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Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Seth Shostak
#1. Buying insurance is no one's idea of fun. And it's especially easy to berate something as funky-sounding as writing checks to defend our neighborhoods against apartment-size rocks from space. But this is one insurance pitch that makes perfect sense. Ask the dinos. #Quote by Seth Shostak
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by L. William Seidman
#2. A deposit insurance system is like a nuclear power plant. If you build it without safety precautions, you know it's going to blow you off the face of the earth. And even if you do, you can't be sure it won't. #Quote by L. William Seidman
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Bertrand R. Brinley
#3. The professor pointed out how he could drop a keel and a propeller into the water, in case he came down at sea, and after cutting the gas bag loose he'd have a seaworthy boat. He had everything on board for survival at sea, including fancy fishing gear, flares and weather balloons for distress signals, and both shortwave radio equipment and a low-frequency system for round-the-world communications.
"Boy! This is somethin' right out of Jules Verne...only better, maybe," said Homer.
You are right, Mr. Snodgrass," said the professor. "It is ze only way to travel. You don't go so fast, but it beats swimming! Yes? And we have everysing for safety and comfort at sea, if we have to come down. Ze only thing we have to worry about is piranhas. Oh, zey are terrible! Zey will eat everysing in sight!"
"Piranhas?" Homer gasped. "I thought they were only found in South American Rivers?"
"Oh?" said the professor. "Do ze piranhas know zat, Mr. Snodgrass? #Quote by Bertrand R. Brinley
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Greg Kinnear
#4. Most actors are very deeply passionate about their line of work. I suppose there are probably people who sell insurance policies that are passionate about it, but I'm thinking the ratio is a little higher for actors. But, I may be wrong. #Quote by Greg Kinnear
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Norma McCorvey
#5. I think it's the pro-abortion people who are doing this to collect on their insurance, so they can go out and build bigger and better killing centers. #Quote by Norma McCorvey
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Jayseth Guberman
#6. American Health Insurance Companies have classified pregnancy as an illness, so if pregnancy is an illness was the baby-boom a plague? #Quote by Jayseth Guberman
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Stephanie Szostak
#7. I started with commercials - for shampoo, pancakes, insurance, Volvo. I did a Lux soap commercial with Sarah Jessica Parker. And I got a role in an indie film called 'Satellite' that did well in festivals. #Quote by Stephanie Szostak
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Ernst Zundel
#8. The unfortunate thing is, for the contents of the building I could not get any insurance anywhere in Canada. #Quote by Ernst Zundel
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Grant Morrison
#9. The 'medium' is unaware of its attractiveness, that's all. Everyone loves comics. I've proven this to my own satisfaction by handing them out to acountants, insurance brokers, hairdressers, mothers of children, black belts, pop stars, taxi drivers, painters, lesbians, doctors etc. etc. The X-Files, Buffy, the Matrix, X-Men - mainstream culture is not what it once was when science fiction and comics fans huddled in cellars like Gnostic Christians dodging the Romans. We should come up into the light soon before we suffocate. #Quote by Grant Morrison
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Rudolf Virchow
#10. Brevity in writing is the best insurance for its perusal. #Quote by Rudolf Virchow
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Scott Rigell
#11. I've declined every congressional benefit I could decline, federal health insurance, the retirement program, the 403(b) program, which I think is overly generous. I've got self-imposed term limits of six terms if I have the privilege to serve that long. #Quote by Scott Rigell
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Gerry Spence
#12. The chief reason [Bill] O'Reilly is a conservative is that like all conservatives he offers no solutions for the major issues confronting those he pretends to champion--such as better wages, workable health insurance, education for every deserving child, controls on the corporate thugs that are destroying our earth, an unfettered national voice for the ordinary citizen, reform of the election laws of this country that permitted corporations to own the country and enslave the people. #Quote by Gerry Spence
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by William Penn
#13. Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it. #Quote by William Penn
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Tapan Singhel
#14. I take pride in the fact that I work in this industry and whenever I am asked what I do, I simply say that, I am paid to do good. I feel every individual considering a career in insurance must take cognizance of this great social responsibility as this profoundly sets aside insurance as a profession. #Quote by Tapan Singhel
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Lewis Black
#15. Pursue whatever it is that you want to do with your life. It is the only secret to happiness that I know except for maybe true love, that and maybe having the amazing health insurance plan that our congressmen have. #Quote by Lewis Black
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Barrett Foa
#16. Someone made me a Leaf Coneybear finger puppet. Someone made me a portrait of me on some chocolate. I'm keeping it. I daren't eat such a work of art. It's so unique and so fun that fans do that. It's incredibly flattering. I like it when people spend time on me. People don't spend the same amount of time on my brother who's an insurance broker. #Quote by Barrett Foa
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Allen West
#17. If people want to keep their kid on their insurance at 26, fine. We've got to make sure no American gets turned back for pre-existing conditions, that's fine. #Quote by Allen West
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Allyson Schwartz
#18. I worked with President Obama on the Affordable Care Act and getting health coverage to all Americans. It was my legislation that said insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for kids with preexisting conditions. #Quote by Allyson Schwartz
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Ted Chiang
#19. Nathanael hadn't delivered any specific message; the angel's parting words, which had boomed out across the entire visitation site, were the typical Behold the power of the Lord. Of the eight casualties that day, three souls were accepted into Heaven and five were not, a closer ratio than the average for deaths by all causes. Sixty-two people received medical treatment for injuries ranging from slight concussions to ruptured eardrums to burns requiring skin grafts. Total property damage was estimated at $8.1 million, all of it excluded by private insurance companies due to the cause. Scores of people became devout worshipers in the wake of the visitation, either out of gratitude or terror. Alas, #Quote by Ted Chiang
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Debbie Stabenow
#20. And I have to say, what motivates me every day and I know my Democratic colleagues is to remember that every day 14,000 people get up in the morning with insurance that go to bed at night without it and most of them because they lost their job. #Quote by Debbie Stabenow
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Stephen Harper
#21. In terms of the unemployed, of which we have over a million-and-a-half, don't feel particularly bad for many of these people. They don't feel bad about it themselves, as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Farshad Asl
#22. Selling is serving, helping others find solutions, impacting lives positively with passion and integrity. #Quote by Farshad Asl
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Nicholas Lamar Soutter
#23. Sarah Aisling: I can't defend against these charges because I can't afford a litigator. But I can't afford a litigator because I've been charged.

