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Saturday Night Fever quotes by George Vecsey
#1. Baseball outfits went through their gaudy period during the disco '70's, when the White Sox looked like softball players and the Athletics looked like 'Saturday Night Fever' personified. #Quote by George Vecsey
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Laurieann Gibson
#2. 'Saturday Night Fever,' Paula Abdul, 'Fame,' Debbie Allen ... all affected me and the generation before me. #Quote by Laurieann Gibson
Saturday Night Fever quotes by John Travolta
#3. Playing President Clinton (in Primary Colors) was risky and challenging. Some people thought Saturday Night Fever was risky, because no one had danced in movies for years. #Quote by John Travolta
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Brad Pitt
#4. I loved 'Saturday Night Fever' when I was a kid. I couldn't believe people talked that way. It was just a whole new culture I didn't understand. I snuck into it. It was an R-rated film. So it holds a special place. #Quote by Brad Pitt
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Jasper Fforde
#5. It's simple. If you go to see 'Saturday Night Fever' expecting it to be good, it's a corker. However, if you go expecting it to be a crock of shit, it's that, too. Thus 'Saturday Night Fever' can exist in two mutually opposing states at the very same time, yet only by the weight of our expectations. From this principle we can deduce that any opposing states can be governed by human expectation - even, as in the case of retro-deficit-engineering, the present use of a future technology."
"I think I understand that. Does it work with any John Travolta movie?"
"Only the artistically ambiguous ones such as 'Pulp Fiction' or 'Face/Off.' 'Battlefield Earth' doesn't work, because it's a stinker no matter how much you think you're going to like it, and 'Get Shorty' doesn't work either, because you'd be hard-pressed not to enjoy it, irrespective of any preconceived notions. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Kevin Richardson
#6. I remember lying on the floor of the living room with headphones on when I was four or five years old, listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. #Quote by Kevin Richardson
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Gene Siskel
#7. For my 50th birthday, I got ahold of a new print of 'Saturday Night Fever.' I see it much more as a tough coming-of-age movie than as a disco story. #Quote by Gene Siskel
Saturday Night Fever quotes by La Carmina
#8. The Professor noted two nymphs with strawberries on their heads, a DayGlo Amish lady, a mustachioed man in a rainbow apron. He wrote Saturday Night Fever, then crossed it out and wrote Drag Ball + Bollywood and underlined it twice. #Quote by La Carmina
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Steve Martin
#9. As she sits in a booth, it never occurs to her to observe herself, and thus she is spared the image of a girl sitting alone in a bar on Saturday night. A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps within her, waiting to be stirred ... She keeps working to make connections, but the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her. What Mirabelle needs is some omniscient voice to illuminate and spotlight her, and to inform everyone that this one has value, this one over here, the one sitting in the bar by herself, and then to find her counterpart and bring him to her. #Quote by Steve Martin
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Rebecca Ethington
#10. Mom, this is so not fair! I can't go to school without a hoodie. Do you know what will happen?" Yes, I was begging. I didn't care. I couldn't lose Saturday night - but this was unacceptable.
"People will see what a beautiful young lady you are. Oooh! Maybe you'll get asked out on a date!" she said triumphantly. #Quote by Rebecca Ethington
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Caitlin Moran
#11. You, in turn, observe yourself from a distance, simply astonished by the quantities of love you manufacture. It is endless. Your adoration may grow weary but it will never end: it becomes the fuel of your head, your body, and your heart. It powers you through the pouring rain, delivering forgotten raincoats for lunchtime play; works overtime, paying for shoes and puppets; keeps you up all night, easing cough, fever, #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Ray Bradbury
#12. You grow ravenous. You run fevers. You know exhilarations. You can't sleep at night, because your beast-creature ideas want out and turn you in your bed. It is a grand way to live. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Tina Fey
#13. It is worth noting that at this time, I had been doing Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live for two full seasons. I am not recognized by anyone. Well, I am recognized by the guy who refills the soft-serve ice cream machine by the pool, but not for being on TV, just for lingering. #Quote by Tina Fey
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Conor McGregor
#14. There's two things I really like to do and that's whoop ass and look good. I'm doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I'm doing the other. #Quote by Conor McGregor
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Casey Wilson
#15. On 'Saturday Night Live,' you wear so many hats there. You're the prop person, the actor, you're everything. #Quote by Casey Wilson
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Kirsten Gillibrand
#16. The story we hear over and over again is: Boy in science class, very nice to the girl, says, "Please come to our party on Saturday night." She, of course, shows up. He hands her two, three, four, five drinks. She becomes so inebriated he says, "You can sleep it off in my room. It'll be safe." Or, "I'll walk you home." It's all premeditated with the intention of having sex with that woman without her consent when she's passed out. It's a huge issue. #Quote by Kirsten Gillibrand
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Christine Taylor
#17. I'm a really big homebody. If I had my way, a typical Saturday night would be staying home, ordering in, watching a movie or catching up on some shows. #Quote by Christine Taylor
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Mary Oliver
#18. First Snow

The snow
began here
this morning and all day
continued, its white
rhetoric everywhere
calling us back to why, how,
whence such beauty and what
the meaning; such
an oracular fever! flowing
past windows, an energy it seemed
would never ebb, never settle
less than lovely! and only now,
deep into night,
it has finally ended.
