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Scriveners Guild quotes by E.H. Gombrich
#1. A member of a guild was bound to support his fellow members and not steal their trade, nor must he cheat his own customers with poor goods. He was expected to treat his apprentices and journeymen well and do his best to uphold the good name of his trade and his town. He was, so to speak, one of God's craftsmen, just as a knight was a warrior fighting for God. #Quote by E.H. Gombrich
Scriveners Guild quotes by Frank Herbert
#2. Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Scriveners Guild quotes by Ian Tregillis
#3. Terrifying: Jax remembered what had happened to the last Clakker to say no. They'd broken his legs, and filled his mouth with glue, and tossed him into the hellish forges of the Clockmakers' Guild. The humans had destroyed the rogue Clakker Adam, who'd been born Perjumbellagostriavantus, and made a public spectacle of it. Practically declared a citywide holiday. They had called him rogue and demon-thrall, melted his body to an alchemical slurry, and incinerated his hard-won soul until there was nothing left of it but a shiver in the spines of the human voyeurs.
Rogue. That's what they'd call Jax too, if they caught him. They'd condemn, damn, torture, and melt him. #Quote by Ian Tregillis
Scriveners Guild quotes by Pete Hamill
#4. In the '70s, the newspaper guild managed to get people paid what they were worth, but the reporters suddenly became middle class. It's much more respectable, more uptight, and everyone speaks in guarded tones. And the writing isn't as good. We always had guys who were failed poets and failed novelists who did it to eat. #Quote by Pete Hamill
Scriveners Guild quotes by Scott Lynch
#5. One night a powerful sorcerer knocks on the door of a less-powerful sorcerer. "I'm starting an exclusive guild," he says. "Join me now or I'll blast you out of your fucking boots right where you stand." So naturally the second mage says ...
"You know, I've always wanted to join a guild!"
Right. Those two go bother a third sorcerer. "Join the guild," they say, "or fight both of us, two on one, right here and right now." Repeat as necessary, until three or four hundred guild members are knocking on the door of the last independent mage around, and everyone who said no is dead. #Quote by Scott Lynch
Scriveners Guild quotes by Ilona Andrews
#6. The degenerate is at the Guild," Curran said. "Regenerating. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Scriveners Guild quotes by Bill Mollison
#7. We ourselves are part of a guild of species that lie within and without our bodies. Aboriginal peoples and the Ayurvedic practitioners of ancient India have names for such guilds, or beings made up (as we are) of two or more species forming one organism. Most of nature is composed of groups of species working interdependently ... #Quote by Bill Mollison
Scriveners Guild quotes by Jack Campbell
#8. I can't figure you out," she said. "What do you want?"
"What I want does not matter." He said it mechanically, if that description could ever fit a Mage, the words coming out as if they had been drilled into him.
Remembering some of the harsher harassment she had endured in her Mechanics Guild apprenticeship, Mari wondered what things had been like for this Mage. What had been done to make him seem so inhuman? "Why can't you just act like everyone else?"
He gave her an inscrutable look. "I am not like everyone else."
For some reason that sounded sad to her. "I ask your pardon, Mage." The formal words almost stuck in her parched throat, but Mari forced them out, seeing real surprise flashing for a moment in the Mage's eyes in response. "I'm a Mechanic, but I'm not closed-minded." Which has gotten me in trouble already more times than I can count. "Thank you for your warning."
The Mage shook his head. "," he repeated, the words sounding almost rusty as they came out, an intentness again showing in his eyes. "Thank you," he repeated in a murmur to himself, a hint of understanding appearing in his voice. "I...remember. Asha."
"Long ago. I do not remember what to say." He gave her a look in which no feeling could be seen. "What do I say?"
"'re welcome," Mari replied, feeling oddly anguished by the Mage's reactions.