Judge: You should have had insurance against contract suits.

Sarah Aisling: I did.

Judge: So what's the problem?

Sarah Aisling: They canceled my insurance when I filed the claim.

Judge: So sue them!

Sarah Aisling: I can't, I don't have a litigator.

Judge: That's very cute, Mrs. Aisling. #Quote by Nicholas Lamar Soutter
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Terry Branstad
#24. I'm going to announce in the very near future, I'm going to lead by example and start paying 20 percent of my health insurance. #Quote by Terry Branstad
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Todd Park
#25. We know there is real interest from the American public in having easy access to the new, affordable choices in the Health Insurance Marketplace. #Quote by Todd Park
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Spencer Bachus
#26. Unlicensed illegal immigrants drive on our roads and interstates without insurance, and there is little that our law enforcement officials can do to stop them. #Quote by Spencer Bachus
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Graham Greene
#27. From eight-thirty in the morning until eleven he dealt with a case of petty larceny; there were six witnesses to examine, and he didn't believe a word that any of them said. In European cases there are words one believes and words one distrusts: it is possible to draw a speculative line between the truth and the lies; at least the cui bono principle to some extent operates, and it is usually safe to assume, if the accusation is theft and there is no question of insurance, that something has at least been stolen. But here one could make no such assumption; one could draw no lines. He had known police officers who nerves broke down in the effort to separate a single grain of incontestable truth; they ended, some of them, by striking a witness, they were pilloried in the local Creole papers and were invalided home or transferred. It woke in some men a virulent hatred of a black skin, but Scobie had long ago, during his fifteen years, passed through the dangerous stages; now lost in the tangle of lies he felt an extraordinary affection for these people who paralysed an alien form of justice by so simple a method. #Quote by Graham Greene
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by James Goss
#28. The Doctor. He grabbed hold of Rory's ankle, dragging him protesting out from under the table. 'Rory!' he grinned, wrapping him in an enourmous bear hug that squeezed the breath out of him. 'I've been you!'
'Right,' mumbled Rory.
'You've had a gorgeous time, I bet.'
'Not... especially, no.'
The Doctor stepped back, his eyes were wide and dancing. 'Did you escape from any monsters? Did you set anything on fire? I'm always doing that. Honestly, one minute it's Tell Me Your Plans, the next it's BOOOM! My insurance premiums are terrible... Anyhow, you're all back to normal, yes?'
'Yes.' Rory was ever so tight-lipped.
The Doctor nudged him with his elbow. 'Go on then. What was it like being me? Wasn't it just a bit brilliant? Did it open up your tiny mind?'
Rory looked a little ill. 'It's nice to be me, actually. I'm not a hero... And what was it like being me?' he asked.
The Doctor tugged at his braces, embarrassed. 'Oh, don't apologize - I'm sure I'll get over it. #Quote by James Goss
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Ari Fleischer
#29. The reason Gov. Romney passed Romneycare as governor of Massachusetts in 2006 was because many Republicans viewed health care reform, mandates and all, as a way to inoculate against Democratic charges that Republicans didn't care about people who lacked health insurance. #Quote by Ari Fleischer
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Bill Schutt
#30. Vampyre refers to a corpse that has returned from the dead to drink the blood of the living. Similar creatures were said to haunt the rural villages of nearly every Slavic nation. Not surprisingly, each culture gave their monster its own name (e.g., vukodlak in Serbia, strigoii in Romania, eretika in Russia, insurance salesman in…well, never mind). #Quote by Bill Schutt
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
#31. An independent Scotland could afford pensions full stop - after all, it is our taxes and national insurance contributions that fund them now. #Quote by Nicola Sturgeon
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Samuel Epstein
#32. The asbestos industry ... has for decades successfully suppressed and manipulated information on the carcinogenicity and other hazards of asbestos. Involved in this conspiracy network were senior industry executives, their medical staff, attorneys, insurance companies, trade associations, scientific consultants, and commercial labs. #Quote by Samuel Epstein
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Charles Bukowski
#33. I needed a vacation. I needed 5 women. I needed to get the wax out of my ears. My car needed an oil change. I'd failed to file my damned income tax. One of the stems had broken off of my reading glasses. There were ants in my apartment. I needed to get my teeth cleaned. My shoes were run down at the heels. I had insomnia. My auto insurance had expired. I cut myself every time i shaved. I hadn't laughed in 6 years. I tended to worry when there was nothing to worry about. And when there was something to worry about, i got drunk. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Scott Hall
#34. One of the biggest insurance mistakes boat owners make is endorsing their boats onto their homeowners policies, which may not cover their losses from a major storm. #Quote by Scott Hall
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#35. From beyond the shining corrugations of the ocean I salute here brave Bretwit! Let there appear for a moment his hand and mine firmly clasping each other across the water over the golden wake of an emblematic sun. Let no insurance firm or airline use this insigne on the glossy page of a magazine as an ad badge under the picture of a retired businessman stupefied and honored by the sight of the technicolored snack the air hostess offers him with everything else she can give; rather, let this lofty handshake be regarded in our cynical age of frenzied heterosexualism as a last, but lasting, symbol of valor and self-abnegation. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Bernie Siegel
#36. I grew up with sentiments such as, "Do what will make you happy, troubles are God's redirections that something good will come from, and that material things are to make the world a better place" and the latter came from my father because his father died of tuberculosis when he was twelve. They had no insurance, six kids and a hell of a time surviving. #Quote by Bernie Siegel
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
#37. Why did you spend your whole life working in an insurance company? You should have been a painter, a musician, well, I don't know. Why didn't you follow your calling?"

