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Schuetz Container quotes by William H. Gass
#1. Normally, we are supposed to say farewell to the page even as we look, to see past the cut of the type, hear beyond the shape of the sound, feel more than the heft of the book, to hear the bird sing whose name has been invoked, and think of love being made through the length of the night if the bird's name is nightingale; but when the book itself has the beauty of the bird, and the words do their own singing; when the token is treated as if it, not some divine intention, was holy and had power; when the bird itself is figured in the margins as though that whiteness were a moon-bleached bough and the nearby type the leaves it trembles; and when indigo turbans or vermilion feathers are, with jasmines, pictured so perfectly that touch falls in love with the finger, eyes light, and nostrils flare; when illustrations refuse to illustrate but instead suggest the inside of the reader's head, where a consciousness is being constructed; then the nature of the simple sign is being vigorously denied, and the scene or line or brief rendition is being treated like a thing itself, returning the attention to its qualities and composition. -- From "The Book As a Container of Consciousness #Quote by William H. Gass
Schuetz Container quotes by Susan   Mallery
#2. At first he set the various items on the foot of the sleeping bag, but after a couple of seconds, he simply turned the container over and dumped out the contents.
"Be here, be here, be here," he muttered as he pawed through everything. Then he grabbed a square packet in triumph. "Got one."
She couldn't help smiling. "Only one?"
He grinned. "We'll have to be creative after that."
He handed her the condom, then clicked off the light. "Where was I?" he asked.
"You can pretty much be anywhere you want to be," she told him.
"Good. Then I want to be here."
He pulled off her panties in one smooth move. Then there was nothing. She tensed in anticipation. A whisper of breath was her only warning. One second he was beside her, the next, he kissed the inside of her ankle. She jumped in surprise.
"What are you doing?" she asked, even as she parted her thighs.
"You're a smart woman. You figure it out."
He kissed his way up to her knee, then moved between her legs and nibbled higher. Up and up and up until he pressed an openmouthed kiss just at that hollow by her hip.
"That's not right," he teased, even as he licked her tummy. "I was looking for something else."
Anticipation had reached such a fevered pitch that Phoebe wasn't sure she could talk--even to give directions. She could only send loud telepathic messages instructing Zane on the right place to press that tongue of his. Fortunately, the man was pretty darned good at mind #Quote by Susan Mallery
Schuetz Container quotes by Alison Owen
#3. The Internet is a container, not a substance. #Quote by Alison Owen
Schuetz Container quotes by David Lynch
#4. Meditation is to dive all the way within, beyond thought, to the source of thought and pure consciousness. It enlarges the container, every time you transcend. When you come out, you come out refreshed, filled with energy and enthusiasm for life. #Quote by David Lynch
Schuetz Container quotes by Haruki Murakami
#5. A sudden thought struck him - maybe I really did die. When the four of them rejected me, perhaps this young man named Tsukuru Tazaki really did pass away. Only his exterior remained, but just barely, and then over the course of the next half year, even that shell was replaced, as his body and face underwent a drastic change. The feeling of the wind, the sound of rushing water, the sense of sunlight breaking through the clouds, the colors of flowers as the seasons changed - everything around him felt changed, as if they had all been recast. The person here now, the one he saw in the mirror, might at first glance resemble Tsukuru Tazaki, but it wasn't actually him. It was merely a container, was labeled with the same name - but its contents had been replaced. He was called by that name because there was, for the time being, no other name to call him. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Schuetz Container quotes by Megan Shepherd
#6. Flesh, blood, bone
the body is only a container for who we truly are inside. #Quote by Megan Shepherd
Schuetz Container quotes by Brian Regan
#7. I think the serving size of ice cream is when you hear the spoon hit the bottom of the container. #Quote by Brian Regan
Schuetz Container quotes by Kip Tindell
#8. Our employees are so enthusiastic about The Container Store, in fact, that they're also our best recruiters. We only have a few "official" full-time employees in our recruiting department in our Dallas headquarters, mostly to fill specialized job openings. Instead, we train every employee in the company in how to recruit new members of our team, and we offer constant reminders about the importance of always being on the lookout for talent. It's not the recruiting department's job to recruit. It's the recruiting department's job to make sure everyone takes on the personal responsibility of recruiting - that we all do it. #Quote by Kip Tindell
Schuetz Container quotes by Brennan Manning
#9. In the parable of the talents, the three servants are called to render an account of how they have used the gifts entrusted to them. The first two used their talents boldly and resourcefully. The third, who prudently wraps his money and buries it, typifies the Christian who deposits his faith in an hermetic container and seals the lid shut. He or she limps through life on childhood memories of Sunday school and resolutely refuses the challenge of growth and spiritual maturity. Unwilling to take risks, this person loses the talent entrusted to him or her. "The master wanted his servants to take risks. He wanted them to gamble with his money."5 #Quote by Brennan Manning
Schuetz Container quotes by Orrin Woodward
#10. Just as water will not surpass the capacity of the container, a team's success will not surpass the capacity of the leader. #Quote by Orrin Woodward
Schuetz Container quotes by Ed Krassenstein
#11. For those who believe Trump's Wall is the solution to stopping the inflow of drugs to the US, here is an interesting stat:

