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Scheeler Artist quotes by Arman
#1. Through the history of art we can see through the emotional life, and sometimes the financial security of some of the artists, some transformation. And I really believe that it's generally about the same kind of transformation and the same kind of reaction. We are a little bit less individual than we would like to believe or guess we are. #Quote by Arman
Scheeler Artist quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#2. Any artist, in any field, wants to press deeper, to discover further. Image and sound play are among the strongest colors available to poetry's palette. For a long time, I've wanted to invite in more strangeness, more freedom of imagination. Yet music, seeing, and meaning are also cohering disciplines. They can be stretched, and that is part of poetry's helium pleasure. But not to the point of breaking. #Quote by Jane Hirshfield
Scheeler Artist quotes by James Bay
#3. There should be an element of mystique between the fans and the artist. That bit between the stage and the audience. I think that's necessary. #Quote by James Bay
Scheeler Artist quotes by Rainn Wilson
#4. Everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative in their own way and that that creativity is a great thing. It's a human thing and it needs to be nurtured and it can help us go down life's path and help us to become deeper, richer, more satisfied human beings. #Quote by Rainn Wilson
Scheeler Artist quotes by Andres Segovia
#5. I belong to the scarce minority of artists who work in good faith, around whom the phenomenal world vanishes, as it happens to the mystics when they give themselves to prayer. #Quote by Andres Segovia
Scheeler Artist quotes by Jeffrey Ford
#6. As Schell had taught me, "a con starts when there is something you want and you are blocked from attaining it by certain obstacles. The good con artist elicits the assistance of those who mean to stand in the way of one's attainment by appealing to their vanity, pride, jealousy, ignorance, or fear. One must first throw into a pile the expected rules of engagement, morality, society, and thought, set them on fire, and then proceed. Think big, have confidence. #Quote by Jeffrey Ford
Scheeler Artist quotes by Albert Camus
#7. What is there more real, for instance, in our universe than a man's life, and how can we hope to preserve it better than a realistic film? But under what conditions is such a film possible? Under purely imaginary conditions. We should have to presuppose, in fact, an ideal camera focused on the man day and night and constantly registering his every move. The very projection of such a film would last a lifetime and could be seen only by an audience of people willing to waste their lives in watching someone else's life in great detail. Even under such conditions, such an unimaginable film would not be realistic for the simple reason that the reality of a man's life is not limited to the spot in which he happens to be. It lies also in other lives that give shape to his--lives of people he loves, to begin with, which would have to be filmed too, and also lives of unknown people, influential and insignificant, fellow citizens, policemen, professors, invisible comrades from the mines and foundries, diplomats and dictators, religious reformers, artists who create myths that are decisive for out conduct--humble representatives, in short, of the sovereign chance that dominates the most routine existences. Consequently, there is but one possible realistic film: one that is constantly shown us by an invisible camera on the world's screen. The only realistic artist, then, is God, if he exists. All other artists are, ipso facto, unfaithful to reality. #Quote by Albert Camus
Scheeler Artist quotes by Cecilia Bartoli
#8. The voice is certainly important and you can hear if it's beautiful or not, it's the gods who decide; it's more a question of what you do with the voice, which is the mysterious element. It's the personality behind the voice which makes the artist. The voice is a gift of God, but if you're not able to use this gift, what's left? Nothing but a beautiful voice, without nuance or colour. #Quote by Cecilia Bartoli
Scheeler Artist quotes by Jill Soloway
#9. I had seen "Force Majeure" and I just love that movie so much. And I really wanted to artistically give a little hello to the filmmakers, and that kind of back and forth dialogue between artists that say, "I loved your movie. I was influenced by your movie. If I didn't have this job, I wouldn't be thinking of that. Do my TV show and then one day I'll make a movie where I can play with some of the visual themes in "Force Majeure." #Quote by Jill Soloway
Scheeler Artist quotes by Kathy Acker
#10. There's a point at which when I start to know a man well
this isn't true of women
I wonder whether there's something in him that's evil. Something that's pure and can't be touched. This quality of evil may be related to the quality of artistry, for an artist has the same characteristics. #Quote by Kathy Acker
Scheeler Artist quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#11. A brilliant mind was first a listener that observed the actions of the people that loved and hated them, then found a way to express their feelings, when real communication was lost. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Scheeler Artist quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#12. The artist deals in what cannot be said in words. The artist whose medium is fiction does this in words. The novelist says in words what cannot be said in words. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Scheeler Artist quotes by Steve Lohr
#13. Chefs work with food, artists with oil paint, programmers with code. #Quote by Steve Lohr
Scheeler Artist quotes by Bob Lefsetz
#14. If you're not a successful artist it's your fault. #Quote by Bob Lefsetz
Scheeler Artist quotes by Danika Stone
#15. There seemed to be as much written about the art, and what the dialogue meant, as the paintings themselves. Clement Greenburg had been the first of many. It drove her crazy, the convoluted doubletalk of artist and medium and historian. Though she loved the process of creation and the images themselves, she found it difficult to put her thoughts into words. #Quote by Danika Stone
Scheeler Artist quotes by Jhene Aiko
