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Safaree Leaked quotes by Jill Shalvis
#1. With her hands still fisted in his shirt, she gave a gentle tug until he bent enough that she could kiss him softly. And then not so softly.
"What was that for?" he asked when she pulled free, his voice sexy low and gruff now.
"For being the kind of guy who can admit he has emotions."
He cupped her face. "We don't have to tell anyone, right?"
She smiled. "It'll be our secret." But then her smile faded because she wasn't good at secrets.
Or maybe she was too good at them . . . "I'm not helpless," she said. "I want you to know that."
"I do know it." He paused, looking a little irritated again. "Mostly."
"Good," she said. "Now that's settled, you should know, the caveman thing you just pulled . . . it turned me on a little bit."
He slid her a look. "Yeah?"
Looking a little less like he was spoiling for a fight, his hands went to her hips and he pulled her in tighter.
What the hell was she doing? Clearly, she wasn't equipped to stay strong, and who could? The guy was just too damn potent. Too visceral. Testosterone and pheromones leaked off of him. She dropped her head to his chest. "Ugh. You're being . . . you."
"Was that in English?"
"This is all your fault."
"Nope. Definitely not English."
"You're being all hot and sexy, dammit," she said. She banged her head on his chest a few times. "And I can't seem to . . . not notice said hotness and sexiness."
He smiled. "You want me again."
Agai #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Safaree Leaked quotes by Jessica Pitchford
#2. Over coffee, he and Dramat decided that, in the interests of good working relationships, he would, despite the fact that he'd already been on suspension for close on two years, take vacational leave then meet with Ngobeni and Phiyega to clear the air. They had two weeks to reconsider their position. The meeting, a fortnight later, didn't serve to do that at all. Johan says Ngobeni launched into him. She said I had humiliated and undermined her and leaked negative stories about her to newspapers. She #Quote by Jessica Pitchford
Safaree Leaked quotes by Anneliese Van Der Pol
#3. The Internet, and Google, and everything that goes along with that is awesome for some things, but not so awesome for other things. Because everything gets leaked nowadays. #Quote by Anneliese Van Der Pol
Safaree Leaked quotes by Tom Holland
#4. The news, when it leaked out, caused outrage and horror in Rome. The Republic was never so dangerous as when it believed that its security was at stake. The Romans rarely went to war, not even against the most negligible foe, without somehow first convincing themselves that their preemptive strikes were defensive in nature. #Quote by Tom Holland
Safaree Leaked quotes by Arthur Miller
#5. Today, [theatre's] more likely to be consciously not aimed at the public, but at a more sophisticated or educated public ... The result is that some of the sheer humanity has leaked out of the enterprise. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Safaree Leaked quotes by Sophie Jordan
#6. I love you," I whispered brokenly against his lips. Tears leaked out at the corners of my eyes. He pushed the hair off my face, clearing me for his view. Our noses touched, we were so close. His fingers trailed over my face, drying the tears from my cheeks as quickly as they fell.
"Don't cry, baby. I love you. I love you, Emerson." He pronounced the words slowly, like he was savoring them. Or maybe he just wanted me to absorb them. Maybe he wanted them to sink in so that I would feel them as clearly and completely as I felt his hands on my face, his lips against mine ... his heartbeat vibrating from his chest into my body.
So that I would believe in them. Believe in him.
And I did. I felt them. I believed in them.
I believed in us. #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Safaree Leaked quotes by Stephen King
#7. The kid in you just leaked out, like the air out of a tire. And one day you looked in the mirror and there was a grownup looking back at you. #Quote by Stephen King
Safaree Leaked quotes by Anonymous
#8. Air of dust
For a moment
I was a storm cloud,
All righteous booming thunder;
All sharp and pinning,
Once the flashing faded
A sizzling prong sprang upwards.
I was positively popped.
The static situation
Struck me
And I leaked out sulfur on the people
Who dared hold up the sky.
Strong storms are still boneless
And mostly all alone. #Quote by Anonymous
Safaree Leaked quotes by J.R. Ward
#9. Otherwise, three little words would have leaked from his mouth. And undoubtedly doomed him in ways he couldn't even guess at.
Bad time. Bad place.
For that kind of thing.
