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Scattershot Approach quotes by Vikram Seth
#1. I tend to follow a scattershot approach to reading a lot of very diverse subjects interest me, and I'm quite happy to read stuff on any of them. #Quote by Vikram Seth
Scattershot Approach quotes by Paul Nurse
#2. This time at Birmingham turned me into a general biologist, and ever since then I have always tried to take a biological approach to any research project that I have undertaken. #Quote by Paul Nurse
Scattershot Approach quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#3. She was an autocrat, didn't really believe in democracy. The benefit of her approach was that, if you work with twenty people and ask everybody's opinion, you would never achieve what she did. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
Scattershot Approach quotes by Piero Ferrucci
#4. Some time ago, my son Emilio was going back to school after vacation. He did not like the idea at all and was filled with anxiety. To him, the approach of school days was like a monster that threatened him and wanted to squash him. What is a parent supposed to do? I tried to lift his spirits, to distract him, convince him it was not as bad as it seemed, but in vain. Then I hit upon the idea of offering him something that is almost taboo in our family: French fries at a fast-food place. Usually anything that is prohibited appeals to Emilio, especially junk food. I thought I had the ace up my sleeve. But no. Emilio's reply ought to be chiseled in stone: "Dad, you don't solve problems with french fries."

Touche. You don't pretend problems do not exist, and you can't solve them with ephemeral distractions. You have to face them with open-eyed honesty. Offering French fries to my son in order to console and distract him from his anxiety was by no means a kind act. I was simply choosing the easier option--far too easy. I had found a comfortable way out. #Quote by Piero Ferrucci
Scattershot Approach quotes by Sxip Shirey
#5. The way I approach things is from an experimental folk music standpoint. #Quote by Sxip Shirey
Scattershot Approach quotes by Tony Hsieh
#6. The typical industry approach is [retailers] to treat vendors like the enemy ... If vendors can't make a profit then they don't have money to invest in research and development, which in turn means that the products they bring to the market will be less inspiring to customers, which in turn detriments the retailer's business because customers aren't inspired to buy. People want to cut costs and negotiate aggressively because there's a limited amount of profit to be shared by both sides. As a result of this "death spiral", most retailers fail. #Quote by Tony Hsieh
Scattershot Approach quotes by Jim Hightower
#7. Populists have always been out to challenge the orthodoxy of the corporate order and to empower workaday Americans so they can control their own economic and political destinies. This approach distinguishes the movement from classic liberalism, which seeks to live in harmony with concentrated corporate power by trying to regulate excesses. #Quote by Jim Hightower
Scattershot Approach quotes by Alan Richardson
#8. that material presents 'testing'
as: "start spending 100% of my time on the project, formally
writing a test strategy, approach, and plan, and writing
test cases and scripts which are cross referenced to the
requirements, even though the requirements are changing
and therefore much of the 'testing' would lead to waste and
rework #Quote by Alan Richardson
Scattershot Approach quotes by Jason Silva
#9. My approach to creating content is focused on pulling people out of their intellectual comfort zones. I'm interested in presenting ideas in unique ways that challenge people to question their assumptions. #Quote by Jason Silva
Scattershot Approach quotes by James McClanahan
#10. several ways you could approach the various types of testing we are going to discuss. There are also a number of different pieces of ancillary gear that you may need depending on the approach you choose. I ended up building three key items on a single perf board. Depending on your applications and what equipment you might already have around the shack or workbench, you may want to take a different approach. You could either add more to the "all-in-one" or you could build each component separately. Let's take a look at the test jig: #Quote by James McClanahan
Scattershot Approach quotes by Christopher Nolan
#11. Writing, for me, is a combination of objective and subjective approach. You take an objective approach at times to get you through things, and you take a subjective approach at other times, and that allows you to find an emotional experience for the audience. #Quote by Christopher Nolan
Scattershot Approach quotes by Brian Regan
#12. Every comedian works differently. Some comedians might do just observational stuff and they don't do anything personal, and other people.. everything they do is personal and they don't do any observational stuff at all. There's no right or wrong, it's just that everybody picks their own approach. #Quote by Brian Regan
Scattershot Approach quotes by Chael Sonnen
#13. You've got to listen to your body, notice some trends in yourself and do the best you can to be ready when a finish line approaches. #Quote by Chael Sonnen