#16. I'm friends with [exes] and they hear the songs. I can honestly say I don't have any exes I hate. They're artists in some fashion so they understand. #Quote by Jhene Aiko
Scheeler Artist quotes by Pontus Hulten
#17. Tinguely wasn't the first artist to work with machines. But others were more interested in precision, in what machines are meant to do. What made him different was the random element. He introduced the mechanical accident. He was always interested in the immaterial, in sound, smoke, speed, light, shadows. #Quote by Pontus Hulten
Scheeler Artist quotes by Romare Bearden
#18. Practically all great artists accept the influence of others. But ... the artist with vision sees his material, chooses, changes, and by integrating what he has learned with his own experiences, finally molds something distinctly personnel. #Quote by Romare Bearden
Scheeler Artist quotes by Lainie Kazan
#19. I'd seen all the great entertainers by the time I was 14 or 15. My mother was artistic. My father was a bookmaker, so he had access to all those nightclubs, and he was smitten by certain artists, and we would go see them. We'd see comics like Sid Caesar and Milton Berle - those kind of artists - many of whom I worked with later in my life. #Quote by Lainie Kazan
Scheeler Artist quotes by Nicki Minaj
#20. People don't know how heavily involved I am in my own career. I'm on 15 to 25 conference calls every few days strategizing with my team. I think a lot of artists sit back and have it done for them. Sometimes as women in the industry - if you're sexy or like doing sexy things - some people subconsciously negate your brain. They think you're stupid. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Scheeler Artist quotes by Ryan Follese
#21. The mystery of the artist is something that the 70's made, but it's not the same these days, and I don't know ... to me, I feel like letting your fans know about you is awesome. #Quote by Ryan Follese
Scheeler Artist quotes by Thomas Kinkade
#22. Every painting I do blends time frames. The great thing about being an artist is I can make the past join the present in some reality of the future. #Quote by Thomas Kinkade
Scheeler Artist quotes by Sheila Heti
#23. Sholem [a painter] was saying that freedom, for him, is having the technical facility to be able to execute whatever he wants, just whatever image he has in his mind. But that's not freedom! That's control, or power. Whereas I think Margaux understands freedom to be the freedom to take risks, the freedom to do something bad or appear foolish. To not recognize that difference is a pretty big thing. [ ... ]
"It's like with improv," Misha said. "True improv is about surprising yourself
but most people won't improvise truthfully. They're afraid. What they do is pull from their bag of tricks. They take what they already know how to do and apply it to the present situation. But that's cheating! And cheating's bad for an artist. It's bad in life
but it's really bad in art." -p.20-1, How Should A Person Be #Quote by Sheila Heti
Scheeler Artist quotes by Jean Paul
#24. Art is indeed not the bread but the wine of life. #Quote by Jean Paul
Scheeler Artist quotes by Steven Pressfield
#25. Stay Stupid The three dumbest guys I can think of: Charles Lindbergh, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill. Why? Because any smart person who understood how impossibly arduous were the tasks they had set themselves would have pulled the plug before he even began. Ignorance and arrogance are the artist and entrepreneur's indispensable allies. She must be clueless enough to have no idea how difficult her enterprise is going to be - and cocky enough to believe she can pull it off anyway. How do we achieve this state of mind? By staying stupid. By not allowing ourselves to think. A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It's only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate. Don't think. Act. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Scheeler Artist quotes by Margaret Atwood
#26. As an artist your first loyalty is to your art. Unless this is the case, you're going to be a second-rate artist. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Scheeler Artist quotes by John Kurtz
#27. Artists never seem to get bored with life. #Quote by John Kurtz
Scheeler Artist quotes by Logan Pearsall Smith
#28. The vitality of a new movement in Art must be gauged by the fury it arouses. #Quote by Logan Pearsall Smith
Scheeler Artist quotes by Bill Watterson
#29. I like my smock. You can tell the quality of the artist by the quality of his smock. Actually, I just like to say smock. Smock smock smock smock smock smock. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Scheeler Artist quotes by Solange Knowles
#30. There's just so, so many overlooked R&B artists and I think it's really about, again, being sensitive to whatever you're addressing culturally. I just always try to have a sensitivity to it and what that might make someone feel. #Quote by Solange Knowles
Scheeler Artist quotes by Pharoah Sanders
#31. I'm not a jazz artist. Don't get me wrong now, it's all music to me. I just played music and if it's likeable, someone liked the sound, then fine, but I'm not interested in being a jazz musician. I don't consider myself a jazz musician. I don't have anything to do with that word. #Quote by Pharoah Sanders
Scheeler Artist quotes by Andy Warhol
#32. How can you say one style is better than another? You ought to be able to be an Abstract Expressionist next week, or a Pop artist, or a realist, without feeling you've given up something.. I think that would be so great, to be able to change styles. And I think that's what's is going to happen, that's going to be the whole new scene. #Quote by Andy Warhol
Scheeler Artist quotes by Vera Wang
#33. A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes. #Quote by Vera Wang
Scheeler Artist quotes by Harry G. Frankfurt
#34. Telling a lie is an act with a sharp focus. It is designed to insert a particular falsehood at a particular point in a set or system of beliefs, in order to have that point occupied by the truth. This requires a degree of craftsmanship, in which the teller of the lie submits to objective constraints imposed by what he takes to be the truth. The liar is inescapably concerned with truth-values. In order to invent a lie at all, he must think he knows what is true. And in order to invent an effective lie, he must design his falsehood under the guidance of that truth.