Forever. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Safaree Leaked quotes by Jake Wood
#10. my mind struggled top condense all that had led to me being here. My vocal cords fought to express the memories that leaked out; I felt the weight of it all pressing down on me. #Quote by Jake Wood
Safaree Leaked quotes by Arthur L. Herman
#11. Some say Edward Snowden is a hero and a patriot. Others say he's a fool and a traitor. The evidence is mounting that the guy who leaked the details about the National Security Agency's Internet-eavesdropping program may be something more sinister - namely, a willing tool in China's ongoing cyberwar against our nation. #Quote by Arthur L. Herman
Safaree Leaked quotes by Debbie Macomber
#12. Exactly what she was doing - tears leaked from the corners of her eyes and wove crooked paths down her cheeks. How could she have been so insensitive to her own sister? Chapter 24 All week Cassie had worked feverishly to put Steve out of her mind, but it hadn't worked. She couldn't wait to see him, and a week had never dragged on for so long. Nothing felt the same without him at the construction site, running the project. Saturday morning, Cassie was up early. The Hoedown was being held in an airport hangar, and a lot of work had to be done in order to get the space ready. Several other volunteers arrived to work off their hours by putting up long folding tables and chairs, placing red-and-white checkered plastic tablecloths across the tables, and then setting the tables, lining each place setting up perfectly. To the front of the hangar was a mechanical bull quartered off with stacks of hay. In the middle of the room were tables displaying #Quote by Debbie Macomber
Safaree Leaked quotes by Naomi Klein
#13. According to one recent study [...] the [climate change] denial-espousing think tanks and other advocacy groups making up what sociologist Robert Brulle calls the "climate change counter-movement" are collectively pulling in more than $ 900 million per year for their work on a variety of right-wing causes, most of it in the form of "dark money" - funds from conservative foundations that cannot be fully traced.

This points to the limits of theories like cultural cognition that focus exclusively on individual psychology. The deniers are doing more than protecting their personal worldviews - they are protecting powerful political and economic interests that have gained tremendously from the way Heartland and others have clouded the climate debate. The ties between the deniers and those interests are well known and well documented. Heartland has received more than $ 1 million from ExxonMobil together with foundations linked to the Koch brothers and the late conservative funder Richard Mellon Scaife. Just how much money the think tank receives from companies, foundations, and individuals linked to the fossil fuel industry remains unclear because Heartland does not publish the names of its donors, claiming the information would distract from the "merits of our positions." Indeed, leaked internal documents revealed that one of Heartland's largest donors is anonymous - a shadowy individual who has given more than $ 8.6 million specifically to support the think tank's atta #Quote by Naomi Klein
Safaree Leaked quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#14. So one time when I was working in this motel one of the toilets leaked and I had to replace the flapper ball. Here's what it said on the package; I kept it till I knew it by heart: 'Please Note. Parts are included for all installations, but no installation requires all of the parts.' That's kind of my philosophy about men. I don't think there's an installation out there that could use all my parts. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Safaree Leaked quotes by Emil Cioran
#15. After each night we are emptier: our mysteries and our griefs have leaked away into our dreams. Thus sleep's labor not only diminishes the power of our thought, but even that of our secrets. #Quote by Emil Cioran
Safaree Leaked quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#16. Don't you dare laugh, you jerk-face! This is not funny. My wings are a freak of Nature!'
He lifted his hands. 'I'm not going to laugh, but I think you should leave the razors alone. Besides, lots of things have feathers in their wings.'
'Like what?' I demanded
' hawks' He answered
My brow furrowed. 'Hawks? HAWKS?'
'And eagles?'