Scattershot Approach quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#14. I refuse to see literature as amusement, as a game. I think that you ought not to approach literature without a moral responsibility for every word you write. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Scattershot Approach quotes by Joshua Reynolds
#15. Excellence is never granted to man but as the reward of labor. It argues no small strength of mind to persevere in habits of industry without the pleasure of perceiving those advances, which, like the hand of a clock, whilst they make hourly approaches to their point, yet proceed so slowly as to escape observation. #Quote by Joshua Reynolds
Scattershot Approach quotes by Rasheed Ogunlaru
#16. You'll find that more doors open if you approach them with an open heart rather than a closed mind. #Quote by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Scattershot Approach quotes by Stephen Fry
#17. I am aware of the technical distinction between 'less' and 'fewer', and between 'uninterested' and 'disinterested' and 'infer' and 'imply', but none of these are of importance to me. 'None of these are of importance,' I wrote there, you'll notice – the old pedantic me would have insisted on "none of them is of importance". Well I'm glad to say I've outgrown that silly approach to language #Quote by Stephen Fry
Scattershot Approach quotes by Andy Stanley
#18. He best strategy for giving is a two-fold approach: a basic plan combined with a willingness to consider spontaneous giving when unique opportunities arise. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Scattershot Approach quotes by Doris Lessing
#19. People who have lived through a war know that as it approaches, an at first secret, unacknowledged, elation begins, as if an almost inaudible drum is beating ... an awful, illicit, violent excitement is abroad. Then the elation becomes too strong to be ignored or overlooked: then everyone is possessed by it. #Quote by Doris Lessing
Scattershot Approach quotes by Adam Haslett
#20. Beyond the few boats still on their moorings, a bank of fog was moving in off the sea. I watched it slowly cover the spit of land at the mouth of the inlet, shrouding the fir trees and the granite shore, and then the whole end of the bay, covering the barnacled outcroppings where the cormorants landed and seals basked in summer, rolling slowly toward me over the water until I saw that it wasn't fog but snow, the flakes tumbling thick and silent out of the encompassing cloud, and I remembered that was how it had been up here when we were kids, seeing weather approach from a distance, a thunderstorm on the horizon, rain sweeping toward us like a curtain across the water, and how it had thrilled me, that enormity and power, how oblivious it was of us. I had an inkling of that again now, of that state of being wide open to time, not as a thing to use or waste, but as a motion of its own, an invisible wholeness made apparent by the motion of the world. #Quote by Adam Haslett
Scattershot Approach quotes by Barb Raveling
#21. It's found in a Bible verse: "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:a). In this verse Paul tells us that change begins on the inside, through the renewing of the mind. So the best way to approach weight loss isn't to focus on saying no to the cinnamon roll. It's to focus on changing the thoughts that make us want to say yes. #Quote by Barb Raveling
Scattershot Approach quotes by Stephen Covey
#22. The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Scattershot Approach quotes by Rita Mae Brown
#23. I think the reason I choose the comic approach so often is because it's harder, therefore affording me the opportunity to show off. #Quote by Rita Mae Brown
Scattershot Approach quotes by Shahenshah Hafeez Khan
#24. We start the day demotivated & tired due to our inability to bring joy & excitement to our working environment. Most of the days are exact reflection of previous days, & we become slaves to our routines. We do whatever is necessary, keep following the old successful formula - think for today & to justify our actions, surround ourselves with yes-men, block every new idea which challenges our intellect & avoid every action which requires a change in our routine. Soon our approach to work becomes so stationary that catching-up with growth becomes an impossible task #Quote by Shahenshah Hafeez Khan
Scattershot Approach quotes by LeBron James
#25. It all depends on how you want to define what an MVP is. I've been fortunate to win the trophy four times, but I've been the MVP of my team for a long time - just because of the way I lead and the way I approach us being professionals off the floor. #Quote by LeBron James
Scattershot Approach quotes by Philip Yancey
#26. Henri Nouwen says, "When we come to realize that ... only God saves, then we are free to serve, then we can live truly humble lives." Nouwen changed his approach from "selling pearls," or peddling the good news, to "hunting for the treasure" already present in those he was called to love - a shift from dispensing religion to dispensing grace. It makes all the difference in the world whether I view my neighbor as a potential convert or as someone whom God already loves. #Quote by Philip Yancey
Scattershot Approach quotes by Lisa Shearin
#27. You can't break into and rob Magus Silvanus's town house."
"I never said I was."
"You didn't have to say it; I know what you're thinking."
I half smiled. "And because I'm a Benares, you assumed that I'd opt for the larcenous approach."
"No, ma'am." He grinned. "Because you're you."
I crossed my arms over my chest. "How long have you known me, Vegard?"