"Yes." He inclined his head toward her. "You...are welcome, Master Mechanic Mari. #Quote by Jack Campbell
Scriveners Guild quotes by Walter Gropius
#9. The ultimate aim of all artistic activity is building! ... Architects, sculptors, painters, we must all get back to craft! ... The artist is a heightened manifestation of the craftsman ... Let us form ... a new guild of craftsmen without the class divisions that set out to raise an arrogant barrier between craftsmen and artists! ... Let us together create the new building of the future which will be all in one: architecture and sculpture and painting. #Quote by Walter Gropius
Scriveners Guild quotes by Russell D. Moore
#10. The kingdom of God dawns in trailer parks and refugee camps. That shouldn't surprise us. The kingdom came to us not from a boardroom or a literary guild, but from a feeding trough and an execution stake. #Quote by Russell D. Moore
Scriveners Guild quotes by Reki Kawahara
#11. Love is stronger than guild regulations, as they say. #Quote by Reki Kawahara
Scriveners Guild quotes by Eli Roth
#12. You know, the dirty secret in the Director's Guild is that the average life expectancy of Director's Guild members is 57 years old. The stress level is so high and directors are generally really out of shape, cause they sit in the chair and they eat craft service. #Quote by Eli Roth
Scriveners Guild quotes by Terry Pratchett
#13. In fact the Guild, he liked to think, practiced the ultimate democracy. You didn't need intelligence, social position, beauty or charm to hire it. You just needed money which, unlike the other stuff, was available to everyone. Except for the poor, of course, but there was no helping some people. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Scriveners Guild quotes by Melanie Mayron
#14. The Screen Actors Guild numbers are frightening: Something like 90 percent of the roles are for men, 5 percent are for livestock and 5 percent are for women. #Quote by Melanie Mayron
Scriveners Guild quotes by Derek Landy
#15. Valkyrie: Guild doesn't like me
Skulduggery: That's true
Valkyrie: He doesn't like you either
Skulduggery: Now that is mystifying. #Quote by Derek Landy
Scriveners Guild quotes by Drew  Hayes
#16. All of us, together, are the unlovable, the unreformable. We, the people, who are deemed incapable of existing alongside society. But, we did just that in the forming of this guild. We have done more than simply build a place to sleep and eat and plan elaborate heists. We have found a place that we, at long last, belong. All of you remember how important that feeling was the first time you truly experienced it here… This guild is more than just an organization and a council and various members. To me, from the beginning, this guild has been a family. It is a place for people like us, the ones who had no place of their own. We made it ourselves, carved out a space in the world that we could call home. #Quote by Drew Hayes
Scriveners Guild quotes by Frank Herbert
#17. We bribe the Guild with a monstrous payment in spice to keep our skies clear of satellites and such that none may spy what we do to the face of Arrakis. She #Quote by Frank Herbert
Scriveners Guild quotes by Cari Beauchamp
#18. Eventually Frances was credited with writing 325 scripts covering every conceivable genre. She also directed and produced half a dozen films, was the first Allied woman to cross the Rhine in World War I, and served as the vice president and only woman on the first board of directors of the Screen Writers Guild. She painted, sculpted, spoke several languages fluently, and played "concert caliber" piano. Yet she claimed writing was "the refuge of the shy" and she shunned publicity; she was uncomfortable as a heroine, but she refused to be a victim. #Quote by Cari Beauchamp
Scriveners Guild quotes by Nalini Singh, Archangel's Enigma
#19. Aodhan glanced over,the faint smile on his face deeply welcome after two painful centuries when Illium hadn't been able to reach his friend, no matter how hard he tried. Aodhan's psychic scars might never fade, but he was rising past them in a show of grit and strength no one who didn't know him could fully understand.
The twenty-three months Aodhan had been missing had been the most horrific period of Illium's life... worse than when he'd lost his mortal lover. He'd survived losing her. He didn't know if he could survive losing Aodhan.
Never before had he seen that truth so clearly and it shook him. #Quote by Nalini Singh, Archangel's Enigma
Scriveners Guild quotes by Derek Landy
#20. Guild doesn't like me."
"That's true."
"He doesn't like you, ether."
"That is mystifying. #Quote by Derek Landy
Scriveners Guild quotes by Jayne Castle
#21. I'm a Guild Boss, remember? I have no sense of humor. #Quote by Jayne Castle
Scriveners Guild quotes by Terry Pratchett
#22. A real alchemical laboratory should be full of the kind of glassware that looked as if it were produced during the Guild of Glassblowers All-Comers Hiccuping Contest. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Scriveners Guild quotes by Drew  Hayes
#23. Thus the Guild of Villainous Reformation has three new apprentices."
Ivan resisted the urge to groan inwardly at the Guild's full name. He always thought it sounded like cult, more than a gathering of like-minded people. #Quote by Drew Hayes
Scriveners Guild quotes by Jayne Castle
#24. Relax Guild Boss. You have my word of honor that I won't tell a soul about your connection to Watson Whitaker." she winked. "Frankly,though, I doubt if the story would do you any real damage if it did get out. Might even give you a boost in the popularity ratings back home. People love legends. #Quote by Jayne Castle
Scriveners Guild quotes by Jodi Taylor
#25. Society is rigid. Everyone knows everyone else in their world. Everyone has their place in the scheme of things. If you don't belong to a family, a tribe, a village, a guild, whatever, you don't exist then, either. And you can't just pitch up somewhere without mutual acquaintances, recommendations, or letters of introduction. Life on the fringes of society, any society in any time, is tough. #Quote by Jodi Taylor
Scriveners Guild quotes by Conrad Black
#26. The American legal industry is a medieval guild in which the prosecutors, bar, and bench join hands to ensure that legal invoices are paid, no matter how excessive. #Quote by Conrad Black
Scriveners Guild quotes by Nalini Singh
#27. Option 1: Attempt to back out.
Probable result: Death after painful torture.
Option 2: Do the job and hope.
Probable result: Death but probably no torture (good) #Quote by Nalini Singh
Scriveners Guild quotes by Nalini Singh
#28. I don't want to be your snack, your chew-toy, your fuck-buddy. Find a vampire to sink your fang into. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Scriveners Guild quotes by Terry Pratchett
#29. The members of the Guild of Assassins considered themselves cultured men who enjoyed good music and food and literature. And they knew the value of human life. To a penny, in many cases. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Scriveners Guild quotes by Terry Pratchett
#30. Why are our people going out there," said Mr. Boggis of the Thieves' Guild.