"I'm not a bird, Roth!' Patience leaked out of me. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Safaree Leaked quotes by Dean Cain
#17. When they write about real stuff like my custody battle, that's no fun. Some things have leaked out about accusations that have gone back and forth and that's just mean. It's a tactic. #Quote by Dean Cain
Safaree Leaked quotes by Winston Graham
#18. showed where the ancient pewter teapot had leaked. At the other end was a scattering of crumbs left by the #Quote by Winston Graham
Safaree Leaked quotes by Josh Lanyon
#19. Thought of Riordan. Thought of a big hand wrapping around my shaft, sliding up and down, pumping hard ... harder. The head of my cock leaked a single salty tear to slick my own hand's efforts. Yikes. Think of Bruce. Yeah. Better. Safer. Saner ... #Quote by Josh Lanyon
Safaree Leaked quotes by Leonard Cohen
#20. The most precious secret has been leaked:
There is no Opposition! #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Safaree Leaked quotes by Amy Zhang
#21. There had been silent tears and ones that barely leaked out. There were tears that heaved from her in great sobs. They all slipped through my fingers when I tried to catch them, and they fell around her in oceans. #Quote by Amy Zhang
Safaree Leaked quotes by Cole McCade
#22. he'd grow up to be nothing like his father. Nothing like the filthy boys who wrapped women up in chains and tore their wings down to seeping stumps that leaked tears instead of blood. #Quote by Cole McCade
Safaree Leaked quotes by Chung Mong-joon
#23. As FIFA leaked information to the media, portraying me as an unethical person, I felt I was left naked, helpless to defend myself, as they repeatedly cut me with a sharp knife. #Quote by Chung Mong-joon
Safaree Leaked quotes by Tony La Russa
#24. I'm very distressed that the report was leaked early so that the initial headline said 'dismissed, fired.' That's 180 degrees from the arrangement we have potentially. #Quote by Tony La Russa
Safaree Leaked quotes by Scott Hawkins
#25. Steve looked through the scope. The house was quiet now. Thin trickles of smoke leaked from the windows. As he watched, Mrs McGillicutty staggered outside. She was bloody and dazed, but very much alive. "Hey, there's the old lady! What's that she's holding?"
Carolyn took the scope and looked for herself, then handed it back. "Muffins. She's got muffins. #Quote by Scott Hawkins
Safaree Leaked quotes by Michael Chabon
#26. She was a vessel built to hold the pain of her history, but it had cracked her, and radiant darkness leaked out through the crack. When #Quote by Michael Chabon
Safaree Leaked quotes by H.L. Mencken
#27. I devoured hot-dogs in Baltimore 'way back in 1886, and they were then very far from newfangled ... They contained precisely the same rubber, indigestible pseudo-sausages that millions of Americans now eat, and they leaked the same flabby, puerile mustard. Their single point of difference lay in the fact that their covers were honest German Wecke made of wheat-flour baked to crispiness, and not the soggy rolls prevailing today, of ground acorns, plaster-of-Paris, flecks of bath-sponge, and atmospheric air all compact. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Safaree Leaked quotes by Rannaro
#28. At that moment there was total clarity.Life was neither love nor duty.Life was not friendship or loneliness,pleasure or pain.Life was red,liquid and sticky,and it leaked through Snape's fingers as he struggled to stem the exodus of life from his body. #Quote by Rannaro
Safaree Leaked quotes by Eva Simons
#29. I got into a conversation with EMI, and they said they were very interested in releasing the song because it was such a huge hit online. RCA and Universal were also very interested, but EMI were the best team, so I decided to sign with them. I got my deal because 'Silly Boy' leaked, so obviously now I'm very happy about what happened! #Quote by Eva Simons
Safaree Leaked quotes by Robert Jordan
#30. I feel . . ." Egwene began weakly, and stopped to swallow. Her face was bloodless pale. "I . . . hurt." A tear leaked from one eye. "Of course you do," Sorilea said briskly. "That is what happens when you let yourself be caught in a man's schemes. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Safaree Leaked quotes by Naomi Wolf
#31. We are all Julian Assange. Serious reporters discuss classified information every day - go to any Washington or New York dinner party where real journalists are present, and you will hear discussion of leaked or classified information. That is journalists' job in a free society. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Safaree Leaked quotes by Carrie Fisher
#32. Movies were meant to stay on the screen, flat and large and colorful, gathering you up into their sweep of story, carrying you rollicking along to the end, then releasing you back into your unchanged life. But this movie misbehaved. It leaked out of the theater, poured off the screen, affected a lot of people so deeply that they required endless talismans and artifacts to stay connected to it. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Safaree Leaked quotes by Ben Brooks
#33. Following the emergence of leaked information regarding Alice Calloway, Etgar Allison has suffered considerable loss motivation, energy and interest in his usual pursuits (Wikipedia, YouTube, Kurt Vonnegut). He has been seen to spend long periods of time staring at inanimate objects and will occasionally stop whatever he is doing to lie face down on the floor and sing "One Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton (a song he has described as "all that's left"). In an official statement given earlier today, he described bed as "better that sex" and Alice Calloway as "the horriblest bitch I know". #Quote by Ben Brooks