The silence
is immense,
and the heavens still hold
a million candles; nowhere
the familiar things:
stars, the moon,
the darkness we expect
and nightly turn from. Trees
glitter like castles
of ribbons, the broad fields
smolder with light, a passing
creekbed lies
heaped with shining hills;
and though the questions
that have assailed us all day
remain - not a single
answer has been found -
walking out now
into the silence and the light
under the trees,
and through the fields,
feels like one. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Dan Simmons
#19. War must never be a condition but, rather, a temporary scourge which we suffer as a child does a fever, knowing that health follows the long night of pain and that peace is health. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Kevin Nealon
#20. Saturday Night Live was a show that I never thought I would be on, because I didn't do sketch comedy and I didn't do impressions. I was a stand-up. #Quote by Kevin Nealon
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Richard Jenkins
#21. When I was a kid, I loved horror films. I used to stay up on Saturday night to watch. #Quote by Richard Jenkins
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Dana Carvey
#22. I used to sneak up to the 8th floor and watch Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo rehearsing 'Saturday Night Live' and could only wonder if I would ever have the chance to be funny. It took me five years to go up the two stories, but it is such a sense of fulfillment to be able to show what I can do on national television. #Quote by Dana Carvey
Saturday Night Fever quotes by A.P. Herbert
#23. Harriet, Hi! Light of my eye! Come to the pictures and have a good cry, For it's jolly old Saturday, Mad-as-a-hatter-day, Nothing-much-matter-day-night! #Quote by A.P. Herbert
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Anne Eliot
#24. First. Don't get drunk. Don't smoke anything."
"Duh. What are you, my dad? That's easy. I don't drink. We aren't even twenty-one. I seriously doubt anyone will be drinking at the Hodjwick house. And who smokes cigarettes anymore? So gross."
Dustin shook his head. "You are so backwards. I wasn't talking about cigarettes, and if you truly believe no one will be drinking at a high school party on a Saturday night then you are too much of a baby to even leave your own house. #Quote by Anne Eliot
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#25. OLIVER DAVENANT did not merely read books. He snuffed them up, took breaths of them into his lungs, filled his eyes with the sight of the print and his head with the sound of words. Some emanation from the book itself poured into his bones, as if he were absorbing steady sunshine. The pages had personality. He was of the kind who cannot have a horrifying book in the room at night. He would, in fine weather, lay it upon an outside sill and close the window. Often Julia would see a book lying on his doormat.

As well as this, his reading led him in and out of love. At first, it was the picture of Alice going up on tiptoe to shake hands with Humpty Dumpty; then the little Fatima in his Arthur Rackham book, her sweet dusky face, the coins hanging on her brow, the billowing trousers and embroidered coat. Her childish face was alive with excitement as she put the key to the lock. "Don't!" he had once cried to her in loud agony.

In London, he would go every Saturday morning to the Public Library to look at a picture of Lorna Doone. Some Saturdays it was not there, and he would go home again, wondering who had borrowed her, in what kind of house she found herself that week-end. On his last Saturday, he went to say good-bye and the book was not there, so he sat down at a table to await its return. Just before the library was to be shut for lunch-time, he went to the shelf and kissed the two books which would lie on either side of his Lorna when she was returned an #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor
Saturday Night Fever quotes by David Spade
#26. With Saturday Night Live you're looking for any hook, any way to stay on the show. #Quote by David Spade
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Jarod Kintz
#27. I suspect I'll be suspicious for my whole life that Saturday night is sleeping with Sunday morning. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Jennifer Rardin
#28. I'd smack you over the head with it so hard your bell would still be ringing for Church next Saturday night. ~ Jaz #Quote by Jennifer Rardin
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Dana Carvey
#29. Well, I loved variety in television, I loved sketch comedy. At 'Saturday Night Live,' I stayed almost seven years. #Quote by Dana Carvey
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Annie Proulx
#30. A kind of joyous hysteria moved into the room, everything flying before the wind, vehicles outside getting dented to hell, the crowd sweaty and the smells of aftershave, manure, clothes dried on the line, your money's worth of perfume, smoke, booze; the music subdued by the shout and babble through the bass hammer could be felt through the soles of the feet, shooting up the channels of legs to the body fork, center of everything. It is the kind of Saturday night that torches your life for a few hours, makes it seem like something is happening. #Quote by Annie Proulx
Saturday Night Fever quotes by James Henley Thornwell
#31. Saturday, May 22d.---It is now Saturday night, and I must prepare for the holy Sabbath. My Bible and Confession of Faith are my traveling companions, and precious friends have they been to me. I bless God for that glorious summary of Christian doctrine contained in our noble standards. It has cheered my soul in many a dark hour, and sustained me in many a desponding moment. I love to read it, and ponder carefully each proof text as I pass along. #Quote by James Henley Thornwell
