easily enflamed, to be absorbed into the frenzy of Carnival. #Quote by Hella S. Haasse
Sebastianis Italian quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#6. You've got to understand one of the tricks of the modern mind, a tendency that most people obey without noticing it. In the village or suburb outside there's an inn with the sign of St. George and the Dragon. Now suppose I went about telling everybody that this was only a corruption of King George and the Dragoon. Scores of people would believe it, without any inquiry, from a vague feeling that it's probable because it's prosaic. It turns something romantic and legendary into something recent and ordinary. And that somehow makes it sound rational, though it is unsupported by reason. Of course some people would have the sense to remember having seen St. George in old Italian pictures and French romances, but a good many wouldn't think about it at all. They would just swallow the skepticism because it was skepticism. Modern intelligence won't accept anything on authority. But it will accept anything without authority. That's exactly what has happened here. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Kendall Jenner
#7. My dream jobs would be Italian 'Vogue' and anything with Chanel! #Quote by Kendall Jenner
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Nicola Formichetti
#8. I was born in Japan, so for me, Uniqlo is a family brand. My granny used to wear Uniqlo. And my Italian dad wore Uniqlo. I wore Uniqlo, of course. #Quote by Nicola Formichetti
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Jessica Prince
#9. So, is the Italian stereotype true? Are you hung like a horse?" I hear Gabriel choke on his drink, and at the same time, I break out of my trance and holler, "Carmen! #Quote by Jessica Prince
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Robert D. Kaplan
#10. Romania was an original mix: a population that looked Italian but wore the expressions of Russian peasants; an architectural backdrop that often evoked France and Central Europe; and service and physical conditions that resembled those in Africa. #Quote by Robert D. Kaplan
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Jason Bateman
#11. If people are going to complain about stereotyping, it's as likely to be Italian-Americans as gay people. #Quote by Jason Bateman
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Michael Scott
#12. Niccolo Machiavelli folded his arms across his chest and looked at the alchemyst. "I always knew we would meet again," he said in French. "Though I never imagined it would be in these circumstances," he added with a smile. "I was certain I'd get you in Paris last Saturday." He bowed, an old-fashioned courtly gesture as Perenelle joined her husband. "Mistress Perenelle, it seems we are forever destined to meet on islands."
"The last time we met you had poisoned my husband and attempted to kill me," Perenelle reminded him, speaking in Italian.
Over three thousand years previously, the Sorceress and the Italian had fought at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily. Although Perenelle had defeated Machiavelli, the energies they unleashed caused the ancient volcano to erupt. Lava flowed for five weeks after the battle and destroyed ten villages.
"Forgive me. I was younger then, and foolish. And you emerged the victor of the encounter. I carry the scars to this day."
"Let us try and not blow up this island," she said with a smile. Then she stretched out her hand. "I saw you try to save me earlier. There is no longer any enmity between us."
Machiavelli took her fingers in his and bent over them. "Thank you. That pleases me. #Quote by Michael Scott
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Clint Eastwood
#13. I like Italian movies. I was frequently there in the '60s, in Rome and the vicinity. It was a great period in life. I was very influenced by their stuff. #Quote by Clint Eastwood
Sebastianis Italian quotes by John Cheever
#14. He followed her into the bathroom and sat on the shut toilet seat while she washed her back with a brush. "I forgot to tell you," he said. "Liza sent us a wheel of Brie." "That's nice," she said, "but you know what? Brie gives me terribly loose bowels." He hitched up his genitals and crossed his legs. "That's funny," he said. "It constipates me." That was their marriage then
not the highest paving of the stair, the clatter of Italian fountains, the wind in the alien olive trees, but this: a jay-naked male and female discussing their bowels. #Quote by John Cheever
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#15. And we have a little herb garden, which survived the winter thanks to global warming. It makes me feel like a cool, old Italian housewife, that I kept my rosemary alive outside all winter. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Olga Goa
#16. The words of men cannot be trusted, especially men like you! #Quote by Olga Goa
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Oscar Wilde
#17. The visible aspect of modern life disturbs him not; rather is it for him to render eternal all that is beautiful in Greek, Italian, and Celtic legend. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Italo Calvino
#18. All of a sudden (in 1938 I think), in order to extend its autarchy to the domain of cinema, Italy decreed an embargo on American films. It wasn't a question of censorship: as usual the censors granted or denied permission to individual films, and nobody saw the ones that didn't get it and that was it. In spite of the awkward anti-Hollywood propaganda campaign that accompanied the measure (right around that time the regime began to conform to Hitler's racism), the true reason for the embargo was supposed to be commercial protectionism, in order to make room in the market for Italian (and German) productions. For this reason the four largest American production and distribution companies - Metro, Fox, Paramount, Warner - (I'm still relying on memory, trusting the accuracy of the registration of my trauma), whereas films by other American companies like RKO, Columbia, Universal, United Artists (which had also been distributed before then by Italian companies) continued to arrive until 1941, that is until Italy found itself at war with the United States. I was still granted some sporadic satisfaction (in fact, one of the greatest: Stagecoach [John Ford, 1939]) but my collector's voracity suffered a fatal blow.