Safaree Leaked quotes by Daniel Woodrell
#34. The first time Ree kissed a man it was not a man, but Gail acting as a man, and as the kissing progressed and Gail acting as a man pushed her backwards onto a blanket of pine needles in shade and slipped her tongue deep into Ree's mouth, Ree found herself sucking on the wiggling tongue of a man in her mind, sucking that plunging tongue of the man in her mind until she tasted morning coffee and cigars and spit leaked from between her lips and down her chin. She opened her eyes then and smiled, and Gail yet acting the man roughed up her breasts with grabs and pinches, kissed her neck, murmuring and Ree said, "Just like that! I want it to be just like that!" There came three seasons of giggling and practice, puckering readily anytime they were alone, each being the man and the woman, each on top and bottom, pushing for it with grunts or receiving it with signs. The first time Ree kissed a boy who was not a girl his lips were soft and timid on hers, dry and unmoving, until finally she had to say it and did, "Tongue, honey, tongue," and the boy she called honey turned away saying, "Yuck! #Quote by Daniel Woodrell
Safaree Leaked quotes by Courtney Cole
#35. His utter helplessness at the sight of my tears leaked through his confident voice. It was almost funny that such a great warrior as Hasani was reduced to panic at the sight of a stupid tear or two. #Quote by Courtney Cole
Safaree Leaked quotes by Don Juan DeMarco
#36. What do you know of great love? Have you ever loved a woman until milk leaked from her as though she had just given birth to love itself, and now must feed it or burst? Have you ever tasted a woman until she believed that she could be satisfied only by consuming the tongue that had devoured her? Have you ever loved a woman so completely that the sound of your voice in her ear could cause her body to shudder and explode with such intense pleasure that only weeping could bring her full release? #Quote by Don Juan DeMarco
Safaree Leaked quotes by Anyta Sunday
#37. I'm up for it. What do you want us to be? Nurse and patient? Rizzo and Kenickie? I still have that skirt."
Lloyd pulled Wesley tight against him and whispered in his ear. "How about fiancés?"
Wesley's stomach dropped and didn't stop. A nervous flutter leaked into his voice. "Fiancés? #Quote by Anyta Sunday
Safaree Leaked quotes by Neal Shusterman
#38. But whatever he was going to say, it leaked away with the last of his life. His head came to rest on Rowan`s shoulder, while all around them distant cries of agony filled the icy air. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Safaree Leaked quotes by Stephen King
#39. The energy you drew on so extravagantly when you were a kid, the energy you thought would never exhaust itself - that slipped away somewhere between eighteen and twenty-four, to be replaced by something much duller, something as bogus as a coke high: purpose, maybe, or goals, or whatever rah-rah Junior Chamber of Commerce word you wanted to use. It was no big deal; it didn't go all at once, with a bang. And maybe, Richie thought, that's the scary part. How you didn't stop being a kid all at once, with a big explosive bang, like one of that clown's trick balloons. The kid in you just leaked out, like the air of a tire. #Quote by Stephen King
Safaree Leaked quotes by Gerald Durrell
#40. We all travelled light, taking with us only what we considered to be the bare essentials of life. When we opened our luggage for Customs inspection, the contents of our bags were a fair indication of character and interests. Thus Margo's luggage contained a multitude of diaphanous garments, three books on slimming, and a regiment of small bottles each containing some elixir guaranteed to cure acne. Leslie's case held a couple of roll-top pullovers and a pair of trousers which were wrapped round two revolvers, an air-pistol, a book called Be Your Own Gunsmith, and a large bottle of oil that leaked. Larry was accompanied by two trunks of books and a brief-case containing his clothes. Mother's luggage was sensibly divided between clothes and various volumes on cooking and gardening. I travelled with only those items that I thought necessary to relieve the tedium of a long journey: four books on natural history, a butterfly net, a dog, and a jam-jar full of caterpillars all in imminent danger of turning into chrysalids. Thus, by our standards fully equipped, we left the clammy shores of England. #Quote by Gerald Durrell
Safaree Leaked quotes by M.L. Stedman
#41. Coming back last time to the house she grew up in, Isabel had been reminded of the darkness that had descended with her brothers' deaths, how loss had leaked all over her mother's life like a stain. As a fourteen-year-old, Isabel had searched the dictionary. She knew that if a wife lost a husband, there was a whole new word to describe who she was: she was now a widow. A husband became a widower. But if a parent loss a child, there was no special label for their grief. They were still just a mother or a father, even if they no longer had a son or daughter. That seemed odd. As to her own status, she wondered whether she was still technically a sister, now that her adored brothers had died. #Quote by M.L. Stedman

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