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#32. I tagged a first-timer one night at fight club. That Saturday night, a young guy with an angel's face came to his first fight club, and I tagged him for a fight. That's the rule. If it's your first night in fight club, you have to fight. I knew that so I tagged him because the insomnia was on again, and I was in a mood to destroy something beautiful. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#33. No money shots! No shifting, grinding, joyfully thrusting crotch shots. It didn't matter. It was all there in his eyes, his face, the face of a Saturday night jukebox Dionysus, the shimmying eyebrows and rocking band. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Tyson Fury
#34. A lot of my friends, when I was 14 or 15, they were all up and down, wanting to go out on a Friday night, and my dad had me working really late on Fridays and Saturday mornings and even on Sunday mornings. And when I'd finished all that, we used to spend the rest of the time talking about boxing. #Quote by Tyson Fury
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Michael Chabon
#35. My Saturday Night. My Saturday night is like a microwave burrito. Very tough to ruin something that starts out so bad to begin with. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Simone Elkeles
#36. Okay, so I shouldn't have fucked with her on the introduction thing. Writing nothing except, Saturday night. You and me. Driving lessons and hot sex ... in her notebook probably wasn't the smartest move. But I was itching to make Little Miss Perfecta stumble in her introduction of me. And stumbling she is.
"Miss Ellis?"
I watch in amusement as Perfection herself looks up at Peterson. Oh, she's good. This partner of mine knows how to hide her true emotions, something I recognize because I do it all the time.
"Yes?" Brittany says, tilting her head and smiling like a beauty queen.
I wonder if that smile has ever gotten her out of a speeding ticket.
"It's your turn. Introduce Alex to the class."
I lean an elbow on the lab table, waiting for an introduction she has to either make up or fess up she knows less than crap about me. She glances at my comfortable position and I can tell from her deer-in-the-headlights look I've stumped her.
"This is Alejandro Fuentes," she starts, her voice hitching the slightest bit. My temper flares at the mention of my given name, but I keep a cool facade as she continues with a made-up introduction. "When he wasn't hanging out on street corners and harassing innocent people this summer, he toured the inside of jails around the city, if you know what I mean. And he has a secret desire nobody would ever guess."
The room suddenly becomes quiet. Even Peterson straightens to attention. Hell, even I'm liste #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Audrey Hepburn
#37. I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel.
(Audrey Hepburn: Many-Sided Charmer, LIFE Magazine, December 7, 1953) #Quote by Audrey Hepburn
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Nicole Ari Parker
#38. My humor is a lot like Kristen Wiig's from 'Saturday Night Live' or 'Bridesmaids.' Quirky, off the beaten path. #Quote by Nicole Ari Parker
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Thomas Bernhard
#39. In itself that music festival was nothing special, these music festivals in our country are all alike, performing a most useful function especially for all those people who are chained to their labors, year in and year out, so naturally everybody comes flocking to the two or three music festivals per year, with their actual and their so-called amusements and distractions, these affairs are called music festivals because unlike the usual so-called country fairs they feature a band, an enormous attraction to the populace, that's all it is, but the organizers know that they can draw a much larger crowd by calling it a music festival rather than a country fair, so it has become the custom to call these events music festivals even if they are nothing more than country fairs, everybody attends these music festivals which usually begin early on Saturday night and end late on Sunday morning. #Quote by Thomas Bernhard
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Fred Armisen
#40. I tend to think that there is a sophistication to everything at 'Saturday Night Live,' including the sketches. #Quote by Fred Armisen
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Robin Summers
#41. The plague took too much, from all of us. But we're here. We survived, and we work hard all week, just trying to keep surviving. There are always chores to do, crops to tend, animals to care for, fences to build. Another task to complete if we want to stay alive. But the fact that we survived, that we're still here when billions aren't, is worth celebrating. So once a week, on Saturday night, we have a party. We gather in the north barn, we eat, we laugh, we play music, we dance, and we try and remember the joy in a world steeped in misery. #Quote by Robin Summers
Saturday Night Fever quotes by Olly Murs
#42. I've only really had one period when I lost myself and felt like I was going to lose my career, and that was when I first began presenting 'X-Factor' spin-off 'The Xtra Factor' two years ago. I was worried if I did a rubbish job live on Saturday night TV that my music career was going to get affected and I would lose everything. #Quote by Olly Murs

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