On the other hand, a person who takes to bullshit his way through has much more freedom. His focus is panoramic rather than particular. He does not limit himself to inserting a certain falsehood at a specific point, and thus he is not constrained by the truths surrounding that point or intersecting it. He is prepared, so far as is required, to fake the context as well. This freedom from the constraints to which the liar must submit does not necessarily mean, of course, that his task is easier than the task of the liar. But the mode of creativity upon which it relies is less analytical and less deliberative than that which is mobilized in lying. It is more expansive and independent, with more spacious opportunities for improvisation, color and imaginative play. This is less a matter of craft than of art. Hence the familiar notion of the 'bullshit artist'. #Quote by Harry G. Frankfurt
Scheeler Artist quotes by William Morris Hunt
#35. When an artist leaves his work to amuse people, he loses his time and their respect. If people are to be amused by artists, it must be by employing them in their legitimate occupation. #Quote by William Morris Hunt
Scheeler Artist quotes by Oksana Rus
#36. For me, a hearty laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. It's a way of life! #Quote by Oksana Rus
Scheeler Artist quotes by Molly Crabapple
#37. I'm only the third artist who's ever drawn at Gitmo. #Quote by Molly Crabapple
Scheeler Artist quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#38. A Lake Charles-based artist, Sally was a progressive Democrat who in 2016 primary favored Bernie Sanders. Sally's very dear friend and worl-traveling flight attendant from Opelousas, Louisiana, Shirley was an enthusiast for the Tea Party and Donald Trump. Both woman had joined sororities at LSU. Each had married, had three children, lived in homes walking distance apart in Lake Charles, and had keys to each other's houses. Each loved the other's children. Shirley knew Sally's parents and even consulted Sally's mother when the two go to "fussing to much." They exchanged birthday and Christmas gifts and jointly scoured the newspaper for notices of upcoming cultural events they had, when they were neighbors in Lake Charles, attended together. One day when I was staying as Shirley's overnight guest in Opelousas, I noticed a watercolor picture hanging on the guestroom wall, which Sally had painted as a gift for Shirley's eleven-year-old daughter, who aspired to become a ballerina. With one pointed toe on a pudgy, pastel cloud, the other lifted high, the ballerina's head was encircled by yellow star-like butterflies. It was a loving picture of a child's dream--one that came true. Both women followed the news on TV--Sally through MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, and Shirley via Fox News's Charles Krauthammer, and each talked these different reports over with a like-minded husband. The two women talk by phone two or three times a week, and their grown children keep in touch, partly across the #Quote by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Scheeler Artist quotes by Billy Currington
#39. Anytime I get to be around the fans it's always a good time, especially during Music Fest. CMA puts together an event that allows artists to make that personal connection with the fans and it's wonderful. I look at it as our chance to give back to them and let them know we appreciate their support. #Quote by Billy Currington
Scheeler Artist quotes by Gary Burton
#40. It keeps me in touch with younger musicians who are constantly saying, 'Have you heard this new artist, or this new guitar player?' It keeps you reaching. #Quote by Gary Burton
Scheeler Artist quotes by Ginuwine
#41. A lot of artists still will not get that far. And get that far and be as successful. So, it's a great thing for me, and hopefully I can make it to number 10. And then I would want to start managing other artists, 'cause I think the best manager is an artist, his, or herself, that has been in the business and been successful and knows the ins and outs of the business. #Quote by Ginuwine
Scheeler Artist quotes by Tracy Anne Warren
#42. I am an artist. I draw things that interest and intrigue me. When I happened upon you there at the lake, I felt compelled to capture your likeness."
A slow smile spread over his face. "So I interest and intrigue you, do I?"
"Only from an artistic point of view, nothing more. You might have been a particularly fine ram or perhaps a goat who had strayed from its flock. You were there, so I drew you."
Gabriel's eyebrows arched, uncertain whether she was playing games with him or not. "I can assure you that I am neither a ram nor a goat, although I have been accused over the years of being randy as one. #Quote by Tracy Anne Warren

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