Compared to all of the prohibitions and obligations that fascism had imposed on us, and to the even more severe ones that it continued to enforce in those years before and then during the war, the veto on American films was certainly a minor or small loss, and I #Quote by Italo Calvino
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Dominic Chianese
#19. I tried to become a family man. I got married, but it didn't work out. After 22 months we got an annulment. Then I married an Italian girl, which resulted in an immediate annulment. I had two annulments by the time I was 23. #Quote by Dominic Chianese
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Paul Murray
#20. Never trust an Italian. The Nazis did that, and look where it got them. #Quote by Paul Murray
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Domenico Dolce
#21. For all Italian people, family is very important. We don't fight with our families. #Quote by Domenico Dolce
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Olga Goa
#22. Don't be shy, dear. I'm too old for you to be embarrassed by me. #Quote by Olga Goa
Sebastianis Italian quotes by William C. Brown
#23. What's the meaning of "giornalista professionista"? I have always thought a professional to be a good prostitute! #Quote by William C. Brown
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Mack McLarty
#24. What this White House really needs is a chief of staff who can read Machiavelli in the original Italian. #Quote by Mack McLarty
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Marcello Giordani
#25. When you're insecure about your technique, you close yourself off. Your shoulders tighten. The first thing, you should open your body and sing. Be happy. Sing real vowels, real Italian vowels. When you're learning a good way to sing technically, you find it's very easy to sing well. #Quote by Marcello Giordani
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#26. I consider a good dinner party at our house to be where people drink and eat more than they're meant to. My husband is a really fantastic cook. His mother is Italian and if you walk into our house, we assume you're starving. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Sven-Goran Eriksson
#27. You don't look for jobs. You don't phone up 10 clubs and say, Here I am. You are offered the job. I was in Benfica many years ago. I was leaving the training ground and I had a car after me. It went on for 10 minutes. Anyhow, he stopped and I stopped and he said, I'm from the Italian embassy. Ah yes, and what do you want? I want your phone number because Roma wants you as a manager next season. Three months later I was sitting on the bench in Roma. I don't think the rest of working society works like football. #Quote by Sven-Goran Eriksson
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Jonathan Eig
#28. Italian-Americans in New York had not been in much of a flag-waving mood prior to DiMaggio's arrival. By the All-Star break, the rookie had established himself as a wonderful player (.358, 10HR, 60 RBIs), fully justifying the acclaim. But Gehrig was even better (.399, 20 HR, 61 RBIs). He was leading the league in nearly every category, including invisibility. #Quote by Jonathan Eig
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Tom Turner
#29. One cannot analyse the character of European gardens without looking beyond the Mediterranean. This is because horticulture, palace life and city-building developed in the Fertile Crescent before spreading, via Crete, Greece, Egypt and Italy to the forests of Europe #Quote by Tom Turner
Sebastianis Italian quotes by John Foot
#30. Rinaldo Barlassina, one of the most prominent italian referees at the time, was the victim of stone throwing during a match at Casale. After refusing to give a penalty, Barlassina used an umbrella to protect himself and he emerged unhurt. Ghirelli comments that 'it is unclear if this was thanks to his stoicism or to the fact that the stones had run out'. #Quote by John Foot
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#31. What would you suggest?" one of the Italian officials asked.
"We do have a highly-advanced biological device called the Illuminator," Joseph chimed in #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Abel Ferrara
#32. Mulberry Street was the beating heart of the Italian-American experience, but you don't find those gangsters now. I live with a bunch of yuppies and models. #Quote by Abel Ferrara
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#33. It was as if a band of Italian days had come from the South, like a flock of glorious passenger birds, and lighted to rest them on the cliffs of Albion. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Joss Stirling
#34. Italian men are raised from birth to flatter females #Quote by Joss Stirling
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#35. And it's so pretty and secluded," went on Mrs. Digby, "with these glorious rhododendrons. Look how pretty they are, all sprayed with the water
like fairy jewels
and the rustic seat against those dark cypresses at the back. Really Italian. And the scent of the lilac is so marvellous!"
Mr. Spiller knew that the cypresses were, in fact, yews, but he did not correct her. A little ignorance was becoming in a woman. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Adam Rex
#36. So I sang the first Italian song that came into my head, which turned out to be "Volare." I'm sure I need not mention at this point that I am a rock star, and it sounded fantastic. J.Lo #Quote by Adam Rex
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Lapo Elkann
#37. I love challenges, and I believe that the challenge of quality cinema should not be underestimated as an important part of the Italian cultural offer. #Quote by Lapo Elkann
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Olga Goa
#38. If you go on touching me, I'll catch fire before your eyes. #Quote by Olga Goa
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Wim Wenders
#39. In fact, it is amazing how much European films - Italian, French, German and English - have recovered a certain territory of the audience in their countries over the last few years. #Quote by Wim Wenders
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#40. Germans are self-confident on the basis of an abstract notion - science, that is, the supposed knowledge of absolute truth. A Frenchman is self-assured because he regards himself personally, both in mind and body, as irresistibly attractive to men and women. An Englishman is self-assured, as being a citizen of the best-organized state in the world, and therefore as an Englishman always knows what he should do and knows that all he does as an Englishman is undoubtedly correct. An Italian is self-assured because he is excitable and easily forgets himself and other people. A Russian is self-assured just because he knows nothing and does not want to know anything, since he does not believe that anything can be known. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Ellis Amburn
#41. one night, they went down to the Village for dinner at an italian restaurant. most of the band had picked up young girls and had them hanging on their arms. janis was feeling lonesome and said, "goddamn, you guys have all these groupies and i don't have anybody."

turning to mark, the youngest person in the crowd, she ordered, "go out on the street there and find the first pretty boy you see and bring him to me."

aw, i dunno," mark said.

go ahead," janis said.

after a while, mark returned with a handsome, long-haired youth with a british accent. he was wearing a floor-length embroidered afghan wool coat. looking him over, janis nodded approvingly and said, "he's cute, mark!" turning to the young man, she said, "well! hi, honey! sit down! my name's janis joplin. have you ever heard of me?"

yeah," he said, "i've heard of you."

oh," she said, "what's your name?"

eric clapton. #Quote by Ellis Amburn
Sebastianis Italian quotes by Lady Gaga
#42. I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian - donor. #Quote by Lady Gaga

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