"Because they are showing a brisk pioneering spirit and seeking wealth and ... additional wealth in a new land," said Lord Vetinari.
"What's in it for the Klatchians?" said Lord Downey.
"Oh, they've gone out there because they are a bunch of unprincipled opportunists always ready to grab something for northern," said Lord Vetinari.
"A mastery summation, if I may say so, my lord," said Mr. Burleigh.
The Patrician looked down again at his notes. "Oh, I do beg your pardon, I seem to have read those last to sentences in the wrong order ... #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Scriveners Guild quotes by Dani Rodrik
#31. Because economists go through a similar training and share a common method of analysis, they act very much like a guild. The models themselves may be the product of analysis, reflection, and observation, but practitioners' views about the real world develop much more heuristically, as a by-product of informal conversations and socialization among themselves. This kind of echo chamber easily produces overconfidence - in the received wisdom or the model of the day. Meanwhile, the guild mentality renders the profession insular and immune to outside criticism. The models may have problems, but only card-carrying members of the profession are allowed to say so. The objections of outsiders are discounted because they do not understand the models. The profession values smarts over judgment, being interesting over being right - so its fads and fashions do not always self-correct. #Quote by Dani Rodrik
Scriveners Guild quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#32. The fanciful insignia of the guild painted on the ceiling above the dining area. The forest in autumn was like heaven. So many things about Germany were like that: beautiful settings, bizarre behavior. I did not become close to the other women working at the Red Cross. I kept to myself and did what was necessary. I said "Good morning" and "Good evening." In the morning, real nurses taught us the rudiments of anatomy and instructed us in the preparation #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Scriveners Guild quotes by Steven Erikson
#33. Long ago, there'd been choices he could have made that would have sent him on a different path. But those days were dead, and the future held only nights, a stretch of darkness that led down to the eternal dark. He would meet Vorcan, eventually, and he'd swear his life to the Guild Master, and that would be that, the closing of the final door. And his sense of outrage at the injustices around him, the corruptions of the world, would wither in the unlit tunnels beneath Darujhistan. In the exactness of the methods of assassination, his final victim would be himself. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Scriveners Guild quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#34. People don't read anymore. And, when they do, they don't read books like this one, but instead read books that depress them, because those books are seen as important. Somehow, the Librarians have successfully managed to convince most people in the Hushlands that they shouldn't read anything that isn't boring.
It comes down to Biblioden the Scrivener's great vision for the world - a vision in which people never do anything abnormal, never dream, and never experience anything strange. His minions teach people to stop reading fun books, and instead focus on fantasy novels. That's what I call them, because these books keep people trapped. Keep them inside the nice little fantasy that they consider to be the 'real' world. A fantasy that tells them they don't need to try something new.
After all, trying new things can be difficult. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Scriveners Guild quotes by Nalini Singh
#35. I have so much love inside me, Jason. So much. And I have never been allowed to shower it on anyone
no one wanted it. Let me stretch the wings of my heart with you. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Scriveners Guild quotes by Nalini Singh
#36. The only thing you can do to make me that angry is to lie with another man" ~ Raphael, Guild Hunter, Nalini Singh #Quote by Nalini Singh
Scriveners Guild quotes by Hiro Mashima
#37. Do fairies have tails? More than that, do fairies even exist? Nobody knows for sure. So this guild is like them, an eternal mystery, an eternal adventure. #Quote by Hiro Mashima
Scriveners Guild quotes by K.J. Parker
#38. Secretly, deep down, everybody on Earth believes they can write poetry, apart from the members of the Poets' Guild, who know they can't. #Quote by K.J. Parker
Scriveners Guild quotes by Christopher Moore
#39. Soon a whole guild of low-priced shrine keepers around Europe named their own pope - Boldface the Relatively Shameless, Discount Pope of Prague. The price war was on [ ... ] The Retail Pope would offer cheesy bacon toppings on the Host with communion and the Discount Pope would counter with topless nun night for midnight mass. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Scriveners Guild quotes by Stefan Zweig
#40. For when a woman resists an unwelcome passion, she is obeying to the full the law of her sex; the initial gesture of refusal is, so to speak, a primordial instinct in every female, and even if she rejects the most ardent passion she cannot be called inhuman. But how disastrous it is when fate upsets the balance, when a woman so far overcomes her natural modesty as to disclose her passion to a man, when, without the certainty of its being reciprocated, she offers her love, and he, the wooed, remains cold and on the defensive! An insoluble tangle this, always; for not to return a woman's love is to shatter her pride, to violate her modesty. The man who rejects a woman's advances is bound to wound her in her noblest feelings. In vain, then, all the tenderness with which he extricates himself, useless all his polite, evasive phrases, insulting all his offers of mere friendship, once she has revealed her weakness! His resistance inevitably becomes cruelty, and in rejecting a woman's love he takes a load of guild upon his conscience, guiltless though he may be. Abominable fetters that can never be cast off! #Quote by Stefan Zweig

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