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Famous Quotes About Sandalias Adidas

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Sandalias Adidas quotes by Jochen Zeitz
#1. I picked up the phone and called Herbert Hainer, the CEO of Adidas, and said, 'Well, it's Peace Day coming up. I think it's about time after 60 years to end this feud. How about doing something together?' #Quote by Jochen Zeitz
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Claudio Reyna
#2. EA SPORTS has a strong partnership with adidas and through this relationship they approached adidas about using some of their top players from around the world. #Quote by Claudio Reyna
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Big Sean
#3. Adidas is just right. They've been, like, a partner I couldn't be more thankful for. I really feel like they've helped increase my popularity. You know? It's tight to be able to attach to their brand and be able to add whatever I can offer to their brand. It's nice to know that they appreciate it. They are always showing love. #Quote by Big Sean
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Carrot Top
#4. I love to shop, especially in retro stores. I have about a million pairs of old-school sports shoes like Adidas, so that's probably my biggest vice. #Quote by Carrot Top
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Ian Astbury
#5. I always played soccer in Adidas, but I always wore Nikes. I love street sportswear. #Quote by Ian Astbury
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Andre Benjamin
#6. They can bite, but cannot be us,
They can come and pick up little slang but cannot see us,
You ought to be ashamed trying to fit in my adidas,
So Run like DMC like you don't know you got no heater #Quote by Andre Benjamin
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Kool G Rap
#7. We got hookers with heaters that'll stray pop and put more shells in your top than Adidas. #Quote by Kool G Rap
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Keyshawn Johnson
#8. I was the first athlete, from a training standpoint, with Adidas to have their own signature shoe. #Quote by Keyshawn Johnson
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Marisha Pessl
#9. Well, life isn't a cakewalk, is it?! Eighty-nine percent of the world's most valuable art was created by men living in rat-infested flats. You think Velásquez wore Adidas? You think he enjoyed the luxuries of central heating and twenty-four-hour pizza delivery?! #Quote by Marisha Pessl
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Rick Riordan
#10. Leo almost jumped out of his tool belt. He turned ... and mentally kicked himself. He just had to invoke Adidas, the goddess of off-brand shoes. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Mads Mikkelsen
#11. I'm an Adidas guy who walks around in sports gear all the time because there's always a ball right next to me somewhere. I do a lot of sports but I do enjoy wearing a lot of suits. I have quite a few suits that I really enjoy wearing but, unlike Hannibal, I like wearing them only at special occasions. #Quote by Mads Mikkelsen
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
#12. Adidas is a very personal inspiration to me. It has enriched my creative life. It's an exchange between different cultures, different ideas, and most of all, it is teamwork. #Quote by Yohji Yamamoto
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Ed O.G.
#13. Put on your adidas and step off. #Quote by Ed O.G.
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Pamela Anderson
#14. I have a Stella McCartney Adidas sports bra. I feel like I'm totally comfortable running. No problem. I have support where I need it. #Quote by Pamela Anderson
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Max Barry
#15. I remember when you could always rely on those little street kids to pop a few people for the latest Nikes," Vice-President John said. "Now people get mugged for Reeboks, for Adidas - for generics, for Christ's sake. #Quote by Max Barry
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Herbert Hainer
#16. If a team lives up to its role as favorite, it will have earned the World Cup. By the way, Adidas grew by about 30 percent in Brazil even without sponsoring the national team. #Quote by Herbert Hainer
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Jochen Zeitz
#17. When I started at Puma, you had a restaurant that was a Puma restaurant, an Adidas restaurant, a bakery. The town was literally divided. If you were working for the wrong company, you wouldn't be served any food; you couldn't buy anything. So it was kind of an odd experience. #Quote by Jochen Zeitz
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Yeonmi Park
#18. I bout a bag of tortilla chips that was almost as big as me. And I bought some work clothes and a pair of Adidas that I could never imagine affording before in my life.

So far, America was very impressive. #Quote by Yeonmi Park
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Ian Brown
#19. You'd be sick if you saw my adidas collection ... you would be physically sick if you saw it. I'm not gonna say where it is. #Quote by Ian Brown
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Jeremy Scott
#20. Globally, proving myself working well with Adidas, showing my work could be globally distributed and loved and appreciated and still be challenging. Maybe I'm one of the first people on a larger scale to make more challenging and more unique items. #Quote by Jeremy Scott
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Matthew Quick
#21. The Nike swoop, the three Adidas stripes, the little Polo player on a horse, the Hollister seagull, the symbols of Philadelphia's professional sports teams, even our high school mascot that you athletes wear to battle other schools - some of you wear our Mustang to class even when there is no sporting event scheduled. These are your symbols, what you wear to prove that your identity matches the identity of others. Much like the Nazis had their swastika. #Quote by Matthew Quick
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Rick Riordan
#22. What if we promoted, like, Adidas or something? Would that make Nike mad enough to show up? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Stella McCartney
#23. The main challenge is technology and that's something I really push and work closely with Adidas on. They're real leaders in sports performance; always trying to push that further and further and get the best technology they can. That takes time and has rigorous testing, it's very laborious, but it's also very rewarding. You get to work with fantastic athletes, and that's a fantastic thing that has nothing to do with my day job in ready-to-wear. #Quote by Stella McCartney
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Stephen King
#24. Then his lungs seemed to open up again, each breath going deeper than the one before. His sneakers (not blinding white Adidas, just ratty old Pumas) seemed to shed the lead coating they had gained. His previous lightness of body came rushing back. It was what Milly had called the following wind, and what pros like McComb no doubt called the runner's high. Scott preferred that. He remembered that day in his yard, flexing his knees, leaping, and catching the branch of the tree. He remembered running up and down the bandstand steps. He remembered dancing across the kitchen floor as Stevie Wonder sang "Superstition." This was the same. Not a wind, not even a high, exactly, but an elevation. A sense that you had gone beyond yourself and could go farther still. #Quote by Stephen King
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Big Sean
#25. You can go up to the editor of 'Vogue,' and she might think I have horrible style, or maybe she thinks I have great style. Who knows? I don't really know too much about it: I just know what I like and what I don't like. I love clothes and making my own clothes and shoes, like I got to do with Adidas. #Quote by Big Sean
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Kidada Jones
#26. I love Tinkerbell because she's feisty and about it. She's got swag! She's going to do what she wants to do. I even have a Tinkerbell tattoo, and she is wearing Adidas flip-flops! #Quote by Kidada Jones
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Jeremy Scott
#27. I have to love the DNA of the brand fundamentally. I need to be able to fuse my personality with theirs. That's what I've done with Adidas, Swatch, and in a different way with Moschino. I really have to feel fused with it. #Quote by Jeremy Scott
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Mads Mikkelsen
#28. Predominantly I'm an Adidas guy who walks around in sports gear all the time because there's always a ball right next to me somewhere. I do a lot of sports, but I do enjoy wearing a lot of suits. #Quote by Mads Mikkelsen
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Lauren Socha
#29. I couldn't hope to be in anything better than 'Misfits.' The reaction from fans has been mental. The weirdest thing is when people tell me I'm their inspiration. I can't believe I get fan mail, and loads of free clothes. Adidas sent me lots of stuff; it's wicked! #Quote by Lauren Socha
Sandalias Adidas quotes by Tatiana Maslany
#30. I'd say I am more of a comfort person. I have Adidas sneakers that are my favorite thing on the planet. Adidas high tops with black jeans and a fur hat that I love wearing. I love vintage shopping. #Quote by Tatiana Maslany

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