Don Rigoberto nodded and reflected a moment before answering.

"Because I was a coward, son," he finally murmured. "Because I lacked faith in myself. I never believed I had the talent to be a real artist. But maybe that was an excuse for not trying. I decided not to be a creator but only a consumer of art, a dilettante of culture. Because I was a coward is the sad truth. So now you know. Don't follow my example. Whatever your calling is, follow it as far as you can and don't do what I did, don't betray it. #Quote by Mario Vargas-Llosa
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by T.C. Boyle
#38. I've always been a quitter. I quit the Boy Scouts, the glee club, the marching band. Gave up my paper route, turned my back on the church, stuffed the basketball team. I dropped out of college, sidestepped the army with a 4-F on the grounds of mental instability, went back to school, made a go of it, entered a Ph.D. program in nineteenth-century British literature, sat in the front row, took notes assiduously, bought a pair of horn-rims, and quit on the eve of my comprehensive exams. I got married, separated, divorced. Quit smoking, quit jogging, quit eating red meat. I quit jobs: digging graves, pumping gas, selling insurance, showing pornographic films in an art theater in Boston. When I was nineteen I made frantic love to a pinch-faced, sack-bosomed girl I'd known from high school. She got pregnant. I quit town. #Quote by T.C. Boyle
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Michael Richard Stosic
#39. I felt I had a calling in my life to be in full-time ministry, and although I was very successful in the insurance business, earning a very large six-figure income, I gave notice to my company and sold out in January 2007 to go into the ministry full-time. #Quote by Michael Richard Stosic
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Akon
#40. I don't want to know I'm getting older. Then I'll start to think about getting checkups and insurance. I don't want that. #Quote by Akon
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Sarah Wayne Callies
#41. My husband's family is military. Preparation is just, from that family perspective, it's just a part of what makes sense to do. You buy insurance for your house; you have a go bag. #Quote by Sarah Wayne Callies
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Paul Hawken
#42. It is possible for the assembly-line worker consigned to tightening the bolts on the transmission and the office worker who processes medical insurance claims to work with pride and efficiency, but it's not easy to maintain that attitude. #Quote by Paul Hawken
Seaworthy Insurance quotes by Scott Pelley
#43. Most people don't realize that two-thirds of the federal budget is Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Pentagon. The U.S. government is an insurance company with an Army. #Quote by Scott Pelley

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