95%-97% of the drugs coming into the U.S. are coming by water, via non-commercial boats, container ships, fishing boats, speed boats and even submarines. #Quote by Ed Krassenstein
Schuetz Container quotes by Kiran Desai
#12. How could anything be the same? The red of blood lay over the market road in slick pools mingled with a yellow spread of dal someone must have brought in anticipation of a picnic after the parade, and there were flies on it, left behind odd slippers, and a sad pair of broken spectacles, even a tooth. It was rather like the government warning about safety that appeared in the cinema before the movie with the image of a man cycling to work, a poor man but with a wife who loved him, and she had sent his lunch with him in a tiffin container; then came a blowing of horns and small, desperate cycle tinkle, and a messy blur clearing into the silent still image of a spread of food mingled with blood. Those mismatched colors, domesticity shuffled with death, sureness running into the unexpected, kindness replaced by the image of violence, always made the cook feel like throwing up and weeping both together. #Quote by Kiran Desai
Schuetz Container quotes by Peter D. Kramer
#13. Support has no direction. Our plan is to hold the patient - to strengthen the container - until the patient develops his own container-strengths or until the contents settle down. We do not know just how or when all this ought to happen. Worse we do not have a particularly cogent rationale for limiting our own actions... #Quote by Peter D. Kramer
Schuetz Container quotes by Janet Clarkson
#14. The original pie served three very useful functions in acting as a baking, carrying and preserving container. #Quote by Janet Clarkson
Schuetz Container quotes by Mick Bogerman
#15. The smell slaps me sideways. Like when Mom grabs a container she forgot about from the back of the fridge and she says, "Here Mickey, smell this and see if it's still good," and I open it and take a whiff before noticing the fuzz. Like that. #Quote by Mick Bogerman
Schuetz Container quotes by Leymah Gbowee
#16. I always tell people, anger is like liquid. It's fluid, it's like water. You put it in a container and it takes the shape of that container. So many people you see in prison, unleashing war on their people, they are angry, and they take their anger and put it into a violent container. #Quote by Leymah Gbowee
Schuetz Container quotes by Seth Godin
#17. It's not about you, it's about the next person. The single best use of a business book is to help someone else. Sharing what you read, handing the book to a person who needs it ... pushing those around you to get in sync and to take action-that's the main reason it's a book, not a video or a seminar. A book is a souvenir and a container and a motivator and an easily leveraged tool. Hoarding books makes them worth less, not more. #Quote by Seth Godin
Schuetz Container quotes by Heather Sellers
#18. Don't get sucked in, Dave was always saying to me. Kind of like Helder's container idea: Notice everything, but don't buy into it. Hold it. #Quote by Heather Sellers
Schuetz Container quotes by Bill Bryson
#19. I had always thought that once you grew up you could do anything you wanted - stay up all night or eat ice-cream straight out of the container. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Schuetz Container quotes by Andy Goldsworthy
#20. A snowball is simple, direct and familiar to most of us. I use this simplicity as a container for feelings and ideas that function on many levels. #Quote by Andy Goldsworthy
Schuetz Container quotes by Jarod Kintz
#21. A sample may taste better than the whole, because it's meant for a taste test, which is perceptually expected to garner favorable results. This is why I can't give you all my love. Plus, you don't have a container big enough to hold all my love. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Schuetz Container quotes by John Sayles
#22. The less money and time you have, the more you haveto plan ahead and be careful about your coverage. It's like a gas:it expands or contracts depending on the size of the container. #Quote by John Sayles
Schuetz Container quotes by Henning Genz
#23. Bodies influence the space that surrounds them; they tell us whatever we can learn about that space. Does this mean that, possibly, there is no such thing as space by itself? Could it be that space is nothing but a theoretical construction invented for the purpose of giving the observed world an ordered framework? Could it be that we perceive as the reality of space is nothing but the influence of abstract laws of nature on the behavior of massive objects or bodies? That space is wedded to these bodies and will vanish if they do? This is a respectable position to take. For more than two thousand years, it has coexisted with the view of space as the primary stage that permits material objects to make their appearance. Natural philosophers who theorized about space can easily be charted on a scale between these two extreme positions. On the left is Thales of Miletus, whose "space" is nothing but one shapeless fluid; on the other side, there is Democritus, with his empty space in which material objects whir around. Leibniz on the left, Von guericke and Newton on the right.
Albert Einstein juxtaposed these two concepts of space as, on one hand, the positional qualities of the physical world (left) and, on the other, the container of all physical objects (right) in his left-hand case, there is no space without an object; on the right, such an object cannot be thought of except in conjunction with the space that surrounds it-thereby assigning to space a higher reality than t #Quote by Henning Genz
Schuetz Container quotes by Epicurus
#24. Luxurious food and drinks, in no way protect you from harm. Wealth beyond what is natural, is no more use than an overflowing container. Real value is not generated by theaters, and baths, perfumes or ointments, but by philosophy. #Quote by Epicurus
Schuetz Container quotes by Tony Williams
#25. A blacksmith is an essential part of your game. It creates needed materials for your world and can also add a touch of decoration to it as well. Every person's blacksmith is different, but there are a few parts of them that are consistent around the table. Every blacksmith has a furnace, an anvil, and a water container. By starting with these materials, you are well on your way to building a great blacksmith. Set alone, it is hard to reach the elements, so I suggest you place them with stone around them. Once you have these in place, you can build a building around it for the sake of looks. #Quote by Tony Williams
Schuetz Container quotes by Anonymous
#26. Knowledge is free at the library. Just bring your own container. #Quote by Anonymous
Schuetz Container quotes by Samantha A. Cole
#27. The young girl giggled again and Jake shook his head in amazement. Not only was the U.S. dark operative cooking pancakes, but it seemed he'd won over the timid teenager in no time flat.