"A little over two weeks. #Quote by Lisa Shearin
Scattershot Approach quotes by Frederick Douglass
#28. My new mistress proved to be all she appeared when I first met her at the door, - a woman of the kindest heart and finest feelings. She had never had a slave under her control previously to myself, and prior to her marriage she had been dependent upon her own industry for a living. She was by trade a weaver; and by constant application to her business, she had been in a good degree preserved from the blighting and dehumanizing effects of slavery. I was utterly astonished at her goodness. I scarcely knew how to behave towards her. She was entirely unlike any other white woman I had ever seen. I could not approach her as I was accustomed to approach other white ladies. My early instruction was all out of place. The crouching servility, usually so acceptable a quality in a slave, did not answer when manifested toward her. Her favor was not gained by it; she seemed to be disturbed by it. She did not deem it impudent or unmannerly for a slave to look her in the face. The meanest slave was put fully at ease in her presence, and none left without feeling better for having seen her. Her face was made of heavenly smiles, and her voice of tranquil music. #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Scattershot Approach quotes by Dennis Brown
#29. Because I used to go and watch him rehearsing for pantomime, and I have adopted some of those priciples, like try to be on time, learn your script, how he approach it, etc. #Quote by Dennis Brown
Scattershot Approach quotes by Tim O'Brien
#30. For me, the way to approach a subject such as Vietnam is through storytelling. #Quote by Tim O'Brien
Scattershot Approach quotes by Pamala Oslie
#31. Marc Allen is a living example and proof that the magical approach can help us create our ideal life - easily. #Quote by Pamala Oslie
Scattershot Approach quotes by Jacque Fresco
#32. As we begin to plan for a new human society, we need to foster common values about clean air, water, and other elements of self-sustenance. These, along with a complete inventory of Earth's resources, will form the basis for a holistic approach to cybernated decision-making. #Quote by Jacque Fresco
Scattershot Approach quotes by Steve Gaynor
#33. The kind of approach that inspires me is taking what you've built and figuring out how to turn it into a new experience by expanding it smartly. The challenge is figuring out what's the best way to do that without totally jumping off of a cliff. #Quote by Steve Gaynor
Scattershot Approach quotes by Ernie Pyle
#34. Marines have a cynical approach to war. They believe in three things; liberty, payday and that when two Marines are together in a fight, one is being wasted. Being a minority group militarily, they are proud and sensitive in their dealings with other military organizations. A Marine's concept of a perfect battle is to have other Marines on the right and left flanks, Marine aircraft overhead and Marine artillery and naval gunfire backing them up. #Quote by Ernie Pyle
Scattershot Approach quotes by Dan Millman
#35. If there is a central theme to what I called "a peaceful warrior's approach to living," and to The Four Purposes of Life, it is that there may be innumerable techniques or methods one can learn (from the Eastern spiritual cultures and from the Western psychological tradition), but that above and beyond all these technologies waits the school of everyday life. #Quote by Dan Millman
Scattershot Approach quotes by Walter Isaacson
#36. So that's our approach. Very simple, and we're really shooting for Museum of Modern Art quality. The way we're running the company, the product design, the advertising, it all comes down to this: Let's make it simple. Really simple." Apple's design mantra would remain the one featured on its first brochure: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Scattershot Approach quotes by Janet Weiss
#37. The advice I like to give to drummers is that there's no right or wrong way of playing the drums. I think the drumming community can be very antiquated and very stuck in the past of, like, this Neil Peart style, technical Guitar Center drum video kind of approach. That you need to have played for 15 years before you ever do anything worthwhile. #Quote by Janet Weiss
Scattershot Approach quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#38. What do you say to em?
Say to them?
Yeah. Say.
Hell, say anything. It doesnt matter, they dont listen. Well you gotta say somethin. What do you say?
Try the direct approach.
What's that?
Well, like this friend of mine. Went up to this girl and said I sure would like to have a little pussy.
No shit? What'd she say?
She said I would too. Mine's as big as your hat. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Scattershot Approach quotes by Jeev Milkha Singh
#39. Dad never misses a chance to remind me that whenever we are travelling together, if 100 people mob him for autographs, five approach me. #Quote by Jeev Milkha Singh
Scattershot Approach quotes by Jean Varenne
#40. Finally, the tern 'asceticism' is also susceptible to being misunderstood by those who view Buddhism from the outside. Evola reminds his readers that the original meaning of the term asceticism is "practical exercise," or 'discipline' - one could even say 'learning.' It certainly does not mean, as some are inclined to think, a willingness to mortify the body that derives from the idea of penance, and even leads to the practice of self-flagellation, since it is believed that one must suffer in order to expiate one's sins. Asceticism is rather a school of the will, a pure heroism (that is, it is disinterested) that Evola, a real expert in this subject, compares to the efforts of a mountain climber. To the layman, mountain climbing may be a pointless effort, but to the climber it is a challenge in which the test of courage, perseverance, and hero-ism is its only purpose. In this we recognize an attitude that Brahmanism knew under certain forms of yoga and Tantrism.

In the spiritual domain, the procedure is the same. Buddha, as we know, was tempted early in his life by a form of asceticism that was similar to that of a hermit living in the desert. This approach involved prolonged fasts and techniques aimed at breaking the body's resistance. Siddhartha, however, realized himself and achieved the Awakening only when he understood this type of asceticism to be a dead end. Turning away from the indignant protests of his early companions, he stopped mortifying his body, #Quote by Jean Varenne

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