"I've been entertaining this pretty girl with my vast repertoire of daring and heroic adventures from around the globe."

Jake snorted as he opened the refrigerator and pulled out the container of orange juice. "You sound like Blackbeard the pirate. Don't believe a word he says, Alyssa. He's actually Insurance salesman and lies like a rug."

"An Insurance salesman?" She narrowed her eyes at Carter as he flipped three pancackes off the electric griddle sitting on the island and onto a plate for her. "I knew you were conning me," she chastised, then rolled her eyes toward Jake. "He said he was a government spy, like James Bond."

After filling a glass, Jake smirked at his friend who shrugged his shoulders and gave the girl a sad puppy-dog expression. "Who are you going to believe, me or Jake from State Farm? #Quote by Samantha A. Cole
Schuetz Container quotes by Edward Rutherfurd
#28. The old man had smiled kindly. "It is in their nature, child. God has made woman the weaker vessel." It was an old belief, dating back to St Paul himself. "It is man who is made in God's image, my child. Man's seed produces his perfect likeness. Woman, being only the container in which the seed matures, is therefore inferior. She may still reach heaven, but, being inferior, it is harder. #Quote by Edward Rutherfurd
Schuetz Container quotes by Better Gardening Guides
#29. move your container easily. #Quote by Better Gardening Guides
Schuetz Container quotes by Emily R. Austin
#30. I asked a nurse for dental floss and was told that I am not allowed dental floss. Apparently dental floss can be used for several functions besides the maintenance of healthy gums. These apparently include self-harm. When instructed that I was not permitted dental floss because of "risks it raises associated with suicide" I envisioned a noose made entirely of floss. Realizing such a noose would require a dramatic amount of floss to effectively uphold any human person, I brought it to the attention of a nurse.

"I don't believe that even the most practiced engineers could fashion any functioning noose out of a single container of floss," I say.

"People use it to cut themselves," she explained.

"Oh," I replied.

I had just about come to terms with the no-floss rule until the hospital, in a flagrant display of disrespect for its patients, chose to serve us corn on the cob for lunch.

"Are you aware that we are not allowed dental floss?" I yelled at the nurse bringing me the corn. I then threw the corn violently from my plate into the nearest wall. #Quote by Emily R. Austin
Schuetz Container quotes by Rose George
#31. Sending a container from Shanghai to Le Havre emits fewer greenhouse gases than the truck that takes the container on to Lyon. #Quote by Rose George
Schuetz Container quotes by Miranda July
#32. I was wondering if my life, the life in which I had a son and a beautiful, young girlfriend, could exist outside of the hospital. Or was the hospital its container? Was I like honey thinking it's a small bear, not realizing the bear is just the shape of its bottle? #Quote by Miranda July
Schuetz Container quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#33. By the time we met up again, she'd be able to hand her reaction to me as a tidy package: a single square of lasagna in a sealed Tupperware container as opposed to a squalid kitchen with tomato sauce splattered on the counters. And I wouldn't have to be there while she got it in order. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Schuetz Container quotes by Pip Harry
#34. Here's the thing. I've been kicked out of home. After the last thing I did
I ran out of chances. Tipped all my parents' patience out on the floor
like the last bit of milk in the container. They just lost it. Fair enough,
I suppose. I did do something pretty bad. So bad I can't even say it out
loud. Neither can Mum. We both just: Don't. Talk. About. It. #Quote by Pip Harry
Schuetz Container quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#35. What were you thinking? You just met him. (Selena)
I know. It's so not like me, but I couldn't help myself. It was just like that weird magnetic force that grabs me when I'm walking past the Frostbyte Café and makes me swerve in to get a triple scoop of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. The power of temptation was just too much, Selena. I couldn't resist it. He was a Chunky Monkey container and all I could think was, 'Someone give me a spoon.' (Sunshine) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Schuetz Container quotes by Mary Pipher
#36. Pain, as well as beauty, is necessary to give us perspective. We can place our suffering against the backdrop of time and allow our nagging little egos to rest in the great verdant container of the timeless. #Quote by Mary Pipher
Schuetz Container quotes by Solomon Ortiz
#37. In South Texas, we understand how vital port security is and we fear the day a weapon of mass destruction could be brought into a U.S. port in a container and cause hundreds of thousands of casualties. #Quote by Solomon Ortiz
Schuetz Container quotes by Katie Ashley
#38. So what you're saying is Nate isn't sex on a stick?" Emma asked.

Casey chuckled. "Nate is barely sex on a low fat wheat-thin. But I sowed a few wild oats back in my day, so I'm totally satisfied with what I have." She bent over to grab up her abandoned container and silverware. Waving her fork at Emma, she said, "You, on the other hand, have a bag of oats needing satisfying."

Emma rolled her eyes. "Let's leave my oats out of this please. #Quote by Katie Ashley
Schuetz Container quotes by Rose George
#39. Ninety percent of what we wear, we eat, we consume is carried by ships ... Container ships carry a vast amount of stuff. #Quote by Rose George
Schuetz Container quotes by Kazune Kawahara
#40. Yoh: What were you doing?

Haruna:Ah, I was sewing Asoaka-san's t-shirt and I got pricked by the needle.

Yoh: He could've done the work better if he did it himself. I'm pretty sure he got a 10 in home economics.

Haruna: Eh!? Really!?

Yoh: Ah thanks for this.

Haruna: Ah. yeah.

Yoh: I drank what was in the container, but what was it?

Haruna: Radish soup!! Asaoka-san told me that radish soup is good for the throaght!!

Yoh: Why does he always come in with such good timing?

Haruna: Ah. Come to think of it, you're right.It's a mystery!! #Quote by Kazune Kawahara

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